He gave the Packers no end of trouble in the battle last Sunday in Minneapolis. He weighs 210 pounds and is 6.0 in height. Barrager is 23 years old. George Gibson is another Minnesota All-American. He plays guard for the Redjackets and also doubles as coach of the team. "Gibby" was a unanimous All-American selection in 1926. Last season, he served under Doc Spears as line coach at the University of Minnesota. Gibson has spent a lot of time on the Redjackets' front wall and it ranks as one of the best in the country. The Minneapolis leader is 24 years old, weighs 210 pounds and stands an even six feet...HAYCRAFT IS LAWYER: Ken Haycraft was one of the greatest ends ever developed at Minnesota. He was a teammate of Gibson at the Gopher institution making the All-Western team in 1927 and followed this up in 1928 by being a choice for one of the wing berths on the All-American. Haycraft is a savage tackler and a good pass receiver. This is his second year in pro ball. Between football seasons, he practices law in Minneapolis. Haycraft is a 175-pounder. He is 23 years old and is six feet tall.
followed with four and the sticks were moved up again. Three plays picked up about seven yards and Lewellen got back to punt. Instead he shot a pass to Tom Nash, who ambled to the Redjackets' ten-yard line before he was stopped.
Here Minneapolis gave the old college try for two downs, but on the third rush Mike Michalske and Jugger Earpe cleared a path for Lewellen and the Packers' ace slid over for the score. Red Dunn increased the Packers' margin by kicking the ball between the uprights with yards to spare. This was all the scoring until the final stanza but in between times the Bays threatened often enough to give the crowd a thrill. Once the Packers counted what looked like a touchdown when Dunn passed to Lewellen and he ran 25 yards to the goal line. However, the headlinesman called an offside on the Packers and it was no score.  Once again, the Bays were down on the Redjackets' five-yard line and it seemed as if nothing less than an earthquake to stop. However, a backfield fumble delayed the agony and gave the Gopher fans something to cheer about because a Redjacket fell on the ball. About the middle of the fourth stanza, a Redjacket pass fell into the invaders' clutches and this started a march that didn't end until the Green Bay team sewed up the game with touchdown No. 2. The thrust started on the Minneapolis' 40-yard mark. Two line plays netted about four yards. Dunn then whipped a pass to Hurdis McCrary and the former Georgia all-American stepped along until quarterback Pederson stopped him on the 4-yard line. On the second scrimmage, Molenda battered his way over the goal line. Dunn failed for the extra point. There wasn't much excitement during the remainder of the game except that one copyrighted punt of Brown county's district attorney.
GREEN BAY   -  7  0  0  6 - 13
MINNEAPOLIS -  0  0  0  0 -  0
1st - GB - Lewellen, 6-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
4th - GB - Molenda, 4-yard run (Dunn kick failed) GREEN BAY 13-0
are two men like those between them. Barragar is 6 feet 1 inch in height, and weighs 210 pounds. He was All-American at the University of California last year, and at college he played every position excepting end. Last Sunday some of the spectators declared he played every position on the team including end. In fact was all over the field. He is one of the smartest centers in the business today, and it is a real pleasure to watch him work. The Green Bay fans who followed the team to Minneapolis last Sunday report that Barragar has a style of play a good deal like Mike Michalske's. The Jackets are carrying two other men from Southern California who will bear watching. There is Johnny Wade, a 215 pounder, said by Howard Hones to be the greatest tackle he ever developed. And then is Tony Steponovick, who goes 185 pounds, and like Barragar can play anywhere and does. He plays guard, tackle, or end on assignment with the Jackets, but like his center, he is a rover who wins nearly as much commendation as his backfield men...PAPE AN ATTRACTION: To get into the backfield Oran Pape is certain to be an attraction. He was one of Iowa's great performers last year, and has stepped right off in the pro game. While the Packers had him smothered last Sunday, he is liable to get away anytime, and if he is going good - there is his record against Portsmouth, the last team to drop out of the undefeated list leaving the Packers all along with 1.000 percent. The Green Bay fans owe the Minneapolis played a debt of gratitude for that, especially. Oran Pape, Herb Joesting, "Big Boy" Pederson, quarterback, Mally Nydahl and Art Pharmer, both Minnesota backs of college fame. With these boys in the backfield is Verne Miller, former St. Mary's player who is only 5 feet 8 inches, and weighs a scant 152 pounds. Last season in college he scored a total of 130 points setting an all-time record for American and once scored 9 touchdowns in 18 minutes, which would be pretty good if he was all alone on the field. The end positions on the Jacket team are held down by Leland Wilson, former Cornell star, and Kenneth Haycraft, an All-American end with Minnesota in 1928. These and other men such as Herbert Franta, all-Minnesota tackle with St. Thomas College, and George Gibson, all-American guard and line coach at Minnesota last year, make the Jackets a great team on paper. The lineup accounts also for the record made against Portsmouth and the stubborn defense against the Packers last Sunday.
