​(GREEN BAY) - "The everlastin' team work of every
bloomin' soul". What more could be said in praise of the
Green Bay Packers play in their 26 to 0 victory over a
good Stapleton eleven here Sunday? What more could
be said about linemen who opened holes; of backs who
found them; of backs who blocked; of great defensive
work that stopped every Stapleton threat? It was team
work that won the first game here against Cleveland;
that beat the Bears twice; that trimmed every other 
team the Packers met this year to run the Green Bay
string to nine straight for the year and to 24 straight
victories on the local field; to bring two straight national
championships here - and to put the Packers in a
commanding position for a third championship, for the
Portsmouth Spartans lost to the Chicago Bears Sunday
and Green Bay now has a two game lead over the field.
They can lose one game on their road trip and still bring
home the title.
There was plenty of the spectacular to delight fans at
the final game of the year here. There were many 
passes, both lateral and forwards, good straight football,
hard tackling and blocking, smart football, and, all in all,
an interesting battle to watch. The Stapleton club has 
good team - one that will win many games, but against
the Packers they fared as all others have fared. They
gained at times. They completed passes on other
occasions, but never consistently and only once were
they able to go beyond the Packer 15-yard line and on
that occasion, the Packer line stiffened, as it always
stiffens, and the invaders were thrown back. The game
brought out many chances for individuals to come into
the limelight. It brought out Hank Bruder, Northwestern's
ace last year, at his best, as a blocker, as a ball carrier
and a great defensive player. It brought out Fitzgibbons
in a clever exhibition of quarterback play, both on the
offense and defense; Barragar, the new Packer center,
as a mainstay in the Green Bay line; Dilweg as an
expert on pass defense besides his consistent all-
around play; the imitable Johnny Blood still in great 
form, catching forward passes and running for scores;
and Mule Wilson in his own again, to mention only a
few. But as these men appeared in the limelight, the
"everlastin' team work" put them there. When Bruder or
Saunders or Wilson sliced through for a gain, it was
because of Comstock, or Michalske, or Sleight, or 
some other linemen did the thing that few fans see. 
They opened the hole. When a pass was completed,
again linemen and backs did as they should do. They
blocked out men who tried to get to the passer, they
faked to the right or left to draw out the secondary. 
There was team-work on every play, so much of it we
could go on indefinitely, picking out play after play, and
explain how it was successful because of those two
The Stapleton team tried hard to stop the Packer
parade. They had plenty of good, big men in the game
who smashed down Green Bay ball carriers, but, as
often as they stopped, the Packers would smash again.
The Packers counted in every quarter. They pushed
over the goal twice in the second period, but one
"touchdown" was called back, after McCrary had sliced
through for a 40 yard run to cross the goal, and the
Packers penalized for offsides. Once in the third period,
the Packers marched down to the four year line but the
Stapes fought like tigers to keep them from crossing
the last stripe and succeeded, Stapleton taking the ball
and punting out of bounds, only to have the Bays come
right back again to score. Ken Strong, perhaps the best
open field runner in the league, was bottled up most of
the time by alert Green Bay men. He raced back with
punts and kickoffs for gains of 20 and 30 and even 40
yards, but always when it appeared as if he would get
into the clear, some Packer player would get into the
clear, some Packer player would drag him down. He got
loose early in the game and went to midfield by some
clever open field running, but Fitzgibbons brought him
down with a great tackle. Ken was equally impressive
on defensive, getting more than his share of tackles. On
one occasion, Wilson broke through left tackle and
raced 35 yards before Strong made a diving tackle on
the 45 yard line to bring him down. Strong was the only
man between Wilson and the goal. Strong received
considerable support from McClain, the big Indian
fullback, who formerly played with Portsmouth, in the
backfield. On the line, Rapp, at center, and Garvey, at
guard, (the latter playing with Notre Dame a few years
ago) were outstanding performers. Kanya also came in
for considerable work and showed to good advantage.
The Packers started a march from their own 35 yard
line to score their first touchdown. Fitzgibbons,
Englemann and McCrary carried the brunt of the attack,
smashing down on quick opening plays. First it was Englemann over left guard for four yards and then McCrary on a spinner for seven and a first down. Another spinner, an end run by Wilson, another crack at the line by McCrary, and it was a first down in midfield. On they went, first over one side of the line, then the other, cracking the Stapleton forward wall until they reached the 38 yard mark. Then the Packers opened up with the overhead game. Fitzgibbons dropped back and passed to Englemann, who went for a 14 yard gain to the 12 yard line. A pass play failed with a five yard loss by Fitzgibbons dropped back again and waited for Lavvie Dilweg to break straight out then cut sharply to his right. Fitzgibbons gave Lavvie a big lead on a pass, but the tall end galloped and then stretched out his long arms and dragged down the ball. He continued a few yards and crossed the goal line standing up. Then came another surprise. Wilson dropped back for an apparent placement with Ftizgibbons holding the ball. Barragar passed it and Fitzgibbons jumped to his feet and shot a forward pass to Lavvie again, who faded to the left to catch the ball in the end zone for the extra point. A few minutes later, Mule Wilson found a hole at left tackle. He shook loose from one tackler and sidestepped another. Englemann blocked out a third man and Mule galloped. He outraced two other men and got to the 45-yard line with only Strong standing in his way. Strong faked a tackle from Mule's left, then charged in and brought him down by one foot. It was a spectacular play with a spectacular climax with Mule traveling 35 yards before he was cut down.
