PLAYER           POS       COLLEGE   G YRS HT    WT
Frank Baker        E  Northwestern   2   1 6- 2 182
Nate Barragar      G           USC   7   1 6- 0 210
James Bowdoin      G       Alabama  13   4 6- 2 220
Hank Bruder        B  Northwestern  13   1 6- 0 190
Rudy Comstock      G    Georgetown  14   1 5-11 198
Boob Darling       C        Beloit   4   5 6- 3 215
Wayne Davenport    B  Hardin-Simm.   2   1 6- 4 185
Lavvie Dilweg      E     Marquette  14   6 6- 3 202
Waldo DonCarlos    C         Drake       1 6- 2 190
Red Dunn           B     Marquette  12   5 6- 0 178
Jug Earp           T      Monmouth  12  10 6- 1 235
Wuert Engelmann    B  S. Dakota St  14   2 6- 2 191
Paul Fitzgibbons   B     Creighton       2 5-10 174
Milt Gantenbein    E     Wisconsin  14   1 6- 0 199
Roger Grove        B   Michigan St  14   1 6- 0 175
Arnie Herber       B         Regis   3   2 5-11 208
Cal Hubbard      T-E        Geneva  12   3 6- 5 250
PLAYER           POS       COLLEGE   G YRS HT    WT
Ray Jenison        T  S. Dakota St   2   1 6- 2 220
Swede Johnston     B     Marquette   2   1 5-10 200
Verne Lewellen     B      Nebraska   7   8 6- 2 181
Hurdis McCrary     B       Georgia  12   3 6- 2 205
*-Johnny McNally   B     St. Johns  13   3 6- 0 190
Mike Michalske     G    Penn State       3 6- 1 215
Bo Molenda         B      Michigan  14   4 5-11 208
Tom Nash           E       Georgia  13   4 6- 3 210
Claude Perry       T       Alabama   5   5 6- 1 211
Ken Radick         T     Marquette   1   2 6- 0 210
Russell Saunders   B           USC   9   1 5-10 175
Red Sleight        T        Purdue  13   2 6- 2 228
Dick Stahlman      T        DePaul  14   1 6- 3 221
Mule Wilson        B     Texas A&M  12   1 5-11 190
Whitey Woodin      G     Marquette   2  10 5-11 206
Dave Zuidmulder    B   St. Ambrose   2   3 6- 1 184
* - Known as Johnny Blood
1931 RESULTS (12-2)
13 CLEVELAND INDIANS (0-0-0)             W 26- 0    1-0-0    5,000
20 BROOKLYN DODGERS (0-1-0)              W 32- 6    2-0-0    7,000
27 CHICAGO BEARS (1-0-0)                 W  7- 0    3-0-0   13,500
4  NEW YORK GIANTS (1-1-0)               W 27- 7    4-0-0   14,000
11 CHICAGO CARDINALS (0-1-0)             W 26- 7    5-0-0    8,000
18 FRANKFORD YELLOWJACKETS (0-3-1)       W 15- 0    6-0-0    6,000
25 PROVIDENCE STEAM ROLLER (1-2-1)       W 48-20    7-0-0      N/A
(GREEN BAY) - The Green Bay Packers launched a drive for their third consecutive NFL championship yesterday by defeating Cleveland Bulldogs in a game played during intermittent rainfall. Although Coach Curley Lambeau paraded most of his rookie material in the early stages of the game, he later exhibited enough of his veterans to show off the squad as championship calibre. The Cleveland team was playing its first game as a member of the league. The Packers hung up a marker in each quarter, the first coming shortly after the game opened. On a fourth down play Wilson passed to Baker who went over for the touchdown. 
CLEVELAND -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY -  7  6  6  7 - 26
1st - GB - Baker, 15-yard pass from Wilson (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Saunders, 38-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 13-0
3rd - GB - McCrary, 1-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 19-0
4th - GB - Wilson, 39-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 26-0
Sparked by a 9-0 start, the Packers become the first team to win three straight NFL Championships with a 12-2 record, holding off a challenge from the Portsmouth Spartans.