OCTOBER 21 (Minneapolis Star Tribune) - Several thousand rooters who attended the game between the Minneapolis Red Jackets and the Green Bay Packers at Nicollet park Sunday saw a remarkable all-around halfback in action in the person of Vernon Lewellen of the Packers. Lewellen's passing, kicking and running were a revelation to the spectators, the former Nebraska star easily being the outstanding player of the game. His punting was the greatest the writer has seen since Harry Kipke passed out of college competition at Michigan. Lewellen's placing of punts was really uncanny. One gathered from his exhibition of Sunday that he could plant a punt into a tub with a 50-yard kick.
Green Bay Packers (5-0) 13, Minneapolis Marines (1-2-1) 0
​Sunday October 19th 1930 (at Minneapolis)
the wife came to Minneapolis with him this fall. And so the Wards have as their boarders up in Minnesota the two other musketeers. The Californians are playing this fall just as hard and conscientiously and courageously as they did when they were fighting for the honor and glory of U.S.C. in the west.
OCT 25 (Green Bay) - The ascension of football stars to office does not interest Philip F. LaFollette, Progressive-Republican nominee for governor, but he would rather see Assemblyman Harold Malchow reelected than Lavern Dilweg, Green Bay Packer star. He opposed the candidacy of Dilweg while endorsing a local progressive candidate in a campaign speech here. Dilweg, if elected to the legislature, would be the second member of the Packers to take office. Verne Lewellen, district attorney, is a member of the Bays. LaFollette also endorsed the candidacy of Gustav Zittlow, veteran assemblyman, against E.F. Brunette, Democrat.
OCT 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Someone must have whispered to President Joe F. Carr of the NFL about what happened at Minneapolis last Sunday because he made an eleventh hour change in officials for the Packer-Redjacket game which will be played at the City stadium Sunday afternoon. It is generally the case that when clubs meet in home and home contests on successive Sundays, the same officials are assigned to both contests but this time assignments for Referee Meyer Morris, Umpire Jim Keefe and Head Linesman Halsey Hall have been shifted without a word of explanation from the National league headquarters...CAHN, LAWRIE, JOHNSON: Instead of these officials, three Chicagoans - Bobby Cahn, George Lawrie and George Johnson - will work the game. Cahn, who will referee, is known as a strict taskmaster on the field of play is to referee, while Lawrie is to umpire and Johnson, an American association baseball umpire, will be the head linesman. This will be Johnson's first appearance here this season but he is still remembered by many of the fans as the manager of the Rock Island Independents, a football team which back in the old days always gave the Packers plenty of grief. The Minneapolis game is kicking up no end of interest here. If the weather is bright, another 7,500 crowd is forecast. The out-of-town demand for tickets is heavier than for the Frankford Yellowjacket game two weeks ago, while locally, the ticket selling places report the demand as "surprising"...JOESTING AND LIDBERG: Evidently, the battle that staged at Minneapolis has encouraged fans and many are going out to the game to watch the renewal of the feud between Joesting and Lidberg and see if Jugger Earpe makes good his threat to sit on Barrager. From expressions heard in the Packers' training quarters, several of the other Redjacket players are due for a lesson in gridiron etiquette. And maybe this is just the reason why President Carr is sending this trio of hard-boiled Chicago officials here to handle the argument.
