napping and gained 20 yards but other passes failed and Lew was forced to punt. Still later in the period, Lintzenich fumbled and Blood recovered on the 41 yard line. Line plays picked up 23 yards with Molenda bearing the brunt of the offense but Bo was hit hard by Nagurski on the 28 yard line and dropped the ball. Lintzenich recovering for the Bears. Soon after the start of the second period, the Packers started from their own 36 yard line and went straight down the field without relinquishing the ball for a touchdown. Passes and running plays were mixed to good advantage by Red Dunn. An exchange of punts gave the ball to the Packers on their own 36 yard line. Lewellen started the march by cutting back off tackle for six yards and then Molenda found a hole in the Bear front wall and did not stop until he had gained 18 yards, plowing straight through the center. Molenda again hit center, this time picking up five yards. A pass to Blood brought another first down on the Bear 31 yard line. Molenda picked up four yards on a spinner and on the next play went through a hole opened by Michalske and Hubbard for an eight yard gain, putting the ball on the Bear 19-yard line.
Lewellen picked up two yards off tackle and then Lew dropped back on a fake off-tackle smash and passed straight over the line of scrimmage to Johnny Blood who took the ball out of Red Grange's hands and fell over the goal line for a touchdown as Red tackled him. Dunn's kick from placement was wide of the posts. It was the first time this year that a kick got off by Dunn did not go over the standard. Later in the same period, Nagurski got loose in a powerful, sweeping run around right end that mowed down two Packer men who tried to tackle him and apparently headed for a touchdown when Nash made a great diving block, knocking the Big Nag out of bounds on the 40-yard line. Lintzenich then fumbled on the 38-yard line, Sleight recovering and the Packers kicked out danger and the half ended with Green Bay leading 6 to 0. After an exchange of punts soon after the start of the third period, Nagurski again broke away around end, traveling 28 yards like a locomotive before Lavvie Dilweg caught him from behind with a great tackle on the 42-yard line. Nagurski had practically a clear field when Lavvie got him. Red Grange passed to Lintzenich for a first down on the Packer 26-yard line and Lintzenich picked up another first down on a cross buck that gained 12 yard. Nash knocked down a pass on the next play and then Red Dunn knocked down another pass over the goal line that looked like a touchdown as Johnsos was in the end zone to receive the ball. A 15-yard penalty on Green Bay for roughness and an exchange of punts gave the ball to the Bears on the 47-yard line later in the period and from this point the Bears went down for a touchdown to tie the score.
Nagurski smashed through center for eight yards and then made it first down. Lintzenich picked up nine yards over tackle on a double pass play to put the ball on the 32-yard line. Then little Joey Sternaman, who has been playing pro football for eight years or more, got loose around right end and never stopped until he had crossed the goal line. Nagurski and Red Grange provided great interference to give Joey did the rest with a speedy, weaving run. Sternaman's drop kick for the extra point was wide of the posts, however, and the score remained a tie. A passing attack with a few running plays mixed in, that started on the Bear 28-yard line in the closing minutes of the third period, culminated in a 70-yard advance and the Packers' final score early in the fourth period. It was a great exhibition of offensive play by the Green Bay men as they never lost possession of the ball after once starting the advance from deep in their own territory. Molenda and Blood gained 11 yards to start the drive on alternate plays, and Lewellen added eight yards with a sparkling smash over right tackle. Lew from punt formation then passed to Blood who made a great leaping catch of the  ball and carried it to the Bear 37-yard line before he was stopped by Grange as the third period ended. 
Lew added two more yards and then on a fake line play, Dunn dropped back and shot a flat pass to Blood for an 11-yard gain. Again Dunn dropped back and passed over center, Lewellen putting the ball down, evading Sternaman with a clever side-step and dashing over the goal for a touchdown. Dunn kicked from placement for the extra point that proved to be the winning margin. Three minutes before the end of the game, an exchange of punts and a 15-yard penalty pushed the ball back on the Packer one-yard line and Lew had to punt from deep in the end zone. He got off a good kick but Brumbaugh, who had replaced Sternaman, made a great return, running 25 yards before he was downed on the Packer 20 yard line. Walquist and Nagurski made it first down on the ten yard line on hard smashes and Nagurski added four more over guard. Walquist, on a cutback play went to the one-yard line, and then on the next play cut over to the left side of the line for a touchdown. Holmer tried a placekick for the extra point that was wide of the posts and Green Bay had a one-point lead which it held the remaining two minutes of play. 
