The semi-pro Chippewa Marines, shown in the photo above from the Chippewa County Historical Society’s collection, played the Green Bay Packers in an exhibition game in 1935.
(CHIPPEWA FALLS) - Sweeping back in the second
half against a stubbornly fighting Chippewa Falls football
team, the Green Bay Packers won the second game of
their practice series here yesterday afternoon, 22 to 0,
after leading by only 3 to 0 at the half. The Marines
proved just as tough as expected, and it was not until
the Packers turned on the hear in the third and fourth
periods that the game, played before 6,000 people,
turned into a rout. The Green Bay defense smothered
the Marine attack at every stage of the game, Chippewa
Falls never threatening seriously to score. The usual
series of early season fumbles was in evidence, but
proved more harmful to the Marine case than to that of
the Packers. Green Bay made 12 first downs to two for
Chippewa, but was penalized 50 yards, as compared to
20 for the home team. The Packers fumbled five times,
recovering four, while the Marines recovered but one of
their four fumbles. Green Bay tried eighteen forward
passes, completing seven with two interceptions, while
the Marines tossed twelve, completing three with two
interceptions. Johnny Blood, one-time Vagabond 
Halfback of the Packer championship days, was much
in the limelight for the Marines, although he was off to a
wobbly start, with a set of fumbles right after the first
kickoff. Blood ran the sturdy Chippewa team throughout
the game.
The Bays had much trouble with the sandy Chippewa
Falls gridiron, the loose footing preventing the backs 
from cutting it, but once the team got under full sail in
the fourth periods, it was a breeze in the final gun. An early Packers threat faded out at the goal line. Tar Schwammel recovered Blood's fumble on the Chippewa 39 yard line. Johnston poked through center for three yards, Sauer was stopped at right tackle, and then Herber got off a pass to Sauer which was good for a gain of 27 yards and a first down on the 9-yard mark. Johnston gained five at left guard, and Sauer stepped through for two more on a spinner. Schneidman cracked center for one yard and on the next play Johnston rifled through for an apparent touchdown, but the ball was called back on a penalty and the Marines took the offensive. A little later Herber returned Blood's punt to the Chippewa 42-yard line, and three plays later, passed to Hinkle for a 13 yard gain to the 37-yard marker. Two line plays bogged down, a pass from Herber to Vairo was incomplete, and then Hinkle missed a field goal with Herber holding.
The Packers came bumping right back after Vairo recovered Reibeth's fumble on the Chippewa 17 yard line. Hinkle broke through right tackle for six yards and then made it a first down on the Marine 5-yard line. Sauer lost a yard at right end, and then on a spinner brought the ball to the 2-yard mark. Green Bay was penalized five yards for taking too much time, and Herber flipped an incomplete pass over the goal line. Monnett was chased into the game, and with Herber holding the ball he kicked a field goal from the 18 yard line, giving the Bays a 3 to 0 lead. Johnny Blood provided the standout play of the second period when, with the ball on the Chippewa 20 yard stripe, he drove through right tackle, cut back fast to the sidelines and sprinted 31 yards. Schneidman intercepted Alfonse's pass to prevent further difficulty. For the rest of the half, play centered more nearly around midfield. Just before the gun, Herber dished out a long forward pass to Sauer, but the ball was barely incomplete. At the start of the season half, the Packers got into a lot of trouble, and they came out of it beautifully with a 95-yard march to a touchdown. After Blood's punt went over the goal line, the Bays drew a 15-yard penalty, setting the ball on the 5-yard stripe.
Herber faked a punt and passed sharply over the left side of the line to Al Rose, who was dropped for a first down on the Green Bay 39-yard line. Hinkle ripped hard through right tackle for five yards, Herber plowed through for 20 yards more, Chippewa Falls picked up a 15-yard penalty, and Bruder slide through center for a first down on the Marine 15-yard line. The Packers drew a five-yard penalty. Herber stepped fast through left tackle for nine yards. Hinkle was stopped at right tackle, and Herber's forward pass to Gantenbein fell incomplete, Milt making a hard try for the ball. Herber then passed over the right side of the line to Rose for a touchdown, a gain of 11  yards. With Herber holding the ball, Monnett added the extra point and and the Packers were in front by 10 to 0. The Marines were on the run the rest of the way, although they battled hard as the Packers started full steam ahead. Early in the fourth period Blood's short punt was downed on the Chippewa 25-yard line. Sauer was halted on a spinner, and Herber, who played a hard game all afternoon, went through left guard for six yards. Hinkle slammed center for eight yards and a first down on the 11-yard stripe and then hit his right end for seven more. Goldenbeg cracked center for a yard, and Hinkle, with a pile driver thrust, made it first down one foot from the goal. On the next play Hinkle finished the drive by going over left guard for the touchdown. With Herber holding, Hinkle missed the try for extra point, and the score was 16 to 0. Three or four plays later Blood's forward passes was intercepted by Goldenberg, who made a sensational catch and galloped 20 yards down the sidelines until he was spilled by Schweger on the Marine 9-yard line. Sauer was halted at the line, and then Herber faded back, tossing a pass over the right side of the line to Milt Gantenbein, who grabbed it in the open and went over for the last touchdown. Herber's attempted dropkick for the extra point was blocked by Morrow.
