Green Bay Packers (4-1) 26, Detroit Lions (4-1) 7
Sunday October 22nd 1939 (at Green Bay)
(GREEN BAY) - The Green Bay Packers spotted the Detroit Lions seven points in the first period of yesterday's NFL game at City stadium, and then all but blew them the invaders past the city limits with a resounding rally that enabled them to rack up to a 26 to 7 victory. The struggle, in which Detroit was as far outclassed by the Packers as the Red Sea by the Israelites, was played before 22,558, the second largest professional crowd in Green Bay's history. The Packers played magnificent ball in administering the first defeat of the season to the Lions, and in ascending to a first place tie with Detroit in the Western division scramble. True, they did permit Bill Sheperd to scramble through the Green Bay defenses for 58 yards and a touchdown in the first period, but from then on they murdered everything the Lions attempted. They broke up passes, rushed passers, smeared line plays, stopped goal line advances, punted, and ran the Lions to death. In the final period the badly beaten Detroiters were rocking on their heels, whipped to the queen's taste. They almost looked pitiful. Donald Hutson, the greatest pass receiver in the history of the National league - who has statistics to prove it - broke out with two more of his elaborate stunts. He only grabbed two aerials all day, but one of them, from Arnold Herber in the second period, was good for a 60-yard gain and a touchdown, and the other, which he accepted from Cecil Isbell in the fourth period, gobbled up 51 more yards in a single gulp and gave the Bays their final touchdown. In between the Lions' first score and the Packers' last, Andy Uram was accepting a short toss from Herber for another touchdown. Tiny Engbretsen was booting a 34-yard field goal, and Carl Mulleneaux was rushing quarterback Darrell Tully so that the latter's forward pass was batted into the end zone for an automatic safety. All these very pleasant happenings were performed before an enraptured crowd, which witnessed the Packers' greatest showing of the season. The airtight Packer line allowed Detroit 124 yards from scrimmage, but 58 of those yards came all at once, in Shepherd's run. And the much-criticized Green Bay aerial defense permitted the Lions to complete but four of their 17 attempted passes, and for but 63 yards. In addition, three Detroit passes were intercepted, two of them by center Charley Brock.
DETROIT   -  7  0  0  0 -  7
GREEN BAY -  0 17  0  9 - 26
1st - DET - Bill Shepherd, 58-yard run (Chuck Hanneman kick) DETROIT 7-0
2nd - GB - Andy Uram, 8-yard pass from Arnie Herber (Tiny Engebretsen kick) TIED 7-7
2nd - GB - Engebretsen, 34-yard field goal GREEN BAY 10-7
2nd - GB - Don Hutson, 60-yard pass from Herber (Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 17-7
4th - GB - Hutson, 51-yard pass from Cecil Isbell (Don Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 24-7
4th - GB - Safety, Darrell Tully pass blocked in end zone by Carl Mulleneaux GREEN BAY 26-7 
OCT 26 (Green Bay) - The last appearance of the Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin this season will send players and fans to Milwaukee this weekend, with the business at hand a conquest of the undefeated Washington Redskins, Eastern division leaders in the NFL. The Packers have about finished playing for the
home folks in 1939. They will battle before a highly partisan crowd Sunday, with most of the fans plugging for Green bay, but thereafter they will face the chilly receptions of foreign spectators on alien fields. The chief fear of Packer fans is that the team will suffer some sort of relapse similar to the one which gripped it in its game with Cleveland early this season. The Packers on that occasion were fresh from  a great victory over the Chicago Bears, and they were dumped by a Ram team in a stirring second half rally...WHIPPED DETROIT TEAM: The setup is much the same for Sunday. The Packers whipped a previously undefeated Detroit team last Sunday, and if they let down but a trifle, Washington's powerful Redskins will be more than capable of dumping the Bays from the Western division pinnacle. The Packers will leave for Milwaukee Saturday morning at 7 o'clock on the Milwaukee Road, and during their stay at Wisconsin's largest city will be headquartered at the Schroeder hotel. They will be followed by a horde of fans from Green Bay and Northern Wisconsin, their numbers to be augmented
early Sunday by further inroads from the southern part
of the state. Given any kind of break in the weather, the
team will play before the largest crowd it ever drew in
Milwaukee...LOCKED IN DEATH GRIP: The outcome of
the game is of the utmost importance to both teams.
With the Lions and Bears locked in a death grip on
Sunday, the Packers would profit immeasurably by a
victory, at the expense of whichever team loses the
Chicago-Detroit game. The Redskins, knotted with the
strong New York Giants in the Eastern division, are
hoping that the Giants will suffer a letdown from their
victory over the Bears and get themselves bumped by
Brooklyn. Should that happen, a Washington decision
over Green Bay would put the Redskins in the driver's
seat...HOLD ROUTINE WORKOUT: The Packers drove
through a routine workout yesterday, and Coach E.L.
(Curly) Lambeau pronounced the squad in good shape
for the game. Andy Uram and Larry Buhler, halfbacks,
are still limping, but Arnold Herber, who was cracked up
a bit against Detroit, ran signals again and looked as
good as ever. Herber's recuperative powers always have
been amazing. The team will work out at Milwaukee
Saturday afternoon. Washington already is on the game
scene, and has been drilling daily before the Milwaukee
OCT 26 (Milwaukee) - A practice session stressing 
offensive tactics was scheduled by Coach Red Flaherty
today for his Washington Redskins, preparing here for a
game Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. Flaherty
sent the Skins through a lengthy drill yesterday in an
effort to set up a defense against Packer plays reported
by Washington scouts. One of the chief worries of the
Easterners was how to stop the Arnie Herber to Don
Hutson combination that aided Green Bay to a victory
over the Detroit Lions last week and a tie with Detroit
for the Western division lead.
OCT 26 (New York) - LeRoy (Ace) Gutowsky, Brooklyn
Dodger fullback who has been truing to surpass the NFL
all-time ground gaining mark for several weeks,
accomplished the feat last Sunday to run the circuit's
string of record-breaking weeks to three straight. He
made seven yards, all he needed to gain 3,399 yards in
eight season to break the old mark of Cliff Battles by
one yard, according to individual statistics announced
yesterday. Another individual record was tied by Ralph
Kercheval, Broonly, and Ward Cuff, New York, each
kicked three field goals in one game. Harry Newman
accomplished this feat for the Giants against Boston in
1934...BOOT MANY GOALS: Kercheval kicked his 
from the 45,44 and 38-yard lines, while Cuff booted his
from the 43, 40 and 24. Cuff brought his total for the
season to five, equaling the number he and Kercheval
kicked to tie for the league championship last season.
Kercheval's 45-yard placement was the longest of the
current season. There was very little change in the
individual standings in the sixth week of play, the major
gains being made for third and fourth places. Joe
Maniaci, Chicago Bears' fullback, overtook Bill Smith of
the Chicago Cardinals for second place in scoring, 37
points to 34, as well has increased his total as ground
gaining pacemaker to 481 yards. Bill Osmanski, Bears,
retained second place in ground gaining with 360 yards.
