(MILWAUKEE) - Paced by a brilliant exhibition of placekicking by Ade Schwammel, the Green Bay Packers pounded out a 13 to 9 victory over the Detroit Lions. Schwammel booted one placekick for 39 yards to give the Packers three points, and then added another from the 40-yard line as the Bays rallied in the last half to edge out Detroit after trailing at the intermission, 3 to 0. The Packers faltered twice on scoring opportunities in the 'first half, when attempts to kick placements from the field failed. The Lions connected for an early lead on a great dropkick by Earl (Dutch) Clark from the 43-yard marker. Detroit clung to its skimpy lead until midway in the third quarter when Don Hutson blocked a Detroit punt on the Lions' 41, recovered and scampered for a touchdown. Later in the same period, Schwammel arched his first placekick through the uprights to give the Packers a 10 to 3 edge. With Clark leading the way, however, the Lions fought back and marched from deep in their own territory toward the Packer goal on passes and runs by Clark and Ernie Caddel. Caddel capped the march with a 12-yard romp around left end on a reverse to score. The Packers retained a slim margin when Clark's attempt to add the extra point with a dropkick failed.
DETROIT   -  3  0  0  6 -  9
GREEN BAY -  0  0 10  3 - 13
1st - DET - Dutch Clark, 43-yard field goal DETROIT 3-0
3rd - GB - Hutson, 41-yard blocked punt return (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 7-3
3rd - GB - Schwammel, 39-yard field goal GREEN BAY 10-3
4th - DET - Ernie Caddel, 12-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 10-9
4th - GB - Schwammel, 40-yard field goal GREEN BAY 13-9
(CHICAGO) - With the New York Giants practically assured of their third straight Eastern title, the main interest in the NFL race shifted to a 3-way battle between the Chicago Cardinals, Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions for the Western Division championship. The Cardinals and Lions rose from a tie for last place in the West to a deadlock for first place by winning their Thanksgiving day games. The Cardinals upset Green Bay for the third time this season, 9-7. Bill Smith kicked a field goal and Al Nichelini raced around end for 10 yards and the winning touchdown in the second period. Bob Monnett's 60-yard run gave Green Bay its lone touchdown in the first period.
GREEN BAY -   7  0  0  0  -  7
CHI CARDS -   3  6  0  0  -  9
1st - GB - Monnett, 60-yard run (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - CHI - Bill Smith, 30-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 7-3
2nd - CHI - Al Nichelini, 10-yard run (Kick failed)  CHICAGO CARDINALS 9-7
(STEVENS POINT) - The Green Bay Packers scored an easy 40-0 victory over a college all-star football team in the third practice game of the season here last night. Goldenberg smashed through tackle for 18 yards to score in the first quarter and the rout was on.
GREEN BAY -  7  7 19  7 - 40
ALL-STARS -  0  0  0  0 -  0
1st - GB - Goldenberg, 18-yard run (O'Connor kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Monnett run (Monnett kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
3rd - GB - Rose pass from Sauer (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 20-0
3rd - GB - Sauer pass from Herber (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 26-0
3rd - GB - Sauer pass from Herber (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 33-0
4th - GB - Johnston, 5-yard run (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 40-0
(GREEN BAY) - The Green Bay Packers, who yesterday passed and plunged their way to a 49-0 victory over the La Crosse Lagers, prepared today to open their 1935 football campaign. Led by Bob Monnett, backfield star, the Packers easily smothered the LaCrosse outfit, scoring in every period except the third. It was the last pre-season warm-up game for the Green Bay team. Monnett easily was the outstanding star of the game, making three touchdowns and converting five extra points. The Packers scored one touchdown in the opening period and shoved across three more in the second quarter to pile up a 28-0 0 lead at half time.
