(GREEN BAY) - Displaying a powerful offense in the second half, the Chicago Bears won a brilliant game from the Green Bay Packers, trouncing them 30 to 3. A crowd of more than 14,000 persons watched the Bears take a 10 to 3 lead at the half and then come back to smash and pass their way to three more touchdowns in the second half. Chicago was given a stiff battle by Green Bay in the first half, but in the last two periods the Bears turned on the power to hand the Packers a crushing defeat. The Bears clicked when scoring opportunities loomed whereas the Packer offense stumbled and faltered in the pinches. A 26-yard field goal by Ade Schwammell matched Jack Manders' 36-yard field goal for a 3 to 3 tie. Then a forward pass, followed by a double lateral, Keith Molesworth to Bill Hewitt to Luke Johnsos to Gene Ronzani, gave Chicago a touchdown from the Green Bay 30-yard line. Early in the third period Chicago opened a drive from their own 20 which carried them to the Packer 7-yard line. A pass from Nolting to Hewitt scored a touchdown. Early in the fourth quarter, the Bears moved down the field to score a touchdown on a pass from Molesworth to Brumbaugh. The final Chicago score came midway in the fourth period when Karr circled left end from the 9-yard line on an end around play. A thrilling 62-yard touchdown play by Swede Johnson on a pass brought the crowd to its feet in the closing minutes but the play was called back because of a Packer offside.
CHI BEARS -   3  7  6 14  - 30
GREEN BAY -   0  3  0  0  -  3
1st - CHI - Jack Manders, 36-yard field goal  CHICAGO BEARS 3-0
2nd - GB - Schwammel, 26-yard field goal  TIED 3-3
2nd - CHI - Gene Ronzani, 12-yard lateral from Luke Johnsos after lateral from Bill Hewitt after pass from Keith Molesworth (Manders kick)  CHICAGO 10-3
3rd - CHI - Hewitt, 12-yard pass from Ray Nolting (Kick failed)  BEARS 16-3
4th - CHI - Carl Brumbaugh, 5-yard pass from Molesworth (Manders kick)  BEARS 23-3
4th - CHI - Bill Karr, 9-yard run (Manders kick)  CHICAGO BEARS 30-3
(NEW YORK) - The NFL Championship matchup on December 13, 1936 took place at the Polo Grounds in New York even though the Eastern Division had been won by the Boston Redskins. Owner George Preston Marshall, upset at the lack of fan support in the franchise’s home city, had the game moved to a neutral site. The weather was at least cooperative – it was sunny with temperatures in the mid-30s, and 29,545 fans showed up. The Redskins, under first year Head Coach Ray Flaherty, won the division with a 7-5 record, just ahead of the 6-6 Pittsburgh Pirates. The passing game was ordinary, but not the rushing of star FB Cliff Battles (fourth in the NFL in rushing with 614 yards), plus FB Pug Rentner and tailback Eddie Britt behind a line anchored by tackle Turk Edwards. However, Marshall, the imperious owner, had alienated both fans and press in Boston, especially by raising ticket prices on game days without notice. The Green Bay Packers were the heavily favored opponents, with an outstanding team that carried the tougher Western Division with a 10-1-1 record under Head Coach Curly Lambeau. Lambeau was the first NFL coach to significantly utilize the passing game, and the Packers had a very good one with tailback Arnie Herber (pictured above) throwing primarily to star second-year end Don Hutson (pictured at bottom). Herber led the league in passing for the third time in his career, and also led in attempts (177), completions (77), yards (1239), and TD passes (11). Hutson set new records in pass receptions (34) and receiving yards (526), and also led the NFL in TD catches (8). Green Bay could run the ball, too, with a backfield led by FB Clarke Hinkle (also an outstanding linebacker on defense). The tone for the game was set on the tenth play from scrimmage, when Battles, who had gained 18 yards on two carries for the Redskins, was injured and lost for the remainder of the day. On the play, his lateral to blocking back Riley Smith was fumbled and recovered by T Lou Gordon of the Packers on the Green Bay 48 yard line. Three plays later, Herber found Hutson on a long pass that covered 48 yards for the first touchdown of the game. The Redskins came back in the second quarter with a solid 78-yard drive that culminated in a two-yard TD plunge by Rentner. However, Smith’s extra point attempt was wide, and the score at halftime was 7-6 in favor of the 
Wayland Becker   32     E 6- 0 183       Marquette  1  3 25 11 Free Agent - Brook (1935)
Hank Bruder    18/27    B 6- 0 197    Northwestern  6  6 28 11
Frank Butler   48/59    C 6- 3 246     Michigan St  3  3 27 11
Cal Clemens       33    B 6- 1 195             USC  1  1 27  9
T. Engebretsen 34/52    G 6- 1 238    Northwestern  3  5 26 12 Free Agent - Brook (1934)
Lon Evans         51    G 6- 2 223             TCU  4  4 24 12
Milt Gantenbein   22    E 6- 0 208       Wisconsin  6  6 26  9
Buckets Goldenberg44  G-B 5-10 212       Wisconsin  4  4 24  7
Lou Gordon        53    T 6- 5 235        Illinois  1  7 30 12 Free Agent - Cards (1935)
Arnie Herber      38    B 5-11 195           Regis  7  7 26 12