GREEN BAY -  0  6  0  7 - 13
CHI BEARS -  0  0  6  6 - 12
2nd - GB - Blood, 17-yard pass from Lewellen (Dunn kick failed) GREEN BAY 6-0
3rd - CHI - Joey Sternaman, 32-yard run (Kick failed) TIED 6-6
4th - GB - Lewellen, 27-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 13-6
4th - CHI - Brumbaugh, 1-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 13-12
have chalked up eight victories over the strongest clubs in the league. The Bays still have six games to play and all these contests are on foreign gridirons. During this string of victories, the Bays have scored 358 points while the opponents are credited with 66.
NOV 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Arthur Gotto, Milwaukee road agent here, reserved seats in the Green Bay section for the game with the Cardinals at White Sox park on Sunday. While in Chicago attending the Bear game, Gotto, who is a "32nd degree" Packer fan, did business with Dr. D.J. Jones, owner of the Cardinal club and the tickets arrived here Tuesday night.
Green Bay Packers (8-0) 13, Chicago Bears (4-4-1) 12
​Sunday November 9th 1930 (at Chicago)
away three wins in a trio of bitterly contested combats. From 1921 until 1925, the Cardinal football stock on the Packer market was far above par. These were the days that Paddy Driscoll, Bob Koehler, Eddie Anderson and the Horween boys, who played under the name of McMahon, were in the football limelight for the Chicagoans. The first game the Packers ever won from a Chicago team in the Windy City was in 1926. That was the contest that E. Pidney Purdy featured with a 35-yard field goal for the only score of the game.
NOV 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - William Kern, assistant coach at Pittsburgh, who joined the Packer team this week for the remainder of the season left Green Bay at noon today by train for Iowa city where he will scout the Penn State team in action against Iowa. Penn State plays Pittsburgh Thanksgiving day in the most important game of the season between the two schools. Kern will give his report to Coach Jock Sutherland at Pittsburgh when the Packers go east to next week. Kern plans to leave Iowa City by the air route Saturday night, taking the mail plane to Chicago in time to get in a good night's rest in Chicago so that he will be in shape to play tackle in the Packer-Cardinal game at Chicago Sunday.
NOV 15 (Chicago) - The largest crowd that has witnessed a professional football game at White Sox park this season is expected to be on hand Sunday afternoon when the Cardinals will battle the mighty Packers of Green Bay, 1929 champions. Bobby Cahn will referee and the opening whistle blows at 2:15. Both teams possess a brilliant overhead attack and the air will be filled with footballs as Ernie Nevers and Red Dunn are super sharp shooters when it comes to tossing the old cowhide. Green Bay hasn't been whipped this season ​and included in the Packers' list of wins is an early season 14 to 0 victory over the Cardinals. This is the black mark that the Chicagoans hope to wipe out. The Nevers-men are reported fit for the fray for the first time since the disastrous eastern trip. Several thousand Green Bay fans and the famous Lumberjack band will accompany Coach Lambeau's aggregation. It is expected that Pape, halfback; Franta, guard and Haycraft, end, three recent additions to the Packers machine will see action against the Cardinals along with Bill Kern, star tackle, who severed his coaching contract at the University of Pittsburgh to return to the Green Bay eleven.
NOV 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The New York Giants completed their much feared midwestern invasion with flying colors. Friedman and his tribe flicked well under the bright lights at Portsmouth and took Harold Griffen's Spartans into camp, 19-6...Then the New Yorkers jaunted on to Chicago and defeated the Cardinals, 13 to 7, in a hectic combat. The Giants trailed 7 to 0 at the intermission but a second half spurt produced two touchdowns and a hard earned victory...Red Cagle, famous West Point halfback, has bowed to the call of the postgraduate football. He has signed with the Giants at a "general's" salary and will join the team just as soon as his coaching duties are completed...The rejuvenated Frankford team came back to like with a vengeance handing the Providence Steamrollers a stinging 20 to 7 defeat last Saturday. The Behman-men were on their toes every minute and deserved the victory...The Quakers purchased a half
intercepted. One hundred and three passes were tried. The punting medals also go to the Packers by a comfortable margin. Verne Lewellen, the dean of the professional football punters, has kicked 64 times for an average of 52 yards. Arnie Herber is not far behind him with an average of 49 yards on 9 punts. Johnny Blood has been called on 4 times and his kicks have traveled for a 47-yard average. On 69 punts Green Bay's opponents have averaged 44 yards.
