(GREEN BAY) - The Packers continued their march toward a National league football championship here Sunday afternoon at City stadium by trampling over Herb Joesting and his husky bunch of Norsemen from Minneapolis. When the game was over, more than 6,000 fans saw the score of 24 to 0 marked up on the board in favor of the Green Bay team. The victory was the sixth straight for the Packers this season. It was the fifth National league win and kept the Packers in first place in the standings. The game wrote finis to the
most successful season at home ever experienced by the team, as it won every game played. By holding the Minneapolis Red Jackets without a score, the Bays kept their goal line from being crossed this year. Two safeties have been the extent of the scoring against the Packers this season. The Packers put up another great exhibition of football, completely outclassing the Red Jacket squad. The Packers' goal line was never seriously threatened, although the Red Jackets did succeed in getting beyond the twenty-two yard line on two occasions.
The Minneapolis threats were quickly checked, however
and the Packers charged through for a well-earned
victory. They stopped the mighty Joesting in his tracks
on almost every thrust at the line and did likewise to
Nydahl, Erickson and Ursella, other famous Minneapolis
backs. Joesting gained less than 20 yards the entire
game. The Jackets' aerial attack worked successfully in
the early stages of the game but in the last two quarters
this offense also was checked by the hard-playing
Packers. There was not a man on the Packer team who
looked weak. Every player came in for his share of
commendation by fans after the game. It is hard to
describe the play of the linemen, their work was so
effective, and all of the backs did fine. The most
outstanding feature of the Packer offense was its great
blocking. On the running game, linemen and backs 
called on to take out opposing players, did so time after
time to give the man with the ball an opening.
The defense was nearly perfect with linemen breaking
through to consistently smear the Red Jacket plays.
Michalske and Kern again were outstanding as they
were in nearly every play. They charged like demons on
defense, opened fine holes for backs and went down on
punts nearly as fast as the end. Michalske is a guard of
the first water. He was positively uncanny in stopping
plays through the line. Darling, playing the full 60
minutes at center for the Packers, turned in a whale of
a game. Bowdoin, who likewise worked the entire game,
also was a tower of strength flanking the center. The
Jackets were smeared every time they tried to gain 
through his section of the line. Dick O'Donnell, Nash
and Dilweg again turned in fine performances at end
while Hubbard and Perry also showed up well. Dick, in
particular, put up a fine exhibition of play on end. He
was seldom taken out of a play by opposing players
and continually drove the attack toward the center of the
line. The backfield honors were about equally divided,
although Lewellen provided most of the spectacular 
plays of the game. His punting also did a lot to help give
the Packers the edge. Bo Molenda and Lidberg, who
alternated at fullback, were impressive, while Eddie 
Kotal, McCrary, Dunn and Blood also turned in great
exhibitions of play. When not carrying the ball the backs
provided great interference. The Red Jackets pushed
down in Packer territory early in the first period, but
failed to finish what they had started and after that did
not have much of a chance to score.
After an exchange of punts had given the Marines the
ball in midfield, Nydahl dropped back and heaved a pass
to Wilson, which brought the play to the 20 yard line.
Erickson lost three yards but Nydahl picked up four.
Then Joesting tried his luck at smashing through the
center but likewise was pushed back for a loss. Nydahl
tried a dropkick from a difficult angle but the ball was
low and wide of the goal posts and the Packers punted
out of danger. The Packers started scoring in the
second period and added to their advantage in every
quarter after that. They missed a chance to score early
in the second quarter when Nydahl intercepted a Bay
pass on his own 8 yard line and ran it back to the 26
yard stripe before he was stopped. The Bays worked
the ball down to the 15 yard line before the intercepted
pass, on a series of plunges and a pass to Dunn. After
an exchange of punts had given the Red Jackets the
ball on their own 20 yard line, Erickson fumbled and
Bowdoin recovered for the Packers. Lidberg picked up
five yards and Lewellen added seven more on two line
smashes to bring the ball to the three yard line. Lew
again took the ball and as Lidberg led the way smashed
through a hole off left tackle for a touchdown. Dunn's try
for extra point by a placekick was wide.
Afine punt by Lewellen a few minutes later paved the
way to the Packers' second touchdown. The kicked ball
was knocked out of bounds by Nash on the two yard
line. Lundell had to drop far behind his own goal to punt
and although he got off a good kick it was against the
wind and only traveled to the 38-yard line, where Dunn
took it and advanced five yards before he was stopped.
