fought bitterly, with the Packers getting a shade in the duel. A pass from Lewellen to Blood and a punt out of bounds on the three yard line were highlights in the final period. Lavvie Dilweg, at end, and Hubbard and Sleight at tackles were the most outstanding linemen for the Packers. Dilweg's play was consistently good and few plays were sent around his end that he did not break up and knock in to the center of the line.
CHI BEARS -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY -  0  7  0  0 -  7
2nd - GB - Lewellen, 1-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
American. Grant tips the beam at 225 but he carries his weight well. He is a placekicker artist...VETERANS LOOK GOOD: The Giants' veterans have been going better than every in early season games. Joe Westoupal and George Murtagh are a pair of centers hard to bear. Both have been in the pro game long enough to know what it is all about. Caywood and Mielzinger are getting the call at guards while the Owen brothers. Capt. Steve and Red hold down the tackle posts. Mike Howard is another veteran who is filling in at any one of the line posts, and also takes a turn at end along with Flash Campbell. The backfield is rich with class. At quarter, there is Benny Friedman, who is playing better football as a pro than at Michigan. In Mule Wilson and Horse Haggerty, New York as a pair of first string backs who spell yardage. Then there is Ned Sedbrook and Pat Moran who can step into the lineup and gain ground. Heavy Feather is the fullback and there isn't a better plunger in the National league.
SEPT 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Newark has bit the dust in her first four starts as Portsmouth, New York, Frankford and Stapleton has taken picks on the Skeeters. However, this former Orange outfit, once they get going right, should soon climb out of the hole...Wally Diehl, Frankford's stellar fullback, is assisting Bull Behman in the Yellowjacket coaching this season. Diehl will have charged of the backfield candidates while Behman will pay special attention to the forwards...Nesbitt, Drake college star who is lugging the ball for the Chicago Bears, suffered the first major accident of the season. During the second frame of the Brooklyn game, he was dumped hard and split his shoulder muscles...Claney, the Newark fullback, promises to be one of the sensations of the season. He performed brilliantly against Portsmouth and continued to burn up the gridiron in the contests with the N.Y. Giants and Stapleton...Jack McBride, a veteran of professional football, is making the grade with Brooklyn. The former Syracuse all-American fullback is bucking the line just as he did in his "rah rah" days of the Salt City institution...George Trafton, veteran Bear center, is working his head off to win a regular post again this fall. The former Notre Dame center reported in good condition and it looks as if his comeback may be crowned with success...Charlie Heavens, who helped put Western Maryland on the collegiate football map in 1929, is passing the ball at center for the Frankford Yellowjackets. Heavens is fast for a big fellow and he should star in the pro game...Portsmouth is expecting great things from Red Joseph at end this season. The sorrel-topped wingman was a luminary with the Dayton Triangles for several years. Forward pass receiving is his best stock in trade...Smith, the Newark quarterback, is displaying considerable class as a forward passer. He throws the cowhide like a baseball. It was his toss to Andoniewicz that gave the Skeeters six points in the Stapleton fracas...Whitey Badgro is slated to play a wing for the New York Giants. A few years back, Badgro played in Gotham with Red Grange's Yankees. He is a product of the Pacific coast where he starred as a collegiate footballer...Pape from Iowa is a new addition to the backfield on the Minneapolis Redjackets. He is a slippery running back and should team up well with Molly Nydahl, Herb Joesting and Walt Miller, the sensation from St. Mary's...Frank Racis, who helped put Pottsville on the pro football many several years back, is slated to appear in a Providence uniform this fall. So far as guards go, the ex-Miner is as tough a customer as there is in the league.
SEPTEMBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Manning Vaughn, Milwaukee sportswriter, comes to bat with a request for a game between the Packers and the Milwaukee Badgers this year. He claims that several thousand Milwaukee fans would like to see the National champions in action. Here's what he has to say: " 'Why don't the Milwaukee Nighthawks bring the Green Bay Packers here for a game?' queries a gentleman who signs himself Jim Brown. 'I am unable to get to Green Bay on a Sunday and would like to see them in action here.' And so would several thousand other Milwaukee football enthusiasts. According to O.C. Haderer, who is going about the job of putting pro football across in Milwaukee in a business-like way, the Packer management has given him only a half-hearted promise of a game. The excuse is that the Packers have a heavy schedule, and it is feared that some of the regulars might be incapacitated just before an important league game. However, teams like the Giants, the Cardinals and the Bears, which have schedules just as tough as the Packers, have carded games here, and if they are willing to flirt with the injury jinx, why not the idols of Green Bay? The game is what the boys in the fight racket call a 'natural'. It would be an interesting sporting event, and from a promotional standpoint would surely be a financial winner. No doubt the Packer management will see it in this light, and give their many Milwaukee friends a chance to watch this famous outfit in action before the end of the season. Generous publicity given the Packers by local newspapers has aroused an astonishing amount of interest in the team here, and Milwaukee would like to see Bo Molenda, Red Dunn and Lavvie Dilweg match their stuff against the Nighthawks."
Green Bay Packers (2-0) 7, Chicago Bears (0-1-1) 0
​Sunday September 28th 1930 (at Green Bay)
American football teams, came to Green Bay in 1928 and has been playing football there since that time. His work has been consistent and outstanding since he joined the professional ranks...PLAYED WITH ASHEVILLE: He has played with the Asheville club for the past two years, holding down an outfield berth. This season he had a batting average of .354 and a fielding average that ranked him with the best gardeners of the South Atlantic league. Nash was one of the 21 players selected to go up in the majors in this season's draft.
OCT 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Bobby Cahn, former Chicago quarterback, has been designated by President Joe F. Carr of the NFL to referee the game between the Packers and the N.Y. scheduled here Sunday afternoon at the City Stadium. Working with the tiny official will be Jim Keefe of Holy Cross as umpire while Halsey Hall of Minnesota is to handle the head linesman's duties. Business continues to boom in the Packer ticket sales department but there are still 3,000 bleacher-reserved and bench seats still available. Football Corporation executives are confident that there will be a seat for every spectator at Sunday's game...PACKERS WORKING HARD: The Packers have been working before large audiences all week. It seems as if the Bay followers want to get the inside of everything regarding practice preparations for the crucial encounter with Freidman's aggregation and they are seeing plenty because the team is speeding up day by day. Cal Hubbard has promised his teammates to "serve the ducks" if the Giants are beaten. The big tackle hasn't much love for the New York organization and he will be doing double duty to continue his revenge that he started last fall when he starred in the Packers' victory over the Giants at the Polo Grounds...STRONG AS EVER: Some of the fans seem to think that the Giants don't size up as strong this season. They base their "experting" on the fact that Tony Plansky and Red Flaherty of their 1929 all-Americans are not in the lineup this season. However, the Packer players think the new material more than counterbalances the loss of the stellar and sparking backfield stars. In Red Flaherty's place there is Morris Badgro, a veteran wingman who starred in collegiate ball on the Pacific Coast. Several seasons ago, he played with Red Grange's N.Y. Yankees and showed plenty of class. Wiberg is filling Plansky's shoes well. Wilberg is a former Nebraska ace and when the Kansas City Cowboys were in action, he was their first ride.
