(STEVENS POINT) - Shattering a Stevens Point College All Star line with a brilliant second half ground attack, and looking better in doing so than at any time during the 1935 practice season, the Green Bay Packers last night drove to a 40 to 0 victory before about 1,500 fans. The Packers played just hard enough during the first half to attain a 14 to 0 lead against a team they outclassed by a considerable margin, but in the final two periods the big Green Bay team dug in, and concentrating on a barrage between the tackle, sent its backs spinning through for dozens of yards from scrimmage. George Sauer crossed the line for two
touchdown, and others were scored by Bob Monnett, Al Rose, Buckets Goldenberg and Swede Johnston. Monnett kicked two extra points, others going to Bob
O'Connor and Ernie Smith. The precision and timing 
between backfield and line for the first time began to 
take on a National league appearance, as the guards,
tackles, ends and centers split the opposing wall for the
Packer backs. Not so satisfactory was the aerial attack
although the Bays connected for a few tosses in the 
last half which led to considerable yardage. The first
downs were 13 for Green Bay to two for Stevens Point.
The first Packer scoring opportunity came midway
through the first period, when Schwammel recovered a
bad pass by the Stevens Point center on the Pointers'
13-yard line. Goldenberg drove through the line for a 
sizeable gain, but the Packers were offside on the play.
Sauer hit left guard for eight years, Goldenberg rammed
center for five more and then Buckets drove through the
line for a touchdown. With Laws holding, O'Connor
contributed to give the Packers a 7 to 0 lead. With the
second period about half gone, Claude Perry recovered
Benson's fumble on the Stevens Point 20-yard line, and
the Packers immediately cashed in. Monnett broke
through the line for six yards, Johnston added three,
Monnett was stopped and and then Kramer gained 
three yards for a first down on the Point 8-yard stripe.
Sauer got one yard, and then Monnett skirted his right
end seven yards for a touchdown. Laws held the ball
and Monnett added the extra point by placement. It was
14 to 0. It took the Packers just four plays after the
second half started to score their third touchdown. It 
took the Packers just four plays after the second half
started to score after their third touchdown. Warren
Becker kicked off to Hank Bruder, who rushed the ball
back some 40 yards to the Stevens Point 43-yard line.
Bruder than cracked the line for 11 yards and a first
down. Herber got ten more and another first down, and
George Sauer rode tackle for 13 yards, bringing the ball to the 9-yard stripe. Sauer dropped back and tossed a pass to Al Rose over the left side of the line, Rose taking the ball for a touchdown.O'Connor missed the extra point and the score was 20 to 0.
After Becker's quick kick was downed on the Green Bay 13-yard line, the Packers launched another touchdown march. Herber galloped 19 yards, Bruder added six, Herber was good for 11 more and Sauer picked up six. Herber completed a 10-yard pass to Sauer, Bruder hit the line for three yards and then added 10 more. Herber skipped through to the 11-yard line, from which point Sauer rode through tackle for the touchdown. O'Connor missed the extra point, and the score was 26 to 0. Becker's short punt, a few plays later, was returned by Sauer to the Stevens Point 20-yard line, from which point the Bays again went to work. Bruder's line thrust gained three yards, and Herber carried the ball to the 12-yard stripe.
A penalty for backfield in motion set the Packers back five yards, and a pass from Sauer to Don Hutson failed. Herber then faded back and passed from the 15-yard line to Sauer, who speared the ball for a touchdown. Ernie Smith kicked the goal to make the score 33 to 0. The fourth period was young when the Packers chalked up their last score. Buckets Goldenberg made a great return of Becker's kickoff, bringing the ball to the Green Bay 40-yard line. Goldenberg gained five and a pass from Herber to Buckets added eight more. Monnett gained three, Johnston got two, and Monnett was spilled for a one-yard loss. Monnett's pass to Laws set the ball on the 8-yard line, and Laws got two yards at left tackle. Swede Johnston hit center for three yards, and then cracked the same spot for a touchdown. Monnett added the extra point by placement. Murray, Stevens Point back, nearly got loose for a touchdown gallop on the next kickoff, but Bob Monnett hauled him down from behind on the Packer 25-yard stripe, and the Bays immediately regained possession of the ball. They were pounding away in Green Bay territory at the final gun.