The 2006 season marked the 75th anniversary of the team’s official song, ‘Go! You Packers Go!’ Originally composed by Eric Karll in 1931, the song still is played before every game at Lambeau Field, after introductions and before the national anthem. Few people know that the famous modern-day chant, “Go, Pack, Go,” shouted by fans in unison at home games, orignated from Karll’s composition. Karll’s work came on the heels of Green Bay’s three consecutive NFL championships (1929-31). Capturing the spirit of the day, and the passion of fans in his home state, Karll enjoyed a successful composing career. He flourished on the vaudeville circuit, becoming a renowned and highly regarded lyricist and musical producer. A pioneer in the early days of radio, Karll also originated a nationally syndicated show, Down at Herman’s. During World War I, he produced a musical entitled Welcome Home, Sweet Home, to
entertain troops of the 32nd Division. He also drafted political music. One
of his jingles, Welcome Mr. Roosevelt, was used on the campaign trail to
inspire voters to re- elect Franklin Delano Roosevelt to a second term.
Born in 1888 in Reedsburg, Wis., Karll passed away in 1973. But his
legacy lives on his music, especially before every game at Lambeau
Field. The song’s lyrics:
Hail, hail, the gang’s all here to yell for you
and keep you going in your winning ways
Hail, hail, the gang’s all here to tell you, too, that, win or lose,
we’ll always sing your praises
Go, you Packers, go and get ’em
Go, you fighting fools, upset ’em
Smash their line with all your might
A touchdown, Packers, fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight on, you blue and gold, to glory
Win the game, the same old story
Fight, you Packers, fight and bring the bacon home to old Green Bay
September 13: Green Bay (1-0) 26, Cleveland (0-1) 0
1  at Chicago Bears (3-2-0)              W  6- 2    8-0-0   30,000
8  STATEN ISLAND STAPLETONS (2-3-1)      W 26- 0    9-0-0    7,000
15 at Chicago Cardinals (2-3-0)          L 13-21    9-1-0    8,000
22 at New York Giants (5-4-0)            W 14-10   10-1-0   35,000
26 at Providence Steam Roller (4-3-2)    W 38- 7   11-1-0    5,000
29 at Brooklyn Dodgers (2-10-0)          W  7- 0   12-1-0   10,000
6  at Chicago Bears (7-4-0)              L  6- 7   12-2-0   18,000
September 20: Green Bay (2-0) 32, Brooklyn (0-2)
(GREEN BAY) - Displaying a brand of football which has won them two successive championships, the Packers trounced the Brooklyn Dodgers yesterday afternoon. It was the second win of the season for the Packers. The Packers were held in check by the strong Brooklyn line in the first quarter, but opened up with the customary spurt in the second quarter and counted twice. They added another three touchdowns in the second half, mixing straight football and the overhead game. Lewellen scored the first Packer marker when an exchange of punts gave them the ball deep in Brooklyn territory. Lewellen, Blood and Saunders alternated in carrying the ball to the six yard line on line smashes and Lewellen cut over tackle for a touchdown.
BROOKLYN  -  0  0  0  6 -  6
GREEN BAY -  0 12 14  6 - 32
2nd - GB - Lewellen, 6-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 6-0 
2nd - GB - Dilweg, 55-yard pass from Saunders (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 12-0
3rd - GB - Gantenbein, 21-yard pass from Bruder (Woodin kick) GREEN BAY 19-0
3rd - GB - Woodin, 5-yard pass interception (Woodin kick) GREEN BAY 26-0
4th - GB - Herber, 3-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 32-0
4th - BR - Joe Vance, 5-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 32-6
September 27: Green Bay (3-0) 7, Chicago Bears (1-1) 0
(GREEN BAY) - Two powerful lines struggled for mastery as the Packers kept their seasonal record of wins unbroken by defeating the Chicago Bears witnessed by a record breaking crowd of 15,000 yesterday. The Packers hung up their third consecutive victory by taking advantage of the openings. They scored early in the second period and then played a conservative game, protected by a line that refused to yield before the plunges of the great Bronko Nagurski and Red Grange. Stategy and quick recovery from adverse moments in the play distinguished the efforts of the Packers while the Bears tried pass after pass in a vain attempt to score. Only once, in the third period, were the Bears beyond the Packers' 20-yard line and then they were held for downs.