Some good smashes through the center of the line and
afake play by Lewellen that was good for 12 yards and
advanced the ball to the eight-yard line. Bo then took
the ball and picked a hole between tackle and guard to crash through for a touchdown. Dunn's placekick for an extra point was wide. Two passes gave the Jackets a first down on the Packer 19-yard line after the kickoff but the half ended before the Minneapolis team had a chance to advance the ball further. A pass, Dunn to Dilweg, that was good for a 30-yard gain, put the Packers in scoring distance again in the third period. Lavvie made a great catch to tear to the 24-yard line before he was stopped. Blood picked up five yards but two other plays failed to fain, so Dunn dropped back and passed to Blood, which the latter took on the 10-yard line and carried to the four-yard line before he was stopped. Blood finished the job in fine style on the next play when he went over left guard for a touchdown, following the charging Michalske, who smashed a home in the Jacket line for Johnny. An attempted pass for the extra point was knocked down by Nydahl.
One of the most spectacular plays of the season accounted for the Packers' last touchdown. It came late in the final period. On the first play, after taking the ball on their own nine-yard line, Lindell dropped back to punt formation, but heaved a pass toward Haycraft. Lewellen raced in ahead of Haycraft, and without checking his speed pulled the the ball down and continued on to the goal line, running in an "S" shaped curve to complete the play and score. Dilweg took Nydahl out of the play with a great flying block, and Darling and Bowdoin also helped the run by taking out two other Redjacket players who tried to stop Lew. Blood's try for the extra point by a drop kick was hurried and sailed below the crossbars.
MINNEAPOLIS -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY   -  0 12  6  6 - 24
2nd - GB - Lewellen, 3-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 6-0
2nd - GB - Molenda, 11-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 12-0
3rd - GB - Blood, 4-yard run (Pass for XP failed) GREEN BAY 18-0
4th - GB - Lewellen, 20-yard interception return (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 24-0
OCTOBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers gained 130 yards from scrimmage against the Red Jackets yesterday. They were thrown for losses totaling five yards. The Red Jackets gained 65 yards through the Packer line, but lost 40 yards on other plays, so their net gain was only 25 yards for the day's work...In the passing department of the game, the Packers completed five of 12 heaves for a total gain of 117 yards. The Red Jackets completed six of 15 passes for a gain of 51 yards...The Red Jackets had the edge over the Packers in first downs, exclusive of touchdown plays by making the distance nine times while the Packers made first down eight times. Penalties helped a lot in giving the Red Jackets their greater number of first downs as the Green Bay team was penalized eight times for a total of 50 yards...Mike Michalske, who was relieved late in the game by Perry, got one of the greatest hands from the crowd ever given at the park. Mike couldn't be stopped through the line continually to break up Jacket plays and smashed big holes in the Red Jacket line when on the offense..."Get that man, Mike," shouted Joesting to one of his center flankers, after Michalske had broken through to bust up two plays in succession early in the game. "Get him, what do you mean? How can I get him when I can't find him when the play starts," answered the Red Jacket guard. "When I try to charge him he's behind me already."...The fans started calling for Capt. Lambeau to go into the game in the final period, but the veteran leader did not respond. He explained that the league rule provides that only 18 men can be used in one game, and as the Packers already had used that number, he could not enter the contest...The "Homecoming" celebration planned for the final game was a success with many old-timers on hand for the game. They were introduced over the Platten Radio company Vita-Vox public address system during the half. A few of the old timers spoke to fans, telling of their pleasure in being back in Green Bay for a game...The former Packer stars present for the game included Cub Buck, Tubby Howard, Moose Gardner, Jab Murray, Sammy Powers, Cowboy Wheeler, Charlie Mathys, Gus Rosenow, Tubby Bero, Wally Ladrow, Andrew Muldoon, Fee Klaus, Joe Secord, Carl Zoll, Martel, Al Michel...Hurdis McCrary, who turned in a fine game at a halfback position part of the game, became the proud father of a daughter born early today. The girl was born at 2:30 this morning at St. Mary's hospital. Both Mrs. McCrary and the baby are getting along splendidly, according to Dr. W.W. Kelly who attended them...When Lavvie Dilweg blocked Nydahl as Lewellen went over for a touchdown in the fourth period, he did so effectively that the former Minnesota flash was forced to retire from the game. Nydahl received a sprained ankle in the play...Eddie Kotal was injured on a play in the second period and had to leave the game. The brilliant little halfback, who plays without a headgear, was kicked in the head and knocked out. In the shower room, Eddie fainted, but came to again, and apparently was near normal last night. It is believed a day or two of rest will put him in perfect shape again.