The teams lined up again and McCrary took the ball. He hesitated just a second and then cut back over the weak side as teammates faked the play to the right. Right between two men he dashed and both missed him. He sidestepped Feather and twirled out of the grasp of Yablak, fourth man who tried to get him, and kept on going, outrunning the rest of the field to go 45 yards for a touchdown. But the head linesman's whistle sounded and the play was called back and the Packers were penalized for offside. A short time after this play Ken Strong, from punt formation, broke around the Packer right end. He dodged, squirmed and pivoted pass every Packer except Fitzgibbons, who made a flying tackle and brought him down in midfield after a run of 20 yards. The rest of the period was uneventful and neither side threatened in the early minutes of the second quarter, but just before halftime the Packers scored again with Johnny Blood doing the honors. A Stapleton gamble that did not succeed paved the way for the Packer touchdown. The Stapes needed less than a yard for a first down in the Packer territory and elected to try for it on fourth down. They failed when Baker fumbled and the Packers took the ball. Wilson ripped through left tackle for four yards and Saunders dropped back and passed to Dunn for eight yards and a first down. Stapleton was penalized 15 yards for tripping and it was the Packers' ball on the Stapleton 40-yard line. Dunn then dropped back and as Blood ran to his right and then cut back to the flat zone, he passed the ball. Johnny took it out of the air and galloped about 20 yards to score. There wasn't a man near him. Dunn's kick from placement was wide and the Packers held a 13 to 0 lead as the half ended a few minutes later.
Bruder's smashes - and how he smashed - together with occasional bucks and spinners by Saunders brought the ball from the Packer 30-yard line to the Stapleton 4-yard mark shortly after the start of the third period, but the invaders stopped the threat in the shadow of their goal and punted out. Again the Packers went to work, plowing down from their own territory and going over this time. In the first march, a smash over right guard by Bruder for 15 yards and another by Saunders through right tackle for 13 yards were outstanding gains. When the Packers reached the four-yard mark with four downs to make a touchdown, the Stapes played great ball, breaking up all four plays, the final a forward pass to Blood over the goal line. The Stapes then took the ball on their own 20-yard line and punted out to the Packer 35-yard mark. Sleight shifted to right end in Nash's place and grabbed a pass from Blood, from punt formation, catching the Stapes off their guard. He was hauled down on the 50-yard line. Bruder then cracked center and kept on going. Blood raced with him and took out one man. Bruder plowed to the 25-yard line where Clancy caught him from the side. Blood then crashed around right end nine yards and Saunders made it a first down on the 13-yard line on a spinner. Again Blood took the ball on a delayed buck play and raced along around left end for a touchdown. Dunn kicked for the extra point and it was good. Once in the third period, the Packers tried a tricky lateral and forward pass play that didn't work. Undaunted, they tried it again in the final period - and it was good for a touchdown.
A lateral pass play from Saunders to Blood was good for a first down on the 38-yard line early in the fourth period, but an attempted pass lost 15 yards and the Packers punted, Baker fumbling on the 25-yard line and Michalske recovering for Green Bay. Saunders cracked through center for eight yards but the ball bounded from his arms into a Stapleton man's hands and Stapleton punted out. After an exchange of punts, Blood intercepted a Stapleton pass on his own 25-yard line. Fitzgibbons then circled left end for a 20-yard gain and on the next play passed to Blood for 14 yards to put the ball in midfield. Then came the lateral and forward pass play again. Fitzgibbons got the ball and dodged to his right. He passed it backwards to Blood, who was at Fitzgibbons' right and about five yards behind him. Blood shot the ball to Bruder, who had faked straight ahead and then cut to his right. Hank made a great catch, pivoted away from Cunningham, reversed his field as three Stapleton men charged at him, evaded them and then weaved through the rest of the Stapes 40 yards for a touchdown. Tom Nash blocked out Baker near the goal line and Bruder went over standing up. Molenda's try for the extra point by a plunge failed and the game ended a few minutes later.
STATEN ISLAND - 0 0 0 0 -  0
GREEN BAY     - 7 6 7 6 - 26
1st - GB - Dilweg, 17-yard pass from Fitzgibbons (Dilweg pass from Fitzgibbons) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Blood, 40-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick failed) GREEN BAY 13-0
3rd - GB - Blood, 13-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 20-0
4th - GB - Bruder, 25-yard lateral from Blood after pass from Fitzgibbons (Molenda run failed) GREEN BAY 26-0
Green Bay Packers (9-0) 26, Stapleton Stapes (2-4-1) 0
​Sunday November 8th 1931 (at Green Bay)
NOVEMBER 9 (Green Bay) - Joseph "Red" Dunn may be fast on the football field but he wasn't fast enough to catch a hit-and-run driver Saturday night. Dunn reported that as he was at dinner at his Milwaukee home, he heard a crash. Looking out, he saw that a motorist had run into his parked car. Dunn ran out to see the driver scoot up the street. Dunn chased the motorist but couldn't catch him...In the first period, Strong passed to Cunningham in Green Bay territory, Lavvie Dilweg batting the ball into Cunningham's hands. Strong tried the play again, but this time Lavvie batted
the ball in the other direction and Cunningham didn't
have a chance to get it...Early in the second period,
Dilweg figured in a play that brought a laugh from fans.