OCT 24 (Minneapolis) - No one trio of professional football players are attracting the attention this year that is being bestowed on the "Three Musketeers" of the Minneapolis Redjackets - Nate Barragar, Tony Steponovic and John Ward. The lads all hail from the University of Southern California, where they played three years on the mighty teams of Coach Howard Jones. They first became acquainted as freshmen and all three made the team that year. Coach Jones watched the lads carefully their first year out and he had them picked for the varsity long before their freshmen period was over. All through college they were inseparable and their camaraderie was much discussed. And on the football field, too, they were right close together with Barragar at center, Steponovich at tackle and Ward at guard. Barragar is perhaps the best known of the two because he won a position on every All-American team selected in 1929. Nate plays a roving center game for Minneapolis and how that big boy does roam. Coach Jones recently declared Barragar the greatest center of all time. And no less a person than the great Ernie Nevers, leader of the Chicago Cardinals, said Nate was the toughest center he had ever encountered. They met for the first time when the Cards played the Jackets in Minneapolis. And the venture of the musketeers into the professional football finds the same inseparable three. Shortly after graduation last June, Ward got himself married and
(MINNEAPOLIS) - The Green Bay Packers proved to be better Eskimos than the Minneapolis Redjackets and the freezing temperature that was on tap at Nicollet field Sunday afternoon proved so much to the liking of the national champions as they scampered home with a 13 to 0 win. It was the fifth straight victory for Captain Lambeau's team in the National league's 1930 pennant race. However, the Badger machine had to fight like the dickens for everything they got as the Gophers, flushed with their victory a week ago over the crack Portsmouth club, were in there trying their best every minute but this was not quite good enough and as one shivering fan remarked as he hustled out of the ball park after the final whistle: "Class will tell - even at the North Pole."
Coach Lambeau is evidently laying the ground for another one of his "iron team" stunts because against the Red Jackets, he made but four substitutions: Molenda replacing Lidberg, Darling who went to center for Earpe, McCrary going in for Englemann, who injured his knee, while Woodin took up the right guard's duties when Merle Zuver's tummy started to act funny again. A roving center, Barragar by name from sunny California, got so mad at the weather that he proceeded to take his spite out on the Packers. He was here, there, and everywhere and his defensive exhibition was good as has been seen on a Minneapolis gridiron in many years. Barragar had plenty of assistance. Ward played well at tackle while Joesting backed up the line as he did when making football history at Minnesota. Offensively the Redjackets didn't show much. The Gophers failed to connect on a single forward pass during the combat while their few advances were credited to Orin Pape of Iowa and Verne Miller from St. Mary's. This Miller is the same gridder who ran up 130 points last year on the collegiate gridiron. However, he didn't do anything to add to his record in this departure of the game against the Packers. The Packers looked every inch champions that they are. The Green Bay players were on their toes every minute and a couple of times the officials found it necessary to warn the Badgers against their super-aggressiveness. Joesting was a particular point of attack for the Packers and they dumped him hard and often. Several times he was knocked "cuckoo", but a bucket of cold water was always sufficient to bring him around to listen to the signals again. Quite often, Lidberg and Joesting would crash into each other and the thud could be heard along the sidelines. These two former Minnesota stars certainly were trying to outdo each other in more ways than one and their personal duel got a lot of attention from those who knew the inside of things. Punting was just about the difference in the class of the teams. The Gophers tried both right and left-footed punters but the Minneapolis bootsmiths seldom got much yardage. The towering Packer forwards would come sifting trough like a raging flood and several times the punts were partly blocked. But with the Packers, it was a different story. For a week, the Twin City papers had carried yards of copy about Lewellen's super kicking ability and many of the fans donned their red flannels and overshoes just to see the district attorney do his stuff. And he didn't disappoint them. He was agony to the Redjackets. Generally on the third down, he would amble back into the open spaces and wiggle his fingers. True as a dot, the ball would flash back to him. Sometimes Lewellen would run, again he would pass out, as a last resort he would boot 'em just about where he wanted to. One of his punts rolled out on the one-yard line while another sailed across the sidelines at the 3-yard stripe while just towards the close of the game he got off one of his skyscrapers and the cowhide sailed some 80 odd yards up the field, high over the head of Seborg, Minneapolis quarterback, who watched it go by like an outfielder does when Hack Wilson uncorks a home run. The Packers didn't waste any time breaking the ice so far as the scoring went. Minneapolis kicked off to Sleight, who juggled the oval but fell on it like a hot potato. Englemann skipped outside of tackle for a first down. Then Lidberg picked up six yards and Lewellen