GREEN BAY -  7  7 19  7 - 40
ALL-STARS -  0  0  0  0 -  0
1st - GB - Goldenberg, 5-yard run (O'Connor kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Monnett, 7-yard run (Monnett kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
3rd - GB - Rose, 9-yard pass from Sauer (O'Connor kick failed) GREEN BAY 20-0
3rd - GB - Sauer, 11-yard run (O'Connor kick failed) GREEN BAY 26-0
3rd - GB - Sauer pass from Herber (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 33-0
4th - GB - Johnston, 3-yard run (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 40-0
Green Bay Packers 40, Stevens Point College All-Stars 0
EXHIBITION - ​Tuesday September 4th 1935 (at Stevens Point)
SEPT 5 (La Crosse) - Coach Tom Skemp of the La Crosse Lagers still has hopes that Ed (Moose) Krause, one of the greatest tackles ever turned out at Notre Dame, playing with his club this Sunday at Green Bay against the Packers. Krause is the football coach at St. Mary's college, Winona, Minn., and, according to Skemp, will make the trip to Green Bay providing he can get some of his preseason activities at the college cleaned away for the weekend. If Krause appears in the Lagers' lineup, it will give Coach Skemp a couple of all-Americans to work on, as Joe Kurth is a sure starter against Green Bay. Kurth is to play tackle on defense and end on offense, where his pass snatching ability should come in handy. Followers of the Lagers think Chuck Van Koten, the 188-pound halfback from Drake, will make things interesting for the Packers. This is Van Koten's second year on the team. He is an elusive open field runner and last fall gained more ground than any two other backs. Bill (Smokey) Jones, a colored backfielder from Evanston, Ill., will get a chance against Green Bay. He came here on the recommendation of Duke Slater, former Chicago Cardinal tackle. Jones tips the beam at about 190 pounds, and in practice this week has been doing some remarkable punting.
SEPT 5 (Green Bay) - Albert Manders, city building inspector, had a crew of men at work this week checking and repairing the stands at Packer stadium in readiness for the first game Sunday. The stands were found in good condition, he stated, except for the top rail, which was shaky in places. It was strengthened by nailing 1 by 6 planks from the outer end of the braces to the supporting timbers of the stands, forming a cantilever support strong enough for all purposes, according to the inspector.
SEPT 5 (Stevens Point) - A football team decided to play football here last night, just about the time that the Packers trotted out on the field for the second half of their game with the College All Stars, and the result guaranteed Green Bay fans colorful, open football for the entirety of the home season. It's a beautiful thing to watch a football team click on every play, and that's what happened through most of the second half. The actions of the backs were timed to a split second with the openings in the line, and as a result of the big, heavy Packer ball carriers pounded through for one first down after another, many of them on successive plays. The passing as yet is somewhat short of expectations, but the talent is there, and Green Bay fans probably will see this branch of the game equal or surpass the running attack. Ends and backs have been having trouble getting to the right spot for reception, but their difficulty is no greater than might be expected for so early in the season. Stevens Point was much better than Merrill and not as tough as Chippewa Falls. It made the old Packer fans homesick to see Eddie Kotal stepping around again. Kotal looked fast and shifty, and possibly might be good for a National league position yet, if he were interested in trying for it. Warren Becker, Green Bay East and S.P.S.T.C graduate, was booting some long punts and tackling hard for the Pointers. 
