(PHILADELPHIA) - Striking quickly, the Green Bay Packers scored an early touchdown here Sunday afternoon and then battled both the Philadelphia Eagles and buckets of dew to hold on to their slim 7-0 advantage. As usual, it was the brilliant Don Hutson, who had a hand in the scoring. The former Alabama great counted the only touchdown and added the extra point before he retired with a bruised rib. In scoring, Hutson boosted his point total to 132 for the season, a
new record. the fact is that every time fleet Don applies
his mitts to the sphere it's a new record. It was about
as poor a day for football as you could ask for in any
clime. The moisture started about half an hour before
the game and continued all afternoon, much to the
disgust of the some 15,000 who were prepared for an
afternoon of wide open football. The Shibe park turf 
soon was a gumbo-like substance and before the first
period ended it was hard to tell one player from another.
To give you a batter idea of the playing conditions, hark
to this: The usually airminded Packers attempted only
a dozen forward passes. Three were completed, one to
Lou Brock and two to Hutson. On the first of his brace,
Hutson made the only touchdown of the game. The
Eagles also airminded, attempted ten bolts and clicked
on three. The play was rough throughout. The Eagles
were fighting hard for their third victory of the season
and didn't take one or two penalties with conduct 
becoming gentlemen. Two or three times they swarmed
all over Packer punters and on one occasion laid Lou
Brock low. The penalty on the play eased the Packers
out of a grave situation, but more on that in a moment.
The game started with a kickoff by Brock to the Eagles
ten where one Lou Tomasetti, who learned his football
at Bucknell, gathered in the egg and raced back to his
own 30. Three line plays gobbled up nine yards and
Bosh Pritchard authored a long punt to the Packer 27.
There the Packers backfired. Brock nestled the egg
lovingly to his bosom and came back 11 to his 38. 
Isbell's touchdown pass kept alive his consecutive 
game touchdown throwing record. This was the 22nd
straight tilt in which Cece threw a scoring aerial. He
started his string in the first game of the 1941 season.
Now lightning and Cecil Isbell were about to strike even
as the home folks feared. For a starter, Ted Fritsch
smacked the center for a yard. Then both Hutson and
Lou Brock dashed out far to the right and, while the
crowd yelled, Isbell stood by, ball in hand, and waited.
The Eagles scurried to cover elusive Don, and, after he
had bided his time, Isbell chose wisely and lobbed the ball to Brock who took it in stride and was pushed out on the Eagles' 30. On the next play, Cecil faded back. This time the famous Isbell-Hutson combination functioned and he lobbed a beauty to Hutson who took it on the 20-yard line. Don had his back turned to the goal as he caught the pass. Wheeling, he spun from the grasping, desperate fingers of Pritchard, who slid to his knees and wound up on his tummy where he had a good view of Hutson's back as that gentleman trotted casually his way unbothered for the last 20 yards.
It was oh, so simple, the way it was done and the crowd sat stunned. They had been certain of what was coming. They had howled to their own to stop this thing they feared, and, then, right before their eyes, the apple made its arc, was accepted and it was done. And then this bunch of fans, not a sporting crowd at all during the matinee, had to grudgingly give vent to sound, half in appreciation of what they had seen, half in woe at what their eye had beheld. The extra point, of course, was added with a trim and true boot by Hutson who sliced the crossbars as neatly as you would that piece of Steve's cheese come midnight lunch on a Saturday. And so, in three plays from scrimmage, the Packers had eaten up 62 yards, and only a bit more than three minutes had elapsed. Soon, thereafter, it looked as though the Packers were about to do it again. Isbell intercepted a Tommy Thompson pass and waltzed back to midfield. Fritsch rammed for about four yards and then a bullet to Don was incomplete. On the following play, Isbell connected with his favorite receiver and it was a first down on the Eagles 39. But it was no go, and Brock finally punted into the end zone. About this time, Hutson was excused from performing further chores and the balance of the first half was a game, not of football, but one in which the fans attempted to tall just who had the ball after a scrimmage in the mud. It became so hard to tell just who was who that even the loudspeaker at the field was silent until apologetic coughs made the fans aware that the announcer, too, was baffled.
The Packers scored again late in the second quarter when a lad who looked as though he had been industriously turning out mudpies all afternoon threw to another similar individual, who in turn lateraled to a gent who seemed akin to Eddie Cantor in makeup. Isbell, they said in the press box, had started the play but nobody was certain about his two companions on the jaunt that was good for 46 yards. The effort, however, was ruled null and void because an official detected unorthodox use of the fists and the Bays were awarded a 15-yard penalty for their trouble. Just before the end of the half, the Packers rapped once more on the door of scoring opportunity. Brock had returned a Barnum punt to the Eagles 27, slipping and sliding, but keeping his feet in the uncertain football until it looked as though he might go the distance. Isbell was tossed back on the Eagles 36 when his windshield wiper failed and he couldn't pick out a friend. A five-yard penalty placed the ball on the 41. Plunges carried them back to the 30 and there Brock tried to lift the soggy ball over the crossbar. They rang up the "no sale" sign on the attempt as the ball wobbled just a bit above the outstretched arms in the green and silver jerseys. It came down about the 10-yard line and Bob Davis, onetime Kentucky back, scooped it out of the mud and galloped back to his own 27. Dick Erdlitz, the Oshkosh boy, raced for 10 yards then and a first down as the gun ended the half. The third quarter found the Packers on the defensive, due to a tricky quick kick by the Eagles. After the Packers took the kickoff and failed to eat up any great amount of yardage, Pritchard ran a punt back from his 22 to his 33. Two plunged gave the Quakers a first down on their own 45. On first down, Pritchard quick kicked on a dazzling maneuver that started out as though to be a backward pass and end run. The ball rolled far downfield as players streamed after it and the fans gave voice to their delight. Finally, it was ruled dead on the Packer five-yard line and the Bays, like the stray bit of gravy on the necktie, were on the spot. Grimly, the men of Lambeau tried to get out of the hole. A plunge failed to gain. Another resulted in a three-yard setback and then Lou Brock stepped into his end zone to kick.
Here the crowd roared for blood and booed the officials who raised their hands for silence to give the Packers a chance to hear the signals. The ball was snapped back and Brock, rushed a bit, produced a squashy boot that went high but not so far, coming to rest on the Packers' 16. That was hot stuff for the Philadelphians and they made the most of it, but their glee was shortlived when an official tooted his horn and Brock was discovered limping back of the goal posts. It was, the referee decided, not according to the code and paced off some yardage against the Eagles for roughing the kicker. On the following series of downs, gained by the penalty, the Packers tried without luck. A five-yard offside penalty rushed them back to the five and again Brock stepped into the end zone while the din increased.
​But he fooled 'em, our Lou did. He applied pressure and the ball rose over the groans of the fans until Pritchard caught it at midfield and came back but seven to the Packers' 43. It was clutch kicking, Although Philadelphia did advance for a first down, your Packers had it and forced them to punt. Right there the ball game turned in favor of the Wisconsinites when Tony Canadeo took the boot and raced and ripped his way forward from his 10-yard line until he was spread out of bounds on the Packer 36. That did the business and from then on the Eagles tried hard but couldn't do anything about altering the score. The Eagles did get a break midway through the last period when a punt was partially blocked on fourth down. It slipped and bobbled around as every pair of butterfingers on the lake tried to clutch it. The Eagles recovered for a first down on the Packers' 39. 
Philadelphia advanced on plunges to the Packer 25 and the fans were fired up, but the threat was ended when Lou Brock took Thompson's pass in custody and sloshed back to his 38. Right there the Packer ground game became electric but time was too short for further scoring, Brock crashed through would-be tacklers, found an opening and made it a first down on the Eagle 43. Two plunges by a mud crusted back failed to gain. Then, on the last play, churned like a sidewheeler and was off for a jaunt that seemed a certain touchdown. A waterfall, or whirlpool, stopped him on the Eagles' 24 and he was downed by several home boys as the gun barked, ending the game. Not to harp on the mud further, but the players' numbers couldn't be seen from the stands after the early minutes of the game. So, any reference in this script to a player of either side, is probably purely coincidental.
GREEN BAY    -   7   0   0   0  -  7
PHILADELPHIA -   0   0   0   0  -  0
1st - GB - Don Hutson, 31-yard pass from Cecil Isbell (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
DEC 4 (Green Bay) - Today's news about the Green 
Bay Packers is a bit bloody. It deals with the Packers'
activities about noon next Monday when Coach Curly
Lambeau's athletes will each donate a pint of blood at a
Milwaukee Red Cross station. Lambeau and Assistant
Coaches Red Smith and Eddie Kotal also will donate
their blood. The blood collected will be shipped in
refrigerated boxes to the nearest laboratory where the
red and white corpuscles will be sifted to the bottom 
leaving a clear, colorless fluid - the plasma - on top. By
such a process blood does not have to be typed. The
dried blood plasma, which can be shipped easily to 
distant battlefronts, already has saved hundreds of lives
in World War II. It was a supply of plasma that kept the
wounded, dangerously shocked men at Pearl Harbor on
the list of injured victims instead of with the toll of dead.