Dave Smukler, Philadelphia, dropped from third to eighth in ground gaining when he retired from the league last week, enabling Bill Shepherd, Detroit, to move up to that position with 294 yards...DRAKE GOES ACROSS: John Drake, Cleveland fullback, added another touchdown to his collection, making seven for the season and strengthening his scoring leadership with 42 points. He needs but two touchdowns to tie Don Hutson's mark of nine in one season, made with Green Bay. Cuff of the Giants and Andy Farkas, Washington, jumped into a tie for fourth in scoring from ninth and seventh, respectively. Parker Hall, Cleveland rookie; Ace Parker, Brooklyn, Bernie Masterson, Bears, and Arnie Herber, Green Bay, are the leading forward passer. Hall's 56 completions for 702 yards is high. Frank Filchock, Washington, has completed 24 of 37 for 64 percent, the best efficiency. Herber, Masterson and Filchock each has thrown five touchdown passes. Perry Schwartz, Brooklyn, has caught 19 passes and this week broke a three-way tie with Vic Spadaccini, Cleveland, and Bill Smith, Cardinals, who dropped to second and third respectively.
OCT 26 (Milwaukee Sentinel) - A thorough review of Green Bay Packer plays, as prepared by Washington Redskin scouts, was gone through Wednesday morning at Borchert field when Coach Red Flaherty of the 'Skins put his squad through a lengthy dummy scrimmage on defense. The Redskins mentor, like most of his National league coaching brothers, is Herber to Hutson conscious and hopes to build a defense to stop the Packer duo. At the same time he is aware the Bays have in Cee Isbell one of the best triple threat assists in the game and that his defense setup must take Cee's running and passing threats into consideration. The 'Skins are in good shape for the game, most of the injured players having been given a test in the victory over Pittsburgh last Sunday. Sammy Baugh, the Slinging one from Texas Christian who helped the Horned Frogs trounce the 1936 Hilltoppers in the Cotton Bowl game of January 1, 1937, has fully recovered and will be in action. Coach Flaherty will devote Thursday's practice to brushing up his own attack. The Skins' running game pushed the champion Giants all over a wet field in their scoreless battle some weeks ago and Red hopes to have it functioning smoothly Sunday in case the wet weather continues.
OCT 26 (Milwaukee Sentinel) - A few weeks the Downtown Quarterbacks put this department in the corner by asking what happened to the Packers' aerial defense in the second half of the Chicago Cardinals' game and our answer was that, although the Packers weren't as alert as they should have been largely because of their big lead, the real answer was that the Card passers and receivers were clicking perfectly and that perfect passing and perfect receiving are almost impossible to stop. For some years the college coaches have felt pro pass defense was terrible to behold. One of their former brethren, Gus Henderson, once of the California Bears and Los Angeles Bulldogs and now of the Detroit Lions, came, saw - and learned Sunday up at the Bay. Prior to game time Gloomy Gus was anything but gloomy as he thought his defense would take care of the passing and that one man would be able to stop the Herber-Hutson combine. His confidence was shaken early - when Hutson dropped a pass that trickled off his fingertips; and it was shaken completely when Don caught two touchdowns passes and drew the defense out for the third. On each occasion Don was picked up nicely, as Henderson correctly predicted, but each time Don made his cut and got the edge and the perfect passes did the rest. They also gave Gloomy Gus food for thought...RED RESPECTS H&H: You can rest assured that Coach Red Flaherty of the Washington Redskins is not oozing over-confident about the ability of his club to stop Messrs. H and H. next Sunday at Fair Park. Red has been around the pro league, as player and coach, too many years to underrate the Packer aerial team. At the Downtown Quaterbacks' association Wednesday noon Red said the H-H team was the hardest in the league to stop. After the session Johnny Sisk, former Hilltop and Chicago Bears' halfback and one of the finest defensive backs in pro league history, came up to Red and the writer and remarked the Packer duo was not only the best in the league, but that a team had to be extremely lucky to hold the combine scoreless. Red is stressing aerial defense this week in practice at Borchert Field; his defensive tactics in the 1937 game at Washington were fairly successful, stopping the duo on most of the long pass efforts, while sacrificing some strength for the short passes, a number of which were completed. However, Red realizes that in that game the Packers were a pretty well fagged out club and that the case will be considerably more difficult this time...SKINS YOUNG CLUB: Asked to compare his present club with the championship aggregation of 1937, Red said he thought his first team was a trifle stronger in the championship year, but that this aggregation had youth, speed and greater reserve strength. Seven of his players are playing their second year of pro ball and 11 of them are newcomers. Red is especially pleased with the way his young backs have been coming. A glint in Red's eye and a smile of satisfaction appears when one mentions the comeback of Turk Edwards, the big tackle, who has been playing great ball this year after a lapse from form in 1938. At the U. of Washington, at Boston and at Washington, Turk was always one of the best and his lapse a year ago, and injuries to other key players were largely responsible for the 'Skins fall from grace. 
OCT 22 (Kenosha) - Going into the last 50 seconds of play nursing a 15-14 lead after a sizzling, hard struggle the Kenosha Coopers saw their good fortune turn sour in the flicker of an eyelash and the Calumet Indians of East Chicago, Ind., squeezed out a 17-15 victory in the American Professional league Sunday afternoon at Lake Front stadium. Field Judge Harold Patton, Kenosha, ruled interference on a long 31-yard pass on the Cooper one yard line, and after the Kenoshans stopped Mondala for an eight yard loss, he dropped back to the 15 yard line and connected perfectly for a placekick at an angle less than 45 degrees. That sudden turn of events came six minutes after Obbie Novakoski, ex-Lawrence college captain, had raced 88 yards for a touchdown which put his mates ahead, 15-14. Coopers counted in he second quarter when Vince Gavre, last year's University of Wisconsin quarterback, raced 16 yards and then lateraled to Novakoski who traveled 10 for the score. Calumet offered two touchdowns in rebuttal in the same quarter. After a steady march down the field on end sweeps, Waskowitz passed to Page and Mondala converted. Then, after intercepting a Cooper aerial on the 38, a series of line rushes and Waskowitz's pass to Hamity produced a touchdown and Mondala again converted for a 14-6 halftime advantage. In the third quarter, Fred Venturelli, bulky Racine guard, booted a 45-yard field goal for the Coopers. With six minutes left in the game and the Coopers apparently trapped on their own 12-yard line, Novakoski outfoxed the invaders by breaking loose, picking up some expert blocking and then outsmarting the safety man as he sped on a touchdown tour of 88 yards to put the Kenosha unit ahead, 15-14.
