PLAYER                 POS        COLLEGE  G PR YR   HT  WT
Nate Barragar            C           USC  12  4  3 6- 0 210
Hank Bruder              B  Northwestern  13  4  4 6- 0 190
Art (Red) Bultman        C      Marquette     4  3 6- 2 199
Frank Butler             C    Michigan St  3  1  1 6- 3 246
Charles Casper           B            TCU  1  1  1 6- 0 195
LaVern Dilweg            E      Marquette 12  9  8 6- 3 202
Tiny Engebretsen       G-T   Northwestern     3  1 6- 1 235
Lon Evans              G-T            TCU 12  2  2 6- 2 225
Milt Gantenbein          E      Wisconsin 10  4  4 6- 0 199
Buckets Goldenberg       B      Wisconsin 11  2  2 5-10 220
Roger Grove              B    Michigan St 11  4  4 6- 0 175
Arnie Herber             B          Regis 12  5  5 5-11 208
Clarke Hinkle           FB       Bucknell 12  3  3 5-11 200
Swede Johnston           B      Marquette  1  3  2 5-10 200
Robert Jones             G        Indiana 12  1  1 6- 0 216
(GREEN BAY) - A fourth period drive gave the Chicago Bears 14 points and a 24-10 victory over the Green Bay Packers before a record crowd of 14,000. Two touchdowns by Bronko Nagurski and placements by Jack Manders proved the margin of victory for the Bears. For three periods, the teams battled on even terms but in the final quarter the Bears' superior power brought victory. The Bears scored early when Manders kicked 24 yards to give the Bears a three-point lead. The Packers scored after a 30-yard run by Roger Grove put the ball on the 10-yard mark. Bob Monnett place-kicked from the 16-yard stripe. In the third quarter, Gene Ronzani passed to Hewitt for a Bear touchdown. Claude Perry recovered a Bear fumble on the 12-yard mark and three line smashes put it on the three-yard mark. Buckets Goldenberg hit center for a touchdown. Nagurski scored in the fourth period after the Bears had advanced to the two-yard mark. Later in the period, Nagurski raced 40 yards to score.
CHI BEARS -   3  0  7 14  - 24
GREEN BAY -   0  3  7  0  - 10
1st - CHI - Jack Manders, 24-yard field goal  CHICAGO BEARS 3-0
2nd - GB - Monnett, 16-yard field goal  TIED 3-3
3rd - CHI - Bill Hewitt, 7-yard pass from Bronko Nagurski (Manders kick)  CHICAGO BEARS 10-3
3rd - GB - Goldenberg, 11-yard run (Monnett kick)  TIED 10-10
4th - CHI - Nagurski, 1-yard run (Manders kick)  CHICAGO BEARS 17-10
4th - CHI - Nagurski, 40-yard run (Manders kick)  CHICAGO BEARS 24-10
(ST. LOUIS) - Green Bay's Packers closed the season yesterday by passing their way to a 21 to 14 decision over the St. Louis Gunners. The victors exhibited a nicely diversified aerial attack, which proved successful when their sorties through a sturdy Gunner line were repulsed. St. Louis, generally outplayed, made one successful drive in the third period which ended with "Swede" Johnston scoring on a lateral pass. The drive began when the Gunners took the ball at the kick-off and marched 70 yards. Les Corzine scored the second Gunner touchdown on a plunge after a sustained last minute St. Louis push. The first two Green Bay touchdowns were scored through the air. In the first period, after the Packers got the ball on their own 20-yard line by virtue of a Gunner penalty for interference, Herber flipped a pass across the goal line to Joe Laws.