GREEN BAY      -  3  0  7 12  - 22
CHIPPEWA FALLS -  0  0  0  0  -  0
1st - GB - Bob Monnett, 18-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 3-0
3rd - GB - Al Rose, 11-yard pass from Arnold Herber (Monnett kick)  GREEN BAY 10-0
4th - GB - Clarke Hinkle, 1-yard run (Hinkle kick failed)  GREEN BAY 16-0
4th - GB - Milt Gantenbein pass from Herber (Herber kick blocked)  GREEN BAY 22-0
Why’d the Packers come here? - In a 1973 interview with Minnesota/Wisconsin Sports magazine, Chippewa Falls end Carl "Hoot" Mehls said some of the players sent a letter to the newspaper in Rhinelander, near the Packers' training camp, asking the Packers to play the Marines. He said that Packers coach Earl “Curly” Lambeau got a hold of the letter and took the Marines up on their offer. However, Chippewa Herald-Telegram archives indicate the game was scheduled in July when A.L. Putnam of the Fair Assocation called and wired Lambeau.
Packers firsts - Green Bay coach Earl “Curly” Lambeau had his team's training camp near Rhinelander to keep his players out of Green Bay and to take advantage of cooler temperatures. It was one of the first times in National Football League history that a team had its training camp away from its home city. The jerseys were another first for the Packers, as it was the first season they wore the famous green and gold uniforms.
Get your tickets - Tickets cost $1.00, $1.25 or $1.50, depending on the seat. The program cost 10 cents. With inflation, those Depression-era prices would be $15.47, $19.34 and $23.20 in today's dollars. The program would cost $1.55. Prices may have been why the crowd was less than expected with only 3,400 to 6,000 individuals, depending on the source. One account, though, does list attendance at 8,000.
Beer and football - The Packers and Leinenkugel’s must just go together. A sponsor of the Tailgate Tour stop, Leinenkugel’s also was a sponsor in the official program for the 1935 game.
What about those guys? - While substitutions allowed for Green Bay end Don Hutson to enter and make history, they also allowed each Marines player to appear in the game. From the Sept. 3, 1935 Chippewa Herald-Telegram: Every man on the Marine squad saw action and lots of it and each one gave a splendid account of himself. This included players who were not in the official program. Les Madson, a 95-year-old Chippewa Falls resident who attended the game, said some Marines, such as Roland Salling and Alvin Tanberg, played even though they were not on the printed roster. "I would think they'd be proud to have their name in there if they had anything to do with it," Madson said.
Rematch - Some of the Marines apparently hadn't had enough of the Packers as they joined the Stevens Point Collegian All-Stars on Sept. 4 for another barnstorming game against Green Bay. Those who travelled to Stevens Point to play included tackle Hank “Tiny” Bannach, end Ken Laird, tackle Hank Derleth, center Bid Sherman, back Wink Claflin, guard Oscar Christianson and back Myles Graney. That game went even worse as Green Bay won 40-0.
(Source: Tailgate Tour sparks memories of Packers-Marines game 75 years ago)
Les Madson looks at the program he has from the first time the Green Bay Packers were at the fairgrounds. The Packers played the semi-professional Chippewa Marines on Labor Day weekend in 1935. 
Green Bay Packers 22, Chippewa Falls Marines 0
EXHIBITION - ​Monday September 2nd 1935 (at Chippewa Falls)
SEPT 3 (Green Bay) - Season ticket sellers for the 
Green Bay Packers, Inc., will meet tonight at Joannes
Brothers company in the most important session of the
preseason football campaign. With the opening home
game scheduled here on Sunday with the La Crosse
Lagers, the ticket salesmen are sprinting into the home
stretch of their campaign. The last round "mop-up"
assignment will be handed out tonight and an intensive
effort will be made to dispose of another 150 season
tickets before Sunday. Tonight's meeting will start at
7:45, and all salesmen and directors are urged to be on
hand promptly.