OCT 23 (Green Bay) - National league coaches are an unusual species. When some lose, they cry. Others beef and howl to the high heavens. A third classification will take it lying down. To none of these unhappy groups does E.C. (Gus) Henderson, current coach of the Detroit Lions, belong. Henderson's disappointment over losing to the Green Bay Packers at City stadium Sunday afternoon was great. It was his first defeat in five tries, and the short end of a score like 26 to 7 is a bitter dose. Gus was in a perfect spot to rant and rave. But did he? He did not. In fact, Mr. Henderson went all the way for the Packers. He picked out three players for particular esteem - Don Hutson, Arnold Herber and Clarke Hinkle. "I'd like to play the Packers again without Hutson," he said while Detroit sportswriters and officials of the Detroit club joined in the acclaim for the fleet end from Alabama. Heartly (Hunk) Anderson, aide de camp to Henderson, came through with praise for the Packers as a whole, cited the games as one of the cleanest he has seen this season, and then practically repeated Henderson in Hutson laudations...LIONS THROW ORCHARDS: The bouquets for Don didn't end there. Filing through the Hotel Northland lobby before catching their 6:30 train, Detroit players came up with words of respect for the Packers and Hutson in particular. Darrell Tully, Tonelli, Ray George, Bill Feldhause and others left nothing unsaid in the way of superlatives where Hutson was concerned. From him they went to Herber, and then started throwing orchids at Hinkle. "When Hinkle is in the game on those weak side drives, and Hutson is running out from left end, it's pretty hard to set a defense," Tully said. A great Packer line was entirely passed by when the Lions were reviewing the day. Russ Letlow, Bill Lee and Buckets Goldenberg were very much in the thick of the battle. The latter had one of his greatest days at guard for the Packers - so great that when Detroit's Alex Wojciechowicz couldn't take care of any other way, he started swinging. Then Wojciechowicz departed at the request of referee Ed Cochran...GREAT PACKER SHOW: The Packer team clicked. Boys on the team and Coach Curly Lambeau say it can click even better. From end to end, and all through the backfield, it was one of the finest Packer shows in recent years. But all eyes in the stands, and on the Detroit bench, were glued to Hutson. It must have been on the bench that Hutson was watched even more so than on the field; for on the field he skipped past the two fastest Detroit backs as he picked up Packer points. Lloyd Cardwell and Tully both looked like slow freights trying to move up on a limited. "Cardwell tried to play the ball when he knew that Hutson was going down," Anderson said in explaining the "why" of the outcome. In attempting to "play the ball", Cardwell evidently didn't reckon with the accuracy of Herber's passing, and later Cecil Isbell's, and Don's adaptability at catching as well as running. Tonelli suggested that it would be sheer murder to give Hutson a gun in the deer season. "He can't be more than half-a-step behind a deer now," was his comment. George, like Tonelli and the Packers' own Ernie Smith, a product of Southern California, said, "I really believe we had the Green Bay running attack stopped...but what can you do with a man like Hutson?"...HINKLE IS HARDEST: "They told me Drake was a hard running back and I played against him, but this Hinkle is the hardest I've seen yet," George went on. "The game was hard but clean, one of the cleanest I've played in." Feldhaus was just a little chagrined at the failure of the Detroit secondary defensemen to cope with Packer passes, but he did admit that handling a man like Hutson under full steam was a problem for army engineers. Coach Henderson, when he had finished citing Packer pass power, had nice things to day about the play of Pingle and Tully among his newcomers. He discounted any thought of letdown on the part of his aggregation, but did say that it was capable of better ball, and probably would have done better against the Packers if it hadn't won four in a row previously. One of Detroit's principal casualties was Norville Clemons, husky guard who also did some punting. Clemons dislocated his left elbow, and it happened in a collision with one of his own men. Tully was the offender. What did Clemons think of the Packers? Well, while he started up to the Lions' quarters for a sling to rest his arm in, he grinned and said, "It's a great ball team, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise."...PACKERS ALWAYS TOUGH: Dr. Dan Foster, of Detroit, one of the perennial Green Bay visitors when the Lions play here, was philosophical about the outcome. "We know the Packers are always tough," he said. "This time they were just a little bit tougher." The outside delegation, both from Michigan and cities in Wisconsin, were of the same opinion. It wasn't "expert" opinion alone that stamped Hutson as the outstanding individual on the field. The stands were filled - in excess of 22,000 - with persons who appreciate his worth. But one Sheboygan delegation almost wept for one Nic Wahl, whose work kept him from the first Packer game he missed this year. Wahl, it seems, is a diehard Packer fan, and his friends suggest that he probably had a hard time at the job wondering about the course of events at City stadium. Bill Shepherd deserves a vote of something or other for a splendid run and a valiant effort to overcome Packer prowess, even when the cause was pretty well lost. Tonelli stated that in "pro football no game is lost until it's all over", and that was the attitude of Shepherd, who has hit hard from his touchdown on. The fact that he was hit by three Packers before he made his 58-yard jaunt emphasized the importance of striking him with vigor...GREAT CENTER CORPS: Two centers in the game topped the noted Wojciechowicz and other opposition stalwarts. They were Charlie Brock and Bud Svendsen. Tom Greenfield didn't play Sunday, but it wasn't because he wasn't ready. Svendsen, Brock and Greenfield give the Packers just about the best center corps as ever has been seen around the league. The game uncovered a couple of other boys the fans have been waiting to see. Frank Balazs, being brought along slowly and carefully by Coach Lambeau, cut capers in the best big league style. Charlie Schultz did a pretty fair job at tackle. And Ernie Smith showed the charge of the last Packer championship year. Ernie is one player who plays the game above as well as below his shoulders. All in all, they were two outstanding clubs, with the Packers just a little bit better. Henderson and Anderson both should be congratulated for their attitude. No wailing at the wall, no pointing accusing fingers at officials or players, no harsh words for the opposition marred their visit. However, it was suggested that something should be done about the fence that sets the stands off from the playing field. Cardwell had trouble with it yesterday, and other players have before. Maybe it is a flaw that should be erased.
OCT 23 (Green Bay) - Press box notes taken as the Packers were applying the Lion taming method to the Detroit football team yesterday: What great football the Packer line is capable of playing! Buckets Goldenberg is at the bottom of almost every pile, just count the number of times his name appears in the play-by-play. Larry Craig can do more things on his back than most men can on their feet. Sprawling on the ground, he grabs ankle, legs, anything. A back who is used sparingly, but who looks terrific every time he appears, is fullback Frank Balazs. Imagine a coach being embarrassed by the presence of three such fullbacks as Balazs, Clarke Hinkle and Eddie Jankowski!...Sticky-fingers Hutson...he still outraces them all. Lloyd Cardwell was assigned the unenviable job of watching him. Two touchdowns for Don. Wonder if Joe Laws ever dropped a punt? They drop into his arms like a rubber ball landing on a feather bed. And away he goes. Arnold Herber, the best forward passer in the league from anywhere outside of 30 yards, and mighty hot inside that distance. His punting drove the Lions back on their heels in the second half, and the Packers kept 'em there. Cecil Isbell having his best game of the year. Ditto for Hinkle. Ditto for several members of that Packer line. Charley Brock proving what they said about his work on pass defense is true. Incidentally, is that Packer defense working or isn't it? Watch Detroit try and complete two in a row. Big Bill Lee, Baby Ray, Russ Letlow, Bid Svendsen, getting tackles by the dozen. Heavy running back, this fellow Shepherd. He led the nation in scoring when at Western Maryland. And lots of class in Johnny Pingel. He'll cause a lot of headaches before he's through. A funny team, Detroit. You're always afraid of them, and yet the Packers almost always beat them. Wonder if they're strong enough to take the Bears? Some folks want to see Detroit removed from that first run by the Bears, but here's one vote for all the lickings the Bears can get. The Packers play Detroit again Dec. 3, and if the championship is at stake, they won't muff it. But that'll be a busy afternoon in Chicago, Nov. 5!...There was history made as the Packers' points were written into the all-time scoring list of the Green Bay team. Don Hutson, with two touchdowns and an extra point, added 13 points to his total, and boosted his all-time mark to 228. This enabled him to move into third place on the big list, past Johnny Blood, who during his Packer days scored 224 points. Hutson's touchdowns were his 36th and 37th for the Packers, also record achievements, for now only one ex-Packer had more Green Bay touchdowns to his credit. That is Verne Lewellen (1924-32), who racked up 50. Blood also scored 37 touchdowns. Tiny Engebretsen continues to move ahead on the all-time list. He kicked extra points No. 29 and 30 yesterday, and booted field goal No. 10, adding five points to his total, and raining it to 60. On the big list he ranks in a tie for 13th place with Cub Buck (1922-25), Eddie Kotal (1925-29), Weert Englemann (1930-33) and Buckets Goldenberg (1933-present). Andy Uram's touchdown was his fourth for Green Bay, and raised his total to 24.