GREEN BAY -   7  7  0  7  - 21
ST. LOUIS -   0  0  7  7  - 14
1st - GB - Laws, 20-yard pass from Herber (Hinkle kick)  GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Grove pass from Monnett (Hinkle kick)  GREEN BAY 14-0
3rd - STL - Swede Johnston run (Gene Alford kick)  GREEN BAY 14-7
4th - GB - Hinkle, 1-yard run (Hinkle kick)  GREEN BAY 21-7
4th - STL - Red Corzine, 8-yard run (Alford kick)  GREEN BAY 21-14
PLAYER                 POS        COLLEGE  G PR YR   HT  WT
Carl (Bud) Jorgensen   T-G St. Marys (CA) 10  1  1 6- 2 200
Joe Kurth                T     Notre Dame  7  2  2 6- 3 202
Joe Laws                 B           Iowa 13  1  1 5- 9 180
August (Mike) Michalske  G     Penn State 13  8  6 6- 1 215
Bob Monnett              B    Michigan St 11  2  2 5- 9 180
Al Nordgard              E       Stanford 10  1  1 6- 0 193
Claude Perry             T        Alabama 13  8  8 6- 1 211
Lester Peterson          E          Texas 11  4  2 6- 0 211
Al Rose                  E          Texas 10  5  3 6- 3 195
Ade Schwammel            T      Oregon St 13  1  1 6- 2 230
Champ Seibold            G      Wisconsin  1  1  1 6- 4 240
Earl Witte               B Gust. Adolphus  5  1  1 6- 1 187
Harry Wunsch             G     Notre Dame  2  1  1 5-11 210
G - Games  Played PR - Years of Pro Football YR - Years with Packers
Bears at Green Bay Program - 23 September
During a 7-6 season, the very existence of the Packers is threatened due to a 1932 court case involving a fan falling out of the stands at City Stadium. The fan wins a $5,000 verdict, which put the insurance company out of business. The Packers would go into receivership, and were about to fold, but Green Bay businessmen came to the rescue after the 1934 season, making the year a success despite the less-than-spectacular record.
In the first 18 years of their history, the Packers have had many narrow escapes. In 1922, when their sponsors owed $1,600 in back salaries, local businessmen formed a corporation to finance the team. The Packers repaid their benefactors by attracting as many as 15,000 spectators to a single Green Bay game. Then, the fates turned fickle. Willard Bent, a fan, fell off the grandstand in 1932 and sued the team for $20,000. In March 1933, he won a $5,200 award from the courts. Since the insurance company with which the Packers were insured went into bankruptcy during the trial and was a mutual company, the franchise was forced to pay the settlement, resulting in the Packers' debt balloning up to $10,000 and heading into receivership. It appeared the Packers were on the verge of folding or moving. In fact, a December 1933 article in the Chicago Tribune, claimed "the Green Bay Packers will move to Milwaukee next fall and if the change is not made then it certainly will be made in 1935".  The Packers had played one game in Milwaukee in 1933, under pressure from league officials after an expansion application was received in 1930 and 1931. The game attracted 12,467 fans, two thousand of them coming down from Green Bay. In 1934, Green Bay played two home games in Milwaukee, though did not move permanently. NFL officials gave the team one last chance to improve its financial position. In early 1935, the Green Bay Association of Commerce kicked off a $10,000 fundraising campaign through the sale of nonvoting stock. $13,029 was raised and the Packer survived, once again, to play another day.
9  G-FORT ATKINSON BLACKHAWKS            W 28- 7    1-0-0    4,000
1934 RESULTS (7-6)
16 G-PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (0-0-0)         W 19- 6    1-0-0    5,000
23 G-CHICAGO BEARS (0-0-0)               L 10-24    1-1-0   13,500
30 M-NEW YORK GIANTS (0-1-0)             W 20- 6    2-1-0   11,000
7  G-DETROIT LIONS (2-0-0)               L  0- 3    2-2-0    7,500
14 G-CINCINNATI REDS (0-4-0)             W 41- 0    3-2-0    3,000
(GREEN BAY) - Although they lacked polish and timing, the Packers scored a victory over the Fort Atkinson Black Hawks Sunday in a non-league contest. The Packers scored in every period but their play showed the fact that they had been drilling for only one week. The Black Hawks showed more precision as the result of their three weeks' of training but were unable to match the Packers' manpower. Bob Monett, former Michigan State star, scored two of the Packer touchdowns while Roger Grove, also formerly of Michigan State, and "Swede" Johnson, former St. Louis Gunner fullback, each scored one. Grove added two extra points and Monnett one from placement. Arnie Herber drop kicked for the fourth extra point. Kenning went over from the 1-yard line for Fort Atkinson's lone touchdown in the final period, Schwager added the extra point from placement. In addition to Monnett, Joe Laws, star Iowa back, was the outstanding Green Bay offensive player.