CHI BEARS -  0  0  0  0 - 0
GREEN BAY -  0  7  0  0 - 7
2nd - GB - Lewellen, 2-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
October 4: Green Bay (4-0) 27, New York (1-2) 7
(GREEN BAY) - The Packers Sunday unfurled their two championship banners and then proceeded to whip the New York Giants for their fourth consecutive victory. The win left the Packers two up in their series with the Giants, a set of games that started in 1928. More than 14,000, another capacity crowd, attended. The New Yorkers were the first to score when Red Flaherty broke through and blocked Mule Wilson's punt on the Packers' 35 yard line in the opening quarter. The ball was deflected from Flaherty's chest, but he chased it, picked it up and ran 35 yards for the touchdown. Four first downs five minutes later placed Green Bay in a position to tie the score, Verne Lewellen had the honor of scoring, crashing through left tackle for ten yards and the touchdown.
NEW YORK  -  7  0  0  0 -  7
GREEN BAY - 14  6  0  7 - 27
1st - NY - Ray Flaherty, 35-yard blocked punt recovery (Hap Moran kick) NY 7-0
1st - GB - Lewellen, 10-yard run (Dunn kick) TIED 7-7
1st - GB - Lewellen, 5-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
2nd - GB - Englemann, 42-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 20-7
4th - GB - Blood, 25-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 27-7
October 11: Green Bay (5-0) 26, Chicago Cardinals (0-2) 7
(GREEN BAY) - Green Bay was on the road toward another title in the NFL following a victory Sunday over the Chicago Cardinals. It was the Packers' fifth straight triumph this season. The victory was achieved by an attack which netted four touchdowns in the second half. Johnny Blood scored three of the home team's touchdowns. Lewellen made the Packers' other touchdown.
CHI CARDS -  7  0  0  0 -  7
GREEN BAY -  0  0 13 13 - 26
1st - CHI - George Rogge run (Ernie Nevers kick) CHICAGO CARDINALS 7-0
3rd - GB - Blood, 40-yard pass from Dunn (Kick failed) CARDINALS 7-6
3rd - GB - Lewellen, 9-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 13-6
4th - GB - Blood, 14-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 20-6
4th - GB - Blood, 35-yard pass interception (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 26-6
October 18: Green Bay (6-0) 15, Frankford (0-4-1) 7
(GREEN BAY) - Green Bay relied primarily on spurts of individual cleverness to defeat the Yellowjackets and win their sixth consecutive victory. The Bays lacked the usual, crushing power of a massed team attack, but the front wall always stiffened sufficiently in the pinches to halt the drives of the Yellowjackets' vaunted ground gainers, Joesting and Brumbaugh. Milt Gantenbein downed Blood's punt on the Yellowjackets' one yard line to pave the way for the opening score. Peterson, back in the end zone to punt, had his kick blocked by Gantenbein and Perry, both of of the Packer linemen grabbing for the ball for a safety. In the second period, the Packers clicked off a number of team plays and marched from midfield for a touchdown. Gantenbein and Fleckenstein, left guard for the Jackets, were chased from the game by Halsey Hall, head linesman, as the result of an argument.