The Packers, who play the Pittsburgh Steelers at State
Fair park in Milwaukee Sunday, will not make their 
usual Sunday night trip home but will remain at the 
Hotel Schroeder to rest up for the blood-letting process
Monday...TEAM'S TIMING OFF: Although the Packers
got in a "hot" practice session in the snow today and
Thursday, Lambeau expressed concern over the team's
 timing which is hard to drill under "such conditions".
The practice field was cleared off but the ground is still
hard and partly covered with snow. The Bays worked 
their aerial game today with some success even though 
the catchers wore gloves, which will be discarded 
regardless of the temperatures Sunday. Lambeau 
expects it will be necessary to wear rubber soled shoes
Sunday although a sharp "up" in temperatures would
change his plans. Don Hutson will see action Sunday,
but will not be up to his usual form. Hutson bruised 
several ribs in the New York Giants game and furthered
the injury in the Philadelphia battle. Cecil Isbell, the 
other end of the Bays' aerial game, worked out for the
first time Thursday and his sore ankle showed no signs
of giving trouble..LEADS ON INTERCEPTIONS: Hutson,
who already owns more championships that Hitler does
headaches, will be seeking top honors for interceptions,
something new for him. He is tied with Bulldog Turner
of the Bears. But Turner faces the pass-conscious
Cardinals while Hutson is matched against Pittsburgh,
strictly a running outfit. Of principal interest to the
Packers today was the Steeler record for '42, especially
in view of the fact that Pittsburgh had been a doormat
ever since it entered the circuit in 1935. For instance,
the Packers baptized the Steelers, formerly known as
the Pirates, with a 47-0 beating back in 1933. The Bays
slammed the Easterners, 27-0, and 34-14, in 1935. The
payoff came a year ago when the Packers clubbed the
Steelers, 54-7...SCORE ONLY 54 POINTS: In seven
games since 1933, the Steelers scored only 34 points
against Green Bay while the Packers counted 248. 24
of Pittsburgh's points came during the 1935 and 1936
seasons. But, this year, the Steelers are back in the
league. They won seven games and lost only three to
break all their win-loss marks. They allowed only 95
points in 10 games and added up 146 against their
opponents. Their defensive record is second only to the
Bears' 77. Pittsburgh lost its first two games, 24-14 to
Philadelphia and 28-14 to Washington's championship
outfit. The Steelers then set the Eastern division talking
by clipping the New York Giants, 13-10. They added
further flame by blanking Brooklyn and Philadelphia, 7-0
and 14-0, respectively. After losing to Washington 14-0,
the Steelers downed New York 17-9; Detroit, 35-7; the
Chicago Cardinals, 19-3; and Brooklyn, 13-0...DUDLEY
BIG HELP: Bill Dudley, a flashy all-American from the
University of Virginia, is the principal reason for the
Steelers' success. Dudley, with some help from Curt
Sandig, form the best one-two ground combination in 
the league. They operate behind the league's third best
line, ranking only behind the Bears and Washington 
forward walls. Defensively, the Steelers are hot stuff.
They allowed only 97 first downs, second to the Bears
with 93; and only 81 passes for an average of slightly
more than eight per game.
DEC 4 (Chicago) - The 1941 edition of the champion
Chicago Bears put most of the team records beyond 
the reach of its successor, but the 1942 edition is not
revealing any tendency to let the matter interfere with its
supremacy in the NFL. Latest audits reveal the Bears
leading the league in 18 departments of team statistics.
DEC 4 (Chicago) - Bulldog Turner, who must have been
a beautiful baby, and Don Hutson, already possessed of
six new records this season, broke up the four-way tie
for first place among pass interceptors in the National
league last week. Turner, the Chicago Bears center, and
Hutson, the all-around handy man from Green Bay, 
each intercepted one enemy aerial, forcing Merlyn 
Condit of Brooklyn and J. Martin of the Chicago Cards
into second place, where they were joined by Charlie
Brock, the Packer center. Turner and Hutson have 
seven interceptions apiece; the others, six. Condit
widened the gap between himself and Andy Farkas of
Washington for punt return honors, but remained only
​one return ahead of the pack when Bill Dudley of the
Steelers moved up to second. Condit has handled 20
punts and Dudley 19...NEAR RUSHING TITLE: Dudley,
who has better than an even chance of winning the 
ground gaining championship his first year in major
league football, retained second place among kickoff
handlers, but lost ground to Marshall Goldberg of the Chicago Cardinals. Goldberg now leads in this department, 15 returns to 11. Dante Magnani of Cleveland moved up into a tie for second with Dudley. The leading punter this week is Sammy Baugh, the defending champion, who finished his regular season against Detroit Sunday. There is little likelihood that anyone but the taciturn Texan will be in first place when the regular schedule closes Sunday.
DEC 4 (Milwaukee Journal) - Quick now - which is the best ball carrying team in the NFL? The Bears? The Redskins? Wrong. Both wrong. The best ball carrying team in the National league today, according to averages just released, is Pittsburgh, which comes to town Sunday for the season's finale against the Green Bay Packers at State Fair park. The Bears are tough, once they start rolling, and the Redskins are tough, too. The Bears in 10 games and on 435 plays have gained 1,694 yards rushing and the Redskins in the same number of games and on 413 plays 1,521 yards. They are tough, all right. But tougher than either are the Steelers. In 10 games and 435 plays rushing, the surprising team put together by Walt Kiesling, an old Packer tackle, has gained 1,765 yards rushing. The average is the best in the league. The Packers, by comparison, have gained only 1,220 yards on 385 plays. You don't have to go much farther than this to see that Green Bay has its work cut out for itself Sunday afternoon...With a forecast of rising temperatures, work was started Friday to clear the State Fair park field and stands of snowdrifts. The gridiron was being scraped first, then was to be swept...The Steelers, if you judge them off the season's complete statistics, are one of those good old-fashioned football teams of the kind that Minnesota usually puts on the field. They have a tough defense against rushing, not the best in the league, but the third best. Only the Bears and the Redskins have better defenses against rushing. The Steelers have an alert club, ready to gobble up any loose ball, a clean ball handling club, judging by the few fumbles they have made, and a good kicking team. They don't use the pass a great deal. In their scheme of things it is only a supplementary weapon. Where the Packers have attempted 295 passes this season, the Redskins 257, Cleveland 249, Philadelphia 213, and even the Bears 179, the Steelers have tried only 134. But how they run the ball, with backs like Bill Dudley, the rookie of the year, Curt Sandig, Dick Riffle, Andy Tomasic and George Gonda. Their statistics in this speak for themselves. They dropped their first two games, then won seven of the next eight and now have second place in the eastern division of the league cinched...With all of their rushing strength, however, and their defensive strength, the Steelers are still the underdogs in the wagering. Green Bay's pass attack commands too much respect. Green Bay is a seven point choice...Curly Lambeau calls Sunday's game the toughest on Green Bay's schedule, next to the two with the Bears, and he has driven the Packers accordingly. Lambeau loves to win too much to ease up for the last game with nothing at stake. The Packers have second place in the western division cinched. On Tuesday and Wednesday, while in the grip of the cold wave, Lambeau drilled the team indoors, at an outlying dance hall. Thursday and Friday, however, he had them outdoors. They will arrive here Saturday night. So will the Steelers. Sunday's game will start at 2 o'clock.
DEC 4 (Milwaukee Sentinel) - A football autographed by all members of the Green Bay Packers will be auctioned off to the highest war bond bidder between halves of the Packer-Pittsburgh Steeler professional league game at State Fair park Sunday afternoon. As another special feature of the season's finale, the American Legion will present to the Packer game captain, probably Buckets Goldenberg, a service flag with 18 stars, representing the number of Bays who are now in the armed forces. Green Bay's famous Lumberjack band will again be an attraction and it is expected that the Blatz Legion post band will also help enliven things before the contest and between halves. Despite the low temperatures, this week the groundskeeper promises a good playing surface Sunday, and the famed aerial artists, Cec Isbell and Don Hutson, will be able to do their stuff. Hutson has not fully recovered from last Sunday's chest injury, but should play part of the time. Coach Curly Lambeau will bring the Bays to Milwaukee some time Saturday after a final light workout at the home field. Pittsburgh and the famous Bill Dudley will also be along some time Saturday.
