Frank Balazs         35   B 6- 2 215            Iowa  1  1 21  5 1939 Draft - 18th round
John Biolo           32   G 5-10 191     Lake Forest  1  1 23  1
John Brennan         37   G 6- 1 204        Michigan  1  1 26  3
Charley Brock        29   C 6- 1 195        Nebraska  1  1 23 10 1939 Draft - 3rd round
Hank Bruder           5   B 6- 0 200    Northwestern  9  9 31 10
Larry Buhler         52   B 6- 2 204       Minnesota  1  1 22  3 1939 Draft - 1st round
Larry Craig          54   E 6- 0 205     S. Carolina  1  1 23 11 1939 Draft - 6th round
Tiny Engebretsen     34   G 6- 1 240    Northwestern  6  8 29 11 FA - Brooklyn (1934)
Milt Gantenbein      22   E 6- 0 195       Wisconsin  9  9 29 11
Buckets Goldenberg   43   G 5-10 222       Wisconsin  7  7 27  9
Tom Greenfield       56   C 6- 4 209         Arizona  1  1 21  8 1939 Draft - 15th round
Arnie Herber         38   B 5-11 200           Regis 10 10 29 10
Clarke Hinkle        30  FB 5-11 195        Bucknell  8  8 30 11
Don Hutson           14   E 6- 1 185         Alabama  5  5 26 11
Cecil Isbell         17   B 6- 1 190          Purdue  2  2 24 11 1938 Draft - 1st round
Harry Jacunski       48   E 6- 2 197         Fordham  1  1 23 
Ed Jankowski          7   B 5-10 195       Wisconsin  3  3 26 11 1937 Draft - 1st round
Paul Kell            41   T 6- 2 217      Notre Dame  1  1 24 10
Warren Kilbourne     58   T 6- 2 217       Minnesota  1  1 23  4
Jim Lawrence         51   B 5-10 190             TCU  1  4 24  5 FA - Chi Cards (1939)
Joe Laws             24   B 5- 9 185            Iowa  6  6 28 11
Bill Lee             40   T 6- 3 225         Alabama  3  5 27 11 FA - Brooklyn (1937)
Russ Letlow          46   G 6- 0 212   San Francisco  4  4 25 11 1936 Draft - 1st round
Allen Moore          55   E 6- 2 218       Texas A&M  1  1 30  5
Carl Mulleneaux      19   E 6- 4 206         Utah St  2  2 22 11
Baby Ray             44   T 6- 6 240      Vanderbilt  2  2 23 11
Herm Schneidman      51   B 5-10 200            Iowa  5  5 25  1
Charles Schultz      60   T 6- 3 230       Minnesota  1  1 22 10 1939 Draft - 20th round
Ernie Smith          45   T 6- 2 220             USC  4  4 29  6
Frank Steen          36   E 6- 1 190            Rice  1  1 25  3
Earl Svendsen        53   C 6- 1 185       Minnesota  2  2 24 10 1937 Draft - 4th round
Clarence Thompson    50   B 5-11 170       Minnesota  1  3 24  2 FA - Pittsburgh (1938)
Pete Tinsley         21   G 5- 8 205         Georgia  2  2 26 10 1938 Draft - 9th round
Francis Twedell      62   G 5-11 220       Minnesota  1  1 22 
Andy Uram            42   B 5-10 187       Minnesota  2  2 24 11 1938 Draft - 4th round
Dick Weisberger      33   B 5-10 205     Williamette  2  2 24  4
Gus Zarnas           63   G 5-10 225      Ohio State  1  2 25    FA - Brooklyn (1939)
Dick Zoll            57   G 6- 1 223         Indiana  1  3 25  1 FA - Cleveland (1938)
NO - Jersey Number POS - Position HGT - Height WGT - Weight YR - Years with Packers PR - Years of Professional Football AGE - Age at Start of Season G - Games  Played
1939 PACKERS DRAFT (December 9, 1938)
1     9 Larry Buhler         B Minnesota
2       No choice
3    24 Charley Brock        C Nebraska
5    39 Lynn Hovland         G Wisconsin
6    49 Larry Craig          E South Carolina
7    59 Francis Twedell      T Minnesota
8    69 Paul Kell            T Notre Dame
9    79 John Hall            B Texas Christian
10   89 Vince Gavre          B Wisconsin 
11   99 Charley Sprague      E Southern Methodist
12  109 Traded to Brooklyn Dodgers
13  119 Dan Elmer            C Minnesota 
14  129 Bill Badgett         T Georgia 
15  139 Tom Greenfield       C Arizona 
16  149 Roy Bellin           B Wisconsin 
17  159 John Yerby           E Oregon 
18  169 Frank Balazs         B Iowa 
19  179 John Brennan         G Michigan 
20  189 Charles Schultz      T Minnesota 
21  194 Willard Hofer        B Notre Dame 
22  199 Bill Gunther         B Santa Clara 
BOLD ITALICS - Played for the Packers
Hutson in the title game versus New York
Joe Laws
Pro Bowl Program
Packers Alternate Uniform
In the middle of a game with the Lions, Curly Lambeau made a switch which added a few years to Don Hutson's career. Lambeau assigned rookie Larry Craig, a 205-pound bruiser, to play blocking back on offense and end on defense, freeing Hutson to use his speed at safety. His new secondary post spared Hutson the pounding of defensive line play, and left him more energy for his pass-catching on offense. Passes from Cecil Isbell and Arnie Herber kept Hutson busy, while the running corps gained enough yards to make the Packers the top offensive team in the NFL. The foundation for the attack was a solid line featuring guards Russ Letlow and Buckets Goldenberg, all of which combined to give Green Bay a return trip to the championship game.
