(BOSTON) - The Smith family held a gridiron reunion
here Sunday afternoon at Fenway park and when it was
all over the Green Bay Packers had jumped the first
hurdle of their Eastern football trip at the expense of the
Boston Redskins by the score of 7 to 3. Still speaking
of the Smiths, Ernie played a whale of a game at tackle
for Lambeau and Co., while the Hubtown Smiths were
Ed from New York U and Riley from dear old Alabama,
two backfielders who were troublesome throughout the
combat. Incidentally one Richard the Red was Napoleon
on the bench for the Packers. Nuff said. The Smiths
gave the sport scribes trouble galore as hardly a play
went by without one of them getting into the running
story. One of the Boston football experts was heard to
remark that "It is too bad that the pros don't sign up a
couple of Jones boys just for the sake of variety." The
Packers had received a lot of pre-game publicity all
week and every indication pointed to a bumper throng
but the crowd was way off expectations as there were
only 10,000 paid admissions.
However, the pass gate did a thriving business. A lot of
relative of Annie Oakley must live in Boston and vicinity.
Weather conditions weren't bad. Old Sol tried to break
forth all during the morning and there was plenty of 
sunshine around noon. Clouds began to gather about
game time and midway in the third quarter it began to
rain and fans in open seats did a wholesale "Paddock"
into the covered stands. The gridiron was a bit sticky in
spots but on the whole productive of fast play. It was a
bitterly contested game but clean as a whip and the
officials turned in a splendid job. Only four penalties
were called. Green Bay lost five yards for offside and
another for too long in calling signals. Boston was twice
offside, but once the Packers refused the penalty and
took a chalkmark gain instead. Two of the Packers,
Hank Bruder and George Svendsen, "went the route" as
they played every minute of the grueling combat and
went out of it little the worst for wear.
Buckets Goldenberg, Herman Schneidman, Moose
Butler and Cal Clemens were the old Bayites who didn't
see action. This game probably marked the end of Jim
Musick's football career. The big Californian has been
bothered with a pet knee for several seasons and he
was cracked so hard by the Packers that it was 
necessary to carry him off the gridiron. Cliff Battles also
ran into some trouble with the ankle that he injured in
the game at Green Bay, while Wayne Millner, former
Notre Dame star who went limping off amid the plaudits
of the "multitude". Millner is a Bostonian and he is
popular with the fans. It is quite possible that one 
George Washington Marshall, owner of the Redskins,
would be a whole lot better off financially if he got a few
more "hometowners" in his battle front. At least they
would probably draw their friends. Coach Lambeau had
his team on the field early on a preliminary warmup and
he insisted to the Boston management and the officials that the game be started on the dot at 2:15. A week ago when the Chicago Cardinals played there the game finished up in semi-darkness and there were some funny going-ons in the last couple of minutes.
Of course from the Boston point of view, the high spot of the game was Riley Smith's three-pointer about midway in the first frame from the 15-yard stripe. The ball sliced the goal posts right in the middle and the natives let out a roar which probably could have been heard out in Andover. The majority of the fans had come to park with the expectations of seeing Green Bay run wild but they hadn't figured on what the Redskins had been urged to do and what a 1200-mile train ride does to any football machine. Even Denny Shea, secretary of the Boston club, admitted that Red Flaherty's team played their best game of the season. The Boston players were bearing down on all fours and they looked like an entirely different team than that which took a 31 to 2 lacing at the City stadium some weeks back. Boston showed a dangerous offense and the Redskins got away with several "Packer kind" of forward passes. Several times it looked as if the Redskins were going places with a touchdown in mind but intercepted passes or fumbles cooked the Boston goose in the pinches. The Redskins pulled one for the book when they received the kickoff in the third period after the Packers had scored. When the ball was kicked they went into a huddle on the fly and tried to hide the ball and the runner. About a half dozen Redskins went six different ways on the deception but it came to naught when Pinckert was dumped hard on the 15-yard line.
Breaks of the game were about even up as Dame Fortune took turns smiling on both sides. In the final quarter the ball changed hands on about every play and even the loud speaker went haywire during the excitement. It was the Herber-to-Hutson combination that gave the Packers their winning points in the third period. Green Bay received the kickoff when the second half got underway and cut loose with a flurry of passes which had the Redskins on the run. However Boston made a couple of changes in the battle front and the Bay advance was stopped. Herber punted out of bounds on the Boston 20 and the Redskins found the going tough as the Packer line was charging at full tilt. Ed Smith finally punted and the Packers had the ball on their own 44-yard line. Once again the Bays went overhead and the drive did not stop until the end zone. Herber tossed to Gantenbein and the Packer captain went to the Redskins 41. Then Hutson grabbed a pass and moved up to the 19. A couple of line thrusts sucked the Redskins in and Herber finished up the drive with a forward to Don Hutson, who reversed his field and went across the goal line standing up without an enemy hand being laid on him. Several Packers were in the immediate vicinity but they had nothing to do but grin as the former Alabama pride breezed by us and of course Ernie Smith kept his goal-after-touchdown record complete by hoofing the cowhide between the uprights without mussing an eyebrow.
GREEN BAY -  0  0  7  0 -  7
BOSTON    -  3  0  0  0 -  3
1st - BOST - Riley Smith, 15-yard field goal BOSTON 3-0
3rd - GB - Don Huston, 19-yard pass from Arnie Herber (Ernie Smith kick) GREEN BAY 7-3
the only team in the league which has not scored on a forward pass. All of Brooklyn's seven touchdowns have come as a result of runs or plunges. Until Sarboe joined the club, the Dodgers had the weakest passing attack in the league. Although the Packers shape up as the most formidable foes the Dodgers have yet been called upon to face, the Brooklyn players are very optimistic about tomorrow's game. To them it would be no upset if they beat the Packers. The Dodgers have always managed to turn in one fine game a season and this may be the one. Last year they did a first rate job beating the Detroit Lions, a team which then went on to win the league championship.