FT. ATKINSON -  0  0  0  7 -  7
GREEN BAY    -  7  7  7  7 - 28
Green Bay TD: Bob Monnett 2, Roger Grove, Swede Johnson
Green Bay XP: Grove 2, Monnett, Arnie Herber
Ft. Atkinson TD: Kenning (Schwager XP)
September 9: Green Bay (1-0) 28, Fort Atkinson 7
21 G-CHICAGO CARDINALS (2-2-0)           W 15- 0    4-2-0    4,000
28 at Chicago Bears (6-0-0)              L 14-27    4-3-0   11,000
4  at Boston Redskins (4-3-0)            W 10- 0    5-3-0   23,722
11 at New York Giants (5-3-0)            L  3-17    5-4-0   22,000
18 M-CHICAGO CARDINALS (3-5-0)           L  0- 9    5-5-0    3,000
25 at Detroit Lions (10-0-0)             W  3- 0    6-5-0   12,000
29 at Chicago Cardinals (4-6-0)          L  0- 6    6-6-0    1,738
2  at St. Louis Gunners (1-9-0)          W 21-14    7-6-0    6,300
G - Green Bay M - Milwaukee
October 28, 1934 Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers Signed Game Ball
September 16: Green Bay (1-0) 19, Philadelphia (0-1) 6
(GREEN BAY) - The Green Bay Packers defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 19-6 to hurdle the first obstacle in their drive for the 1934 championship. Through most of the game the Packers exhibited good football, but there were times that the need for more of Coach Curly Lambeau's polishing operations was apparent. With the champion Chicago Bears as next Sunday's opponent, Lambeau expects to lose no time to going to work. Little Bob Monnett, once a star for Michigan State, performed outstanding feats against the Eagles - two touchdowns, a field goal and a point after touchdown to score 16 points. A series of passes and runs paved the way for the Packers' first points. With the ball on the 10-yard line, the Eagles held in the first period and on fourth down Monnett replaced Hank Bruder at left half. Monnett stepped back and booted a field goal from placement. Two passes, the second from Monnett to halfback Roger Grove for 40 yards, put the ball on the 10-yard line early in the second period. A line smash gained five yards. Monnett then wormed his way across the goal for a touchdown and place kicked for the extra point. A few minutes later, the Eagles kicker got off a bad punt. The Packers took the ball on the 39-yard line, and advanced it to the 28. Monnett then took the ball and raced around right end for his second touchdown. His place kick for the point failed. Ade Schwammel added three more Packer points in the third period with a 38-yard place kick. Swede Hanson, Philadelphia's great fullback, gave the 5,500 spectators 'their biggest thrill when he ran 82 yards for a touchdown in the third period.
