(GREEN BAY) - In the old days Shelly was a poet - of quite some repute. Today, Shelly is a football player - of equal repute. Instead of saying it with odes, the modern Shelly says it with
footballs, Sunday afternoon he made things mighty interesting for the Green
Bay Packers, while performing for the Providence Steam Rollers. However,
Shelly wasn't able to do it all and before the National league game here ended,
he probably wondered if the Packers weren't like the nightingales Percy Shelly
wrote about as the Green Bay players flitted and fluttered all over the field, like
birds on wings, to pluck footballs out of the air and romp around the field. If you
haven't heard about it before, the final score was Green Bay 48, Providence 20
- and the game was as lively as the score indicates.
It turned into a romp less than five minutes after the opening kickoff and after
the opening kickoff and after that there were so many footballs in the air that
you were expecting them to bump into each other. Not that there was more 
than one ball in play, but that it traveled around so fast and so often that it
probably looked like three of them were in use. Twenty-
one points in less than five minutes of play! That's some
kind of a record that could be referred to the Believe It
or Not columns. It is the record the Packers made
Sunday. After that Shelly began to throw passes - and
how he threw them. Many nestled in the arms of
Providence receivers while others were taken by the
Packers who on some occasions didn't care to keep 
them so they threw them to other Packers. You 
probably are beginning to wonder about this time where
the continuity is to this story. So are we. But that's the
kind of a game it was. Lots of wild, unusual, sensational
football - with comedy mixed in for relief. We might 
point out that the Bays won because they outclassed 
the invaders with a forward passing attack that was
beautiful to watch. They passed and passed and 
passed some more - 25 times to be exact - and gain
nearly 200 yards by this overhead game. When the
Packers weren't passing, the Steam Rollers were
throwing the ball - 30 times on the official count - for
gains totaling 150 yards - and Shelly threw all but one
or two.
Perhaps you would like to hear more about the 21 
points in the opening five minutes. Chalk up 18 of them
to Wuert Englemann, the long-legged galloping halfback
from the corn fields of South Dakota. He ran as only he
can run to catch two passes on identical plays to score
the first pair of touchdowns and then after the kickoff on
the second marker, he galloped 80 yards through a
broken field to score another touchdown. After that
Providence sent in replacements in the backline and
Wuert couldn't do so quite well, but late in the the game
after he had rested for more than two periods, he swept
25 yards down the left side of the field on a sensational
play before he was knocked out of bounds on the four-
yard line. It was easy for Bo Molenda to crack center
for a touchdown from that point, but we'll leave the
details of that play until later. Providence has a class
team. They weren't outclassed as bad as the score
indicates. Any team that comes from behind trailing by
21 points and to within seven points of tying the count
as they did, has plenty of good players. This young
man Shelly was only one of many good performers on
the eastern eleven. He received a lot of help in the
backfield from Oran Pape, former Iowa star, who got free
for some nice gains; Woodruff, a hard working fullback,
and from Spellman, an end, and Graham, a guard, on
the line. They will do credit to any team. But the Steam
Rollers couldn't cope with the Packer attack. It was too
versatile. And as the Packers haven't lost a game on
their own field since back in 1928, it wasn't in the books
for just an average good team like Providence to stop
them. Williams fumbled and Sleight recovered for the
Packers on the Providence 29 yard line to give the Bays
an early opening which they took advantage of to score.
Englemann picked up six yards on a dash around right
end but after two more plays failed to make a first down,
Red Dunn dropped back as Englemann spurted to his
right, cut back to his left, and took a forward pass from
Dunn out of the air on the 15 yard line and ran 
unmolested to the goal for a touchdown. Dunn kicked
the goal and the Packers had a 7 to 0 lead.
After an exchange of punts, a poor kick by Williams 
was downed in Providence territory, and the Packers
were in the danger zone again. Seeing the same 
opening right over center and about 15 yards behind the
line of scrimmage, Red Dunn again called a pass play,
dropped back after getting the ball and passed to Wuert
who grabbed the ball on almost the identical spot as he
took the first pass and raced on 15 yards for a second
touchdown. The two plays were identical and executed
to perfection. Again Dunn kicked the goal and the Bays
left 14-0. The passes were in Meeker's zone and he 
was jerked and Pape took his place. Pope kicked off
for Providence and Englemann again came into the
limelight. He grabbed the ball on his own 20 yard line,
and started a race down the south side of the field. He
was almost stopped on the 50 yard mark, but broke
away and went straight down the sidelines for a score.
It was an 80 yard run and the only man that had a 
possible chance to get him after he passed the 50 yard
mark was blocked out of the play by Stahlman on the
10 yard stripe. For the third time Dunn kicked the goal
after touchdown and the Packers had a 21 to 0 lead.
That was the end of Dunn's work for the day, and Grove
took his place, handling the assignment in good shape
until the end. The rest of the period was uneventful with
neither side threatening but in the second quarter both
teams counted. The Rollers counted first in this period,
completing a march from their own 37 yard line to the
goal to score. Passes played an important part in the
attack and accounted for most of the gains.
A pass from Shelly to Rose brought the ball to midfield.
Another pass from Shelly to Oden carried it down to the
29 yard line. Woodruff and Edwards went six yards on
two plays and a third play, another pass, with Shelly
throwing to Oden brought the ball to the Packers two
yard line. Pape hit center once and failed. He hit it
again and went over for a touchdown and Shelly kicked
the goal. Two passes, on which interference was ruled,
put the Packers in scoring position again later in the
period. The second gave the ball to the Packers on the
Providence 28 yard line. Then came one of the most
unusual plays of the game. Grove passed to Johnny
Blood and, unable to break past two Providence men
who had him boxed, shot a lateral pass to Lavvie Dilweg
who was coming up from behind. Lavvie grabbed the
ball on the ten yard line, sidestepped one man and cut
over to his right and ran for a touchdown. Grove kicked
for the extra point and it was good as the Packers had
a 28 to 7 lead as the half ended. Providence was far
from through, despite the one-sided score at the half,
as performances in the third period indicate. The Steam Rollers outclassed the Packers in this period, rolling up two touchdowns and an extra point while holding the Packers scoreless. They cut Green Bay's lead down to eight points and looked like they were going to keep it up, but their attack bogged down after a few decisions went against them and plays didn't click and in the final period, the Packers piled up 20 more points just for good measure.