NOV 14 (New York) - Coach Curly Lambeau's hirelings will take to the turf at Ebbets field tomorrow afternoon, when the postgraduate gridders who play under the banner of the Brooklyn Dodgers will defend their eastern laurels against the Green Bay Packers. The kickoff will be at 2:15 Eastern Standard Time (1:15 Green Bay time). The lineup of the battling Bays will be unchanged from that which squeezed out a 7-3 victory over the Boston Redskins in Beantown last Sunday, and if fair weather prevails, the pro gridders from Badgerdom will attempt to show the eastern fans something classy in the ways of an aerial attack...PLENTY OF CLASS: The boys from across the river have plenty of class, and Gotham dailies have been giving the game plenty of ink, so a banner throng is expected. As metropolitan scribes gathered at the Victoria hotel here this week, one was heard to remark to the other: "Lambeau's boys will have to go at full tilt to dent the great Brooklyn defense." If Old Sol is shining brightly tomorrow, it is certain that Arnie Herber's right arm will be called upon for an extra portion of flinging, as the Wisconsinites have hopes of crossing the last chalk line through means of a sparkling aerial attack. The boys in the handkerchief brigade have about got rid of the colds which they caught while sojourning in the Rip Van Winkle country, and all the Bay gridders will be in shape to do "60 minutes" if called upon...IN GREAT SPIRITS: The Badger players are in great spirits, and they have displayed plenty of form during this week's drills. Although their chief concern right now is to take a fall out of the Brooklynites, it is even money that they will keep a careful eye peeled at the scoreboard to watch the progress of George Halas' Chicago Bears at Boston. It is the opinion of the Bay pigskin chasers that if Red Flaherty's men show the same fight against the squad from the Windy City that they displayed when meeting the Packers, the Bruins will be in for a bad afternoon, and nothing would please Lambeau and Co. more than to see their husky rivals from the west tripped up.
NOV 14 (New York) - Intersectional battles rule in the NFL Sunday with four Eastern teams facing Western rivals. The Detroit Lions, titleholders of the pro grid circuit, play host to the New York Giants, defending Eastern champions, with defeat meaning elimination from the current title race. While these champions are battling for the chance to stay in the struggle for the 1936 title, the present Western pace setters, the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, collide with Eastern foes. The Packers will invade Brooklyn to meet the Dodgers in the first of two games in the metropolitan area. The Bears, tied with the Packers for the lead with seven wins and one defeat, will face the Redskins in Boston...PIRATES IN CHICAGO: The Pittsburgh Pirates, present pace setters in the Eastern race with six victories against four defeats, will invade Chicago to meet the Cardinals. If the Pirates win this struggle, they will be mighty hard to stop from taking down the crown in the east. The Cards are improving with every start and also are regaining the services of some players who have been injured for a good part of the season, so Pittsburgh is in for no easy battle. The struggle in Detroit is equally important to the chances of the Lions and Giants retaining their laurels. A defeat for either would put it out of the running, so this return scrap is apt to pack even more fireworks that that of two weeks ago, when a bit of fistic work enlivened at the finish, which resulted in a Giant win...FACE HARD TESTS: Both the Packers and Bears face hard tests in their effort to stay at the top of the Western division. The Packers just nosed out Boston last week in their initial Eastern engagement, so the Redskins will prove no easy opponent for the Bears. The Dodgers had an off Sunday last week, so will be fully rested and have their squad in great shape for Green Bay. The Brooklyn club still is in the race for the Eastern title and has been improving as the season progresses, so there is no telling how this encounter will finish, especially since it will mark Phil Sarboe's debut in a Dodger uniform at Ebbets field.
NOV 14 (Green Bay) - WTAQ will air the Green Bay Packer-Brooklyn Dodgers' game Sunday afternoon. Description of the game will start at about 1:15 p.m. Green Bay time, with Russ Winnie at the microphone. WTAQ will being the remainder of the Green Bay Packer professional games to Packer fans in northeastern Wisconsin and upper Michigan. This game is sponsored by the Wadhams Oil company of Milwaukee.
NOV 14 (Milwaukee Sentinel) - The Green Bay Packers, tied for the Western division lead of the National Professional Football league with the Chicago Bears, and the Brooklyn Dodgers, still in the running for the Eastern half crown, meet at Ebbets field here tomorrow in a game the Packers are favored to win. Dodger scouts who saw the Packers defeat Boston last week, 7 to 3, were not fooled by the Packers' performance against the Redskins. The same scouts have seen the Packers performing at their best and have warned the Dodgers that the westerners will bound back tomorrow with an attack that has labeled the club as the best offensive team in the league. In the Boston game, scouts report, the Bays' linemen weren't functioning and the ground attack was far from what it showed in other games. The air attack, however, was as deadly as ever with the scintillating Don Hutson snaring six passes, one of which provided the Packers' touchdown and the victory. Since the poor showing against the Redskins the Bay linemen have been given the works by Coach Curly Lambeau and his line aid, Red Smith. By way of proving their point as to the effectiveness of the Packers' attack, Dodger scouts point out the Bays have gained 1,111 yards by rushing and 1,016 yards via passes to total 2,161 yards for the season, the best in the league. They have tried 172 passes and completed 70, to rank below some of other clubs in percentage of passes completed, but more than make up for this in the effectiveness of their passes. They gained 131 more yards through passes than the second place Pittsburgh Pirates. They scored 158 points and allowed 80 points by opponents, compared to 60 points by Brooklyn against 58 points scored by Brooklyn's opponents. Metropolitan grid fans are anxious to get another glimpse of Flash Herber, the Packers' great passer, and his two ace receivers, Hutson and Johnny Blood. So far this season, Herber has thrown 114 passes, 50 of them complete for a 43 percent average to rank behind Ed Danowski of the Giants and Ed Matesic of the Pirates. However, Herber's tosses have gained 777 yards compared to Matesic's 677 and Danowski's 468. Herber and Danowski have each had six passes intercepted, against 12 for the Pirates' ace. In view of this offensive class, metropolitan sports critics pick the Packers to win rather handily.
