(MERRILL)  - In what was little more than a good
workout, the Green Bay Packers opened their practice
season here Saturday night by defeating the Merrill
Fromm Foxes, 34 to 0, before 1,500 spectators, most 
of them hostile to the visitors. Soon after Ernie Smith's
kickoff, Merrill was forced to punt. On the second play
thereafter Herber passed over center to Monnett, who
galloped for a touchdown to complete a 61-yard gain.
Monnett added the extra point by placement.
A running attack by Schneidman, Sauer, Hinkle and
Laws brought the second touchdown in the second
period, Hinkle finally carrying the ball to the 3-yard line,
from which point Sauer hit right tackle for the score. 
Hinkle missed the try for the extra point. Late in the half
Joe Laws swung around left end behind Goldenberg's
perfect blocking and carried the ball 34 yards to the 
Merrill 11-yard line. Sauer moved it up on two plays and
Goldenberg hit the left side of the line for a touchdown.
Schwammel kicked the extra point.
In the third period a pass form Herber to Bruder and
running plays by Johnston and Herber brought the ball
to the Merrill 14-yard line. A pass from Herber to Vairo
put it on the 3-yard line. Johnston gained a yard, and
Schneidman hit center for the touchdown. O'Connor
kicked the extra point. The last Packer touchdown 
came late in the third period after Svendsen intercepted
a Merrill pass. Bruder and Johnston reeled off first
downs, and then Herber passed nine yards to Johnston
for the score. O'Connor again converted.
GREEN BAY -  7  13   7   7  - 34
MERRILL   -  0   0   0   0  -  0
1st - GB - Bob Monnett, 61-yard pass from Arnie Herber (Monnett kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - George Sauer, 3-yard run (Clarke Hinkle kick failed) GREEN BAY 13-0
2nd - GB - Buckets Goldenberg run (Tar Schwammel kick) GREEN BAY 20-0
3rd - GB - Herman Schneidman, 4-yard run (Bob O'Connor kick) GREEN BAY 27-0
4th - GB - Swede Johnston, 9-yard pass from Herber (O'Connor kick) GREEN BAY 34-0
Fromm Foxes - Merrill Foxes

The Merrill City team, forerunner to the Foxes, played football in Merrill during the 1920s and 1930s. In 1935,the Green Bay Packers, who toured the state during their training season, offered to come to Merrill and play the Merrill team. To come to Merrill, the Packers needed a guarantee of $300, which was underwritten by the Fromm Brothers Fox Ranch. The team adopted the name Fromm Foxes. On August 31, 1935, the Foxes tangled with the Packers at Athletic Park. The Packers won that game, 34 to 0. The Fromm Foxes were disbanded during World War II. The team resurfaced after the war as the Merrill Foxes. During the 1940s, the team won three straight Wisconsin State Football League titles.
SEPT 1 (Rhinelander) - In all but one or two spots the Green Bay Packers of 1935 are the strongest club ever to represent the rabid fans from the Bay. Another guard is needed - badly. Another end will probably be needed. And two suitable left tackles will have to be culled from a high class field of right tackles. Strengthen those spots and the Bays will be the team to beat. The guard posts seemed to be all set. But Mike Michalske, who had his greatest year in pro football last year, has decided he'd like to retire from competition. Mike's decision, no doubt, could be tossed into the rubbish heap by a liberal supply of Uncle Sam's best alfalfa. The call - or the squeal of the pigskin and the tinkle of the cash register, no doubt, would combine to make Mike forget the family hearth, the crackle of the fireplace and the foot stool. Bob O'Connor, late of Stanford, will fit in nicely as a running guard and Walt Kiesling and Lon Evands will do very nicely, thank you, alternating at the other post, but Bob can't play a full 60 minutes and that's where the rub comes in. And that's why the Packers need ol' Mike. Another reason - Mike's ability is known throughout grid circles. Opponents respect his play, youngsters on the Bay squad will have all the confidence in the world in him. They'll find Mike where angels fear to tread. With Cal Hubbard, line star of line stars, coming back after an absence of one year, Bay backfielders were set to prove that the lack of a running game last fall was because of mediocre offensive play in the line - not because they couldn't carry the mail. Between Mike and Cal the backs were pretty sure of finding a spot where they could march to the hitching post in the tight spot. As ends, Coach Curly Lambeau has the veterans Mile Gantenbein and Al Rose. That's two we can mortgage the flivver on. Then the Bays have Don Hutson, all-American from Alabama; Bob Tenner of Minnesota and Nic Vairo, captain of Notre Dame last year. If the rookies come through and we've seen all-Americans take some awful, awful tumbles in the pro league, the end situation will be taken care of. But to play it safe another