Nate Barragar    31     C 6- 0 210             USC  4  5    11
Hank Bruder      27     B 6- 0 190    Northwestern  5  5 27 10
Frank Butler     48     C 6- 3 246     Michigan St  2  2 26  6
Tiny Engebretsen 34     G 6- 1 235    Northwestern  2  4 25  9
Lon Evans        46     G 6- 2 219             TCU  3  3 23 12
Milt Gantenbein  22     E 6- 0 193       Wisconsin  5  5 25 12
B. Goldenberg    44     B 5-10 215       Wisconsin  3  3 24 12
Roger Grove      11     B 6- 0 184     Michigan St  5  5 27  
Arnie Herber     38     B 5-11 203           Regis  6  6 25 11
Clarke Hinkle    30    FB 5-11 205        Bucknell  4  4 26  9
Cal Hubbard      51   T-E 6- 5 265          Geneva  6  8 34 11
Don Hutson       14     E 6- 1 189         Alabama  1  1 22 10
Swede Johnston   15     B 5-10 200       Marquette  4  3 25 11
Walt Kiesling    49     G 6- 3 260 St. Thomas (MN) 10  1 32 10
Joe Laws         29     B 5- 9 185            Iowa  2  2 24 12
Buster Maddox    28     T 6- 3 240       Kansas St  1  1 23  1
Dustin McDonald  42     G 5- 4 202         Indiana  1  1 26  1
*-Johnny McNally 26     B 6- 0 190      St. John's 11  6 31 10
Mike Michalske   33     G 6- 1 200      Penn State  9  7 32 10
Bob Monnett    3/12     B 5- 9 181     Michigan St  5  5 25 11
Bob O'Connor     24     G 6- 1 220        Stanford  1  1 25  7
Claude Perry     32     T 6- 1 211         Alabama  9  9 33  8
Al Rose          47     E 6- 3 195           Texas  6  4 28 12
George Sauer     25     B 6- 2 204        Nebraska  1  1 24 10
Herm Schneidman   4     B 5-10 205            Iowa  1  1 21 11
Ade Schwammel 33/50     T 6- 2 230       Oregon St  2  2 26 11
Champ Seibold    37     G 6- 4 240       Wisconsin  2  2 22  6
Ernie Smith      45     T 6- 2 234             USC  1  1 25 12
George Svendsen  43     C 6- 4 214       Minnesota  1  1 22 11
Bob Tenner       36     E 6- 0 212       Minnesota  1  1 22 11
Dominic Vairo    35     E 6- 2 203      Notre Dame  1  1 22  1
* - Known as Johnny Blood
YR - Years with Packers PR - Years of Professional Football A-Age G - Games  Played
1935 Stock Certificate
$5,000 - Verdict awarded to fan who fell from stands at City Stadium in 1934 and sued team. Packers’ public-liability mutual insurance company was already going bankrupt, so team forced to pay $2,500 to company’s creditors. Fan’s fall sent Packers into receivership.
$15,000 - New capital generated by Lee Joannes’ 1935 stock drive, the second in team history.
(SOURCE: Packer Media Guide)
The Packers signed Don Hutson out of Alabama, giving the Packers one of the most feared receivers in NFL history. In a highly competitive Western Division the Packers post an 8-4 record, finishing 2nd among 4 teams with winning records. The Packers also held another stock sale, which raised $15,000 after the corporation had gone into receivership. At that point, the nonprofit Green Bay Football Corporation was reorganized as the Green Bay Packers, Inc., the present company, with 300 shares of stock outstanding.