Clarke Hinkle     41   FB 5-11 202        Bucknell  5  5 27 12
Don Hutson        14    E 6- 1 180         Alabama  2  2 23 12
Swede Johnston 15/54    B 5-10 192       Marquette  4  5 26 10 Free Agent - St. L (1934)
Walt Kiesling  49/60    G 6- 3 248 St. Thomas (MN)  2 11 33  9 Free Agent - Bears (1935)
Joe Laws          29    B 5- 9 186            Iowa  3  3 25 12
Russ Letlow    46/62    G 6- 0 203   San Francisco  1  1 22 10 1936 Draft - 1st round
Harry Mattos      23    B 6- 0 201  St. Marys (CA)  1  1 25  2
*-Johnny McNally  55    B 6- 0 190      St. John's  7 12 32  8 Free Agent - Pitt (1935)
Paul Miller        3    B 5-10 175    S. Dakota St  1  1 23 12
Bob Monnett     5/12    B 5- 9 181     Michigan St  6  6 26 12
Tony Paulekas     39  C-G 5-10 207 Washington-Jeff  1  1 24 11
Al Rose           47    E 6- 3 195           Texas  5  7 29  2 Free Agent - Prov (1932)
GREEN BAY    -   0   0   0   0  - 62
WISCONSIN    -   0   0   0   0  -  0
(GREEN BAY) - The Green Bay Packers defeated the Wisconsin Cardinals of Madison here Saturday night 62 to 0, with Paul Miller and Wayland Becker each acoring two touchdowns.
George Sauer      25    B 6- 2 208        Nebraska  2  2 25 10
Bernie Scherer    40    E 6- 1 183        Nebraska  1  1 23 10 1936 Draft - 3rd round
Herm Schneidman    4  E-B 5-10 205            Iowa  2  2 22  7
Ade Schwammel  50/57    T 6- 2 232       Oregon St  3  3 27 12
Champ Seibold  37/58    T 6- 4 230       Wisconsin  3  3 23 12
Ernie Smith    45/61    T 6- 2 221             USC  2  2 26 12
George Svendsen   43    C 6- 4 224       Minnesota  2  2 23 11
* - Known as Johnny Blood
NO - Jersey Number POS - Position HGT - Height WGT - Weight YR - Years with Packers PR - Years of Professional Football AGE - Age at Start of Season G - Games  Played
RND SEL NAME               POS COLLEGE  
1     7 Russ Letlow          G San Francisco
2    16 J.W. Wheeler         T Oklahoma     
3    25 Ernie Scherer        E Nebraska     
4    34 Theron Ward          B Idaho        
5    43 Darrell Lester       C Texas Christian
6    52 Bob Reynolds         T Stanford 
7    61 Wally Fromhart       B Notre Dame 
8    70 Wally Cruice         B Northwestern
9    79 J.C. Wetsel          G Southern Methodist 
BOLD - Played for the Packers
Packers at Giants Program - 22 November
After defeating the Chicago Cardinals in the first week of the season, the Packers were embarrassed at home by the Chicago Bears 30-3. However, the loss would prove to be a turning point rather then a setback as Green Bay would not lose again before tying the Cardinals in Chicago in a meaningless game at the end of the season. The Packers already had the Western Division sewn up, and were set to play the Boston Redskins in the NFL Championship Game. The game was played in New York, as the Redskins were in the middle of relocating to Washington. Don Hutson scored on a 48-yard TD pass in the first 3 minutes, as the Packers never looked back winning their 4th Championship, and first in the modern era 21-6.
After attending college for a few years to no notoriety, Arnie Herber came back to Green Bay in 1929 and worked in the club house as a handyman. Curly Lambeau gave Herber a try-out and Herber joined a team that was currently dominating the NFL. By the time his career ended in 1941, Herber had thrown 81 touchdown passes and played on four title teams. Herber had a peculiar way of holding the ball. Handicapped by short fingers, he put his thumb over the laces to prevent the ball from wobbling and to assure plenty of spiraling action. Arnie’s passes quickly became noted for two qualities: distance and accuracy. During the 1937 season, Arnie suffered a leg injury that sharply reduced his effectiveness. In 1938, a new passer, Cecil Isbell from Purdue, began aIternating the quarterback chores with Herber. After the 1940 season, Arnie retired, or was he forced out when the team came to training camp in 1941? Herber was a popular player with the fans, and was known to toss back a few beers, so, out of concern over his weight, Lambeau put a clause in his contract, requiring Herber to be under 200 pounds. Despite the clause, Lambeau cut his fading star in training camp, at the age of 30. But, according to researcher Larry Names, the real reason may have been more dramatic. Lambeau's second ex-wife returned to town, aiming for child support. Trying to establish residency, the coach warned hotels to not offer her a room. The Herbers provided the former Mrs. Lambeau a room, and when they refused to kick her out, Lambeau cut Herber. That reaction may have led to Cecil Isbell's retirement in 1942. Herber came back to the draft-depleted NFL in 1944, answering a call to play for the New York Giants. Herber threw sparingly but efficiently, for 651 yards and six touchdowns. As usual for Herber-led teams, the Giants won their conference and went to the title game. Herber's old squad, the Packers, still featuring Don Hutson, beat the Giants 14-7. Herber played one more forgettable season with the Giants and then retired for good. He was named to the Hall of Fame in 1966, just three years before he died at the age of 59.