Shelly again was in the front leading his team to two touchdowns in the third quarter. The Providence team went from midfield to score shortly after the start of the period. Line plays with Shelly and Woodruff carrying the ball gained most of the ground and brought the ball to the Packer 10 yard line. Two line plays failed to gain and Shelly passed to Pape for a touchdown on the third play. Shelly's kick for the extra point was wide. After a great return of a punt by Pape to the Packers 21 yard line a few minutes later, the Providence team scored again. Two passes, one from Titmas to Pape and another from Shelly to Woodruff, put the ball on the eight yard line. A lateral pass play lost four yards. Shelly then shot a short pass to Pape who was dropped on the six yard mark. The same performers again figured in a similar play and Pape jumped high to catch the ball in the endzone for another touchdown. Shelly kicked the goal and the score was Green Bay 28, Providence 20.
Mule Wilson started the Packer scoring again in the final quarter, breaking away on a race around left end to count. He was nearly forced out of bounds by Providence men on the 45 yard line but he cut back to his right and then raced to the goal. It was a run of 50 yards with no one getting near him after he passed the 45 yard mark. Some excellent blocking by Green Bay linemen paved the way at the start of the play and Mule did the rest. Grove's kick from placement failed. It
took only three plays to score another touchdown for
Green Bay a few minutes later. Bo Molenda, who had
been on the sidelines most of the day, went into action
from the 50 yard line to start the march. He broke off
right tackle and smashed ahead to the 25 yard line
before Spellman brought him down. Englemann then cut
around left end, straight-armed Rose and tore 21 yards
before he was knocked out of bounds on the four yard
line. Molenda smashed through center for a touchdown.
Molenda placekicked for the extra point. A few minutes
later Wilson intercepted a Providence pass and ran to
the invaders' 40 yard line. On the first play, Molenda
dropped back to his left and shot the ball to Grove, who
made a good catch and ran 25 yards for a touchdown.
Molenda again kicked the goal and Green Bay led 48 to
20 as the game ended. The officiating led much to be
desired. The game was not rough as both teams played
clean football, but the officials missed calling several
rule infractions.
PROVIDENCE - 0 7 13 0 - 20
GREEN BAY - 21 7 0 20 - 48
1st - GB - Englemann, 29-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - GB - Englemann, 30-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
1st - GB - Engelmann, 80-yard kickoff return (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - PR - Oran Pape, 1-yard run (Deck Shelly kick) GREEN BAY 21-7
2nd - GB - Dilweg lateral from Blood after pass from Grove (28 yards) (Grove kick) GREEN BAY 28-7
3rd - PR - Pape, 10-yard pass from Shelley (Shelly kick failed) GREEN BAY 28-13
3rd - PR - Pape, 6-yard pass from Shelley (Shelley kick) GREEN BAY 28-20
4th - GB - Wilson, 51-yard run (Grove kick failed) GREEN BAY 34-20
4th - GB - Molenda, 4-yard run (Molenda kick) GREEN BAY 41-20
4th - GB - Grove, 36-yard pass from Molenda (Molenda kick) GREEN BAY 48-20
little city in the country today. With kindest regard for their success Sunday against the Chicago Bears. Sincerely, A Packer fan - C.H."
OCTOBER 31 (Chicago) - The Green Bay Packers, champions of the National Professional Football league for the past two years and undefeated in seven games this season, face the Chicago Bears Sunday at Wrigley field. Advance sales and reservations indicate that the largest crowd to see a professional game since Red Grange made his debut with the Bears in 1925 will watch the champions in action. Green Bay will support its team in its first trip away from City stadium. Eight trains will bring several thousand fans to Chicago. Popular subscription has provided transportation for the Green Bay Lumberjack band...PACKERS BEST IN COUNTRY: Eastern Wisconsin is more interested in the Packers than in the state university. And Chicago shares that interest, for the Packers probably are the best football machine in the country, professional and amateur. When they meet the Bears spectacular football always has been the result. Sunday's engagement is the twenty-second game between the Packers and the Bears. Green Bay has been victorious ten times, the Bears have won eight games and three have been ties. The first game this year, played at Green Bay Sept. 27, resulted in a 7 to 0 victory for the Packers. Until their unexpected defeat last Sunday by the Philadelphia Yellowjackets, the Bears, along with the undefeated Portsmouth eleven, were regarded as the Packers' greatest rivals
in the battle for the 1931 title. The Bears still have the
ability to upset the Packers, although greater team
strength may turn the tide for the invaders. But the
Chicago Cardinals, who met the Packers here two weeks
from Sunday, Portsmouth and the New York Giants, now
that Benny Friedman has rejoined the Gotham team, also
are considered worthy opponents...SEEK THIRD TITLE:
The Packers are the best team ever developed in the
National league. In 1929 they won the title with 12 wins
and 1 tie. Last year, the Packers again fought it out with
the New York Giants with the Bears finishing in third
position. The Packers won 10 games, lost 3 and tied 1.
The Giants won 13 games and lost 4. All of the Packers'
defeats came late in the season and they did not clinch
the title until the final game, a victory over Portsmouth.
The Giants, Bears and Cardinals won from the Packers.