Strong had returned a short Green Bay punt to the Bay
29-yard line and then tried a pass. Dilweg intercepted it
and started down the south side of the field. Referee
Meyer Morris got into the way and was promptly spilled
as Gantenbein blocked him unintentionally...After a low
pass on a punt play in the second period, Wilson could
not get off the kick so had to run. He circled right end
behind some great blocking by Gantenbein but he was
run out of bounds on the 45-yard line after a 15-yard 
gain...Red Sleight Sunday caught his second pass 
since joining the Packer team. The Packers used him 
on end to go down on punts last Sunday in the Bear
game and passed to him on one play. Yesterday the
performance was repeated for a 15-yard gain. The day
was perfect for football. In the first half fans were
comfortable without overcoats but in the closing half,
the wind became chilly. Approximately 7,000 fans saw
the game...The Packers will remain in Green Bay until
Saturday morning when they entrain for Chicago to 
meet the Cardinals Sunday. After the Cardinal game
they return to Green Bay until Thursday, Nov. 19. On
that day they begin their eastern trip, playing in New
York Nov. 22. The Philadelphia game, scheduled Nov.
29, is uncertain, but on Nov. 29, the Packers meet the
Brooklyn team before returning to Chicago to play the
Bears on Dec. 6. A tentative date with Portsmouth on
Dec. 13 also remains...The team is in good shape. No
one was injured in Sunday's game and the only player
on the hospital list is Verne Lewellen. Lew injured his
shoulder in the Bear game and may not be able to 
make the eastern trip.
NOVEMBER 10 (Columbus) - Earl (Dutch) Clark's drive
toward the National professional football league's high
scoring honors has been cut short for the 1931 season,
and John Blood, Green Bay Packer backfield ace, has
climbed to tie the Portsmouth quarter for the circuit
leadership, statistics released today by President Joe
F. Carr revealed. Clark incurred two broken ribs and 
other injuries in Sunday's Portsmouth-Bear game at
Chicago, and he has been laid on the shelf for the
remainder of the Spartans' schedule, according to 
reports from Portsmouth. Blood, however, was anything
but idle over the weekend. Her chalked up a pair of
touchdowns while the Packers were defeating the
Stapleton Stapes, and by so doing advanced to tie
Clark for the high scoring labor, with 48 points. Blood
has scored more touchdowns than any other National
league player, with eight...NEVERS MAKES TWO
TOUCHDOWNS: Activity among the other league
leaders was restricted. Ernie Nevers, blonde fullback of
the Chicago Cardinals, turned in two touchdowns and
two extra points to climb from eighth place to fourth. Nevers has scored 28 points in his last two appearances, and gives every indication of menacing the leaders. Presnell of Portsmouth, although he failed to score Sunday, still holds third place by a narrow margin, and Lewellen, Green Bay, and Grange, Bears, hold a fifth place tie with 30 points each. Several new names broke into the scoring picture as a result of Sunday games. Bruder of Green Bay made his first touchdown of the season, as did Brumbaugh, Bears; McKallip, Portsmouth; and Campbell, New York. Dilweg of Green Bay added a touchdown and extra point to his total and climbed from a tie for eleventh to ninth in the standings...DUNN KICKS ANOTHER GOAL: Dunn, Packer quarterback, added another extra point to his goal after touchdown total, and Moran, New York, star back, added seven points by means of a touchdown and extra point. Rose of Providence scored his second touchdown of the year, as did Vokaty, Cleveland. Johnsos of the Bears made a field goal, and the scoring additions were completed by an extra point, turned in by Shelly of Providence. National league teams have turned in the following scoring players: Green Bay, 16 different men; New York, nine; Portsmouth and Bears, six; Cardinals, Cleveland and Providence, four each; Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Stapleton, three each.
NOVEMBER 10 (Green Bay) - The Packers started their drill for Sunday's game in Chicago at Wrigley field with the Cardinals this morning and all hands were present when Coach Lambeau put his gridders through the reason. The team came out of the Stapleton game without serious injury and, unless something unforeseen occurs, the Packers will have their full strength to shoot against Nevers & Co., with the exception of Verne Lewellen whose injured shoulder is
not responding to treatment as quickly as was hoped
for..."REMEMBER LAST YEAR": "Remember last year"
is the tip being passed around the Packers training
quarters. And the veterans are telling the newcomers
how the Packers went down to Chicago to face the
Cardinals, suffering from a bad attack of overconfidence
and took it on the chin, 13 to 6. This defeat came after
Green Bay had won eight straight league games in the
1930 race and, incidentally, it changed the complexion
of the pennant chase. Coach Lambeau hopes to avert
this upset next Sunday and he will place his strongest
team on the field at the opening whistle in hopes of
getting the jump on the Cards. The Cards have always
given the Packers plenty of trouble and this year in the
game here the Chicagoans had a 7-0 lead at halftime.