LA CROSSE    -   -   -   -   -  -  0
GREEN BAY    -   -   -   -   -  - 49
Nate Barragar    31     C 6- 0 210             USC  4  5    11
Hank Bruder      27     B 6- 0 190    Northwestern  5  5 27 10
Frank Butler     48     C 6- 3 246     Michigan St  2  2 26  6
Tiny Engebretsen 34     G 6- 1 235    Northwestern  2  4 25  9
Lon Evans        46     G 6- 2 219             TCU  3  3 23 12
Milt Gantenbein  22     E 6- 0 193       Wisconsin  5  5 25 12
B. Goldenberg    44     B 5-10 215       Wisconsin  3  3 24 12
Roger Grove      11     B 6- 0 184     Michigan St  5  5 27  
Arnie Herber     38     B 5-11 203           Regis  6  6 25 11
Clarke Hinkle    30    FB 5-11 205        Bucknell  4  4 26  9
Cal Hubbard      51   T-E 6- 5 265          Geneva  6  8 34 11
Don Hutson       14     E 6- 1 189         Alabama  1  1 22 10
Swede Johnston   15     B 5-10 200       Marquette  4  3 25 11
Walt Kiesling    49     G 6- 3 260 St. Thomas (MN) 10  1 32 10
Joe Laws         29     B 5- 9 185            Iowa  2  2 24 12
Buster Maddox    28     T 6- 3 240       Kansas St  1  1 23  1
Dustin McDonald  42     G 5- 4 202         Indiana  1  1 26  1
*-Johnny McNally 26     B 6- 0 190      St. John's 11  6 31 10
Mike Michalske   33     G 6- 1 200      Penn State  9  7 32 10
Bob Monnett    3/12     B 5- 9 181     Michigan St  5  5 25 11
Bob O'Connor     24     G 6- 1 220        Stanford  1  1 25  7
Claude Perry     32     T 6- 1 211         Alabama  9  9 33  8
Al Rose          47     E 6- 3 195           Texas  6  4 28 12
George Sauer     25     B 6- 2 204        Nebraska  1  1 24 10
Herm Schneidman   4     B 5-10 205            Iowa  1  1 21 11
Ade Schwammel 33/50     T 6- 2 230       Oregon St  2  2 26 11
Champ Seibold    37     G 6- 4 240       Wisconsin  2  2 22  6
Ernie Smith      45     T 6- 2 234             USC  1  1 25 12
George Svendsen  43     C 6- 4 214       Minnesota  1  1 22 11
Bob Tenner       36     E 6- 0 212       Minnesota  1  1 22 11
Dominic Vairo    35     E 6- 2 203      Notre Dame  1  1 22  1
* - Known as Johnny Blood
YR - Years with Packers PR - Years of Professional Football A-Age G - Games  Played
1935 Stock Certificate

$5,000 - Verdict awarded to fan who fell from stands at City Stadium in 1934 and sued team. Packers’ public-liability mutual insurance company was already going bankrupt, so team forced to pay $2,500 to company’s creditors. Fan’s fall sent Packers into receivership.
$15,000 - New capital generated by Lee Joannes’ 1935 stock drive, the second in team history.
(SOURCE: Packer Media Guide)
The Packers signed Don Hutson out of Alabama, giving the Packers one of the most feared receivers in NFL history. In a highly competitive Western Division the Packers post an 8-4 record, finishing
2nd among 4 teams with winning records. The Packers also held another stock sale, which raised $15,000 after the corporation had gone into receivership. At that point, the nonprofit Green Bay Football
Corporation was reorganized as the Green Bay Packers, Inc., the present company, with 300 shares of stock outstanding.
     After Don Hutson caught six passes for 164 yards to help Alabama upset Stanford in the Rose Bowl 29-13, Don Hutson was a hot commodity. At the time, there was no NFL Draft which meant Hutson
was free to negotiate with whatever team he wanted. “The Bears offered me $75 a game. I remember that George Halas wrote me a two-page letter about what a privilege it was to play for the Bears.”
Eventually, the bidding narrowed down to the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Packers. Hutson signed contracts with both but the Green Bay contract arrived in league headquarters first. “They gave me $300 a
game,” says Hutson, “so for 11 games that means I got $3,300. Nobody in Green Bay had ever been paid that much. Finally, at the end, when I had been all-pro for nine years in a row, I was up to $15,000
a year.” Had it not been for a unique decision by NFL President Joe Carr, Hutson might have become a Dodger. Carr ruled the contract with the earliest postmark would be honored. The Packers' contract
was postmarked 8:30 a.m., 17 minutes earlier than the Dodgers' pact. Thus Hutson became a Packer. His first touchdown came on an 83-yard pass from Arnie Herber in just his second game as a Packer.
