AUG 10 (Green Bay) - Rusty afer a long layoff, the Green Bay Packer football machine sputtered, choked and finally started before several hundred admirers at 
the practice field Sunday morning. Twenty-eight men - 
seven less than last year - spent about two hours
parading up and down the field . They were clad in grey
sweat suits which also included a few weight reducing
garments. The squad was the smallest in many years,
and will meet the Western Army All-Stars in its first
game in Milwaukee Sept. 13. Coach Curly Lambeau
was in charge, and had the assistance of Line Coach
Red Smith and Backfield Coach Eddie Kotal. The
experience was new for Kotal, although he went through
the practice sessions as a player several years back.
Kotal left his athletic directorship and coaching job at
Stevens Point to join the Packer staff. Among the
familiar faces were Buckets Goldenberg and Larry
Craig, who signed contracts Saturday afternoon.
Goldenberg is now the "old man" of the team, starting
his 10th season. Clarke Hinkle would have been
starting his 11th season, but he enlisted in the Coast
Guard. Craig is launching his fourth season. Reporting
were about 15 new men and some 15 veterans. A few
others are expected to report later in the week, but
there's still going to be plenty of holes to plug. At least,
that was the general assumption around the field on
Sunday. The players lined up for practice plays without
a veteran fullback, Hinkle, George Paskvan and Eddie
Jankowski having gone into the service. Don Hutson
was the only veteran end on hand and Charley Brock
the only seasoned center. Harry Jacunski, a veteran
end, has not reported and Lambeau has no word from
him for several weeks. Three of last year's tackles, Bill
Lee, Baby Ray and Ernie Pannell, and four guards,
Pete Tinsley, Goldenberg, Kuusisto and Russ Letlow,
reported. The backfield regulars who are contract now
include Cecil Isbell, Lou Brock, Tony Canadeo, Andy
Uram, Joe Laws and Larry Craig...TONY CIACNI
REPORTS: Tony Cianci, Florida guard, reported for 
work in today's drill. Other new men who will join the
team later are Bob Ingalls of Michigan, a center, and
Clarence Herndon, Nebraska guard. They are working
out with the College All-Stars in Chicago and will join
the team later. Another coming in later is Bob Flowers,
a rugged, tough center from Texas tech. Joe Krivonak,
South Carolina guard, and Mike Bucchianeri of Indiana,
a guard, will report Tuesday. You're just as well qualified
as anyone else to decide whether the men who made 
their first appearances on the practice field are due to
stick around for awhile. No vital information was 
released by Lambeau and all the spectators received
free was a chance to look over the available talent, and
make their own deductions...LAMBEAU SWITCHES
MEN: When running off the plays, Lambeau switched
his men around considerably. One line included John
Stonebraker, Southern California, and Don Hutson, at
ends; Fred Vant Hill, Minnesota, and Baby Ray at
tackles; Buckets Goldenberg and Bill Kuusisto at
guards; Charley Brock at center; and Larry Craig, Isbell,
Chuck Sample and Don Miller, Wisconsin, in the
backfield. Another backfield combination included Ben
Starrett, St. Mary's; Lou Brock and Tony Canadeo,
Canadeo, incidentally, may be shifted to the fullback
spot. Lambeau feels that it's a tough assignment for the
youngster because he will be following one of the best -
Hinkle...PACKER PAYROLL UP: Signing of Craig and
Goldenberg boosted the Packers' payroll to 32. The
Packers held a workout at the field adjoining City
stadium this morning, and will hold regular sessions
there every day.