NOV 15 (Milwaukee Journal) - Intersectional battles rule
in the NFL Sunday with four eastern teams facing four
western rivals. The Detroit Lions, titleholders, play host
to the New York Giants, defending eastern champions,
with defeat for either practically meaning elimination
from the title race. The present western pacesetters,
the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, meanwhile
will appear in the east. The Packers will invade Brooklyn
to meet the Dodgers in the first of two games in the
metropolitan area. The Chicago Bears, tied with the
Packers for the lead with seven victories and one defeat,
will face the Redskins in Boston. Pittsburgh, present
pacesetters in the eastern race with six victories and
four defeats, will invade Chicago to meet the Cardinals.
If the Pirates win, they will be mighty hard to stop from
taking down the crown in the east. The Cardinals are
improving with every start, however, and are also
regaining the services of several players who have been
injured for a good part of the season. It will be no easy
NOV 15 (New York) - Maybe the clash of unharmonious
colors was to blame, but the Green Bay Packers just
couldn't get along at Blue Hills (N.J.) Country club, so
they abandoned their rustic training camp last week
and worked out in the privacy of Central Park. Originally
the idea was a pip. They were to hide away at Blue
Hills, live in simple rural comfort and work out daily in
invigorating country air during their stay in the east.
Trips to the city would be made only for the game with
the Dodgers at Brooklyn Sunday and the one with the
Giants here next week hence. But that was before they
saw Blue Hill. Rather, the trouble started because they
couldn't see it all at first. The team arrived at its rustic
retreat by bus just as dusk had fallen. With the help of
flashlights and matches, players and equipment were
unloaded. Coach Curly Lambeau and his wife and
several players whose wives also accompanied them on
the trip found lodging in the clubhouse. Seventeen
others bedded down on cots in a loft over the locker
room. The rest moved on to another shed which quickly
was christened "Parlor A". For food they trudged uphill
 for lodging they marched downhill. And the hills were
steep and the various buildings separated by vast
expanses of rolling terrain. And that's how Lou Gordon
came to grief. Big, blustering Lou, star of the Chicago
Cardinals for many season, was halfway between the
stable and Parlor A when the lights went out. Now Lou
knows his way around on a football field, but not in the
Jersey foothills at night. So he stumbled around
aimlessly bellowing like an enraged bull, until retrieved
by a searching party. Someone, draped ghostlike in a
sheet, startled Buckets Goldenberg so that he leaped
out of bed and stepped on a rat trap. Red Smith,
assistant coach, flung himself on a cot which promptly,
by prearrangement, collapsed on the floor. Later he
discovered himself the victim of "mouse trapping", with
the trap concealed in the bed clothes. Milt Gantenbein
went around with a rifle but Gordon insisted the biggest
game in the neighborhood were malnutritioned rates. C.
W. Calhoun, Green Bay newspaper man who annually
spends his vacation as the Packers' road secretary,
complained that his bed was uncomfortably hard, even
for a cot. The trouble was diagnosed as a board which
unaccountably had put in an appearnace under the
sheets. So the Packers are quartered on Broadway.
Lambeau figures the perils of the city are as nothing
compared to the dangers which lurk in the countryside.
NOV 15 (Brooklyn) - The best football team to visit 
Brooklyn this season will trot out on Ebbets Field today
to meet the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Green Bay Packers
are just about the best in football - pro or otherwise -
and their record speaks for itself. The Packers, who 
share the lead of the Western division of the NFL with
the Chicago Bears, have a great offensive team and 
they have rolled up 158 points in eight games. For the
cash customers, they are a thrilling team to watch as
they can run, pass and kick. But passing is their main
forte and with Arnie Herber and Bob Monnett doing the
pitching, they will fill the Flatbush air with footballs.
Furthermore, they have a pair of ends who can catch 
the Ozone. Don Hutson, Alabama's great end, has 
pulled down 22 passes this year, five of them for touchdowns. Milt Gantenbein has caught 13. All in all the Packers have gained 1,016 yards through the air and have scored 12 touchdowns on passes...SARBOE TO GET TEST: However, the Dodgers have recently acquired a passer who is in the same class as Herber and Monnett. They shelled out $7,500 for him and today Phil Sarboe makes his official Ebbets Field debut. While with the Cardinals, Sarboe was one of the best heavers in the circuit and if the Dodgers can catch his pegs today they may beat the highly-favored Packers. The Eastern and Western teams of the league faced against each other today in four intersectional tiffs. The Giants are out in Detroit to meet the Lions and the Giants will have to win or else their chances of retaining the Eastern title will amount to nil. In fact the Pirates might be able to clinch the Eastern honors if they stop the Cardinals while the Giants are being kicked around by the Lions. The Chicago Bears are in Boston to engage the Redskins who also have championship aspirations. Today's game at Ebbets Field should feature wide open football. This is the usual thing for the Packers while the Dodgers are forced to gamble if they hope to win. The Dodgers have the league's best defense against passes and on this account the attacks of the Packers may be checked. However, in Johnny Blood and Clark Hinkle, they also have a pretty fair running attack which can be used in the event that Herber and Monnett are tied up. Curly Lambeau, the Green Bay coach, will start his shock troops against the Dodgers but Paul Schissler must start all his best men.