He wound up with 99 career touchdown receptions, a record that stood for more than four decades. When Hutson retired in 1945 after 11 superb seasons, he held 18 NFL records, including 488 career
receptions. That was 200 more than his closest competitor. Hutson invented modern pass receiving. He created Z-outs, buttonhooks, hook-and-gos, and a whole catalog of moves and fakes. Hutson was a
60-minute player who spent most of his career as a very fine safety on defense. In his final six seasons, he swiped 30 opposing quarterbacks’ passes. SOURCE: NFL Hall of Fame Website
AUGUST (1-0)
31 at Merrill Fromm Foxes                W 34- 0    1-0-0    1,500 
2  at Chippewa Falls Marines             W 22- 0    2-0-0    6,000
4  at Stevens Point                      W 40- 0    3-0-0    1,500
8  G-LA CROSSE OLD STYLE LAGERS          W 49- 0    4-0-0    2,500
1935 RESULTS (8-4)
15 G-CHICAGO CARDINALS (0-0-0)           L  6- 7    0-1-0   10,000
22 G-CHICAGO BEARS (0-0-0)               W  7- 0    1-1-0   13,600
29 G-NEW YORK GIANTS (1-1-0)             W 16- 7    2-1-0   10,000
August 31: Green Bay (1-0) 34, Merrill 0
6  G-PITTSBURGH PIRATES (1-2-0)          W 27- 0    3-1-0    5,000
13 M-CHICAGO CARDINALS (1-0-1)           L  0- 3    3-2-0   13,000
20 M-DETROIT LIONS (2-1-1)               W 13- 9    4-2-0    9,500
27 at Chicago Bears (3-1-1)              W 17-14    5-2-0   29,386
10 G-DETROIT LIONS (4-2-1)               W 31- 7    6-2-0   12,000
17 at Detroit Lions (4-3-1)              L 10-20    6-3-0   12,500
24 at Pittsburgh Pirates (4-5-0)         W 34-14    7-3-0   12,902
28 at Chicago Cardinals (5-3-1)          L  7- 9    7-4-0    7,500
8  at Philadelphia Eagles (2-8-0)        W 13- 6    8-4-0    4,000
G - Green Bay M - Milwaukee
September 2: Green Bay (2-0) 22, Chippewa Falls 0
(CHIPPEWA FALLS) - Held in check through the first half by a stubborn Chippewa Falls line, Green Bay's Packers had to throw everything they had into the closing periods to come through with a 22-0 victory over the Marines. The game, played before 8,000, said to be the largest crowd ever to see a game here, was the second exhibition contest for the Green Bay club. The first training game was played at Merrill Saturday night, the Packers winning 34-0. A third game in the barnstorming tour will be played at Stevens Point tomorrow night.
GREEN BAY      -  3  0  7 12  - 22
CHIPPEWA FALLS -  0  0  0  0  -  0
1st - GB - Hinkle field goal  GREEN BAY 3-0
3rd - GB - Rose pss from Bruder (Monnett kick)  GREEN BAY 10-0
4th - GB - Hinkle, 1-yard run (Kick blocked)  GREEN BAY 16-0
4th - GB - Gantenbein pass from Herber (Kick blocked)  GREEN BAY 22-0
September 4: Green Bay (3-0) 40, All-Stars 0
September 8: Green Bay 49, La Crosse 0
September 15: Chicago Cardinals (1-0) 7, Green Bay (0-1) 6
Packers versus Cardinals in Milwaukee
(GREEN BAY) - The Chicago Cardinals, a heavy favorite to finish within striking distance of the championship, struggled to a 7 to 6 victory over the Green Bay Packers. The slim margin of victory was a point after touchdown which was accounted for in the opening stanza by Paul Pardonner. Bobby Monnett failed to score the extra point after the Packer touchdown in the second period. The Packers, however, were far from being in topnotch form. They were weakened by the loss of Clark Hinkle, George Sauer, Roger Grove and Arniee Herber from the backfield and George Maddox at tackle through injuries. 