NOV 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There will be another tough ball game for the Packers in Chicago Sunday when they appear at the White Sox park against Ernie Nevers and his Chicago Card playmates. The game starts promptly at 2 o'clock. The Cardinals have been showing constant improvement and it's a sure bet that they will be at their best for this contest. They have been the victims of a lot of bad breaks this season and are just about due to provide one of the upsets of the year. Nevers has a team that has plenty of power, once it gets underway and begins to click. Against the Giants last Sunday the team functioned better than it has any time this year and came mighty close to beating the New Yorkers. On one play against the Giants, Nevers smashed his way down the field, pivoting at the goal line as he was tackled and falling over, but Referee Cahn ruled that he had been stopped before he reached the goal and declared no touchdown, the Cardinal losing the ball on downs. That touchdown might have given the Cards the victory as the Giants just won by one marker...POINT FOR GAME: The memory of that reversal and the beating handed them by the Packers early in the season at Green Bay is sure to spur the Cards on to great things. They have been pointing for this game all season because if they can beat the champions their year will be classed as a success. For Green Bay it will be an opportunity to win its ninth straight game of the National league season. A victory must be turned in to keep the team on top in the league as the Giants have only lost one game and have played more games than the Packers. Coach Lambeau will be fortified with more men than he has had at any other time this season. Every man on the squad is in shape to play. He plans to follow the same procedure as he did last weekend, taking practically all the men to Chicago and choosing the 20 men to appear in uniform the morning of the game..PAPE MAY PLAY: Orin Pape, Haycraft and Franta, recently acquired from Minneapolis and Bill Kern are expected to be among those in uniform. Kern reported Thursday in perfect physical condition and is anxious to get back in action. He was a sensation at tackle last year and is expected to prove valuable the remainder of this year. Jim Bowdoin, guard, and Wuert Englemann, halfback, who have been on the injured list for several weeks, will be in shape to play again if needed. Michalske also has just about recovered from an injury to his foot and should look like his old self at guard. No one sustained more than bruises in the game against the Bears last Sunday. The Cards likewise are in good physical condition. Nevers is certain to play most of the game at fullback, working with Baker, Rose, McDonnell, Maple and Boyd in the backfield, Kassel and Kenneally probably will see most of the service as wingmen with Duke Slater, Tinsley, Erickson, Kiesling, Blumer and Williams working in the middle of the line...LEFT EARLY SATURDAY: The Packers left Green Bay over the Northwestern road at 7 a.m., this morning, arriving in Chicago at noon. The team will stop at the Del Prado hotel on the south side. Several hundred fans and the Lumberjack band will follow the team to Chicago, going on special and regular trains, bus and automobile. Excursion rates are in force on both the Milwaukee and Northwestern railroads. Trains that are expected to carry most of the fans will leave over the Milwaukee road at 12:30 p.m. Saturday, 1:35 and 7 a.m. Sunday, and over the Northwestern road at 2:40 and 4:05 Saturday afternoon and 12:45 and 2:40 a.m. Sunday. Return trains will leave Chicago at 5, 7:30 and 10:15 p.m. over the Milwaukee road, and 5:00, 6:00 and 9:00 p.m., Sunday, and 2 a.m., Monday, on the Northwestern road. The 7:30 Milwaukee road leaving Chicago will be a special football train.
the Chicago Cardinals. Whether the league champs can successfully stop Ernie Nevers and his star backfield coached in the Pop Warner system, and whether their great pass attack will be able to function against the defense which effectively ties up the great Benny Friedman last week, is a question which is holding the interest of the 25,000 fans who saw the great game last week. Without a doubt the Packers have the greatest football club ever put together in the pro league. Several years of playing together has made the collection of college greats a single unit. With their years of pro play on top of three years college work, they are collectively as great an aggregation as ever trod a gridiron. Now on top of the squad which took the Bears into camp by one point, are added a marvelous halfback and one of the best ends ever to come from Minnesota. Oran Pape, Iowa star ball carrier, and Ken Haycraft have been purchased from Minneapolis and will likely see action in a Packer uniform Sunday. Dr. Jones' team is practically free from injuries and is in a fighting mood as a result of losing the Giant game last week, after outgaining the easterners from scrimmage, and so effectively stopping the great Friedman. The first Green Bay game early in the season which found Nevers and Maple unavailable, ended in a 14-0 win for the Packers.