After Don Hutson caught six passes for 164 yards to help Alabama upset Stanford in the Rose Bowl 29-13, Don Hutson was a hot commodity. At the time, there was no NFL Draft which meant Hutson was free to negotiate with whatever team he wanted. “The Bears offered me $75 a game. I remember that George Halas wrote me a two-page letter about what a privilege it was to play for the Bears.” Eventually, the bidding narrowed down to the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Packers. Hutson signed contracts with both but the Green Bay contract arrived in league headquarters first. “They gave me $300 a game,” says Hutson, “so for 11 games that means I got $3,300. Nobody in Green Bay had ever been paid that much. Finally, at the end, when I had been all-pro for nine years in a row, I was up to $15,000 a year.” Had it not been for a unique decision by NFL President Joe Carr, Hutson might have become a Dodger. Carr ruled the contract with the earliest postmark would be honored. The Packers' contract was postmarked 8:30 a.m., 17 minutes earlier than the Dodgers' pact. Thus Hutson became a Packer. His first touchdown came on an 83-yard pass from Arnie Herber in just his second game as a Packer. He wound up with 99 career touchdown receptions, a record that stood for more than four decades. When Hutson retired in 1945 after 11 superb seasons, he held 18 NFL records, including 488 career receptions. That was 200 more than his closest competitor. Hutson invented modern pass receiving. He created Z-outs, buttonhooks, hook-and-gos, and a whole catalog of moves and fakes. Hutson was a 60-minute player who spent most of his career as a very fine safety on defense. In his final six seasons, he swiped 30 opposing quarterbacks’ passes. SOURCE: NFL Hall of Fame Website
AUGUST (1-0)
31 at Merrill Fromm Foxes                W 34- 0    1-0-0    1,500 
2  at Chippewa Falls Marines             W 22- 0    2-0-0    6,000
4  at Stevens Point                      W 40- 0    3-0-0    1,500
8  G-LA CROSSE OLD STYLE LAGERS          W 49- 0    4-0-0    2,500
1935 RESULTS (8-4)
15 G-CHICAGO CARDINALS (0-0-0)           L  6- 7    0-1-0   10,000
22 G-CHICAGO BEARS (0-0-0)               W  7- 0    1-1-0   13,600
29 G-NEW YORK GIANTS (1-1-0)             W 16- 7    2-1-0   10,000
6  G-PITTSBURGH PIRATES (1-2-0)          W 27- 0    3-1-0    5,000
13 M-CHICAGO CARDINALS (1-0-1)           L  0- 3    3-2-0   13,000
20 M-DETROIT LIONS (2-1-1)               W 13- 9    4-2-0    9,500
27 at Chicago Bears (3-1-1)              W 17-14    5-2-0   29,386
10 G-DETROIT LIONS (4-2-1)               W 31- 7    6-2-0   12,000
17 at Detroit Lions (4-3-1)              L 10-20    6-3-0   12,500
24 at Pittsburgh Pirates (4-5-0)         W 34-14    7-3-0   12,902
28 at Chicago Cardinals (5-3-1)          L  7- 9    7-4-0    7,500
8  at Philadelphia Eagles (2-8-0)        W 13- 6    8-4-0    4,000
G - Green Bay M - Milwaukee
These days, the average NFL player receives about $1.2 million a year, not a bad paycheck for throwing around the old pigskin. After all, that’s three times what the President makes (though he does get free limo rides), and plenty more than your average blogger does (sigh). But in 1935, playing football wasn’t the glitzy well-funded enterprise it is today. That’s the year the Green Bay Packers went looking for a center, and found future President Gerald Ford. They offered President Ford $110 bucks a game. Over the course of a season—14 games—that means Ford would’ve squirreled away $1,540, about $24,000 bucks in 2011 dollars, if he had accepted the draft deal. Ford declined this offer, and another offer from the Detroit Lions to play professional football, and instead made his way over into Yale to study law, then to the Navy to serve his country, then to the House of Representatives, and finally to the White House where, thankfully, the salary was a bit better.Packers versus Cardinals in Milwaukee (SOURCE: The National Archives Blog)
JANUARY 16 (Green Bay) - Ernie Smith, former tackle on the University of Southern California football team, and Bob O'Connor, 215 pound Stanford guard, will make their professional debuts with the Green Bay Packers football team next fall, Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau announced today. Lambeau just returned from a west coast trip. He also expects to sign Larry Siemering, center, and James Barber, tackle, of the University of San Francisco.
JANUARY 24 (Hurley, WI) - Champ Seibold, 22-year old Oshkosh youth widely known in Wisconsin football and basketball circles, may lose the sight of his left eye as the result of a brawl in a tavern here Tuesday night. Seibold was not involved in the melee, being seated at a table when the fight broke out and a bartender tossed a bottle. The missile struck Seibold, inflicting a cut across the eyeball just over the pupil. Seibold withdrew from the University of Wisconsin last fall. He had been counted on to bolster the Badger team. Coach Clarence Spears regarded him as one of the finest natural tackles he had ever seen. Seibold signed with the Green Bay Packers and played several games last fall and was expected to become a regular in 1935.
JANUARY 25 (Hurley, WI) - A warrant was issued in county court today here for the arrest of Paul Santini who is charged with assault with intent to do great bodily harm. He is the man Hurley police charge with having hurled a bottle during a brawl in his saloon, the bottle striking Champ Seibold in the left eye. Seibold, a member of the Green Bay Packers barnstorming basketball team, is in a hospital in Ironwood, Mich.
JANUARY 28 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers of the National Professional Football league will use any profits made in the future for charitable purposes. Articles of incorporation were filed Saturday for the Green Bay Packers, Inc. The object of the corporation is in the operation of the Green Bay Packers as a non-profit basis. If there is any excess over the cost of operation, the moneys will be turned over to the Sullivan Post of the American Legion or some other organization to use for benefit purposes, preferably war veterans. The capital of the company is to be 300 shares of nonpar stock. The incorporators are Leland A. Joannes, M. Weber Kelley and G.F. Clifford.