CHI CARDS -   7  0  0  0  -  7
GREEN BAY -   0  6  0  0  -  6
1st - CHI - Bill Smith, 22-yard pass from Doug Russell (Paul Pardonner kick)  GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Johnston, 2-yard pass from Monnett (Kick failed)  GREEN BAY 7-6
September 22: Green Bay (1-1) 7, Chicago Bears (0-1) 0
(GREEN BAY) - A touchdown on the second play of the game and stubborn defensive play for the remainder gave the Green Bay Packers their first victory in two starts. They turned back the Chicago Bears, 7 to 0. Hank Bruder returned the opening kickoff to his own 17 yard line from where Arnie Herber flung a 40-yard pass to Don Hutson, who nabbed the ball over his shoulder and outran the Bear secondary to the goal line The Packers worked the ball into Bear territory at the start of the second half, but attempts by Ade Schwammel at field goals from the 40 and 50-yard lines failed. The same period saw the Bears threaten, but a couple of passes were grounded in the end zone. Green Bay was in a position to score as the game ended. On the last play, George Sauer passed directly over center to Johnny Blood, who made a brilliant catch on the 5 yard line. The Packers had reached the Bears 12-yard line in the third period, but the Bears stubborn defense held up.
CHI BEARS -   0  0  0  0  -  0
GREEN BAY -   7  0  0  0  -  7
1st - GB - Huston, 83-yard pass from Herber (Monnett kick)  GREEN BAY 7-0
September 29: Green Bay (2-1) 16, New York (1-2) 7
(GREEN BAY) - The select group of undefeated teams in the NFL dwindled to three and the list did not include the 1934 champion New York Giants. The revived Green Bay Packers who dealt the Chicago Bears a surprise defeat a week ago, arose to the occasion again tipping over the Giants, 16 to 7, at Green Bay. A one-point margin kept the Giants out front until the Bays turned to their passing and ground attack in the last period. Bob Monnett kicked a field goal from the 17 yard line, putting his team ahead, 9 to 7, and a few minutes later, Cal Hubbard intercepted a pass on the New York 8 yard line and scored. After a scoreless opening period, New York used a passing game to score from the 45-yard line in the second. Ed Dankowski passed to Ike Franklin over the center of the line, and as he was tackled, Franklin tossed a lateral pass to Dale Burnett, who shook off a tackler and ran 40 yards for the touchdown. Hank Bruder scored the Packers' first score after intercepting a Ken Strong pass.
NEW YORK  -   0  7  0  0  -  7
GREEN BAY -   0  0  6 10  - 16
2nd - NY - Dale Burnett, 45-yd lateral fr Ike Franklin after pass fr Ed Dankowski (Ken Strong kick)  NEW YORK 7-0
3rd - GB - Bruder, 65-yard interception return (Kick blocked)  NEW YORK 7-6
4th - GB - Monnett, 17-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 9-7
4th - GB - Hubbard, 8-yard interception return (Monnett kick)  GREEN BAY 16-7
October 6: Green Bay (3-1) 27, Pittsburgh (1-3) 0
(GREEN BAY) - The Packers today were another step nearer to the Western Division title. The Bays conquered the Pirates, 27-0. It was high school day and hundreds of students from Wisconsin and upper Michigan schools were Packer guests. It was the Packer's third consecutive victory. Offensive stars of the game were Don Hutson, George Sauer and Joe Laws. Scores came In the second and and fourth periods. Superior in all departments, the Bays reeled off 17 first downs to Pittsburgh's seven. The contest set a season's local record for the number of intercepted passes. There were nine. Only on one occasion did the visitors threaten to score. That was during the closing minutes of play when they pushed the Bays back to their 15- yard line after a 60-yard punt return. Johnny Blood prevented a score when he hauled down a Pirate runner in his race for goal.