However, this advantage was cut short by a determined
​rally in the closing periods and when the final whistle
blew, the Packers were leading by a 27 to 6 score...
TAKE MILWAUKEE ROAD: The Packers will leave here
Saturday at 12:30 p.m. over the Milwaukee road in a 
special parlor car. This train arrives in Chicago about
5:45. The Knickebocker hotel will again the Green Bay
headquarters for the Cardinal game as Nevers' team is
playing its home games at Wrigley field and not at
White Sox park as in former seasons. This will be the
only National league game in Chicago Sunday as the
Bears are scheduled in New York against the Giants 
and Dr. D.G. Jones, owner of the Cardinals, is building
his hopes for a large crowd as the Packers always 
draw well in the Windy City. Both the Milwaukee and
Northwestern roads are running cut rate three day
excursions and hundreds of Packer fans will probably
hit the trail to Chicago again for Sunday's game.
NOVEMBER 11 (United Press International) - Speaking of great football teams, the Green Bay Packers of the National Professional league belong somewhere around the top. The Packers won the pro title in 1929 with 12 victories and one tie. They also won the title in 1930 with 10 victories, three defeats and one tie. They seem certain to capture their third championship in succession. Although it is outside the realm of probability, there are thousands of football followers who would pay big money and come a lot of miles to see Green Bay play a leading college team, say for instance, Notre Dame or Northwestern. College coaches and players generally believe that a good college team can defeat the best pro teams, but many learned football men hold the opinion that no college team in the country could come anywhere near beating Green Bay. There is something about the Green Bay team that place it apart from other pro teams. The players, who are well paid and who are given job in Green Bay during the off season if they want them, seem to play with more spirit and zest than most professionals. The Green Bay team is coached by E.L. Lambeau, who attended Notre Dame many years again and was later a star professional player. An injured knee forced him to retire from the players' ranks. Members of the Green Bay team are paid from $75 to $150 per game, whether they play one minute, or 60, or not at all. Last year the Packers drew 65,000 persons and gate receipts of $117,000 in seven games at home. The Packers are owned by Green Bay businessmen who have built a fine stadium and back the team to the limit. Lavvie Dilweg, 190-pound end who formerly played with Marquette, is generally conceded to be the greatest all-around player on the present team. They say he is the perfect player, never making a mistake. Verne Lewellen, who is district attorney at Green Bay in the off season, used to be the team's star, but he is slowing up. He vows this will be his last year.
NOVEMBER 11 (Chicago) - The sixteenth meeting of the Chicago Cardinals and Green Bay Packers Sunday at Wrigley field will renew a rivalry in the National Professional Football league that has existed since 1921. The Packers need a victory to keep their record unblemished, while the Cardinals would rather trounce the Green Bay team than any other league eleven, except their Chicago rivals, the Bears. If the Cardinals can achieve an upset, they will become a contender in the league race. The Packers will bring to Chicago one of the most versatile and diversified attacks of pro history. They have eight backs, and every one is a threat. Russ Saunders, Bo Molenda and Hurdis McCrary are three fullbacks who slash opposing lines to ribbons. Wert Englemann and Hank Bruder can drive off tackle with the best backs of the country. Verne Lewellen is a fine punter, and the passing combination of Dunn to Blood is one of the most feared in pro circles...STAR PUNTERS IN DUEL: Several private controversies will be settled Sunday. Ernie Nevers, Card punter, and Verne Lewellen of Green Bay have met several times and honors in punting have been about even. This feud will be resumed Sunday and some long distance kicking should result. Walt Holmer, Cardinal passer, and the Packer star, Dunn, have a few arguments to settle concerning their relative merits as passers. Both Dunn and Holmer pass with remarkable accuracy. If Holmer fails to start, Capt. Nevers will vie for tossing laurels with Dunn. Much of the yardage gained by the Cards this season has resulted from Nevers' passes to Rogge, Kassell, Creighton and Flannigan, the ends....AT GRAND RAPIDS TONIGHT: The Cardinals play the Grand Rapids Maroons, an undefeated semipro club, at Grand Rapids tonight. Coach Nevers probably will use the first string lineup at the start. The showing of Les Malloy, Chicago lad, in the Cleveland game may earn him the right to start against the Maroons. Hill, the regular quarterback, is rounding into shape, but the Card coach may be forced to save him for the Green Bay game.