(SOURCE: Wikipedia) The Pennsylvania Keystoners was the idea thought up by then-Pittsburgh Pirates owner, Art Rooney, in 1939 to have a single NFL franchise based in both Pittsburgh
and Philadelphia. The team would play half of its home games in each location. The idea for the Keystoners still exists with the most convoluted in sports history. During their early histories,
the Pirates and the Eagles were among the weakest in the league. In his first eight years of operating the Pittsburgh franchise, Pirates founder Art Rooney was estimated to have lost
$100,000. Neither the Eagles nor the Pirates-Steelers had posted a winning record in their first eight years of existence. Losses on the field were compounded by the combined loss of
about $190,000 in Depression dollars.  The Steelers were so bad that Rooney sold them at the end of the, 1940 season to Alexis Thompson, a 26-year-old steel heir from Boston.
Thompson renamed the Steelers the Ironmen, but he planned to move the franchise to Boston and play games in Fenway Park. Eagles owner Bert Bell brokered the deal, which also
involved the trade of 11 Steelers to the Eagles and eight Eagles to the Steelers. Meanwhile, the Eagles were owned by a syndicate headed by Bell, however the team lost $80,000 and 21
games in its first three seasons. Soon all of the team's investors left the franchise, and by the end of the 1935 season Bell had the Eagles to himself. Rooney and Bell had become close
friends, and soon after he sold the Pittsburgh franchise, Rooney bought a half interest in the struggling Eagles operation. The two owners planned was to field a combined Philadelphia-
Pittsburgh team called the Keystoners that would play home games in both cities. The original proposition was that Thompson would buy the franchise and take the Pittsburgh club to
Boston and Bell and Rooney would pool their interests in the Eagles to form a Philadelphia-Pittsburgh club, splitting the home games between Forbes Field in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia's
Municipal Stadium. The Pittsburgh Pirates were supposed renamed the Boston Iron Men, however Thompson's move to Boston fell through. The Rooney/Bell idea to have one franchise with
games in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh was vetoed by the league as well. However Rooney had second thoughts about leaving Pittsburgh for Philadlephia, he caught Thompson at the right
time and the two men changed their plans. As a result, Rooney and Bell would take their Philadelphia operation back to Pittsburgh and rename it the Steelers while Thompson, could
move Rooney's original franchise to Philadelphia and play as the Eagles.
AUGUST (1-0-1)
25 G-PITTSBURGH PIRATES (Game 1)         T  7- 7    0-0-1    9,416
25 G-PITTSBURGH PIRATES (Game 2)         W 17- 0    1-0-1         
4  SW College All-Stars (at Dallas)      W 31-20    2-0-1         
17 G-CHICAGO CARDINALS (0-1-0)           W 14-10    1-0-0   11,792
24 G-CHICAGO BEARS (1-0-0)               W 21-16    2-0-0   19,192
1  G-CLEVELAND RAMS (0-2-0)              L 24-27    2-1-0    9,988
8  M-CHICAGO CARDINALS (1-3-0)           W 27-20    3-1-0   18,965
15 X-at St. Louis Gunners                W 31- 0            11,000
22 G-DETROIT LIONS (4-0-0)               W 26- 7    4-1-0   22,558
(GREEN BAY) - Smothering the tiring Pittsburgh Pirates' offense, the Packers won the second game of last night's practice double-header, 17-0, after the two teams tied, 7-7, in the opener. Two long passes by Cecil Isbell started the Packers on their winning jaunt in the second game. The first, to Carl Mulleneaux, picked up 50 yards, and the second, to Don Hutson, added 13 yards and a touchdown. Clark Hinkle booted a 29-yard field goal just before the first half ended. In the final period, Joe Laws and Hinkle led a drive from the 50-yard line, Hinkle going over from the four. The Packers completed a fourth-down pass in the last minute to tie the first game. Arnie Herber tossing 19 yards to Mulleneaux for the score. The Pirates scored earlier on a 60-yard drive.