Green Bay Packers (7-1) 7, Boston Redskins (4-4) 3
Sunday November 8th 1936 (at Boston)
NOV 9 (Green Bay) - The Packer scoring was rather restricted yesterday as you noticed, but there were two changes in the all-time list, caused by Don Hutson's touchdown and Ernie Smith's extra point...the touchdown scored by Hutson was his 12th for Green Bay and it gave him a total of 73 points, boosting him from ninth to eighth place on the all-time list...he passed Hurdis McCrary, and now ranks two points behind Bob Monnett, who is in seventh position...Smith's extra point was his No. 21 for the Packers, giving him a scoring record over the past two seasons of 30 points - not bad for a lineman.
NOV 10 (Orangeburg, NY) - After a bus ride from the Grand Central station in New York, the Green Bay Packers arrived here Monday night about supper time, helped themselves to a lot of good ears, hit the hay before 10 p.m. and worked out bright and early today. Although Blue Hills country club is only 40 miles from Broadway, it might just as well be a hundred because there isn't anything around that is even second cousin to the bright lights. It should be a restful couple of weeks, if nothing else. The football practice field is about a half mile from the clubhouse up and down dale, and there isn't any chance of the Brooklyn Dodger scouts hiding in the tall trees because there isn't any in the immediate vicinity. It is something different and even the football players have started to enjoy the country air. The first couple of meals seemed to be O.K. and the players certainly started to bat high in the knife and fork league without having to worry about any additional charges to the ticket. The trip from Boston was uneventful. The team left Boston at 10:15 a.m. Monday and the train ride through the New England sector was more than interesting to some of the squad members who had not been East before. When New York was reached, at 4:10 p.m., the Packer found a big bus waiting for them and with but little delay were en route to Blue Hills. The Packers' personal bags were strapped atop the conveyance and the team pulled out of Gotham over the Washington bridge...EQUIPMENT ON HAND: Property Manager Bud Jorgensen shipped the equipment trunks from Boston Sunday night and all the equipment was on hand when the squad checked in at Blue Hills. All the players were glad that the first hurdle on the eastern trip was jumped successfully and the team seemed to be confident that they would be "up and going" for the game in Brooklyn this coming Sunday. The Boston papers paid tribute to the Packers as a team that more than lived up to advance notices. Arnie Herber's passing, Don Hutson's receiving and George Svendsen's brilliant exhibition at center got a lot of extra ink in the stories of the game. The Beantown scribes tossed a lot of verbal bouquets to in the direction of the Redskins, saying that Red Flaherty's team played its best game of the season. This hit the nail on the head all right, as the Boston pros battled every inch all the way from first to last whistle. If they play the same brand of ball against the Bears this Sunday, Halas and company is apt to have a busy afternoon...FLAHERTY DROPS IN: Red Flaherty, the Boston coach, visited with some of the Packers Sunday night at the Parker House. Flaherty took the defeat pretty hard but he didn't yelp "Robber" or anything else in Potsy Clark fashion. "That one pass that Don Hutson caught for the touchdown was a well executed play," Flaherty said, "and it was just about the margin of victory. I really had hopes of winning the game, as my club has shown great improvement since our 'rubbing' in Green Bay. However, I have no alibis except the fact that the game would have been closer if I could have used halfback Ed Justice and Sniper Cahn, my slashing guard, both of whom were on the hospital list. Curly Lambeau has a great ball club, and it wouldn't surprise me if Green Bay carried off the championship." "It was just as I expected," said Coach Lambeau, "as I figured Boston would be mighty tough to bear. Brooklyn is next for us and we are going to have our hands full with the Dodgers. Paul Schissler and a half dozen of this Dodgers were among those present at the Boston game and they must have seen plenty because we had to open up with lots of stuff to tuck away the victory. We were a shade off our game and I attribute this to the long railroad trip. One practice was hardly enough to shake the 'travel' legs off the players and this handicapped our attack. There were no serious injuries and the entire squad should be in tip top shape for our engagement in Brooklyn."
NOV 10 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers' nearest neighbors at their training quarters at Orangeburgh, N.Y., are inmates of an asylum for the insane...they may leave Coach Lambeau there if next Sunday's game is like the one against Boston.
NOV 10 (New York) - The Detroit Lions have gained more yardage by rushing and the New York Giants more by passing than any other teams in the National Professional Football league, figures on the season's game revealed. Dertoit gained 417 yards against the Pittsburgh Pirates Sunday and brought their average for seven games up to 300 yards. Second in the line is Green Bay with 270. Leading passers in the league last year, the Giants have overtaken Pittsburgh for the league passing lead. The Giants have now completed 50 passes out of 110 tries for an average of 45 percent. Pittsburgh and Detroit have an average of 43 percent. The Green Bay team still holds the scoring lead with 158 points to the Chicago Bears' 154.
NOV 10 (Washington) - George Marshall, president of the Boston club of the National Professional Football league, said Tuesday the Redskins' franchise might be shifted to another city next season because of poor attendance. Marshall said the decision of the club corporation, of which he is president, would rest largely on the attendance figures for the Redskins' final three games this year. Some pressure has been brought to have him move the Redskins home games to Washington next year. He said he had discussed the matter with Clark Griffith, owner of the Washington baseball club.