good end would fit in nicely until things are squared around. Outside of these problems the Bays are set for a hell for leather action. Here are the backs: Fullbacks - Swede Johnston and Clark Hinkle. Great if they play up to the standard they have established is the best, but ordinary if that standard is not maintained. Blocking quarterbacks - Herman Schneidman, Buckets Goldenberg and Sol Kramer. Herman, although he's too good looking to be much of a villain, admits he does only one thing in the backfield. He blocks like Aunt Emma tosses the rollin' pin. If he does it as well as Buckets, the backs should have a great year. Kramer, from South Dakota, may make the grade, but seems a trifle slow. He can block well however and like to take it. Bob Monnett and Hank Bruder, veterans, and George Sauer, 1933 all-American from Nebraska are the left halfbacks. Nuff said on the vets but in Sauer, the Bays have a player of Lewellen type and a back who is sure to be outstanding in the league. The vets, pennant hungry and fighting made, are as confident in George's ability as the gal back home - and that's confidence, mates, that's confidence. Arnie Herber, Rog Grove and Joe Laws will call the signals from right halfback. All can pass and Grove, in addition, is a great pass catcher. For right tackle the Bays have Ade Schwammel, who starred as a rookie last year; Champ Seibold, who played with Memphis last fall; and George Maddox, the Kansas State giant. From this trip Lambeau is sure to find a pair that can cut the buck. As centers Curly has Nate Barrager and Frank Butler, veterans, and George Svendsen of Minnesota. Nate has been around the wheel for many years and bows to none of the pivot men. Butts was a great youngster last year before he quit to accept a government position. He's back again, however, bigger and faster than last year. Svendsen can play practically any line post and will be the squad's handy man. In summing it up the big problem is to find another running guard. And Michalske will solve that problem and help any others. So, the thing to do is get Mike in harness and then watch the Bays go into action to disprove the theory they are only a bunch of  basketball players who like to toss the pigskin around.
SEPT 1 (Chippewa Falls) - With the Chippewa Falls Marines going through the most strenuous scrimmage of their practice for the Labor Day game with the Green Bay Packers, the Packers wound up their drill for this, their first pre-season test, and moved on to Chippewa Falls yesterday. The Packers arrived in Chippewa late Saturday afternoon, reservations have been made for 35 men. This afternoon Lambeau will put his squad through a limbering up workout at the fairgrounds. The new fairgrounds gridiron has been praised by everyone who has inspected it. The field is as smooth as a floor and the big grandstand, together with bleachers which line the opposite side of the field, there is seating capacity for 10,000 people. Reserved seats and boxes have been going like hot cakes, but a section of the bleachers between he 35 yard line stripes will go on sale when the gates to the grandstand open Monday afternoon. This plan was adopted in order that out-of-town fans will have an opportunity to purchase some of the finest seats available. Nearly thirty men are now in the Marine camp at Glen Loch, and more are expected over the weekend, giving the Chippewa organization the largest list of candidates it has ever had. Johnny Blood, former Packer star, has been the center of interest in the Marine workout which have been watched by large crowds each morning and afternoon. The boys are all in the pink of condition and anxious to enter the fray against the highly touted Green Bay aggregation which this year has been bolstered by the addition of a number of college stars who won renown by their playing last year. The Packers have a slight edge in weight, but a check of the scale report of the two teams does not make the Bays appear so heavy as one might expect. Both teams are big and also fast. Swager, who will see much action with the Marines, played against the Packers last year - and scored against them for the Fort Atkinson Blackhawks. He is a former West Pointer. Jimmy Donaldson of Eau Claire and last year with Doc Spears' Badgers will join the team Saturday, arriving from Madison, where he has been working. The Marines this year are much faster than last year, the new candidates appearing to have added the touch which was needed to speed up what was already a powerful football machine. The officials for the game will be Lewellen, referee; Zorn, umpire, and Sheeley, head linesman. The kickofff will be promptly at 2 p.m. and the game will be played rain or shine.
Green Bay Packers 34, Merrill Fromm Foxes 0
EXHIBITION - ​Sunday August 31st 1935 (at Merrill)
Waukesha Daily Freeman - December 16th 1972