PITTSBURGH -  7  0  0  0 -  7
GREEN BAY  -  0  0  0  7 -  7
1st - PITT - Sam Francis run (Francis kick) PITTSBURGH 7-0
4th - GB - Mulleneaux, 19-yard pass from Herber (Engebretsen kick) TIED 7-7
PITTSBURGH -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY  -  0 10  0  7 - 17
2nd - GB - Hutson, 13-yard pass from Isbell (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Hinkle, 29-yard field goal GREEN BAY 10-0
4th - GB - Hinkle, 4-yard run (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 17-0
August 25: Green Bay (0-0-1) 7, Pittsburgh 7 (T)
Green Bay (1-0-1) 17, Pittsburgh 0
29 M-WASHINGTON REDSKINS (4-0-1)         W 24-14    5-1-0   24,308
5  at Chicago Bears (4-3-0)              L 27-30    5-2-0   40,537
12 at Philadelphia Eagles (0-5-1)        W 23-16    6-2-0   23,862
19 at Brooklyn Dodgers (4-4-1)           W 28- 0    7-2-0   19,843
26 at Cleveland Rams (4-4-1)             W  7- 6    8-2-0   30,691
3  at Detroit Lions (6-4-0)              W 12- 7    9-2-0   30,699
10 M-NEW YORK GIANTS (9-1-1)             W 27- 0            32,279
14 NFL All-Stars (at Los Angeles)        W 16- 7            18,000
September 4: Green Bay (2-0-1) 31, SW College All-Stars 20
(DALLAS) - The Green Bay Packers fought off a last quarter rally by the Texas All-Stars to win last night's exhibition football game, 31-20. The Packers crossed the All-Stars' goal four times in the first half and added a field goal by Tiny Engebretsen to hold a halftime lead of 31-6. In the final period, Davey O'Brien threw two touchdown passes, to Dewell and Todd, to cut down the Packers' margin. O'Brien made two conversions. While the Bay backs charged efficiently, the forwards of Arnie Herber and Isbell were most effective. In the first two periods the Packers turned loose Hinkle, who left college boys prone every few paces on his plunges; Herber and Isbell, two fine passers, kickers and runners, and Hutson, an end who could catch footballs in a tea kettle.
GREEN BAY - 10 21  0  0 - 31
ALL-STARS -  0  6  0 14 - 20
1st - GB - Hinkle, 22-yard run (Kick good) GREEN BAY 7-0 
1st - GB - Engebretsen, 16-yard field goal GREEN BAY 10-0
2nd - GB - Hutson, 17-yard pass from Herber (Kick good) GREEN BAY 17-0
2nd - GB - Jankowski, 1-yard run (Kick good) GREEN BAY 24-0
2nd - GB - Laws, 3-yard run (Kick good) GREEN BAY 31-0
2nd - AS - Pete Fay, 13-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 31-6
4th - AS - Dewell, 12-yard pass from Davey O'Brien (O'Brien kick) GB 31-13
4th - AS - Todd pass from O'Brien (O'Brien kick) GREEN BAY 31-20
September 17: Green Bay (1-0) 14, Chicago Cardinals (0-1) 10
State Fair Park in Milwaukee - Site of the 1939 Championship Game
(GREEN BAY) - A second quarter aerial attack that brought one touchdown and paved the way to a second gave Green Bay a 14 to 10 victory over the Chicago Cardinals in the opening National Professional Football league game here Sunday. The Packers had the edge in the early periods but the Cardinals had the Bays on their heels throughout most of the second half by playing more aggressive football than the Wisconsin squad. A 26-yard pass from Arnold Herber, Bay veteran, to Carl Mulleneaux, an end, gave the Packers six points early in the second period. Engebretsen added the extra point from placement. A few minutes later the Packers scored again after a pass from Herber to Don Hutson, fleet Packer end, put the ball on the five-yard line. Eddie Jankowski, former Wisconsin fullback, smashed to the one-yard line on his first crack and went over for the marker on his second. Engebretsen again converted. A Packer fumble, recovered by Thomas, Cardinal guard, on the Bay 30, set up the Cardinals' touchdown drive in the third quarter. A pass from Coley McDonough, halfback, to Bill Smith, an end, carried the ball to the four-yard line. Agee lugged the ball across on two tries and Bill Smith converted from placement for an extra point. The Cardinals broke into the scoring column again in the fourth period when Smith kicked a 39-yard field goal. Neither side threatened after that point, although the last play of the game brought the crowd of 12,000 to its feet. Crowder of the Cardinals broke loose and galloped 45 yards to the Packer 45 before Herber knocked him out of bounds. The Packers made 12 first downs, Chicago 11. Green Bay gained 268 yards from scrimmage to 182 for the Chicagoans. The Packers completed eight of 19 passes and had. one intercepted. The Cardinals completed three of nine and had three intercepted.