DEC 4 (Pittsburgh) - Unable to secure an indoor practice site as desired yesterday, the Pittsburgh Steelers staged their final local drill of the 1942 season on frozen, snow-covered Forbes Field. Coach Walter Kiesling kept his proteges out in the cold for a bit more than one hour, then ordered Trainer Hayden Mayhew to pack the togs for the invasion of Milwaukee and Sunday's game with the Green Bay Packers. The Rooney squad will entrain this morning at 8:40 in the Pennsylvania station. They reach Chicago late this afternoon and move on to Milwaukee soon afterward. A final practice session will be held in the Wisconsin city tomorrow. While both Coaches Kiesling and Jim Leonard were far from satisfied with the limited preparations they were able to make for the closing test of the year, they didn't feel quite so pessimistic when words was received that the thermometer was flirting with the zero mark in Milwaukee. That means the Packers must shoulder the same handicap...PACKERS MUST PASS: National League statistics just released give promise that the rivals are fairly evenly matched. The figures give a true picture of the fact that Pittsburgh is predominantly a rushing array while the Packers must pass to get anywhere. The Steelers have rolled up 80 first downs rushing to only 59 for Green Bay. However, Coach Curly Lambeau's proteges have 87 through the air to only 19 for Pittsburgh. Thirteen on penalties to but four for the Steelers give Green Bay a bulge of 159 to 113 from all sources. The same is true in yards gained in which the Steelers made 1,765 rushing to 1,220 but were outdistanced in passing by the great total of 2.147 for Green Bay to only 432. Big hope of the Rooneymen is found in the first downs for opponents. Pittsburgh ranks second to only the mighty Chicago Bears, permitting but 87 to the Halas club's 93. Green Bay, on the other hand, has given up 130 first downs which doesn't speak very well for their defense. The tough Steeler line is expected to prove a big problem for the Packer attack...HUTSON'S STATUS UNCERTAIN: From the statistical charts, the key to an eighth league victory for the locals depends on wrecking the Packer aerials. Reports that end Don Hutson may not be able play due to a shoulder separation suffered against Philadelphia last Sunday would bolster Steeler hopes if they are true. Cecil Isbell, brilliant heaver, will definitely perform but he has no receivers to
DEC 1 (Green Bay) - Green Bay and Pittsburgh will battle it out for the "little championship" of the NFL at State Fair park in Milwaukee Sunday afternoon. The Packers are second in the Western division, while the Steelers rank No, 2 in the Eastern sector. The winner of Sunday's collision is the "little champion", although the Packers outweigh the "big" champions, Chicago's Bears. Pittsburgh lost only three games, and the Packers dropped two, both to the Bears. The Bays also hold a tie, a 21-21 mix with the New York Giants. The Packers have scored 130 more points than the Steelers but the Pittsburgh club allowed only 95 markers, 99 less than the Bays gave up. All of which adds us to a Defense vs. Offense battle in Milwaukee. Coach Curly Lambeau and his Packers blew into Green Bay with the snow Monday evening. It was rather ironical since Lambeau and his Bays got onto the train in Philadelphia during a steady downpour of rain. Lambeau termed the terrific rand during the Philadelphia game as the "worst I've ever seen for a football game. There wasn't a bit of wind and it was hot, about 60 degrees. The players couldn't be distinguished after two or three minutes. They were up to their ankles in mud." The playing equipment is in such terrible condition that it was necessary to leave it in Philadelphia until it was dried out. Property Man Jimmy Schymanski remained in the Quaker city, and shipped it back to Green Bay Monday afternoon. Schymanski and the equipment were to arrive here sometime this afternoon....SNOW WON'T HURT: Originally, Lambeau planned a practice for today but lack of equipment forced him to cancel the drill until Wednesday. The snow won't hamper the Packers' practice activities this week. As a matter of fact, Lambeau pointed out "we'd rather drill in show than rain any day." The State fair park field is being cleared of snow and will be ready for Sunday's test. Lambeau was pleased with the play of his Packers in Philadelphia, saying that "we had to go on defense after scoring that touchdown. Hutson came up with that chest injury shortly after he scored which is why he didn't play the rest of the game. He could have played more but passing was simply out of the question."...PLAY THIRD GAME: Ray Riddick returned to Green bay with the team and will play his third game at Milwaukee. Riddick, former end coach at Dartmouth, joined the Packers a day before the Giant game and saw plenty of action. Packer scouts got a good look at Pittsburgh and its brilliant back, Bill Dudley, at Brooklyn Sunday afternoon, while the Steelers were winning, 13-0. The Bays will get their first look at Pittsburgh plays Wednesday.
DEC 1 (Chicago) - Don Hutson, the Green Bay Packers' end who has set nearly every conceivable scoring record this season in the NFL, needs only one more placekick for extra point to equal a mark which has stood for eight years. 30 of Hutson's 132 points in 10 games were scored on placekicks after touchdowns. Jack Manders of the Chicago Bears booted 31 in 1934.
Hutson will have his last chance against the Steelers in
Milwaukee Sunday. Although Hutson was far ahead in
the scoring parade, the Bears dominated the list with
players in the next three positions.
DEC 1 (Milwaukee Journal) - One out of every eleven
passes Cecil Isbell has thrown and one out of every six he has completed has been a touchdown pass - which gives the Pittsburgh Steelers something to think about when they play at State Fair park Sunday afternoon. His average gain has been 14 yards a pass. On the other hand, though, the Packers better give a thought to Bill Dudley. He is the league's rookie of the year - and a dandy.
DEC 1 (Pittsburgh) - Having won four straight games for the first time in their history and totaled seven successes in one season for another new mark, the Pittsburgh Steelers will start preparations today for their last and toughest assignment of all, meeting the Green Bay Packers next Sunday in Milwaukee. Only three drills will be held here as the squad will entrain on Friday morning and then stage their final tuneup at the battle site the next day. Coach Walter Kiesling and his Iron Men will be after revenge in addition to their fifth straight win and their eighth of the campaign. At Forbes Field last season they suffered the worst defeat in history at the hands of these same Packers, Coach Curly Lambeau's boys pouring it on by a 54-7 margin...ONLY TEN SURVIVE: There are only 10 Steelers now on the roster from the 24 who broke into the losers' side of that box score. The 14 who have departed include George Platukis, Joe Connor, Dick Bassi, Joe Wendlick, Johnny Patrick, Art Jones, Elmer Hackney, Dick Dolly, Royal Kahler, Carl Nery, Shorty Williams, Rocco Pirro, Boyd Brumbaugh and Jay Arnold. Eager to square accounts for their humiliation will be Eberle Schultz, Chuck Cherundolo, John Woudenberg, Dick Rifle, Walt Kichefski, Armand Niccolai, George Somers, Ted Doyle, Jack Sanders and Joe Hoague. They actually scored first on the Packers with a touchdown from the one-yard line by Hoague plus Niccolai's conversion. It was 7-0 at the end of the first quarter but the Packers made 26 in the second, 7 in the third and 21 more in the fourth. Pittsburgh has never beaten the Green Bay boys in the seven National league meetings. The Packers have always been so superior that they have never won by less than 20 points. If the Steelers can conquer this jinx, they will bolster their status of being the best pro team in local history...MUST STOP ISBELL AND HUTSON: The weekly parade to the pay window yesterday revealed not a single Steeler casualty of the mud party with the Brooklyn Dodgers, which went to the local team by a 13-0 margin. Aside from a broken ankle bone suffered early in the season by guard Jack Sanders, which kept him on the sidelines for a few games the locals have been real Iron Men all autumn. Naturally the big problem of Coaches Kiesling and Leonard will be one which has baffled every mentor in the circuit, stopping aerials from Cecil Isbell to Don Hutson. The latter had practically rewritten the record book this season in scoring and pass catching. In his appearance here last year Hutson played only the last part of the first quarter and most of the second, but he caught all seven passes tossed to him for a gain of 72 yards. He tallied the first Packer touchdown, too. Recent developments have helped Steeler hopes. After elimination from the western division race, the Packers seem to have slumped. They were tied by New York, 21-21, and beat the tailend Philadelphia Eagles by only 7-0 in their last two starts. The Steelers seem just as hungry for victories as ever and may say farewell with a surprise party on the Milwaukee Fair Grounds this Sunday.
Green Bay Packers (7-2-1) 7, Philadelphia Eagles (2-9) 0
Sunday November 29th 1942 (at Philadelphia)
DEC 5 (Green Bay) - Scout John Torinus of the Green Bay Packers and a captain in Uncle Sam's army saw professional blood in the recent Auburn-Georgia Tech game, and advised Curly Lambeau to rush to a telegraph office in a letter from his post at Fort Benning,
Ga. Former Press-Gazette sports scribe and state 
editor, Torinus points out Frankie Sinkwich of Tech and
Monk Gafford as a definite pro prospects. Although
Sinkwich is ticketed for the navy, Torinus says that
Lambeau can do well to lock him up for future years.
Gafford hasn't signed with the army or navy yet. Of
Sinkwich, Torinus says: "This boy can really pass and
run and kick. His forte is a quick start, which enables
him to slip through minor holes and really break away.
But his passing this year is better than his running and
he really comes close to Isbell in that department.
Throws the same way, bullets that hit the mark. And he
had five men on his neck every time he threw Saturday."
Of Gafford, Torinus says: "This boy, he isn't signed by
the army or navy yet, is good but not as versatile as
Sinkwich. He's just a runner but very fast and shifty,
especially good at sliding around ends, though." The
Fort Benning camp, Torinus says, has quite a letdown
when the Packer-Bear score came out in the papers.
So did Green Bay...FIRST TIME SINCE: For the first
time since the divisional system was adopted in 1933,
none of the closing day contests Sunday have any
bearing on the league's final alignment. The Chicago
Bears and Washington Redskins clinched their titles
two weeks ago...A BLOOMIN' GAME: This story has
drifted out of New York after the Giant-Packer game. It
seems some British Tars were guests at the game and
playing at their ends of the field, changed goals for the 
start of the last quarter it was too much for them and
they up and left in a befuddled body. "Lord loves a duck,
but it's a bit beyond us," said one. "They play a bloomin
game called football at a place called a polo field (Polo
Grounds) where they're supposed to play a game
called baseball."..YARD RATIONING: Here's how Jimmy
Conzelman sums up his Chicago Cardinals football team: "We opened the season with high hopes and wound up with yard rationing. At the start we have had
18 bouncing boys. Most of them are still bouncing."...
