(CHICAGO) - A week ago it was Portsmouth's Spartans who used the Packers to vault into first place in the National league. Sunday it was the Chicago Bears. With a 9 to 0 victory on a snow covered, windswept field, the Bears jumped into a tie for the championship and next Sunday, at Cubs' park, will meet Portsmouth in the playoff. Twice now the Packers have
been the stepping stone by which another team has
ascended the heights. But unlike the weary, bedraggled
old men who took such a lacing at Portsmouth a week
ago the Packers Sunday were the Packers of old. They
bounced back in no uncertain way after their trouncing
on the banks of the Ohio, although few expected them
to, and they played enough football to deserve almost a
better fate than the 9 to 0 licking. All through the first
half they harassed the Bears and twice missed what
looked like sure touchdowns only because of the cold
and wet ball. On one occasion Arnie Herber fumbled the
slippery pill on the one-yard line and on another Wuert
Englemann, out in the clear about 15 yards from the
goal with nobody near him, dropped a pass right up his
The Bears scored all their points in the fourth quarter.
They got three points when Tiny Engebretson, the old
225-pound Northwestern tackle, whirled a place kick
through the snow and uprights from the 14-yard line,
and six points more when the big snowplow, Bronko
Nagurski, broke through left guard, swung to his left and
outplowed Verne Lewellen through little snow drifts in a
race to the goal 56 yards away. Although beaten the
Packers will go through with their trip to California and
Hawaii as planned. All but five of the regular squad,
Verne Lewellen, Lavvie Dilweg, Cal Hubbard, Paul
Fitzgibbons and Dick Stahlman, will make the trip to
Hawaii where on Christmas Day the team will play the
University of Hawaii and on New Year's Day an all-star
island eleven. The five will join their mates in California
on the return trip, however, and play in the Knights of
Columbus charity game against an all-star coach team
in San Francisco Jan. 22 and in another charity game,
against the Southern California all-stars, at Los Angeles
Jan. 29. The team will sail from Los Angeles Friday
night. The Bears were as happy as school kids in a
snow fight after Sunday's game, for by winning, as
mentioned before, they tied Portsmouth in the National
league race. Each team finished the regular season with
six victories and one defeat for a percentage rating of
.857. Green Bay, in third place, won 10 games and lost
three for a standing of .769.
Sunday's finale was played under impossible conditions.
The field was blanketed with snow, although some
attempt had been made to sweep it off, and it made the
play a mess. The boys, most of who wore gloves, came
out of each scrimmage looking like snowmen. After
each play Referee George Lawrie had to wipe off the ball
with a towel. All phases of play naturally suffered. The
men skidded and slipped, dropped passes, fumbled.
But it had to be expected on this field. Considering the
conditions, Herber, Nesbitt and Molesworth all did
excellent punting, although it was far below what they
would have done with a dry field. After a first quarter of
punts, in which Hinkle's superior kicking gradually threw
the play into Chicago's territory, the Bays in the second
quarter made their first bid to score. They started in
midfield, and on two passes, both Herber to Grove, they
reached Chicago's three yard line. Hinkle on the first
play here hit a stone wall, but Herber on the next,
despite an offside by the Bears, smashed to within six
inches of the goal. With the field as it was, the Packers
here might just as well have declined the penalty, it seemed, and taken the gain. But they didn't. They took the penalty, which left them on the one yard line. And on the next play Herber fumbled. Kopcha recovered and Nesbitt at once punted out of danger.
Undaunted, the Packers set sail as soon as they got the ball again and on a pass, Herber to Blood, they brought it right back to the 12 yard line. Herber slipped in attempting to pass two plays later, however, and lost 15 yards. That was all. The Packers never threatened again. It was the Bears' turn to do things in the second half and the Bears did. Early in the third quarter a 15 yard pass, Doehring to Grange, followed by a 40 yard run, brought the ball to Green Bay's 13 yard line. Grange had an open field ahead as he raced for the goal but McCrary nailed him from behind. On three plays here the Bears picked up only seven yards, and on fourth down Johnsos tried a placekick that squirted harmlessly to one side. Once more, however, the Bears pounded back and reached Green Bay's 10 yard line on a pass, Doehring to Johnsos. But Nagurski fumbled two plays later and Cal Hubbard recovered. With these two Chicago threats squelched, it appeared as though the game might end in a scoreless tie, but Herber fumbled a punt on his 24-yard line early in the fourth quarter and Oakie Miller recovered for the Bears. A pass, Doehring to Brumbaugh, and an eight-yard gain over center by Nagurski brought the ball to Green Bay's 11 yard line, and four plays later, after Grange and Nagurski had picked up six yards more, Engebretson dropped back and booted the field goal. Brumbaugh held the ball.
The kick was a beauty. Engebretson couldn't have done better with a dry ball and a dry field. Those three points were enough to win, as later events proved, but just to sew up the game beyond any possible doubt Nagurski smashed over center with a few minutes left to play and raced 56 yards to the goal. A forward pass, Doehring to Grange, brought the ball to the one-yard line as the game ended. Five thousand fans braved the weather and staved through to the finish, for despite the condition of the field, this was a ball game.
GREEN BAY -  0  0  0  0  -  0
CHI BEARS -  0  0  0  9  -  9
4th - CHI - Tiny Engebretsen, 24-yard field goal  BEARS 3-0
4th - CHI - Bronko Nagurski, 56-yard run (Kick failed)  BEARS 9-0
Chicago Bears (6-1-6) 9, Green Bay Packers (10-3-1) 0
Sunday December 11th 1932 (at Chicago)
DECEMBER 12 (Green Bay) - The Packers had three 60-minute Sunday at Chicago, Rudy Comstock and Joe Zeller playing the entire game as guard, Lavvie Dilweg holding down one of the wings and Roger Grove held down the quarterback post in all but the last few minutes of play. The Bears had a 60-minute man in Harold (Red) Grange. It was one of the few times in his professional career that he played the entire game...An unusual angle of the game was that there were few standouts from the Packer point of view. The team played good ball as a unit and it would be difficult to pick one man as a better performer than others...Clark Hinkle received a nasty cut in his lower lip. He was kicked, inadvertently, in the mouth and three stitches had to be taken in the inside of the lip. It was extremely painful and Clark had trouble eating...Several players performed despite illness that had kept them inactive for the past few days. Bruder went into the game in the fourth period after Englemann was hurt, despite the fact that he had been in bed for three days. Lewellen and McCrary have been ill but saw action. Barrager performed splendidly despite a painful leg injury...Mike Michalske was not used as he was took weak to play. He had been sick for two days, besides suffering from a cracked lower rib...The Packers made seven first downs to five for the Bears. Green Bay tried 19 forward passes and completed seven for 125 yards gain. Two were intercepted. The Bears completed four of 14 passes for 90 yards. Two were intercepted. The Packers were penalized 60 yards and the Bears 20.