OCT 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay high schools' band, some 60 strong, under the direction of Prof. J.P. Schenk, will exhibit their musical wares between halves of the Giant-Packer football game at city stadium Sunday afternoon. The high school musicians will play some new marching steps that should bring a hand from the crowd. The Green Bay Legion band will function as usual except that they will stage to the youngsters during the intermission. The ticket supply is holding out well, according to E.A. Spachmann, director of sales. Seats in the big stands are at a premium but there are still hundreds of the bleacher-reserved and park bench seats available. Those who have reservations are cautioned to pick them up before 8 p.m. Saturday, because all unpaid for tickets, after this hour, will be turned into the general sale...MUCH INTEREST SHOWN: Never in the history of Packer football has a game here attracted so much interest. The mail order business is nearly double any other contest. Fans are coming from Chicago, La Crosse, Beloit, Madison, Duluth, Superior, Ashland, Gladstone, Houghton, Hancock and many other cities. Among the leading sportwriters to attend will be Roundy Coughlin of Madison, Oliver Kuechle, Stoney McGlynn and Art Schinner, all of Milwaukee. Both the Associated Press and the United Press will have special sport correspondents here. Orders have been received from New York, Chicago and Philadelphia for coverage on this important intersectional gridiron fracas...SEATING LAYOUT UNCHANGED: The seat arrangements at the city stadium Sunday are the same as for the Chicago Bear game with the exception of bench seat section W on the south side of the field. There will be only one row of 117 seats in this section instead of two as set up last Sunday. The augmented force of ushers, gate men, ticket takers and park attendants again will be on the job while the patrol of the stadium will be taken care of by the Legion guards, city policemen and a detachment from the naval reserves. There was little or no confusion last Sunday and the Green Bay Football corporation again hopes to handle the crowd in big league style. Last Sunday the spectators came early and the football executives trust this will happen again.
OCT 3 (New York) - Just before leaving for Green Bay, Coach Andrews of the New York Giants added Dick Stahlman and Jack Hilprit to his battle front. This gives the Giants the 22 players allowed under the league rules. Stahlman is a big tackle, who has been on the New York suspended list for two seasons, while Hilprit is an end or halfback who played varsity football with the Oklahoma Aggies. The New York club plays three games in a week and Coach Andrews figures he will need all the reserve strength possible on this crucial midwest invasion.
OCT 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - What promises to be the greatest professional football attraction of the year will be staged at the City stadium here tomorrow when the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants clash in a National league game. The setting will be similar to that of last year when the Packers invaded New York and whipped the Giants. At that time both teams had clean records, boasting victories in every game played and were fighting for first place. This year the teams again have clean records and are on top in the National league race. Advance ticket sales indicate that the all-time record in attendance set here a few years ago when Red Grange appeared with the New York Yankees, will be equaled or bettered. There were 13,500 fans at that game and now with the additional seating facilities at least 14,000 can be
dramatically bury themselves in a blanket when yanked. No, a professional team doesn't do any of the college frills. It's all matter of fact. But it does football. And how...AN EYEFUL: A former Big Ten star, an all-American in his day, and a varsity coach now at a large school in the middle west saw the Packers beat the Chicago Cardinals at Green Bay two weeks ago. "Whew," he exclaimed after the game. "I learned some things about football here I never knew before. Those fellows never make a mistake." And on analysis why shouldn't this be true? A team like the Packers is largely composed of the pick of the college men seasoned by several years of professional ball. A man just out of college ordinarily is not of professional caliber. He needs a year or so of apprenticeship to learn things his $7,500 a year college coach never taught him. If your doubt it, talk to any of the men who play with a team like the Packers. Red Dunn, who was the big noise at Marquette for several years and who now directs the mighty Bays at quarter, says he was practically lost his first year in pro ball. "I was like a rookie in a big league baseball camp. I found out I didn't know half as much football as I thought I knew." And Red, it might be added, is still regarded as the smartest quarterback who ever played under Marquette's banner...NAGURSKI AN EXCEPTION: There are, of course, exceptions to the general rule that a man just out of college is not of professional caliber. Bronko Nagurski of the Chicago Bears who plays here Thursday night is one of the exceptions. But remember there is only one Nagurski in every student generation or more. Just consider the lineup of this years' Packer team. This team is picked at random. There are any number of reserves, just as good as these men, weighing just as much, as having just as keen football sense. What would a bunch of college boys, no matter who the coach, do against them? Would they smash through a line that averages more than 230 pounds a man from tackle to tackle - not mere hulks, you understand, but smart football players who can move around when the occasion demands? Would they run the ends ragged with men like Hubbard and Sleight at tackles, Dilweg and Nash at ends?...FRIEDMAN FAILED: Would they pass this Packer team to death with Molenda, Blood, Lewellen and Dunn in the backfield? The greatest passer in football today, Benny Friedman, with a great bunch of receivers playing with him on the New York Giants, completed only two out of 25 or 26 passes against the Packers last year. Would the average college team do better? And who on college fields would outpunt Lewellen? Lew not only puts them out of of bounds where he wants them. What college team would outsmart these graduates of college teams? Rockne's? Warner's? Never. The professionals and the college will never mix, and so the question of which is better will probably never of which is better will probably never be fully settled. If you are one of the doubtful ones, however, just look over that lineup again.