AUG 11 (Green Bay) - Man's eyes are sometimes known to play tricks, but the new backfield combination of Lou Brock at full, Larry Craig at blocking quarter, Andy Uram at right half and Cecil Isbell at left half possesses more speed than any combination last year. Coach Curly Lambeau displayed a broad grin this morning as he watched this quartet perform and added that the combination looked "very smooth" and had plenty of speed. The big Packer pilot also had some sweet words for his three fullbacks, each of whom are trying to fill Clarke Hinkle's boots. With Brock setting the pace, Ted Fritsch, late of Stevens Point State Teachers, and Chuck Sample of Toledo university are showing up well. Brock's switch from right half to fullback is the most important change in Lambeau's plans since he announced recently that the players would have to double up. Brock was a right halfback last year. Tony Canadeo, mentioned as a possible fullback, will remain at left half, his natural position, Lambeau said. The Packers signed Bob Flowers, a big center from Texas Tech, Monday afternoon. Flowers, who stands 6-1 and weighs 205 pounds, was recommended by his coach, Berle Hoffman, who told Lambeau that "Bob can make any professional team in the country." Flowers hails from Culver City, Cal., where he had been playing professional ball since his graduation from Texas Tech in 1940. Lambeau announced that the Packers will be issued their pads Wednesday morning in preparation for their first "rough stuff". The squad is in excellent condition and the coach believes the players will escape many of the early injuries which sometimes mark the first rough workout. Several new players and new veterans are expected to report later this week, and Lambeau hopes that Harry Jacunski, regular end last year, is among them.
AUG 11 (Green Bay) - If the goal of $75,000 is reached through the Green Bay Packer-Western Army All-Star game in Milwaukee Sept. 13, the Packers, representing the smallest city in the NFL, and cooperating Milwaukee agencies, will have kicked in more money than any one of the other league clubs to the Army Emergency Relief fund. Curly Lambeau believes the Packers and Milwaukee will outshow the eight other cities involved in emergency relief games with Western and Eastern Army clubs. He's sold on the idea that $75,000 can be raised through the sale of 1,000 seats at $25 per as well as the normal gate receipts. The only nicks to be taken out of the receipts will be for the Packers' railroad fare and hotel expenses, and printing of tickets. Marquette university is donating the use of its stadium, and all stadium workers will work gratis. The Packer players, coaching staff and others connected will receive no money for their efforts. Another big step was taken at a meeting of Lambeau and a group of Milwaukee civic leaders at Milwaukee Monday when committees were selected. Besides the $25 seats near the 50-yard line, the remaining seats will be priced at $1, $2 and $3. That $25-per-seat deal really hit home today when Ralph C. Smith, director of ticket sales for the Packers, received an order for four $25 seats from David B. Eisendrath of Racine. It was the first request for a twenty-fiver here, and, incidentally, the largest single amount of money ever paid for one seat through the Packer office. Plans for the Packers' usual season ticket campaign are in the making, and will be announced later.
1942 Green Bay Packers
News and Notes from the Training Camp
AUG 12 (Green Bay) - Good and bad news fluttered from the office of Packer Coach Curly Lambeau today. The good yarn was the signing of Babe Webb, a Hawaiian halfback, and the bad story was Harry Jacunski's decision to quit football in favor of the United States Navy. Webb, a former New Mexico State star, who was placed on the Border conference all-star team in 1939, signed by cablegram Tuesday afternoon from his home in Honolulu, Hawaii. He expects to arrive in San Francisco by Clipper plane sometime this week and should arrive in Green Bay early next week, Lambeau said. Webb was recommended by Red McQuenn, sports editor of the Honolulu Advertiser. He  had been playing with the Honolulu Bears, a semi-pro squad, and, according to McQueen, Webb is "the sweetest running back I have ever seen." McQueen wrote Lambeau that Webb is interested in starting a professional football career. Lambeau pointed out that Webb should add considerable speed to the Packer backfield "because those Hawaiians are usually quick as cats. And what's more this boy (Webb) goes 185 pounds, which is large for the average Hawaiian." Jacunski wrote Lambeau from his home in New Britain, Conn., saying that he decided to join the Navy after being promised a commission by Jim Crowley. He passed his physical education in New York. "If I fail other requirements, I'd like to play Green Bay," Jacunski wrote. Lambeau made his acquaintance with McQueen when the Packers played there in 1933. Webb is the first player recommended by McQueen, and Lambeau believes that McQueen's judgment is "fine". The Packer practice session Tuesday was devoted, in a good part, to punting, and Lambeau reported that his three fullbacks, Lou Brock, Ted Fritsch and Chuck Sample, and halfback Tony Canadeo were outstanding. Others kicking were Don Miller, Bob Kahler and Bob Starrett. During the passing drill, Canadeo and Brock looked much better than last year. Cecil Isbell, Don Hutson's favorite pitcher, is rounding into his old form. Pads were issued for the first time today, and a long and spirited "rough" session was held. As yet, no injuries have been reported. Lambeau is burning up the wires in search for an end. The wing corps includes only one veteran, Hutson, and two rookies, John Stonebraker, Southern California, and Earl (Swede) Ohlgren, Minnesota. Lambeau had been looking forward to the return of Jacunski.
