Green Bay Packers 24, Pacific Coast All-Stars 14
EXHIBITION - Sunday January 19th (at San Francisco)
(SAN FRANCISCO) - In a convincing display of power,
aerial sharpshooting and clever teamwork, the Green 
Bay Packers rolled over the Pacific Coast All-Stars, 24
to 14, here yesterday before a large post-season crowd
of 20,000. Impressed by the strong squad assembled
by Coach Milan Creighton to represent the coast in the
sixth annual Knights of Columbus charity game, the
Packers went into action with a rush, and before the 
first period was over had pushed over three touchdowns
for their winning margin. The spectators had hardly
settled in their seats before Arnold Herber whipped a
bullet-like pass to Don Hutson, who had outrun the
Stars' secondary. The receiver galloped 11 yards. The
throw was 38 yards, and was the second play after the
Packers had taken the ball on their own 47-yard line
after a punt. The Stars were unable to gain materially
after receiving the second kickoff and the Packers took
possession of the ball on their own 34-yard stripe. They
​then marched down the field 66 yards for their second
touchdown, Herber tossing to Hutson for a gain of 31
yards and then to Hank Bruder for eight yards and a
score. An intercepted forward pass by Bruder gave
Green Bay the ball on the Stars' 42-yard line a few
minutes later. Line plays carried the ball to the 29-yard
line, from which point Herber passed to George Sauer
for the third touchdown. Ernie Smith kicked all three
extra points. Coach Lambeau gave his first stringers
a rest in the second period and the Stars got going to 
chalk up two touchdowns. Each touchdown followed
intercepted passes. Al Nichelini, former St. Mary's
halfback and last year with the Chicago Cardinals,
intercepted the first Packer throw.
Line plunges, a 15-penalty and a 7-yard pass from 
Frank Sobrero, former University of Santa Clara back,
to Stan Riordan, 1935 Oregon end, brought the ball to
the 8-yard line. Sobrero then tossed to Hal Pangle,
last year Cardinal star, who caught it behind the goal.
Pangle intercepted a pass late in the same period and
got off a fine 35-yard run to the Packer 32-yard line.
Sobrero passed twice, the second time to Bob Rowe,
who scored a touchdown. Meister kicked both extra
points and the Packers were leading by 21 to 14. The
Packers added a field goal to their total in the third
period, with Clarke Hinkle splitting the uprights from the
30-yard mark with a placement. The Stars missed two
field goal attempts in the third period, Pop Blewett,
former University of San Francisco star, missing both of
them. Each time he kicked from the 35-yard line, but 
the ball fell short.
Although the ball see-sawed between the 20-yard lines
most of the final period, the Stars threatened once when
Pangle recovered Sobrero's fumble and ran 32 yards to
the Packer 8-yard stripe. Two plunges netted four yards,
but two passes fell incomplete, enabling Green Bay to
take the ball on its own 4-yard line. The Packers 
appeared to be merely trying to protect their lead in the
final period, and in the second period, when the All-
Stars scored their points, the pro league team  had all its best players on the sidelines. Each team chalked up 10 first downs. The victory evened up the score for the Packers, who were defeated here three years ago by an all-star team, 6 to 13. Yesterday's game was played in clear, cool weather on a dry field.
GREEN BAY - 21  0  3  0 - 24
ALL-STARS -  0 14  0  0 - 14
1st - GB - Don Hutson, 49-yard pass from Arnie Herber (Ernie Smith kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - GB - Hank Bruder, 8-yard pass from Herber (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
1st - GB - George Sauer, 29-yard pass from Herber (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 21-0
2nd - ALL - Hal Pangle, 8-yard pass from Frank Sobrero (Meister kick) GREEN BAY 21-7
2nd - ALL - Bob Rowe pass from Sobrero (Meister kick) GREEN BAY 21-14
3rd - GB - Clarke Hinkle, 30-yard field goal GREEN BAY 24-14
JAN 22 (Los Angeles) - The Pacific coast area, for
years a rabid football center, this week is steamed up
over the approaching professional battle between a 
couple of teams from the Midwest which have been
cutting a wide path through the California gridiron talent
this month. The teams are the Detroit Lions, national 
pro champions, and the Green Bay Packers, runners-
up, who will clash here next Sunday in a battle of
gridiron giants. The two squads have been playing 
California professional talent with startling results, both
being undefeated after two games apiece. Detroit has
been playing around this area and has built up a large
following, while the Packers have tipped over strong
opponents in San Diego and San Francisco.