OCT 2 (New York) - Benny Friedman's New York Giants, runners up in the 1929 NFL race, entrain Thursday on a western trip that is apt to make or break them in this year's flag hunt. The Giants' squad of thirty players, officials and trainers will head directly for Green Bay, the home of the Packers, where they are billed for action Sunday against the title holders. This year's New York team includes all of the mainstays of 1929 except Red Flaherty, All-American pro end, who is coaching at Gonzaga. In Flaherty's place coach Andrews is using Morris Badgro, who made football history for Southern California. Badgro formerly played with Red Grange's Yankees and has been here often this summer as a member of the St. Louis Browns American League baseball club. He is an outfielder and played with the Milwaukee Brewers in 1929. Each year the Giants make it a practice to grab one of the outstanding college stars and this season Leonard Grant of New York University is the headliner. The backfield is rich with class. At quarter there is Benny Friedman, who is playing better football as a pro than at Michigan. In Mule Wilson and Horse Haggerty, New York has a pair of first string backs who spell yardage. Then there is New Sedbrook and Pat Moran, who can step into the lineup and gain ground. Heavy Feather is the fullback and there isn't a better plunger in the National league.
OCT 2 (New York) - The New York Giants football squad composed of 20 players, Coach LeRoy Andrews, Dr. Harry A. March, president; Secretary T.A. Mara, Jr., and trainer Jimmy Walsh left here last night for Chicago, Ill., where the club's special car will be switched to a Northwestern train for the last lap of the journey to Green Bay, the home of the Packers, 1929 national champions whom the Giants meet on Sunday. The players making the trip are: Jack Haggerty, Ned Sedbrook, Mule Wilson, Dale Burnett, Al Feather, Pat Moran, Wiberg, George Murtagh, Jack Caywood, Melvin Mielziner, Joe Westoupal, Rudy Comstock, Pete Gilroy, Leonard Grant, Steve Owen, Flash Campbell, Morris Badgro, Red Owen, Mike Howard and Captain Benny Friedman. While in Green Bay, the Giants will headquarter at the Beaumont Hotel. The Thursday following the Packer game, the Giants will play in Milwaukee against the Nighthawks and then they will travel on to Chicago for a battle with the Bears at Wrigley Field on Sunday October 12. The New York club then returns home for a night game with the Chicago Cardinals at the Polo Grounds Wednesday October 15.
(GREEN BAY) - There is another victory chalked up on the Green Bay Packers' ledger today but it's just a scoreboard victory and no more. It was scored 7 to 0 against the Chicago Bears at the City stadium here Sunday afternoon before 10,000 fans and kept Green Bay's record clean for the year but it was too close for comfort. Although every man on the team showed flashes of form and many players turned in brilliant performances the machine-like precision that has marked the Packers' play of the past season and last  Sunday was missing at time. It seemed as if the well oiled machine was having trouble getting started. When it did get underway in the second period, the Packers marched from their own 4 yard line to the Bear goal line and pushed the ball over for the only touchdown of the day. The sustained drive in that period was typical Bay football, which fans are beginning to expect, but which is practically impossible to keep up against such competition as is offered in the National league this year.
Perhaps the reason for the failure of the Packers to get up steam consistently can be attributed to the brand of football played by the Bears. It was a different Bear team in there Sunday than the team that played last year. It was a Bear team that charged like tigers and one that was giving everything it had to beat the Bays. The team was keyed for the Packers as few college teams have been keyed for traditional opponents. Record of the game practically tell the story. In the first period, the Bears gained six first down to none for the Packers. In the second period, the Packers made four first downs to one for the Bears while the Chicagoans came back in the third with three more first downs and then added another in the final period, as the Packers made on in the third and two in the final period. In the first and third periods, the Bears had the edge and in the second and last stanzas, the Packers had the best of the argument. It was Lewellen who paved the way for the Packers' touchdown and he fittingly went over the goal after some fine ball carrying. Every man on the team did his part in the march to the goal line, blocking and charging so that the fleet halfback could go down the field. Blood and McCrary also reeled off substantial gains in that one determined march that could not be checked by the fighting Bears.
