The third Packer touchdown came a few minutes later when the Yellowjackets tried a pass in midfield, Lavvie Dilweg grabbing the ball after Homan caught it but fumbled it. Although Lavvie was surrounded by Jacket players, he managed to sidestep and elude everyone who tried to get him and raced 51 yards to score. Dick O'Donnell blocked the only man who had a chance to get Lavvie after he had started on his run over to the right side of the field. Herber's kick for the extra point hit the goal post. The second period saw no scoring, although the Packers threatened by completing a pass to O'Donnell hat put them on the Jacket 28-yard line. A pass over the goal line gave the ball to the Frankford team. Frankford immediately opened up with a series of passes in the third period, Schultz catching two of the heaves for substantial gains, putting the ball on the Packer 20-yard line. Three plays failed but on the fourth Schultz dropped back and heaved a long pass to Kostos, who took the ball out of the hands of two Packer backs and scored. He caught the ball in the end zone. The kick for an extra point was wide.
Just before the end of the third period, the Jackets got the ball in midfield when Umpire Keefe ruled interference and then completed another pass to Wright to put the ball on the seven-yard line. Three plays lost four yards but on the fourth down, Wright dropped back and threw a long pass to Tanner who caught the ball in the end zone, giving the Frankford team its second touchdown. The try for an extra point by a kick failed. At this stage of the game, Capt. Lambeau sent his veteran backfield men into the game again and the Jackets never again threatened although they tried several passes. Taking the ball in midfield after the second Jacket touchdown, the Packer opened up with a crashing running game that swept them over the goal for the final score. Lewellen, Molenda and McCrary alternated in carrying the ball during the march, going over center and between the guards and tackles. The final drive was made by McCrary who crashed over left tackle for an eight yard gain and a touchdown. Dunn kicked for the final point, giving the Packers a 27 to 12 lead, which they held until the end.
FRANKFORD -  0  0  6  6 - 12
GREEN BAY - 20  0  0  7 - 27
1st - GB - McCrary, 34-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - GB - Englemann, 20-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
1st - GB - Dilweg, 51-yard interception return (Herber kick failed) GREEN BAY 20-0
3rd - FR - Tony Kostos, 24-yard pass from Ab Wright (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 20-6
4th - FR - Bob Tanner, 7-yard pass from Wright (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 20-12
4th - GB - McCrary, 8-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 27-12
game at both center and guard positions that he held down in the final periods...A long pass to Goodbread nearly resulted in a Frankford touchdown in the first quarter. He caught the ball on the 35-yard line and raced to the nine-yard line before Fitzgibbons and Englemann ran him out of bounds. The Packers held and they took the ball on their own 20-yard line after a pass over the goal line failed...Louis F. Greiser is a dyed-in-the-wool football fan as all followers on football know. Whether it is high school or pro, Mr. Greiser is always in the grandstands, or backing the team financially. Sunday afternoon he had to conduct a funeral out of the city and this of course meant that he would have to miss the Yellowjacket-Packer game. But did he miss it entirely? Not he. For a radio in his auto brought him the play by play account, which is only seconds to seeing the game itself...The Legion band and battery B, National Guard, took part in impressive ceremonies between halves of the game, marching out on the field and drilling.