JANUARY 30 (Green Bay) - The new Green Bay Packers' corporation was launched publicly Tuesday night at a meeting of more than 200 business men who recently subscribed to a $10,000 fund to straighten out the professional football club's finances and keep big time pro football in Green Bay. Leland H. Joannes was elected president; Fred Leicht, vice-president; G.W. Calhoun, secretary and Frank Jonet, treasurer. With 300 shares of no par value previously subscribed, 300 more were added at the meeting. The proposed board of 15 directors was increased to 20. All affairs of the old club were taken over. About $8,000 of debts are to be liquidated and the new corporation will have about $4,000 capital with which to start the 1935 campaign. Coach Curly Lambeau will be offered a new contract.
FEBRUARY 9 (Green Bay) - Herman Schneidman, quarterback on the University of Iowa football team, today had signed with the Green Bay Packers professional team, Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau revealed. Schneidman represents part of the new blood with which Lambeau intends to revitalize the former national champions next season. Schneidman seldom got his chance to carry the ball in his college days. He was invaluable as a blocker and defenseman, however, and comes to Green Bay strongly recommended by Joe Laws, star Packer back and former Iowa man himself.
FEBRUARY 22 (Green Bay) - Don Hutson, all-American left end of the undefeated 1934 University of Alabama football team, has signed a contract to play with the Green Bay Packers professional football team, it was announced today by Coach E.L. Lambeau. Hutson was one of the stars of the Alabama-Stanford Rose Bowl game, catching two passes for touchdowns. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 195 pounds. George Maddox, Kansas State tackle, also an all-American last year, and Ernie Smith, Southern California all-American in 1932, recently were added to the team.
MARCH 20 (Green Bay) - George Henry Sauer, regarded as one of the greatest athletes the University of Nebraska has produced, has signed a contract to play with the Green Bay Packers, Coach E.L. Lambeau announced today. Known as a dynamic blocker, excellent ball carrier, fine punter and passer, and flawless defenseman, Sauer is expected to strengthen materially the Packer squad for the 1935 National Professional Football race. He graduated from Nebraska in 1933, and for the past year has been an assistant backfield coach at the Lincoln, Neb., university. He was named for practically every all-American team during his last season at Nebraska, and won the East-West game of New Year's day 1934 almost single handed by getting away for two brilliant touchdown runs.
APRIL 3 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers professional football team had obtained Sol Kramer, 206 pound South Dakota halfback, to bolster its much strengthened squad next season, Coach Curly Lambeau announced. Negotiations have been completed for 11 new backs, Lambeau said, and offers have been extended to Pug Lund of Minnesota, Saunders of Tulane, Purvis of Purdue and Nichelini of St. Mary's.
APRIL 5 (Green Bay) - Bob Tenner, varsity end on the Minnesota Big Ten championship team last fall, has been signed to play with the Green Bay Packers professional football team next season, Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau said today. Lambeau has his backfield practically complete and now is developing a strong line. Tenner, who is six feet tall and weighs 210 pounds, is the second end added to the Packer squad. The other is Don Hutson, all-American from Alabama.
MAY 18 (Pittsburgh) - Grumblings about the high cost of players poured into the ears of National Professional Football league officials as they foregathered in Pittsburgh today and there was talk there may be rule about it. Headed by President Joe Carr of Columbus, the representatives to the 10 clubs also will have the question of the St. Louis franchise to settle. St. Louis picked it up last year after Cincinnati dropped out and although the Missouri outfit finished at the bottom it is anxious to stay in the league. It is said, however, that Buffalo and Cleveland also angling for the berth. The most vociferous of the protestants against paying big sums for new pros are the Pittsburgh Pirates, who announced themselves determined to stop the offering of abnormally high salaries to stars just out of college. It makes things hard for some of the clubs which haven't so much money, they claim. Several player deals may be made at the confab and a start on next year's schedule probably will be made.
MAY 20 (Pittsburgh) - As a concession to those teams in the National Professional Football league who complained the richer teams are grabbing all the players, the league next season will have a waiver rule which will permit the lowest club first chance at any men released by a rival outfit. The waiver rule and an ultimatum to St. Louis that it has 10 days in which to settle delinquent accounts were the principal matters decided at a closed meeting Sunday. The pro moguls decreed that unless Myron S. Greentree, who holds the St. Louis franchise, can clear up his financial troubles within the specified time, the franchise will be declared forfeited and the league will operate on a nine-club basis. St. Louis replaced Cincinnati in the circuit last season. Leaving the session, the pro managers expressed themselves as well satisified with everything and predicted bigger and better things for the league this fall. Eddie Casey, former Harvard mentor and just signed to manage the Boston Redskins, said he thought the outlook is fine. "I guess there a lot of bums in this pro business," said Casey, "and I expect I will get plenty of them. However, I like the general run of things. The owners came right out and put their cards on the table, fought things out and ended up firm friends." A schedule making session is to be held in Chicago June 15 and Joe Carr of Columbus, league president, was named head of a committee to revise the constitution.