PITTSBURGH -   0  0  0  0  -  0
GREEN BAY  -   0 20  0  7  - 27
2nd - GB - Sauer, 3-yard run (Schwammel kick)  GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Laws run (Kick failed)  GREEN BAY 13-0
2nd - GB - Hutson, 50-yard pass from Herber (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 20-0
4th - GB - Hutson, 1-yard pass from Herber (Engebretsen kick)  GREEN BAY 27-0
October 13: Chicago Cardinals (2-0-1) 3, Green Bay (3-2) 0
These days, the average NFL player receives about $1.2 million a year, not a bad paycheck for throwing around the old pigskin. After all, that’s three times what the President makes (though he does get free limo rides), and plenty more than your average blogger does (sigh). But in 1935, playing football wasn’t the glitzy well-funded enterprise it is today. That’s the year the Green Bay Packers went looking for a center, and found future President Gerald Ford. They offered President Ford $110 bucks a game. Over the course of a season—14 games—that means Ford would’ve squirreled away $1,540, about $24,000 bucks in 2011 dollars, if he had accepted the draft deal. Ford declined this offer, and another offer from the Detroit Lions to play professional football, and instead made his way over into Yale to study law, then to the Navy to serve his country, then to the House of Representatives, and finally to the White House where, thankfully, the salary was a bit better.Packers versus Cardinals in Milwaukee (SOURCE: The National Archives Blog)
(MILWAUKEE) - The Chicago Cardinals remained the only undefeated football team in the NFL. It wasn't their fault they didn't lose to the Green Bay Packers, however. A dropkick in the second quarter proved the margin of victory for the Chicagoans and the final score was Cardinals 3, Packers 0. It was one of those games that was chuck full of thrills and spills from whistle to gun. The Packers deserved a scolding (and got one from Coach Curly Lambeau and plenty of cross words from 18,000 fans) for not scoring at least twice in the first half. On two occasions the ball was half a step from the Cardinal goal but each time the Bays couldn't muster the punch it takes to put the hall over. Twice more they were in what is known as the scoring zone. The Chicago score came after Dave Cook side-stepped and danced his way through a broken field 44 yards. He was brought down from behind by Milt Gantenbein 10 yards short of the last marker. Pangle, Cook and Peterson gained only six yards in three thrusts at the Packer line and then Paul Pardonner dropped back to the 10-yard line, took off his head harness and booted the ball hard between the goal posts.
CHI CARDS -   0  3  0  0  -  3
GREEN BAY -   0  0  0  0  -  0
2nd - CHI - Paul Pardonner, 17-yard field goal  CHICAGO CARDINALS 3-0
October 20: Green Bay (4-2) 13, Detroit (2-2-1) 9
October 27: Green Bay (5-2) 17, Chicago Bears (3-2-1) 14
(CHICAGO) - In a storybook finish, the Packers came from behind and scored two touchdowns in the last three and one half minutes to defeat the Bears, 17 to 14. Believing the Bears were assured of victory, many of the 30,000 spectators left after Johnny Sisk raced 55 yards for the second Bear touchdown near the end of the game. Then the fireworks began. Arnie Herber tossed a long pass to Don Hutson, who dashed 69 yards down the field and crossed the goal after side-stepping four tacklers. Bernie Masterson fumbled fumbled the ball on the first play after the kickoff and Ernie Smith recovered for Green Bay on the Bear's 13 yard line. After four plays and a first down, Herber shot a short pass to Hutson who caught the ball on the three yard line and slid across for a touchdown. The Bear's made a desperate attempt to score by the aerial route in the last half minute. Just as the gun sounded, George Sauer intercepted a long pass from Beattie Feathers to Bill Karr. 
GREEN BAY -   0  3  0 14  - 17
CHI BEARS -   0  0  7  7  - 14
2nd - GB - Schwammel, 18-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 3-0
3rd - CHI - Gene Ronzani, 44-yard pass from Bernie Masterson (Jack Manders kick)  CHICAGO BEARS 7-3
4th - CHI - Johnny Sisk, 55-yard run (Manders kick)  CHICAGO BEARS 14-3
4th - GB - Hutson, 69-yard pass from Herber (Schwammel kick)  BEARS 14-10
4th - GB - Hutson, 4-yard pass from Herber (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 17-14
November 10: Green Bay (6-2) 31, Detroit (4-3-1) 7
(GREEN BAY) - The Green Bay Packers crushed the Detroit Lions today, 31 to 7, scoring 21 points with a sensational second half forward passing attack. The Packers opened the second half with a three point lead 10 to 7, on the strength of Clarke Hinkle's first period field goal from the 30 yard line. They swung into their heavy lead when Arnie Herber dropped back to his own 10 to pass to Johnny Blood on the Detroit 33. Blood ran for the touchdown and Herber dropkicked the extra point. Two more touchdowns were chalked up in the final period. Herber passed 26 yards to Blood behind the goal line for the first. The second came when Don Hutson snared Herber's pass on the 10 yard line and crossed the goal, to complete a gain of 44 yards. After being outplayed in the opening period, Detroit came back in the second and took advantage of a short punt by Hinkle which went only to the Bays' 28- yard line. Pug Vaughan passed far over the left side of his line to Ed Klewicki for the touchdown. Green Bay's first touchdown, in the second period, resulted from a crushing line attack. George Sauer ran the ball three times before steaming around end for the touchdown. 