The Bears won two games from the Packers in 1927. The
next meeting between the teams early in 1928 was a 12
to 12 tie. Then the Packers rushed to seven victories in
succession, and the last six held their opponents 
scoreless before the Bears crashed through in the final
game that fall with a 21 to 0 triumph. The rivalry now is in
its eleventh season. in 21 games the Packers have
scored 175 points to the Bears' 157 points...RECORD OF SERIES: When the Packers faltered in the closing days of the 1930 campaign they immediately strengthened the team with new players. That has been an established policy at Green Bay, and it has brought out some splendid players because, in addition to the salaries paid the players, positions are obtained for them. Russ Saunders of Southern California and Hank Bruder of Northwestern were backfield replacements. Gantenbein of Wisconsin at end and Dick Stahlman, an old pro players who still is an excellent tackle, were signed for the line. The Packers have two teams of nearly equal strength. This in itself is an advantage, but they also have perfected a forward passing game which has swept aside all foes by a decisive margin with the exception of the Bears...LEWELLEN KEEPS GOING: Verne Lewellen, who vows this will be his last year of competition, still steps into the backfield when he's needed. And Lewellen not only can run and pass with the best of the youngsters, but he can kick better than any player in the league. Red Dunn, former star at Marquette, sends the team through its paces with a dash that seldom can be stopped. Red's old college teammate, Verne Dilweg, holds down left end at least half of the time. In addition to Saunders at fullback, the Packers have McCrary and Bo Molenda, former Michigan fullback, for the position. Opposed to this array of stars the Bears will have a first string backfield which equals any four of the opponents. Red Grange, at left half, has been playing better than any time in his career. Joe Lintzenich, who was injured last Sunday, will be able to hold his job at right halfback; Carl Brumbaugh, quarterback, and Bronko Nagurski, the bruising fullback, need no introductions. It is fortunate that Lintzenich will be able to play, for his kicking will be needed Sunday...FOUR MAINSTAYS IN LINE: Bert Pearson, center; Link Lyman, tackle; Luke Johnsos and Garland Grange, ends, are the mainstays in the line. Coach Ralph Jones has had the squad at work all week preparing for this game. But when it comes to spirit and determination, the fact that the Packers are coming to town is sufficient to key the Bears to their best efforts. 
Green Bay Packers (7-0) 48, Providence Steamroller (1-3-1) 20
​Sunday October 25th 1931 (at Green Bay)
OCTOBER 26 (Green Bay) - Spellman's end play for
Providence was good to watch. Although he lacks the
size of men like Dilweg and Nash he plays the same
kind of football as these stellar Packer linemen, going
down on punts like a flash and stopping almost
everything thrown at him...What is believed to be the
longest kickoff ever made in the stadium came late in
the game which Englemann booted the ball from his 
own 40 yard line between the uprights and into the
bleacher seats on the east end of the field. The ball
traveled at least 75 yards...Some quick thinking by
Johnny Blood saved the Green Bay team from a safety
in the third quarter. A lateral pass sailed over Johnny's
head and into the end zone where he picked it up. 
Before he could get back into the field of play, three
Providence men boxed him so he passed to Wilson on
the 17 yard line...The officials missed one play late in
the game when Dilweg intercepted a forward pass in
midfield. He was tackled and stopped but the referee
was slow in blowing his whistle and before it tooted
Lavvie threw a lateral pass to Wilson who ran to the 21
yard mark before he was stopped...Nash nearly broke
into the scoring column in the fourth period when he
grabbed a flat pass from Blood deep in Green Bay
territory from punt formation and galloped 35 yards to 
the 30 yard line before Pape caught him from behind...
Milt Gantenbein, Packer end, sustained an injury to his
right thumb that was painful. It happened early in the
third period and Milt had to retire. The thumb nail was
torn loose and the end of his thumb mashed as he
tackled a Providence player behind the line.
OCTOBER 27 (Green Bay) - Special trains will take
fans to and from Chicago Sunday to see the Green Bay
Packers play the Chicago Bears. A special train leaving
Green Bay at 7 a.m Sunday will carry the Lumberjack
band in addition to several hundred fans. This train will
pick up passengers at Manitowoc, Sheboygan and
other cities along the lake shore. Another special will
come down through Appleton, Oshkosh and Fond du
Lac. Green Bay will send about 1,500 fans to the game.
OCTOBER 27 (Chicago) - By losing to Philadelphia on
Sunday, the Chicago Bears earned themselves a tough
week of practice from Coach Ralph Jones, who, while
he blamed nobody in particular for the defeat, spared no
words in talking to the squad yesterday. Today the post
mortems are taboo and all thoughts will be directed 
toward the game with Green Bay at Wrigley field next
Sunday afternoon...PACKERS WIN FIRST, 7-0: Early in
the season, the Bears journeyed to Green Bay and 
were nosed out, 7 to 0. The Packers have what is 
claimed to be the best eleven they have entered in the
National pro league race, but all of the teams in the 
league, with one or two exceptions, are stronger this year, so the ratio of comparative strength is about the same. Joe Lintzenich was the only serious casualty in the Philadelphia battle, and there is doubt that he will be available for Sunday. He is a mainstay in the kicking department as well as in carrying the ball and blocking...NESBITT KICKS 'EM: However, as far as punting goes, Dick Nesbitt proved he is capable of competing with the best. Against the Yellow Jackets Dick had punts of 60 and 65 yards. The Bears' passing attack didn't function so well and Jones will give much attention to it this week. In the matter of lines, the Packers and Bears are about on a par.