5  G-WISCONSIN CARDINALS                 W 62- 0    1-0-0    2,000
1936 RESULTS (10-1-1)
13 G-CHICAGO CARDINALS (0-0-0)           W 10- 7    1-0-0    8,900
20 G-CHICAGO BEARS (0-0-0)               L  3-30    1-1-0   14,312
4  M-CHICAGO CARDINALS (0-2-0)           W 24- 0    2-1-0   11,000
11 G-BOSTON REDSKINS (2-2-0)             W 31- 2    3-1-0    6,100
18 G-DETROIT LIONS (2-0-0)               W 20-18    4-1-0   13,500
25 M-PITTSBURGH PIRATES (4-2-0)          W 42-10    5-1-0   10,000
1  at Chicago Bears (6-0-0)              W 21-10    6-1-0   31,346
8  at Boston Redskins (4-3-0)            W  7- 3    7-1-0   11,220
September 5: Green Bay (1-0) 62, Wisconsin Cardinals 0
15 at Brooklyn Dodgers (2-4-1)           W 38- 7    8-1-0   25,325
22 at New York Giants (4-4-1)            W 26-14    9-1-0   20,000
29 at Detroit Lions (6-3-0)              W 26-17   10-1-0   22,000
6  at Chicago Cardinals (3-8-0)          T  0- 0   10-1-1    4,793
13 Boston Redskins at New York (7-5-0)   W 21- 6            29,545
1  Brooklyn Dodgers at Denver            W 21-13             6,000
10 Salinas Icebergs at San Francisco     W 42- 7             2,500
17 at Los Angeles Bulldogs               W 49- 0            12,000
24 Chicago Bears at Los Angeles          T 20-20            10,000
31 Chicago Bears at Los Angeles          W 17-14            12,000
G - Green Bay M - Milwaukee
According to the description, “1936 World Champion Green Bay Packers Rahr Brewing Corp. Beer Label. One of the scarcest and most attractive original pieces of Packers memorabilia representing the 1936 World Championship squad. Measuring at 3.5" x 5", the excellent piece pictures Curly Lambeau, Johnny Blood, Don Hutson, Clarke Hinkle and all the team’s “Good Ol’ Boys” from that small Wisconsin town.”
SOURCE: Packerville.blogspot.com
September 13: Green Bay (1-0) 10, Chicago Cardinals (0-1) 7
(GREEN BAY) - A 25-yard field goal by Ernie Smith enabled the Green Bay Packers to defeat the Chicago Cardinals for the first time in six straight games, 10 to 7. A crowd of 10,000 persons, on hand for the opener of the NFL season at Green Bay, saw Smith boot the ball squarely over the goalpost in the fourth period after Joe Laws had twisted and squirmed his way 22 yards to the Cardinals 18. Although outplaying the Cardinals throughout most of the game, Green Bay missed fire on several scoring opportunities. They trailed at the half, 7 to 0. With the ball inches from the goal line midway in the second period, Bobby Monnett fumbled a lateral pass and Bill Smith of the Cardinals scooped up the ball and raced to Green Bay's 38-yard line before he was downed by Milt Gantenbein. A pass by Charlier Sarboe, who evaded several tacklers while attempting to locate a receiver, was completed to Charlie McBride for a touchdown. The Packers evened the score in the third period. A fourth down pass from Arnie Herber to Monnett, good for 24 yards, put the ball on the Chicago three-yard line. George Sauer scored the touchdown on his second plunge through the line and Schwammel place-kicked the extra point. Later in the period the Packers missed two scoring chances. Excitement from the rough-andtumble battle between the Packers and Cardinals was blamed for the death of William Hurst, 59, Black Creek. Hurst dropped dead while watching the game. Coroner Orlen Miller said death was due to heart disease. Another sideline casualty came when Robert Denis, 21, suffered a broken back when he fell out of a tree from which he was witnessing the contest. His condition was critical.