NOV 14 (New York) - The name of Chris Cagle, former Army football star, today was on the roster of the New York Giants, National Professional league team. Cagle, at present coaching football at Mississippi A&M, was signed yesterday. He is expected to make his professional debut against the Green Bay Packers here a week from Saturday.
dozen players from the Minneapolis Redjackets. Among the players included in the deal were Joesting, fullback; Gibson, guard; Barrager, center; Ward, tackle; Steponovich and Lundell, topnotch ends...One of the feature games of the National league season should be on tap Sunday in New York when the Chicago Bears and Giants clash. Right now, the Halas-Sternaman aggregation is clicking superbly on all eleven...The Portsmouth Spartans made a successful debut in the east by playing a 13-13 tie with Stapleton. Stein and Doug Wyckoff scored for the Stapes, while Lumpkin and Bennett did the point making for the Ohioans...The Brooklyn Dodgers tightened their grasp on third place by walloping Minneapolis, 34 to 0. Stumpy Thomason led the Depler-men's attack with a pair of touchdowns. The other scores were made by McBride, Miller and Bill Kelly...George Halas, co-owner of the Chicago Bears, is off these sure-shot weekday goal kickers. He is in the market for a bootsmith who can come through on Sundays. Failure to kick goals has bumped the Bears twice this season...Horse Haggerty of the Giants got lots of ink for his exhibition against the Chicago Cardinals. The former Georgetown flash dashed some 60 yards for a touchdown after taking a taking a well directed lateral pass from Moran...Stromiello, left end for the Brooklyn Dodgers, ranks among the best extra point makers in the National league. In the Minneapolis runaway, young Mr. Stromiello swelled the Brooklyn count with three accurate kicks...Fitzgerald has been giving a good account of himself at center for the Stapleton outfit. Aggressiveness is this snapper back's middle name and one of his best specialties is hurrying kickers and forward passers...Boyd of the Chicago Cardinals has developed into a great pass receiver. This is his first year with the Nevers clan. It didn't take him long to get the swing of the Warner offensive along with the touchdown habit.
(CHICAGO) - Wrigley field has seen some great football games between the Packers and the Chicago Bears but none like the one played at the Wrigley field here Sunday and won by the Packers, 13 to 12. About 3,000 fans from Wisconsin who followed the Green Bay team to Chicago and who helped make possible the record breaking crowd of 22,000 are hoping that there never will be another game like it - their hearts won't stand it. For thrills, excitement, tense moments and spectacular plays, the game could not be equaled. It contained everything from fumbles - and plenty of them - to spectacular runs and passes for touchdowns.
The Packers won, but it was only after the hardest fight they have been forced to put up in many years. They won because their passes clicked and Red Dunn's kick from placement sailed over the bar after the Packers' second touchdown while both of the tries for extra points by the Bears failed. The victory marked the eighth consecutive win for the Packers in the National league this year and keeps their record spotless. It was the seventh straight win for Green Bay over the Chicago team. The Bears haven't won a game from the Packers since 1927. There wasn't much to choose from in the play of these two mighty teams Sunday. They were pitched to the highest key and fought every inch of the way, yet kept the game comparatively free from rough play. The Bears had an edge in the running game by fine execution of forward passes and sensational work on defense against the Bear overhead game.
How well the Packers succeeded in stopping the Bears overhead game can be seen by scanning the records that show that out of 15 Bear passes only three were completed, one for only a two yard gain. The Packers completed seven of 15 passes, connecting with two heaves that brought touchdowns. The Big Nag, Bronko Nagurski, led the Bear attack - and what a whale of a game he played. Smashing, driving and ever fighting his way forward, the Gopher star looming up like a man mountain in Green Bay's path to another pennant. He got off two spectacular runs, one good for 32 yards, another for 28 yards and would have been free both times for touchdowns had it not been for great plays by Tom Nash and Lavvie Dilweg. Verne Lewellen and  Johnny Blood played the most prominent parts in the Green Bay victory in that they caught passes for scores and of course the game never could have been chalked up in the win column if it had not been for Red Dunn's kick for the extra point and his passes to these men. Blood also played a great defensive game, breaking up six Bear passes and often stopping Bear men who had reached the secondary through line smashes.