NOV 11 (Orangeburg, NY) - Finding training conditions here not as favorable as anticipated, the Green Bay Packers left Blue Hills Country club at noon today, moving into New York to establish new headquarters in preparation for next Sunday's game with the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Packers practiced here yesterday afternoon, and everyone was feeling in fine shape, but weather conditions and the general setup are such that Coach E.L. Lambeau felt it would be suicide to remain longer. Tonight the squad will be settled in the Victoria hotel at Manhattan...HOLD REGULAR DRILL: Arrangements have been completed to practice at the De la Salle field, and tomorrow the Packers will travel to that place for their regular practice. Drill was held as usual here this morning. Brooklyn and Stapleton will play in New York tonight, and the Packers will attend the game, giving the Green Bay players their first glimpse of the Dodgers in two seasons. The occasion is expected to afford a valuable opportunity for the Packers to scout next Sunday's opponent..ENTRAIN FOR WEST: Definite announcement has not been made, but the team probably will remain at New York until the day before Thanksgiving,
when the Packers will entrain for the West and their
Nov. 29 game with the Lions at Detroit. Prior to that 
date they meet Brooklyn and New York in the East. 
Once the Detroit engagement is out of the way, the
Packers will have but one week before closing their
regular schedule against the Cardinals at Chicago. 
Should the Packers and Bears both finish their seasons
undefeated, a playoff game for the Western division title
will be necessary, but most critics agree that either the
Bays or Bears will be bumped again before the season
NOV 11 (Green Bay) - When the situation in a Packer
football game appears to call for something which must
be done with the feet - such as a field goal, kickoff or an
extra point boot - the chances are that one of three men
will be called upon to do it. The chances are, also, that
he will make it. Due principally to the work of these
three, the Packers haven't missed a single point after
touchdown to date this season, despite the fact that 
they have done a lot of touchdown scoring, and they
have clicked for field goals at crucial times when three-
pointers were vitally needed..SHARE IN KICKING: Only
three other Packers, Johnny Blood, Clarke Hinkle and
Cal Clemens, have shared in the extra points, and 
Johnny made his on an end run, against Pittsburgh in
Milwaukee. Hinkle has kicked one extra point, and has
done great work with kickoffs, booting many a football
into the end zone. The Packers have several other
players who did considerable in kicking in college, but
the real burden this season has fallen jointly upon 
Schwammel, Smith and Engebretsen. Ernie has been
called upon the most, kicking 10 extra points and two
field goals to boost his total on the all-time Packer
scoring list to 30. Last season he was good for 11 extra
points and one goal from the field...TWO EXTRA
POINTS: In previous seasons with Green Bay Ade
Schwammel kicked two extra points and five field goals,
and to this assortment this year he has added five extra
points and one goal, making his all-time total 25. Tiny
Engebretsen booted only one extra point in 1935, but
this season he has kicked two others, in addition to
three field goals. Fans will never forget his last minute
goal against Detroit this season, which gave Green Bay
a thrilling 20 to 18 victory.
NOV 11 (Green Bay) - The brilliant aerial attack of the
Green Bay Packers, as employed against the Boston
Redskins last Sunday, came in for considerable praise
in Boston newspapers. Two excerpts from articles of
Eastern scribes are presented here tonight:
ace moundsman of the celebrated Green Bay Packers,
twirled the visiting beef trust from Wisconsin to a 7 to 3
triumph over the Redskins at Fenway park before a
congregation of 11,200 fans. The veteran righthander's
control was as good as ever and his spiral ball blinded
the Boston brigade right up to the final out. The star
hurler of the National league, whom Manager Curly
Lambeau sent to the mound shortly after the game got
underway, threw exactly 29 balls to retire the local
aggregation of Ray Flaherty. Fourteen of these were strikes, most of which Don Hutson, star receiver from Alabama, caught almost without moving his hands. The Packers had their big inning in the third, when they started on a 57-yard march which terminated in the promised land. The Redskins finally steeled their spines, pushing rambling Johnny Blood back for four yards. The halt was only momentarily, however, for Herber and Hutson teamed up again. This time it was a strike which retired the side as Hutson gathered it in on the fly at the seven-yard line and sped into the end zone while no less than three secondary Redskins gaped in amazement. It looked as though Riley Smith, whom Hutson passed within arm's length en route to the touchdown, could have taken a shot and felled his old mate from Alabama; but, although the act looked physically possible, you can't tell what's running through a fellow's head our there after he's been banging his noggin' against such 230 and 240 pound hulks as were wearing the spangles of the Packers. Thus was the first inning lead and the victory snatched from the Redskins, who sailed into the Packers at the shrill of the opening whistle and gave the herculean hulks from Green Bay more than they bargained for...It can honestly be said that Ray Flaherty had the better line on the field yesterday, a commendation seldom handed out.
PAUL V. CRAIGUE (BOSTON GLOBE): One dazzling, third period air raid gave the Green Bay Packers a 7-3 victory over the Redskins at Fenway park, although our National league goal diggers put up one of the grandest battles in local pro history. The great Wisconsin outfit was outrushed, 114 yards to 18, but Arnold Herber chucked 14 successful passes in 29 attempts and three of them were strung together in the third period for the game's only touchdown. Since the Packer passes ate up a total of 200 yards during the afternoon, it must be admitted that they earned the victory, but they were definitely outplayed in three of the four periods. They crossed midfield on five other occasions, but never penetrated beyond the Boston 40 on anything but a break.
NOV 11 (Pittsburgh) - Officials of the Pittsburgh Pirates club in the National Professional Football league said Wednesday the Bucs have been offered three exhibition games in Florida next month. The offer was made by H.A. Tubbs of Jacksonville for games December 23 at Jacksonville, December 25 at Tampa and December 31 at Miami. Club officers said the Green Bay Packers have been suggested as possible opponents if the exhibition tour is agreed upon.
NOV 12 (New York) - Following their two day sojourn at
the Blue Hills country club the Packer squad is well set
up in New York at the Victoria hotel and if Coach E.L.
