warriors nabbing a single one. Coach Lambeau used all of his eligible men but juggled his players so that Bo Molenda and Jug Earpe got a well deserved rest. Cal Hubbard stepped in as end and did a good job of it. Once he intercepted a Frankford pass and it took about six of the Quakers to down him. It reminded one of the Portsmouth game when Jug Earpe grabbed the kickoff and wobbled down the field.
GREEN BAY -  6  6  0 13 - 25
FRANKFORD -  0  0  7  0 -  7
1st - GB - Blood, 43-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick failed) GREEN BAY 6-0
2nd - GB - Blood, 25-yard pass from Lewellen (Dunn kick failed) GREEN BAY 12-0
3rd - FR - Kelly Rodriguez, 5-yard pass from Pederson (Pharmer kick) GREEN BAY 12-7
4th - GB - McCrary, 33-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 19-7
4th - GB - Herber, 12-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick failed) GREEN BAY 25-7
Green Bay Packers (9-2) 25, Frankford Yellow Jackets (4-12-1) 7
​Sunday November 27th 1930 (at Frankford)
NOVEMBER 30 (Milwaukee) - WTMJ, the Milwaukee Journal station, will give a play by play account of the Green Bay Packer-Stapleton game Sunday afternoon off a wire report. Russ Winnie will be at the microphone.
(PHILADELPHIA) - The Green Bay Packers celebrated Thanksgiving Day by helping themselves to a Frankford Yellow Jacket repast to the tune of 25 to 7. Some 5,000 fans wended their way to the ballpark hoping for a Hornet victory but a smooth clicking Wisconsin attack spilled the beans so far as the gridiron dreams of the Pennsylvanians were concerned. Wintry breezes swept the field but Old Sol shone brightly until the closing minutes and the spectators were treated to enough thrills to keep warm. "What a team!" That was the sole comment of Bob Haines, manager of the Jackets, as he got busy with Packer representatives in the clubhouse after the combat. "If you didn't win the championship again, I'll miss my guess because I have never seen an outfit which went about touchdown making in such a businesslike way."
About this time, Bull Behman, coach of the Jackets came into the business office and called up Stapleton to find out how the Islanders came out with the Giants when the flash came over the wire that Friedman, Cagle & Co. had taken a 7 to 6 licking, the Hornet executives celebrated nearly as much as the handful of  Bayites who were present. One thing is certain, these Giants are about as popular as polecats at a lawn party in Frankford. The Packers held the upper hand all the way and only for a brief spell in the third period did the Hornets threaten. However, this offensive was cut short after one lob pass into Joesting's hands paved the way for the Quakers' lone touchdown. Pharmer kicked the goal and the natives staged a young celebration as the teams lined up for the next kickoff. However, their joy was shortlived because Quaker time was soon called and the Packers, with a strong wind at their backs, went to work as they only can at the start of the fourth quarter. It  wasn't long before the Hornets were buzzing around in their own backyard and the once jubilant natives began leaving the ballpark.
Those that did pull stakes early missed seeing the Bays run wild over the Jackets in the closing minutes of play. Midway in the final frame, Dilweg intercepted a Quaker pass on the Jackets 33-yard line. Then Hurdis McCrary proceeded to plunge through center, out into the open and on for a touchdown. He shook off a half dozen tacklers en route. Red Dunn kicked the goal and these scores clinched the victory but that wasn't all. The Jackets received the next kickoff and again started passing deep in their own territory as before. McCrary got a hole of one of these tosses and he stepped on the 16 yard line before he hit the turf. Then foxy old Red Dunn called for a pass. The Hornets rushed pretty fast and he sidestepped around a couple of the enemy and heaved a bulletlike peg which Arnold Herber snagged on the dead run as he crossed the goal line. Dunn's kick was blocked but no one cared. The Bays didn't waste much time breaking the ice at the start of the game. After some minor skirmishing on both sides, Dunn, who played one of the best games of his Packers career, passed to Blood and Johnny stuck his hand in the face of one would-be tackler and sidestepped another in his long gallop for a touchdown. Red missed the goal.