MAY 23 (Green Bay) - Sale to the Philadelphia Eagles of Carl Jorgensen, former St. Mary's College tackle, and Earl Witte, halfback who captained the Gustavus Adolphus eleven two years ago, was announced today by the Green Bay Packers. 
JUNE 17 (Chicago - Joe Carr of Columbus, Ohio, yesterday was re-elected president of the National Professional Football League for a five year team at the annual meeting of directors. Lee Joannes of Green Bay was appointed a member of the finance committee for one year. The Green Bay Packers were represented at the meeting by Joannes and Curly Lambeau. The league will operate as a nine-club circuit with the franchise operated in Cincinnati and St. Louis in 1934 suspended. The 1935 schedule was to be prepared at today's session.
JUNE 17 (Chicago) - The annual schedule meeting of the National Professional Football league landed in the lap of President Joe Carr at about midnight here Sunday when the owners, after 10 hours of futile bickering over games, reached an impasse and decided to let him find the solution. A weary, perspiring group, with coats and vests shed and collars wide open, they wrangled all afternoon and all night and they might be at it still except for the exasperated suggestion from some one back in the room that they let "Joe do it." And so it will be. With suggestions from each, he will now wrestle with the games, and by the end of the week, it is hoped, come up for air with a schedule. The meeting was not without its major developments, however, for at their business meeting earlier in the day they accomplished a number of things. The chief developments follow:
* Joe Carr of Columbus re-elected president of the league for five years with powers of a dictator. Carl Storck of Dayton re-elected vice-president.
* A new constitution adopted, patterned after the old.
* A finance committee named consisting of Lee Joannes of Green Bay, J.V. Mara of New York, George Halas of the Bears and Bert Bell of Philadelphia.
* Paul Schissler, late of the Cardinals, signed to coach the Brooklyn club
* A decision by the Green Bay Packers to play two of this season's game at State Fair park in Milwaukee - the Detroit Lions October 20 and the Chicago Cardinals November 10, the dates depending to some extent on the re-arrangement of the schedule by Carr.
With all these developments, it was still the schedule meeting, however, that occupied most of the day. They bickered and bickered without result although several clubs, including the Packers, finally did come up with a tentative schedule. Green Bay's card, while it still may be changed by Carr, follows:
September 15 - Cardinals at Green Bay
September 22 - Bears at Green Bay
September 29 - New York at Green Bay
October 6 - Pittsburgh at Green Bay
October 13 - Cardinals at Chicago
October 20 - Detroit at Milwaukee
October 27 - Bears at Chicago
November 3 - Brooklyn at Green Bay
November 10 - Cardinals at Milwaukee
November 17 - Green Bay at Detroit
November 24 - Green Bay at Pittsburgh
December 1 - Green Bay at Pittsburgh
December 8 - Green Bay at Philadelphia
If the schedule stands, it will again give the Packers one of the toughest assignments in the league. They will round out their preliminary schedule with a preliminary, still to be arranged September 7. For the first time, the Packers will also do their training at a camp instead of Green Bay and they will begin work one week earlier than than usual. They will report to Lambeau at Elcho, Wis., August 24 and remain through Labor Day. In re-writing the constitution, the league again emphatically reaffirmed its policy to not tamper with college ball players. It voted a heavier penalty for this than every before. Those who attended the meting which was held at the Palmer House, included: Joannes and Curly Lambeau, Green Bay; Halas, Chicago Bears; Mara and Steve Owner, New York; Bell and Lud Wray, Philadelphia; Larry Doyle and Dennis Shea, Boston; John (Shipwreck) Kelly and Henry Topping, Brooklyn; Arthur Rooney and Joe Bach, Pittsburgh; Charles Bidwell and Arch Wolf, Chicago Cardinals, and G.A. Richard and George (Potsy) Clark, Detroit.
JUNE 20 (Green Bay) - Plans for installation of lights at City Stadium, home of the Green Bay Packers and East High, will be discussed by a group of eastside businessmen June 25. A lighting plant was installed at West High Stadium last fall.
JUNE 24 (Green Bay) - George Svendsen, center on the 1935 University of Minnesota football team, today was on the roster of the Green Bay Packers. Curly Lambeau, Packer coach, announced that Svendsen has signed a contract to play next season. Svendsen, who weighs 214 pounds and stands six feet two inches tall, was an outstanding center last year. Until 1934 he played tackle for the Gophers.