NOVEMBER 11 (Chicago) - Chicago's National league
Cardinals, having won their last two professional football
games in big league style, are preparing to turn back
next Sunday's invasion of the Green Bay Packers, the
Wisconsin team which at present is riding the crest of
the professional wave. The Packers are undefeated this
season, but the Cards have been displaying plenty of
unsuspected power, and are confident of giving the
champions the battle of their 1931 schedule. The Cards
and Packers have battled previously, the contests at
Green Bay going to the present leaders by 26 to 7, 
after the Cards had held them scoreless during the first
half. Bay faces were miles long at the conclusion of the
first two quarters, when the invaders held a 7 to 0 lead,
but the Packers rallied during the second half and 
tipped over their traditional rivals...HAVE BETTER
RECORD: The Packers have the better record of the
two teams. Thus far they have swept through to nine
consecutive victories over the cream of the National
league teams, smearing every outfit but Portsmouth at least once, and taking two stiff tilts from the Chicago Bears. The Cardinals have got off to a wobbly start, although in their first three games they were trimmed by teams admittedly the best in the National league. They finally turned, however, and led by the driving attack of Ernie Nevers, all-American fullback, smashed to victories over the Brooklyn Dodgers and Cleveland Indians...AN IMPORTANT GAME: The game will be important to the National league standings. If Green Bay loses, and Portsmouth wins its game this week, the Packers will be in a perilous position, but half a game ahead of the Spartans. And if the Cardinals win, and Providence loses to Stapleton, the Cards will advance to fifth place and the first division.
NOVEMBER 14 (Green Bay) - Intent upon turning their
second southward invasion of the 1931 season into a
Green Bay victory march, the Packers, in fighting trim,
will Sunday afternoon complete their current series with
Chicago's Cardinals in a National professional football
league game at Wrigley field, Chicago. Rarely has a
mid-season Packer squad been in better condition for a
prospective road trip than are the Bays today, who have
played their last home contest, and who face grueling
opposition from the top notch teams of the National
league. Successive attempts the Cardinals, New York
Giants, Providence Steam Rollers and Chicago Bears
must be turned back if the Bay is to obtain permanent
possession of a third consecutive championship...FANS
STILL SHUDDER: The Cardinals face the prospect of
cracking the previously impregnable Packer line, if their
triumph of last season, when the Packer invasion was
turned into a rout, is to be repeated. Green Bay fans
still shudder at the remembrance of that game, when
their supposedly unbeatable eleven was ground under 
the powerful attack of the same set of Chicago backs
who will see service Sunday. The score of that game 
was 13 to 6, and it marked the lowest ebb of Packer
morale for the 1930 season. Sunday, however, it will be 
a lively Bay squad, riding high on the crest of a nine 
game winning streak, which will engage the Cardinals,
and indications are that a banner turnout will witness 
the renewal of the National league feud...FIRST PLACE
STRANGLEHOLD: Perhaps the Packers would prefer to
nudge the Chicago Bears than any other football team
in sight, but the fact remains that a victory over the
Cards tomorrow will be hailed locally with more delight
than necessary under the present set of playing 
conditions. A defeat at Chicago, while it might result
disastrously in the long run, would not dislodge the 
Packers from their present stranglehold on first place.
But fans still recall the unexpectedness of that sudden
13 to 6 walloping last season, and that is one reason
why thousands of Wisconsin followers are expected to
be in the Wrigley field stands Sunday afternoon when
the opening whistle marks the resumption of the two
Chicago and Northwestern, and Chicago, Milwaukee, 
St. Paul and Pacific trains out of Green Bay are running
their usual special excursions southward, in attempts to
make attendance at the contest as easy as possible for
all fans. Coach E.L. Lambeau has completed a week of
strenuous drilling in anticipation of the coming struggle,
and his charges have survived the practice rigors in
great shape for the tilt. Fitzgibbon, Dunn and Grove all
are expected to see action at quarter, and Lambeau will
use Wilson, Bruder, Blood and Englemann at the 
halfback posts. Saunders, McCrary and the ever reliable
Molenda can be counted upon at full. Molenda always is
in his prime on a Chicago battlefield. The line forces, including Dilweg, Nash and Gantenbein at ends; Stahlman, Hubbard, Sleight and Earpe at tackles; Michalske, Bowdoin and Comstock at guards; Barrager and Don Carlos at center; all are prepared for the game. With the Cardinals, headed by Ernie Nevers, ready to perform a repetition of last year's upset, the champions are billed for a husky afternoon assignment.
NOVEMBER 15 (Chicago) - The Green Bay Packers meet the Chicago Cardinals at Wrigley field this afternoon in quest of their tenth straight victory in the National Professional Football league season. The game starts at 2:15 o'clock. The Packers have the memory of a 13-6 defeat by the Cards in Chicago late last year to spur them on if they need any extra incentive in their attempt to win their third straight title. The Cards have a modest winning streak of two games which they want to stretch to three...NEVERS DOES EVERYTHING: Much of the responsibility for halting the champions rests upon Ernie Nevers, coach, captain, field general, punter, passer and placekicker. Both clubs will start their strongest lineups. This means that the Packer first string line will hear the opening whistle with one of two regular backfields. The Dunn, Bruder, Englemann, McCrary quartet is favored to start, but the other combination of Grove, Saunders, Lewellen and Blood is certain to see action. Bo Molenda and Mule Wilson also are available. The probable starting lines will be about equal in weight. The Packers average 209 pounds, and the Cardinals 207. A slight weight advantage is possessed by the Cards in the backfield. Their four starters average 193 pounds, while the Packers scale 189 each...DUNN AGAINST OLD MATES: This battle pits Joseph (Red) Dunn, quarterback of the Packers, against the professional club with which he first played in the National league. After he was graduated from Marquette, Dunn played with the Milwaukee Badgers, and then with the Chicago Cardinals before he joined the Packers. He has been in the pro game for eight years, the last five with the Packers. Dunn is a great passer and is especially adept at adding the point after touchdown.