CHI CARDS -   0  7  0  0  -  7
GREEN BAY -   0  0  7  3  - 10
2nd - CHI - Charlie McBride, 38-yard pass from Phil Sarboe (Clarence Kellogg kick)  CARDINALS 7-0
3rd - GB - Sauer run (Schwammel kick)  CHICAGO CARDINALS 7-3
4th - GB - E. Smith, 25-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 10-7
September 20: Chicago Bears (1-0) 30, Green Bay (1-1) 3
(MILWAUKEE) - Bewildering the Pirates with a brilliant pass attack, the Packers smothered their eastern opponents by a score of 42 to 10. A crowd of 10,000 persons watched the Packers come back after Pittsburgh took an early lead and demoralize the Pirates with their deadly passing game. Not only did the Packers score on their own passes but they consistently intercepted Pittsburgh tosses to run for counters or ​good gains. Five minutes after Pittsburgh took a 3 to 0 lead through Armand Niccolai's place kick from the 30-yard line early in the0 game, Green Bay scored a touchdown. After that it was a rout as the Bays added three more in the second quarter and two in the third period. After each touchdown they converted for the extra points. Don Hutson and Paul Miller led the Green Bay scoring with two touchdowns apiece. Pittsburgh chalked up 14 first downs against 13 for Green Bay, but their gains were made mostly in midfield. A 12-yard touchdown pass from Bob Monnett to Joe Laws started the Green Bay fireworks in the first period. Then Arnie Herber began tossing the ball to Miller and Hutson for long gains and capped the attack with a 21-yard pass to Hutson for a touchdown. Miller then intercepted a Pirate pass and returned it to the 26 and three plays later Herber shot the ball to Hutson for another touchdown. Late in the period Johnny Blood intercepted another Pittsburgh pass and raced 58 yards to score. The Packers failed to cool down after the intermission and Miller scored from the 2-yard line after runs and passes had brought the ball down the field. A few minutes later an intercepted pass by Miller led to the final Green Bay score. Miller took a short pass from Blood for the touchdown. With the score standing 42 to 3, Pittsburgh marched down the field in the final period and Bull Karcis plunged over. 
PITTSBURGH -  3  0  0  7 - 10
GREEN BAY  -  7 21 14  0 - 42
1st - PITT - Armand Niccolai, 30-yard field goal PITTSBURGH 3-0
1st - GB - Laws, 12-yard pass from Monnett (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 7-3
2nd - GB - Huston, 21-yard pass from Herber (Schwammel kick) GREEN BAY 14-3
2nd - GB - Huston, 11-yard pass from Herber (Schwammel kick) GREEN BAY 21-3
2nd - GB - Blood, 58-yard interception return (Hinkle kick) GREEN BAY 28-3
3rd - GB - P.Miller, 2-yard run (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 35-3
3rd - GB - P.Miller, 7-yard pass from Blood (Blood run) GREEN BAY 42-3
4th - PITT - Bull Karcis, 1-yard run (Karcis run) GREEN BAY 42-10
October 4: Green Bay (2-1) 24, Chicago Cardinals (0-3) 0
(MILWAUKEE) - Repeating an early season victory in more convincing fashion, the Green Bay Packers smothered the Chicago Cardinals under a hard-driving attack here, 24 to 0. After the first quarter it was all Green Bay, with the northern team displaying a smooth functioning running game and a timely pass offense to score in three periods. The Cardinals threatened only once, late in the final period, when a series of passes brought the ball to the Packer 5-yard line. Green Bay scored its first touchdown in the second period after a 55-yard drive down the field. A 20-yard pass from Arnie Herber to Hank Bruder started the drive. Monnett then broke through right tackle to the 11 and three plays later Swede Johnson rammed the ball home on a line plunge. A march of 66 yards later in the same period, featured by Herber's passes and runs by Clark  Hinkle and George Sauer, resulted in another touchdown. Hinkle smashed through center from the 2-yard line for the score and Ade Schwammel converted from placement for a Packer lead of 14 to 0 at the half. After Tiny Engebretsen placekicked a field goal from the 35-yard line in the third period, the Packers added the final touchdown on a 41-yard run around left end by Joe Laws. Aided by fine blocking, Laws did a brilliant bit of open field running, reversing his field twice. Hank Bruder intercepted a Chicago pass in the closing minutes of the game to halt the final  Cardinal threat.
CHI CARDS -   0  0  0  0  -  0
GREEN BAY -   0 14  3  7  - 24
2nd - GB - Johnson run (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Hinkle run (Schwammel kick)  GREEN BAY 14-0
3rd - GB - Engebretsen, 35-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 17-0
4th - GB - Laws, 41-yard run (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 24-0
October 11: Green Bay (3-1) 31, Boston (2-3) 2
(GREEN BAY) - Scoring in every period, the Green Bay Packers baffled the Boston Redskins with a driving ground attack and brilliant aerial thrusts to hang up an easy 31 to 2 victory. Wasting little time, the Packers scored early in the first period on a 38-yard pass from Arnie Herber to Don Hutson, fast-stepping end. Green Bay moved into scoring position again in the second period with an attack featured by some brilliant running by Bobby Monnett. A pass, this time from Herber to Johnny Blood, who was playing his first game of the season for the Packers, was good for a score. Blood made a beautiful leaping catch of the ball. Between these first half touchdowns the accurate toe of Ernie Smith was good for three points on a field goal from the Boston 30-yard stripe. Continuing their impressive ground gaining attack in the second period, the Packers worked the ball to the Boston 22-yard line in the third period from which point a forward pass from Joe Laws to Paul Miller scored a touchdown. Green Bay scored its fourth touchdown at the start of the finalperiod when Bernard Scherer intercepted a Boston pass and ran 50 yards to a touchdown. Boston scored its two points in the third period when a pass from center on the Green Bay 5-yard line shot past Swede Johnson and landed in the end zone for an automatic safety.