JUNE 27 (Waukegan, IL) - Earl L. "Curly" Lambeau, coach of the Green Bay Packers, was married here last night Miss Billie Jean Copeland, "Miss California" in 1927. Lambeau gave his age as 37, Miss Copelan gave hers as 26, and her home as Los Angeles. They were married by Justice of the Peace Henry F. Wallenwein.
JULY 9 (Green Bay) - Cal Hubbard, who last year coached the Texas A&M college football team, will rejoin the Green Bay Packers professional eleven this fall. The 265-pound tackle, who measures six feet 4 inches, joined the Packers in 1929 - but quit last year to take up coaching. A former Geneva college star, Hubbard got his start in professional football with the New York Giants. He will join the Packers September 10 after completing his duties as umpire in the International baseball league this summer.
JULY 24 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers will open their 1935
National Professional football league season at home on Sunday
September 15 with the Chicago Cardinals furnishing the opposition.
The Packers will play their first out of town game October 13 when
they travel to Chicago to meet the Cardinals. They will meet the
Bears in Chicago October 27 and will wind up their home stand on
November 10 with Detroit. On their road trip, the Packers will play at
Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Philadelphia. Pittsburgh and
Philadelphia will open the 1935 league season September 13 at
Temple Stadium in Philly. Each club will play a total of 12 league
games, in most instances six at home and the same number
abroad. With the exception of four games at night in midweek and
Thanksgiving day, all games will be played on Sunday. The league
will operate with nine clubs this season, five in the eastern division
and four in the western. The eastern teams represent Boston,
Brooklyn, New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, while the west has
the Chicago Bears, Chicago Cardinals, Detroit and Green Bay.
JULY 30 (Green Bay) - Scheduling of a football game between the
Green Bay Packers of the National Professional Football league and
the Chippewa Falls Marines of the Wisconsin State Pro loop was
announced today. The game, sponsored by the Northern Wisconsin
District Fair Association, will be played at Chippewa Falls
September 2. The Chippewa Falls park has a seating capacity of
nearly 8,000.
AUGUST 1 (Green Bay) - Joe Laws, triple-threat halfback of the
University of Iowa football team of 1933, has signed to play with the
Green Bay Packers of the National Professional league this season,
club officials said today. Laws was one of the Packer mainstays
during his first season with the club last fall.
AUGUST 3 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers will start a week's
training before the opening of the season at Lake Thompson, four
and a half miles from Rhinelander, club officials announced today.
AUGUST 8 (Green Bay) - Clark Hinkle, Toronto, O., plunging
fullback, has signed a contract to play with the Green Bay Packers
this fall, Coach E.L. Lambeau announced today. Hinkle, famed for
his versatility, joined the Packers in 1931 after pacing the nation's
gridiron scorers as a member of the Bucknell university eleven.
AUGUST 13 (La Crosse) - La Crosse will have a professional football team and it will open the season against the Packers at Green Bay on September 8. Tom Skemp, it was announced Monday night, will coach the club and the first practice has been called for Thursday at 6:30 p.m. on the grounds of the Aquinas high school. Skemp has started plans for strengthening his 1935 club which will be sponsored again, and incorporated under the name of "Heileman's Football Club of La Crosse, Inc." Skemp announced late Monday that coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau has asked the Heileman's to play the opening game at Green Bay and are willing to meet the La Crosse team in a return clash here November 3. The Chicago Bears have written for a tilt with the Heilemans to be played at Delafield, but the matter is undecided. The date selected conflicts will another already being considered. Skemp announced Monday that the setup for handling the team and its business have been completely revamped under a plan devised to meet the approval of the club and all concerned. Skemp announced that Joe Kurth, former Notre Dame all-American now selling insurance here, will be back for play, Joe finished the season with the Lager club last year . Skemp announced that Lambeau has forwarded contracts for the game with the Packers, but otherwise no schedule has been lined up. A meeting will be held in Chippewa Falls on Sunday to formulate plans for the season in the pro league which functioned last year. Merrill, Wis., has made plans for starting a team and may seek entry into the circuit. The Packers will play at Merrill August 31. They will appear at Stevens Point September 2, meeting Eddie Kotal's semi-pros, and have chosen the La Crosse team as their first home opponent.
AUGUST 14 (Green Bay) - Milton Gantenbein, captain of the 1930 University of Wisconsin football team, has signed for another season with the Green Bay Packers, it was announced today. Gantenbein is a veteran end.