OCTOBER 27 (Green Bay) - By losing to Philadelphia
Sunday, the Chicago Bears earned themselves a tough
week of practice from Coach Ralph Jones, who, while
he blamed nobody in particular for the defeat, spared no
words in talking the squad yesterday. Today the post
mortems are taboo and all thoughts will be directed 
toward the game with Green Bay at Wrigley field next
Sunday afternoon...PACKERS WIN FIRST, 7-0: Early in
the season, the Bears journeyed to Green Bay and 
were nosed out, 7 to 0. The Packers have what is
claimed to be the best eleven they have entered in the
National pro league race, but all of the teams in the 
league, with one or two exceptions, are stronger this
year, so the ratio of comparative strength is about the
same. Joe Lintzenich was the only serious casualty in
the Philadelphia battle, and there is doubt that he will 
be available for Sunday. He is a mainstay in the kicking
department as well as in carrying the ball and blocking..
.NESBITT KICKS 'EM: However, as far as the punting
goes, Dick Nesbitt proved he is capable of competing
with the best. Against the Yellow Jackets Dick had
punts of 60 and 65 yards. The Bears' passing attack did
not function so well and Jones will give much attention
to it this week. In the matter of lines, the Packers and
Bears are about on a par.
OCTOBER 28 (Columbus, OH) - Earl (Dutch) Clark,
sensational Portsmouth quarterback, pushed ahead of
the scoring field in the NFL as a result of last Sunday's
Portsmouth-Stapleton game, statistics released today
by Joe F. Carr, league president, reveal. Clark added a 
touchdown and an extra point to run his total to 48, and
to widen the gap between him and John Blood, Green
Bay Packer halfback, who holds second position with
36 points. Most of the leaders failed to add to their 
points in last Sunday's games, which were featured
generally by high scoring. Lewellen remains in third
place, tied with Harold (Red) Grange. The Green Bay and Chicago Bears halfbacks each have 30 points. Presnell of Portsmouth tossed in seven points to follow in order, now having piled up 27 points...ENGLEMANN, PAPE, BURNETT: Wuert Englemann, the former South Dakota State halfback, ran wild in Green Bay's game against Providence, and as a result added three touchdowns to his total. He made all three touchdowns within the first six minutes of play, speeding 80 yards on one kickoff to score, and ran his score to 24 points. Pape of Providence also made three touchdowns Sunday, while Burnett of New York made two and broke into the scoring column. New names in this week's list, representing men who scored for the first time this weekend, are Pape, Providence; Molenda, Green Bay; Shelly, Providence; Lyman, Bears; Joesting, Kaer and Tackwell, Philadelphia; Burnett, Cagle, Wyckoff, Moran and Red Smith, New York; and Canya, Stapleton. The records reveal that 14 Green Bay Packers broke into the scoring column of the National league, as compared to eight for New York, five for Portsmouth and the Chicago Bears, four for Providence, Brooklyn and Cleveland, and three for Philadelphia, Cardinals and Stapleton.
OCTOBER 28 (Columbus, OH) - President Joe F. Carr of the NFL has appointed Robert F. Karch of Columbus to referee the Bear-Green Bay Packer game in Chicago this Sunday. Carl Olson of Gary, Ind., is to umpire, while Ralph Elliott of Fort Wayne, Ind., is to be the head linesman. President Carr considers this Bear-Packer one of the most important of the 1931 pennant race. It is possible that he may attend the game himself.
OCTOBER 28 (Chicago) - Staid Chicaoans do not very often get excited over a professional football game but when the Green Bay Packers come to town football fans generally wend their way to Wrigley field and give the gridders from Wisconsin the once-over with a critical eye. The Packers have won two national championships in succession and the gridiron experts
claim that this year's Green Bay outfit is the best that
ever represented the Wisconsin city...FIRST GAME
AWAY FROM HOME: This will be the first game away
from home this season for the Packers and followers of
the Bears are hoping that the change of scenery won't
benefit the champs. So far this season, Green Bay has
won seven in a row on their home lot. In these games,
​the Packers have scored 181 points to their opponents'
40. Comparing the score sheets, the Bears don't look
so hot as they have dropped two of their games. 
Incidentally the Chicago gridders have scored 59 points
while their opponents have chalked up 33...4,000
BADGERS COMING: According to Owner George S.
Halas of the Bears, some 4,000 Wisconsin fans will be
at the game Sunday to back the Packers. Mr. Halas 
has received word from Green Bay that both the 
Milwaukee and Northwestern railroads are running 
excursions to Chicago, while hundreds of others plan to
motor here. A section of the grandstand has been reserved for the Packer followers and only wearers of the "Packer tags" will be housed in this sector. The labels are being distributed for free of charge by the railways and the Football corporation in Green Bay...BIG SALE OF TICKETS: The Bear management has sent large blocks of tickets to Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison and Racine and reports have been received here that the pasteboards are being snapped up. Visiting football fans need not worry about a sellout, however, as the Cubs ball park, where the game will be played, has a seating capacity of about 45,000. Never in the history of postgraduate football here has a game drawn withing 15,000 of a sellout crowd.
OCTOBER 28 (Chicago) - There is every indication that the Bears-Green Bay Packers game Sunday afternoon at Wrigley field will set a Chicago attendance record for the National Pro Football league. Already the advance sale is far above that of any game ever scheduled here by the Bears. The forthcoming battle, the second of the series this season, the Packers having won the first at Green Bay, 7 to 0, will be the 21st renewal of the rivalry that dates back ten years. It will afford the Bears an opportunity to tie the Wisconsin eleven in the matter of victories. The record now stands nine wins for the Packers, eight for the Bears and three ties.
OCTOBER 29 (Philadelphia) - Although the Philadelphia Yellowjackets are having a hard time making the grade financially in National league competition, and Nate Barragar, center, was sent to Green Bay in a deal with the Packers, the team will continue to play at least for another week, it was announced here today. The game with Portsmouth Saturday will be staged, but beyond that plans are uncertain. The Philadelphia management is trying to straighten out affairs so that the season can be completed.