OCT 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Without the services of Johnny Blood, halfback, and Dick O'Donnell, veteran end, the Green Bay Packers will play their first game away from home Sunday at Minneapolis. Blood is in the hospital with an injured kidney, while O'Donnell is suffering with a cracked rib. Until Sunday, it was figured that the Packers would breeze through without much trouble as Johnny Dunn's Redjackets had played a tie game with the Chicago Cardinals and took a 20 to 0 smacking from the Chicago Bears. However, last weekend Herb Joesting and his cohorts provided the biggest upset of the year by trimming the undefeated Portsmouth Spartans, 13 to 0. According to reports of the game, Coach Griffen's expensive aggregation didn't get to first base until the last five minutes of the game when a consistent attack chalked up four successive first downs and put the ball on the Minneapolis 3-yard line when the final whistle blew...PAPE RUNS 46 YARDS: The Gophers scored their first touchdown about midway in the second stanza when Orin Pape, former Iowa star, dashed outside of tackle for a run of 46 yards. In the third frame, after receiving the kickoff, the Redjackets marched straight down the field seventy yards for another score. Halsey Hall, sport writer of the Minneapolis Journal, who has worked here as an official in several of the National league games, commented as follows: "The Redjackets are the best looking pro team Minneapolis has boasted of since the days of the old Marines when Rube Ursella, Fritz Cramer and other huskies mopped up one club about another...GLOOM KNEE DEEP: "Perhaps next Sunday we can change the name of 'Redjackets' to 'Giant Killers' because if George Gibson's aggregation plays the same brand of ball against the national champion Packers as they did against Portsmouth, I venture to predict that the gloom will be knee deep about 6 p.m., Sunday night in Green Bay. Portsmouth came here undefeated and the Ohioans were handed a decisive licking. It would be a great feather in the Minneapolis hat if the same does of football medicine was handed Green Bay. Sometimes dreams come true. Let's hope."...WON'T OPERATE GRIDGRAPH: The Green Bay Football corporation will not operate the gridgraph at the Columbus club this season as the Milwaukee Journal station, WTMJ, through the courtesy of the Wadham's Oil company has agreed to broadcast every Packer out of town game. Russ Winnie will be at the "mike" and the fans at home will be sure of complete coverage on the game at Nicollet field. Sunday's game at Minneapolis is scheduled to start at 2:15 p.m.
Green Bay Packers (4-0) 27, Frankford Yellow Jackets (2-5) 12
​Sunday October 12th 1930 (at Green Bay)
of ball the locals are playing, especially the recent defeat of the Spartans, promoters in Des Moines, Milwaukee and Detroit have offered dates for the Minneapolis club's appearance in those cities. Nobody in the world is hoping for anything any harder today than are the Red Jackets that they can defeat Green Bay at Nicolle park next Sunday. Inasmuch as the powerful invaders have not suffered a defeat in two seasons they are coming here with all kinds of confidence. Although never prone to boasting, Coach George Gibson announced very modestly today that the Jackets will have the distinction of being the first eleven to defeat the Badger club since 1928. Such a feat would make the Jackets the sensations of the season's race and would make them wonderful drawing cards on the Eastern invasion that starts next week. "And," said Dunn and Ness in the same breath, "we would enjoy that after the several socks we have taken on the financial chin during our home stay," There is a feeling around Green Bay that there may be some dirty work at the crossroads here Sunday and a hard game is expected. A large delegation of fans will accompany the team and a special radio broadcast will keep the stay-at-homes posted every minute of play. When the Packers are on the road, crowds of upward of 5,000 always listen to the ticker or radio account of the contests. Minneapolis scouts who have watched the Packers in all their games this season are working hard with the team to get the boys ready for their big struggle of the season. Green Bay plays are being used and a defense has been devised. How effective this will be remains to be seen.
OCT 17 (Minneapolis) - The largest crowd that has ever witnessed a professional football game here is expected to fill Nicollet Park to overflowing Sunday afternoon when Johnny Dunn's Redjackets give battle to
the Green Bay Packers in a National league game. Following the Redjacket's win here last Sunday over the
Portsmouth eleven, interest in postgraduate football has climbed several notches and the fans will be all out in hopes of seeing Herb Joesting's mates put the skids under the National champions. One of the features of the contest will be the fullbacks' duel between Joesting and Cully Lidberg, of Green Bay. Both these plungers are former Minnesota stars and, naturally, there is a keen bit of rivalry between them. The Gophers have built up an attack around Verne Miller former St. Mary's flash who counted 131 points last season. This speedy ball carrier is expected to do the Packers a lot of trouble via the open game as Coach Gibson isn't going to waste punching time trying to crash the Bays' man-mountain forward wall. For the first time in history, a program will be broadcast here as station WTMJ of Milwaukee has made arrangements to put the game on the air for thousands of Packer fans back in the Badger state.