AUGUST 14 (Green Bay) - Three games with the Cardinals, one of them in Milwaukee October 13, three games with Detroit, one of them in Milwaukee October
20, and, for the first time in years, no game with the
New York Giants in New York, are the highlights on the
Green Bay Packers' 1935 football schedule as revised
by Joe Carr, president of the league. Under the dictatorial
powers given him at the league meeting in Chicago in
June, Carr arbitrarily straightened out those conflicts in
dates which has stumped the owners and had left the
schedule in a snarl. The cancellation of Green Bay's
trip to New York was one of the steps he took. The
Packers will play 12 league games, starting September
15, with the Chicago Cardinals at Green Bay. They will
follow with the Bears at the Bay, New York at the Bay,
and Pittsburgh at the Bay. The two Milwaukee games
follow this, and after a visit to the Bears at Chicago
they'll close their season at home against Detroit
November 10. The road trip with which the Packers
customarily close their season will take them to
Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Philadelphia on the last four dates. In announcing the revised league schedule, Curly Lambeau also announced the five preliminary games now definitely arranged. The Packers will play Merrill at Merrill in a night game August 31, Chippewa Falls at Chippewa Falls September 2, Winona at Winona in a night game September 4, Stevens Point in a night game September 6 and La Crosse at Green Bay Sunday September 8.
AUGUST 15 (Green Bay) - Dominic Vairo, captain of the 1934 Notre Dame football team and one of the best blocking ends in the middle west, has signed to play with the Green Bay Packers, it was learned today. Al Rose, veteran Packer end, has been suspended because of his failure to sign a contract, Coach Curly Lambeau announced.
AUGUST 16 (Green Bay) - Bob Monnett, a triple threat man, has signed to play another season with the 
Green Bay Packers, it was announced today. Monnett, the most consistent scorer on the Packer squad, once led the nation in scoring when he played at Michigan State. 
AUGUST 21 (Green Bay) - Two more linemen have signed to play with the Green Bay Packers this season, Coach Curly Lambeau announced today. Walter Kiesling, veteran National Professional Football league guard who has played with the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cardinals, and Paul "Tiny" Engebretson, former Northwestern University tackle, will report for the first drills. Both are giants - Kiesling weighs 262 pounds while Tiny weighs 238 pounds. Their signing brings the Packer roster to 23, with five more contracts expected in before the team leaves for training quarters in Rhinelander Saturday.
AUGUST 23 (Green Bay) - Henry Bruder, former Northwestern University backfield ace, will play his fifth season with the Green Bay Packers, he announced today. Bruder, who performs equally well at fullback or halfback, has returned his contract. He is one of the highest scoring backs in Packers' history. Last year he accounted for 22 points in the Cincinnati game alone. The Packer player list now totals 26.
AUGUST 23 (Chippewa Falls) - Preparations were being made here today for a record crowd expected to attend the Chippewa Marines' opening football game of the season against the Green Bay Packers on Labor Day September 2. A new gridiron has been laid out in front of a grandstand with seats for 8,000 spectators. Bleachers are being erected on the opposite side to accommodate nearly 2,000 more. The grandstand affords overhead shelter in case of bad weather. Those arranging the contest between these two professional teams report strong demand for tickets.
SEPTEMBER 23 (Chippewa Falls) - Johnny Blood, former star halfback on the Green Bay Packers' professional football team, has signed to play with the Chippewa Falls Marines this year. Blood, who played with the Pittsburgh team of the National Professional Football league, will make his first appearance with the Marines when they meet the Packers here on Labor Day.
AUGUST 24 (Rhinelander) - Green Bay's Packer professional football team was expected  here Saturday to begin a 10-day training camp session, preparatory to the opening of the 1935 professional football season. The team will play a series of games with semi-professional clubs in northern and northwestern Wisconsin before opening the regular season with a game at Green Bay on September 25. Thirty players have been signed.
AUGUST 25 (Rhinelander) - Under a bright sun, the Green Bay Packers, 29 strong, opened their 1935 football campaign here Saturday afternoon with a workout that left the men somewhat worse for wear at the finish. Arriving here at noon, the Packers immediately pitched camp at Thompson Lake, just outside of town, and an hour later were in togs on the Rhinelander High school field for their first workout of the season. A bus has been chartered to take the men to and from the field to their lake headquarters. The session opened with calisthenics after which Coach Curly Lambeau divided the squad into groups of linemen and backs and sent each through separate drills. With Barrager at center, the group of backs went to one end of the field to punt, run back punts and pass. George Sauer, former Nebraska all-American, 
made a big hit with his punting. Despite a stiff crosswind, the big Cornhusker got off long high spirals that consistently sailed between 60 and 70 yards. Arnie Herber and Hank Bruder also sent away nice kicks. Herber, Bruder and Laws did most of the passing. A long session on simple plays, with a couple trips around the running track, topped off the workout. Two drills a day will be held every day in camp. The men will remain here until Saturday when they'll pull stakes and go to Merrill for the first four practice games before the start of the season with the Chicago Cardinals September 15. In other preliminary games, they will play the Chippewa Falls Marines at Chippewa Falls September 2, Stevens Point at Stevens Point September 4; La Cross at Green Bay September 8.