SEPT 3 (Chippewa Falls) - Lots of difference in the way
cities can receive a football team, so the Packers will
tell you. Lots of difference between the cheery "Glad to
have met you" with which the team left Rhinelander; or
the lowering, sullen attitude of Saturday night's crowd
at Merrill; or the jubilant, cocky, halftime spirit here
yesterday, when every fan you met at the field asked,
"Didn't the Packers underestimate the Marines"? The
Packers didn't underestimate the Marines. They knew
they were in for a tough, stubborn battle and the score
at halftime of 3 to 0 just bore out that conviction. When
Clarke Hinkle and the boys started digging in their
cleats in the last two periods, some of the crowd's
cheer evaporated but the majority of the fans felt, and
justly, that their chances for a great season are bright.
A very different reception, that one at Merrill Saturday
night. Half the crowd abused the Packers for picking on
the little fellows - the Foxes are scarcely as big as a 
good high school team - and the other half berated the
Green Bay team for not tearing in and playing good
football. Late in the game Frank Butler drove into a little
fellow who was carrying the ball for what might have
been a sizeable gain, and slammed the 145-pounder
down to the turf. It was a football game, and there was
no particular reason for Merrill to score, but Butler's
tackle aroused the fans again, and one of them shouted
"You'll never get a backer over here, big fellow." Nice,
cheery crowd to play in front of.
SEPT 3 (Green Bay) - George Sauer, University of 
Nebraska fullback who has been shifted to halfback by
Coach Lambeau, handles himself like a real football
player. He runs fast and picks his holes nicely, He
should be a real offensive threat when the Packers get
their plays polished up...Before the game at Merrill,
Walter Chilsen, editor of the Merrill Herald, who acted 
as a sort of master of ceremonies, asked Goldenberg,
Bruder, Sauer and Hinkle to say a few words to the
crowd over the loudspeaker system. Hinkle, in his talk, said that the Packers would be playing against the All Stars in Chicago next year. Well, we hope he's right. Bruder also seemed optimistic about the outlook for the season as did Goldenberg and Sauer...The morale of the Packers is splendid; not for several years have the players "talked it up" as they did in the Merrill and Chippewa Falls games. Every man seems anxious to encourage his teammate on - if this spirit is maintained the Packers are going to win plenty of games this fall...Schneidman, blocking halfback from the University of Iowa, is a real blocker. He bowls them over and not so gently. Buckets Goldenberg also did some nice blocking in the two weekend games...The crowd at Merrill razzed Frank Butler, Packer center, for tackling one of the Fromm ball carriers near the sidelines. Butler had no alternatives. The Merrill back would have scored if Butler hadn't knocked him out of bounds. The halfback weighed less than 150 pounds and the crowd apparently thought Butler was picking on him...Butler is a husky individual. The big center is fast and aggressive and should make a valuable addition to the Packer line...Coach Lambeau was well pleased with the showing of the team in the first two real scrimmages. At no time did he have his strongest team on the field, being content to shift his lineup frequently in an effort to get a line on his new men under fire. The majority of them look like they have the stuff of which good pro football players are made. They are rugged, fast and aggressive and have the proper spirit...Eddie Kotal, whose Stevens Point semi-pros play the Packers at Stevens Point Wednesday night, was an interested spectator at the Merrill game. He thought the Packers looked good even though they were playing their first game of the season. Kotal played halfback for the Packers on the three championship teams, his pass receiving being sensational at times...Verne Lewellen turned in a nice job of officiating in the Merrill game, keeping the play moving all the time and calling the plays as he saw them. The Packers were penalized nearly 100 yards, but that didn't slow them up. They'd get the yardage back on the next play...Champ Seibold looks like a much improved lineman. His tenure with Memphis last year seems to have done him much good. With his weight and speed he should develop into a first class lineman.