SEPT 6 (La Crosse) - Johnny Blood, one-time Vagabond Halfback of the Green Bay Packers' championship era, will perform against his old mates when the La Crosse Old Style Lagers play here Sunday afternoon. Signing of Blood for the La Crosse-Green Bay game was announced today. The action follows Blood's performance with the Chippewa Falls Marines last Monday, when he was nearly the whole show against the Packers, running the team and doing the passing and punting. Blood is one of the best known players ever to appear in a Green Bay uniform. From 1929 to 1933, his five years as a Packer, he scored 181 points on 30 touchdowns and one extra point to place second to Verne Lewelln on the Packer all-time scoring list. He has been regarded as one of the best pass receivers in football history...JUST ANOTHER HEADACHE: The signing of Blood by La Crosse meant just another headache for Coach E.L. Lambeau whose squad practiced at Joannes park yesterday afternoon. The Green Bay coach is confronted by the most disastrous set of early season injuries in Packer history. Lambeau made no secret of the fact that La Crosse, the best semi-pro team in the midwest, has every chance to defeat Green Bay with half a dozen Packer regulars on the bench. Dr. W.W. Kelly, club physician, today reported the following list of injuries, old and new:
George Maddox, tackle - severe injury to left elbow, out for week or more.
Hank Bruder, fullback - painfully injured right shoulder, on bench for La Crosse game.
Clarke Hinkle, fullback - injuries to back and left ankle, out for a couple of weeks.
George Sauer, halfback - injured shoulder, doubtful player for Sunday.
Roger Grove, halfback - injured knee improving, but unlikely to play before Cardinal game Sept.15.
ABLE TO PLAY: Dr. Kelly also reported the following injuries to other players, none of whom, however, will be unable to play on Sunday:
Arnie Herber, halfback - injured throwing arm.
Ernie Smith, tackle - strained muscles in both legs.
Claude Perry, tackle - injured ribs. 
Swede Johnston, fullback - injured back muscles.
Bob Monnett, halfback - hand injury.
Outside of these injuries, Lambeau remarked rather bitterly, there isn't much the matter with the squad. The guards and centers are in good shape, and they'll have to be, for La Crosse is concentrating on a sharp attack between the tackles.
SEPT 6 (Milwaukee) - It isn't unlikely that the one-time bad boy of professional football, Johnny Blood, will be back in the dress of the Packers this fall. Blood, under contract to the Pittsburgh Pirates, has asked for his release, and if he gets it, which he thinks he will, he intends to try out with Green Bay again. Lambeau has indicated he'd be welcome. Johnny is still one the boss pass receivers in the game...This boy Sauer, an all-American at Nebraska two years ago, gives every promise of developing into one of the best backs in the league. A big, rugged fellow, he is exceptionally well built to stand the rough going of pro ball. His play on the recent state tour was one of the bright spots in every game...On offense the Packers still have a lot of work to do, which is only natural, however, at this stage of the race. The timing is particularly bad, and the blocking in the line, except in spots, ineffective...Schneidman, late of Iowa, has made a big hit with Lambeau. He is one of the best blockers on the squad and one of the hardest workers. Champ Seibold, after a season's grooming last year, has also come along fast and will certainly see a lot of action at one of the tackles.
SEPT 6 (La Crosse) - Coach Tom Skemp of the La Crosse Lagers will take a squad of 24 players to Green Bay this Sunday for the first game of the season against the Packers. The La Crosse mentor plans to leave here early Saturday afternoon so the players will have a good night's sleep at the Bay before stepping on the gridiron against the "big time" eleven. The addition of Johnny Blood, stellar halfback, was welcomed by local fans and players alike. Blood played against Green Bay last Monday at Chippewa Falls and he gave the Packers a lot of trouble. With Blood, Van Koten, Jones and Abraham working together in the backfield, the Lagers should be able to show a ground gaining offensive.
SEPT 6 (Green Bay) - The Packer season ticket sale has been moving along at top speed this week and many new names have been added to the honor roll. The campaign has passed the 800 mark and there still are any number of prospective purchasers to be called as the drive nears its close. Hundreds of good seats still are available and the chart at the Packer ticket office in the old Brown County bank building can be inspected by any of the fans who are looking for choice reservations. Aside from the season ticket sale, the Packer office is busy handling requests for single game tickets. Requests are pouring in for Chicago Bear game reservations Sunday, Sept. 22. Many out-of-town fans have ordered tickets for the Cardinal game Sept. 15 and the contest with the New York Giants, scheduled Sept. 29. Other orders have been received for the Pittsburgh Pirate game Oct. 6 and the Nov. 10 contest with the Detroit Lions. Persons who have not received their season tickets are requested to pick them up today at the ticket office.