The invasion started when Blood intercepted a Bear pass on his own 45-yard line. Lewellen then picked up five yards and McCrary added to more. Again Lewellen smashed through, gaining ten yards on a cutback play before he was downed. Blood and McCrary brought the ball eight years nearer the goal line and Lewellen took it eight more yards down the field to the 24 yard line. At this stage of the battle, the Bears took timeout to try and figure out a way to halt the attack but on the first play after time was called, Lewellen cut back over tackle, pivoted and sidestepped to dash 23 yards before he was knocked out of bounds just as he tried to slide over the goal. McCrary hit a stone wall on the next play. He tried again, unsuccessfully, but the Bears were offside and the down remained unchanged. On the next play, Lewellen cut over through a hole opened by Mike Michalske and Perry for a touchdown. Dunn booted a perfect placement for extra point. The first period drive of the Bears carried the ball from midfield to the 15 yard line where the Packers braced and held. Nagurski, the giant fullback from Minnesota, Grange, Illinois great flash who has lost little of his oldtime form and Johnsos figured most prominently in the march. Grange and Nagurski tore off some fine gains on delayed buck plays and cutbacks while Johnsos took a pass from Grange to bring the ball to the 15 yard line before he was stopped. A pass over the goal line was broken up by Herber and the Packers took the ball on downs at the twenty yard line.
After the Packers had punted out, Nagurski passed to Red Grange for a 25 yard gain that brought the ball to the 28 yard line. Another pass was incomplete and Garland Grange dropped back and tried a placekick for a field goal. Although he had the wind at his back, the ball was low and wide of the posts and the Packers took the ball on their own twenty-yard line and punted out of danger. After an exchange of punt in the third period, Holmer and Nagurski did some good ball carrying and advanced the ball to the Packer 31 yard line but a pass over the goal failed and the Packers again took the ball on their own goal and punted out. Neither team was beyond its opportunity's 35 yard line the remainder of the game. The squads
SEPT 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Whitey Woodin is one of the veteran football players of the Packer eleven but he is still able to hold his own with opposing linemen. Whitey played the entire last half of the game and was in the thick of the fight all the time. On one occasion he broke through the line and spilled Nagurski for a three yard loss...Mike Michalske played about 50 of the 60 minutes of the game, despite his broken little finger. He did not start but went into the game in the place of Zuver after the game was about ten minutes old and stayed in the rest of the playing time. Mike was in evidence in a number of plays...When the Packers were parading down the field in the second period, Johnny Blood tried to get a pass hurled by Lewellen and crashed into Red Grange who also was trying to get the ball. Red was knocked unconscious from the collision and had to be carried from the field. Blood was unhurt. Red returned to the game late in the fourth period...Brute Trafton saw a lot of action but was not mixed up in any arguments as is his custom. The giant Bear center played a good game at center, although both Darling and Earpe held their own against him...Joey Sternaman came in for a lot of jeers when he got rough with Herber on a tackle. He did the same thing with Blood, but got nowhere as both held their won. Sternaman despite his years of professional play and small size is one of the best men in the business playing the safety position and on a number of occasions he eluded Packer tacklers for substantial gains when returning punts...Cal Hubbard figured in a sensational play late in the fourth period when he leapt through Bear interference to get the man with the ball for a ten yard loss...The Legion band again was on hand to help entertain fans. It played a concert between halves. A collection was taken up to send the band to Chicago for the first game with the Bears, and it brought in $261.75.