SEPT 3 (Stevens Point) - Coach E.L. "Curly" Lambeau and his Green Bay Packers of the NFL arrived in Stevens Point Monday night and the players were scheduled to work out at Goerke park at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon in preparation for their game against the College All-Stars here Wednesday night. The Packers completed a two week's training period at Lake Thompson near Rhinelander last weekend and defeated Merrill, 34-0, in the first of a series of four exhibition games Saturday night. Monday afternoon at Chippewa Falls the big Bay team scored a 22-0 victory over the Marines...GAME TO BE BROADCAST: Arrangements are being completed at Georke park to handle a crowd of 2,500 people expected to see the game. A special wire is being run to the field to carry a play-by-play wire report for broadcast over radio station WHBY, De Pere. The game is scheduled to start at 8 o'clock. Persons who saw the Packers in town today expressed surprise at the size of the Green Bay players. Linemen average close to 215 pounds and the backfield men run close to 200 pounds. Agains this, Coach Ferdinand Hirzy will present a group of linemen and backs who average at least 20 pounds less per man...STARS IN GOOD SHAPE: The college all-stars worked out Saturday and Sunday and were scheduled to hold their final practice today. Coach Hirzy said his men reported in good condition and that most of them are familiar with the Stevens Point Teachers college plays which will be used against the Packers. Hirzy has added several players to the lineup previously announced for the all-stars. Cheattle and Roenius of Wisconsin Rapids and Derleth and Sherman of Chippewa Falls were added to the lineup, he said. Derleth is a former Whitewater Teachers college tackle who now tips the scale at 254 pounds. Sherman is a 193-pound halfback. With the Packers here today were Don Hutson, Alabama, and Bob Tenner, Minnesota, ends, and George Maddox, Kansas State, guard, who played with the college all-stars against the Chicago Bears last week. Maddox and Hutson joined the Packers at Merrill last Saturday and Tenner joined the team here last night. All three will be given a chance to show their stuff in the game here. The turf at Georke park is in excellent condition and the lighting system has been prepared for use for the first time since the final game last season. The fine Goerke park layout will make an ideal setting for what should prove to be a colorful game. The Packers will remain in Stevens Point until Thursday. They are staying at the Whiting hotel.
SEPT 4 (Stevens Point) - The Green Bay Packers will send in their strongest lineup against the College All-Stars when the two teams line up at Goerke park at 8 o'clock tonight in an exhibition game to be played under the high school's floodlighting system. Coach Curly Lambeau gave his squad a two-hour workout on the outfield of the baseball diamond Tuesday afternoon in an effort to iron out some of the rough spots which showed up in the Packers' first two games, at Merrill and Chippewa Falls...HUTSON LOOKS GOOD: After a 15-minue period of setting up exercises, the pro team was given a workout on punt receiving and passing and topped off the practice with signal drill. Lambeau was especially pleased with the performance of Don Hutson, Alabama, at end. Hutson is the fastest man on the squad and a good pass receiver...NEW MEN DRILL TODAY: Bob Tenner, Minnesota end, who
joined the squad here, and Clark Hinkle, fullback, who 
is suffering an ankle injury, watched the workout from
the sidelines. Dustin McDowell, three-yard varsity guard
at Indiana university who played the last two years in 
the Southern pro league, reported to Lambeau last night
and was in uniform this morning when Lambeau sent all
of his new men through signal drill. McDowell finished 
at Indiana in 1933. The college stars workout out under
lights at Goerke park from 7 to 8 o'clock last night and
looked good in the final drill. Coach Ferdinand Hirzy 
wasted little time in running the men through preliminary
exercises and spent the balance of the hour on signal
drill...FAIR WEATHER FORECAST: With fair and 
warmer weather forecast for tonight, it is expected the game will draw the largest crowd ever to witness a grid event in Stevens Point. The turf at Goerke park is in tip-top condition, lights are adjusted and seats have been provided for 2,500 people. Good seats in the reserved section were still available at noon today. Coaches Lambeau and Hirzy announced their probable starting lineups for tonight's game as follows (see above). Both teams are expected to use all of their reserves in tonight's game. The Packers' squad numbers 25 men and the all-stars will have about the same number of players available. Officials will be Lewelln, referee; Kolf, umpire, and Klandrud, head linesman.
SEPT 4 (Stevens Point) - With several players nursing injuries from the game at Chippewa Falls Monday afternoon, the Green Bay Packers today prepared for their game with the Stevens Point All Stars, scheduled under the light at 8 o'clock tonight. Only Clarke Hinkle, veteran halfback, was not in uniform today as the squad went through a double practice session. Hinkle injured his ankle against the Marines and the member was badly swollen today. To fill the gap left bu Hinkle's injury, Coach E.L. Lambeau switched Hank Bruder back to fullback, the position he held all last season. Bruder has been cracking the line at halfback this year. Lambeau called his new men into a special drill this morning, using only Arnie Herber of the veterans as signal caller. This afternoon he has scheduled a lengthy skull practice for the entire squad. Bob Tenner, the Minnesota end who is counted upon to provide a valuable reinforcement to the wing group, arrived last night and reported for action today. He may get into tonight's game. Tenner weighs 214 pounds, is six feet tall and looks exceptionally rugged...PLAYED AT INDIANA: Another new arrival is Mack McDowell, stocky 207-pound guard of Indiana university, who came here recommended by Bob Jones, former Packer guard, McDowell will try out for a position on the Green Bay squad. He played three years with the Hoosier varsity, and while in school wrestled Bob Monnett of Michigan State. Several members of the squad in addition to Hinkle received injuries at Chippewa Falls, but they will be in uniform tonight. Swede Johnston bruised a rib, and Vairo, Schneidman and Ernie Smith have been slowed up by leg injuries. Otherwise, the team is in good shape. Lambeau has not announced his lineup for tonight, but it is probable that he again will give all the new men a chance to show their talents under fire.
