Detroit Lions 10, Green Bay Packers 3
EXHIBITION - Sunday January 26th 1936 (at Los Angeles)
(LOS ANGELES) - The ponderous Green Bay Packers,
smarting under a 10 to 3 defeat, are convinced that the
Detroit Lions are kingpins of National professional 
football. The Lions, losers to the Wisconsin pros in two
out of three games during the regular season, removed
all doubt at to their championship talents in 60 minutes
of gridiron warfare before 22,000 spectators at Gilmore
stadium here yesterday. Ace Gutowsky, 195 pounds of
speed-charged fullback, ripped through left tackle and
dashed 84 yards for a touchdown, leaving a trail of
fallen Packers in his wake. Captain Dutch Clark drop
kicked for the extra point. This was in the third period.
In the last period, Clark, his own running attack pretty
well smothered by the battering Packer defense, 
polished off his toe on the 20-yard stripe and booted
another dropkick for three points. The Packers, who 
were outscored but never outfought, made three points
in the second period. Starting from his own 30-yard line,
Joe Laws, former University of Iowa star, Clarke Hinkle,
of Bucknell, and Bobby Monnett, Michigan State, reeled
down to the Lions' 30 with slashing drives around end.
Tar Schwammel was called out of the line and the big
230-pounder from Oregon State kicked from placement.
Spectacular work by the Lion ends, Butch Morse, Harry
Ebding, Ed Klewicki and John Schneller, the latter of
Neenah, Wis., broke down completely the famed aerial
combination of Arnold Herber and Don Hutson, former
Alabama pass catching star.
The Packers made 10 first downs against eight for the
Lions, but Detroit registered 184 yards rushing against 102 for Green Bay. Neither team did anything in the air, the Lions completing one 16-yard heave, Clark to Ernie Caddel, of 12 thrown. The Packers tried 11, with one complete only because the Lions were guilty of interference. The scoreless first quarter saw the Lions outgain their rivals, but the Packers tightened when the ball reached their own territory. The Herber-to-Hutson passing attack missed fire twice, but the big ex-Regis college back smashed off tackle 13 yards, and followed it with a 60-yard punt over the goal line. Clark, Caddel and Gutowsky began a march down the field, but the Packers, with Ernie Smith, George Svendsen and Cal Hubbard's brilliant line play, stopped the thrust. Bruder intercepted a pass by Frank Christensen, only to lose the ball when Presnell grabbed a short pass over the line. Presnell missed a placement as the period ended. The Packers, rushing the Lions from the start of the second period, pushed the ball from their own 20 to the Detroit 47-yard line, when the Lions forced Herber to kick to the Lions' 18. After the next kick the Packers resumed their goal line march, ending with Schwammel's placekick from the 30.
The Packers threatened to score again when Monnett speared a Lion pass and ran to the Detroit 6-yard line, but Presnell stepped in and snagged a pass by Herber, who never could get set to throw before the Detroit ends trickled through the line. Svendsen intercepted a pass just before the halftime whistle blew. Monnett brought the fans up with a 55-yard dash from his own goal line on the third period kickoff, and Johnson and Monnett carried the ball deeper into Lion territory, but Caddel intercepted a pass and the ball went over to the Lions on their 16-yard line. On the next play Gutowsky ripped way off tackle, and with Clark staging an amazing blocking performance, swept through the Packers for a touchdown. The Green Bay momentum slackened, and the ball soon was in the danger zone again, after Christensen recovered a fumble on the Packer 22-yard line. The breaks favored Green Bay, however, and a pass, Caddel to Gutowsky, bounced into Grove's hands, and Herber kicked out of danger to the Lion 43-yard line.
Ernie Smith crashed through, downing Caddel for a 10-yard loss, and Bruder intercepted a long pass intended for Clark, placing the ball on the Packer 41-yard line. Monnett made 10 on a fake kick as the quarter ended. Herber on a quick kick caught the Lions unprepared. The ball spun crazily and a Packer end downed it one yard from the Detroit goal stripe. Christensen kicked back, and a moment later he intercepted another Herber-to-Hutson toss. Clark made 12 yards around end, one of his few substantial gains of the game, and Caddel caught the first successful pass of the day, for 16 yards, placing the ball on the Packer 11. Clark stood on the 20 and dropkicked for the final three points. The Packers were unable to get in serious scoring position from them until the game finished.
GREEN BAY -  0  3  0  0  -  3
DETROIT   -  0  0  7  3  - 10
2nd - GB - Tar Schwammel, 30-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
3rd - DET - Ace Gutowsky, 84-yard run (Dutch Clark kick) DETROIT 7-3
4th - DET - Clark, 20-yard field goal DETROIT 10-3