BOSTON    -   0  0  2  0  -  2
GREEN BAY -  10  7  7  7  - 31
1st - GB - Hutson, 38-yard pass from Herber (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - GB - Smith, 30-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 10-0
2nd - GB - Blood, 38-yard pass from Monnett (Schwammel kick)  GREEN BAY 17-0
3rd - GB - P.Miller, 22-yard pass from Laws (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 24-0
3rd - BOST - Safety, Green Bay fumbled out of the end zone  GREEN BAY 24-2
4th - GB - Scherer, 50-yard interception return (Clemens kick)  GREEN BAY 31-2
October 18: Green Bay (4-1) 20, Detroit (2-1) 18
(GREEN BAY) - In one of the most sensational games this football-minded town ever has witnessed, the Green Bay Packers pounded back with an almost unbelievable finish to snatch victory from the Detroit Lions, NFL champions, by a 20 to 18 score. A crowd of 13,500 was left almost breathless as Paul (Tiny) Engebretsen booted an 18-yard field goal in the waning minutes of the game for the winning margin after Detroit had rallied to e fourth period lead and apparent victory. Engebretsen scored the first and the last points of the game. Early in the opening period he kicked a field goal from the 40-yard line to give the Packers the lead. Trailing 10 to 0 at half time, the Lions fought brilliantly to take the play from the Packers. Ernie Caddel sprinted through tackle for 28 yards and a touchdown in the third period. In the same quarter, Detroit scored a safety when Arnie Herber was downed behind his own goal when attempting to pass, to leave the Green Bay margin at 10 to 9. A withering line attack by the two powerhouses, Ace Gutowsky and Caddel, again brought the ball deep into Packer territory in the fourth period and then Clark passed to Caddel for a touchdown. Clark, however, missed the extra point. With his team trailing, 15 to 10, Johnny Blood sparked Green Bay to a downfield drive which ended with Blood snaring a 46-yard forward pass from Herber and stumbling over the goal for a touchdown.  Detroit came right back and Clark's field goal from the 28-yard line gave the Lions the lead again, 18 to 17, with only minutes to play. But the Packers had one last drive left and marched down the field to set the scene for Engebretsen's deciding field goal. 
DETROIT   -   0  0  9  9  - 18
GREEN BAY -   3  7  0 10  - 20
1st - GB - Engebretsen, 40-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 3-0
2nd - GB - Gantenbein, 22-yard pass from Herber (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 10-0
3rd - DET - Ernie Caddel, 28-yard run (Dutch Clark kick)  GREEN BAY 10-7
3rd - DET - Safety, Herber tackled in the end zone by Jack Johnson  G. BAY 10-9
4th - DET - Caddel, 14-yard pass from Clark (Kick failed)  DETROIT 15-10
4th - GB - Blood, 46-yard pass from Herber (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 17-15
4th - DET - Clark, 28-yard field goal  DETROIT 18-17
4th - GB - Engebretsen, 18-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 20-18
October 25: Green Bay (5-1) 42, Pittsburgh (4-3) 10
November 1: Green Bay (6-1) 21, Chicago Bears (6-1) 10
(CHICAGO) - Thanks to the colorful and powerful Green Bay Packers, the NFL's Western Division race was a "toss up" affair. The Packers abandoned their aerial attack for straight football and defeated the Chicago Bears 21 to 10 yesterday before 31,346 fans, the largest crowd ever to see a professional game here. The defeat was the Bears' first in seven games and left them tied with the Packers in the western section race at six wins each, one defeat and no ties. Jack Manders' field goal and Bill Hewitt's touchdown, scored on a fumbled punt, put Chicago ahead early in the contest. The Packers retailiated with Don Hutson scoring on 
November 8: Green Bay (7-1) 7, Boston (4-4) 3
(BOSTON) - Displaying one of their famed aerial attacks, the high-flying Green Bay Packers defeated the hard-working Boston Redskins at Fenway Park, 7 to 3. A crowd of 10,000 persons watched Green Bay keep pace with the Chicago Bears in first place in the western division of the NFL. Although Boston outrushed the Packers 11 first downs to seven and 114 yards to 18, the best the Redskins could do was register a field goal in the first period when Riley Smith booted a placement from the 15-yard line. Green Bay came from behind in the third period on a stunning pass attack with Arnie Herber doing the throwing. A 55-yard march was climaxed with a 20-yard toss from Herber to Don Hutson, who carried the ball over the goal line. The game more or less see-sawed, with one team holding the advantage for a time and then the other. Both Green Bay and Boston muffed several scoring chances. Boston never was able to function with its running atack inside of the Packers' 20 yard marker and most of the Redskins desperate passes, particularly in the fourth period, were intercepted.