p.m. over the Northwestern where on Sunday Coach Lambeau's aggregation will face the Minneapolis Redjackets, the team that surprised the pro football world by handing the Portsmouth Spartans a 13-0 upset a week ago. The national champions will arrive in Minneapolis Saturday at 8 a.m. and will stop at the Nicolet Hotel. After taking a light breakfast, they will engage in a snappy signal drill on the parade grounds. This will enable the players to shake off their "travel legs" and have the squad right on edge for the grueling battle that is expected with the Redjackets...ATTEND BIG TEN GAME: Indiana and Minnesota lock horns in a Western Conference football game here Saturday afternoon in Minneapolis and the Packer players have hopes of getting seats. Lidberg, a Gopher graduate, is pulling strings to round up extra tickets while Tubby Howard, Packer fullback, a few years ago, earned his T in football at Indiana and has also promised to secure tickets for the players. Howard is a resident of Mondovi, Wis., and will be in Minneapolis to see the college combat and then watch the Packers. Howard was here for the game with the Giants and promised several players transportation to the Big Ten fracas if they beat the Giants...BACK HOME EARLY MONDAY: On the return trip, the Packers will leave Minneapolis at 7:05 Sunday night, arriving here at 5:40 Monday morning. The football car will be set out at the Northwestern station and the gridders will not have to get out until 9 o'clock. The Bays' starting lineup will not be decided until shortly before gametime, according to Coach Lambeau. Due to injuries to Blood, O'Donnell and Bowdoin it will be necessary to make some shifts in the battlefront and it is certain that a strong starting team will take the field. Indications point to quite a Green Bay delegation at the game as many fans are planning to attend. If the weather clears a bit, a number of automobile parties will leave for Minneapolis late Saturday. A heavy demand for berths on Saturday night's train for Minneapolis has been reported by the Northwester, and, if the rush continues, it may be necessary to attach another sleeper to the train.
OCT 17 (Green Bay) - Published reports in Milwaukee and Chicago newspapers that the Green Bay Packers will play the Milwaukee Badges on November 13 are incorrect, according to Captain E.L. Lambeau. No game has been booked with the Badgers and no promises made for such a contest, Captain Lambeau said. "We are in the thick of a hard fight for another pennant," Captain Lambeau said, "and to take a chance of injuring some of our men in a game against a non-league opponent at this stage of the season would be foolhardy. If we play the Badgers at all, it will be after the final 1930 league game."
programs of the year to fit themselves for the champions. One day found the Fort Snelling infantry eleven working out against the pros, and much benefit was derived from the drill...BACKS SHOW STRENGTH: After watching Oren Pape streak down the field for that touchdown Sunday, the supporters of the local team are confident that he at last has hit his true stride, and that from now on he will be one of the outstanding players of the national league. With Joesting likewise taking a new lease on life, the ball carrying side of the Red Jackets is the strongest it has been for some time. And with Nate Barrager leading the line, that department is just as strong as it ever was. The largest crowd of the season is the promise for tomorrow's game, tickets for which are on sale at Foster and Waldo's. Tomorrow's game is booked at 2:30 p.m.