OCTOBER 22 (Chicago) - With his squad of players uninjured and fighting like lions as a result of their scoreless ties with the highly rated Bears Sunday, Dr. Jones' Cardinals are preparing for the battle of the season with the Green Bay Packers, league leaders, at Sox Park Sunday. Owner Jones announced the release of Earl Britton, Falt Elkins, James Lang, Louis Larson and Bill Rooney. The doctor is determined to spare no expense in building up a winning team, and also is determined that every man on his squad shall be in the best of training and trying at all times. Bill Stein, famous center, has been signed to take Rooney's place, and Bill Butts, St. Mary's halfback, who was the sensation of the coast football, is to have a shot at the backfield along with Nevers, Method, Rose and Mickie McDonald.
OCTOBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - When the Packers crash through the Cardinal line for a touchdown, or Eddie Kotal takes a pass from Red Dunn
or Michalske breaks through to throw Ernie Nevers for a
five yard loss - if such things should happen - Green
Bay's fans will see them take place on the Grid-Graph
board to be operated at the Columbus club, Sunday,
when the Packers take on the Cardinals at the White
Sox park in Chicago. A special telegraph wire direct 
from the field to the Columbus club will carry a detailed
account of the play by play and trained operators will
reenact the game on the giant board here. The board
shows yards gained, who carried the ball, offside
penalties and other details of play. It has proven very
popular in other years when the Packers played on
foreign fields and is expected to do so again this
season...WILL TRAIN HERE: As the wire is direct from
the field to the Columbus club, plays can be shown
here but a few seconds after they happen in Chicago.
The Packers will work out at Joannes park this week
and leave for Chicago Saturday. They will go on the field
about 1:30 p.m., and first reports of activities will come
in at that time and will be announced to fans present at
the club. The game is scheduled to get underway at 2
p.m. Capt. Lambeau announced today that he has
released three players to conform with a National league
player limit rule. Tiny Cahoon, veteran tackle, Bullet
Baker and Jack Evans were the three men who turned
in their Packer togs...TO GET OTHER JOBS: Tiny has been with the team for a number of years but this season he has been bothered with an injured leg. He is coaching the West De Pere high eleven and would not have been able to accompany the team to the East or to Chicago and Minneapolis for games. Bullet Baker came to the Packers with Larry Marks in a trade with the Yankees at the start of the 1928 season. He turned in some great games last year but has not been used often this season. He is an aggressive back and one of the best blockers in the league, and a fine man on forward pass defense. Capt. Lambeau announced regret at letting him out, but said that he had little alternative. Baker is sure to find employment with some other team in the league as a number of squads have been seeking his service. He has not announced where he will report. Evans played his first professional football with the Packers this year. He came here from the West Coast where he starred for the University of California. Evans also is expected to sign with some other National league team.
OCTOBER 23 (Green Bay) - No more will they describe Eddie Kotal, former Lawrence football star and now a member of the Green Bay Packers as "the fellow out there without a headgear". For Kotal took a bump back of the ear last week while playing against the Minneapolis Redjackets and it jarred him to the extent he needed medical examination. And now he's going to start wearing headgear for "after you get the first wallop in the head the next one comes mighty soon afterwards," he says. A special light headgear with special padding back of the ears is being made up for Kotal, who hasn't worn a headgear through four years college football and four years professional football.
OCTOBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - When the Packers take the field at the White Sox park Sunday to battle the Chicago Cardinals, approximately 1,000 Green Bay fans will be in the stands to cheer them on to victory. Special excursions are being run on the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific and Chicago and Northwestern railroads to take fans to Chicago for the game. Many other fans are planning to motor to the Windy City if the weather holds good. The team will leave Saturday over the Milwaukee road at 12:50 p.m. on a special parlor car. After arriving in Chicago the players will stop at the Cooper-Carlton hotel on the south side of Chicago. The game will be the first home tilt of the season at the White Sox park. Last Sunday's game was played at the Cubs park, the home of the Bears. Special opening ceremonies have been planned. The Cards have been putting in long training periods on the home field and expect to hand the Bays a surprise. Ernie Nevers is with the team and Coach Scanlan has developed several running plays that hinge around the great backfield ace for use against the Bays, according to word from Chicago. President Carr notified Packer officials that he appointed James Durfee, Columbus, Ohio, as referee for the game. James Keefe, Milwaukee, will umpire and Frank Smith, Chicago, will act as head linesman.
OCTOBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Victorious in six games at home, what will he Packers do in their first game of the season on a foreign field? That question, uppermost in the minds of Green Bay Packer fans, will be answered Sunday afternoon and a
good place to learn it will be in the Fern room of the
Columbus Community club. The Grid-Graph board that
shows a play-by-play account of games, will be in
operation in the Fern room and every bit of action that
takes place in Chicago will be reenacted on it here. A
special telegraph wire direct from the White Sox field in
Chicago to the Columbus club will bring the plays here
and a few seconds after they happen will be flashed on
the giant board. The board shows yards gained, who
carried the ball, offside penalties and other details of
play. Fans have been pleased with its operation in other
years while the Packers played on foreign fields and a 
large number are expected to be on hand for the 
showing of the Packer-Cardinal game.Fans who plan to
listen to a radio broadcast of the game will miss the 
first two periods as the Chicago radio station that will
broadcast will not be on the air until 3 p.m. The station
will broadcast a musical program of the Chicago
Symphony orchestra from 2 to 3 p.m. and pick up the
game at the start of the third period. Fans who want to
know what the Packers do the entire game should 
come early and get a good seat in the Fern room. The
first reports will begin coming in about 1:30 p.m.
OCTOBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - From the
typewriter of a well known Minneapolis sports columnist
comes words of praise about our Green Bay Packers.
Here is what he has to say about the game between the
Packers and the Red Jackets: "You notice that Herb's
Red Jackets took a 24 to 0 lacing from the Green Bay
Packers. Well, you needn't waste any sympathy on
Herb and his heroes because they were playing the
best team in the National league, and, if they had won,
it would have taken the pennant in the upset league.
The Packers have a mighty team with a best aerial
attack anywhere and a backfield that can call upon
Lewellen, Kotal, Red Dunn, Bo Molenda, Cully Lidberg
and one or two other sociable souls. The Jackets play
'em again up here Nov. 3 and the score may be lower."
Those are encouraging words to the ears of the Packers
and local fans, but they are not going to help the team
a bit when it starts on an invasion of foreign territory.
Reports of the Packers' strength have been broadcast
throughout the country. Some have been greatly 
exaggerated and, as a result, every squad in the NFL
will be pointing for the Green Bay team. The Frankford
Yellowjackets were impressed with the strength of the
Packers, and they spread their findings all through the
East, and when the Packers arrive in that section of the
country they are sure to get a hot reception. Providence
and New York, in particular, will be set to push over the
Packers as the teams representing those cities boast
some real stars who can be counted on to do a lot of
damage. The Packers have been fortunate in that the
injury jinx has not taken a heavy toll of players this
year. They will be starting out on their road tour with
practically an intact team. Eddie Kotal and Red Smith
are the only players still suffering with slight injuries,
but both are expected to round into shape within the
next week. Eddie is suffering with a bruised hip while
Smith's leg is giving him a little trouble. If they come
through with victories in their Chicago and Minneapolis
games, they will have a fine chance to win the National
league pennant this year. After leaving Chicago on Nov.
17, however, they will have a tough scheduled as they
play three games in seven days, meeting the New York
Giants, the Philadelphia Yellowjackets and Providence
on Nov. 24, Nov. 28, and Dec. 1, respectively. They have
one break in taking on the strongest team in the trio on
the first Sunday when they play the Giants. Then there
are three days of rest until they stack up against the
Yellowjackets on Thanksgiving Day. After that game
they rest only two days and meet another tough foe in
Providence. That's an ambitious program for any team.
The season will wind up on Dec. 8 when the Packers return to Chicago to take on the Bears in the final game of the year. That game will be for blood - if there is any left in the Packers after the Eastern tour.
OCTOBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Buffalo put a dent in the pro football dope bucket by holding the Providence Steamrollers to a 7-7 tie. The Bisons have always been a jinx to the Rhode Islanders and last Sunday's encounter was no exception to the rule...From the looks of things this Orange, N.J., eleven is going to get somewhere in the National league race. Depler, former Illini star, is coaching the Skeeters and his football machine is hitting evenly on "all eleven"...Orange invaded Frankford last Saturday and held Bull Behman's tribe of Hornets to a 6-6 draw. Then the Orangemen hustled to Boston for Sunday's game and nosed out Rauch and his "Beaners", 19 to 13, in a thrilling fracas...The engagement with Orange must have sapped the strength of the Yellowjackets because in Sunday's argument at New York against Benny Friedman & Co., they were snowed under, 32 to 0, while a big crowd looked on...Ernie Nevers and his Chicago Cardinal aggregation got off on the right foot in their city series with the Bears by battling the Halas-Sternaman combination to a no decision draw. It was nip and tuck all the way...For the past several years, the Bears have ruled supreme in pro football in the Windy City but the revamped Cardinals under the ownership of Dr. Jones are apt to cause the Bruins plenty of trouble before the season ends...Stapleton and Frankford are going to pull the "Ironman" stunt over the weekend. On Saturday, the Stapes are billed to perform in Philadelphia while Sunday will see the same clubs battling on Staten Island...One of those crucial encounters is billed for the Polo Grounds, N.Y., on Sunday where the Steamrollers from Providence will joust with the Giants. Two weeks ago, these elevens classed on the Rhode Islanders' gridiron and the Giants won, 7-0...Buffalo is going to make a determined bid to break into victory row this weekend at the expense of the Boston club. Both of these teams are in the second division yet their class of football has been above par...The Chicago Bears and Minneapolis Redjackets resume their gridiron merry-go-round this Sunday with a game at Wrigley field. These clubs have met twice already this fall and the Bruins have got the long count each time...A "big time" opening has been planned by the Chicago Cardinal management for their first home game of the season this Sunday at White Sox park. The Jones-men hope to make it a perfect day by smearing the visiting Green Bayians...The Yelllowjackets have quite a forward passing combination in Kelly and Rogers. In the game against Orange, these two "aerialists" counted the Hornets' touchdown through two completed heaves which were good for 68 yards...OJ Larson, a Notre Dame veteran of some years back, appears to have found the fountain of youth somewhere in the Chicago sector because he is turning in a creditable performance as a snapperback for the Cardinals...Don Murry, who started to play tackle for the Chicago Bears when Dave Healey was in his prime, is still one of the stalwarts of the Bruins' forward wall. Murry is serving as field captain for the Chicagoans in creditable style...In the quarterback line, they don't make 'em much better than Molly Nydahl, the sparkplug of the Minneapolis Redjackets. Although built a bit frail for the pro game, to date he has stood the "gaff" like a 200 pounder...Swede Rhenquist, who in 1928 rated as one of the best center flankers in the National league, has returned to the Providence club. Rhenquist underwent a serious operation late in August but is about ready to play again...Rodriguez, Buffalo's Portuguese fullback from Salem college, W. Virginia. stages a pregame show that is interesting. Minus his shoes, "Roddy" who is said to be the only bare-footed punter in captivity, boots the ball high and wide...Beatie, former Princeton star, who holds one of the tackle positions for Orange, is another one of those "different" players. The ex-Tiger's bid for fame is through an upper lip decoration termed a mustache...Campbell, one of the "finds" of Manager Andrews of the N.Y. Giants, is a pretty tough customer on the chalkmarked field. The recruit end is a big raw-boned athlete and never has been known to use a head guard of any kind.
OCTOBER 26 (Chicago Tribune) - Green Bay, one of the favorites in the NFL, makes its first trip to Chicago tomorrow. The Packers will oppose the Cardinals at Comiskey park. The Bears will entertain Herb Joesting and his Minneapolis Red Jackets at Wrigley field at the same time. The double pro bill is the first of two occasions when the Cards and Bears have conflicting dates. Both games will start at 2:15 o'clock. The Bears hold two victories over Minneapolis. Revenge is a selling point for the south side game, as the Cardinals mention their defeat by Green Bay, 9 to 2, earl in the year. Nevers had not yet joined the Cards at that time, but without him the score was the lowest to which the Packers have been held. Green Bay and Benny Friedman's New York Giants, both undefeated, seem to have the pro race well in hand unless the Cards or Bears are able to upset them here.