CHI CARDS -  0  0  7  3 - 10
GREEN BAY -  0 14  0  0 - 14
2nd - GB - Mulleneaux, 26-yard pass from Herber (Engebretsen kick) GB 7-0
2nd - GB - Jankowski, 2-yard run (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
3rd - CHI - Sam Agee, 2-yard run (Bill Smith kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
4th - CHI - Smith, 39-yard field goal GREEN BAY 14-10
September 24: Green Bay (2-0) 21, Chicago Bears (1-1) 16
(GREEN BAY) - Confining all their scoring to an explosive third period rally, the Green Bay Packers celebrated a renewal of the National Professional Football league's oldest rivalry yesterday by defeating the
Chicago Bears, 21 to 16, before 19,200 fans. After the Bears gained a 13 to 0 lead in the first half, the Packers coordinated their offensive to overcome the deficit and establish themselves as a favorite to capture the Western division title. Green Bay set off its winning rally with a 71-yard drive after i the third period kickoff, Cecil Isbell going the last 11 yards through right tackle for the touchdown. Then the Packers took advantage of two breaks. The first came when Milt Gantenbein snatched up a fumble by Fullback Joe Maniaci of the Bears on Chicago's 11-yard line. Three plays brought the ball to the 1-yard marker where Clark Hinkle carried it across for the second score. A few plays later Dick Schwiedler of the Bears dropped Hinkle's punt on the Chicago 15, the ball rolling across the goal line where Tom Greenfield, substitute Packer center, fell on it for the final Green Bay tally. Tiny Engebretsen, veteran Packer guard, made all three conversions from placement. Jack Manders put the Bears back in the running with a 38-yard field goal on the first play of the last period. From that point on, however, Green Bay played sparkling defensive ball to hold the Bruins beyond midfield. Both Chicago touchdowns came in the second quarter. After a series of passes from Bernie Masterson moved the ball to the Packer 16, Bill Osmanski skirted his left end for the first marker with Manders adding the extra point. The Bears scored again a minute later after Dick Plasman blocked Arnie Herber's punt and the ball went out of bounds on the Packer 7. On the next play Masterson took it across. The victory brought the score in the Packer-Bears series, which dates back to 1921, to 18 wins for Green Bay compared to 19 for Chicago, with four games tied. Green Bay outplayed the Chicagoans in every department of the game except in the air where the Bears gained 107 yards to Green Bay's 99 The Packers completed nine of 25 passes while Chicago made good on 6 out of 35 tries. Coach Curly Lambeau's gridders rolled up 16 first downs to 10 for the Bears and outgained the visitors in total yardage, 272 to 214. The Green Bay offensive netted 173 yards from scrimmage while Chicago gained 99. Sid Luckman. Columbia's star passer, making his first appearance with the Bears, attempted three passes but completed none.
CHI BEARS -  0 13  0  3 - 16
GREEN BAY -  0  0 21  0 - 21
2nd - CHI - Bill Osmanski, 16-yard run (Jack Manders kick) CHICAGO BEARS 7-0
2nd - CHI - Bernie Masterson, 7-yard run (Kick failed) CHICAGO BEARS 13-0
3rd - GB - Isbell, 11-yard run (Engebretsen kick) CHICAGO BEARS 13-7
3rd - GB - Hinkle, 1-yard run (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 14-13
3rd - GB - Greenfield, recovered fumble in the end zone (Engebretsen kick) GB 21-13
4th - CHI - Manders, 35-yard field goal GREEN BAY 21-16
October 1: Cleveland (1-2) 27, Green Bay (2-1) 24
(GREEN BAY) - Dutch Clark's Cleveland Rams stunned the Green Bay Packers with a last-quarter passing attack yesterday and won an upset victory, 27 to 24, in a National Football league game before 9,988 fans.