OCTOBER 31 (Green Bay) - They'll be coming down the pike on Sheffield and Addison streets in Chicago tomorrow, jamming the thoroughfares as they have seldom been jammed to see the professional football classic of the year. Did we say classic? Yes. It will be all that when the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers meet for the second time this season at the Chicago Cubs ball park on the north side. It will be the
first game of the season for the Green Bay champions away from home. A victory in this battle will serve as a good indication that the Packers are on their way to a third straight championship. A defeat may mean that they will be forced to relinquish their stranglehold. Regardless of the outcome, it will be one of the outstanding football games of the year and probably a
record crowd will be on hand. The feud between Green
Bay and the Chicago Bears is the oldest in professional
football history. It dates back 11 years with the Packers
holding a slight edge with ten victories. The Bears have
won eight and three were ties. In 21 games, the Bays
have scored 175 points to the Bears' 157. In recent
years, the Packers have held the edge over the Bears
but in earlier periods of competition the Bears had the
advantage. Beginning in 1928, the Packers started a
string of seven victories before the Bears upset them 
late last year, 21 to 0. In six of those seven games the
Packers held the Bears scoreless. When the series
was renewed early this season, the Packers opened
with a 7 to 0 victory here. That win was one of the seven
straight taken by the Packers to give them a clean
slate on their home field. It was, however, the hardest
game of the year for the Packers. Grueling line play with
neither side giving an inch without the bitterest kind of
opposition featured the battle. The Packers clicked on
one play and scored, added the extra point and then
settled back to hard, conservative football. Indications
are that Sunday's game will be a much more open affair
with both teams using the overhead game frequently.
Forward pass attacks have been improved by both
squads since the first battle and, as a result, fans
probably will see the overhead play used with precision
and accuracy. Leading the Chicago attack will be Red
Grange, who has been playing greater football this year
than ever before. With him will be Brumbaugh, Florida
quarterback, Lintzenich, also a new man in the pro
game, Bronko Nagurski, giant Minnesota fullback to 
carry the brunt of the backfield work. Alternating with
these men will be Walquist, a veteran with the Bears,
Molesworth, Nesbitt and Franklin, all good performers.
On the line, with ends as capable as Johnsos, Drury 
and Garland Grange, the Bears will be able to stop
most of the Packer flanker plays. Linemen such as
Lyman, Hibbs, Schuette, Pearson, McMullen and
Trafton also rate with any of the circuit and it will be
hard going over or through them. Capt. E.L. Lambeau of
the Packers plans to start his strongest squad. Nate
Barragar, who joined the team this week, may be
among those in uniform and play part of the game. The
Green Bay team will be weaker than usual at the wing
positions as Dilweg, Nash and Gantenbein are suffering
with ailments or minor injuries. Dilweg has been in bed
for three days with a bad cold and has been able to
take only the lightest kind of nourishment for the past
two days. As a result, he will be weak and probably not
be able to play the full game as he usually does against
the Chicagoans. Tom Nash's injured shoulder has not
mended completely and Gantenbein will have to play
with his right thumb in a cast due to an injury sustained
last week. If necessary, Coach Lambeau can use
Hubbard or Stahlman at end positions as they have
played them before and know how to handle the jobs.
The rest of the players are in good shape and will be
able to play the full 60 minutes if necessary. Special
trains, automobiles and bus lines will carry fans from all
over Wisconsin to the game. It is estimated that
approximately 4,000 fans from Wisconsin, including
about 1,000 from Green Bay, will be on hand for the
game. Both Milwaukee road and Northwestern road special trains will carry fans to the game. It was announced today by Northwestern officials that all trains will stop at the Wilson-ave. station for convenience of fans. A train that leaves Chicago at 5 p.m. will stop at the Wilson-ave. station at 5:10 and if fans go direct to the station from the park, they probably can catch this train.
NOVEMBER 1 (Chicago) - The Bears and Green Bay Packers will clash at Wrigley field this afternoon in the twenty-first game of their professional football series. The game will be played before one of the largest crowds that ever saw a pro battle in Chicago. The kickoff will be at 2:15 o'clock. The record of the teams reads nine victories for Green Bay, eight for the north siders and three ties. The Packers have scored 176 points to 145 for the Bears. The Bears dominated the series from 1921 to 1928. During those years the Bears won nine out of twelve, with one tie. Following the 12-12 ties in 1928, the Packers scored seven consecutive victories. The Bears broke the string in 1930 with a 21 to 0 triumph...PACKERS SEEK EIGHTH IN A ROW: The Packers will be seeking their eighth victory of the year, fighting to regain their tie with the Portsmouth Spartans for the lead of the league. The Bears have lost two starts. One of them was to the Packers in an early game this season at Green Bay. The score was 7 to 0 and, while the Wisconsin team gained more ground from scrimmage than did the Bears, the latter offset it by a great aerial attack. The Packers admit they are faced with a crucial game. They stepped out and obtained Nate Barrager, one of the best centers in the league from the Philadelphia Yellow Jackets last week. Nate will strengthen the reserves, and in this respect the Packers lead the league. It is likely that Coach Curly Lambeau, who is in his 13th year with Green Bay, will start Russ Saunders, the former Southern California fullback. Russ is in the first year in the National league...DRURY REPLACES GARLAND GRANGE: Coach Jones of the Bears is expected to start practically the same lineup used in the last two games with the exception of Drury at end in place of Garland Grange, and Nesbitt, who will open in place of Joe Lintzenich. Lintzenich probably will be able to play during part of the game. Red Grange, who leads the Bears in average gain from scrimmage, is ready to go against the Packers, who stopped him consistently in the early season game. The Packers have the same respect for Bronko Nagurski, who is acknowledged the hardest hitting back in the game, as the Bears have for the prowess of Verne Lewellen, one of the best kickers and ball carriers in the National league, and Red Dunn, who directs the Green Bay attack. Between halves, two boys' teams, the Ramblers and the Barry Avenue Cubs, will meet.