Lambeau's gridders never see the "Rip Van Winkle"
sector again it will be soon enough. The team went
through a snappy workout here today in the Central
gridiron while about a dozen photogs from the Gotham
papers clicked their cameras frequently while the Bays
cut capers in impressive style. The Packers are due for
a lot of ink in the Metropolitan press for the next 10 
days as the National league is going the limit in a
publicity battle with the other pro loop to attract the
attention of the New York fans. The Giants are out of
town this weekend and this sort of leaves the field to
the Packers' game with Brooklyn at Ebbet field although
the other N.Y. club and Boston will be having it out at
the Yankee stadium in an American league game...LET
DOWN GAME: The Packers are glad that the Boston
affair is tucked away in the victory column. This was 
one of those let-down games which always comes to a
club that is in the midst of a victory spree. Lambeau 
and the players feel confident that the team will get 
back clicking on "all eleven" this weekend against the
Dodgers and then go on and make it mighty interesting
for the "Hubbardized" Giants who are quite apt to have
their hands full this Sunday in Detroit. Green Bay 
scouts were among the 4,000 present at Ebbets field
Wednesday afternoon were Brooklyn whipped Stapleton
in an Armistice day gridiron contest by the score of 14
to 7. The Dodgers made a pair of touchdowns in the 
first period and then went under wraps for the remainder
of the game. The Stapes got their lone marker in the
final frame. Kercheval, Bobby Wilson and Badgro, 
former Giant wingman, caught the eye of Red Smith
and the other members of the Green Bay scouting
delegation. Kercheval got off several skyscraping punts
of the 60-yard variety; Wilson made three razzle dazzle
runs while Badgro was on the receiving end of three well
executed passes. The Dodgers had a young army of
​players in uniform and Coach Paul Schissler kept the
substitutes running in and out all during the game. The
stay at Blue Hills did not do the Packers any good
physically as Walt Kiesling is sick with fever and cold.
Ernie Smith has a sore chest, while about five of the
other gridders have joined the handkerchief club. Trainer
Dave Woodward ordered Kiesling to bed on his arrival in
New York and he expressed some doubts if the veteran
guard would be able to see action this Sunday. Blue Hills is probably an O.K. spot when the mercury is at summer heat but when the wind whistles around at a below freezing cold, the madeover barns which served as dormitories reminded one of the Main and Washington corner during last winter's cold spell...LOTS OF LAUGHS: However, there were a lot of laughs between the chilly blasts. The dining hall was atop of a quarter of a mile hill and all the players worked up a good appetite on their way to meals. Tuesday morning Milt Gantenbein came to breakfast with a shotgun on his arm and he remarked that he wasn't taking any chances on "bears in them woods". A dozen of the players "camped" down in a valley house and they had a great time between "ghosts" and other things that prowled around. Lou Gordon nearly got lost between the locker room and the valley house when the early birds turned the lights out on him. The big tackle let out a roar of Tarzan's style which was heard all over the 40 acres. Your scribe found his cot so hard that he thought some of the boys had played a joke on him by putting a plank under the sheets but on investigating discovered it was only the mattress and this went for about everybody else on the squad. Several of the players played a few holes of golf over a topnotch course but the majority of them during their non-practice hours camped near the coal stove in the locker room and killed time by reading the papers or playing cards.
NOV 12 (New York) - Ed Danowski, New York Giants' record-making forward passer last year, finally overtook Ed Matesic, Pittsburgh Pirates, in the ninth week of play on the NFL and now leads in this department by the slim margin of a .506 average to .500. The former Fordham star has completed 41 out of 81 passes while Matesic has 54 completions in 108 tosses. Three field goals booted during the week by Armand Niccolai, Pittsburgh Pirates, gives him the lead in this department with seven, one more than his total of last year when he gained a tie for first place. Ralph Kercheval, Brooklyn, and Jack Manders, Bears, dropped to a tie for second place with five each...MANDERS ON TOP: Manders, however, broke his first place tie with Kerchval as the leading scorer of the league and now leads the circuit with 31 points. The former Minnesota ace has a one point lead on Kercheval, Bill Hewitt of the Bears and Don Hutson, Green Bay, who are tied for second. Hutson, formerly of Alabama, took a commanding lead this week for pass receiving honors. He caught six Sunday to boost his total to 22, which is four more than he caught last year when he finished sixth in the standing, and only four from the record of 26 set last year by Tod Goodwin of the Giants. Bill Smith, Chicago Cardinals, is second this week with 14...BETTER PREVIOUS RECORD: There now are two men in the league who have bettered the individual ground gaining total of 499 made last season. Tuffy Leemans, Giants, retained his lead with 641 yards, while Ace Gutowsky, Detroit, now has 513 yards in second place. Earl (Dutch) Clark, Detroit, jumped from sixth to fifth this week behind Cliff Battles, Boston, and Bronko Nagurski, Bears, who are third and fourth.
NOV 12 (New York) - First returns from the National Professional Football league front, where the players finally are coming up with that good old college try, indicate the all-star team for 1936 will lineup with nine veterans and two freshman. The writers' consensus figures the lineup as follows: Ends, Bill Hewitt, Chicago Bears, and Milt Gantenbein, Green Bay; tackles, Joe Stydahar, Bears, and Glen (Turk) Edwards, Boston; guards, Lon Evans, Green Bay, and George (Bullet) Rado, Pittsburgh; center, Mel Hein, New York; quarterback, Dutch Clark, Detroit; halfbacks, Alphonse (Tuffy) Leemans, New York, and Cliff Battles, Boston; fullback, Bronko Nagurski, Bears. We still like college football with its alumni, bands and cheerleaders, but nothing on the collegiate girdiron could be assembled to approach that lineup. It rates as the perfect team with stars that have not been dimmed in any kind of going, in either college or pro football. It represents the best of the small college and big university fields, splotched with color and geared with tremendous power. As a quartet, the backs have gained 1,828 yards in 419 tries, an average of 4.36 yards a whack.