OCT 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A big tribe of Norsemen loom as a huge obstacle for the Green Bay Packers to hurdle tomorrow afternoon when they invade Minneapolis for a game with the Redjackets. If the Packers can safely pass the hard test that is sure to be given them by Minneapolis they will remain alone on top in the National league with a clean record, but if they are forced to bow before the northerners they may drop into second place. Capt. E.L. Lambeau thinks that his team with its full strength would be able to take the measure of the Jackets, but now with three men on the injured list and the Gophers showing surprising strength he is worried over the outcome...BLOOD STILL ILL: Johnny Blood, who is still confined to the hospital with internal injuries, and Dick O'Donnell, who suffered a broken rib last Sunday, will not make the trip. Jimmy Bowdoin who also was hurt last week is improving but will not be used unless absolutely necessary, the coach said. With Bowdoin out of the lineup, Mike Michalske, Whitey Woodin and Merle Zuver will have to most of the work as guards. Zuver was stricken with stomach cramps yesterday but the pain has passed away and he is expected to be in shape to play. If necessary, Darling cane be shifted to a guard position as he played at that post most of his college days. The tackle and backfield positions will have enough men to use two sets of players without weakening the team. Perry, Hubbard, Radick and Sleight are in shape to play at tackle, while Lewellen and Dunn probably will be seen in action at quarter and McCrary, Englemann, Fitzgibbons and Herber at halfbacks and Molenda and Lidberg at the fullbacks...LEWELLEN AT QUARTER: Coach Lambeau shifted Lewellen to quarterback this week and put Herber at one of the halfback positions. The move is expected to bring result as Herber lacks the experience needed at the signal calling job. Lewellen can either relieve Dunn at the quarterback post or can play his old halfback position as the occasion demands. Dilweg and Nash probably will see 60 minutes of service as ends, which is quite an assignment for any player. Radick also can be used at an end, but he fits better into the play at a tackle. Minneapolis has a powerful line and a fleet set of backs, led by Pape, who was largely responsible for the Jackets' win over Portsmouth last Sunday. Herb Joesting, all-American fullback from Minnesota, also has been playing fine football this year. Haycraft, an end, Nydahl, halfback, and Gibson, a guard, are other outstanding men on the team. The game will be broadcast over radio stations WHBY, St. Norbert's  college, De Pere, and WTMJ, Milwaukee.
OCT 19 (Minneapolis Star Tribune) - The Minneapolis Red Jackets, fresh from an upset of Willis Glassgow's Portsmouth Spartans Sunday afternoon, will meet their stiffest test of the season as they clash with the mighty Green Bay Packers in the closing game of the year at Nicollet park. The Packers, last year's National league champions who have not been defeated since 1928, are considered the most formidable team in pro competition again this year. Green Bay again is riding at the top of the league heap. But the Jackets are confident of stopping the burly Wisconsin eleven. Coach George Gibson feels certain that his men will repeat their startling triumph of last Sunday when they spoiled the Spartans' unspotted record. Herb Joesting apparently hit his stride last week, and so did Oran Pape while the line functioned as it failed to do in the early games and these facts have raised hopes high in the Minneapolis camp. Green Bay is bringing one of the greatest collections of stars ever banded together and a team that is backed in its home town as only a college team is followed. Heading the group is Verne Lewellen, former Nebraska halfback who has proved the star of almost every Packer engagement in the last two years, Lewellen, county attorney of the county in which Green Bay is located, is a marvelous kicker, passer and runner in addition to being quite some barrister. Also the Packers boast of such backs as Bo Molenda, Herdis McCrary and Carl Lidberg, fullbacks; Red Dunn, quarterback, and Wuert Englemann and Johnny Blood, halfbacks. Three all-Americans, Laverne Dilweg, end; Michalske, guard, and Sleight, tackle, are in the lineup. The Minneapolis management is preparing for the largest crowd of the season. The kickoff is set for 2:30 p.m.
(GREEN BAY) - The Green Bay Packer sit on top of the National Professional football league today, sole occupants of first place and the only undefeated team in the circuit. The Packers scored their fourth consecutive win of the league season here yesterday afternoon by turning loose a powerful attack that crushed the Frankford Yellowjackets by a score of 27 to 12 before approximately 8,000 fans. As Portsmouth, the only undefeated team before Sunday, took a rimming from Minneapolis, the Packers now hold the top post alone. Smashing ahead with a running and passing attack that completely smothered the invaders, the Packers ran up a 20 to 0 score in the first quarter. They played conservative football after that and made many substitutions, content to protect the lead until the third period when Frankford opened up with a surprising well-timed passing attack that trimmed the lead and put the invaders dangerously close. Then the Packers opened up again and in the final period marched down the field for another touchdown.