Every Packer who saw action did his share. If Molenda hadn't ripped off many substantial gains and hadn't  backed up the line as he did, the result may have been different. If the Packers hadn't recovered three Bear fumbles, it might have been different. If practically every man on the team hadn't figured prominently in some play, it might have been a different story. The Bears were fighting as they alone can fight when meeting the Packers. Their linemen rose to heights never before reached this season in charging out Green Bay front wall men. Not a team that faced the Packers this season charged out their front wall to gain 196 yards as the Bears did in running plays. And the Bears didn't gain that yardage because Green Bay's line was off color. The Packer linemen were "on" but they were playing a bunch of men who were just as determined to win as they were. The intensity of the struggle was communicated to the stands and the crowd was in an uproar continuously. When the Packers counted their first score, in the second period, Green Bay's cheering section led by the Lumberjack band went wild with glee. When the Bears threatened and then tied the score in the third period, it was the Chicagoans' chance to rival college cheering sections. That's the way it went throughout until after the final try from placement by Holmer that went wide of the posts and Green Bay had a one point victory.
Fumbles marked the play in the opening period and neither team was able to score although both squads were in opposite territory. Dunn was guilty of one of his few fumbles of the year after an unusually hard tackle a few minutes after the start of the game and the Bears took the ball on the 21 yard line. Red Grange, however, on the first play, in his anxiety to get off to a quick alert, also fumbled and O'Donnell recovered for Green Bay. Later in the same period a pass from Lewellen to Dilweg from punt formation caught the Bear secondary 
NOV 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Every train from Wisconsin Saturday evening and early Sunday brought hundreds of Packer fans to Chicago. It was estimated that more than 3,600 Wisconsin fans saw the game between the Packers and Bears...The Lumberjack band arrived over the Northwestern road, paused to have its picture taken at the station and then went by bus to the Drake hotel and to the park. Before the game and at intermission, the band played several marches. Between halves the Lumberjacks marched out on the field, forming a huge letter "P" and playing several numbers. The offerings of the musicians drew considerable applause from the fans...Lewellen had trouble getting his usual distance on punts as he was rushed continually by charging Bear linemen, but late in the fourth period after the Bears had failed to tie the score and trailed by only one point, he got off a beauty. He booted the ball from his own 15-yard line to the Bear 12-yard line where it was downed by Nash. There was only a half-minute to play and the kick pushed the Bears so far into their own territory that chances for scoring were remote...Between halves of the game, Hack Wilson and Riggs Stephenson, Chicago Cub fielders, were introduced to the fans, each speaking over the public address system...Mickey Walker, middleweight boxing champion, also was a spectator and spoke over the public address system between halves. "After seeing these two teams play, I don't think my racket is very tough," Mickey said...Another noted spectator was Bo McMillian, former coach of Geneva College when Cal Hubbard gained all-American fame as an end at that school. Bo didn't say so, but he was watching his former pupil to see if he could pick up some pointers on the game...Two long passes tried by the Bears after Lew's long kick. The first was incomplete and the second was intercepted by Lewellen as the game ended...Four Packer players saw action the entire game. They were Dilweg, Sleight, Lewellen and Hubbard. Molenda, Michalske and Dunn played most of the game, but were relieved for short periods...McCrary started the game at halfback but was knocked "goofy" when Nagurski's knee caught him on the chin in the first period. Blood replaced Mac and played the rest of the game...The Packers completed seven of 15 passes for a total gain of 101 yards. The Bears only completed 3 heaves for gains of 36 yards. Eleven first downs were made by the Packers to eight by the Bears...The Bears gained 196 yards in running play while the Packer made 104 yards in this department. Nagurski contributed 104 of the 196 yards gained by the Bears. Lintzenich also was responsible for several fine gains..Johnsos, an end, and Nagurski were the only Bear men who played the entire game. Johnsos turned in a great defensive game, stopping nearly everything that came his way..Members of the Stillers amateur baseball team were guests of Ernest Stiller, manager, at the game. About 14 young men made the trip.