In the second frame, the Packers bucked a stiff wind and came through with another marker when Blood snagged a pass in sensational manner and pranced as only Johnny can prance for his second touchdown. It looked as if Dunn's try for the extra point was OK but the officials ruled otherwise. Speaking of statistics, the Packers made a dozen first downs to Frankford's nine. On yards gained, the national champions chalked up 207 while the Jackets negotiated 109. The Packers suffered 109 yards in penalties while Frankford got off with 35. The Jackets completed but three out of 17 forward passes and has six intercepted while Green Bay clicked on eight out of 19 without Bull Behman's 
former New York "U" star, is playing the best ball of his career, while Nubs Snyder, quarterback, is receiving
considerable ink in the Gotham press. The Packer squad will have to do considerable touring to reach Stapleton. The trip from Times Square, Gotham, will be made in a bus, the squad leaving the Lincoln hotel about 11:30 Sunday morning. A ferry boat ride from the battery to St. George's, Staten Island, is included in the hop and once again on terra firma, the Bays have a seven mile jaunt to Stapleton. The six equipment trunks will be strapped atop the big bus, which can carry 35 passengers...MILLS VISITS MEN: Chief Franta doesn't believe in names anymore. As the Packers hustled to their car attached to the Pennsy flyer for New York Friday morning Franta was in the van. One of the special parlor cars was marked "professional club" and the chief was well inside before one of his teammates pulled him out and put him in the right stall. Stanley Mills, who played halfback for the Packers back in the olden days, drove in from Haverford, Pa., to say hello again. Aside from Coach Lambeau, Earpe and Woodin, Mills was a stranger to the other players. Stan is selling insurance in the Quaker city and he looks prosperous. Jug Earpe keeps his promise. When Mule Wilson told the veteran Packer center about joining Stapleton after his release from the Giants, also are expected to be seen in action...BROADCAST PACKER GAME: A feature at the park besides the game will be the broadcast of the Packer-Stapleton game over the Vita-Vox public address system. The Vita-Vox will be hooked up to a radio. Earpe said, "Mule, you go in there and whip Tim Mara's crew and I'll buy you the best hat on the market." Wilson visited the hotel late Friday and Earpe escorted him to a smart hat store and decked the halfback out in a "double V" derby...RADICKS WITH TEAM: There are a couple of Radicks with the team even if Ken was left at home. The father of the former Marquette captain and his younger brother have been touring the east with the Bays and incidentally giving a hand at the gates during ticket jams. Bud Jorgenson, the property man, thinks Santa Claus arrived ahead of time. Mike Michalske collected a purse among the players for Bud, who is a valuable link in the Packer machine.
NOV 30 (New York) - Back in first place as a result of their 25 to 7 win over the Philadelphia Yellow Jackets Thursday, while the New York Giants lost to Stapleton, the Green Bay Packers will attempt to hold their lead in the game with Stapleton at Stapleton, N.Y., just outside New York City, Sunday afternoon. The battle has suddenly taken on added importance for the Packers because of what Stapleton did to Benny Friedman's Giants Thursday. A week ago the Giants knocked off the Packers, sending them out of first place, but in turn they were knocked out themselves by Stapleton Thursday. This indicates what kind of fight the Packers can expect from the Stapes. Stapleton is a newcomer on Green Bay's schedule. Originally the Packers were scheduled to meet Newark at Newark Sunday but when the Newark club encountered financial difficulties and disbanded a few weeks ago the Stapleton game was substituted. The Packers came out of the their Thanksgiving Day game with Philadelphia without any serious injuries and especially buoyed in spirits by Stapleton's 7 to 6 victory over the Giants. All the men are anxious to close their invasion of the east with a victory. Following the Stapleton game, the Packers will return to their base at Atlantic City for a few days before starting for Chicago, where on Sunday December 7 they will meet the Chicago Bears, now strengthened by the addition of Jumping Joe Savoldi, recently of Notre Dame. The Packers have played the Bears twice before this season, winning both games.