GREEN BAY -  0  0  7  0 -  7
BOSTON    -  3  0  0  0 -  3
1st - BOST - Riley Smith, 15-yard field goal BOSTON 3-0
3rd - GB - Huston, 20-yard pass from Herber (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 7-3
November 15: Green Bay (8-1) 38, Brooklyn (2-5-1) 7
(BROOKLYN) - Varying a smashing running attack with a dazzling aerial offensive, the powerful Green Bay Packers routed the Brooklyn Dodgers, 38 to 7, before 25,325 persons. Dominating the play throughout the game, the Packers scored a field goal in the first quarter, two touchdowns in the second period and three more in the third. The Dodgers, who were unable to advance farther than the Green Bay 33-yard line until the final period, averted a shutout by driving 60 yards to a touchdown in the closing minutes of play. A 70-yard march by the Dodgers in the same period ended when Green Bay intercepted a pass on its own nine. Paul Engebretsen began the rout with a 23-yard field goal in the first period. In the second period a blocked kick by Ernie Smith on the Brooklyn 17 was converted into a touchdown when Arnie Herber passed to Don Hutson over the goal line. 
GREEN BAY -  3 14 21  0 - 38
BROOKLYN  -  0  0  0  7 -  3
1st - GB - Engebretsen, 23-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
2nd - GB - Hutson, 5-yard pass from Herber (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 10-0
2nd - GB - Hutson, 12-yard pass from Herber (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 17-0
3rd - GB - Hinkle, 1-yard run (Monnett kick) GREEN BAY 24-0
3rd - GB - Laws, 5-yard pass from Monnett (Monnett kick) GREEN BAY 31-0
3rd - GB - Becker, 14-yard pass from Monnett (Monnett kick) GREEN BAY 38-0
4th - PITT - Bobby Wilson, 12-yard pass from Phil Sarboe (Dick Crayne kick) GREEN BAY 38-7
November 22: Green Bay (9-1) 26, New York (4-5-1) 14
(NEW YORK) - Bringing their dazzling aerial display to the Polo Grounds, the Green Bay Packers routed the New York Giants, 26 to 14, before 25,000 persons. The victory kept Green Bay in a tie with the Chicago Bears at the top of the NFL's Western Division. The Packers began with a 34-yard field goal by Ernie Smith late in the first period, but reserved the real firewoiks for the second half, scoring two touchdowns in the third period and another in the fourth. They added two more points when one of Tony Sarausky's punts was blocked by Smith and rolled into the end zone for an automatic safety. A 67-yard drive following the second half kickoff accounted for the first Packer touchdown. Clark Hinkle pounded over from the one-yard line. Later in the same period, Arnie Herber passed to Hal Schneidman who caught the ball in the clear and ran 24 yards for a touchdown. The play was good for 46 yards. George Sauer went over from the 11 yard line for the last score after Hank Bruder had intercepted a pass. Although outplayed throughout the first half, the Giants began to click in the third quarter. The fine all-around play of Sarausky featured their rally. New York marched 80 yards to a touchdown with Sarausky carrying the ball across from the 1-yard marker for the first tally. Early in the fourth period, a 41-yard run by Kink Richards and a pass over the goal line from Sarausky to Leland Shaffer scored the second tally. 
GREEN BAY -  3  0 14  9 - 26
NEW YORK  -  0  0  7  7 - 14
1st - GB - Smith, 34-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
3rd - GB - Hinkle, 1-yard run (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 10-0
3rd - GB - Schneidman, 46-yard pass from Herber (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 17-0
3rd - NY - Tony Sarausky, 1-yard run (Tilly Manton kick) GREEN BAY 17-7
4th - NY - Leland Shaffer, 17-yard pass from Sarausky (Manton kick) G. BAY 17-14
4th - GB - Safety, Smith blocked punt out of the end zone GREEN BAY 19-14
4th - GB - Sauer, 11-yard run (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 26-14
November 29: Green Bay (10-1) 26, Detroit (6-4) 17
(DETROIT) - The powerful Green Bay Packers held the Western Division championship by virtue of a 26 to 17 victory over the Detroit Lions, last year's champions. The Chicago Cardinals made the championship a certainty by defeating the Chicago Bears 14 to 7 at Chicago, dropping them two games behind the Packers. Twenty-two thousand chilled spectators watched Detroit and Green Bay engage in a brilliant offensive battle, featured by the work of the Packer passing combination, Arnie Herber to Don Hutson. This pair produced a touchdown in the first minute of play and the Packers, were never headed although Detroit tied the score twice. Green Bay made a second touchdown in the first period, a third in the second quarter, and then added two field goals in the final half. 