SEPT 30 (New York) - Benny Friedman, New York Giants, runners up in the 1929 NFL race, entrain Thursday on a western trip that is apt to make ore break them in this year's flag hunt. The Giants squad of 30 players, officials and trainer will head directly for Green Bay, the home of the Packers, where they are billed for action Sunday against the titleholders. A game had been arranged for Minneapolis on Oct. 8 but Coach LeRoy Andrews decided to call it off as he wanted to have his club in the pink for the Oct. 12 game against the Bears in Chicago...IN GREEN BAY FOR WEEK: It is probable that the New York team will spend the week in Green Bay between the Packer and Bear games. The Giants did this two years ago and the management was very well satisfied with the treatment in Wisconsin's pro football metropolis. The Giants have performed well on the gridiron this season. Following a practice game with Clifton Heights, Friedman's club stamped down the Greater Newark club, 32 to 0, and followed this up by walloping the Long Island Bulldogs, headed by Ray Barbutti, former Olympic star, 13 to 0. Last Sunday, Providence was taken into camp, 28 to 7. This year's New York team includes all of the mainstays of 1929 except Red Flaherty, all-American pro end, who is coaching at Gonzaga university. In Flaherty's place, Coach Andrews is using Morris Badgro who made football history at Southern California. Badgro formerly played with Red Grange's Yankees and has been here often this summer as a member of the St. Louis Browns American league baseball club. He is an outfielder. Other newcomers are Dale Burnett from Emporia college. He is a halfback weighing 195 pounds and built for speed and Swede Wiberg of Nebraska, who formerly played with the Kansas City Bulldogs. He quit the pro game in 1928 but an attractive offer brought him back into moleskins. Wiberg plays halfback and weighs 200 pounds...COMSTOCK ON TEAM: The Giants purchase Rudy Comstock from the Frankford Yellowjackets with whom he had starred for three seasons. Comstock is a 210-pound lineman and there isn't a smarter forward on the postgraduate gridiron. Pete Gilroy is a product of Grove City college in Pennsylvania where they turn miners into football men. Gilroy packs 190 pounds and can play either guard or tackle. Each year the Giants make it a practice to grab off one of the outstanding college stars and this season Leonard Grant of New York university is the headliner. Practically every sport writer in the east placed Grant at a tackle position on his all-
OCT 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The biggest crowd of the season is forecast for the Packers' game with the New York Giants on Sunday yet the Green Bay Football corporation is assuring every spectators a seat. Last Sunday there were a number of vacant gaps in the bleacher reserved section and it would have been possible to house another 2,500 spectators without issuing any standing room tickets. The 1,500 additional seats in the big stands on the south side of the field and the newly constructed sections, O and O, on the north side, which seats 535, furnish the balance between an overflowing crowd and seats to spare. This means that those arriving even so late as starting time can be provided good seats...PRAISES SEATING ARRANGEMENT: Last Sunday, Lloyd Larsen, former Wisconsin football player, who is now writing for a Milwaukee paper, covered his first game in the Packer stadium and between halves remarked: "Gee, this is a swell layout. Every seat in the park is right close up to the gridiron. Spectators sitting on the 10-yard line here get a better view than from some of the 50-yard lines in the Big Ten parks." The Football corporation ticket department is working overtime again this week to keep pace with the ever increasing flood of orders. The out-of-town and local business is even heavier than for last Sunday's Chicago Bear game.., 8 P.M. SATURDAY DEADLINE: Any unpaid reservations not picked up before 8 p.m. Saturday will be turned into the general sale. A number of persons ordering tickets for the Bear contest failed to put in appearance at the ticket window and only a quick disposal in the last two hours before game time enabled the Football Corporation to get rid of several hundred choice reservations, some which had been spoken for nearly a month ago. To date both have played three games and each club is credited with a clean slate. The Giants have scored more points than the Packers but Captain Lambeau's team has kept its goal line unmarred while Friedman's aggregation has one touchdown charged against it. The record follows:
* New York Giants 13, Long Island Bulldogs 0
New York 32, Newark 0
New York 27, Providence 7
New York 72, Opponents 7
* Green Bay 46, Oshkosh 0
Green Bay 14, Chicago Cards 0
Green Bay 7, Chicago Bears 0
Green Bay 67, Opponents 0
*- Non-league games
TIED FOR FIRST PLACE: The Packers, Giants and Portsmouth are in a three-way tie for the top position in
the National league. Portsmouth faces a stiff test Sunday when they tangle with the Chicago Cardinals. Nevers' club is about due to break into the winning column despite Portsmouth's all star backfield, which is composed of Father Lumpkin, Chuck Bennette, Tiny Lewis, Glasgow and Miles McLain. If Green Bay can leap the Giant hurdle and the Cards take Portsmouth into camp, the Packers will be firmly entrenched alone in first position. Sunday's game is the crucial contest in the Green Bay schedule and the players know it...KRESKY IS RELEASED: Joe Kresky of Marinette, former varsity football player at Wisconsin was released Tuesday by Coach Lambeau. Kresky was a guard but failed to get clicking in the Packer machine. After Sunday's game with the Giants, some other pink tickets will be handed out as the squad must be cut down to 23 men in accordance with the National league rules.