After trailing all the way, the Rarns counted twice in the fourth period to blast the Packers' 24-14 lead. The first period, a punting duel between Arnie Herber of Green Bay and Parker Hall of Cleveland, preceded a Packer score when Clark Hinkle sent home a field goal from the 31-yard line to give Green Bay a 3 to 0 lead. Late in the first period Larry Craig of the Bays recovered a fumble by Gaylon Smith of Cleveland on the Rams' 15-yard line, and five plays later (into the second period) Joe Laws skirted left end for five yards and the Bay's first touchdown. Paul Engebretsen kicked the extra point to make it 10 to 0. Cleveland struck back just before the half ended. George Wilson, an end, intercepted Herber's forward pass on the Packer 28. Four plays later, with the ball on the 10-yard line, Parker Hall's forward was grabbed in the end zone by Jim Benton, former Arkansas end, for a touchdown. Ray Adams kicked the point to make the score 10-7 for Green Bay. A dazzling air attack with Herber pitching enabled the Packers to march 68 yards for a touchdown after taking the second half kickoff. Eddie Jankowski, Green Bay fullback, went over from the four and Don Hutson kicked the extra point, giving Green Bay a 17-7 advantage. Again the Rams struck back. Hall ran from the Bay 18 for a touchdown on a play that started as a pass after Vic Spadaccini had intercepted a Herber forward in Bay territory. Adams again kicked the point and it was 17-14. A 46-yard gain on a Herber-Hutson forward placed the Packers in scoring position again, Herber crossing from the 14 and Engebretsen adding the point. The score was 24-14. Late in the third quarter the
Rams launched a new drive. A pass, Hall to Spadacinni, put the ball on the five, and in the next period Johnny Drake went over from the two. When Spadaccini missed the point kick, it was 24-20 for the Bays. Cleveland took the lead on a series which begin when Hall intercepted a pass to Milt Gantenbein, ran 18 and then lateraled to Smith, who was downed on the Bay 36. A lateral and a forward but the ball on the 8. Hall passed to Spadaccini on the four. Smith went around the Packer right flank, from the two-yard line, and when Adams added the point the Rams called it a day.
CLEVELAND -  0  7  7 13 - 27
GREEN BAY -  3  7 14  0 - 24
1st - GB - Hinkle, 31-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
2nd - GB - Laws, 1-yard run (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 10-0
2nd - CLE - Jim Benton, 11-yard pass from Parker Hall (Chet Adams kick) GB 10-7
3rd - GB - Jankowski, 6-yard run (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 17-7
3rd - CLE - Hall, 18-yard run (Adams kick) GREEN BAY 17-14
3rd - GB - Herber run (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 24-14
4th - CLE - Johnny Drake, 5-yard run (Adams kick) GREEN BAY 24-21
4th - CLE - Gaylon Smith, 5-yard run (Kick failed) CLEVELAND 27-24
October 8: Green Bay (3-1) 27, Chicago Cardinals (1-4) 20
(MILWAUKEE) - For the first two periods and through most of the third quarter, it was all Packers. They passed and ran through the Chicago defense almost at will, piling up a 21 to 0 lead. Don Hutson scored the longest touchdown of his career - 92 yards. Andy Uram set a Packer record with a 97-yard touchdown run in the third quarter. His record would stand for 64 years. Then the tide turned. The Cardinals found a glaring weakness of the Packers—pass defense—and immediately started to capitalize on it. Frank Patrick started heaving the ball to Bill Smith.Twice, late in the third period, they combined to go deep into Packer territory, only to be thwarted. The Cardinals pushed across three touchdowns and came very close to knotting the score. Green Bay managed to rally and score again, however, and saved the game. Packer FB Clarke Hinkle was ejected from the game because he and Cardinal DT Al Barbartsky, got in a battle that threatened to turn into a free-for-all.
CHI CARDS -  0  0  0 20 - 20
GREEN BAY -  7  7  7  6 - 27
1st - GB - Hutson, 92-yard pass from Herber (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Hinkle, 1-yard run (Hinkle kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
3rd - GB - Uram, 97-yard run (Hinkle kick) GREEN BAY 21-0
4th - CHI - Bill Smith, 60-yard pass from Frank Patrick (Bill Smith kick) GB 21-7
4th - CHI - Smith, 25-yard pass from Jack Robbins (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 21-14
4th - GB - Hutson pass from Herber (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 27-14
4th - CHI - Marshall Goldberg, 6-yard pass from Robbins (Kick failed) GB 27-20
October 22: Green Bay (4-1) 26, Detroit (4-1) 7
(GREEN BAY) - Green Bay's Packers moved into a tie for the leadership of the western division of the national professional football league Sunday with a 26 to 7 victory over the Detroit Lions before a crowd of 22,559, largest of the season. A consistently superior brand of football enabled the Packers to chalk up their best game of the season against the Lions. They dominated play after the first quarter, scoring 17 points in the second period and tapering off with nine more in the final quarter. Don Hutson, sparkling end from Alabama, racked up two of Green Bay's touchdowns on passes, Andy Uram scored a third in the same fashion, Tiny Engebretsen kicked a field goal and End Carl Mulleneaux knocked down a Detroit pass in the Lions' end zone for an automatic safety. These plays accounted for 27 points. Halfback Bill Shepherd wriggled out of the line early, in the first quarter and streaked 58 yards for Detroit's only touchdown. His run apparently provided the Packers with the spark they needed for immediately after the start of the second period they began their scoring parade. Green Bay rolled up 12 first downs to Detroit's 8, but was outgained on the ground 124 yards to 151 for the Lions.