OCT 25 (Green Bay) - The big boys from the national
capital, a star-studded aggregation of prof football talent
under the banner of the Washington Redskins, are in
Milwaukee, preparing for next Sunday's game against
the Green Bay Packers at State Fair park. Not since
1937 have Green Bay and Washington collided. In that
season the Packers, their championship threat faded,
lost a dismal final contest at Washington, 14 to 6, and
turned their faces homeward without the title they had
won the previous season. With that old score to settle,
and their lead in the Western division of the NFL at
stake, the Packers may attain a commanding position
by defeating the unbeaten Redskins next Sunday. With
Detroit, which was thumbed to the curb by the Packers
last Sunday, meeting the Chicago Bears, and very likely
to absorb a beating, a Green Bay victory over the
Redskins would leave the Packers the sole holders of
first place in the Western picture - a development which
appears very necessary in view of the Packers' meeting
with the Bears Nov. 5. The ticket sale is moving at a
tremendous rate, and Green Bay fans who plan to
invade Milwaukee will do well to snatch up their tickets
without any further delay. Tickets are going to be very
scarce around Milwaukee Saturday night and Sunday.
Word from Coach Ray Flaherty indicates that Sammy
Baugh, his slightly damaged piece of backfield timber,
who specialized in aerial accomplishments, will be 
back in shape, and ready for another duel with Green
Bay's Arnold Herber. The Washington squad, making its
first appearance against the Packers west of the
Alleghenies, carries enough talent to dazzle any pro
opponent. The Green Bay squad, except for Andy Uram,
will be in fine shape for the struggle. Uram injured his
leg against the Lions last Sunday.
OCT 25 (Milwaukee) - The Washington Redskins, one
of the strongest contenders for the NFL's Eastern title,
opened training here yesterday for Sunday's game with
the Green Bay Packers, Western division pacemakers.
Coach Red Flaherty sent the Skins through a long drill
at Borchert field. The Easterners were in good physical
condition following a game against Pittsburgh last week
and confident of a win over the Packers. Slingin' Sam
Baugh, Redskins' star passer, has recovered from
injuries that kept him inactive recently and will be ready
to go against Green Bay, Flaherty said. Drills this week
will be devoted to strengthening a defense against
Green Bay's aerial attack.
OCT 25 (New York) - NFL offensive marks continue to
remain far in advance of any preceding averages, with
scoring this season showing gains of 196 points at this
time over last year's record high. Largely instrumental
is the increased scoring are 24 field goals to date. 
Three last Sunday by Brooklyn and New York tied a
league mark for one game, accomplished four other 
times in league annals. Ground gaining and forward
passing remain even with last year's record highs and
scoring for the entire league is seven points a game
higher for 28 games to date...BEARS BEATEN TWICE:
One of the puzzling aspects of the offensive marks is
the loss of two games by the high-powered Chicago
Bears, who pace the league in scoring and ground
gaining and are well on their way to league marks in 
each department. The New York Giants, on the other
hand, are ninth in offensive power, but remain one of the
two undefeated teams in the league by continuing to be
alert opportunists on defense. The Bears have scored 170 points, an average of 28 a game. They need to tally an average of only 11 points a game for the rest of the season to break Green Bay's record 223 made last year. Washington is second in scoring with 113, and Green Bay is third with 112 in five games. The Bears, with 2209 yards, Washington with 1740, and Green Bay with 1538 also lead the way in ground gaining. Cleveland has completed 73 out of 146 passes to lead in that department. Washington's 36 out of 63 for 57 percent efficiency is the best in the league. The Bears with 50 completions and Brooklyn and Green Bay with 41 completions are the other passing leaders. The Giants have had only 33 points scored against them, and Detroit has held opponents to 993 yards to divide defensive honors.
OCT 25 (St. Louis) - Dissatisfied with the team's showing, Coach Choppy Rhodes of the St. Louis Gunners released eight players and set out yesterday to find reinforcements for the American Football league game next Sunday with Columbus. The Gunners were defeated by the Green Bay Packers, 31 to 0, in an exhibition game two weeks ago and lost last Sunday to the Los Angeles Bulldogs, 24 to 0, in a league encounter. Rhodes, who hoped to land two backs, a tackle and an end, was dickering with Bill Hoefer, star Notre Dame quarterback last season, and Tony Ippolito, a back from Purdue. Help also was being sought from National league teams. Rhodes was negotiating with the Packers for tackle Warren Kilbourne, and with the Washington Redskins for Jim Bradley, an end.
OCT 25 (Milwaukee Sentinel) - Washington's Redskins, undefeated in the eastern division of the NFL play, opened practice for the Green Bay Packer game at State Fair park Sunday by going through a lengthy, but light drill Thursday morning on Borchert field. The Skins came through their winning game over Pittsburgh Sunday in fairly good shape, and Coach Ray Flaherty reports Slingin' Sammy Baugh will be a potent (he hopes) part of the Washington offensive Sunday. Sammy has been out of action with injuries and during his sideline jaunt Frank Filchock, Andy Farkas, the old Detroit U. ace; Meade, Dick Todd from Texas A&M and Johnston of Washington having been doing right well for themselves. The Skins are confident of a win Sunday, pointing out they had a breather Sunday against Pittsburgh and that the Packers had to put out to the limit against the Lions. A feature of Washington's play this year, according to Washington scribes, has been the great work of the young backs and the play of Turk Edwards, giant tackle, who is playing the same kind of ball he did two years back. The most serious eyebrow wrinkles in the Washington camp show themselves when the names of Arnie Herber and Don Hutson are mentioned. Coach Flaherty and his players know right well that combination is the hardest in the league to stop and the reports of their scouts after the Bay win over Detroit only served to add to the concern. A large portion of this week's practices will be devoted to aerial defense.