SEPT 7 (Green Bay) - The old war whoop - "Touchdown,
Packers!" - will be heard over City stadium for the first
time this season tomorrow afternoon, when the Green
Bay Packers open their home season against the La
Crosse Old Style Lagers - and Johnny Blood. Headed
by the Vagabond Halfback, who probably will do most
of the team's punting and no little of its ball carrying, La
Cross will bring to Green Bay one of the best semi-pro
football squads in the Midwest, designed to give the
Packers more than a casual workout in the season's
home opener. The Packers, in riding over Merrill 34 to 0,
Chippewa Falls 22 to 0, and Stevens Point, 40 to 0 in
a five-day period, now are nursing an unprecedented
collection of injuries, which will keep at least five valued
regulars on the bench. Coach E.L. Lambeau announced
that Clarke Hinkle, Henry Bruder, George Sauer and
Roger Grove - all backs - and George Maddox, tackle,
will not be used against La Crosse...SHORTAGE OF
BACKS: The loss of the four backfield has brought the
Packers face to face with an acute shortage of talent
to perform behind the less badly damaged forward wall.
Warren Becker, one-time Green Bay East star and 
more recently a mainstay of Stevens Point State 
Teachers college teams, has been recruited by the
Packers for tomorrow's game and definitely will see
action. Becker, a versatile and husky athlete, has been
working out with the Packers, and he will make his first
appearance in a Green Bay uniform at City stadium
tomorrow. Ken Radick, Green Bay West and Marquette
university athlete, who served one year as a Packers,
has been added to the La Crosse lineup. He has been
working in Milwaukee, but has memorized the Lagers'
signals and will join the visitors here in time for the 
game...ADDED TO SQUAD: Other recent addition to 
the Lager squad are Paul Wuest, 165-pound halfback
from La Crosse Central high school; Joe Braun, 204
pound tackle and guard of Milwaukee Pio Nono and
Marquette; and Sparta Pokrand, 150 pound quaterback
of La Crosse Logan. Moose Krause, former Notre Dame
all-American, has been denied permission by the 
Christian Brothers of St. Mary's college, where he is head coach, to play with La Crosse. The Lagers' captain is Joe Kurth, former Notre Dame ace and ex-Packers, who may be depended upon to do his utmost to trip up the Bays.
SEPTEMBER 8 (La Crosse) - When the La Crosse Heileman football squad departed from here Saturday afternoon it had no hopes of turning in a surprise victory over the Packers at Green Bay this afternoon, but coach Tom Skemp had his men drilled in the art of defense with a prayer that the powerful Bays might be held in check. Today's game is the season opener for the Lagers, but not for the Packers who have rolled merrily over all competition to date. It will be the first home appearance of the National league team, incidentally, and Coach Curly Lambeau will be getting an idea of who shall be cut from his squad before the start of the league season. For that reason, perhaps, the horde of all-Americans will be doing their best. The Lagers have their stars, too, but not in the quantity or weight which the Packers can boast. The luminaries in the La Crosse lineup will include: Joe Kurth, all-American from Notre Dame; Johnny Blood, former member of the Packer team and still considered among the best pass receivers in the country; Ken Radick, another former Packer who is doing professional wrestling for a living. The Lager lineup has nowhere the imposing array of stars, but the team has been well-groomed under Skemp's tutelage. Skemp, before leaving, expressed the hope that the Lagers might get an offense working and for balltoting, passing, and receiving he has been putting in long hours with W.H. (Smokey) Jones, the new colored boy who will start at halfback; Johnny Blood, whose kicking has been outstanding; Russ Cyemanick, plunging fullback; Bob Culp, a hard driver; Paul (Pip) West, the former Central high flash; and Chuck Van Koten, the one-time Drake star.