After the Packers started by crashing through for three touchdowns, fans began to expect a slaughter but when the visitors began turning loose their passes for awhile it began to look dark for the home club. However, Capt. Lambeau made some changes in his lineup, putting veterans back in the game in place of some of the new men and the Packers' supremacy again became apparent in the final period. Several sparkling plays were turned in by Packer players to keep fans on their toes constantly. Lavvie Dilweg, who has no equal as an end, was the shining star in a sky illuminated by many bright lights. Lavvie played the kind of football that made him an all-American end last year, covering what appeared to be impossible territory on defense, intercepting passes, receiving passes and in fact doing everything well. On one occasions he recovered a fumbled Jacket pass before it hit the ground in midfield and ran in his peculiar halting pace that is so baffling to opponents and that makes him so hard to tackle, crashing his way 51 yards for a touchdown. The play was the most spectacular of the game. Englemann, running from a halfback post, and McCrary, working at both halfback and fullback positions at various times, turned in great bits of football, picking holes, pivoting and crashing forward for big gains. McCrary counted two of the Bays touchdowns, breaking through the line. Dunn, Molenda and Lewellen were again very much in prominence, doing everything expected of them. Dunn's toe was just as accurate as ever and sent the ball over the crossbar on three occasions for extra points. As a field general, Dunn was his old self as the master quarterback who picks opponents' weak spots and capitalizes on them.
The Packers used straight football for most of their gains, but occasionally connected with passes. The overhead attack of the Green Bay team was the only department of play not up to usual standards, but the blocking, charging and defense against running plays was so far superior to that of the invaders that there was no comparison. Nearly every lineman that saw action played superb football, with Michalske and Darling probably the outstanding men in the first half and Zuver and Earpe showing up in the final period. The first score came a few minutes after the opening whistle. The Packers marched down to the Jacket three-yard line on a series of line smashes with Lewellen, Englemann and McCrary alternating in carrying the ball of tackle, through the center and around the ends. They were stopped in the shadow of the goal when the Jackets braced and lost the ball on downs, however, and Frankford punted out to the 34 yard line. On the first play after Frankford kicked, McCrary picked a hole opened by Michalske and Darling and smashed his way 34 yards, sidestepping and shifting in a remarkable run for a touchdown. Dunn placekicked for the extra point and the Packers had a 7 to 0 lead. A few minutes later, Englemann went around left end in a sweeping run to gain 22 yards for the Packers, putting the ball on the Jackets' 30-yard line. Lewellen and McCrary picked up ten yards and on a fake crossbuck, Dunn dropped back and shot a pass to Englemann, who was uncovered and galloped over the goal line before an opponent could get near him. Again Dunn's kick from placement was good.
OCT 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Two Bits" Homan, flashy little quarterback of the Frankford team, showed that he has lost none of the speed that makes him one of the greatest men in the business at returning punts...In the third quarter, Homan took a punt from Herber and raced from deep in his own territory to the Packers 47-yard line before he was stopped. He made a gain of nearly 40 yards, speeding past two Packer men who tried to get him...The run put the Jackets in a position to open up with forward passes that brought their first touchdown. Two passes to Schultz, who incidentally also turned in a fine game on pass defense, followed the run and the touchdown pass to Kostos came but a few minutes after it...Bull Behman, giant Frankford tackle, saw considerable action but was taken care of by the Packer front linemen. He was knocked out of several plays but got his share of tackles...Goodbread turned in a good game for the invaders. He is a shifty halfback who plays smart ball on offense and defense...Jugger Earpe showed that he has plenty of drive and can step along despite his poundage. He caught a kickoff in the third period and brought the ball from the 30-yard line to midfield, plowing through three Frankford men...When Dick O'Donnell caught a pass from Fitzgibbons in the second quarter for a 38-yard gain, he was hit by two Frankford men and retired from the game with a broken rib that probably will keep him out of action for about two weeks..Michalske played a tackle position in the last half with Whitey Woodin holding down the guard position on the left side of the line. Whitey and Mike worked smoothly together charging and blocking out opponents on offense and doing fine work on defense...McCrary made a fine gain, crashing his way forward for a 30-yard run in the final period before the march that led to the Packers' score, but he fumbled when tackled hard on the 20-yard line and the Jackets took the ball and punted out...Jugger Earpe played at a tackle position in the last half, when Zuver was used at center. The big lineman worked at that post just as good as he performs at center...Zuver turned in a good 
crushed the Frankford Yellowjackets by a lopsided score the week before and the Yellowjackets succeeded in scoring two touchdowns against Green Bay last Sunday. Local fans pointed out today that Green Bay can't be invincible if the Yellowjackets penetrated their defense that way. The local men had a day off Monday as a reward for their victory but were on the job today for double mess of practice. They have scouted all the Green Bay games and think they can build up a defense that will surprise the most critical fan. A victory over next Sunday's opponents will place the Dunn & Ness aggregation in a most enviable position and they would be stellar attractions on their road trip that starts next week.