PHILADELPHIA -   0  0  6  0  -  6
GREEN BAY    -   3 13  3  0  - 19
1st - GB - Monnett, 20-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 3-0
2nd - GB - Monnett, 4-yard run (Monnett kick)  GREEN BAY 10-0
2nd - GB - Monnett, 28-yard run (Monnett kick failed)  GREEN BAY 16-0
3rd - GB - Schwammel, 37-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 19-0
3rd - PHIL - Swede Hanson, 81-yard run (Ed Matesic kick failed)  GREEN BAY 19-6
September 23: Chicago Bears (1-0) 24, Green Bay (1-1) 10
October 7th - Lions defeat Packers on Presnell's long field goal (Milwaukee Sentinel)
(MILWAUKEE) - Two successive field goals by Bob Monnett spurred the Green Bay Packers to a 20-6 victory over the New York Giants. An estimated 11,000 saw the game. A 20-yard placekick gave the Packers their first score in the second period when Buckets Goldenberg recovered a fumble by Harry Newman, Giant quarterback, on the 27-yard line and five successive plays took the ball to the 11 yard mark from where Monnett dropped back to make good his boot. The second kick from placement was made from the 38 yard line when Milt Gantenbein recovered a fumble on the New Yorkers' 25 yard line.
NEW YORK  -   0  0  0  6  -  6
GREEN BAY -   0  3 10  7  - 20
2nd - GB - Monnett, 20-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 3-0
3rd - GB - Monnett, 38-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 6-0
3rd - GB - Grove, 22-yard run (Monnett kick)  GREEN BAY 13-0
4th - NY - Kink Richards, 22-yard run (Pass failed)  GREEN BAY 13-6
4th - GB - Goldenberg, 2-yard run (Monnett kick)  GREEN BAY 20-6
September 30: Green Bay (2-1) 20, New York (0-2) 6
(GREEN BAY) - Detroit's Lions broke loose and merrily mauled a Green Bay Packer team who vainly tried to cage them. Coach Potsy Clark's entry in the NFL continued toward national honors by defeating the Packers 3 to 0. Glen Presnell's 54-yard place kick provided the margin of victory, but the three points he rang up do not show the victor's superiority. The Packer forwards were outcharged repeatedly. Packer quick kicks lacked distance, and the Bays' running and passing attack were smothered time and again. Fumbles, recovered by alert Detroit players, halted three Packer drives after  the ball had been advanced past the visitors' 46 yard line.
DETROIT   -   0  3  0  0  -  3
GREEN BAY -   0  0  0  0  -  0
2nd - DET - Glenn Presnell, 54-yard field goal  DETROIT 3-0
October 7: Detroit (3-0) 3, Green Bay (2-2) 0
(GREEN BAY) - The Green Bay Packers smothered the Cincinnati Reds 41 to 0 with Hank Bruder having a field day scoring 22 points. Green Bay scored in every period. Bruder put the Bays in the lead in the first period on a pass from Arnie Herber, who also was in great form. Bruder put the ball on the eight yard line with a brilliant 50 yard run after intercepting a Cincinnati pass. Herber's two passes to Joe Laws and Lester Peterson, good for 57 yards, put the ball on the three yard line. Bruder rammed left tackle for the touchdown. The Packers mixed line smashes and more of Herber's forwards for another marker in the third period, with Roger Grove scoring on a heave over the goal line. Soon after the final period opened Al Rose scored on a 25-yard pass from Herber. A few minutes later Bruder intercepted a pass on the Bay 45 yard line, outran all pursuers and scored another six points. He came right back with two runs totaling 50 yards and then left the game. Laws went over from the 10 yard line, ending the scoring.
CINCINNATI -   0  0  0  0  -  0
GREEN BAY  -   7  7  6 21  - 41
1st - GB - Bruder, 9-yard pass from Herber (Bruder kick)  GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Bruder, 3-yard run (Bruder kick)  GREEN BAY 14-0
3rd - GB - Grove, 11-yard pass from Herber (Kick failed)  GREEN BAY 20-0
4th - GB - Rose,  25-yard pass from Herber (Bruder kick)  GREEN BAY 27-0
4th - GB - Bruder, 55-yard interception return (Bruder kick)  GREEN BAY 34-0
4th - GB - Laws, 10-yard run (Grove kick)  GREEN BAY 41-0
October 14: Green Bay (3-2) 41, Cincinnati (0-5) 0
(GREEN BAY) - Green Bay's Packers outpointed the Chicago Cardinals, 15-0, in one of the roughest games in league history. Bill Volok and Dave Cook of the Cardinals suffered fractured ankles, and Bernie Hughes, another Cardinal star, was carried off the field with a severe hip injury. Hank Bruder, Joe Laws and Bud Jorgenson of the Packers also were forced to retire as a result of injuries. Green Bay scored in the first quarter, with Arnie Herber passing 69 yards to Clark Hinkle who dashed 40 yards to score. Another Herber pass, this time to Laws, put the ball in scoring position for the Packers' second touchdown. In the last period, Herber passed to Milt Gantenbein for 10 yards more and to Grove for the score. A safety shortly afterwards completed Green Bay's scoring.