DETROIT   -  7  0  0  0 -  7
GREEN BAY -  0 17  0  9 - 26
1st - DET - Bill Shepherd, 58-yard run (Chuck Hanneman kick) DETROIT 7-0
2nd - GB - Uram pass from Herber (Engebretsen kick) TIED 7-7
2nd - GB - Engebretsen, 34-yard field goal GREEN BAY 10-7
2nd - GB - Hutson, 60-yard pass from Herber (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 17-7
4th - GB - Hutson, 51-yard pass from Isbell (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 24-7
4th - GB - Safety, Darrell Tully pass blocked in end zone by Mulleneaux GB 26-7
October 29: Green Bay (5-1) 24, Washington (4-1-1) 14
(MILWAUKEE) - The Green Bay Packers definitely were tabbed today as the team to beat for the western division title In the National Football league. For the second successive time the Packers look over the role of giant-killers yesterday, knocking over one of the nation's undefeated and untied teams when they whipped the Washington Redskins, 24 to 14, before a crowd of 25,000 at State Fair park—a record pro football throng for Wisconsin. A week ago the Packers trounced the Detroit Lions, also undefeated before they came to Wisconsin. Now the Packers are tied with the Lions for first place In the western division. A combination of excellent running plays, smart defensive work against passes and Green Bay's vaunted overhead game paid dividends against the Washington eleven. There wasn't a great deal of difference in the total yardage gained by the two teams. In fact, Washington had the better of it in this department—311 yards to 262 for the Bays. A breakdown showed Green Bay completed 8 of 15 passes for 93 yards and gained 169 yards on running plays while Washington gained 120 yards on running plays and 191 on 
EXHIBITION - October 15: Green Bay 31, St. Louis 0
(ST. LOUIS) - Using a lineup well sprinkled with reserves, the Green Bay Packers of the National Professional football league scored an easy 31 to 0 triumph over the St. Louis Gunners yesterday before a crowd of 11,000 in an exhibition game. The Green Bay regulars scored only one of the touchdowns, but that one was a sensation featuring the famous Herber-to-Hutson pass combination. Midway through the second period Don Hutson, end who plays halfback on defense, intercepted a Tommy Thompson pass on his own 18-yard line and returned it to the 21. Two plays later he sprinted down the field as Arnie Herber faded back 15 yards and pitched a high spiral, Hutson passed the Gunner safety man and after Herber's toss carried 70 yards through the air, Don grabbed it on the five-yard line, babied it a bit on his fingertips, then clutched it as he stumbled into the end zone. Before the regulars took over for a brief time in the second quarter, the reserves had counted one touchdown, by Eddie Jankowski on a plunge. Jankowski also carried the third touchdown over the goal The fourth and final touchdown came on a pass from Jimmy Lawrence to Joe Laws. One of the touchdowns was set up when Charley Brock, Nebraska's great center a year ago, intercepted a pass on the Gunners 40 and carried the ball to the 12-yard line. Ernie Smith kicked two extra points and booted a 21-yard field goal shortly before the end of the game, after a steady drive by Andy Uram, George Balazs and Lawrence in scoring territory.
GREEN BAY - 0 14  7 10 - 31
ST. LOUIS - 0  0  0  0 -  0
Green Bay scoring: Touchdowns, Jankowski (sub for Buhler) 2, Hutson (sub for Jacunski), Laws. Field goal, Smith. Points from try after touchdown, Engebretsen (sub for Moore), Hutson, Smith 2 (placements).
November 5: Chicago Bears (5-3) 30, Green Bay (5-2) 27
(CHICAGO) - The Bears, coming from behind four times, rolled over Green Bay, with a devastating running and passing attack in a thrilling see-saw battle. Midway through the fourth quarter, the Packers were trailing, 23-20, when the reliable combination of Arnie Herber to Don Hutson produced a 20-yard touchdown pass. Chicago then launched an aerial offense in the rapidly gathering dusk of Wrigley Field. Sid Luckman tossed to Ed Manske for 18 yards and then pitched a long overhead to Bob MacLeod which gained 45 yards and put the ball on the Packers' 10-yard line. Bill Osmanski swept around the right end for seven yards. Then he went left for the touchdown. Jack Manders added the point after, and the Packers found themselves a game behind the Lions.