OCT 25 (Milwaukee Journal) - "Join the Redskins and see the world." It might be the slogan of the Washington Redskins, now in Milwaukee for Sunday's game with the Green Bay Packers at State Fair park. Since August, the Washington ball club has moved from coast to coast doing more traveling, much more, than any other team in the league. The Redskins trained at Spokane, Wash., played the Pacific Coast all-stars at San Francisco, the Los Angeles Bulldogs at Los Angeles, the Eastern college all-stars at Boston, the Eagles at Philadelphia, the Pirates at Pittsburgh and still have left, besides their home game, other road engagements at Brooklyn and New York. At the season's close they will have traveled close to 12,000 miles. Incidentally, the Redskins have yet to taste defeat, either in preseason exhibition or league games...REDSKINS HAVE AN EDGE: The Packers have been installed early favorites over Washington in their game here Sunday, yet all the statistics, including those in last Sunday's game, give Ray Flaherty's undefeated Redskins the edge. They have outgained the Packers, 1,740 yards to 1,538; yielded fewer yards, 1,046 to 1,153; completed 57% of their passes, against 37%; scored 113 points to 112, and had 41 points scored against them, compared with 80.
OCT 25 (Green Bay) - Coach Curly Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers put his squad through a long drill here today in preparation for the game against the Washington Redskins in Milwaukee Sunday. With a sure sellout throng in the state's largest city, the Bay mentor is very desirous of having his club put up one of its best games. Several new plays have been dished out and will add to the versatile Bay attack. With the air game functioning smoothly, Curly is concerned over the ground attack and hopes to have it working better than at any time this year. Like Red Flaherty of the Redskins, who has to worry about the Packers' passing, Coach Lambeau has his worries too relative to the Redskins' ozone attack with Baugh and Filchock to do the passing and the giant Malone and Millner as receivers. It was Baugh to Malone passes that beat the Packers in 1937 and Lambeau hopes to have the answer ready by Sunday. The Packers are due to leave here early Saturday and will work out at State Fair Park that afternoon.
OCT 27 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers will leave for Milwaukee tomorrow morning, and the following day will keep a very important engagement - with the championship-minded Washington Redskins of the NFL at State Fair park. On the eve of the departure, Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau announced that two names have been pared from the squad roster. One is Jack Brennan, former University of Michigan guard, who will join the Kenosha Cardinals of the American Football league, and the other is Warren Kilbourne, ex-Minnesota tackle, who will report to either Kenosha or to the St. Louis Gunners. The rest of the Green Bay ​squadron will entrain on the Milwaukee Road at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning, and before noon, will be established at the Hotel Schroeder, their Milwaukee
headquarters. Lambeau will hustle the team onto the 
​the field Saturday for a final workout before the game 
which will go a long way towards deciding the divisional
championships for both teams. Washington is tied with
New York for first place in the East, and Green Bay is
deadlocked with the Detroit Lions in the West. Coach
Lambeau expects that all of his Packers except 
halfbacks Andy Uram and Larry Buhler will be ready for
service. Buhler hasn't recovered from an injury he 
received in the St. Louis exhibition game, and Uram
acquired a painful leg injury against Detroit. Arnold
Herber, the veteran passing halfback who was also hurt
by the Lions, has displayed his usual imperviousness to
pain and will be ready for the Redskins. The game is
being built up partly as a hurling due between Herber, a
star of the league for many seasons, and Slinging
Sammy Baugh, recovered from his injuries in time to 
take a regular turn against the Packers. Most fans
expect the game to be decided by passes. Lambeau received word today that Life magazine, a national publication, is sending a photographer and writer here to get highlights on the Packer organization...BOTH TEAMS ARE TOUGH: Statistics of the Green Bay and Washington clubs to date show that neither can relax its vigil on the other. When the Packers are attempting to move the ball along the ground the Redskins must pay particular attention to Eddie Jankowski, Cecil Isbell and Clarke Hinkle, who have monopolized the Green Bay ball toting assignment this fall. Uram also ranks high on the total yardage list, but is expected to see little action. The best Washington ball carriers are Frank Filchock of Indiana, Dick Todd of Texas A. and M., and battering Andy Farkas of Detroit, one of the most dangerous men in the National league. Playing the same number of games, the Redskins have piled up a higher yardage total in about the same number of tries, and have averaged 4.7 per try, as compared to 3.2 yards for Green Bay. The Green Bay forward passing work continues to be monopolized by Herber and Isbell, who have thrown all but two of the Packers' 110 aerials to date. The Packer yardage total of 804 is well ahead of Washington's mark, which is 720, but the Redskin percentage of completions is higher. The teams are about even on interceptions. Baugh is the big name in Washington aerial work, but Filchock has done more of the Redskins' tossing this season. He has flipped 24 successful passes in 37 attempts, for an average well above the .500 mark, while Baugh's mark is an even .500, 11 successful tosses in 22 attempts. Jimmy German, the Redskins' quarterback from Centre college, does a little of the team's aerial work, and also have a .500 percentage. Don Hutson, as might be expected, has caught more passes than anyone else on the Green Bay team, a total of 13 for the topheavy margin of 408 yards. The next best receptionists on the Packer list are Uram and Isbell, with five catches apiece, while Captain Milt Gantenbein has four. The man the Packers will have to watch is the ever-dangerous Farkas, who has nailed down nine tosses this season for 274 yards. His closest rivals are Wayne Millner, Notre Dame end, and Charley Malone, wingman from Texas A. and M. Hinkle and Herber have done practically all of the Packers' punting, with creditable results. The former is averaging 38 yards per kick, measuring from the line of scrimmage to the place the ball is received, and Herber's average is 41. Jim Meade of Maryland, a first year man with the Redskins, has done the most of that team's punting, getting considerable help from John Spirada of St. Anselm, Baugh, Jimmy Johnston of Washington, and Jim Karcher of Ohio State. Spirada's average of 42 is tops on the squad. Hutson leads the Green Bay scoring list, with 26 points, attained on four touchdowns and four extra points. Next in line is Hinkle, with 17 points on two  touchdowns, two extra points and a field goal. A lineman, Tiny Engebretsen, is third on the list, having booted 10 extra points and a field goal. The Packers have converted after 14 of their 15 touchdowns to date. The Washington scoring has been distributed, leader being Farkas with 31 points. He has scored five touchdowns to date.
OCT 27 (Green Bay) - Coach Curly Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers had been swamped this week with requests for clarification of the automatic safety rule, which was used as the Packers scored their final points against the Detroit Lions last Sunday. In the fourth period, with Green Bay leading 24 to 7, Detroit took the ball on downs on its own 13-yard line. Jim Tully, Lion back, attempted a forward pass, but Carl Mulleneaux of the Packers broke through and blocked the toss as it left his hand. The ball landed in the end zone, where it was recovered by Larry Craig, Packer end. Most fans through the play either was an incompleted pass or a Packer touchdown. When a forward pass falls behind the goal line of the offensive team, Lambeau pointed out, it becomes an automatic safety, scoring two points for the defensive team. The ruling Sunday was absolutely correct, the Packer coach said.