CHI CARDS -   0  0  0  0  -  0
GREEN BAY -   7  0  0  8  - 15
1st - GB - Hinkle, 69-yard pass from Herber (Monnett kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
4th - GB - Grove, 10-yard pass from Herber (Kick blocked) GREEN BAY 13-0
4th - GB - Safety, Doug Russell punt blocked out of the end zone GREEN BAY 15-0
October 21: Green Bay (4-2) 15, Chicago Cardinals (2-3) 0
October 28: Chicago Bears (7-0) 27, Green Bay (4-3) 14
(CHICAGO) - The ambitious Detroit Lions and champion Chicago Bears still were deadlocked today for the lead in the NFL's Western division, with seven straight victories each. The New York Giants continued to top the Eastern Division. The Bears downed Green Bay, 27-14, as Beattie Feathers scored touchdowns in the first and last periods and Jack Manders kicked two field goals and two placements. Carl Brumbaugh registered the other Chicago touchdown in the third session.
GREEN BAY -   0  7  0  7  - 14
CHI BEARS -   7  3  7 10  - 27
1st - CHI - Beattie Feathers, 18-yard pass from Gene Ronzani (Jack Manders kick)  BEARS 7-0
2nd - GB - Rose, 9-yard pass from Monnett (Monnett kick)  TIED 7-7
2nd - CHI - Manders, 18-yard field goal  CHICAGO BEARS 10-7
3rd - CHI - Carl Brumbaugh, 27-yard pass from Ronzani (Manders kick)  BEARS 17-7
4th - CHI - Manders, 28-yard field goal  CHICAGO BEARS 20-7
4th - GB - Dilweg, 13-yard pass from Herber (Hinkle kick)  CHICAGO BEARS 20-14
4th - CHI - Feathers, 46-yard run (Nagurski kick)  CHICAGO BEARS 27-14
November 4: Green Bay (5-3) 10, Boston (4-4) 0
(BOSTON) - A driving rain ruined most of the famed Green Bay passing attack yesterday but the Packers splashed along to a 10-0 victory over the Boston Redskins before 18,000. Arnie Herber, reputed to be the greatest passer in professional football, was able to complete only two of his eight heaves but one of them, a 15-yard toss to his favorite receiver, Lavern Dilweg, in the Boston end zone, registered a touchdown late in the third period. Earlier Clark Hinkle put the Packers ahead with a magnificent field goal from Boston's 41-yard line. The heavy, slippery ball sailed over the cross-bar with 10 yards to spare.
GREEN BAY -   0  3  7  0  - 10
BOSTON    -   0  0  0  0  -  0
2nd - GB - Hinkle, 41-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 3-0
3rd - GB - Dilweg, 15-yard pass from Herber (Hinkle kick)  GREEN BAY 10-0
November 11: New York (6-3) 17, Green Bay (5-4) 3
(NEW YORK) -An Armistice Day celebration turned into a field day for Harry  Newman yesterday as the former Michigan all-American romped to two touchdowns and led the New York Giants to a 17 to 3 victory over the Green Bay Packers. Newman's first touchdown in the third period ended a 3-3 deadlock created early in the first period when Clark Hinkle kicked a 19-yard field goal for the invaders and Ken Strong kicked one from the 18-yard stripe for the Giants. After a scoreless second period, Newman started out from his own 45 and kept going until he was downed on the Packers' 30. He and Strong advanced the ball to the visitors' 12 from where Newman ploughed through center to cross the goal line. A few minutes later, still in the third chapter, Red Badgro recovered a Packer fumble on the enemy's 14 and again Newman exploited his ball-carrying ability to the extent of ripping through the Packer's line for a touchdown.