GREEN BAY - 13  7  0  7 - 27
CHI BEARS -  7 10  6  7 - 30
1st - GB - Laws, 72-yard punt return (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - CHI - Bob Swisher, 57-yard run (Jack Manders kick) TIED 7-7
1st - GB - Gantenbein, 32-yard pass from Isbell (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 13-7
2nd - CHI - Bill Osmanski, 19-yd pass fr Sid Luckman (Manders kick) BEARS 14-13
2nd - CHI - Bob Snyder, 27-yard field goal CHICAGO BEARS 17-13
2nd - GB - Jankowski, 29-yard pass from Isbell (Engebretsen kick) GB 20-17
3rd - CHI - Dick Plasman, 8-yd pass fr Bernie Masterson (Kick failed) BEARS 23-20
4th - GB - Hutson, 20-yard pass from Herber (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 27-23
4th - CHI - Osmanski, 3-yard run (Manders kick) CHICAGO BEARS 30-27
November 12: Green Bay (6-2) 23, Philadelphia (0-6-1) 17
(PHILADELPHIA) - Rebounding from a three-point defeat at the hands of the Chicago Bears, Green Bay overpowered winless Philadelphia. The Packers' running attack offset Davey O'Brien's passing that netted the Eagles 189 yards on 19 completed passes. The former TCU star's passes and runs accounted for most of the Eagles' 14 first downs and their aggregate of 243 yards on the ground and in the air. The Packers matched the Eagles' 14 first downs and gained 177 yards by rushing to the Eagles' 54. The winners' aerial attack netted them 73 yards.
GREEN BAY    -  7  6  7  3 - 23
PHILADELPHIA -  3  0  7  6 - 17
1st - PHIL - Fran Murray, 21-yard field goal PHILADELPHIA 3-0
1st - GB - Andy Uram, 20-yard pass from Arnie Herber (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 7-3
2nd - GB - Charley Brock, 42-yard interception return (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 13-3
3rd - PHIL - Chuck Newton, 23-yard pass from Davey O'Brien (Murray kick) GREEN BAY 13-10
3rd - GB - Clarke Hinkle, 9-yard run (Ernie Smith kick) GREEN BAY 20-10
4th - GB - Engebretsen, 27-yard field goal GREEN BAY 23-10
4th - PHIL - Joe Bukant, 3-yard run (Murray kick) GREEN BAY 23-17
November 19: Green Bay (7-2) 28, Brooklyn (4-5-1) 0
(BROOKLYN) - Green Bay took over undisputed possession of the Western Division lead by shutting out the Dodgers in Brooklyn. The game was just four minutes old when Arnie Herber shot a pass to Don Hutson, waiting unmolested on the Packers' 45, and he scooted across the goal line. Six minutes later the Packers scored again with equal suddenness. Brooklyn had driven back with the kickoff to its own 43, only to have Ralph Kercheval fumble on a reverse. Bud Svendsen gobbled up the ball on the 37 and ran it in for the score. In the second period, the Packers paraded 55 yards for their third touchdown with Cecil Isbell passing and Clark Hinkle running. When they reached the Brooklyn 19, Isbell passed to Harry Jacunski on the three and he leaped across the goal line to put the game away.
GREEN BAY - 14  7  7  0 - 28
BROOKLYN  -  0  0  0  0 -  0
1st - GB - Hutson, 69-yard pass from Herber (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - GB - Svendsen, 37-yard fumble recovery (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
2nd - GB - Jacunski, 19-yard pass from Isbell (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 21-0
3rd - GB - Isbell, 1-yard run (Isbell kick) GREEN BAY 28-0
November 26: Green Bay (8-2) 7, Cleveland (4-5-1) 6
(CLEVELAND) - The Packers scored a touchdown in the closing minutes to nullify Parker Hall's record-breaking passing and edged the Cleveland Rams. A perfect place kick for the extra point by Paul Engebretsen gave the Packers the decision that assured them of a tie for the Western Division title. Green Bay led Chicago, who had completed their schedule, by one-half game and needed only a victory over the Lions next week to take the championship. Hall almost upset the favored Packers as he connected on 14 passes to run his season strong to 90 cracking the league record of 81, set by Washington's Sammy Baugh in 1937. Hall flipped Cleveland's touchdown pass, an 18-yard toss to Jim Benton, early in the third quarter. Vic Spadaccini's try for the extra point was low. The Packers threatened consistently throughout the second half with their powerful running game, but finally had to turn to the air for the winning touchdown. It came on Cecil Isbell's 18-yard toss to Joe Laws.