OCT 27 (Milwaukee Journal) - Washington's undefeated Redskins rounded out a week of work here Friday morning in high spirits and confident that they would win Sunday's football game with the Packers at State Fair park. "We're ready," Coach Ray Flaherty announced as the squad completed its last day of heavy work at Borchert field. "We're in better shape than at any time since the Giant game a month ago. If we lose, the Packers simply have it on us - they're a better team. But we - " Flaherty didn't have to say it. He does not think his club will lose. He's high on this team, very high. He says it is the best balanced team he has ever had. It is not as strong in the first string as his 1937 championship club, perhaps, but it is better all around. It has better reserve strength. "We have 29 men here, all in tiptop shape," Flaherty said, "and all 29 know what this game means to us. If we can get over this one, we'll be in a good spot to keep right on going, with Philadelphia, Brooklyn and the Cardinals coming in the next three games." Of the 29 men, incidentally, 11 are in their first year with the Redskins and seven in their second year. It's a young club as pro football teams go. Flaherty announced that Sammy Baugh, one of the league's boss passers, would definitely return to the game Sunday. "We could have used him last week," Flaherty said, "but wanted to save him for this one. He's ready." Baugh pulled a muscle in his leg several weeks ago, and except for a few minutes last week, has chafed on the sidelines since. With Baugh back in shape, the Redskins can probably match anything the Packers have in passing skill. As a matter of fact, with Frank Filchock of Indiana and Baugh, they can probably exceed anything the Packers have, at least in the records. Filchock, obtained from Pittsburgh a year ago, has one of the finest passing records in the league. Including last Sunday's game with Pittsburgh, he has completed 61% of his pitches. Even Herber and Isbell can't point to anything as good as that. The Redskins frankly regard Sunday's game as the turning point of their season. It means everything to them. With a tie game with New York, in which they outagined the Giants in the mud almost two to one, and with victories over Philadelphia, Pittsburgh (2) and Brooklyn, they feel that if they win Sunday, they won't be stopped the rest of the way. The Redskins will take a last light workout at State Fair park Saturday morning. Out of Green Bay, meanwhile, have come reports of a Packer eleven which intends to start right where it left off against the Detroit Lions a week ago. If the Redskins regard this as a crucial game, so do the Packers. A victory here, and they will do much to strengthen their hold on first place in the western division of the league, which they now share with Detroit. The Packers, who escaped without injuries last Sunday, will arrive in Milwaukee in time to work out at State Fair park Saturday afternoon. Ticket sales continued to boom Friday and it was almost certain that a record crowd would see the game. Only 5,000 seats remained to be sold.
OCT 28 (Milwaukee) - Two great football teams, each the leader of its division in the National league, assembled here preparatory to taking the State Fair park gridiron tomorrow before what probably will be the largest professional football crowd in Wisconsin's history. With tickets disappearing like ice cream under the August sun, and predictions of a 25,000-plus crowd being tossed about, all preparations were completed for the first meeting of the Washington Redskins and Green Bay Packers since 1937. The score on that occasion was 14 to 6, and the game, played at the national capital, marked an end to a dismal defense of Green Bay's 1936 league championship - the last won by the Packers. With that score to settle, and faced by the urgency of remaining at the peak of the Western division currently, the Packers are believed ready to dump all of their offensive artillery upon the Redskins...HERBER IS READY: A considerable part of that machinery is represented by the right arm of halfback Arnold Herber, who made on of his usual rapid recoveries this week from an injury received against the Detroit Lions last Sunday. Herber's leg was bruised to a degree sufficient to incapacitate the average man, but he was running signals before the end of the week and apparently will be in at least as good condition as Slinging Sammy Baugh, ace aerialist of the Redskins. Baugh has been out with injuries in recent games - much of his professional career has been spent on the shelf - but Coach Ray Flaherty has announced repeatedly this week that the former Texas Christian all-America will be in condition to compete. The Redskins may need him, for the Packer air defense tightened up excellently against Detroit, and Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau is of the opinion that it will not yield touchdowns as easily as it did in the early stages of the race...FLOCK TO STATE PARK: Green Bay and Northern Wisconsin fans will flock by the thousands, supplementing the horde from the southern part of the state already nearing the scene. One group, including the Green Bay Lumberjack band and its guests, will leave en masse on the Milwaukee Road train at 10:40 Sunday morning, arriving at 1:25 p.m. Coach Lambeau announced that all the players, except probably Andy Uram and Larry Buhler, halfbacks, will be ready for action tomorrow. Curly has enough halfback replacements, but he will miss Uram in particular, as that individual is having himself a fine season. The Packers are staying at the Schroeder hotel, and appear to be in great mental condition for the battle.
OCT 28 (Kenosha) - Strengthening of the Kenosha Cardinals of the American Pro Football league was continued today with the addition of Tiny Kilbourne, former Minnesota tackle; Jack Brennan, former Michigan guard recently released by the Green Bay Packers, and Paul Berezney, former Fordham tackle. Kilbourne and Brennan were recommend by Coach Curly Lambeau of the Packers. The Cardinals meet the Louisville Tanks of the American league here tomorrow.
OCT 28 (Chicago) - The Chicago Bears, highest scoring team in the National Professional Football league, will try to beat back from their 16-13 setback by the New York Giants last week when they clash with the Detroit Lions here Sunday. Second in importance to the Packers-Washington game in Milwaukee, the battle at Wrigley field must be won by the Bears if George Halas' crew is to remain a contender in the western division of the league. With a record of four victories and two defeats, the Bears can displace Detroit, in second place, by defeating the Lions and take first place if the Packers also lose. The Bears lead the league with 170 points scored and 2,209 yards gained. In both of their losing games with New York and Green Bay, Halas' club gained enough ground to win hands down but penalized themselves by their own blunders. Sunday's schedule includes the interborough meeting of New York and Brooklyn's Dodgers on the latter's field. Reports of a sellout were received here Saturday. The game brings together the season's two leading field goal booters - Ward Cuff of the Giants and Ralph Kercheval of the Dodgers. Each kicked three goals last Sunday to tie a league record. The day's other game brings together Pittsburgh and Cleveland.
OCT 29 (Milwaukee Sentinel) - The choicest morsel ever offered Milwaukee grid fans - a meeting between the Green Bay Packers, tied for the western half lead in the NFL, and the Washington Redskins, tied for the eastern half lead, will bring a capacity throng of some 26,000 to State Fair park Sunday afternoon. In top condition and apparently at the peak mentally, the Packers, victors over the previously undefeated Detroit Lions last Sunday, are slight favorites to win, largely because of the Herber to Hutson combination. The Redskins, too, have their great passers in Slingin' Sammy Baugh and Frank Filchock, but no combination in the league is as feared as is the Packer duo. Last week, Herber tossed one touchdown pass to Hutson and another to Uram after Hutson had decoyed the defense out, while Cee Isbell, one of the truly great triple threat artists in the league, hurled another touchdown pass to Don. Not only in the air does the Packers passing attack make itself felt, for the fear it instills in rival defenses often opens the defenses up so that the ground attack gets an opportunity to function. Coach Red Flaherty of the Skins is not conceding the Packers a thing. He believes this year's Redskin squad is better than the one that won the 1937 league title and confidently expects a triumph. In their last meeting, in Washington in 1937, the Skins won, stopping the H.and H. team except for short passes. It is likely Red will employ largely the same defensive tactics as then, but unless the Packers slump off badly from a week ago he will find the team is vastly different from the tired, haggard outfit that his club faced in the 1937 finale. The game is likely to be a wide open affair with the laurels finally coming to rest on the good right arm of either Baugh or Herber, whoever happens to be the boss passer of the day.