SEPT 4 (La Crosse) - The La Crosse Heileman football team, champion of the Tri-State league last year, will open its 1935 campaign Sunday at Green Bay, against the Packers with a lineup changed but little from last season. A couple of members of the squad have left the city while others have been added. Joe Kurth, former Notre Dame all-American and one-time Packer player, joined the team late last year and will be back for duty as defensive tackle and offensive end, while this year's only major addition is that of W.H. (Smoky) Jones. Jones, who arrived in Heileman training camp Sunday, is a colored boy from Evanston, weighing 185 pounds, with punting and balltoting as his specialty. For two years he was chosen on the Negro all-American team. Jones may fill well a gap left by Norbert (Steamy) Huennekens, triple-threat back of last year, who is working in Milwaukee. While Kurth is the outstanding lineman, Coach Tom Skemp has a goodly number of other men to work with, including a gang of St. Mary's college stars of former years, during the days when Skemp was coach at that college...VOTED BEST PLAYER: The St. Mary's delegation includes Tony Prelesnik, 195-pound guard; Ed (Bucko) Lynch, 1934 captain of the Heilemans and voted the outstanding player at end; Earl (Sparky) Lowe, 195-pound tackle, and Paul Voelker, quarterback. Outstanding backfield veterans returning include Charles (Chuck) Van Koten, former Drake university flash; Russ Cycmanik, La Crosse, fullback, who was second high scorer on the team last year, and Robert Clup, La Crosse, fullback, whose training was in Johnson high of St. Paul. A newcomer to the squad, an end showing promise, is Joe (Scoop) Posewitz, formerly of the Sheboygan Athletic club. Glenn Gilbertson, former captain of Luther college, is back for a wing berth and apparently has one clinched.
SEPT 4 (Green Bay) - The Packer football season ticket sales campaign last night hit the 800 mark as volunteer workers met for their weekly checkup at Joannes Brothers company. With about a week left in which to concentrate on sales for the 1935 season, workers are confident that they can boast the total close to the 1,000 mark. All fans who have subscribed for season tickets, but who do not receive them by Friday, may telephone the ticket office in the Brown county bank building, Adams 6180, and the matter will be adjusted immediately.
SEPT 4 (Green Bay) - A destructive running attack, with such men as Joe Laws, Clarke Hinkle, Hank Bruder, Bob Monnett, George Sauer, Buckets Goldenberg, Swede Johnston and Arnie Herber hauling the freight, will be one 1935 goal for the Green Bay Packers, now marking time here in preparation for tonight's game with Stevens Point. Statistics of the first two practice games reveal that, given proper support from a strong line, the Packer backs should be able to pick up plenty of inches from scrimmage. With the opposition scrawny, they piled up 252 yards against Merrill Saturday, from scrimmage only, and against much tougher going at Chippewa Falls, those backs were good for 137 yards. Packer backfield men averaged 7.2 yards per try at Merrill, and 2.74 yards at Chippewa, with the strong Marines battling every
inch of the way. At Merrill Joe Laws had the best average, carrying the ball four times for 48 yards, an average of 12 yards. Bruder was next, with one attempt for 11 yards. Hinkle handled the oval four time and got 34 yards for an average 8.5. Monnett hit the wall four times and picked up 32 yards for an 8 yard average. Sauer and Goldenberg averaged 7.5 yards each, Johnston 6.6, Schneidman and Kramer 5 each and Herber 4. Hank Bruder topped the ground gainers at Chippewa, with one carry for nine yards. Herber rushed the ball five times, getting 19 yards for a 3 4/5 average, and Goldernberg and Laws each averaged 3 yards, carrying the ball five and three times, respectively. Hinkle hit the line no less than 20 times, gaining 57 yards for an average of 2 17/20. Other averages were Johnston, 2 2/3. Scheidman 2, Sauer 1 5/9 and Monnett 1.