OCT 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Although the Packers are setting the pace in the NFL with a clean record, a single defeat is liable to change the whole complexion of things and push Coach Lambeau's team down to third position in the percentage table. As the race now stands, New York, Providence and Portsmouth are right on the heels of the Packers while Brooklyn is stepping along at a furious pace just a game behind this trio...TWO GAMES SCHEDULED: Several of the clubs have two games scheduled this week and this will enable them to pick up percentage points on the National champions. Tonight the Giants tackle the Cardinals and with Nevers on the bench, Friedman and company should chalk up a victory. Sunday the New Yorkers face Frankford and the Yellowjackets are doomed for a licking. These two victories will give New York a percentage reading of 5-1-0 - .833. The same situation holds good at Providence although the Steamrollers are bumping into a bit stiffer competition in their Sunday game than New York. Tonight, Providence tangles with Newark and the Skeeter outfit is apt to take it on the nose again. Stapleton, however, is the Providence opposition in the Sabbath day fracas and the Wyckoff-Strong-Follett combination is tough. If Providence wins again, the Rhode Islanders percentage reading will be on par with the Giants 5-1-0 - .833...PORTSMOUTH IDLE UNTIL OCT. 22: Portsmouth isn't in the picture this week as the Ohioans haven't a league game booked until Oct. 22 when the Bears invade Spartantown. The Brooklyn Dodgers should have a victory feast this weekend as Saturday they are booked to perform in Frankford while Sunday sees them battling in Newark. Frankford and Newark are the "ten and eleven" clubs in the circuit. If the Dodgers come through as expected with a pair of wins, their percentage will be 4-1-1 - .800. If the Packers win or tie at Minneapolis this weekend, they will continue to hold the top position but a defeat at the hands of the Gophers would give the Bays a percentage of 4-1-0 - .800 or, in other words, a notch behind both New York and Providence, providing these elevens come through with two victories...THREE PLAYERS INJURED: A check over of the Packers' hospital list shows Johnny Blood improving a bit but expected to be out of the game for another two weeks. There is little chance of Dick O'Donnell seeing action Sunday as his broken rib is very painful. Jim Bowdoin is having some trouble with an injured leg and he probably won't be used against the Gophers unless it is absolutely necessary. The squad remained inside at the Columbus club Tuesday and Coach Lambeau, in a blackboard talk, pointed out the team's faults in the Providence game. Special work was started at the practice this morning to tighten the pass defense which seemed loopholed while the Quakers were tossing "skyscrapers" and their "prayers" were answered to the extent of two touchdowns.