NOVEMBER 12 (Green Bay) - With a parting warning to beware of overconfidence, the Green Bay Packers, National Professional league football champions, were being drilled today for the first game on an away-from-home series against the Chicago Cardinals at Wrigley Field Sunday. Unless something unforeseen occurs, the Packers will have a full strength lineup in their contest with the Cards. The team came through the Stapleton game without serious injury and only Verne Lewellen, veteran back, appeared destined to remain inactive with a shoulder injury. The Packers earlier this season defeated the Cardinals in a game played here, 27 to 6, but a 13 to 6 defeat administered the Bays by the Chicagoans last year, blamed to overconfidence, was frequently mentioned around training quarters.
NOVEMBER 12 (Columbus) - The Green Bay Packers have scored more points, 213, than any other club in the National Football League, and incidentally, the national champions are also setting the pace for low opponents' total, 42. The Packers battered their statistical standing during the week by whipping Stapleton, 26 to 0. Portsmouth, the second place team, broke even as the Ohioans lost to the Chicago Bears, 9 to 6, and nosed out Stapleton 14 to 12. The 21 points scored against Portsmouth in the last two game pushed the Spartans into third position so far as defensive totals go, as the Packers have the best record with only allowing their opponents 42 points and the Bears are next in line with 45. There were few other percentage changes of great importance. The Brooklyn Dodgers were pushed nearer the cellar as a result of 18-0 and 7-0 defeats at the hands of Stapleton and Providence, respectively. The Dodgers appear to be the weakest defensive club in the National league as 147 points have been scored against Coach Denler's eleven in eleven games. Offensively Brooklyn has chalked up 58 points.
NOVEMBER 12 (Chicago) - The Green Bay Packers, foes of the Chicago Cardinals next Sunday at Wrigley field, have become accustomed to victories since they entered the NFL. They never have finished lower than sixth place. For several years they tied for third position; in 1927 they moved into undisputed possession of third place, in 1928 they fell back to fourth, and then for two successive seasons, 1929 and 1930, they fought off all contenders for the league championship. Coach Curly Lambeau of the Packers started his professional career 13 years ago. He served under the late Knute Rockne at Notre Dame and many of the Green Bay plays are patterned from Notre Dame formations. When he was in his prime, and holding down a halfback position on the Packer eleven, Lambeau was rated as one of the best passers in professional football. New material this year has bolstered the Green Bay lineup. Russ Saunders, Southern California star, has shown plenty of power, and Roger Grove of Michigan State has been handling the quarterback post like a veteran. Hank Bruder of Northwestern fame has developed into a neat blocking back. Milton Gantenbein, Wisconsin captain, has proved one of the finds of the 1931 pro season at end.
NOVEMBER 12 (Columbus, OH) - The Green Bay Packers have scored more points, 213, than any other club in the NFL and, incidentally, the national champions are also setting the pace for low opponents' total, 42. The Packers battered their statistical standings during the week by whipping Stapleton, 26 to 0. Portsmouth, the second place team, broke even as the Ohioans lost to the Chicago Bears, 9 to 6, and nosed out Stapleton, 14 to 12. The 21 points scored against Portsmouth in the last two games pushed the Spartans into third position so far as defensive totals go, as the Packers have the best record with only allowing their opponents 42 points and the Bears are next in line with 45. There were few other percentage changes of any great importance. The Brooklyn Dodgers were pushed nearer the cellar as a result of 13-0 and 7-0 defeats at the hands of Stapleton and Providence, respectively. The Dodgers appear to the weakest defensive club in the National league as 147 points have been scored against Coach Depler's eleven in eleven games. Offensively Brooklyn has chalked up 58 points.
NOVEMBER 13 (Green Bay) - While the Packer players have been centering their attention on Sunday's game in Chicago with the Cardinals, the football corporation management has been pulling strings to fill the Thanksgiving day date in the East, which was left open
after the Philadelphia Yellowjackets called off all their
home dates. Late Thursday a telegram from Providence
clinched the Turkey Day encounter for the Rhode Island
community. Manager C.B. Coppen of Providence figures
the national champions should draw a capacity crowd.
The Packers have visited Providence three times and,
as yet, has not tasted defeat on the Steam Roller
gridiron. The Providence club gave the Packers quite a
battle here after spotting the national champions to
three touchdowns in the first six minutes of play and 
the Rollers will probably be at the guns strong when the
whistle blows for the Turkey Day conflict...NOT TAKING
ANY CHANCES: Coach E.L. Lambeau of the Packers
isn't leaving any stone unturned to tuck the Cardinal
game away in the victory bag. The team has been
practicing harder than usual this week and special
stress has been laid on the defense as the Cardinals'
varied attack gave the Bays plenty of trouble when the
teams clashed here early in October. The Packers held
skull practice Thursday night in their Columbus club
headquarters and Coach Lambeau went all over plays
thoroughly in the blackboard drill. Some new stuff has
been worked out to pull on the Cards, and, unless all
signs fail, Ernie Nevers and his co-workers are very
likely to have their hands full trying to smear Green
Bay's winning streak. The Packers leave Saturday at
12:30 p.m. for Chicago over the Milwaukee road and the
team will headquarter at the Knickerbocker hotel during
their sojourn in the Windy City. Sunday's game, which
will be played at Wrigley field, is scheduled to start 
about 2 p.m.