DETROIT   -   0  7  0  0  -  7
GREEN BAY -   3  7  7 14  - 31
1st - GB - Hinkle, 30-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 3-0
2nd - GB - Sauer run (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 10-0
2nd - DET - Ed Klewicki, 28-yard pass from Pug Vaughn (Frank Christensen kick)  GB 10-7
3rd - GB - Blood, 70-yard pass from Herber (Herber kick)  GREEN BAY 17-7
4th - GB - Blood, 26-yard pass from Herber (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 24-7
4th - GB - Hutson, 44-yard pass from Herber (Hutson pss from Blood)  GREEN BAY 31-7
November 17: Detroit (5-3-1) 20, Green Bay (6-3) 10
(DETROIT) - Earl (Dutch) Clark was the hero of Detroit's triumph over the Packers. After Ernie Smith's 16-yard field goal in the opening period had put Green Bay ahead, Clark passed to Harry Ebding in the second for a touchdown. George Sauer tossed to Milt Gantenbein to give the Packers the lead again in the third, but the Lions were not to be stopped, pushing over two more touchdowns in the final period. Bill Shepherd scored both times, bucking over after taking a pass from Frank Christensen, and smashing thru for the last score after Clark had returned a punt 63 yards. The defeat dropped the Packers into a tie with the Chicago Cardinals for the Western Division lead.
November 24: Green Bay (7-3) 34, Pittsburgh (4-6) 14
(PITTSBURGH) - Pittsburgh's Pirates were eliminated from the championship race as they bowed to the wonderous Green Bay Packers 34 to 14. The victory, punctuated by numerous spectacular plays and the hurling of a pop bottle at Umpire Robb, gave Green Bay seven triumphs in ten games and practically assured them of the Western Divisional honors. Umpire Robb called two Packer passes complete a few minutes later because of interference, drawing a chorus of boos and the pop bottle, which fell far short of its mark.
GREEN BAY  -   6 14  0 14  - 34
PITTSBURGH -   0  7  7  0  - 14
1st - GB - Sauer, 3-yard run (Kick blocked)  GREEN BAY 6-0
2nd - GB - Sauer, 75-yard interception return (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 13-0
2nd - PITT - Jim Levey, 3-yard run (Armand Niccolai kick)  GREEN BAY 13-7
2nd - GB - Blood, 41-yard pass from Monnett (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 20-7
3rd - PITT - Levey, 13-yard pass from John Turley (Niccolai kick)  GB 20-14
4th - GB - Hinkle, 2-yard run (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 27-14
4th - GB - Blood, 11-yard interception (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 34-14
November 28: Chicago Cardinals (6-3-1) 9, Green Bay (7-4) 7
(PHILADELPHIA) - In the Western Division Green Bay took runner-up honors, with the Bears and the Cardinals tied for third, as the Packers burned Philadelphia, 13-6. 
GREEN BAY    -   0  3  7  3  - 13
PHILADELPHIA -   0  6  0  0  -  6
2nd - GB - Hinkle, 39-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 3-0
2nd - PHIL - Eggs Manske, 4-yard pass from Ed Matesic (Kick blocked)  PHILADELPHIA 6-3
3rd - GB - Hinkle, 47-yard run (Schwammel kick)  GREEN BAY 10-6
4th - PHIL - Schwammel, 37-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 13-6
December 8: Green Bay (8-4) 13, Philadelphia (2-9) 6
GREEN BAY -   3  0  7  0  - 10
DETROIT   -   0  6  0 14  - 20
1st - GB - Smith, 22-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 3-0
2nd - DET - Harry Ebding, 16-yard pass from Dutch Clark (Kick failed)  DET 6-3
3rd - GB - Gantenbein, 9-yard pass from Sauer (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 10-6
4th - DET - Bill Shepherd, 2-yard run (Clark kick)  DETROIT 13-10
4th - DET - Shepherd run (Clark kick)  DETROIT 20-10
January 12: Green Bay 61, Victor McLaglen's Lighthorses 7
(SAN DIEGO) - The Green Bay Packers professional football team swamped Victor McLaglen's Lighthorse outfit of Los Angeles here yesterday, 61 to 7, before a crowd of 5,000 spectators. Four minutes after the start of the game, Irvine "Cotton" Warburton, former University of Southern California All-American, scored a touchdown for the Lighthorse team after picking up a Packer fumble on his own 7-yard line and running 93 yards. After that Green Bay put on the pressure and gave one of the most brilliant exhibitions of offensive grid tactics ever seen here to rout the California team with a steady succession of touchdowns. Joe Laws culminated a 75-yard march with a 5-yard smash off tackle to tie the score in the first period. The Packers completed 12 of 15 passes for 453 yards. Running plays were good for 206 more yards. Green Bay piled up 15 first downs to four for the Lighthorse team.