GREEN BAY -   3  0  0  0  -  3
NEW YORK  -   0  0 14  0  - 17
1st - GB - Hinkle, 19-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 3-0
1st - NY - Ken Strong, 18-yard field goal  TIED 3-3
3rd - NY - Harry Newman , 12-yard run (Strong kick)  NEW YORK 10-3
3rd - NY - Newman , 1-yard run (Strong kick)  NEW YORK 17-3
November 18: Chicago Cardinals (4-5) 9, Green Bay (5-5) 0
(MILWAUKEE) - The Green Bay Packers made their last 1934 appearance in Wisconsin yesterday and lost a 9 to 0 decision to the Chicago Cardinals. The Cardinals turned the tables on the Bays in yesterday's tilt holding them scoreless while hanging up a touchdown and a field goal. In their meeting at Green Bay several weeks ago, the Packers defeated the Cards 15 to 0 in one of the most closely contested, roughest contests of the year. The game was played at State Fair Park on a gridiron churned to a mudhole in the first few minutes. Puddles of water lay on the field. The Packers held the edge in the first half, keeping the ball in Cardinal territory much of the time. They were unable to score, however.
CHI CARDS -   0  0  6  3  -  9
GREEN BAY -   0  0  0  0  -  0
3rd - CHI - Homer Griffith, 65-yard punt return (Phil Sarboe kick failed) CARDINALS 6-0
4th - CHI - Bill Smith, 22-yard field goal  CHICAGO CARDINALS 9-0
November 25: Green Bay (6-5) 3, Detroit (10-1) 0
(DETROIT) - Green Bay put the first blot on the season's record of the Detroit Lions yesterday, handing the Detroit club a 3 to 0 defeat to break the Lions' winning streak which had run through 10 games. The winning points came on a 47-yard place kick by Clarke Hinkle shortly after the fourth period opened. The ball sailed squarely between the uprights just clearing the crossbar and a desperate Lions' passing attack in the final minutes ran up against a too-alert Packer secondary. The clubs battled each other fairly evenly throughout the game, with the Packers rolling up 14 first downs to 12 for the home club. Green Bay tried three field goals. The Lions tried two, both long attempts. One sailed between the uprights, but was below the crossbar.
GREEN BAY -   0  0  0  3  -  3
DETROIT   -   0  0  0  0  -  0
4th - GB - Hinkle, 47-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 3-0
November 29: Chicago Cardinals (5-6) 6, Green Bay (6-6) 0
(CHICAGO) - Homer Griffith, former Southern California star, carried the opening kickoff back 90 yards to a touchdown yesterday to give the Chicago Cardinals a 6 to 0 victory over the Green Bay Packers. A steady rain made the field so soggy that few opportunities were presented either eleven thereafter. However, shortly after Griffith's sparkling dash the Packers drove to within 3 yards of a touchdown, chiefly on a 42-yard sprint by Roger Grove and a 9-yard toss from Bob Monnett to Buckets Goldenberg. At this stage, the Cardinals repulsed three line thrusts and then, when Hinkle faded back to his 27-yard line to pass,  dropped him before he could get the ball away. In the second period, Hinkle missed a kick from the 40-yard line and in the third period Dave Cook's effort for the Cards from the 31-yard line was blocked.
GREEN BAY -   0  0  0  0  -  0
CHI CARDS -   6  0  0  0  -  6
1st - CHI - Homer Griffith, 90-yard kickoff ret (Dave Cook kick failed) CARDS 6-0
December 2: Green Bay (7-6) 21, St. Louis (1-10) 14