OCT 21 (Green Bay) - The second chapter of the Lidberg-Joesting gridiron feud will be written at the City Stadium next Sunday afternoon when the Minneapolis Redjackets play their return match with the Green Bay Packers. While the Packers knocked off the Redjackets 13 to 0 in the a recent engagement at Nicolet Park, Minneapolis, the Jackets gave them a real game, and there was an interesting battle between the two fullbacks running throughout the contest. Minnesota used to be a great wheat country, but of late is principal crop has been fullbacks. It is now nearly as famous for fullbacks as Iowa is for corn. When Carl Lidberg played with the University of Minnesota, he was a great fullback, many said the greatest they had ever seen. Later Herb Joesting was Minnesota's great fullback and again many said the most sensational fullback in American. The opportunity to see both of these men perform in the same contest is offered only when the Redjackets and the Packers clash on the post graduate gridiron...BOTH HAMMERS LINE: Last Sunday both line plungers hammered the line ferociously, and both backed up their lines with equal determination. It was a great contest, but they seldom came together for between them stood Nate Barragar, the Jacket center, and Jug Earpe, the Packer pivot man and even the greatest fullbacks can't get together much when there 
Lawrence college coach and erstwhile Packer backfield luminary all will bring their message to the crowd of today from the Packer stars of yesterday. Many Green Bay men who aided in starting the Packers on their way up the National Professional league leader will be in attendance with the homecoming group...MATHYS FOOTBALL EXECUTIVE: Charlie Mathys, who was the Packers' brilliant quarterback before E. Pidney Purdy and then John (Red) Dunn stepped on the scene, will again mingle with his teammates of yesterday in an official capacity as he is now vice-president of the Green Bay Football Corporation. Buts Hayes, former Marquette player, will be on hand, as will Gus Rosenow, ex-Packer halfback and now a teacher at West High School; Fee Klaus, another local product; Carl Zoll, famous in wrestling circle but also remembered for his work in an early Packer line; John Desjardins, another lineman; Wally Ladrow, Joe Secord, Andy Muldoon, Herman Martell, Wally Nieman, Reggie Dwyer and Al Michaels, former property manager of the "Big Bay Blues". Then other invitations have been sent all over the east and middle west, asking former Packer players to return for the third annual homecoming celebration. Sammy Powers has been asked to drop in from Marinette, while Cowboy Wheeler is almost certain to drive over from his Algoma residence for the day's game. Fans also will remember Jack Harris, one-time Badger captain, who could play any position on the team and who is now interested in a Chicago bus line, instead of the old-time lines he used to puncture in the pro league...BASING AND SCHMAEHL: Myrt Basing, plunging fullback and ex-Lawrence star, is working for the University of Wisconsin extension division in Milwaukee, and he has been cordially invited to attend Sunday's celebration. Art Schmael, who helped to launch the Packers during their first year in the National league, is another prominent fullback of days gone by. He is employed by the city of Chicago. O-Jay Larsen, coach at Loyola University, Chicago; George Abramson, ex-Minnesota guard now in Chicago; Frank Mayer, Notre Dame guard who is coaching at St. Mary's College, Minnesota; Tiny Cahoon, West De Pere mentor; Rosie Rosatti, Vulcan, Mich., mining engineer; Pahl Davis, former Marquette star of Oconto and husky Mitt Wilson, who played both football and baseball in Green Bay and who is now athletic director at Hammond, Indiana High School, may be in the homecoming crowd on Sunday...O'BOYLE, ENRIGHT, HAYES: A trio of hard-hitting Notre Dame stars - Harry O'Doyle, Rex Enright and Dave Hayes - have been asked to renew their old acquaintances with the homecoming as a long-awaited excuse. All are now coaching. Two members of the Milwaukee Badgers, another pro eleven, have been sent invitations; these are Tillie Voss and Clem Neacy. Red Smith of Combined Locks, who has done considerable traveling around the National league and is now coach at Seton Hall, and Tommy Mills, Illinois star who is teaching fundamentals of the gridiron game at Grove City College, Pennsylvania, also hold invitations. Homecoming bids have also been mailed to John McAuliffe, Dukes Durford, Marty Norton, Walter Jean, Dutch Hendrian, Jimmy Crowley and a host of other gridiron stars who all done their bit in professional football for Green Bay back in the old days when a 3,500 crowd was a humdinger.