JAN 23 (San Francisco) - Knights of Columbus officials
reported Tuesday a profit of $5,000 from their Green 
Bay Packers vs. Coast All-Stars charity football game
here Sunday. Professional players on the coast team
netted $106 a man, while each Green Bay Packers 
took home $125, Treasurer R.H. Schaefer said.
JAN 23 (Los Angeles) - Confident that the Green Bay
Packers will defeat the Detroit Lions in the renewal of
their professional football feud here Sunday, Coach E.L.
Lambeau sent his charges through a stiff workout today.
The Packers, twice victors over the pro champion
Detroit team during the regular season, routed all-star
teams representing San Diego and San Francisco 
since coming to the Pacific coast. Similarly, Coach 
Potsy Clark's Lions rolled over two Los Angeles all-star
aggregations. "We have a team just as strong, if not a
trifle stronger than the Lions," Lambeau, veteran leader
of the Packers, declared. "Our team right now is 
stronger than it was most of the time during our play in
the National league," he continued. "After our first five games Don Hutson, former Alabama end, came down with an attack of appendicitis, and Arnold Herber, the best forward passer in the league, suffered a cleat wound on his throwing hand."...HUTSON, HERBER READY: "Both Hutson and Herber, who form just about the best passing combination I've seen in 17 years as professional football coach, now are in the condition they were before they were injured. Hutson has lost none of his speed, and still has those tricky fingers, which enable him to pick the ball out of the air while traveling at full speed." Lambeau recalled that Herber played college football here several years ago, and "set the fans raving with his passing. He's better now because he's had more experience. Herber is about the coolest passer I've ever seen, especially when under fire. We have a great team. If we lose Sunday there will be no alibis, but we don't expect to lose, although we have plenty of respect for the Lions. They are a good team - or else they wouldn't have won the playoff with the New York Giants for the professional title."...HAVE BETTER BACKS: Lambeau, never mincing words, declared that his two fullbacks, Swede Johnston and Clarke Hinkle, "both are better than Ace Gutowsky of the Lions, and George Sauer is a better blocking back than Frank Christensen." With a third of the seats in Gilmore stadium already sold out, the American Legion, sponsor of the game, has ordered additional bleachers built to accommodate an expected large crowd.
JAN 24 (Los Angeles) - Members of the Green Bay Packer football squad, practicing for Sunday's game with the Detroit Lions here as the thermometer read 76, read with amazement today that temperatures in
Green Bay, Wis., are running far below zeio. "I'm glad we're not playing this game in Green Bay," was the sentiment expressed by more than one Packer gridiron.
JAN 25 (Los Angeles) - Verbal rumbling from rival professional football camps today heralded the post-season clash of the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers here tomorrow. Demand for tickets indicated a crowd of around 20,000 will fill Gilmore stadium for the game. The National champion Detroit outfit met all-star teams in two appearances here this month. The record of the Packers, which includes a two-out-of-three decision over the Lions in game played during the regular season, is highly respected, however...EX- COLLEGE STARS: Each squad has its quota of ex-college stars. Ernie Smith, tackle, and Nate Barragar, center, both of the Packers, with with Southern California when the Trojans were Rose Bowl champions. Green Bay also has George Henry Sauer, Nebraska's great punter, and Tar Schwammel, Oregon State tackle who was an all-American. The Lions have Ernie Caddel, ​Stanford back; Harry Ebding, St. Mary's end; Ace Gutowsky, Oklahoma City fullback; and Glenn Presnell, Nebraska quarterback; to name only a few. Detroit appears the faster, and has a lighter team than the Packers. The Lions' starting lineup averages 197 1/2 pounds as compared to 212 1/2 pounds for the Bays. Coaches Potsy Clark of the Lions and E.L. Lambeau of the Packers both predicted victories...GOT TWO DECISIONS: "Those paunchy Packers got two decisions over us as a result of breaks in the East,"
Clark declared. "The Lions are National champions and
they'll prove it Sunday. The first game, a 13 to 9 affair,
was a tossup. Green Bay cashed in on one break and
won. The second was one of those things. The field at
Green Bay was sanded heavily in the middle, and our
running attack bogged down. The Packers knew the
condition of the field and passed to touchdowns down
the sidelines. Dutch Clark of Detroit is the greatest
back in America. He goes best when the going gets
tough. I'll stake our all-around attack against the Packer
passes any day in the week." Lambeau countered with
this statement: "My team beat them twice, and can do
it again. The Lions are a good team, but the Packers are better. They were, still are and will be after tomorrow's game. I concede that Clark is a mighty fine back, but it's hard to beat men like Arnold Herber, George Henry Sauer, Hank Bruder and Don Hutson."