Hewitt - Bill came from Michigan. All he could get was honorable mention on the All-American in 1931. But in the pro game he's rated as the greatest end ever in action. He's so fast he's called Offside Hewitt. He knows all the tricks and how to use 'em.
Gantenbein - At Wisconsin Milt was an ordinary player until his last year. He has filled out to 200 pounds and just reaching his peak. Smart, tough and fast. Once he was just a decoy on passes, but now he's one of the deadliest receivers of them all.
Stydahar - A freshman recruit from West Virginia Wesleyan, a football natural who likes to play the game. Unheard of before the all-star-pro game of this year, he was so good he made his opposition look foolish.
Edwards - Turk, a 270-pounder from Washington State, is a champion football trickster with six football senses.
Evans and Rado - Evans came from Texas Christian. Rado from Duquesne. Opposing players say you can't get by them with a crowbar.
Hein - Two hundred twenty five pounds, strung on a six-foot two frame, the former Washington State star ranks as the peer of centers and as the master of them all on pass defense.
Clark - No quarterback yet has been found who can outgeneral and outplay the Dutchman who came from Colorado College
Leemans - They didn't think Tuffy rated a berth on the 1936 all-star team in the game at Soldier field, but a Washington newspaper insisted he did rate. Tuffy, lightning fast and tough, is the surprise rookie of the year. Tuffy came from George Washington.
Battles - They call him the "quintuplet threat". He, say the pros, can pass, kick, run, think and out-trick any player or referee alive. Cliff is another West Virginia Wesleyan boy who made good with the pros.
Bronko - The big Nag has no equal when it comes to busting the line, a trick he learned at Minnesota. He was out last year with a bad hip, but back now with all his power. Players long ago learned the uselessness of tackling the Bronko. They topple him with blocks. Before a championship game with the Bears Coach Potsy Clark of the Detroit Lions gave his men a pep talk. Potsy, the story goes, signaled out every player and told him he was better than his rival on the Bears. Finally he came to Ace Gutowsky, Lion fullback. "And you, Ace," shouted Potsy, "you're as good as Nagurski. Why, you can hit that line harder than he can, but, gosh, I wish I had Nagurski."
​NOV 12 (Brooklyn) - The Brooklyn Dodgers of the National Professional Football league defeated the Stapleton Buffaloes, an independent eleven, 14-7 in an exhibition game yesterday. The game was a warm-up affair for the Dodgers, who meet the Green Bay Packers Sunday. Brooklyn's regular team scored two quick touchdowns in the first period and the Dodgers then spent the rest of the game experimenting with plays. Bobby Wilson scored the first touchdown after a 24-yard run and Kercheval scored the second shortly after on a reverse play from the Stapleton 9-yard line. Kercheval converted both points after touchdowns. Stapleton passed its way to a touchdown in the last minute of the game.
NOV 12 (Brooklyn) - Johnny (Shipwreck) Kelly, the man who hires and fires the coach of the Brooklyn Dodgers, says he doesn't know Hunk Anderson and that there is no foundation to the report that the North Carolina State and former Notre Dame coach is going to lead the local pros next season at Ebbets Field. A news dispatch from Raleigh, N.C., stated yesterday that Anderson had been approached by the Dodgers in regard to the job now held by Paul J. Schissler. When informed of the report, Kelly said: "There's nothing to it. I don't even know Hunk Anderson and I'd never hire a man I didn't know to coach my team. Furthermore, we don't talk about new coaches in the middle of the season. Schissler has done a pretty good job."...OWNERS DISSATISFIED: Although Kelly denied that a chance in coaches is contemplated, it is no secret that he and his partner, Dan Topping, are far from satisfied with the present showing of the Dodgers. They have won only two out of seven games and the club has not made money. The clearest proof of this last statement was yesterday's game against the Stapleton Buffaloes. Only a team out to make money would play a pointless exhibition game on the eve of an important league game. This Sunday the Dodgers play the strong Green Bay Packers and it is essential that every man be in shape for this game. Instead, the Dodgers have an injury list for the first time this season. Tony Kaska dislocated and perhaps broke his hand while Jim Whatley come up with a serious charley horse. B'Ho Kirkland has a swollen finger. Oddly enough all the injuries this year with the exception of Red Franklin's, have been sustained in exhibition games. Last Sunday in Paterson Joe Maniaci ripped a muscle near his elbow...SCHISSLER ESCHEWED GAME: Neither Schissler nor the Dodgers wanted to play yesterday's game. This was apparent to the 3,000 customers who turned out for it. The Dodgers knew they could win and when they got two touchdowns in the first five minutes, they didn't care to play anymore. But they won, nevertheless, 14 to 7. It's pretty difficult to keep men hustling when they know there is no need. The Stapes were outweighed by about 20 pounds to the man and it was only their serious efforts to play football that gave the game some interest for the fans who cheered everything they did against the Dodgers. Walter Switzer threw some nice passes for the Stapes and the former Poly Prep and Cornell star tossed one for a touchdown in the final period. Switzer proved himself to be a real football player in the eyes of Schissler. Phil Sarboe made his debut in Brooklyn and while he completed some passes his first game here was far from a success. Several times the Stapes threw him for losses while he was trying to pass. But there's no doubt that Sarboe is worth the $7,500 the Dodgers paid for him and if his passes can be caught this Sunday the Dodgers have an even chance of beating the Packers. The chief job of the Dodgers seems to be how to stop Arnie Herber from slipping touchdown passes to Don Hutson and Milt Gantenbein.