OCT 14 (Minneapolis Star) - The brilliant 13 to 0 triumph over the Portsmouth Spartans has made the Minneapolis Redjackets a dangerous threat in this season's pro football race, according to critics familiar with the postgraduate brand of football in various cities of the league. Many believe that next Sunday at Nicollet park Gibson's go-getting club will do something that no other club has done in two seasons. And that is to take the measure of the Green Bay Packers. From the very outlet of the season many critics picked Portsmouth and the Packers are the teams that would fight it out for the title. The Spartans started the season with a rush and came to Minneapolis tied with Green Bay for top position. They were very cocky and fully expected to beat the Jackets by an overwhelming score. Before leaving town, several of their players admitted they were keenly disappointed over the result and had expected easy sailing here. The Spartans
OCT 15 (Minneapolis Star) - Lots of trouble is expected at a certain spot in the Minneapolis Red Jacket-Green Bay game at Nicollet park Sunday. At that spot will develop one of the merriest brawls seen in pro football here this year, according to gossip today among the local athletes. The impending battle is is expected to hinge around John Wade, Jacket tackle, and Elmer Sleight, who will face John at a tackle position...HIGHLY REPUTED: This pair is rated as two of the really great tackles in the NFL and each is extremely jealous of his reputation. Ward played sensational ball at Southern California last season and Sleight won All-American honors at Purdue on Jimmy Phelan's championship eleven. Folks on the West coast have argued ever since that Ward is a better man and the old argument should be well settled Sunday at  Nicollet park. Several of the visitors are mighty well known to local fans who have seen them in action in the Big Ten. Carl Lidberg is another old Gopher who is  coming back to perform in the home town. Lidberg has been playing a whale of a game for the Packers. Another is Bo Molenda, Michigan fullback, who has been furnishing a lot of drive to the Packers' backfield. Coach and halfback Earl Lambeau of Notre Dame is the veteran of the squad who wears twelve service stripes on his jersey because of his even dozen years on the team...LEWELLEN POPULAR: Green Bay takes its pro football seriously. For instance, Verne Lewellen, halfback, joined up the club six years ago, fresh from the Nebraska law school. He played so well that the voters took him to their hears and elected him district attorney of Brown county. He is up for reelection this year and is so sure of success that he is making no campaign. Then there is Lavvie Dilweg, a Marquette end, who mixes politics with punts. He is a candidate for assemblyman this fall and also refuses to campaign. Although Lewellen is a Republican and Dilweg is a Democrat, both candidates are 2 to 1 favorites in the betting. Word received from Green Bay today said the squad was planning to reach Minneapolis two or three days in advance of the game, if possible.
OCT 17 (Green Bay) - Determined to chalk up their fifth straight victory in the National league pennant chase, the Green Bay Packers leave here Friday night at 8:45
OCT 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - After a snappy workout this morning, Bud Jorgenson, property manager for the Packers, became master of ceremonies and spent several hours packing the national champion equipment for the first invasion of the season which gets underway tonight at 6:45 when the squad leaves over the Northwestern for Minneapolis where on Sunday they play the Redjackets, a club that tied the Cardinals, lost to the Bears and whipped Portsmouth. Coach Lambeau is leaving only two players at home, Johnny Blood, who is still in the hospital, and Dick O'Donnell, who has an injured rib. The Packer eligibility list for Sunday's game includes: Lewellen, Molenda, Englemann, Dunn, Herber, Fitzgibbons, Nash, McCrary, Lidberg, Dilweg, Radick, Hubbard, Michalske, Earpe, Sleight, Zuver, Bowdoin, Woodin, Darling and Perry. "Thin ice again" was the expression of one of the veterans after being told that New York whipped the Cards and climbed back into a tie with Providence for second place in the National league. The Bays must  either win or tie to keep at the top of the heap. "Of course this is too close for comfort" continued the gridder but we weathered the storm last season and I think we can do it again although it will be a blessing in disguise if somebody knocks the Giants and Rollers for a row."
OCT 17 (Minneapolis) - It isn't so often that Minneapolis gets a chance to view a national champion and, as a result, the coming of the Green Bay Packers, title holders, has stirred up much interest here. Johnny Dunn and Val Ness, co-owners of the Minneapolis club, have been jinxed by the weather this season but, if there is a bit of sunshine Sunday, the Green Bay game is expected to draw a capacity house. Many of the spectators coming here for the Indiana-Minnesota game Saturday are staying over to see the postgraduate game Sunday at Nicollet park.
