(LOS ANGELES) - The Green Bay Packers put away their moleskins today, their post season barnstorming tour ended with a smashing 17 to 14 triumph over the rival Chicago Bears in a bruising battle before 12,000 at Gilmore Stadium. Paul Engebretsen, 238-pound guard from Northwestern, wrote a movie scene finish to the Packer-Bear rivalry when he booted a 35-yard field goal in the last minute of play to break a 14 to 14 tie. Carrying out the general movie theme, it was big Ernie Smith, placekicking duelist with the Bears' star kicker, John Manders, who brought about the setup for Engebretsen's winning placekick. With the ball on the 50-yard line, Manders tried a field goal from his own 42, and bald-headed Ernie crashed through, blocking the kick. The ball rolled back, Smith scooping it up and starting to lumber toward the Bear goal. He was brought down on the 25-yard line and on the next play Engbretsen, from an angle, kicked for three points. A week before Smith's trusty toe twice placed the Bays in the lead, and twice Manders evened the score with field goals.
The game lacked the fistic thrills of the first encounter,
but it was a display of the most super-power football
seen here in many moons. A portion of the receipts was
turned over to the flood relief fund, and an autographed
football was auctioned off between halves. Pat O'Brien
and Eugene Pallett of the movies bought it for $50. The
Packers, with a 14 to 7 lead, held command of the
conflict in the first half, but the furious Bears came with
a rush in the third period to tie the count with a savage
offense that time and again cost the Packers huge
chunks of yardage. Clarke Hinkle, the Packers' great
all-pro fullback, was the most consistent ground gainer
of the day, but his National League rival for honors, 
Bronko Nagurski, was a powerful factor until he went
out of the game with a busted blood vessel in his left
ankle. It was Nagurski primarily who battered the ball
into position for the tying score that followed soon after
he was carried to the hospital.
Green Bay scored in the first few minutes after kicking
off. The Bears were unable to get past their own 24-yard
line, and the Packers rushed Beattie Feathers' punt,
forcing him to kick out of bounds on his own 37. Sauer
passed to Laws on the 29-yard line, and two plays with
Hinkle and Laws rushing the ball to the 10. Completing
a 37-yard drive, Sauer, aided by beautiful blocking,
ripped around his own left end for a touchdown. Smith
added the extra point. The Bears took the kickoff, 
Manders running the ball to his own 45 before three
Packers hauled him down. The Bears made two first
downs, but kicked. Sauer got loose, and was headed 
for a touchdown, but slipped and Sullivan fell on him on the Bears' 22. Hinkle lugged the ball around right end and Feathers knocked him out of bounds on the 11. Laws, on a spinner, reached the goal line and slid over on his stomach for the second touchdown. Smith converted. This ended the Packer scoring until Engebretsen's last-minute field goal, and the Bears were unable to threaten in the first period.
Bernie Masterson, former Nebraska back, came in and passed to Luke Johnsos, great Bear end, for 26 yards. He repeated to the other end, Bill Karr, for 21 yards to the Packer 12. Masterson lost two and Bernard Scherer threw Ray Nolting for another two-yard loss. On the fourth down a pass was knocked down and the Packers took over the ball on their own 16. On a reverse Bob Monnett dropped the ball and Milton Trost recovered for the Bears on the 12. Masterson dropped back to pass, shook loose several Packers, looked vainly for a receiver and finally started around his own left end. He completed the journey for the first Bear touchdown and Manders kicked the extra point. Later in the period Manders intercepted a long pass from Monnett and ran back to the Packer 28, but Sauer grabbed a short heave over the line from Masterson and took the ball on the 20 to end the threat. Both clubs battled up and down the field, Nolting once punting for 80 yards. On the last play of the half, Arnold Herber, his broken nose apparently in good shape, came in for one pass play. It went wild. The Bears started the second half with a rush. Manders took the kickoff three yards behind his goal and ran back to the Bears' 34. He added 12 more off tackle and Brumbaugh made two. Manders passed 28 yards to Johnsos, but Bruder threw Nagurski for a 6-yard loss on the next play. Corbett's short pass to Nagurski brought the ball to the Packer 8, and Bronko went out of the game with an injured ankle. On the next play Manders took a short pass back of the line and scampered over the goal line, adding the extra point to tie the score.