Green Bay Packers (5-0) 24, Minneapolis Red Jackets (1-3) 0
​Sunday October 20th 1929 (at Green Bay)
John Dunn and Val Ness attempted to resurrect their Minneapolis franchise in 1929 with a new version of the Marines. Though Ole Haugsrud had first rights to the next Minnesota-based franchise (a deal resulting from his sale of the Duluth Eskimos back to the league in 1927), he passed, letting Dunn and Val Ness have control over the new team. The pair decided to try one more time to produce an effective professional football team, as they became the new owners of the Minneapolis Red Jackets. The team was named for their red jerseys with red and white striped sleeves, like that which the Marines had worn years earlier. The team posted a dismal 1–9 record in 1929. The Red Jackets finished in the "red" financially, but not far from breaking even, primarily because they played three games with the Chicago Bears that season. In 1930, they planned to play their four home games in October in Minneapolis' Nicollet Park. The franchise hoped for good weather, thus stimulating better attendance. However it rained on each scheduled date and the team went broke. After a 1–7–1 start in 1930, the Red Jackets merged into the NFL's Frankford Yellow Jackets by selling Frankford ten of their players, and then went out of existence. Three other players were sold to the Green Bay Packers. Minneapolis would not hold another NFL franchise for the next three decades, before the Vikings debuted in 1961 (Haugsrud would own a 10% share of that franchise).
(SOURCE: Wikipedia)
OCTOBER 27 (Chicago Tribune) - Chicago will have its
first double portion of the professional football schedule
served this afternoon when the undefeated Green Bay
eleven meets the Cardinals at Comiskey park and
Minneapolis encounters the Bears at Wrigley field. Both
games will start at 2:15 o'clock. The Cards celebrate 
their Chicago opening game, although they played a
scoreless tie last week with the Bears at the north side
field. The Woodlawn American Legion post will lead the
activities before the game and at intermission with its
50 piece band and 50 man patrol. The game marks the
first time the Cards have played at Comiskey park since
1925, although the American league placed a team
there in 1926 when the rival organization started the 
brief and unsuccessful football war under the direction 
of Charley Pyle and Red Grange...PACKERS ARE
UNDEFEATED: Dr. David Jones, the man responsible
for the rejuvenation of the south side eleven, believes 
his team has a chance to break the perfect record of
Green Bay. The Bays have been playing championship
ball, apparently intending the pro title shall be decided
between them and Friedman's New York team. The
Cardinals have a club capable of defeating Green Bay.
An earlier game on the Packers' home field was a 9 to
2 victory for the Bays. Nevers was not in that game. 
With him playing today and with three week's additional
drill in their formations, it seems the result might be
reversed. Just how the trick can be done is another
matter. Lewellen, Packer halfback, is the best kicker in the league and Red Dunn, quarterback, ranks second only to Friedman as a passer, giving Green Bay the edge in these departments. To offset these
advantages, the Cards will depend on their linesmen to hurry the passer and kicker. The Cards broke through to throw the Packer kicker behind his own goal line for their two points in the first encounter. 
OCTOBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Stop Nevers, McDonald and Rose! That's the job facing the Packers tomorrow when they compete in their first out of town game of the season, battling the Chicago Cardinals on their home field at the White Sox park. If McDonald and Rose play the kind of football they did here a few weeks ago, and if Nevers is the power on offense he was against the Bears last Sunday - the assignment is going to be a tough one for the Packers. However, they have managed to stop most of the All-American threats - and lesser lights - who have been at Green Bay for battles, and there is no reason why they cannot do so again, even if they are playing on foreign ground. The Packers will be fighting to keep their record for the season unmarred. They also will be out to  prevent the Cards from crossing their goal, something that hasn't been done this season...USE SAME PLAN: Capt. Curly Lambeau has the team in fine shape and it is a pretty sure bet it will put up a
better game against the Cardinals tomorrow than it did
here a few weeks ago. The Bays were a little off-color in
the game here but managed to win by a 9-2 score, after
a lot of excitement. The Packer leader is expected to
follow the same plan of battle he has used successfully
in games here. He will alternate the players throughout
the contest, to get the best out of every man competing.
Eddie Kotal and Red Smith are the only players who
may remain on the sidelines. Both are suffering minor
ailments so will not be used unless they are sorely
needed. The game will be the first for the Cardinals on
the White Sox field and the usual opening day
ceremonies will take place. It will begin at 2 p.m., Green
Bay time. Coach Scanlan has been pushing his men 
through some intense training drills this week and thinks
they are capable of handing the Packers the first upset
of the year...HAS GREAT LINE: He has a great line
developed to match its strength against the Packer front
wall and has been working on running and passing
attacks featuring Nevers, Rose, McDonald and Kassel
to use against the Packers. The first three men are
halfbacks, while Kassel is an end who ranks with any in
the league. Among the outstanding linemen on the
Cardinal team who will see action tomorrow are Duke
Slater, known as one of the finest and cleanest players
in the loop, Kiesling, giant guard, Williams, Blumer,
Stein and O.J. Larson, who saw action at center with the Packers a few years ago.