OCT 29 (Milwaukee) - The largest crowd that has ever watched a football game in Milwaukee, college or professional, will be in the stands at State Fair park Sunday afternoon when the Packers and Washington Redskins take the field in their battle over first place in the National Professional league. While 5,000 or 6,000 general admission tickets remained Saturday there was every indication that if Sunday dawned clear and cool, as the weatherman had predicted, the attendance would reach 24,000 or 25,000. The better seats have been at a premium for almost a week. The prospect of a great aerial duel with Frank Filchock and Sammy Baugh on one side, and Arnie Herber and Cecil Isbell on the other, has been a lure that the fans couldn't resist. Both sides complement their passing with exceptional pass receiving. Victory is all important to both. A victory for the Redskins, who have yet to lose a game this season, and they will be in a fair way to smash through to the eastern division championship. They have only the Philadelphia Eagles, Brooklyn Dodgers, Chicago Cardinals, Detroit Lions and New York Giants left, and only the Lions and Giants loom as stumbling blocks. A victory for the Packers and they will take undisputed possession of first place in the western division if the Bears can beat Detroit Sunday. Green Bay has left only the Bears, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Cleveland and the Lions. The Packers, on the strength of their great showing against Detroit last week, ruled slight favorites Saturday. It was 8 to 5, or 5 1/2 points, in the betting. Both teams completed their hard work Friday and took only light drills Saturday. The Redskins, who have worked out at Borchert field all week, took their final drill at State Fair park Saturday morning. The Packers, who arrived in town Saturday morning, worked out Saturday afternoon.
OCT 24 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers, who hoisted themselves back into first place in the NFL's Western division with a 26-7 victory over the Detroit Lions last Sunday, returned to work today, their next assignment a game with the Washington Redskins at State Fair park, Milwaukee, next Sunday. Washington occupies the same rung in the Eastern division ladder that the Packers do in the West. The Redskins are tied with the New York Giants, just as Green Bay is deadlocked with Detroit. The Redskins tied the Giants in their only contest of the season to date, after outplaying New York for most of the game, and the Packer scout reports on games involving Washington indicate that Coach Red Flaherty has assembled a team much stronger than that of last year - which was strong enough for most opponents. Football fans of Green Bay and the vicinity who plan to attend the Sunday game at Milwaukee are urged to lose no time in getting their ticket reservations salted away, for a sellout of the State Fair park layout is anticipated. Milwaukee sportswriters, anxious to create the appearance that the state's largest city if outdrawing Green Bay at the gate, occasionally have registered dismay at the official attendance statistics released by the Packer corporation. The capacity of the park, to the last seat, is 24,444, and this week 1,825 seats are being added to provide a total seating capacity of 26,269. Given any kind of weather, nearly all these seats should be filled. The attendance report at the last Milwaukee game, slightly above 17,000, drew derision from the Milwaukee section, as scribes glanced over the crowd and decided the official figures were "doctored"...TWO LEG INJURIES: Two Packers acquired leg injuries against Detroit, and were not up to standard today. Both have been playing outstanding football - Arnold Herber, forward passing right halfback who is in condition of his life and is the pitching part of the Herber to Hutson combination, and Andy Uram, playing his second season with the Packers and doing a fine job of it. Fans amazed at Hutson's ability to get under and receive Herber's long tosses - the former Alabama end is the greatest pass receiver in National league history - often forget the part played by the black-haired halfback who starred during the twenties at Green Bay West High school...BEST IN LEAGUE: Herber can still throw that oval farther and better than anyone else in the league, despite a steadily extending series of seasons to his credit. The Packers assembled today at the Hotel Northland to witness motion pictures of Sunday's game. Coach E.L. Lambeau had this to say: "Although the team fought well and looked good last Sunday, we feel that it still can improve. We feel, in fact, that it must improve it it is to win the 1939 championship. We must not overlook the great threat which we face in the Washington Redskins, our next opponent." He started the week's outdoor program by ordering running, and lots of it, to work the game kinks out of his player's leg. Officials for next Sunday's game will be Ed Cochrane, Chicago, referee; Tom Hughitt, Michigan, umpire; J.J. Ritter, Purdue, headlinesman; and Don Tehan, Xavier, field judge.
OCT 24 (Chicago) - To say that Sid Luckman, former Columbia backfield ace, has made good in pro football is the rankest sort of understatement. Luckman, one of the highest paid freshman stars in the National league, isn't among the leaders in the statistical charts. But his employer, George Halas of the Chicago Bears, has turned down a $15,000 offer for him. While the Bears were in the East last weekend, Brooklyn offered that amount for Luckman. But Halas said the passing star was with his club for good. "Luckman is not for sale or trade at any price," Halas said. "Take a tip from men and watch him go from now on."
OCT 24 (Pittsburgh) - Pro football fans here, or the few who remain after the sixth straight loss of the Pirates to Washington at Forbes field, are assured that the National league franchise is going to stay right here at Pittsburgh. After watching their tough loss to the Capital City club yesterday, Art Rooney, president of the Corsairs, emphatically stated that he is going to stick to his guns and not give up the venture that has proved a loser both in game results and at the box office. He intends to build around Boyd Brumbaugh, Sam Boyd, Ernie Wheeler, Coley McDonough and the other youngsters who have flashed good form despite a disastrous season. "I have had two definite offers to sell or move the franchise," Rooney stated. "One group wishes to take it to Boston, while another proposition has been advanced to shift the team to Los Angeles. I could either sell outright or retain part interest. However, I am not going to quit and intend having the Bucs back here next season." Asked about the coaching situation, he praised the work of Walter Kiesling, who succeeded Johnny Blood recently, and said the big tutor will be retained as boss of the eleven next year.