After exchanging punts, Monnett intercepted a pass over the line from Corbett and was downed on the Bears' 27. It looked good for the Packers, but on the next play Joe Stydahar, continuing his slashing defense of the week before, broke through and tossed Monnett for a loss of 16 yards. Monnett dropped back to pass and again the Bears crashed through, spilling him for a 12-yard loss. Monnett brought the ball back into Bear territory with a 12-yard pass to Laws, but had to kick on the next signal. Laws went out of the game with injuries. The quarter ended with neither side able to get into scoring range again. Herber, minus his nose mask, came back into the game. Paul Miller, Packer back, took Nolting's punt and ran it back 57 yards to the Bear 18. Herber's pass to Miller was short, but Miller made four yards around left end. Hinkle, on a reverse, from Herber, caught the Bears expecting a pass and barged to the Bears' 5-yard line. He added one more over center. Clemens on a reverse lost one, and the Bears were penalized half the distance to the goal for being offside. Hinkle made half a yard but on the fourth down a line smash failed by a yard to make first down and the Bears took over the ball.
They punted, and the Packers took the ball on the Chicago 36. Herber tried two passes to Miller and one to Bruder, all incomplete, and Schwammel stepped back to try his toe at a field goal. It was short and a trifle wide. Pug Rentner, who was keeping Don Hutson well covered on pass defense, made nine yards and Nolting slashed off 19 to the Bears' 48. Green Bay held and a series of punt exchanges followed. With Green Bay holding the ball, Nolting intercepted a long pass by Herber and was run out of bounds on his own 27. Nolting ran to the Packer 49 before Herber brought him down, but lost one on the next try. Two passes were incomplete and Manders tried his field goal that started the end for the Bears' hopes. Smith blocked the try and recovered the ball, running to the Bears' 25 and Engebretsen's kick followed.
GREEN BAY -  14   0   0   3 - 17
CHICAGO   -   0   7   7   0 - 14
1st - GB - George Sauer, 10-yard run (Ernie Smith kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - GB - Joe Laws, 11-yard run (E. Smith kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
2nd - CHI - Bernie Masterson, 12-yard run (Jack Manders kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
3rd - CHI - Manders, 8-yard run (Manders kick) TIED 14-14
4th - GB - Tiny Engebretsen, 35-yard field goal GREEN BAY 17-14

FEB 1 (Hollywood) - All the Packers are happy to have wound up the post-season trip with a victory over the Chicago Bears. The team is in fair shape, except for a possible broken bone in Joe Laws' foot, a shoulder injury to Wayland Becker and a cut hand for George Svendsen. Dr. Paul Fitzgibbons, former Packers, was on the bench and gave first aid to the boys before turning them over to the insurance company doctors...NOSE IS UNHURT: Arnold Herber played the last quarter without injuring his nose further, while Buckets Goldenberg, Walter Kiesling and Champ Seibold were unable to play. The boys are glad the playing season is over and are willing to call it quits until the All-Star game. Clarke Hinkle played another great game. In fact, Green Bay should never forget this boy for his great work during the regular league season and in the post-season games. When Sauer went over for the first touchdown, Hinkle blocked two men, which was one of the finest exhibitions of blocking ever witnessed. His unselfishness and will to win has helped us on this trip. Sauer also played good ball, along with Engebretsen, Gordon and Schwammel...GOES TO WORK: The team will start work on its movie Tuesday morning. Pete Smith of M-G-M was ticked when the Packers won. He likes the boys, with Hinkle his favorite. Ten percent of the
EXHIBITION: Green Bay Packers 17, Chicago Bears 14
Sunday January 31st 1937 (at Los Angeles)
gross gate was donated to flood relief. The promoters stood 5 percent, and each team stood 2 1/2 percent of this donation. Although we experienced tough weather on game days this winter, the boys should split approximately $650 on the trip.