FRANKFORD -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY -  2  6  7  0 - 15
1st - GB - Safety, blocked punt rolled out of the end zone GREEN BAY 2-0
2nd - GB - Blood, 9-yard pass from Grove (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 8-0
3rd - GB - Blood, 19-yard run (Grove kick) GREEN BAY 15-0
October 25: Green Bay (7-0) 48, Providence (1-3-1) 20
(GREEN BAY) - The seventh consecutive victory this season for the Green Bay Packers had a slightly erratic history yesterday. Almost everyone but the spectators scored yesterday as the Bays ditched Providence in a homecoming day game. Within the first six minutes of play, Wlrt Englemann, Packer halfback, had scored three touchdowns, one as a result of 79 yard run after receiving the kickoff, the other two after receiving passes. Dilweg, Wilson, Molenda and Grove followed his lead to add other touchdowns. Red Dunn put his toe to the ball for three extra points, Molenda booted two, and Grove one. Only one period saw the backers scoreless, the third. And that was the result of a terrific Providence offensive featuring Oran Pape and Shelly. The latter threw the ball for gains via passes, and Pape completed the attack by plunging for two touchdowns.
PROVIDENCE -  0  7 13  0 - 20
GREEN BAY  - 21  7  0 20 - 48
1st - GB - Engelmann, 79-yard kickoff return (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - GB - Engelmann pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
1st - GB - Engelmann, 32-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 21-0
2nd - PR - Oran Pape, 1-yard run (Deck Shelley kick) GREEN BAY 21-7
2nd - GB - Dilweg lateral from Blood after pass from Grove (Grove kick) GB 28-7
3rd - PR - Pape pass from Shelley (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 28-13
3rd - PR - Pape, 6-yard pass from Shelley (Shelley kick) GREEN BAY 28-20
4th - GB - Wilson, 45-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 34-20
4th - GB - Molenda, 4-yard run (Molenda kick) GREEN BAY 41-20
4th - GB - Grove, 40-yard pass from Molenda (Molenda kick) GREEN BAY 48-20
November 1: Green Bay (8-0) 6, Chicago Bears (3-3) 2
(CHICAGO) - The Packers were in undisputed possession of first place in the 1931 race after trimming the Chicago Bears before 30,000 spectators at Wrigley Field yesterday. The Packers scored in the second period when Michaleske intercepted a pass thrown by Brumbaugh from the Green Bay 25-yard line, and ran 75 yards for the only touchdown. Early in the third period, Red Dunn caught one of Nesbitt's punts and was thrown behind the Packer line for a safety and the Bears' only points. The Bears were within the Packer 25-yard line six times, but fumbled twice and intercepted four times.
GREEN BAY -  0  6  0  0 -  6
CHI BEARS -  0  0  2  0 -  2
2nd - GB - Michalske, 75-yard interception return (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 6-0
4th - CHI - Safety, Luke Johnsos tackled Dunn in the end zone GREEN BAY 6-2
November 8: Green Bay (9-0) 26, Staten Island (2-4-1) 0
(GREEN BAY) - Green Bay resorted to an aerial game here to defeat the Stapleton club in their last appearance of the season on the home field. It was the ninth straight victory of the year for the Packers and the 24th successive win over a period of three years in games played at Green Bay. The Packers, twice crowned champions, hold undisputed possession of first place in this year's league race. With the entire squad functioning smoothly in all departments of play, the Packers scored in every period, resorting to a variety of offensive tactics that outsmarted Ken Strong, Stapleton's stellar back, and a stubborn Stapleton line. Johnny Blood, the elusive Packer back, again demonstrated his ability as a pass snarer and ball carrier by scoring two touchdowns. Verne Lewellen, a veteran on the squad, was on the sidelines with an arm injury.