OCTOBER 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Minneapolis Red Jackets possess plenty of power and lots of fight and are going to win many games in the National league this year. You can take the word of Capt. E.L. Lambeau of the Packers for that prediction. "Minneapolis gave us the toughest fight we have had this year," Capt. Lambeau said in discussing the game last night. "We didn't dare experiment with any of our new men like we did in other games this year, and had to keep working for everything we got. Up until late in the final period, the Jackets were dangerous and we feared any minute that Pape or Miller would break loose and dash for a touchdown. Our men played the best football of the year to win. They didn't have an idle minute the entire afternoon. It was a harder fight than we had against the New York Giants a few weeks ago. Minneapolis has some mighty good men this year. Joesting is playing better ball than ever and Pape and Miller are valuable additions to the backfield. Barrager, a center on the Jacket team this year who comes from the Pacific coast, is one of the best looking men we have been called on to face."...Jugger Earpe, veteran Packer center who played against Barrager most of the time last Sunday, also added a few good words for the Gopher pivot man: "That baby is tough," Jugger said. "He makes you know you were in a ball game. He has got a lot of good men to work with and we had all we could do to take them."...Whitey Woodin, another Packer veteran who saw considerable service against the Jackets, also has a lot of respect for the team. Whitey said that the Gopher line was the best of many years and that Pharmer, Pape and Joesting made up a great combination in the backfield...The Red Jackets play double wingback formations with double and triple passes behind the line of scrimmage. Most of their plays are similar to those first used by Pop Warner on the coast and now taken up by many teams throughout the country. The plays do not possess a lot of power as they rely on deception more than anything else for successful completion. Both running plays and forward passes can be completed from practically the same formations. It isn't easy to use double and triple passes at any time as the timing must be perfect and the ball handled smoothly, so it is small wonder that the Jackets fumbled frequently last Sunday when the mercury wandered down to the 20-degree mark. Cold hands and the Warner style of play do not go together. But give the Jackets some warm weather and let them begin working their plays with precision and they are sure to get somewhere this year. Once they get men like Pape and Miller into the open they will be hard to stop. However, the Packers have linemen who know how to play a defensive game against any formation ever invented, so they are waiting for another shot at the Gophers and think they can show them a few things about offense, too.
OCT 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Towering linemen and fleet backs, who have repelled attacks against Packer prestige in years gone by, or who have aided in rolling the Green Bay machine to scores of football victories, will return to the scene of their former triumphs this Sunday to participate in the observance of Green Bay's third annual Packer homecoming. Special invitations have been issued, which will attract many of the "old timers" back of the City Stadium, to witness in action the 1930 championship aspirants and to mingle with one another in reminiscence of their gridiron past...FIVE WILL SPEAK: Not only will the alumni witness the modern Packers attempt to keep their slate clean against an admittedly strong Minneapolis attack, but they will also participate in the homecoming themselves by sitting in a body near the Packers' bench, and by speaking through the magnavox to the crowd, many of whom have seen these same players in victories - and defeats - of other years. Five of the most popular players ever to wear Green Bay's old blue uniform will address the crowd between halves of the Minneapolis game. Cub Buck, a stalwart of the old Bay forward wall; Moose Gardner, Ashland auto dealer; Jab Murray, mayor of Marinette; Tubby Howard, one time Indiana star, and Eddie Kotal, 
OCT 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Minneapolis Redjackets boast of more "guaranteed" All-Americans than any other team in the NFL. This quartet, George Gibson, Kenneth Haycraft, and Herb Joesting, all of Minnesota, and Nate Barrager from the University of Southern California, will appear in action here against the Green Bay Packers Sunday afternoon at the City Stadium. Of the Gophers' Big Four, Joesting is probably the most famous, because he was twice selected in 1926 and 1927, as an All-American fullback. In his college days, Joesting was the greatest line plunger in the country and he has been going pretty well on the professional gridiron although he had found the postgraduate lines considerably harder to mangle. Joesting is 25 years old, weighs 192 pounds and is an inch over six fee in height...BARRAGER GREAT CENTER: Nate Barrager from California has broken into the pro game with a bang. This is his first year out of college yet he is playing so well that he stands a good chance to win All-American professional honors.