OCT 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Tom Nash has reached the "big time" in baseball as well as football! The popular Green Bay Packer end has been drafted from the Asheville, N.C., club of the Sally league to play with the New York Giants in the National league next year, according to word received here today from Philadelphia where the annual draft session was held last night. Nash, a star end for the University of Georgia a few years ago and named on several all-
OCT 2 (Milwaukee) - What a professional football team like the Green Bay Packers would do to the average university team is almost a pity. It would beat the best of them, including Rockne's or Pop Warner's or Bob Zuppke's best, and it would probably smear the others all over the chalk line if it wished. A professional eleven, as most football fans have come to know their teams by college association, is a strange machine. It hasn't any seven or eight coaches - thanks be - a corps of
accommodated. There were still reserved seats to be hand at noon today but the tickets were going fast...VETERANS ARE BACK: The New York team has most of last year's veterans back and several new men who have added power. Benny Friedman, dean of all quarterbacks, will  be directing the team again and will have a host of capable assistants in the backfield. The New York Giant line is one of the few in the country that come up to that of the Packers in weight. It has a group of men  averaging about 215 pounds from tackle to tackle who will see most of the action. Flanking these inner defense men will be a pair of 190 pound wingmen. A week of intensive practice has been put in by the Packers in preparation for the tilt and Capt. Lambeau expressed the opinion that the team would be set to put up its best fight of the year. The squad has been working on pass defense against New York formations as it expects the Giants to use the overhead game extensively again. Last year the Packers completely broke up Friedman's passes but the Giants probably have new formations for this season. They used an unbalanced line with one wingback and sometimes two for most of their plays last year...BANDS WILL PLAY: Although the starting lineup has not been announced, the Packer coach probably will use most of the veterans of last year to start the game. Sleight is probably the only new man who will be in at the start of the game. The Green Bay high schools' band and the Legion band will be on hand to play during intermissions and before the game. Radio stations WHBY, St. Norbert's college, De Pere, and WTMJ, Milwaukee, will broadcast the contest. Walker's Cleaners are sponsoring the WHBY broadcast. The game starts at 2 o'clock.