NOV 28 (Philadelphia) - A rule that goes back to the entry of Red Grange into professional football is being violated by the signing of Jumping Joe Savoldi, of Notre Dame, by the Chicago Bears and as a result there is a possibility that the franchise of the Chicago team in the National professional football league may be cancelled, Coach Curly Lambeau of the Packers, said here today. It also became known that Dr. Harry A. March, president of the New York Giants, has protested to league officials as a member of the executive committee. The Giants have no remaining games scheduled with the Bears. Dr. March pointed out that the entry of Savoldi as a professional is at least a violation in spirit of the rule which prohibits the signing of a college player before his class has graduated from college.
NOV 29 (Appleton) - Eddie Kotal, grid coach and assistant director of athletics at Lawrence, has resigned to become director of athletics at Stevens Point State Teachers College. He is to take the new office immediately. He is to be in full charge of football and basketball. Kotal, bright light on Lawrence track, basketball and football teams, left school in his senior year to play with the Packers. At the end of the 1929 season, he was appointed grid coach at Lawrence to succeed C.E. Rasmussen. Meanwhile in 1926 Kotal returned to Lawrence for his degree.
NOV 29 (Columbus, OH) - The Chicago Bears, professional football team, was fined $1,000 Saturday by Joe F. Carr, president of the NFL, for playing Joe Savoldi, former Notre Dame star, in the Thanksgiving Day battle with the Chicago Cardinals in violation of the rules of the league. Carr said the Chicago club management claimed the playing of Savoldi in the turkey day contest was not a violation of the league rules. He held, however, that the club had committed an offense against regulations and levied the fine, but granted permission for the Bears to appeal to the executive committee. The Bears had been charged specifically with playing a college football star before his class at college had been graduated. The Bears downed the Cardinals, 6 to 0, in the Thanksgiving Day game, Savoldi scoring the only touchdown. Carr said that he could not rule on Savoldi's future eligibility until a further offense against the rules is committed...The Green Bay Packers did not sign Savoldi because of advice received by Capt. E.L. Lambeau from President Joe Carr not to do so. Savoldi had indicated that he would discuss terms with the Packers after his class graduated in accordance with National league rules. The Bears, however, took the stand that Savoldi, because he was practically compelled to resign from Notre Dame was no longer a member of a graduating class and therefore would be eligible to play this year and signed him for action.  Carr's action followed the filing of a protest against the Bears for using Savoldi by Dr. H. March, president of the New York Giants football team. Savoldi played against the Chicago Cardinals Thursday, going over for the only touchdown of the day that brought the Bears a 6 to 0 victory. No word has been received as to whether the Cardinals will protest the game.
NOV 29 (New York) - Determined to hold first place at any cost, the Green Bay Packers will invade Stapleton Sunday afternoon for a game with the Giant killers. According to reports from the island, a capacity crowd will be on hand to see the Strong-Wyckoff combination mingle with the national champions. Blaine field, home park of the Stapes, seats about 7,500 and Manager Bill Cody expects a sellout even if the temperature continues to be of the polar variety. Coach Lambeau has plenty of end trouble. Lavvie Dilweg has pulled up lame and there is hardly any chance of him seeing action. Nash will be in uniform. A special helmet coupled with a nose guard has been secured and "Red Cagle's friend" is apt to take a hand in the milling. Nash was among those present at the Stapleton-Giant mix on Thanksgiving Day and his "scout book" revealed the fact that Wyckoff's outfit is plenty strong...HUBBARD, KERN ENDS: In the Saturday morning practice (the mercury was only 16 above), Coach Lambeau was  using O'Donnell, Hubbard and Kern at the ends while Perry and Franta alternated at left tackle. Stapleton has
an all star backfield combination and Mule Wilson, who
was recently released by the New York Giants, is the latest addition to the all star set of carriers. Ken Strong,