STATEN ISLAND -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY     -  7  6  7  6 - 26
1st - GB - Dilweg, 17-yard pass from Fitzgibbons (Dilweg pass from Fitzgibbons) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Blood, 55-yard pass from Dunn (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 13-0
3rd - GB - Blood, 13-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 20-0
4th - GB - Bruder, 25-yard lateral from Blood after pass from Fitzgibbons (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 26-0
November 15: Chicago Cardinals (3-3) 21, Green Bay (9-1) 13
(CHICAGO) - Ernie Nevers led the Chicago Cardinals to a triumph over the league leading Packers at Wrigley Field. It was the Packers first defeat of the season. Nevers gave one of his greatest exhibitions in lifting the Cards to victory. In the first period he tossed a 15-yard pass to Bill Glassgow for a touchdown and place kicked for the extra point. Early in the second session Tom Nash, Packer end, blocked one of Nevers' punts and fell on it for a score, but Red Dunn failed to add the point. In the third period, with Nevers slashing through the Packer line the Cards took the ball to the Packer 5-yard line from where Beldin pluuged over and the former Stanford ace again place kicked for the point. Rogge, Cardinal end, intercepted a Packer pass in the final period and galloped 43 yards to the 10-yard line, and after the Green Bay line had driven the Cardinals back Nevers faded to the 32-yard line and passed to Les Malloy who received the ball on the 4-yard line and stepped over. Nevers once again place kicked for the point. A series of Packer passes took the ball into scoring territory just before the game ended, and Hank Bruder rammed over for another Packer score. Dunn made the point.
GREEN BAY -  0  6  0  7 - 13
CHI CARDS -  7  0  7  7 - 21
1st - CHI - Bill Glassow, 15-yard pass from Ernie Nevers (Nevers kick) CARDS 7-0
2nd - GB - Nash, blocked punt recovery (Kick failed) CHICAGO CARDINALS 7-6
3rd - CHI - Beldin, 5-yard run (Nevers kick) CHICAGO CARDINALS 14-6
4th - CHI - Les Malloy, 16-yard pass from Nevers (Nevers kick) CARDINALS 21-6
4th - GB - Bruder, 1-yard run (Dunn kick) CHICAGO CARDINALS 21-13
November 22: Green Bay (10-1) 14, New York (5-5) 10
(NEW YORK) - With Hank Bruder and Russell Saunders pounding the Giants' line to shreds, the Green Bay Packers came from behind in the last quarter to defeat the New York Giants. A crowd of 40,000 saw the Packers take a lead in the first minute of play, relinquish it in the Giants brilliant second period rally and then grab victory out of what appeared to be their second defeat of the season. The Packers struck fast and sure for their first touchdown. Hurdis McCrary returned the opening kickoff to midfield and Red Dunn tossed a long pass to Johnny Blood, which netted the remaining 50 yards. With Benny Friedman on the sending end of passes to Burnett and Badgro, the Giants drove down the field late in the period and Molan plunged over from the three yard line as the second period opened. A surprise pass, Moran to Flaherty, late in the second session, put the Giants in the position where Moran booted a placekick from the 12-yard line. After a dull third quarter, the Packers' high powered offensive swung into action on their 41-yard line. A pass was good for 10 yards and Bruder and Saunders began their wrecking tactics, carrying the ball to the 20 yard line, where Dunn passed to Bruder, who fell over the goal line for the winning touchdown. Sedbrooke put the Giants in a position to score with a 65 yards return of the kickoff, but the Packers smothered Friedman as he attempted to pass the Giants to victory from the 14-yard marker.
GREEN BAY -  7  0  0  7 - 14
NEW YORK  -  0 10  0  0 - 10
1st - GB - Blood, 50-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - NY - Hap Moran, 3-yard run (Moran kick) TIED 7-7
2nd - NY - Moran, 22-yard field goal NEW YORK 10-7
4th - GB - Bruder, 20-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 14-10
November 26: Green Bay (11-1) 38, Providence (4-4-2) 7
(PROVIDENCE) - The champion Green Bay Packers passed and ran to a victory over Providence here yesterday. The Packers scored 13 points in the first period. A pass, Fitzgibbons to Dilweg, netted 42 yards and was responsible for the first touchdown. Blood crossed over for the next marker after receiving a 22-yard pass from Fitzgibbons.