OCTOBER 30 (Green Bay) - Nate Barragar, center of the University of Southern California eleven in 1929 reported for practice with the Packers here today. The Green Bay Football corporation completed a deal today with the Philadelphia Yellowjackets for Barragar after about 10 days negotiations. Barragar should be a valuable addition to the national champions. He weighs 220 pounds and is but 25 years old. He is an aggressive performer and his brilliant play this game with the downtrodden Yellowjackets has been one of the high spots of the professional football season. Barragar's home town is San Fernando, Cal., where he was a high school star before entering Southern Californian. Nate was a frosh ace at USC and then played three years of varsity football. One season he was used as a running guard. Russ Saunders, Packer back, was a teammate of Barragar's at USC, both on the freshman team and varsity elevens. Both received all-American mention in their senior year...SECOND YEAR OF PRO BALL: This is only the second year that Barrager has played professional football. He started with the Minneapolis Redjackets last fall. When the Gopher outfit went on the financial rocks during the first week in November, Barragar, along with Joesting, Wilson, Ward, Nydahl, Pharmer and a number of other Redjackets' luminaries were sold to the Philadelphia Yellowjackets. At this time, the Packers picked up Ken Haycraft, end; Chief Franta, tackle and Orin Paper, halfback, who were also members of the Minneapolis club. None of these gridders, however, remained long on the Packer payroll. When the 1930 all-American pro football team was selected, the choice for the center position was very close. Hagberg, Brooklyn, got eight votes; Westoupal, New York, seven and Barragar six. This placed the former Southern California star on the third squad. It is seldom a first year man ever makes the grade on any of the three all-star teams but Barragar, along with Bronko Nagurski, was so honored last season. Neither Hagberg nor Westoupal are playing professional football this fall. Hagberg has a diseased bone in his shoulder while Westoupal's health is bad and he is living on a ranch in Arizona.
OCTOBER 30 (Green Bay) - Coach E.L. Lambeau and his Green Bay Packer football squad, 22 strong, will leave for Chicago over the Milwaukee road at 12:30 p.m. Saturday. A special parlor car will carry the national champions on the train which is scheduled to reach the Illinois metropolis at 5:45 p.m. During their sojourn in Chicago, the Packer headquarters will be at the Knickerbocker hotel, which is located across from the Drake, where the Green Bay club stayed when playing the Bears in 1930..."SEE YOU IN CHICAGO": "See you in Chicago", that is a favorite expression in Green Bay this week and it is safe to say that hundreds are going from here, not to mention other hundreds from all over Wisconsin and upper Michigan. Both the Milwaukee and Northwestern roads are running special excursions for the game. However, the railroads won't carry all the Packer followers as many automobile parties will hit the trail for the Windy City late Saturday or in the early hours Sunday morning. From all parts of the state come stories about the Packer invasion of Chicago this week. A special excursion is running out of Madison while from Wisconsin Rapids some two dozen fans have arranged for airplane jaunts to the Windy City. Representatives of the railroads here also report that upper Michigan will be well represented as there is a brisk demand in Ishpeming, Escanaba, Gladstone and other points north. The football ticket demand continues brisk both here and in Chicago. According to George Halas, owner of the Bears, the advance sear sale in Chicago has broken all records. There is a lot of business at the Packer headquarters in the Columbus club and the box seat tickets have been moving so fast that the Bear management Wednesday noon was requested to airmail another 150 reserved sears. These were put on sale here today...PICK UP TICKETS: E.A. Spachmann, director of Packer ticket sales here, who is in charge of disposal of tickets for the Bear game, announces that all reservations must be picked up by Friday night as the Football corporation's agreement with the Chicago Bears provides that all unsold tickets must be returned to Chicago not later than noon Saturday. The Packer followers will occupy Sections D and E at Wrigley field. These two sections, which will be roped off, can seat about 3,000 rooters. Only wearers of Packer tickets will be seated in the Green Bay sections. These "labels" are being distributed free here by the Milwaukee and Northwestern roads and the Football corporation.
OCTOBER 29 (Green Bay) - The Community Chest will be unable to avail itself of the offer of the Green Bay Football corporation to turn over its receipts for the Packer-Stapleton game here on Nov. 8 to charity, Frank H. Bogda, president of the chest, has notified the football club. While the Community chest officials appreciate the generous offer of the Packers, they feel that to realize any substantial sum from the game an intensive ticket campaign would have to be carried on and in view of the fact that the chest has just about asked a large number of volunteers to solicit funds during the annual autumn drive, it would be an imposition to ask them to go out again so soon and sell tickets for the game. However, the chest has asked the Football corporation, if conditions require it, to place the first game of next season at the disposal of the charity organization. President Bogda's letter follows: "While greatly appreciating the offer of the Green Bay Football corporation to turn over the game with Stapleton on November 8 for the purposes of adding to the Community chest fund, we regret our inability to take advantage of the opportunity at this time. In order to realize any substantial sum of money from this game, it would be necessary to do a great deal of work selling tickets and making other arrangements. A systematic ticket sale campaign would have to be inaugurated. The workers who so generously gave of their time and effort in the recent successful drive for funds have been disbanded, and it is felt that it would be an imposition to again ask them to enlist in this work. Our position in this matter has been explained to the officers of the Football corporation and they have assured us that should conditions require it, that they will be glad to place the first game of next season at our disposal with the same agreement. Under the circumstances we feel that the matter had better remain that way for the present."