BEST AIR DEFENSE: When the Steelers and Packers
meet at Milwaukee, the Green Bay team will be facing
the toughest passing defense squad in the league. The
Pittsburghers have allowed only 923 yards in the air.
The next best is 1,093 for Washington. Opponents have
made only 40 first downs by passing against Pittsburgh.
..THIS AND THAT: Don Hutson has scored 30 of the
Packers' 36 extra points this year. And two of those six
would have given Hutson a new record for extra boots
in one season. Of the Packers' 38 touchdowns, Hutson
had made 17 - all by catching passes. Tony Canadeo is
still the leading ground gainer on the Packer team, with
256 yards in 82 attempts. Second is Chuck Sample 
with 204 and Lou Brock is third with 195. Green Bay
and New York on Oct. 1, 1933 played a game of football
with neither team making a first down.
DEC 5 (Green Bay) - Green Bay closes its 22nd season
in the NFL at State Fair park in Milwaukee at 2 o'clock
Sunday afternoon. The once-lowly Pittsburgh Steelers
will furnish the opposition in a contest that will decide
the circuit's second-best team. The Packers, humbled
twice by the Chicago Bears, who are the Western 
division champions, will try to win their eighth straight
game from the Steelers. Pittsburgh, on the other hand,
will be looking for its first victory over Green Bay. A look at the past scores is just plain foolishness in coloring up Sunday's game, because the 1942 Steelers are making history in the Eastern division. Pittsburgh has won seven games and lost only three - a deed which past Steeler teams never have been able to accomplish. Two of those defeats were at the hands of Washington, powerful Eastern champions. Although neither is going any place, the game shapes up as a terrific duel because of literally scores of individual championships at stake. Virginia Bill Dudley, the nation's classiest collegiate runner a year ago, has the ground gaining championship of the National league in his grasp but will need a hundred stripes or so to make it safe. He has gained 647 yards in ten tests...SLAUGHTER RECORDS: The Packers' Cecil Isbell and Don Hutson will be out to slaughter the records. Isbell will be trying to pitch a touchdown pass in his 23rd straight game. He launched his string at the start of the 1941 season. Isbell also has the league passing championship at stake. Cece can complete five aerials and beat out Sammy Baugh of Washington, who closed the season last Sunday. Isbell, then, would win the league title for the second year in a row. Hutson, who has taken Record as a middle name, has scored in 24 straight games and will be out to make it 25 Sunday. Hutson started scoring back in November of 1940 against Detroit and hasn't gone scoreless since. Known for his pass catching ability, Hutson will cross the river, so to speak, and try to break into a new field - extra point kicking. Hutson needs two points to break Jack Manders' record of 31 set for the Chicago Bears in 1934. Hutson broke the one-game record this season by booting six against the Chicago Cardinals. The previous mark was held by five players, all with five...LONG STRING OF MARKS: Hutson already possesses a long string of records involving passes caught, yards gained and scoring. He has totaled 132 points thus far. His 1941 record was 95, so it is quite obvious that no other player ever touched him. The question around here as the team left this afternoon concerned Hutson's bruised ribs. The Packer wing injured them in the New York Giant game. He will play Sunday, and that's for sure, but whether he'll be able to scamper as usual is something else again. A fleet set of backs, spearheaded by Dudley, plus a stalwart line built around Chuck Cerundolo, offer the reasons for Coach Walter Kiesling's success at Pittsburgh. Dudley has been aided and abetted by a lesser known teammate in Curt Sandig, who plays the other halfback. When these two boys are given a rest, Andy Tomasic, ex-Temple star, and George Gonda of Duquesne take over their posts. Other backfield stars include Dick Riffle and Joe Hoague, fullbacks, and Vernon Martin, quarterback. Cherundolo's line mate are paced by tackle John Woudenberg; guard Mike Simington and Walt Kichekski at end...BAY LINE IN SHAPE: Despite bruising games at New York and Philadelphia, the Packer line is in good shape. Coach Curly Lambeau is expected to start a veteran team with Hutson and Ray Riddick at ends; Paul Berezney and Baby Ray at tackles; Captain Buckets Goldenberg and Bill Kuusisto at guards; Charley Brock at center; and Larry Craig at blocking quarter; Isbell and Lou Brock at the halves; and Ted Fritsch or Chuck Sample at full. Brock may be shifted to fullback if Andy Uram is able to cavort before his injury at halfback. A service flag will be presented Captain Goldenberg, representing the Packers, between halves by the Sullivan Post 11, American Legion, of Green Bay. The presentation will be made by William Berry, post commander, or Chief Ralph Drum, past post and county commander. The flag is in red with a white square in the middle. Eighteen stars, one for each Packer player now in the service, are on the white...GIVE BLOOD MONDAY: The Packers left Green Bay at 5:30 this afternoon and will headquarter at the Hotel Schroeder. They'll remain in Milwaukee Sunday night and will give blood to the Red Cross Monday noon. The blood will be distributed to blood banks on the battle fronts of the Allies. Another highlight of the between-halves entertainment will be the auctioning off of an autographed football to the person buying the most defense bonds. The ball will carry the signature of all members of the Packer team.
DEC 5 (Pittsburgh) - This is the day both Green Bay Coach Curly Lambeau and Steeler Coach Walt Kiesling have been looking forward to all week. Some time this evening the Packers' team physician will examine the separated cartilage which Don Hutson suffered in the first quarter of the Philadelphia game last Sunday and his ruling will determine whether or not the great pass catching end will play in the season's finale tomorrow...ABSENCE WILL HURT PACKERS: Should he be ruled out it would be a blow to the attack of Lambeau's eleven which gets most of its yardage on Cecil Isbell's passes to the shifty, elusive Hutson. While Kiesling would feel very much relieved if Hutson were unable to play, he was expressed a fond desire to see Hutson at his familiar left end position. Kiesling reasons that if the Steelers are to beat Green Bay for the first time in history, he wants the Packers to be at their best. Even art full strength the Lambeau aggregation is rated no better than even choice outside of their own province...FANS BACK STALWART: Around here the Packers are still the pride and joy, despite their two setbacks by the Chicago Bears. Badger State fans are wont to call Green Bay to second best club in the league, Washington, Eastern Division champion, notwithstanding. This morning the Steelers drilled lightly at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds Stadium, scene of tomorrow's battle. The workout consisted of little more than a kicking and passing drill and some running designed to get the Steelers accustomed to the frozen ground.
DEC 5 (Pittsburgh) - With victory still as cherished and as novel to them as a new toy to a youngster, the ebullient Pittsburgh Steelers are no less than an even bet to close out there National League season with a victory over Green Bay this afternoon at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds Stadium. However, if Packer end Don Hutson's cartilage separation has not healed sufficiently to permit him to face the Iron Men, then the Steeler aggregation will take the field a decided favorite. Even though the contest means nothing in the league standings, inasmuch as each club has clinched second place in its respective division and is out of the championship running, the Pittsburghers come to the game with as much pep and determination as if the championship hung in the balance. This spirit is easily explained. Whereas the Steelers in previous years wound up either in or just a stone's throw removed from the cellar, this eleven, in achieving the best record of any Pittsburgh team, considers the campaign quite successful even though the championship eluded them...ANXIOUS TO TAKE PACKERS: Spurring Coach Walt Kiesling charges on is their anxiety to become the first Pittsburgh team ever to beat the Packers and because by so doing they'll register their fifth consecutive victory. Seven of the Steelers' last eight games have been put down on the right side of the ledger. Only black marks on their escutcheon are two defeats by the Eastern Division Champion Washington outfit and another by the last-place Philadelphia Eagles. Green Bay has a slightly better record, having been beaten only twice, both times by the irrepressible Chicago Bears, and their record also shows a 21-21 tie with the New York Giants. However, even with this record the Packers are somewhat disappointed as they had their hopes set on the title. Individual battles for championships heighten interest in the contest. Bill Dudley, with a 44-yard edge over Brooklyn's Merlyn Condit will be attempting to hang onto this advantage as Condit goes to work against the New York Giants...RIFFLE MAY PASS FARKAS: Dick Riffle needs gain only 26 yards to pass Washington's Andy Farkas for third place in the ground gaining division. The former Albright star is virtually certain to do this as is Cecil Isbell to complete five passes to pass Washington's Sammy Baugh and thereby set a new mark for completions, 133. Hutson, whose pass catching record, which are certain to stand whether or not he plays, wants to boot two more points after touchdown to break Automatic Jack Manders' mark of 131 set while with the Bears in 1934. In the all-time series history the Packers have thumped the Steelers seven times, the worst beating being last season when they drubbed the Iron Men, 54-7, at Forbes Field. Green Bay has made 248 points to the Smoky City team's 34.
DEC 5 (Milwaukee Journal) - Football fans will have their last chance of the season, perhaps of the duration, to see professional football here when the Green Bay Packers close their season against the Pittsburgh Steelers at State Fair park Sunday afternoon. The game will start at 2 o'clock. The battle will bring together the two second place clubs in the eastern and western divisions of the league. The Steelers have runnerup honors in the eastern end of the league already cinched, the Packers runnerup honors in the western. Two distinctly different types of clubs will meet. The Packers, with Cecil Isbell pitching and Don Hutson catching, will almost surely come by air again. Hutson, who was slightly injured at Philadelphia last week, was completely recovered Saturday and ready to start. The Steelers, with Bill Dudley, prize rookie of the year, and Curt Sandig, lead the National league in yards gained rushing. On the ground they have outdone the Chicago Bears. They are almost certain to come by ground Sunday. Workmen had cleared the field of snow Saturday and a good gridrion awaited the teams.