NOVEMBER 13 (Green Bay) - Luke Johnson booted
one between the uprights, and the Portsmouth Spartans
were nosed out 9 to 6 by the Chicago Bears. It was a 
rough and tumble fracas with the players of both teams
pretty badly banged up..The New York Giants continued
their winning ways by taking Philadelphia into camp, 13
to 0. As usual Benny Friedman held the spotlight and
several of his tosses put the New Yorkers on the spot
for touchdowns...Ken Strong and his Stapleton club
were taken into camp by the Packers at Green Bay, 26
to 0. This was the Bays' last appearance at home this
season and it marked the 24th consecutive victory on their own battle field...Business is picking up for the Chicago Cards as Nevers & Co. made it two in a row last Sunday at Cleveland by defeating Jimmy Corcoran's Indians, 14 to 6. Nevers was again the whole show for the Windy City outfit...The Brooklyn Dodgers took it on the chin 7 to 0 at Providence. A 45-yard pass from Shelly to Rose produced the only touchdown of the game. These two Texans are playing bang up ball for the Steam Roller eleven...The New York Giants took a leaf out of the Chicago Bears' book and put on a Ladies Day at the Polo grounds last Sunday. The stunt went over successfully as some ten thousand of the fair sex witnessed the affair...Earl (Dutch) Clark of Portsmouth, who is tied with Johnny Blood of Green Bay for point scoring honors, will probably be on the sidelines for the remainder of the season as he was badly injured playing against the Bears...The Halas-men had their casualties, too. Right tackle Burdick broke a bone in his shoulder when he knocked Alford, a Portsmouth back, out of bounds on the 15 yard line as the Spartan back was heading for a score...John Depler, the Brooklyn coach, is still changing his battle front in hopes of hitting on a winning combination. The Dodgers' two latest additions are Ken Radick and Claude Perry, both recently released by Green Bay...Bobby Cahn, the pint-sized referee who worked out of the Chicago district, is getting a number of assignments from President Joe F. Carr for games around New York. Eastern sport writers have praised Cahn highly...Stapleton completes its gridiron tour this Sunday at Providence. The Islanders tackled Green Bay last Sunday and then jumped over to Portsmouth for an Armistice Day game. From Spartantown, they moved on to Rhode Island...A battle royal is on tap this Sunday at the Polo Grounds in New York as the Giants are billed to rub elbows with the Chicago Bears. In an early season game, the Bruins got the nod, 7 to 0, over the Gothamite gridders...Pro football appears to be making a splendid comeback in Cleveland this fall. Over 10,000 spectators saw the Chicago Cards nose out the Indians and they got their money's worth as it was a bang up gridiron mix...Two years ago, Doc Parkinson and Nate Barragar clashed in the Rose tournament game in California when Pitt met U.S.C. and these same gridders opposed each other last Sunday at Green Bay. Barragar was with the winner again...Brumbaugh pulled a fast one on Portsmouth last Sunday. It was fourth down, seven yards to a touchdown. The Spartans figured on either a line plunge or pass. Instead the Bear quarterback skipped around end for a touchdown...Vokaty, the Cleveland fullback, looks like one of the best recruit backs in the postgraduate wheel. He has plenty of drive and hits the line like a bullet. Vokaty plunged for a touchdown against the Cards last Sunday..In Garvey and Laird, Stapleton has got a good pair of center flankers. Both these gridders tip the beam over the double century yet they step around with interference nicely. Garvey has been playing pro ball many years...Red Dunn, Green Bay's veteran quarterback, is setting the pace for the goal after touchdown kickers in the National league. Dunn has added eleven extra points. Nevers of the Cards and Clark of Portsmouth are next in line with a half dozen apiece.
NOVEMBER 13 (Columbus) - Three important contests are scheduled this Sunday in the NFL and it is quite possible that several of the results will bring about changes in the percentage table. One of the feature attractions is booked at the Polo grounds in New York where the Giants will tangle with the Bears in the only intersectional contest of the weekend. Earlier in the season, the Giants met the Bruins in the Windy City and suffered a 10 to 6 defeat but this time the Mara-men claim it will be a different story, as Benny Friedman is back in the fold...PACKERS VS. CARDS: The Chicago Cardinals, in the midst of a short winning streak, will tackle the Green Bay Packers and it promises to be quite a struggle as the Windy City South Siders have always been a tough nut for the national champions to crack. The Packers haven't tasted defeat this season and they number among their victories a 26-7 over Nevers and Co. Stapleton winds up a three game road tour with a game in Providence Sunday. These clubs clashed a couple of weeks ago on the Staten Island gridiron and a 7 to 7 tie game resulted. The Stapes held the lead until the last few minutes of play when Curly Oden returned a punt 60 yards for a touchdown and Bill Meeker added the extra point to knot the count.