GREEN BAY  - 13 19  0  6 - 38
PROVIDENCE -  0  7  0  0 -  7
1st - GB - Dilweg, 42-yard pass from Fitzgibbons (Fitzgibbons kick) GB 7-0
1st - GB - Blood, 22-yard pass from Fitzgibbons (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 13-0
2nd - PR - Les Woodruff, 2-yard run (Deck Shelley kick) GREEN BAY 13-7
2nd - GB - Molenda, 3-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 19-7
2nd - GB - Blood, 45-yard pass from Molenda (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 25-7
2nd - GB - Blood, 20-yard pass from Molenda (Molenda kick) GREEN BAY 32-7
4th - GB - Molenda, 3-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 38-7
November 29: Green Bay (12-1) 7, Brooklyn (2-11) 0
(BROOKLYN) - The Packers took a close game from the Brooklyn Dodgers yesterday and clinched first place in the circuit. The Packers have one more game to go. Portsmouth still has a mathematical chance to tie. Verne Lewellen scored the lone touchdown in the first period and Red Dunn converted the point. A 25-yard forward pass to Englemann put the ball in a scoring position and it took the Packers, four downs to push over the touchdown from the 2-yard line. The rest of the game was marked by defensive play with few scoring threats. In the third period. Bo Molenda missed a field goal from the 18- yard mark. Brooklyn reached the Wisconsinites' 15-yard stripe in the last quarter but the drive ended when Molenda intercepted a pass.
GREEN BAY -  7  0  0  0 -  7
BROOKLYN  -  0  0  0  0 -  0
1st - GB - Lewellen, 2-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
December 6: Chicago Bears (8-4) 7, Green Bay (12-2) 6
(CHICAGO) - The NFL championship for 1931 hinges upon a game which may or may not be played next Sunday between the Green Bay Packers and the Portsmouth Spartans. L. H. Joanness, president of the Green Bay club claims that the game was never scheduled and that his team already has won the title. But Harry Snyder, president of the Spartans says the game was tentatively scheduled, contingent upon the weather. He has been counting on it to give the Spartans a chance to share the crown. Under league rules, a tentatively scheduled game may be cancelled by either of the clubs involved. Green Bay, the defending champion, accepted a 7-6 beating from the Chicago Bears at Chicago yesterday and now leads the Spartans by only one game. The Wisconsin outfit, by a win or a tie, will clinch the championship again. Portsmouth must win to gain a half share in the crown. The Bears' victory over Green Bay yesterday really was achieved on the third play of the game. Lewellen, crack Green Bay back, passed on the first play after the kickoff and Brumbaugh intercepted for the Bears on the Packer 35-yard line and ran 17 yards. On the next play, Red Grange passed to Litzenich for the touchdown. Tackwell kicked the point. Early in the second quarter, the Packers scored on a pass from Lewellen to Blood. Red Dunn went into the game to kick the all-important point but failed. Portsmouth, tuning up for the Green Bay game, played an exhibition game against the Columbus Taxicabs and ran up a 101 to 7 count.
GREEN BAY -  0  6  0  0 -  6
CHI BEARS -  7  0  0  0 -  7
1st - CHI - Joe Lintzenich, 28-yard pass from Carl Brumbaugh (Cookie Tackwell kick) BEARS 7-0
2nd - GB - Blood, 28-yard pass from Molenda (Kick failed) CHICAGO BEARS 7-6
December 8 - No title matchup for Spartans, Packers
According to word from Chicago, it has been definitely decided at a meeting of Green Bay Packer officials, Portsmouth Spartan officials and President Joe Carr of the NFL that the game between the Packers and Spartans, tentatively arranged for Portsmouth, Sunday, Dec. 13, will not be played. Although Carr expressed a wish that Green Bay play it, the Packers pointed out that they had offered Portsmouth a home and home series at the regular schedule meeting and Portsmouth had refused to accept it. They pointed out further that after Dec. 13 had been tentatively agreed upon as the date for the game in Portsmouth, several invitations to play at Green Bay had been ignored. Several dates were offered to the the Spartans but none of them were accepted.