DEC 5 (New York) - Herewith is the International News Service all NFL team for 1942. Look 'em over, fans, and then try and picture what havoc they could wreak on the rest of the league it turned loose as a unit. Coach Steve Owen of the New York Giants once remarked that he'd rake the Chicago Bears intact for his all-league team and after looking at this year's selections we realize just what he meant. No less than five men selected for the first team are members of the awesome Bears, western division champions again this year and favorites to win the world's championship next Sunday. Washington placed two, and Pittsburgh, the New York Giants, Brooklyn Dodgers and Green Bay Packers one man each on the dream club. The Bears put four more men on the second team. The Steelers placed two on the alternate squad, with the remaining positions shared by Dodger, Redskin, New York, Philadelphia and Green Bay players. Four men qualified almost automatically for this year's No. 1 club. They were Don Hutson, Green Bay; Sammy Baugh, Washington, and Clyde Turner and Sid Luckman of the Bears. Hutson once more proved the one man team of the league. Dashing Don did everything but collect tickets at the gate and established more records than any player in league history. Every time he catches a pass, scores a touchdown or kicks an extra point out come the erasers and another new mark goes into the record book.
DEC 6 (Milwaukee Sentinel) - The Packers' air attack against one of the stoutest defensive units in the league will be the football menu, no matter the weather when Coach Curly Lambeau's Bays tackle the Pittsburgh Steelers at State Fair park Sunday at 2 p.m. The Packers are favorites in the season finale. Pittsburgh, ably coached by Walt Kiesling, a giant guard of old who earned his pro spurs with the Duluth Eskimos, Packers, Cardinals and Steelers, finished second in the Eastern division of the National league race. They attained that lofty, for them position largely through the offensive talents of Bill Dudley, who won his all-American rating last fall with Frank Murray's Virginia Cavaliers, and the stout hearted defense taught them by Big Walt. From a Packer standpoint, the show, of course, will be centered around Don Hutson and Cec Isbell. Hutson, scoring leader this year and holder of so many records the league record book looks like the Hutson family register, has scored 132 points, compared to his own all time loop mark of 9last two games of the 1940 season and during this time Dandy Don piled home 245 points. Teaming up with Don is Isbell, who also will be shooting for new records. Cec has completed 128 aerials this fall, 21 for touchdowns, and aggregated 1,778 yards through the air. Among Milwaukee favorites in the Bay lineup will be Buckets Goldenberg, veteran Packer guard, who has been having one of his greatest seasons despite a lengthy gridion career. Even in the rout at the hands of the Bears, Buckets was the lion of old, holding his own and giving a bit more than he received. It is also likely that Tiny Croft, the former Ripon giant, will see more than spasmodic action at tackle as he, too, proved in the Chicago game he can play some tough defensive ball if given the chance. 
DEC 6 (Milwaukee Sentinel-Stoney McGlynn) - What might be the last professional football game in Milwaukee for the duration, or, at least, until Herr Adolph has his goose well cooked and full attention can be paid to the sneak punch Nipponese, will be put on for the edification of the every faithful this afternoon at State fair park. Coach Curly Lambeau's Packers, as parties of the first part, will meet up with Coach Walt Kiesling's Pittsburgh Steelers, who will enter the battle as parties of the second part. The Steelers, first of all, have Bill Dudley as the bell cow, or, better yet, as the Moses who led them out of the wilderness (perhaps it was only Pittsburgh smoke) into a position where they finished as the No. 2 team in the East, the same spot where the men of Lambeau finished out here. Of course, the Steelers did not have to meet the Bears twice, a little task that was thrust upon the Packers, and, as you might suppose, resulted in two defeats...SHOOT FOR RECORDS: For the first time in a goodly number of years the Packers will enter a Milwaukee game as no better than an even choice to win. Of course, if Don Hutson's shoulder injury is not too serious he will be good for a touchdown or three or four, making it imperative that the Steelers go out and do some ball lugging of their own. Walt's line is said to be rather tough to go against, but the Packers frown on such bourgoise tactics as hitting a line, except upon rare occasions. Weather permitting, Don will likely be down dragging in a few passes, just for old times sake. Besides he has his scoring record and lead to protect. He's not only cracked the all time league record, but has lapped the field in points. The man simply will not hold still and allow defenders to catch up with him. It is worth the price just to see him and his battery mate, the aforementioned Isbell, demonstrate the art of pitching and catching strikes for touchdowns, the last Bears game, of course, being excluded. Isbell also has something in the way of a record to maintain - the feat of pitching a touchdown pass in 22 consecutive games, a pretty fair job in itself even with a Hutson to bring 'em home to roost. Cec will be shooting for No. 23 today.
DEC 6 (Milwaukee Journal) - The farewell to professional football around here, for the season at least and perhaps for the duration, will be said Sunday afternoon when the resurging Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers meet at State Fair park. The kickoff is scheduled at 2 o'clock. As far as the championship race is concerned, it will be just another game. The Packers can do no better than the second place they already have cinched in the west, the Steelers no better than the second place they have claimed in the east. As a football game, however, it promises to be one of the best and hardest fought of the year. It used to be that everybody in the league pushed the Steelers around. They were the Phillies of professional football. They were knocked off here and knocked off there and their woes filled Owner Art Rooney's cup to the brim. The days of pushing around, however, are over. Pittsburgh today, under the able guidance of Walt Kiesling, an old Packer tackle, has developed into one of the real powers in the league. Pittsburgh comes with more than a team which has second place in the east already cinched. Pittsburgh comes with a team which leads the league in yard gained rushing, and with a rookie, Bill Dudley, late of the University of Virginia, who is just about the hottest thing as a runner to come up from college ball in years. The Steelers dropped their first two games, then righted themselves and won seven of their last eight. At the moment they are at their peak. There is nothing fancy about the Steelers, just as there is nothing fancy about Minnesota in college ball. They play sound, conservative ball, with a minimum of passing, and good defensive play - but how they run. The 1,765 yards they have gained rushing, of which Dudley has picked up 647, speak for themselves. Even the Bears have gained only 1,694 yards rushing. Except for Dudley, a unanimous all-American last year, the lineup contains football players rather football names - Curt Sandig, Dick Riffle, Andy Tomasic, Russ Cotton, Joe Hoague, George Gonda, Vernon Martin, Tony Bova, Eberle Schultz, Jack Sanders, Chuck Cherundolo late of the Rams; Milt Simington, John Woudenberg, Walt Kichefski, George Somers, George Sirochman, Ralph Wenzel, Ted Doyle, Armand Niccolai, Joe Lamas, Tom Brown, Hub Law, Clure Mosher, Mike Rodak, Art Albrecht, a Manitowoc boy who started the season with the Packers, and Tex Hinte, another former Packer. Green Bay's hopes, as usual, rest almost entirely on Isbell's passing, Hutson's receiving and just enough running from backs like Brock, Uram, Canadeo and Sample to make the passing effective. If the Steelers have done well with their running alone, so have the Packers done well with their passing alone. They have jammed the ball down everybody's throat, and they will probably jam it down Pittsburgh's. Whether they can match Pittsburgh's running in this way, though, remains to be seen. The Packers, who have not lost a game in Milwaukee since way back when, ruled seven point favorites Saturday night. All manner of individual championships for the season will be decided, and all manner of records may be broken. Hutson, Isbell, Dudley and the Steelers as a team, all have the opportunity to set new marks. Both teams arrived in Milwaukee Saturday night. Snow, which had covered the field early in the week, was all cleared off Saturday, assuring fairly good going. The game will be one of three with which the league will wind up its season. In the others, the Bears will meet the Chicago Cardinals at Comiskey park, Chicago, and the Giants will play Brooklyn at the Polo Grounds in New York.
DEC 6 (Milwaukee Journal) - Shall the pro football league continue in 1943 or shall it fold up? The question will come up for discussion, may even be announced, at the annual league meeting in Washington next week. Sentiment, according to his nibs, Elmer Layden is divided...And while on the league meeting, Curly Lambeau wants the league's annual draft postponed until April. "An April draft will give coaches more time to size up material," Lambeau explains, "more time to determine if a boy really wants to play pro ball, and in these times, when the armed services, of course, comes first, more time to get a better picture of the whole situation."...The scoring pace in the NFL has fallen off a bit this season. A year ago the pros averaged 4.4 touchdowns per game. This year they averaged 4.3.