AUGUST 31 (Merrill, WI) - The Green Bay Packers professional football team, bolstered for the 1935 National league season, will swing into action here tonight, meeting the Merrill Fromms in a practice game. The contest under the floodlights will be the first of a series of warmup battles for the Green Bay eleven before the opening of the National league season in Green Bay September 15. Other games will be played at Stevens Point and Chippewa Falls before the team returns to the Bay September 8 for its final practice tilt with La Crosse. The team has been working out near Rhinelander for the past week. Several new men have shown promise in the daily drills, according to Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau and he expects the club to a serious contender for the National league pennant. Don Hutson, Alabama end, who played with the All-Stars in Chicago Thursday night, will join the squad today, the coach said. Bob Tenner, Minnesota end, also is expected within a few days.
DECEMBER 10 (New York) - For the third successive yard the Chicago Bears
were the National Professional Football league's leading ground gainers and
point scorers. They gained 3,417 yards and scored 192 points to beat out the
Green Bay Packers as ground gainers and the Detroit Lions for the point
scoring honors. The Packers gained 2,919 yards for second place and the
Lions tallied 191 points. New York Giants, eastern champions will meet
Detroit, western titleholder, in a playoff for the league championship next
Sunday, hung up the best defensive record. The Giants tied Green Bay by
holding opponents to 96 points and were second to Boston for the least
number of yards gained against them. Boston allowed the opposition 1,980
yards, the Giants 2,019. The Giants led in forward passing, completing 44
percent of their aerials. Detroit and Green Bay each completed 40 percent.
DECEMBER 12 (New York) - The best 11 players in the fastest football league
in the land are named today by the United Press on the 1935 All-America
professional team. Combining speed, power and finesse, they approach the
ultimate in gridiron greatness. Every player is an all-around star, and many of
them are specialists without an equal. The western division of the National
Football league dominates the squad of 22 players, with eight men on the
first team and eight on the second. The New York Giants, eastern champions,
place three men on the first team and two on the second. The only other
eastern team to gain a place is Pittsburgh, which lands one man on the
second team. The Chicago Bears share honors with the Giants on the first
team with three men. Green Bay and Detroit land two each and the Chicago
Cardinals one. The first team backfield is composed of Earl (Dutch) Clark,
Detroit's brilliant field general; Ed Danowski, New York Giants, most accurate
passer in football; Gene Ronzani, Chicago Bears, devastating blocker and
power runner; and Clark Hinkle, Green Bay, knifing plunger and defensive
bulwark. Clark is selected as the greatest player in the pro league. Besides
being the keenest football strategist on any team, Clark is the
most dangerous one-man threat in the league because of his
passing and running ability. Rivals can never be sure whether he
intends to run or pass until too late to smear him. In addition he is
a fine drop kicker and a deadly tackler. Danowski set a league
record as a passer, completing 57 of 113 passes for 795 yards
and a 50 percent average. In addition he was the eighth leading
ground gainer, with 335 yards gained in 130 attempts. Paired with
Danowski at halfback is Gene Ronzani, the pro league's most
lethal blocker outside of Bronko Nagurski, who was out most of
the year with injuries. Besides his great blocking, Ronzani is a
feast and powerful runner and a defensive star. He was the
league's sixth leading ground gainer with 356 yards in 79
attempts. Hinkle, slowed up at the start of the year by injuries,
finished fast, and in the final game scored all his team's points in
beating Philadelphia, 13-6. He made a touchdown, placekicked
the extra point and placekicked two field goals. Operating behind
the line on defense, Hinkle has no superior at smearing a ball
carrier. Smith and Karr, the two ends, were the two most
dangerous pass catchers in the league. Karr caught three
touchdown passes in his team's 20-20 tie with Detroit. Once
Smith caught a pass, he was one of the hardest men in the
league to drag down, running with the skill of a halfback. Both are smashing wingmen on defense. Morgan and Schwammel, two Giant tackles, ruined many an offense before the ball carrier reached the line of scrimmage. Despite his 235-pound frame, Morgan was one of the fastest men in the league going down the field under punts. In the middle of the line, Kopcha and Emerson were named at guards, and Hein at center. In naming his team Potsy Clark, Detroit coach, picked then men and Kopcha, the Bears' slashing guard who has no peer at tearing through a line of blockers. Emerson, who submarines under big ponderous linemen, plays guard like he was an end. Big, fast and smart. Hein is one of the hardest men in football to maneuver out of a play. One player said he was always close enough to the football to spit on it.
DECEMBER 17 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers completed arrangements today for three major games in California during January. Coach E.L. Lambeau said dates would be arranged later with officials of the American Legion Football league of Los Angeles and the Knights of Columbus of San Francisco. A squad of 24 Packers will make the trip by automobile. Several players already are on the coast.