GREEN BAY -  0  0  0  7 -  7
CLEVELAND -  0  0  6  0 -  6
3rd - CLE - Jim Benton, 18-yard pass from Parker Hall (Kick failed) CLEVELAND 6-0
4th - GB - Laws, 18-yard pass from Isbell (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 7-6
December 3: Green Bay (9-2) 12, Detroit (6-5) 7
(DETROIT) - Looking to clinch the Western Division title outright, Green Bay trailed until the fourth period, before Clark Hinkle smashed over for the winning touchdown. The Packers got their first five points on a field goal by Tiny Engebretsen in the second period and a safety in the third. The Lions barely missed two field goal efforts by Paul Martinovich in the first two periods, then managed to score in the second period when Dwight Sloan romped 15 yards for a touchdown from a spread formation.
GREEN BAY -  0  3  2  7 - 12
DETROIT   -  0  7  0  0 -  7
2nd - GB - Engebretsen, 16-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
2nd - DET - Dwight Sloan, 15-yard run (Chuck Hanneman kick) DETROIT 7-3
3rd - GB - Safety, punt blocked out of the end zone DETROIT 7-5
4th - GB - Hinkle, 1-yard run (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 12-7
passes. However, the Redskins tried 28 tosses and completed only 1, while Green Bay's performance was 
far more accurate. The big difference came in passes intercepted. The Packers had only two of their tosses pulled down by Redskin defenders, but the Packers intercepted six Washington tosses and ran them back 98 yards.
WASHINGTON -  0  7  0  7 - 14
GREEN BAY  -  7 10  0  7 - 24
1st - GB - Hinkle, 2-yard run (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Bruder, 9-yard pass from Isbell (Isbell kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
2nd - WASH - Andy Farkas, 7-yard run (Bo Russell kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
2nd - GB - Engebretsen, 15-yard field goal GREEN BAY 17-7
4th - GB - Laws, 3-yard run (Isbell kick) GREEN BAY 24-7
4th - WASH - Dick Todd, 59-yard pass from Frank Filchock (Russell kick) GB 24-14
(Milwaukee) -The Packers made playoff history by scoring the first shutout ever registered in an NFL championship game. Despite bitter 35 m.p.h. winds, both Arnie Herber and Cecil Isbell passed for touchdowns in leading Green Bay to its fifth world championship before 32,279 fans. Green Bay mounted a 7-0 halftime lead, by dint of a Herber scoring strike to Milt Gantenbein, as the Giants missed on three field goal attempts. The Packers pulled away in the third quarter on a 29-yard field goal by Paul (Tiny) Engebretsen and a long TD pass from Isbell to Joe Laws, set up by Laws' 30-yard punt return. The Packers added 10 more points in the fourth quarter on a 42-yard field goal by Ernie Smith and a short scoring run by fullback Eddie Jankowski. Green Bay intercepted the Giants six times and held them to only 164 total yards.
NEW YORK  -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY -  7  0 10 10 - 27
1st - GB - Gantenbein, 7-yard pass from Herber (Gantenbein kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
3rd - GB - Engebretsen, 29-yard field goal GREEN BAY 10-0
3rd - GB - Laws, 31-yard pass from Isbell (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 17-0
4th - GB - Smith, 42-yard field goal GREEN BAY 20-0
4th - GB - Jankowski, 1-yard run (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 27-0
In the years before air travel, the Green Bay Packers would travel to their “away” games by rail, of course. After big games, hundreds or thousands of loyal Packer fans would turn out at the Chicago & North Western railroad depot to welcome the team home. After the 1939 world championship, we see the crowd above giving the Packers a proper celebration.
(LOS ANGELES) - Three field goals and a touchdown pass that gained 92 yards gave the Green Bay Packers a 16-7 triumph over the NFL All-stars in the second annual "pro-bowl" football game before 18,000 spectators in Gilmore Stadium yesterday. The champion Packers, looking almost at peak form, scored a field goal in the first period, added another in the second, and in one electrifying play in the closing seconds of the half brought the crowd to its feet with a spectacular pass. Cecil Isbell stood one yard back of the goal line and fired away. The ball travelled 61 yards before Don Hutson gathered it in and headed on to the goal. The play was good for 92 yards. One minute before, the all-stars went 62 yards via the air lanes on a pass from Frank Filchock to Bill Smith. Isbell saved the Packers from a touchdown on the play when he bounced the flying Smith out of bounds on the Green Bay 12-yard line. The game, originally scheduled 
for last Sunday but postponed because of rain, was played under a warm sun and clear skies.
GREEN BAY -  3 10  0  3 - 16
ALL-STARS -  0  0  7  0 -  7
1st - GB - Hinkle, 45-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
2nd - GB - Smith, 18-yard field goal GREEN BAY 6-0 
2nd - GB - Huston, 92-yard pass from Isbell (Smith kick) GREEN BAY 13-0
3rd - AS - Joe Carter, 3-yard pass from Davey O'Brien (Ward Cuff kick) GB 13-7
4th - GB - Smith, 16-yard field goal GREEN BAY 16-7