OCT 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Stapleton and Frankford went 50-50 in their weekend series. The Stapes bit the dust in Philly by a 7 to 3 score but in Sunday's game on their own field, they put the skids under Bull Behman's aggregation, 21 to 0...Orin Pape, Iowa, was the hero and goat of the Cardinal-Minneapolis affair. He ran 80 yards for the Gophers' touchdown in the third quarter but his fumble paved the way for a Chicago touchdown in the closing minutes...The revamped Providence Steamrollers took it on the nose from the New York Giants by the score of 27 to 7. Friedman's outfit was clicking nicely and they counted a touchdown in each of their four quarters...Myles McLain, sometimes called the second Jim Thorpe, is drawing his football paycheck from Portsmouth. The Indian star is facing some keen competition in the backfield by Coach Griffen is well satisfied with him...Attendance figures at the early games this season in the National league show a healthy increase over other years. Some 11,000 spectators saw New York play in Providence while Frankford opened up before a bumper throng...The Brooklyn club is piling up a lot of railroad mileage in the first month of the season. The Dodgers don't open at home until Oct. 12. Before this Depler's crew has visited Chicago, Portsmouth, Stapleton and Providence...Red Smith, former Notre Dame star, has been bought by Newark from Providence. Smith is an all around gridder, being at home either on the line or in the backfield. He formerly played with the Yankees and Green Bay...The Chicago Cardinal management shaved his roster early. Among the men given their releases were Bill Singleton, Ken Mercer, Dick Sturtridge, trio of veteran pro league backs, and Fred Failing, a recruit wingman...Three transfers have been announced by the Giants. Wilbur Capps was sent to the Frankford Yellowjackets. Snyder becomes the property of Stapleton while the Newark club has purchased the contract of Kerrigan...Two schedule changes have been announced by President Joe F. Carr. The game at Minneapolis, Oct. 5. with the Giants has been called off. Portsmouth has booked New York to play in Spartantown on Wednesday, Nov. 5...After a year's retirement, Roy Lyman has returned to the Bears' front wall and from the way he is going, the layoff didn't do him any harm. Lyman has long been ranked as one of the best tackles in the pro game...Bob Beattie, one of the greatest tackles ever produced at Princeton, has come to terms with the Newark management. The former Tiger played with the Orange aggregation in 1929 and he won a berth on the all-American eleven...Nate Barrager from California displayed a lot of class in his pro league debut with the Minneapolis Redjackets. Playing against the Cardinals, the big center roamed at will and he generally was on top of the ball... Stapleton's air attack appears to be hitting on "all eleven" this fall as the Islanders have made the majority of their markers with the overhead drive. Wyckoff and Ken Strong can toss the oval at bullet-like speed...Roberts from Iowa has won himself a guard position with Portsmouth. The big Hawkeye was plenty tough in the Western conference and he has found the postgraduate game very much to his liking. He has a lot of speed for a husky...Jim Durfee is out there tooting his whistle again. The veteran Columbus referee has been drawing important assignments ever since the National league was organized. When it comes to rules, Durfee knows them backwards...Chuck Kassel is having a great year with the Cardinals. The ex-Illini is snagging a lot of Nevers' passes while his defensive play has earned him extra ink in both the Green Bay and Minneapolis engagements...Frosty Peters is continuing in postgraduate football where he left off in college. It was his well directed forward pass that enabled Young to prance across for a Providence touchdown in the game with the N.Y. Giants.
OCT 4 (Green Bay) - The feature game of the Green Bay Packers' home season is on tap here Sunday when Lambeau and Company give battle to the Benny Friedman's famous New York Giants in a NFL game which will cut a big figure in the 1930 pennant possession. The New Yorkers have their same all star aggregation on the field. Aside from Friedman, who is the greatest all-time quarterback, there is Mule Wilson and Horse Haggerty, two stellar halfbacks and Tiny Feather, a fullback whose middle name is "Yardage". In the Owen brothers, Captain Steve and Red, and Len Grant, New York has a trio of tackles way above any other spoke in the post-graduate gridiron wheel. The Giants team has swept everything before it this season. Newark was sat on 32 to 0. The Long Island Bulldogs bit the dust, 13 to 0, while last Sunday the Providence Steamrollers were snowed in by a 27 to 0 score. Friedman and his hirelings have not forgot the way the Packers punctured with a 20 to 6 lacing last November in New York, and reports from Broadway carry the news that the Giants are coming here with all intentions of giving Green Bay a fine lacing. The Green Bay club will be able to put its full strength in the field. Some minor injuries have healed up during an intensive week of practice and Captain Lambeau promises a real bang up fighting team on the field against the New Yorkers. Indications point to the largest crowd of the season, but the Packer management has so enlarged the City Stadium that there will be no shortage of seats and good reservations will be available right up until starting time, which is at 2 p.m.
trainers, an army of worshiping managers. It hasn't any rah rans or any traditions. The players don't fret in the dressing room before the start, they don't go through a lot of lost motions out on the field, head low, and