GREEN BAY - 14  6  3  3 - 26
DETROIT   -  7  7  3  0 - 17
1st - GB - Hutson, 58-yard pass from Herber (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - DET - Dutch Clark, 1-yard run (Clark kick) TIED 7-7
1st - GB - Hinkle, 4-yard run (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
2nd - DET - Bill Shepherd, 38-yard fumble return (Glenn Presnell kick) TIED 14-14
2nd - GB - Hutson, 40-yard blocked punt return (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 20-14
3rd - GB - Engebretsen, 23-yard field goal GREEN BAY 23-14
3rd - DET - Clark, 25-yard field goal GREEN BAY 23-17
4th - GB - Smith, 38-yard field goal GREEN BAY 26-17
December 6: Green Bay (10-1-1) 0, Chicago Cardinals (3-8-1) 0 (T)
(CHICAGO) - The powerful Packers, champions of the Western Division closed their regular season by battling the Chicago Cardinals to a scoreless tie. Green Bay, using reserves during the greater part of the game, left the match in fine shape for next Sunday's league title clash with the Boston Redskins. A crowd of 5,000 persons saw the game, played in near-zero weather and on an ice-covered field. Outplaying Green Bay, the Cardinals drove to the Packer four-yard line once, but didn't have a scoring punch. They muffed two other scoring chances, but kept the Green Bay offensive from doing damage. Tiny Engebretsen missed a field goal attempt from the 27-yard line in the third period. Ernie Smith and Mike Mikulak were ordered from the game in the final period for trading punches. Arnie Herber and Clark Hinkle were sent into the Packer backfield in the last quarter after Joe Laws, Bobby Monnett and Swede Johnston had carried the Packer offensive load for most of the game. The other regular backs were given a rest.
GREEN BAY -  0  0  0  0 - 0
CHI CARDS -  0  0  0  0 - 0
a pass from Arnie Herber after a long Packer running drive and Clark Hinkle smashing through with a fifty-nine-yard touchdown sprint. George Sauer scored the final Green Bay touchdown after Milt Gantenbein scooped the ball on a fumbled lateral and ran thirty-four yards to the Bear three-yard line.
GREEN BAY -   0 14  0  7  - 21
CHI BEARS -  10  0  0  0  - 10
1st - CHI - Jack Manders, 23-yard field goal  CHICAGO BEARS 3-0
1st - CHI - Bill Hewitt, 53-yard fumble return (Manders kick)  BEARS 10-0
2nd - GB - Hutson, 9-yard pass from Herber (Smith kick)  CHICAGO BEARS 10-7
2nd - GB - Hinkle, 59-yard run (Smith kick)  GREEN BAY 14-10
4th - GB - Sauer, 2-yard run (Engebretsen kick)  GREEN BAY 21-10
Teams run onto Polo Grounds Field. Toss of coin. Packers throw back Boston team on kickoff play. Packer's Arnie Herber passes to Don Hutson for TD. Boston's star Cliff Battles leaves game with serious leg injury. Herber passes 52 yards to Johnny Blood McNally to eight yard line. Herber passes to Milt Gantenbein for TD and 14-6 lead.
Pug Rentner misses the extra point after Boston's only touchdown in the 1936 NFL Championship
Packers. Green Bay took the second half kickoff and went 74 yards in six plays. A pass from Herber to veteran HB Johnny McNally (aka Johnny Blood) covered 52 yards and set up an 8-yard scoring pass from Herber to end Milt Gantenbein that extended the Packers lead to 14-6. Things continued to get worse for Boston as their only healthy center, Frank Bausch, was ejected for fighting. Then, in the fourth quarter, Green Bay effectively put the game out of reach when guard Lon Evans blocked a punt by the unfortunate Riley Smith. The play started at the Redskins 22, and once Hinkle recovered the ball, Green Bay was on the three yard line. Bob Monnett, spelling Herber at tailback, ran two yards for the TD. The final score was 21-6 in favor of the Packers. Green Bay accumulated 220 total yards (to 130 for Boston) with 153 by passing. Herber accounted for 140 yards through the air as he completed 6 of 15 passes with two touchdowns and an interception. Don Hutson led all receivers with 5 catches for 76 yards and a TD. Clarke Hinkle rushed for 56 yards on 19 attempts. With Cliff Battles sidelined early, FB Don Irwin led the Redskins in rushing with 37 yards on 13 carries. Rentner was Boston’s top passer with 4 completions in 6 attempts for 60 yards. End Wayne Millner caught two passes, the only Redskin to do so. George Preston Marshall moved his franchise to Washington for 1937; he also signed a passing tailback from TCU, Sammy Baugh, who would elevate the aerial attack and take the team to the next level. But on this day, it was Curly Lambeau’s Packers at the top of the NFL heap.
GREEN BAY -  7  0  7  7 - 21
BOSTON    -  0  6  0  0 -  6
1st - GB - Hutson 48 pass from Herber (E.Smith kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - BOS - Pug Rentner 2 run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 7-6
3rd - GB - Gantenbein, 8-yard pass from Herber (E.Smith kick) GREEN BAY 14-6
4th - GB - Monnett, 2-yard run (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 21-6
(SOURCE: Today in Pro Football History)
January 1: Green Bay 21, Brooklyn 13
(DENVER) - Green Bay, champions of the NFL, scored three touchdowns in the final period for a 21-13 victory over the Brooklyn Dodgers in a New Year's day exhibition game. Despite a snow-coated gridiron and temperatures well below the freezing point, more than 6,000 attended. George Sauer, Packer left half, scored all three touchdowns, one on a 23-yard run and the other two on short plunges He raced 60 yards around right end to make the last score possible. Jim Hartman scored one Brooklyn touchdown and Jeff Barrett the other, both catching accurate passes from Phil Sarboe.