DECEMBER 19 (Milwaukee) - The Green Bay Packers professional football team is classified as the strongest 
club in the National league under the Dickinson football rating system. The Packers finished in second place in the western division under the present percentage system of rating teams. Under the Dickinson system Detroit, the league champion, rates second, tied with the Chicago Cardinals. The New York Giants, winner in the eastern division, get a fifth place rating behind the Chicago Bears. The system was devised by Dr. Frank G. Dickinson, University of Illinois economist. It is used annually to determine the award of the Knute Rockne trophy to the outstanding college team. The system divides a league into two divisions, teams which have won more games than they have lost and teams which have lost more than they  have won. A victory
over a first division team is worth 30 points. A victory over a second division team is
worth 20. A defeat by a first division team is worth 15 points; by a second division
team 10. Teams that tie divide equally the total of the points for victory and defeat, if
they are in the same division. If a second division team ties a first it gets 20 points,
the first 15. The principle is to give more weight to victories over strong first division
team than over weaker teams.
DECEMBER 19 (San Francisco) - The Detroit Lions, National Professional football champions, are expected to be selected today as the eastern team in the annual Knights of Columbus game here January 19, Director O'Connor said. The Green Bay Packers team also is under consideration. The western eleven will be named next week.
DECEMBER 19 (Green Bay) - Coach E.L. Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers was ready to leave today for Los Angeles to receive his National Professional Football league team there and to view the annual East-West all-star game. He said all but four Packers would participate in three major games on the coast. Lambeau in the past has obtained good material from among the men playing in the East-West game.
DECEMBER 21 (New York) - Only four players who made the
team in 1934 retained places on the 1935 all-league team as
chosen Saturday by coaches in the NFL. They were Bill Morgan,
New York, tackle; Joe Kopcha, Chicago Bears, guard; Mel Hein,
Giants, center; and Dutch Clark, Detroit, quarterback. Hein
recovered the greatest number of votes from the nine coaches
who voted - 43. Five points were awarded for a first team
selection and three for second. Green Bay players receiving
honorable mention included Ade Schwammel, tackle; Nate
Barrager, center; Johnny Blood, quarterback; Hank Bruder and
George Sauer, halfbacks, and Clark Hinkle, fullback.
DECEMBER 21 (Detroit) - The world champion Detroit Lions of
the National Professional Football league will participate in four
exhibition games on their barnstorming tour to the Pacific Coast,
it was announced here Saturday. Coach Potsy Clark said the
Lions would open their schedule against an all-star team at
Denver on New Year's Day. From Denver the Lions will go to Salt Lake City for a game with the Rocky Mountain All-Stars on January 5. On January 12 the Lions will meet the west coast professional champions at Los Angeles and two weeks later play the Green Bay Packers in the same city.
DECEMBER 21 (Lincoln, NE) - Roy (Link) Lyman, assistant varsity football coach at the University of Nebraska and former professional football player, announced Wednesday night that 19 players, including himself and Arnie Herber and George Sauer of the Green Bay Packers, have signed to play with his all-star team against the Detroit Lions at Denver New Year's day. Lyman said practices would begin at Denver Saturday morning, and the players would work out twice daily until they meet the Detroit team. The Nebraska coach, who played pro ball for more than 10 years, said Don Hutson, end for the Green Bay Packers, probably would play with his team, although he has not yet signed a contract yet. Hutson was on the receiving end of Dixie Howell's passes that blasted Stanford out of the Rose Bowl last year. Link said his team was as follows:
Ends - Steve Hokuf, ex-Nebraska now playing with the Boston Redskins; Jim Mooney, Chicago Cardinals; Robinson, ex-Utah; and Hutson
Tackles - Gail O'Brien, ex-Nebraska now with the Boston Redskins; Lou Gordon, Chicago Cardinals; Link Lyman; and Tex Irwin of the New York Giants
Guards - Ray Richards, ex-Nebraska now with the Chicago Bears; Forrest McPherson, ex-Nebraska now with the Philadelphia Eagles; Dan McMullen, ex-Nebraska now with the Memphis, Tenn., team; and Croft, ex-Utah now with the Brooklyn Dodgers
Centers - Pete Bausch, ex-University of Kansas player now with the Boston Redskins; and McDonald, ex-Utah now with the Brooklyn Dodgers
Quarterbacks - Bernie Masterson, ex-Nebraska now with the Chicago Bears
Halfbacks - Arnie Herber, Green Bay Packers; George Grosvenor, Chicago Bears; Red White, ex-Colorado; and Counter, ex-Colorado
Fullback - George Henry Sauer, former All-American at the University of Nebraska now playing with the Green Bay Packers