DEC 3 (Green Bay) - Wild Bill Dudley, the hottest halfback in professional football since Beattie Feathers discarded his pads, is likely to raise a lot of hob with the Packers at Milwaukee Sunday afternoon. Dudley, All-American from the University of Virginia, has provided the spark is giving Pittsburgh's Steelers the most successful season in their eight-year history in the NFL. At present Dudley is THE man among the league's ground gainers. The Virginian ace, who broke collegiate records a year ago with 134 points, has gained 647 yards in 149 attempts, an average of 4.3 yards every time he carried the ball. Former Chicago Bear, Feathers, by the way, holds the record, 1,004 yards. Dudley, who scored 134 points for a new collegiate record at Virginia last year, was a marked man in the Packers' indoor drill at the Riverside ballroom Wednesday afternoon. Operating at left half, the Packers' reasonable facsimiles had themselves an easy time going through the Bay defense. The catch is that the Packers did no tackling...AGENT RUNS WILD: The Steeler press agent, like all others, colors Dudley up to the high heavens. Listen to this: "This rugged son of Virginia is a rough, tough, knock 'em down football player if there ever was one. He's a rip-snortin' battle axe when he carries the mail. He runs like a deer and a battering ram - slashing, knifing, cutting, spinning, breaking and raising the roof amid the plaudits of wildly cheering throngs."...PICKS UP 397 YARDS: Dudley didn't let his press agent down because the Virginia flash picked up a total of 397 yards in his first two starts against Philadelphia and Washington, which boasts the toughest line in the league. Lambeau believes that the adjectives are not being misplaced in the case of Dudley. Packer scouts left last Sunday's Brooklyn-Pittsburgh game rather wide-eyed, and reported to the Packer coach that Dudley will have to be stopped if Green Bay expects to win at Milwaukee. The Packers drilled without Cecil Isbell, throwing end of the Isbell-Don Hutson duo Wednesday. A merchant in Manitowoc, Isbell was unable to get through the blocked road not to mention gas rationing. He planned to take a train but it was late...PLAY BASKETBALL: The Packers spent a good share of their time at the Riverside playing basketball. They loosened up with a tough cage scrimmage on the dance floor, and Bob Kahler seemed to be the star, scoring several difficult shots. The boys who felt they needed a little "sweat" remained after practice for another basketball game. Lambeau dispatched his gridders into the snow for a brief workout this morning. It was the first outdoor drill since last week when they prepared for Philadelphia at the Westchester Country club at Rye, N.Y. The players wore rubber-soled shoes which also will be used at Milwaukee, barring a sudden change in weather. Rubber soles are part of the Packers' regular equipment for every game after Nov. 1, although they are only used when the ground is frozen.
DEC 3 (Green Bay) - Undisputed boss for the first time since he's been coaching, Walter Kiesling - a former Green Bay Packer tackle - can take a bow. The huge Pittsburgh Steeler mentor, whose charges will battle the Packers in Milwaukee Sunday afternoon, has seen his own fortunes drop as low as those of the Steelers, but the astounding record of his Steelers this season - seven victories in ten games and second place in the Eastern division - is sweet vindication. He took his initial step as a coach back in 1937 when he served as assistant to his old teammate, Johnny Blood, also a former Packer. When Blood quit the Pittsburgh eleven in the middle of the '39 season, Kies stepped in as head coach. Still in the role of stopgap, he guided the Steelers to two victories in 1940, but when the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia clubs changed ownership, Kies again was relegated to an assistantship. Bert Bell succeeded him as head coach last year and late in the season Duquesne's Buff Donelli succeeded Bell. When the National league delivered its ultimatum to Donelli - coach either Duquesne or Pittsburgh, but not both - he chose to stick in the collegiate ranks and again Kiesling was Johnny-on-the-spot once more. The only victory the Steelers scored last year came under the guidance of Kiesling and it knocked Brooklyn right out of the Eastern division race. It's been a long haul for the former all-league tackle who left St. Paul's in Minnesota back in 1926 with a bachelor of science degree in mathematics. He played successfully with the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates before taking on coaching responsibilities. But Kiesling never has regretted his decision to forego the infinitesimal value of numbers for the more practical value on a scoreboard. And the scoreboards have reflected his determination this year with more victories than Pittsburgh has won in the last three years...VAN EVERY GRIDS: John Haigh of the Spokane Spokesman-Review writes that Hal Van Every of the 1941 Green Bay Packers is now a bright star of the highly-talented second air force bomber eleven operating out of Fort Wright at Spokane. In a recent game, Hal picked off great chunks of yardage and tossed for the touchdown as the Bombers tied Washington State college, 6-6. Previously he had a big part in the Bombers' eight straight wins. Including himself, Haigh says there are many fans out here rooting for the Packers. Haigh, incidentally, attended St. Norbert college...THEM MEMORIES: Every time Coach Marvin Miller of Catholic Central HIgh sees Don Hutson in action he recalls the St. Mary (Calif.) - Alabama game in Los Angeles back in 1933. Miller played quarterback for St. Mary and Hutson was at left end for Alabama. No, Hutson didn't catch a touchdown pass in that game. But Alabama won, 7-0. Hutson's next trip to the west coast was in 1934 when he helped stand Stanford on its collective ear with his sticky fingers. Miller made St. Mary's first trip east in 1930. This jaunt later put St. Mary on the map...THIS AND THAT: Ted Doyle, veteran tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers, works five days a week on the 3 to 11 o'clock shift in a defense plant. Don Hutson may be hot stuff on a gridiron but on the bowling alleys he still hasn't been able to reach a 175 average. Bowling on his Packer Playdium team, the Packer wing averages around 159 in the Green Bay Major league. The Chicago Bears have totaled 355 points in 10 games this season, but will need 41 against the Cardinals next Sunday to tie their own record of 396 set last year...THAT DEFENSE: The Packers have allowed their opponents 194 points in 10 games thus far this season. A year ago their foes scored only 120 markers in 11 contests.
DEC 3 (Pittsburgh) - Late last night large Walter Kiesling, the Pittsburgh Steeler football coach, was searching for an indoor practice site for his gridders in hopes of directing one satisfactory session prior to Sunday's final league contest against the Green Bay Packers in Milwaukee. The squad entrains tomorrow morning for the midwest. "We haven't had one good drill in the last two weeks," was Kiesling's lament. "Rain and mud stymied us most of the time. That was the drawback on Tuesday when we held our first practice for the Packer battle. Today the ground at Forbes Field was frozen in deep ruts and it was too dangerous to do any running. About our only consolation is that it must be as cold out in Wisconsin where Curly Lambeau is figuring on stopping our boys."...YARDAGE TITLE IN BALANCE: While the ultimate positions of almost every National league entry has been decided, Sunday's match between the Steelers and Packers is going to do much to determine various statistical leaders. From a local standpoint the ground gaining of Bill Dudley and Dick Riffle will hold most interest. Dudley and Merlyn Condit of the Brooklyn Dodgers have staged a two way struggle for yardage from scrimmage all season. The Virginian lost a dozen yards in last Sunday's mud party in Oakland but still is ahead by 44 yards at 647 to 603. Condit plays his last game against the New York Giants in the Polo Grounds on Sunday. Either star can sew up the coveted honors with a couple of long gallops. Riffle, one of the hardest working athletes in local pro history, is in No. 4 position at the moment with 443 yards. He can overtake Washington's Andy Farkas who is in third place with 468. Farkas has finished his season, so Dick needs only 26 yards to sneak ahead. He got 50 against Brooklyn last Sunday and is almost a sure shot to overtake the Redskin speeder. The Packers also have numerous individual prizes at stake. Sammy Baugh, Washington passer who has finished his regular season task, is leading Green Bay's Cecil Isbell in completions by 132 to 128. All Isbell needs to cinch honors for the season is five connections against Pittsburgh. Don Hutson, great pass catcher and placement kicker of the Packers, can break an eight-year league record for conversions after touchdowns if he boots two against Pittsburgh. He now has 30 to his credit and is shooting for the 31 mark of Automatic Jack Manders of the Chicago Bears, which was established in 1934. Hutson suffered a shoulder separation in last Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles and some stories have him due to miss the Steeler finale. Reports of football injuries often prove erroneous, however, so the locals are laying their plans as if Hutson were perfectly sound. Coach Kiesling has high hopes of spoiling most of the Packer plans. He especially is eager to thwart that goal-after-touchdown ambition of Hutson. In their last three games the stalwart Steeler defense has permitted only one touchdown. They whipped Detroit by 35-7, Chicago Cards by 19-3 and Brooklyn by 13-0 in their latest trio of starts. Similar tight defense against the aerial-minded Packers would spoil a field day for the statisticians and likely bring the first victory in history for the local club over the Green Bay eleven.