OCTOBER 29 (Chicago) - Next to handing their local
rivals, the Cardinals, a beating, the Chicago Bears
would rather conquer the league leading Green Bay
Packers than any other eleven in the National league,
and they are confident that Sunday at Wrigley field will
be a Bear duty. There is a definite basis for this feeling
on the Bears' squad, which dates back to Sept. 27, 
when the Packers scored a 7 to 0 victory. The Packers
had the advantage of almost two weeks in practice over
the Bears and also had played two games to one for
the Bears...BEARS OUTGAIN WINNERS: In the first
Packer game the Bears made nine first downs to five for the Packers. The Packers gained 90 yards from scrimmage to 33 yards for the Bears but the latter completed six forward passes for 93 yards to one for Green Bay for 9 yards. Statistics for the five league games played by the Bears show that Red Grange is the all around star. Grange has carried the ball 56 times from scrimmage for a total of 308 yards and an average of 5.5 yards, topping his newest rivals, Nagurski and Nesbitt, who are tied for second place, by half a yard average...RED ALSO LEADS SCORING: In scoring Grange also dominates the squad, with five touchdowns. Grange also figured in nine of the 21 forward passes completed, being on the throwing end of five and the receiver of four, the latter resulting in a total gain of 56 yards. 
OCTOBER 30 (Chicago) - "Give us fair weather on Sunday and the Bear-Packer game will draw the biggest crowd that ever witnessed a professional football game in the middle west," said George S. Halas, president of the Bears. "The advanced seat sale has exceeded our fondest dreams," continued Halas. "And the tickets we have sent to Green Bay and other Wisconsin points are being disposed of rapidly. It is my guess that the crowd Sunday will be in the neighborhood of 35,000."
OCTOBER 30 (Green Bay) - The stage is all set for the Packer invasion of Chicago, and, unless all signs fail, there will be about 2,000 Green Bay fans at Wrigley field Sunday cheering Coach Lambeau's club in their crucial tilt with the Bears. The team is in fair shape. Lavvie Dilweg has been laid up two days with a bad cold and sore throat but Dr. W.W. Kelly, Packer physician, still hopes to get the big end on his feet in time to leave with the club Saturday noon over the St. Paul for the Windy City. Tom Nash's sore shoulder is limbering up fairly well while Dick Stahlman has forgotten all about the aches and pains in his shin bone. Gantenbein's finger is still sore as he is losing his nail but the injured digit will be put in a cast before Sunday's game so the former Wisconsin star can carry on...MINUS LUMBERJACK ATTIRE: This year the Green Bay Legion band will make the trip to Chicago without their lumberjack attire. Their regular marching uniforms will be used and the musicians expect to make a bigger hit than ever. The Packers' song will be played between halves and the Green Bay rooters will probably raise the roof of the grandstands at Wrigley field singing the chorus. All ticket reservations for the Bear game made at the Packer headquarters must be picked up by 10 p.m. tonight as the office will be closed on Saturday. However, the Bear management has assumed President L.H. Joannes of the Green Bay Football corporation that there will be plenty of seats available for Sunday's game. Fans leaving here without tickets can pick them up in Chicago. Ticket windows at Wrigley field will be opened promptly at 12 noon Sunday. Packer tags, which admit wearers to the Green Bay sections, will be available at both the Northwestern and Milwaukee railroad stations until the last excursion trains leave for Chicago and some of the Packer officials will have an emergency supply of tags on hand to take care of the latecomers.
OCTOBER 30 (Chicago) - Viewed solely from the box office standpoint, professional football does not yet rank with the rah rah brand, but there is evidence that the game is gaining in popularity. Chicago this weekend will be host to one of the biggest attractions on the pro gridirons - the Green Bay Packers versus the Bears. George Halas, owner of the Chicago club and a pioneer in the promotional field, predicts that nearly 30,000 will pay their way into Wrigley field to watch the game. The biggest crowd that ever has ever seen a pro game in Chicago was 32,000 on Thanksgiving 1925. That was the day Red Grange made his debut with the Bears. The Cardinals provided the opposition. Three years later Benny Friedman came along with his New York Giants to attract 24,000. Business this year, depression or no, has been better than last. Mr. Halas reports an increase of 15 percent in net profits to date and his major attractions - Green Bay twice, Portsmouth and a return game with the Cardinals - have yet to be played. Dr. David Jones, owner of the Cardinals, likewise states revenue from football exceeds 1930 earnings...The technical value of professional football no longer needs to be defended. I have seen more than one college coach in the stands at Wrigley field watching the Cardinals or Bears and it is my opinion that they were not there to be invigorated by the zippy breezes off Lake Michigan but to study the finished fundamental work salaried men invariably display. Pro football may be lacking in color and popular appeal but it comes close to perfection in the basic patterns of technique. There is a player who will appear with Green Bay Sunday for whom Chicagoans have particular regard. He is Russell Saunders, who used to cavort in the backfield for Southern California. The last time Saunders appeared in Chicago was at Soldiers' field in 1929 against Notre Dame's national championship team. You may recall that he was the young man who returned a kickoff 95 yards for a touchdown. I have been watching Notre Dame play the best teams in the country since the late Knute Rockne became head coach, but I never saw an opposing player run through the team like that. I am wondering if Saunders can repeat that spirit in professional football.
OCTOBER 30 (Milwaukee) - Some 500 Milwaukee fans are expected to be in the stands at Wrigley field, Chicago, Sunday afternoon when the Bears and Green Bay Packers clash in a National league game, which will go a long way towards deciding the 1931 professional championship. The Phil Gross Hardware Co., has sold over 300 tickets for the game while many of Milwaukee fans have been buying direct from the Bear management in Chicago.