OCT 24 (Milwaukee Sentinel) - Some of the good folks who couldn't quite believe that victory of the Packers over the Detroit Lions in the second game a year ago, in view of the trouncing and bouncing the Bays took at Green Bay in the first meeting, saw for themselves Sunday. And now they believe it was all on the up and up and that the Packers, when playing up to standard are just as good, thank you, as any of their rivals. Sunday's Packer machine was about as good as they come in any league, at any time. True, the Bays did not show quite as much power on the ground as one would wish, but they had enough and their air attack, although not clicking quite as often as in some games, usually rang the bell for good gains when it did function and thrice counted touchdowns. It was the ease with which the Bays counted all three of their touchdowns that made them look good. The two touchdown passes to Hutson were additional proof that a receiver like Hutson and a Herber or Isbell with control are almost impossible to stop. Each time the Lions' secondary had Don covered, but each time Don got the break as he made his cut and each time the ball was where he could take it without breaking stride nor losing steam...JUST TOO ACCURATE: Some of the college coaching fraternity are belittling the pass defense of the pros. Sunday's passes proved their belittling is not well founded, if they needed any other proof than the bare ability to think back a few years and recall how Hutson and Howell ran their foes dizzy in the Rose Bowl - and Howell, by any manner of rating, cannot be classed in the Herber passing ranks. For the most part the Lions were in either a six, three, two defense and the Packers often dropped a man out of the line to have a five man line. The Lions' front wall was pretty well spread and one of the unpleasant features of the game was the inability of the Bays to connect more frequently through that setup. Of course, there were times when Laws, Hinkle, Isbell and Jankowski did slip through for nice yardage, but some real old fashioned power plays, to my way of thinking, would have created more damage...REDSKINS ARE NEXT: The game was the first of three tough assignments the Packers must face in the space of two weeks. Next Sunday Coach Red Flaherty's Washington Redskins will be the opponent here and the following week the Packers invade the den of the Bears for their second and final meeting of the season. On what the Packers do in these games will rest their final status. Both games will be tough, perhaps the toughest the Lambeaumen have been called upon to face this season, and if they can negotiate the hurdles successfully they'll be practically in as the winner of the western half race. If their showing against the Lions is any criterion, the Packers, for the first time this season, are really primed and ready for the battle down the stretch. Washington is tied for the eastern half lead with the New York Giants and played the Giants to a tie in their only meeting this year. In Frank Filchock and Sammy Baugh the Skins have two of the finest aerial bombers in the game. Texas Sammy was injured for several weeks, but is reported ready again - which will be welcome news to thousands of Badgers who have long awaited the chance to see Slingin' Sammy in action against Herber. While Sammy was on the injury shelf Filchock was given his chance at stardom and rose to the occasion like a master, so well, in fact, he's been getting top billing around the circuit along with Slingin' Sam. However, Baughs, Herber's ace, Parkers and Parker Halls and their like only come along every so often and if Filchock is only half as good as Sammy when the Slining One is right, he'll be plenty good - perhaps too good for the ease and comfort of the Packers...HERBER STILL KING: Evidence of Packer improvement on aerial defense was cropping out at all intervals in the Detroit game, but even then the Bay slipped up enough now and then to cause some uneasy moments - especially if one were looking ahead to the Dead Shot Dick markmanship of Baugh and Filchock. I well recall the Bays stopped most of Sammy's passes in Washington two years back, but twice Sammy got off long, high passes into the arms of the giant Malone who just went up higher than his smaller Packer opponents, and the two heaves brought touchdowns and a victory. Sunday's fray very likely will be decided in the air and I know where lil' Stoney's two bits are going to ride. After watching Herber Sunday I'll still take him for the clutch passer. On top of his passes Arnie has developed into a good field leader and his daring generalship has done much to help the Packers out of the bog on several occasions...ORCHIDS FOR OFFICIALS!: Just for a change we're going to give the pro officials a little pat on the back for their work Sunday. Aside from that one decision (the double penalty occasion when it was apparent to all that Hinkle was not guilty of interference, but was interfered with by an offensive player) the work was fine. Probably the fact President Carl Storck plastered fines on two Packers and three Cardinals for their conduct here two weeks before had something to do with it. Anyway, the officials called 'em and ran the game. I liked especially the way three of them called interference on Gore early in the game, each of them calling the player and each running to the spot of the foul. In the past most of the officials could have been looking the other way to avoid having to give a decision as vital as that one.
OCT 24 (Milwaukee Journal) - A party of 32 Washington Redskins, led by Coach Ray Flaherty, pitched camp in Milwaukee Monday night and Tuesday morning started practice at Borchert field in preparation for the game with the Green Bay Packers at State Fair park Sunday afternoon. The Redskins, who arrived from Pittsburgh where Sunday they defeated the Pirates, 21-14, are living at the Wisconsin hotel. Morning workouts will be held every day this week. Interest in the game, meanwhile, grew apace and officials at State Fair park made plans to erect about 2,000 additional bleacher seats, bringing the capacity to 26,500. The advance sale has been the heaviest in the history of pro ball here and indications were that a capacity crowd, or close to it, would see the game. The previous top crowd, 18,965, was drawn at the Cardinal-Packer game here three weeks ago. State fair park officials also announced that a new scoreboard and electric clock would be installed this week...PACKERS START WORK: The Packers, too, settled down to hard work Tuesday at Green Bay after a day of rest Monday following their 26-7 victory over the Detroit Lions Sunday. Everybody came out of the game in good shape for the battle here. Sunday's victory started the title bee buzzing louder in Green Bay than ever before. It was a vital victory, for it not only hoisted the Packers into a tie for first place in the western division of the league, but put the team in position to take over undisputed first place with a victory over the Redskins Sunday if the Bears can bump off Detroit. A victory over the Redskins will leave the Bears in the game at Wrigley field a week later as the only really bad stumbling block on the schedule. The Packers will close their season with Philadelphia at Philadelphia November 12, Brooklyn at Brooklyn November 19, Cleveland at Cleveland November 26 and Detroit at Detroit November 30. In four games this season, the Packers played to approximately 60,000 persons. They drew about 10,000 to the Cardinal game, 9,000 to the Cleveland game, 19,000 to the Bear game and 22,000 to the Detroit game...WEISS LIKES PRO BALL: Howie Weiss, the Fort Atkinson howitzer, who made his pro debut before Wisconsin fans in the game between the Packers and Lions Sunday, likes professional ball."Don't let anybody kid you it isn't tougher than college ball," Weiss declared. "These boys really rock you when they hit you." Despite his liking for the game, Weiss intends to quit it and accept a job in Detroit after this season. He is reportedly getting $5,000 a season. As understudy to the veteran Bill Shepherd, Weiss saw only relatively brief action Sunday. He looked best on a dandy 45-yard kickoff return at the start of the third quarter. On a weaving run he carried the ball past midfield and gave the Lions position for their only scoring threat of the second half.
OCT 24 (Green Bay) - With the exception of Andy Uram, halfback, the Packers reported for training in good shape here today as Coach Curly Lambeau and Assistant Coach Red Smith put them through a rather lengthy session. Uram, who suffered a pulled muscle in his left leg during the win over Detroit Sunday, also was in uniform, but did little but jog around the field. Packer officials say the Washington game will be the key game of the year. They point out that the victory over Detroit, the first game in which the team functioned well throughout 60 minutes of play, has encouraged the players and that if they can get by the Skins and the natural Bear-Packer rivalry will take care of the November 5 engagement. Coach Lambeau, who has been around the loop many years, is skeptical, pointing out the Skins are due for a great game after their mediocre showing in beating Pitt and that pro teams usually follow up a mediocre showing with a brilliant display. Drills this week will be devoted to adding power to the running game. If that gets to functioning in proper style it will make it only that much easier for the aerial attack that vanquished the Lions to get into scoring form.