NOV 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers, spending a week in Green Bay to practice and receive congratulations on their victory over the Chicago Bears last Sunday, are going right back after another Chicago football scalp next Sunday. This time it is the Cardinals, and to make it look good, the Packers are taking the Lumberjack band with them, and as many fans as can be persuaded to come through with the excursion fare. All previous records for attendance at Packer game in Chicago were smashed last Sunday, when the check up showed that 19,700 has paid to get into Wrigley field for the battle. There were several thousand others there but they didn't pay. Most of them worked their way by giving short radio talks between halves, and the others were cameramen, players' wives and friends of the Bear owners. Next Sunday the Packers are going to see what can be done in the way of drawing some of those 20,000 to the White Sox park. If there was any hope in the public mind that the Packers could stage an exhibition against the Cardinals as they did against the Bears, there should three times as many people there, without those that died of heart failure last week...CARDS HAVE IMPROVED: There are several reasons to believe that there will be 60 minutes of good football in Cardinal park next Sunday. It is some time since the Packer met the Cardinals and they have improved in a number of ways since the last encounter. Last Sunday, they held the New York Giants to a 13 to 7 score, and they will certainly make a desperate effort to do what the Bears couldn't do - knock off the Packers. If they could it would be great advertising for the annual Bear-Cardinal game on Thanksgiving day and no one thinks for a minute that they aren't saving up some tricks for the national champions. The squad came out of the grueling struggle with the Bears in pretty good condition and unless there are some "street corner" accidents this week. Coach Lambeau will have everything men on the club ready to go against the Cardinals. And this hasn't been the case since the New York Giants game on October 5...RESUME PRACTICE TODAY: It is quite likely that the trio of former Redjackets, Haycraft, Pape and Franta, will make their debut with the Packers over the weekend. The trio is fast picking up the Green Bay style of play and this week's practice should get them clicking right on the forward pass formations. Pape was poison to the Cards in the early season game at Minneapolis as he wormed his way through the line and ambled 65 yards down the field for a touchdown. While enroute, the former Iowan showed a clean pair of heels to Ernie Nevers and Chuck Kassel. Perhaps he will be able to repeat the performance next Sunday. Practice was resumed this morning at Joannes park with the usual game of "tag" ball on tap. Wednesday the grind begins again and, by the end of the week, the Bays should be at their peak for the Cardinal combat.
NOV 11 (Chicago Tribune) - The Chicago Cardinals, who built up a defense for Benny Friedman last week, but who forgot to lay for Hap Moran and Ghost Hagerty, are pointing for the whole eleven Green Bay Packers this week. When the Packers come to Comiskey park Sunday, seeking their ninth straight league victory, they will meet a club ready for them in every department. Having successfully passed the first Chicago obstacle in their path, the Bears, they must get by the Cards, otherwise they will be in a tie with New York. Nevers and his cohorts came through the Giants game in fair shape.
NOV 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Notre Dame team of the professional football world. That's the name the Green Bay Packers, leaders in the pro circuit, have gained for themselves by their enviable record of twenty wins and no defeats in the last two years. Notre Dame has also been unbeaten in this period, having won fifteen games. Aside from the records of the two teams, the Packers' system of play impressed me as being closely allied to that used by Rockne and his team...PROS HAVE EDGE: It's quite difficult to compare most professional team, which play for cash, with college teams, which play for glory, because they are playing for different ends. But, so far as predicting the outcome of a game between the Packers and a college team is concerned, I believe the Packers should win. I believe this because the pros have had more experience than men who are still in college, and, the personnel of the pros is varied, for it is composed of the best of several colleges...HAVE REAL SPIRIT: You may ask why the Green Bay boys are so successful and wherein they differ from other pro teams. Their success is based on cooperation and teamwork developed by players together as a unit for more than one year. Too, there is a spirit extending in the team which may be likened to a college eleven. They are spurred on by a spirit, which, in the absence of a college, is called civic pride.