NOVEMBER 13 (New York) - Timothy Mara, president of the New York Giants, Thursday said he would oppose the granting of a franchise to put a National Professional Football league team into Washington D.C. Mara also said he had Chris Cagle, mentioned as possible captain for a team at Washington, under contract for two years and had no thought of releasing him.
NOVEMBER 13 (Chicago) - Two powerful lines will probably be the deciding factors in the Chicago Cardinal-Green Bay game at Wrigley field Sunday. Much has been written about the running and passing attacks of the two National league clubs, but the success of these depends largely upon the play of the opposing linemen. Lavvie Dilweg from Marquette, Milton Gantenbein from Wisconsin and Tom Nash from Georgia, the league leaders' ends, are among the best in the league. At tackle, the champions will have Elmer Sleight of Purdue and Dick Stahlman, a veteran of six professional campaigns. The guard positions are entrusted to August Michalske, the hero of the last Bear game; Rudy Comstock, another six year pro veteran, and Jim Bowdoin, in his fourth year with the Packers. Center can be readily filled by any one of three men - Nate Barrager, formerly of Southern California, recently purchased from the Philadelphia Yellowjackets; Don Carlos or Jug Earpe. Against these three stars the Cardinals will pit Chuck Kassel, Milan Creighton, George Rogge and Latham Flanigan at ends. Rogge, Creighton and Flannigan are newcomers this year. Duke Slater is playing his tenth season of pro football; Jess Tinsley and Jake Williams are available at tackles. The guard posts can be adequately filled by Walter Kiesling, Charles Diehl, Jess Shaw and Phil Handler. At center it is a tossup between Francis McNally and Mickey Erickson. Requests for Ladies' Day tickets are flooding Cardinal headquarters. The first 15,000 women to mail their request for the Portsmouth game, Nov. 22, will receive tickets. No letters mailed after Wednesday, Nov. 18, will be honored.
NOVEMBER 14 (Chicago) - The hardest test of their 1931 schedule confronts the Chicago Cardinals tomorrow when they meet the champion Green Bay Packers at Wrigley field. The contest will determine whether the Cards are a great club, or just another football team. If they can trip the Green Bay club, they will accomplish what seven other National league teams have been unable to do this year, and what only two clubs besides themselves were able to do in 1930. The Cardinals are keyed to their highest pitch of the year and promise a rough reception for the Packers. Ernie Nevers, the playing coach, will sacrifice every ounce of manpower and use every strategem he can devise in an effort to halt the title march of the 1930 champions...WATCH VISITING STARS: There will be several marked men on the field tomorrow. The Cards have been drilled all week in pass defense and hope to spoil that passing combination, Dunn to Blood. Another back the Cardinals will concentrate on is Russ Saunders, star plunger and open field runner. Wuert Englemann, former South Dakota halfback, cannot be overlooked either. His specialty is end runs. 
The Packers are bent on smothering the thrusts of Nevers. They believe they can prevent him from plunging through their line, they think they will continue their winning ways...THEN THERE'S MR. GLASGOW: Willis Glasgow is certain to be a target. He is the open field star of the Cards. The defensive secondary will keep a sharp lookout for the heralded attack, Nevers to Kassell and Nevers to Creighton. Both Kasell and Creighton have an uncanny way of breaking into the open and grabbing passes for long gains. Three of the high scoring stars of the league will see action. Nevers, third high scorer of the circuit, has an opportunity to narrow the gap between himself and Algie Clark of Portsmouth, the leader. Clark is reported out for the remainder of the season with a fracture.
NOVEMBER 14 (Chicago) - Trains moving into Chicago this weekend will bring hundred of football fans from Green Bay and other Wisconsin cities, invading the Illinois stronghold of the Chicago Cardinals, National league pennant contenders, who will attempt to hand the big Bay team its first defeat of the 1931 season at Wrigley Field Sunday afternoon. The kickoff has been set for 2:15 o'clock. With the powerful Nevers in the van, the Cardinals have surged to victories in their last 3 National league contests and has leaped from last position, where they landed after a wobbly start to a commanding point in the circuit standings. A victory Sunday, in addition to materially reducing the leader's threat against the league crown, will establish the Cardinals quite definitely as another championship possibility. Advance indication point to another great display between the two strong teams. Last season when the Packers invaded the Cardinal gridiron territory, they were knocked down for their first defeat of the season, 23 to 6. The Cards caught the coming champions in an off point and all but crippled their chances of winning their second consecutive championship. Both squads appear to be in excellent condition. The Packers, who displayed little in the line of adequate punting against the Chicago Bears two weeks ago, have polished up in that department, and practically all of the players are ready for action, recovered from the bruising received on their last visit to Chicago. Coach E.L. "Curly" Lambeau has been driving his charges hard this week, after their comparatively easy victory over Stapleton, 26 to 0. The fullbacks have been coming in for more than their share of attention, indicating that the Cardinal line is due for a bruising weekend, and Molenda, Saunders and McCrary has been responding in great style. The touted Packer passing punch also has been cited, and spectators at Sunday's game are certain to see plenty of action in the air.