DEC 3 (Milwaukee Journal) - Nothing in the record books is safe any more with that fellow Don Hutson around. Now it's the mark for point after touchdowns which he wants and which Sunday, against the surging Pittsburgh Steelers at State Fair park, he means to get. Hutson already possesses a long string of records involving passes caught, yards gained and scoring. His deeds cover almost a page in the book. No other individual has anything like it. Until this year, though, it never included anything on points after touchdowns. Nobody, for that matter, believed that it ever might. The record of 31, set by Automatic Jack Manders of the Bears in 1934, was believed safe for all time. The very idea that it was something apparently beyond reach, however, was something to interest Hutson. He has always excelled in the so-called impossible. A pass which cannot be caught because it is thrown too far, Hutson gets. A pass which a couple of men have perfectly covered, Hutson gets. And now a record believed safe for all time, Hutson may get. Hutson will go into Sunday's game with 30 points after touchdowns to his credit this season. He needs only one Sunday to tie Manders' record and two to break it. And incidentally, if he catches the touchdown pass leading up to the try for the extra point, he will break another flock of passing and scoring records which he already holds. The chances are pretty good that he will break them, too. Hutson has scored at least one touchdown in his last 24 league games...Snow drifts cover the field at State Fair park, but Supt. Sweeney Thursday said it would be a simple matter to clear the gridiron as soon as the wind subsides. "We'll use snowplows on it first," he said, "and then brooms, and Sunday, if no more snow falls, it will look like a putting green - well, almost like a putting green anyway." The immediate forecast is for slowly rising temperatures...Out of Green Bay comes word that the Packers will be at their peak of the season for the finale. Hutson has recovered sufficiently from the slight muscle separation to start and Ray Riddick and Harry Jacunski, ends, who joined the club a couple of weeks ago, have started to work back into the scheme of things after long layoffs. Riddick joined he team on its recent eastern trip. Workouts were held indoors Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday morning, however, Lambeau took the boys outdoors, cold or no cold. The Packers will need to be at their peak. Pittsburgh, under Walt Kiesling, has been the surprise of the season. Led by Bill Dudley, Frank Murray's All-American at Virginia last year, the Steelers have second place in the eastern division of the league clinched. They have won seven and lost three. Green Bay has won seven, lost two and tied one...A football autographed by all the members of the team will go to the highest bidder on war bonds in an auction to be held between halves...Cecil Isbell can become the first forward passer to repeat as league champion in Sunday's game. He needs four more completions to tie Sammy Baugh and five to beat him. Isbell won last year's title with 117 completions in 206 passes. He will go into Sunday's game with 128 completions. Baugh, who completed his regular season last Sunday, has 132. No man has ever won the passing championship two years in a row. Several have won it more than once, but in alternate years. Arnie Herber of the Packers won it in 1932, 1934 and 1936; Harry Newman of the Giants won it in 1933; Ed Danowski of the Giants won it in 1935 and 1938; Sammy Baugh won it in 1937 and 1940, and Parker Hall pulled it in in 1939. Isbell won the title for the first time last year.
DEC 3 (Milwaukee) - Servicemen - 2,000 of them - may see free the Green Bay Packer-Pittsburgh football game at 1:30 p.m. Sunday at State Fair park coliseum by picking up tickets at the USO, 623 N. Water St.
DEC 2 (Green Bay) - Green Bay's Packers put on rubber-soled shoes in defiance of Old Man Weather as they worked out in Riverside ballroom today. Despite the "un-football" setting, the Packers were definitely football-minded, as they prepared an offense to throw
against the Pittsburgh Steelers who possess the 2nd
best defense in the NFL. The Steelers have allowed 
only 95 points, while the Bears are tops with 77. The
Packers, who scored their first shutout victory (7-0) at
Philadelphia Sunday since the first game of the 1941
season, and Steelers will battle at State Fair park at
Milwaukee Sunday afternoon in the season's finale.
Besides being a battle for the "little (second place) 
championship", the Packers and Steelers will collide in
a contest of champions. Pittsburgh will present the
league's leading ground gainer - Bill Dudley, the former
West Virginia flash, and the Packers will show their
famous touchdown twins - Cecil Isbell and Don Hutson.
The encounter looks mighty important for slick Mister
Isbell. The Packer pitcher, championship passer of the
league last year, can repeat by completing five or more
passes. At present, Sammy Baugh of the Washington
Redskins holds a slight lead over Isbell, but Baugh
finished league play last Sunday. Baugh has completed
132 and Isbell 128. Five completions against Pittsburgh
would put Isbell into a tie with Baugh on points, but the
Packer lad will have an advantage in touchdown passes
and in total yards gained, giving him first call on the title
and making him the first man to win the championship
two years in a row...DUDLEY, CONDIT BATTLE: Young
Mr. Dudley is having a heated battle with Merlyn Condit
of Brooklyn's Dodgers for the ground gaining honors, 
Dudley gaining 647 yards compared with 603 for Condit.
The Dodger back will attempt to overtake Dudley in the
Brooklyn-New York game. Another power runner is Dick
Riffle, who assistant coaches the Steelers. Riffle is 
fourth in the league's list with 443 yards in only 93 tries.
Besides setting a new record every time he catches a
pass or scores a touchdown, the Packers able Mr. 
Hutson will be out to gather in a new mark for kicking
extra points. Hutson needs one point to tie the mark of
31 set in 1934 by Jack Manders of the Chicago Bears
and two extra boots to break the record. Hutson broke
the record for a single game by booting six against the
Cardinals here last fall...CONSECUTIVE MARKS: Both
Isbell and Hutson have consecutive marks to keep up.
Isbell will be shooting for No. 23 in his consecutive
game touchdown passing mark, while Hutson will be
trying to score in his 25th straight game. Don started 
his march back in November 1940. Lambeau found his
squad in fair condition today after two tough games in
the east. Andy Uram, who suffered a shoulder injury in
the New York test, is expected to play against the
Steelers. Uram was sent home after the Giant game for
treatment by Dr. W.W. Kelly, club physician. Hutson will
be handicapped somewhat with ribs which were bruised
in the New York Giant game. Trainer Bud Jorgensen's
list: Lou Brock, ankle; Buckets Goldenberg received a
cut over his left eye in the Giant game and several
stitches were used to close the wound. Tony Canadeo
broke off a tooth...CASUALTY LIST: Other injuries on
Trainer Bud Jorgensen's "casualty" list: Larry Craig,
ligament in arm; Fred Vant Hull, ankle sprain; Bob
Ingalls, ankle sprain; Ben Starrett, groin muscle; Baby
Ray, knee; Ray Riddick, knee; Cecil Isbell, ankle; and
Joe Carter, back. Lambeau opened practice today with 
a squad meeting at the Hotel Northland. The Riverside
ballroom drill was held this afternoon. Unless the
temperatures go up, further drills probably will be in 
good shape. At any rate, the Packers are hoping for a
break in the weather later this week. 
DEC 2 (Green Bay) - Boy, page Mr. George Strickler of
the NFL office and tell him to ring up another record for
Don Hutson, sensational Green Bay Packer pass
catcher. Tell the public relations director to save space
in the record book under the heading - consecutive
performances. A check of the box scores shows that
Hutson has scored in 24 straight league contests. He
started his string at Detroit on Sunday, Nov. 24, 1940, 
and no team has been able to blank him since. His
consecutive record includes the Western division playoff
with the Chicago Bears in which he kicked two points
after touchdown. Hutson's passing mate, Cecil Isbell,
also has his fingers in a right smart consecutive mark.
Isbell has thrown touchdown passes in 22 straight 
tests, including last Sunday's 7-0 mix at Philadelphia.
Don will be trying for No. 25 against Pittsburgh Sunday
at Milwaukee and Cece will be shooting for No. 23.
Isbell's mark also includes the playoff test. Hutson
might have had something over 30 straight scoring
games if it hadn't been for the New York Giants in 1940.
Don opened the year by scoring in eight straight games
and then he headed into Giantland. The Packers lost,
7-3, with Clarke Hinkle booting a field goal. Hutson
started his string the following Sunday against Detroit,
and closed the 1940 season by counting seven markers
in knotting Cleveland, 13-13...FIVE WHITEWASHINGS:
Hutson has been held touchdownless in only six of the
24 games. Five of the whitewashings came in 1940 
when he kept his mark alive by kicking extra points
against Cleveland and the Bears each twice and the
Cardinals once. He had his closest shave in the Bays'
16-14 win over the Bears when he booted only one extra
pointer. Thus far this season Hutson had been held
without a touchdown only once, and it took the weakest
team, Detroit, to do it. Detroit hasn't won a game this
year yet. In this test, Don kicked two extra points as 
the Packers scores a touchdown in every period to win,
28-7. Hutson broke all of his one-game individual marks
against the Cardinals here last fall when the Bays won,
55-28. Don scored three touchdowns and kicked six
extra point for 24 points. The following Sunday he 
clicked against Cleveland on 21 on three T.D.'s and 
three PAT's...BEAT WASHINGTON ALONE: His best in
1940 was against Washington which saw Hutson count
20 points on three touchdowns and a pair of boots.In
this effort, Hutson's points, all in the last half, together
with a safety, gave the Packers a 22-19 victory and a
chance to meet the Bears in the playoff. Hutson is
experiencing his most successful season at present.
Only four teams, the Cardinals, Detroit, Bears and
Philadelphia have held him to less than 10 points. He
avenged the Card, Detroit and Bear "setbacks" by
scoring over 10 points against these same foes. He 
only faced the Eagles once this season...OVER 520 POINTS: During this string, Hutson scored a total of 245 points, 132 thus far this year; 97 in 1941; and 16 in 1940. His eight-year scoring total goes over 520 points, a height no other player ever reached. His 132 points this season marks the first time a pro football player ever exceeded the 100 record in league competition.