and hitting him before he could get loose. The Gophers will come here with many All-American men in their lineup, including Joesting, fullback; Gibson, guard; Haycraft, end, and Barragar, center. Several other fine performers are on the squad including Erickson, Miller, Nydahl, Pharmer and Septnovich. The game will provide an exhibition of two distinct styles of play. Minneapolis will be using the Warner system with the double wing-backs and the Packers will play football much like the Notre Dame style. Radio stations WTMJ, Milwaukee, and WHBY, St. Norbert's college, De Pere, will broadcast the game...OLD STARS RETURN: Packer stars of other years will be in attendance at the game as guest of the Green Bay club. All who wrote football history here have been invited to the Homecoming and more than 25 have accepted invitations. Among the former stars who will return are Cub Buck, now at Neenah; Tubby Howard; Moose Gardner, Ashland; Eddie Kotal, Appleton; Cowboy Wheeler, Algoma; Jab Murray, mayor of Marinette; Jack Harris, Chicago; Rosie Rosatti, Vulcan, Mich. Former players who are residents of Green Bay and will be guests are Charley Mathys, Tubby Bero, Rigney Dwyer, Wally Neimann, Herman Martell, Joe Sekore, Wally Ladrow, John Desjardin, Carl Zoll, Fee Klaus, Butts Hayes and Tiny Cahoon of De Pere.
OCT 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Pharmer, former Minnesota halfback who is playing with the Minneapolis Redjackets, is something of a gridiron oddity as he can punt with either "hoof" and in some games he has thrown passes with both right and left hands...The Chicago Bears got even for the 40-6 pasting received at the hands of the Cards last Thanksgiving Day by smearing Ernie Nevers' crew, 32 to 6, in the first game of the 1930 series between the two Windy City outfits...Red Grange has come back. That was the expression of Chicago sport writers after seeing the Wheaton flash hip wiggle his way to a pair of touchdowns in the first half of the Bears' victory march over the Cards...Johnny Dunn and Val Ness, co-owners of the Minneapolis club, are gunning for their jinx. The weatherman has failed to smile on them in their four games at home. The Packer game was staged in subfreezing atmosphere...One of the feature combats of the season will be staged this Sunday at the Polo grounds in New York where the Giants will be hosts to the Providence Steamrollers. The Giants have a win to their credit over Conzelman & Co...Mooney, who was a football luminary at Georgetown, has easily made the grade as a professional footballer. His work has been the high spot of a hard luck season at Newark. He plays end and also does the punting...Brumbaugh is being used as starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears while Joie Sternaman gets the second call. Coach Jones thinks well of the Florida youngster and so far the Bear mentor's confidence hasn't been misplaced...Coach Andrews of the Giants is switching his backs in sets. Benny Friedman is calling signals for one quartet while Horse Haggerty is the helmsman for the other four. Scoring honors are about even up between the groups...Meyer Morris is drawing a number of important officiating assignments in the western half of the pro loop. This Chicago referee is pretty lively on the field of play and generally is on top of the ball when it is downed.