OCTOBER 30 (Green Bay) - Portsmouth kept its record clean in the National league by taking Stapleton into camp, 20 to 7. The teams went into the fourth quarter on even terms, 7-7, but the Spartans made two touchdowns in the final minutes...The Chicago Cardinals took advantage on an open league date by journeying to to Moline, Ill., and giving a football lesson to the Rock Island pro eleven, 45 to 13. Back in the olden days, Rock Island was a league headliner...Morton Kaer, California flash, has not been so hot with Philadelphia in the early games but he came through against the Bears. He returned one punt for 85 yards and a touchdown. It was a brilliant performance...Chris Cagle is coming into his own with New York. The former West Point star is proving to be a good gate attraction and his brilliant play behind the line is making him a hero with the rabid New York fans...It must have seemed like old times for Duke Slater to be back in Rock Island again. That is where he made his debut as a pro footballer. The Duke celebrated his return by falling on a blocked punt for a touchdown...Dutch Clark continues to set the pace for the National league point scorers. The Portsmouth flash increased his lead by making a touchdown in the Stapleton game as Johnny Blood, the Green Bay back, did not count...Bull Behman, veteran Philadelphia tackle, still has his troubles when playing against the Bears. The Quakers' veteran forward was given the gate by Referee Jim Durfee for using his hands to freely on the Bruin linemen...Shelly, one of the newcomers in the Providence backfield, is making quite a stir on the postgraduate gridirons. The Texas recruit is a splendid passer; he kicks fairly well and his defensive work is first class...Link Lyman has broken into the ranks of the score makers. In the Philadelphia game, Bronko Nagurski, Bear fullback, fumbled as he crossed the goal line but Lyman hopped on the oval and made the touchdown for the Chicagoans...Wyckoff, New York Giant fullback, gave the Polo Grounds spectators a treat when he intercepted a Brooklyn pass in the third quarter and raced 72 yards for a touchdown. When Wyckoff get out in the open, he is hard to stop...Portsmouth had a tough weekend schedule. Saturday, the Spartans are billed for an engagement in Philadelphia against the Yellowjackets while on Sunday, the Ohioans will strut their stuff with the Giants in New York...The Chicago Cardinals will make a bid for their first victory in the National league this Sunday when they tackle the Dodgers in Brooklyn. To date, Nevers & Co. is the only club without a win in the pennant race...There should be a lot of footballs flying around in this Sunday's Stapleton-Providence combat as both teams are past masters in the aerial attack. The Stapes will be at home and they are pretty tough in their own backyard...Marion Harmon, star tackle for Southern Methodist university, injured himself without going on the field. He twisted his shoulder pulling his jersey over his head.
OCTOBER 31 (Chicago) - Perennial renewal of the National professional football league's most traditional rivalry will bring together at Wrigley Field Sunday afternoon the Chicago Bears, strong contenders for the league title, and the Green Bay Packers, undefeated for the 1931 season and champions the previous two seasons. The Packers were scheduled to arrive in Chicago late Saturday afternoon, and will be in top shape for the opening kickoff at Wrigley Field, at 2 o'clock. The signing of Barragar, onetime Southern California center and now one of the best pivot men in the National league, has strengthened the Packer wall which apparently needed no strengthening. Such super linemen as Michalske, Stahlman, Dilweg, Nash, Sleight, Earpe and Don Carlos will be trotted upon the field Sunday, to clear the way for a speeding set of backs which have aided materially in running up 182 points on seven Packer opponents in the early games of the season. The Packers will be playing away from their home field for the first time on Sunday. They have just finished running up an impressive string of 23 consecutive home victories against the strongest teams the National league could throw against them, and have not been defeated at Green Bay since 1928. A Packer-Bear game played in Chicago, however, is another thing. On the occasion of the last invasion by the champions, they were smartly set down by Grange, Nagurski and the Bears in a defeat which came very near to costing them their second consecutive National league pennant. In addition to being spurred on by their traditional rivalry, the Bears also have a sting of a one point victory administered to them last Sunday by the Philadelphia Yellowjackets. When the Bear-Philadelphia score was announced at City Stadium in Green Bay, just prior to the end of the Packer-Providence game there last week, howls of joy went up from the Green Bay stands, the indications are that a banner delegation of Wisconsin rooters, probably totaling 3,500 men and women from Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison and other Badger cities, will follow the Packers to Chicago to witness Sunday's contest. Games this weekend assume vital importance to the National league standings. With Portsmouth facing Philadelphia on Saturday and New York on Sunday, and the Packers clashing with the Bears, some startling mathematical results may be possible if the god of the game prove unkind.
OCTOBER 31 (Chicago) - The largest crowd ever to see a National Professional Football league game in Chicago is expected at Wrigley field tomorrow afternoon for the second meeting of the season between the Green Bay Packers and the Bears. This is indicated by the largest advance sale in the ten year history of the north side club. The record gate was attracted by Red Grange in his professional debut in 1925, when 32,000 paid to see the Bears play the Cardinals.
OCTOBER 31 (Green Bay) - "Dear Art: Now that the Packers are Chicago bound, and may not see this excerpt, I wish to send on a little goodwill tidings for Packer fandom. After witnessing Lavvie Dilweg's and Johnny Blood's smart and thrilling performances this season at Packer stadium, I believe they could, if elected, guide the destinies of the United State as president and vice-president, and have the 125,00,000 people thrill at their government. As for Mr. Englemann, arrange a cross-country run between he and Lindbergh with his plane, New York to Los Angeles. The disadvantages to Mr. Englemann first would be getting by the Furniture Mart building, Chicago; second, his parents' home in South Dakota and third, the Rocky Mountains. Englemann's great advantage would be that he could always look up and see where Lindbergh was, whereas, Lindy would not be able to keep track of Wuert in the heavy traffic and naturally Englemann should win heads-up in gazelle fashion. Curly Lambeau should succeed General Pershing as head of the U.S. Army. Curly knows his men, their skill and strategy, which keeps Green Bay the biggest