GREEN BAY     -  7 28 12 14 - 61
LIGHTHORSEMEN -  7  0  0  0 -  7
Green Bay Scoring — Touchdowns — Laws, Sauer 2, Hutson 2, Grove, Monnett, Johnston, Scheidmann. Points after
touchdowns — Smith, Engebretsen 3, Hinkle. Schwammel (Placements) Lighthorsemen scoring—Touchdown —
Warburton Point after touchdown —Ernco (placement)
January 19: Green Bay 24, Pacific Coast All-Americans 14
(SAN FRANCISCO) - Scoring three touchdowns out of the four times they had possession of the ball in the first period, the Green Bay Packers, professional football team, defeated the Pacific Coast All Stars 24 to 14 yesterday before 20,000 persons. Passes from Arnold Herber, right half, to Don Hutson, end, to Hank Bruder, quarterback, and to George Sauer, left half, led to the scores. The coast players reeled oft two touchdowns in the second period on passes from Frank Sobrero, left half, to Hal Pangle and to Bob Rowe, to threaten the Packers lead. Clark Hinkle, Packer fullback, ended the day's scoring with a goal from the 30 yard line in the third quarter. Each team chalked up 10 first downs. The game was sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.
GREEN BAY     - 21  0  3  0 - 24
ALL-AMERICANS -  0 14  0  0 - 14
Packers touchdowns - Hutson, Bruder, Saueri. Field Goal - Hinkle Placekick after touchdown - Smith 3  All Stars—Touchdowns: Pangle, Rowe Points after touchdown: Meister 2
January 26: Detroit 10, Green Bay 3
(LOS ANGELES) - A brilliant 84-yard touchdown run by Ace Gutowsky, plunging 195-pound fullback, gave the Detroit Lions a 10 to 3 victory yesterday over the Green Bay Packers, the team that defeated them twice during the past season. The former Oklahoma City university player, slanting off-tackle, dashed through the Packers' secondary and crossed the goal line standing up. Twenty-two thousand persons witnessed the game, and hundreds were turned away. The Packers held a 3-0 lead at the end of the first half due to a place kick by Ad Schwammel, former Oregon State player, 230-pound tackle, who sent the ball between the uprights from the 30 yard fine. Shortly after the third period started, Gutowsky placed the Lions in the lead, and to make their lead safe, Dutch Clark, former Colorado college star, drop kicked a field goal from the 20-yard line in the fourth quarter. Clark was bottled up most of the afternoon, although he figured in the sustained drive from the 35-yard line that placed him in a position to make the field goal. Likewise, the famous Herber to Hutson passing combination failed to work. The Lions threw 12 and completed only one, that from Clark to Caddell for 16 yards. The Packers threw 11, completing one, and that on interference. The Packers made 10 first downs to the Lions' 8, although the latter outcharged the Green Bay team, 184 yards to 102. The Lions' end play was marvelous to behold, and it nullified the superior power of the Packers' line. Butch Morse, Harry Ebding, Klewicki and Schneller played spectacuilar defensive ball at the wings all afternoon, rushing Herber so hard he could not get his passes away accurately, and tackling sharply on the Packers' thrusts at the tackles. Joe Laws, former Iowa back, and Bob Monnett, ex-Michigan State star, were the chief ground gainers for Green Bay. Sauer, formerly of Nebraska, and one of the Packers chief ground threats, was injured on the first play when tackled by Caddel, and had to leave the game.
GREEN BAY -  0  3  0  0 -  3
DETROIT   -  0  0  7  3 - 10
Detroit scoring touchdown— Gutowsky Goal from touchdown (dropkick) - Clark Goal from Held (dropkick) - Clark.
Packers scoring goal from field (placement) Schwammel
This picture of the 1935 Green Bay Packers club was published in the San Francisco Examiner on January 17, 1936
(SOURCE: Packeruniforms.blogspot.com)