NOV 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - William Kern, one of the outstanding tackles in the National league last year while playing with the Packers, was expected to arrive in Green Bay today to finish the 1930 season with the team, Capt. E.L. Lambeau said this morning. Kern was a 60-minute man with the Packers last year and played in every game with the exception of the tilt with the Yellowjackets. He played a slashing brand of football at all times and was seldom taken out of a play by opposing linemen. While at college at Pittsburgh, Kern was chosen as an all-American tackle in his senior year, 1927. He coached at Pittsburgh in 1928 and joined the Packers in the fall of 1929. This season he again coached at Pittsburgh. Acceptance of Coach Lambeau's offer to play the rest of the year was received late last night by wire with word that he would arrive in Green Bay today. Coach Lambeau said today that he planned to carry all of his men for at least another week, although only 20 are permitted to be in uniform for league games. He probably will cut the squad before leaving for the eastern invasion next week. The game scheduled in Newark Nov. 30 has been cancelled, according to the coach. Newark has been having financial trouble due to the inability of the team to win games and probably will drop out of the circuit. Negotiations are underway for a game with Stapleton on the Nov. 30 date, the coach said, and will be either completed or dropped in a day or two. Coach Lambeau also has been approached by Chicago newspapermen to play a charity game in Chicago on the Nov. 30 date, either with the New York Giants or any other opponent that he selected. He also has been asked to have the team play a charity game in Milwaukee against any team and on any date he selects, but has made no definite plans for either game. If the Packers play a charity game, one of the stipulations will be that part of the proceeds be given to Green Bay charitable organizations, the coach said.
NOV 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - In the midst of a victory spree that has broken every record in professional football, the Packers are going after their 22nd successive league win they invade White Sox park, Chicago, Sunday for a contest with Ernie Nevers' Cardinals. The team has not dropped a National  league encounter since Nov. 29, 1928, when the Frankford Yellowjackets nosed out a 2 to 0 victory in the annual Thanksgiving day game. On the Sunday following this upset at the hands of the Quakers, the Packers invaded Providence and played the winner of the 1928 title to a 7 to 7 tie. Then the Bays stopped off in Chicago on their way home, Dec. 9, and beat the Bears, 6 to 0. This victory started the record breaking winning streak. During the 1929 season which resulted in a title for Coach Lambeau's squad, the Packers captured a dozen league games and played one 0-0 encounter with the Frankford Yellowjackets. This record is all the more outstanding as eight of these contests were away from home. Never in the history of professional football has a national championship repeated but the Packers have been clicking right ever since the 1930 schedule got underway and, to date,
NOV 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Another big crowd is expected to follow the Packers to Chicago this Sunday to witness the NFL game with the Cards at White Sox park. Excursion rates again hold forth on both the Milwaukee and Northwestern railroads and a brisk demand has been reported. Many of the fans are leaving early Saturday in order to attend the Wisconsin-Northwestern game at Evanston, which should serve as quite a gridiron "appetizer" for the Sabbath day struggle...LUMBERJACK BAND GOING: This is the first year that the Lumberjack band has made two excursions to Chicago. However, Dr. D.J. Jones, owner of the Cardinals, insisted that the Bay band be on hand. The collection picked up at the Portsmouth game here for the trip was not sufficient to foot the bill, so the Football corporation is making up the difference. The Cardinal management is figuring on the largest turnout of the season. The Packers added to their Windy City following by the splendid exhibition against the Bears last Sunday and, as the tribe of Halas and Sternaman are battling in New York against the Giants this weekend, it is thought that hundreds of the north side football colony will hit the trail for Comiskey park on Sunday...LEAVE 7 A.M. SATURDAY: The Packer squad is scheduled to leave here Saturday at 7 a.m. over the Northwestern road in a special parlor car. Some of the players who have been fortunate enough to secure tickets for the Badger-Wildcat contest will stop off at Evanston while the others will take a chance on getting seats for the Illinois-Chicago encounter at Stagg field. The Hotel Del Prado, formerly the Cooper-Carlton, at Hyde park boulevard and 53rd street, will be the Green Bay football headquarters during the Cardinal invasion. The Packers have stopped at this hotel for the past three years when playing the south siders...CAHN TO REFREE: According to information received from Joe F. Carr, NFL president, Bobby Cahn will referee Sunday's game while Ralph Scott and Jim Keefe, both of Milwaukee, are to work as head linesman and umpire, respectively. Cahn and Keefe are both well known here while Scott formerly was an assistant coach at Marquette and he was one of the officials at the Packer-Bear game last Sunday.
NOV 13 (Chicago Tribune) - "Beat the Packers' is the theme song in the Cardinals camp this week. They will meet the Green Bay team at Comiskey park Sunday. Every member of the Chicago team is in good condition for the game, and Coach Ernie Nevers is taking advantage of this factor to send the eleven through some strenuous drills. Green Bay comes here unbeaten this season. Last Sunday, they beat the Bears, 13 to 12, and hope to make it two straight over Chicago teams by beating the Cardinals.