OCT 25 (Green Bay) - The Minneapolis Redjackets, featuring four All-Americans, Gibson, Haycraft, Joesting - all of Minnesota and Nate Barrager of California, are billed for action here Sunday afternoon in a NFL combat against the Packers, who are leading the pennant chase with five victories and no defeats nor ties. The kickoff is at 2 p.m. Last Sunday these clubs battled in Minneapolis and the Gophers met defeat 13 to 0 but the sport scribes in the Twin Cities claimed it was the hardest fought game of football they ever witnessed. There is little love lost between the elevens as the Joesting-Lidberg feud still exists. Lidberg and Joesting were two of the greatest fullbacks that ever bucked a line for Minnesota. Lidberg made his "rep" first and then Joesting stepped into his shoes. Ever since the Gopher followers have been arguing which had the shade on the other and every time the Packers and Redjackets meet the players try to settle the argument between themselves. Last Sunday there were several collisions between the pair which would have knocked the ordinary gridders out cold. Minneapolis has a first class machine. Barrager, the Gophers' center, is probably the best man at this position in the National league while Ward, another California, who plays tackle, is a sweet footballer. In the backfield, the Gophers boast of Oran Paper, the Iowa sensation and Verne Miller of St. Mary's who is credited with scoring 131 points for his college squad last season. This is the Packers' homecoming game and the stars from other years are coming back to make their bow again to the fans, as pioneers in professional football in Green Bay. The veterans will have sideline seats and between halves they will be grouped on the field for the official homecoming picture. Among the stars of yesterday who will say a few words before the mike are: Cub Buck, Moose Gardner, Eddie Kotal, Charlie Mathys, Tubby Howard and Richard (Jab) Murray, mayor of Marinette. The Packer management expects another capacity crowd and seats are guaranteed every spectator even if the turnout runs into the five-figure class.
OCT 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A badly crippled but still impressive looking Green Bay Packer football team will trot out on the field at City stadium at 2 o'clock here tomorrow afternoon, ready to fight to keep its perfect standing in the National league at the expense of the Minneapolis Red Jackets. The Packers were given one of the hardest fights of the year last Sunday by the Red Jackets before they emerged on top and they are expecting another grueling struggle tomorrow. The Red Jackets with a great line and a powerful set of backfield men, have the best team that ever represented Minneapolis this year. Four of the Green Bay regulars are expected to be out of the game with injuries, while the fifth is not in the best of shape. Johnny Blood and Wuert Englemann are the backfield men who are on the injured list. Blood has been released from the hospital where he was taken following an injury to his kidney in the Giant game a few weeks ago, but he has not fully recovered and is not expected to be used for a few weeks yet...O'DONNELL STILL OUT: Englemann hurt his leg against Minneapolis and Capt. Earl Lambeau intends to give him another week of rest before using him again. Jim Bowdoin and Dick O'Donnell, linemen, are among the ailing. Dick broke a rib a few weeks ago and is expected to be in shape to play next week. Bowdoin also has a leg injury that probably will keep him on the sidelines another week. Perry is the fifth regular who is ailing. A shoulder injury suffered a few weeks ago is still giving him some trouble. With three men out of the game, about 14 or 15 players will be called on to carry the heavy burden. Woodin and Zuver are available for guard work in place of Bowdoin and should be able to do the same this week. Nash and Dilweg probably will be called on to play 60 minutes at end positions again, as they did last Sunday. Hubbard and Sleight may work the entire game at tackles, although Ken Radick also is available for relief work. If necessary, Dilweg can be shifted to a guard position and Earpe can be used at a tackle, as both have had experience at these posts. Michalske, as is his usual custom, is expected to hold down the left guard position the entire game...LEWELLEN, DUNN ALTERNATE: Lewellen when he is not playing halfback will alternate with Red Dunn at the signal calling job for the Packers. Fitzgibbons, McCrary and Herber all are expected to be called in for service as halfbacks, with McCrary getting the most work. Molenda and Lidberg are available for the fullback position. Lidberg, because of his fine work last Sunday against Minneapolis, probably will be used the greater part of the game. The Packers have been practicing all week against the Gopher plays from double wingback formations and they think they will be able to stop anything the Gophers shoot at them. While the Red Jackets put up a stubborn defense last Sunday, they were seldom in scoring territory due to effective work of Packer backs and linemen. Not a pass was completed by Minneapolis and Capt. Lambeau plans to use the same method of defense against the aerial game this weekend...WILL BROADCAST GAME: Orin Pape, former Iowa halfback, who has been running wild for Minneapolis in early games, was stopped by the Packers last Sunday and plans have been made to give him the same kind of treatment this weekend. The former Hawkeye flash is a great open field runner, once he gets into the clear, but the Packers checked him by busting up the interference