OCT 17 (Minneapolis Star) - If the Minneapolis Red Jackets play all the game that are being offered them they will have their hands full for some little time, according to announcement made today by Val Ness and John Dunn, owners. Observing the snappy brand
OCTR 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Between the injuries and the failure of some of the stars to produce, Coach Bull Behman of Frankford is having hisshare of grief. The Quakers have a few likely youngsters but a tough schedule is wrecking the aggregation...Ernie Nevers, spark plug of the Chicago Cardinals, is still bothered with a sore leg. His absence from the game has just about killed the hopes of Dr. Jones for a pennant winner in the pro circuit this season...Orin Pape continues his sensational brand of football for Minneapolis. Several weeks ago he dashed 60 yards for a touchdown against the Bears and against the Spartans, the ex-Iowan scampered 45 yards for another counter...Burnett, a recruit from one of the "cowboy" colleges, is making the grade in the New York backfield. He is quite a ball hawk. In the Bear game, Burnett intercepted a pass and wasn't downed until he reached the 3-yard stripe...Belden, the Cardinal halfback, pulled a fumble for the book while playing against Providence. While changing hands on the ball after running 50 yards he dropped the cowhide just as the goal line loomed but 20 yards off...Eight games are scheduled this week and the percentage table which is fairly closely bunched, is due for several shakeups. One of the important contests will be staged Sunday at Providence where Stapleton is booked...It looks as if there is another gloomy weekend ahead of Frankford as Behman & Co. are at home Saturday with Brooklyn while Sunday the Philadelphia suburbanites are billed for an appearance in New York with the Giants...The postgraduate gridiron civil war is resumed in Chicago this weekend with the Bears invading White Sox park, the home lot of the Cardinals. It should be a battle royal with both teams sizzling up about "fifty-fifty"...Gibby Welch, former Pittsburgh all-American, is now the property of the Stapleton club. Welch started his pro football career with the N.Y. Yankees. He was with Providence in 1929. When going right, Welch is a star halfback...Murrell Hogue, a gridder from the West coast, has been released by the Chicago Cards to Minneapolis. Hogue should feel right at home with the Redjackets as Barrager and Ward, two other Californians, are playing with him...Portsmouth will engage in some non-league competition until Wednesday, Oct. 27, when the Spartans will be at home to the Chicago Bears in a starlight game. To date Griffen & Co. haven't tasted defeat on their home gridiron...The Providence club broadcasts every Friday night at 10:15 (eastern time) over station WLSI. Postgraduate football is the main topic of conversation and each week different members of the team take a turn at the "mike"...President Joe F. Carr is enforcing the 20 men in uniform regulation to the limit. Referees are ordered to count players even after the managers have handed in eligibility lists. A stiff fine faces any offending clubs.
OCT 17 (Minneapolis Star) - Molded in the courageous clay of giant killers, the Minneapolis Red Jackets professional football team will go after another member of the reigning professional gridiron family tomorrow afternoon when it tangles with the Green Bay Packers at Nicollet park. A week ago the Spartans of Portsmouth, Ohio, rode into the city on the crest of a victory wave which found them catapulted to the top of the league heap, there to share the leading position with the Packers. But after the Red Jackets had finished with them, they were a very much disillusioned band, victims of a 13 to 0 setback from George Gibson's boys...JACKETS HAVE CONFIDENCE: The Red Jackets mentor is confident that that victory was just what the team needed to restore a confidence which he believed was born out by the showing of the team in the earlier contests. A new feeling therefore now rules in the Red Jacket ranks, and that is expected to work tremendously against the Packers. At the present time the Packers are alone at the head of the league column. But the Red Jackets, having knocked off one leader last week, will aim to do the same thing to the Packers tomorrow, and a lively contest is certain to be the result. Perhaps the outstanding player on the Packer roster is Verne Lewellen, all-American halfback while at the University of Nebraska. At the present time he is district attorney at Green Bay, but he finds time enough to be one of the outstanding players in the Packer lineup just the same. Every game has found him carrying off the principal honors, and so local fans will see a decidedly brilliant performer in the former Cornhusker. To hit the line the Packers have Bo Molenda, who did a bit of line bucking for Michigan against the Gophers just a few years ago, on the same team as Benny Friedman and Bennie Oosterbaan. In fact he is so good that Cully Lidberg is considered only third string fullback on the Wisconsin team. But like the Spartans, the Packers depend more upon team work than upon individual brilliance to win their games. Last year they won the national professional title, and this year there have been only some four changes from that original championship lineup. This week the Red Jackets ran through one of the hardest practice