NOV 13 (New York) - This is a tale about two reporters who probably wished they were elsewhere. Howard Roberts and Irv Kupincet, Chicago sports scribed, are "camping" (reverse English on Cal Hubbard) at the Victoria hotel here and they were discovered by a couple of the Packers who were watching the parade in the lobby after practice on Thursday. The Windy city gridiron experts came over and gave the glad hand all around. As a matter of fact they treated the Packers like long lost brothers. Just about the time Red Smith hove on the scene and one of the Packers said: "Red you know these sportswriters from Chicago." Red looked up and said: "Sure, I know 'em - at least I have read their stuff." The assistant coach seemed a bit huffy but the bull session continued and Smith just listened. Finally Red turned to Roberts and said: "You are on the News staff, aren't you?" Roberts nodded. Then Smith followed through with "That was a fine story about me being Napoleon on the Packer bench. The guy that wrote that must have a vivid imagination." The Packers roared out loud and Roberts joined in remarking that the next time the Packers played in Chicago his paper was going to have a movie cameraman covering Smith from the time he entered the ball park...NOT QUITE THROUGH: But Red wasn't through. He turned to Kupincet and said: "Gee, you sure took care of us in great shape with your story of the Cardinal game in Green Bay. However, every knock is a boost and if you are around for the next few years you will probably see Verne Lewellen rated as one of the leading officials in the pro loop." The storm was over and the Chicagoans got along finely in the huddle with the Packers. Before it was over Smith and the scribes were rubbing elbows and talking the Packer-Bear game all over again. The Windy City scribes came east with the Bears last Friday. They covered the Blackhawk hockey game here Thursday night and have been assigned to the Notre Dame-Army gridiron fracas Saturday at the Yankee stadium. Immediately after the contest they will jump to Boston for the Bears' clash with the Redskins Sunday afternoon. Roberts, who is the football expert for the News, paid tribute to the Packers for their exhibition against the Bears in Chicago. "It was the best looking football team I saw in action," Roberts said. "The Bay line charged like supermen while the backs were elusive as jackrabbits. A couple of your touchdown plays were honeys, particularly that last one when Sauer went over standing up without a hand being laid on him. It sure caught Bill Hewitt asleep at the switches."...SEE MANY PHOTOGS: If Coach Lambeau and his Packers don't ever see a photographer again it will be soon enough. Another detail of photogs were on the scene Friday morning when the Bays worked out at Central Park and they were shooting the Bays from every possible angle. One of the slow motion cameras had Arnie Herber going through his paces for about half an hour while snaps were being made of all the Packer players. The papers are carrying a lot of stories of the "Passing Packers" and it looks as if the extra publicity will help swell the crowd at Ebbets field this Sunday. The Bays are praying for a dry field and sunshine so that they can let loose with the much heralded overhead offensive. W.G. Crowell, one of the leading officials in eastern football, has been named by President Joe F. Carr of the National league to referee the Packer-Brooklyn game. Working with Crowell are: B.A. Savage, umpire; Stan Baumgartner of Philadelphia, headlinesman; and John Reardon, field judge. Coach Lambeau is well satisfied with the officials...CROWLEY IS VISITOR: Jimmy Crowley lost little time in welcoming the Packers to New York. Crowley is rated as one of the greatest coaches in the east and his Fordham eleven is given the inside chance for the Rose Bowl game by the Gotham scribes. However Jimmy still wears the same sized hat and he certainly showed that he was glad to see the gridders from his old hometown. Pat Gannon, the Milwaukee Journal correspondent in New York, lost little time in reaching the Victoria after he heard that the Packers arrived in town. Gannon takes the Packers just as seriously as a hometown Bayite and he wants a double victory on the Gotham invasion. The hospital list is clearing up nicely. A couple of days in a good hotel has changed the complexion of things entirely and the Blue Hill coughs and colds are rapidly fading out of the picture. Walt Kiesling has rapidly recovered from his attack of the grippe and he will probably be back in uniform Sunday. The entire squad seems to be all pepped and unless something unexpectedly happens everybody will be "rarin' to go" when the whistle blows Sunday at 2:15 p.m.
NOV 14 (Brooklyn) - The Green Bay Packers haven't been to Brooklyn in over two years, but to Phil Sarboe, the newest Dodger, they are old stuff - in fact, just ordinary football players. "They have a good club," conceded Sarboe today on the eve of tomorrow's game at Ebbets Field, "but I have played against them twice this year and I can't see where they are much better than the Dodgers." Sarboe was with the Chicago Cardinals until $7,500 of Dan Topping's money brought him to the Dodgers two weeks ago. With the Cardinals, Sarboe played against the Packers twice this season and in these games he learned plenty about the team which now rates as one of the best in the NFL...A SCORING DUO: The Packers also learned about Sarboe. They know he can pass almost as well as their two ace heavers - Arnie Herber and Bobby Monnett. This pair of pitchers are chiefly responsible for the 1,016 yards the Packers have gained through the air and also the 12 touchdowns from passes. But in his two appearances against the Packers, Sarboe made his mark as a passer. In the game played Sept. 13, Phil completed two out of six for a gain of 49 yards and in his second encounter with the Packers he completed 5 out of 12 for a gain of 89 yards. Totaling up the figures, Sarboe has completed 7 out of 18 attempts for a gain of 138 yards. "They are tough to pass against because they rush you," recalled Sarboe. "They knocked me down almost every time after I had passes. That's so you will think twice about passing again. But I think the Dodgers have a good chance to beat them. The Dodgers are a much better ball club than their record. Every player in the league will tell you that."...AVERAGES 20 PASSES PER GAME: "The Packers average about 20 passes a game, but if they know you expect them, they try running plays. Passes have helped them win most of their games but you have to watch their running attack, too." If Sarboe continues to pass as well as he has in previous games against the Packers, the Dodgers may turn in one of the biggest upsets of the season. Brooklyn is