GREEN BAY -  7  0  7  7 - 21
BROOKLYN  -  0  6  0  0 - 13
GB TD: George Sauer 3
January 10: Green Bay 42, Salinas 7
(SAN FRANCISCO) - The Green Bay Packers gave a convincing demonstration yesterday of why they rule the NFL with a crushing 42-7 victory over the Salinas Iceberg Packers, Pacific coast champions. Behind tremendous ground power and bullet-like passes, the national championship aggregation rolled .to six touchdowns, two in each of the first three periods. The coast team was so badly outclassed the game hardly developed into a contest. The Salinas squad nevertheless came up with the most thrilling play of the game. It was an 85-yard run of a kickoff to a touchdown, with Quarterback George Tharp taking the ball, returning it 45 yards and then lateralling to Loren Grannis, center, who raced on to score.
GREEN BAY - 14 14 14  0 - 42
SALINAS   -  0  0  0  7 -  7
Green Bay: Touchdowns - Miller, Hinkle; Gantenbein, Becker, Svendsen, Scherer Point after touchdown - Hinkle 2, Schwammel 2, Engebretsen 2 Salinas: Touchdown - Grannis Point after touchdown - Storm
January 17: Green Bay 49, Los Angeles 0
(LOS ANGELES) - Crushing the pride of local pro football, the Los Angeles Bulldogs, the Packers started preparations today to meet the Bears here next Sunday. A crowd of 12,000 at Gilmore Stadium saw the Packers push the Bulldogs all over the lot. The top heavy score was a distinct surprise, the locals having defeated three NFL clubs, tied another and lost a 7-0 decision to the Bears. The Packers scored twice in the first period, three times in the second, once in the third and twice in the last quarter. The local pro club, with a record of 205 points scored to opponents 72 in nine games this season, was unable to get past midfield until the third quarter. The powerful Packers' forward wall smashed the Bulldogs' attack to pieces and the Wisconsin team swept up and down the field at will. The scoring stars were Don Hutson, who scored twice, once on a pass from Arnold Herber that was good for 67 yards, and Bob Monnett, who also scored two touchdowns. Ernie Smith, former University of Southern California tackle, kicked six out of six tries for extra points, and Paul Engebretsen, kicked for the other extra point.
GREEN BAY   - 14 14  7 14 - 49
LOS ANGELES -  -  -  -  - -  0
January 24: Green Bay 20, Chicago Bears 20 (T)
(LOS ANGELES) - Managers of the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears, barnstorming professional football clubs, dickered today for a rematch following their tie yesterday. With a victory apiece registered during the regular pro season, the deadlock failed to decide a rivalry that flared into open fisticuffs. Beattie Feathers, 177-pound Bear fullback, and 235-pound Lou Gordon, Packer tackle, were ejected from yesterday's game for fighting, and storm clouds hovered up and down the opposing fronts. A crowd of 10,000 saw the game. Trouble started when Arnie Herber, after firing the first Packer touchdown pass to Milt Gantenbein, left the field with a broken nose, charging the Bears slugged him. 
GREEN BAY -  7 10  0 10 - 20
CHI BEARS -  0  7  7  6 - 20
1st - GB - Gantenbein pass from Herber (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Laws, 48-yard pass from Monnett (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
2nd - CHI - Joe Stydahar, 55-yard interception return (Manders kick) GB 14-7
2nd - GB - Smith, 23-yard field goal GREEN BAY 17-7
3rd - CHI - Johnson pass from Brumbaugh (Manders kick) GREEN BAY 17-14
4th - CHI - Manders, 34-yard field goal TIED 17-17
4th - GB - Smith, 18-yard field goal GREEN BAY 20-17
4th - CHI - Manders, 25-yard field goal TIED 20-20
January 31: Green Bay 14, Chicago Bears 14
(LOS ANGELES) - The Green Bay Packers ended their post-season professional football war with the Chicago Bears in victory yesterday, when Paul Engebretsen, bulky guard, kicked a 35-yard field goal in the last minute of play. The teams, bitter NFL, played a 20-20 tie here last Sunday. Twelve thousand fans watched Sunday's battle at Gilmore Stadium. Scoring twice in the first period on power plays and holding the Bears to one touchdown in the second, Green Bay ended the half with a 14-7 lead. The Bears tied the count after a 66-yard march down the field with Jack Manders, hallback, leading the attack and making the score. With less than two minutes to play, Manders attempted a field goal from the 42-yard line, Ernie Smith blocked the try and recovered the ball on the Bear 25. On the next play Engebretsen booted the ball through the uprights for the winning tally.
GREEN BAY - 14  0  0  3 - 17
CHI BEARS -  0  7  7  0 - 14
1st - GB - Sauer run (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - GB - Laws run (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
2nd - CHI - Richard Masterson run (Manders kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
3rd - CHI - Manders run (Manders kick) TIED 14-14
4th - GB - Engegretsen, 35-yard field goal GREEN BAY 17-14