NOV 14 (Chicago Southtown Economist) - Green Bay's Packers, who successfully passed the threat of the Chicago Bears, will face an entirely different offensive threat Sunday at Comiskey Park when they tangle with 
NOV 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Chicago Cardinals and Green Bay Packers have been battling in professional football games since 1921. 13 games have been played between the clubs. Victory has perched on the shoulders of Green Bay in seven contests; the Chicagoans have grabbed the long end it four arguments and two games ended in ties. Coach Lambeau's team found the Cardinal "picking" pretty lean in the opening years but since late in 1926 the south side Chicagoans haven't been able to win a game. 1929 was the Packers' best year against the Cards as this was the season that the Bays tucked
​NOV 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - It was no longer a secret that every team in the National Professional football league is determined to stop Wisconsin menace, the Green Bay Packers. Just how long Green Bay will continue to win grid games and compile amazing statistics will be decided next month when Coach Curly Lambeau entrains with his team on its annual eastern invasion. Green Bay now holds the undisputed leadership of the National Professional league with an untarnished record in its first eight games. The Packers' football prosperity has been accompanied with the figures compiled in all of the eight games, asserting the power and drive in the Packer offense. In addition to recording interesting statistics, by winning the first eight games on their schedule, the Northerners have extended their unbroken string of victories to twenty-two games. Way back in 1928 so the record say, on a warm, sunny fall afternoon, Green Bay had the misfortune of having the New York Giants scheduled on that day, and the Giants won, 7-0. Since that day, the Packers have been unbeatable in the professional league and, at the present time, citizens of the community are laying plans to purchase a few extra feet of flag pole for another championshp bunting...92 FIRST DOWNS: The smooth offense of the Packers has accounted for 92 first tens in eight games, running up 59 from scrimmage, 21 on passes and 10 on penalties. The opponents have registered 70 first tens, counting 43 from scrimmage, 17 on passes and 10 on penalties. Considering the different quarters of the entire eight games, Green Bay has compiled 27 first downs in the first quarter, 30 in the second, 17 in the third and 18 first downs in the final quarter. Opponents have scored 29 first downs in the opening quarters of the eight games, 9 in the second, 16 in the third and 16 first downs in the fourth quarters. With Lew Lewellen, Bo Molenda, Hurdis McCrary, Arnie Herber and the rest of the Packer backliners running wild, it is no wonder that the Packers have advanced the ball 1,334 yards on 369 plays to their opponents' 764 yards on 297 plays. The Green Bay backline is averaging 3.3 yards a play to the foes' 2.5 yards. Verne Lewellen has gained the most ground. His 342 yards on 94 plays is almost half again as the entire opponents' offense. Lewellen's average is 3.6 yards a play. Bo Molenda trails the Nebraska All-American with 255 yards on 76 plays for an average gain of 3.3 yards. Hurdis McCrary has plunged his way to 198 yards on 51 plays, averaging 4 yards every play...HERBER SHOWS FORM: The amazing showing of young Arnold Herber, the former West Green Bay high school, has empowered the Packer offense. Although only a 20-year old boy getting a start with the "big shots" of football, Herber has lugged the leather 108 yards on 26 plays for an average of 4 yards. Davy Zuidmulder, an East Green Bay graduate, has also been impressive, carrying the ball 10 times for 58 yards. His average is 6 yards a play. Cully Lidberg has gained 30 yards in 10 plays, an average of 3 yards while Fitzgibbons is one up on the former Gopher, averaging 3.3 yards. Joseph (Red) Dunn has the best record of them all even though he has carried the ball only 3 times. Dunn has covered 21 yards of territory and averaged 7 yards a play. Dunn spurns the labors of the ball carrying department, however, and concentrates his attention winning ball games for the Packers, kicking the points after touchdown. The Packer opponents have completed 28 passes for a gain of 551 yards but if anyone is led to believe that Green Bay's pass defense is faulty, take a look on the other side of the ledger. The foes have had the grand total of 22 passes intercepted and also have had 85 land incomplete. Green Bay has gained 753 yards on 39 completed passes, against 55 incomplete and 9