DEC 2 (Chicago) - The closest passing race in the history of the NFL appears destined to close in a virtual tie between Sammy Baugh of Washington and Cecil Isbell of Green Bay, the most recent official tabulations indicated today. Baugh was back in first place again this week, pacing the league both in completions and percentage of completions. But his margin of completions, 132 to 128, is so narrow that it is not likely he will be able to hold the edge over Isbell through next Sunday when the Packer ace faces the Pittsburgh Steelers. It will be Isbell's final game of the season. Baugh has already completed his league schedule. The championship game is not counted in the race for individual titles. Five completions against the Steelers will place Isbell in a tie with Baugh on points, but he will have an advantage in touchdown passes and in total yards gained, giving him first call on the title and making him the first man to win the championship two years in a row. Both Isbell and Baugh already have broken the league record for most passes completed in one season, most yards gained passing in one season and most touchdown passes in one season. Baugh, at the moment, holds the first one, but five completions Sunday will give Isbell a sweep of the new marks. Rookie Bud Schwenk of the Chicago Cardinals also has taken a hand in the record breaking. His 25 interceptions constitute a new mark and he needs on 12 more attempts to better Davey O'Brien's record of 277 tosses in one season.
DEC 2 (Green Bay) - Don Hutson, Green Bay's record smashing end, was undergoing treatment Wednesday for an injury to his chest in hopes of getting him in shape for the Packers' final football game of the year Sunday with Pittsburgh at Milwaukee. The Packer team physicians said that the star wingman might be able to play. He tore a ligament in the game at Philadelphia last Sunday. Other members of the squad were in good shape. Coach Curly Lambeau sent them through a brisk workout Tuesday. The coach pointed out that Pittsburgh was the surprise team of the year and had won seven while losing only three, a record almost as good as that of Green Bay.
DEC 2 (Pittsburgh) - The Steelers probably won't have much trouble from one-half of the Cecil Isbell-to-Don Hutson passing combination of the Green Bay Packers in their finale at Milwaukee Sunday. Hutson, league's ace pass receiver, suffered a cartilage separation in his chest at Philadelphia Sunday and reports today indicated that he was through for the season. If that is the case, then the Iron Men stand a good chance of chalking up their fifth straight victory and their eighth of the season in the Wisconsin city. With Hutson out, most of Isbell's passes probably will be directed Andy Uram's direction. Uram ranks second among the pass receivers on the Packer eleven but his pass catching abilities have been eclipsed by the great Hutson. Victory over the Packer also would be their first over them in eight games since entering the league 10 years ago and would be some measure of revenge for the 54-7 shellacking the burly Lambeau tribe handed the Steelers in Pittsburgh last fall...THAT AWFUL "BLITZ": That 54-7 trouncing represented the worst defeat in Pittsburgh history - but the Steelers didn't start that game as if they were to be polished off so decisively. They marched through the Packers for seven points in the first quarter, but went all to pieces in the second when Isbell fired seven straight passes to Hutson. From then on it was a romp for the Packers. Hutson and Isbell are practically rewriting the league's record book this season insofar as forward passing marks are concerned. Isbell is in a good position to capture the league lead in the passing department and may be expected to go all out in his last chance of the season Sunday to seat himself firmly on the throne. With 128 completions out of 237 attempts, he trails Sammy Baugh, the Washington Redskins' ace, by the slender margin of four completions, Baugh having connected with 132 out of 225 attempts...HUTSON'S LEAD SAFE: Hutson is certain to retain his pass receiving title. He boasts a record of 73 tosses caught, has gained 1,204 yards and scored 17 touchdowns. Nearest competitor for the honor is Dante Magnani of Cleveland with 34 catches for 276 yards. Green Bay, knocked out of the race by losing both their engagements with the Chicago Bears, has slowed down considerably in the past two weeks, being tied by the New York Giants, 21-21, and winning over last-place Philadelphia by the scant margin og 7-0. Helping to spur the Steelers on Sunday will be their attempt to retain their lead in the pass defense department. They have allowed over 100 fewer yards on aerials than their closest competitors, the Redskins, who already have closed their season. Bill Dudley, the Steelers' ace ball carrier, has better than an even chance to retain his lead in that department as he goes into the game with 647 yards against 603 by his nearest rival, Merlyn Condit of the Dodgers.
DEC 2 (New York) - Don Hutson, Green Bay's pass catching end, has been called the outstanding player in pro football's history, but Al Schacht, baseball's funny man, insists that Hutson would have been even greater on the diamond, provided Hutson could hit. "He'd be a natural with that quick pickup of his. He would out-Terry Moore even Terry Moore," says Schacht.
match the gangling graduate of Alabama University. Right at the moment Coach Kiesling has a reserve player for practically every position but center who can step into the battle and deliver. He believes that for the first time in the seven games between the two, all of which the Packers have won, that Green Bay will not hold a tremendous edge in manpower. If Hutson doesn't don war togs the advantage will definitely be with the Steelers.
DEC 4 (Pittsburgh) - Within the next few months Uncle Sam will have provided offseason jobs for at least five members of the Steeler starting eleven which brings its most successful campaign in history to a close Sunday at Milwaukee in meeting the Green Bay Packers. Half of the backfield and three linemen are slated to join the armed forces soon after Sunday's game and within the next few months others are expected to follow suit. In addition, practically half the reserves are due to join the fight soon...DUDLEY, SANDIG SIGNED UP: Already the Iron Men halfbacks, Bill Dudley and Curt Sandig, are enlisted, the former in the Army Air Corps and the latter in the Navy, where he has been given a rating of chief specialist (on the gridiron it would seem he's the jack of all trades). Guard Jack Sanders also has cast his lot with his Uncle Samuel, having signed up with the Army Air Corps. Center Chuck Cherundolo, the Steelers' leading line candidate for all-league honors, is classified 1-A in the draft and expects a call this month. Left end Tony Bova underwent an Army examination some time ago and was given a 1-B classification, but stands to be in the fight soon now that 1-B's are being called up...TOMASIC, GONDA TRY NAVY: All other members of the first eleven hold 3-A classifications. Of the backfield reserves Andy Tomasic and George Gonda, the substitute halfbacks, may be next to go, having applied for physical instructor's positions in the Navy. Backfielders Joe Hoague and Russ Cotton are married and hold 3-A classifications. Reserve guard Joe Lamas, reserve ends Tom Brown and Ralph Werzel and reserve center Art Albrecht are likely to be in the service soon. Lamas is applying for a physical instructor's rating in the Navy. Brown is enlisted in the Naval Air Corps and Albrecht is in the Naval Reserve. The 27-man Steeler team will arrive in Chicago later this afternoon, change trains and go directly to their hotel in Milwaukee where a workout will be held tomorrow. Coach Walt Kiesling sent the squad through a snappy drill at Forbes Field yesterday getting them accustomed to the frozen turf and zero temperature which are common in Milwaukee this time of year.
DEC 4 (Pittsburgh) - En route to Milwaukee and Sunday's closing contest of the NFL season against the Green Bay Packers, the Pittsburgh Steelers arrived here late this afternoon and entrained soon afterward for the battle site. Only missing athlete was the veteran placekicker, Armand Niccolai. He had to remain behind to teach classes at Dunbar Township High school but will follow the westward trail of his mates tomorrow. The travelers will be after their fifth straight triumph, their eighth of the season and the first in history against the Packers, who have copped seven previous tries. Coaches Walter Kiesling and Jim Leonard have mapped special strategy in an effort to halt the sensational aerial attack of the home club..LITTLE SANDIG GETS BIG JOB: Pittsburgh's antidote for end Don Hutson's great pass catching is to be fleet, little Curt Sandig, rookie right halfback from Texas St. Mary's. Tied for sixth place in pass interceptions in the league with five catches, the youngster is the best defender against aerial attack in Steeler history. Hutson has been reported ailing from a shoulder separation. If he starts the game, Sandig will be the sky policeman in there to cover his every move. Should the tall Alabama grad be on the bench at the outset, George Gonda, a capable sub for Sandig, will get into the starting array at right halfback. The moment Hutson steps on the grid, little Sandig will be snapping at his heels...DUEL FEATURE OF GAME: This individual duel will serve as a swell feature for the fadeout of the season, provided Hutson sees action, of course. He is in his eighth campaign, stands 6 feet, 1 inch in height and weighs 185 pounds. Sandig is a pro freshman, is 5 feet, 11 inches tall and scales 170. The outcome of their struggle may very well sway the decision of the battle itself. Aside from the possibility of Gonda being inserted in place of Sandig, the Steeler lineup will be as usual. The greatest team in Pittsburgh's pro history will say goodbye with Tony Bova and Walt Kichefski at ends, Eberle Schultz and John Woudenbarg at tackles, Jack Sanders and Milt Simington at guards, Chuck Cherundolo at center and Vernon Martin, Bill Dudley, Dick Riffle and Sandig or Gonda in the backfield...DUDLEY AFTER MORE YARDAGE: As the curtain comes down, left halfback Bill Dudley, outstanding rookie of the season, strives to cinch the league's ground gaining title on Sunday. He is 44 yards ahead of Brooklyn's Merlyn Condit, who says adieu against the New York Giants in the Polo Grounds. Dudley hasn't had a big day for some time but figures he can penetrate the Packer defense for enough yardage to win the crown. Passer Cecil Isbell will be the big Packer threat with his accurate aerials. Fullback Ted Fritsch, a 210-pound recruit from Stevens Point college, has proved a worthy successor to Clarke Hinkle, all-league choice last season but now in the coast guard. It's the aerial circus, though, which is the main home threat. The Steelers will stage their final practice at the battle scene on the Milwaukee Fairgrounds tomorrow afternoon.