AUG 13 (Green Bay) - The Packers found another back today, but the chase for ends still continues. Coach Curly Lambeau announced that Larry Buhler, former University of Minnesota star and a senior in the Packer school. has decided to play football this fall. Buhler expects to sign his contract when he arrives in Green Bay from his home in Windom, Minn., later this week. Buhler is listed as a quarterback but has been playing both right and left half. He packs about 205 pounds around a 6-foot-2 frame. Buhler will be starting his fourth year here. With Harry Jacunski, regular end last year, in the United States Navy, Lambeau is in a serious predicament with his shortage of ends. Don Hutson is the only regular back, although there are two recruits, John Stonebraker and Swede Ohlgren, trying out. Lambeau announced that the Packers will hold two drills starting with today. They'll put on their uniforms Friday or Saturday and "if the boys work hard we'll give them a vacation Sunday." Lambeau said he talked to three to four ends who would make good pro ends, "but it's the same old story - they are either up for the draft or are planning to enlist."
AUG 14 (Green Bay) - Coach Curly Lambeau authorized direct quotation of the following statement today: "Our backfield is the fastest in the history of the Green Bay Packers. It has all the speed and deception in the world." Lambeau gave the fullbacks credit for added speed, saying that Lou Brock is rapidly forgetting his halfback duties of other years, and is developing into a great fullback. The work of fullbacks Ted Fritsch and Chuck Sample is outstanding. Bob Kahler, who worked with the Packers' farm club at Long Island last year, is also helping to put speed into the Packer backfield. And Lambeau adds that "he's one of the best pass receivers on the squad." Cecil Isbell, Tony Canadeo, Andy Uram, Joe Laws, Larry Craig and Kahler are the halfbacks or blocking quarterbacks who are carrying the speed torch. Babe Webb, the Hawaiian flash, is expected to make the backfield even faster after he arrives next week. Webb, like all Hawaiians, is quick as a cat and a crack ball carrier. The line looks good, Lambeau said after watching his charges Thursday. However, the end situation is still serious, what with Don Hutson being the only regular. Joel Mason, Western State Teachers, is working with Hutson at left end, and John Stonebraker and Swede Ohlgren, both recruits, are holding down right end. Lambeau expects to make an announcement on the end problem in a few days. The coach had plenty of praise for Fred Vant Hull, Minnesota tackle, whose speed is impressive, and Paul Berezney of Fordham. The guards and centers are working into the positions well, he added. The Packers put on their uniforms for the first time today, and the first scrimmage is scheduled for Saturday afternoon. If everything is successful, Lambeau announces that the boys will get Sunday off. Lambeau will address a banquet meeting of Milwaukee civic leaders at the Milwaukee Athletic club at 6:30 Monday concerning plans for the Western Army-Packer game at Marquette stadium in Milwaukee Sept. 13. With the banquet session, the campaign to sell tickets for the game will be started officially. All receipts, with only bare expenses deducted, will go to the Army Emergency Relief fund. Committees hope to raise approximately $75,000. Tom Brickley, Milwaukee sportsman, who has been named chairman of the ticket sales committee, proposes to take 1,000 of the choicest seats and sell them at $25 apiece. Marquette's seating capacity of 20,000 in the concrete stands will be increased to about 30,000 by addition of temporary seats. The game will be one of a full schedule the army team will play against pro clubs in various pro clubs in various parts of the country. Wallace Wade, former Duke coach, is in charge of the Army eleven.
AUG 15 (Green Bay) - George Dobash, blocking back at Washington and Jefferson university for three years, was obtained by the Green Bay Packers from the Philadelphia Eagles Friday afternoon. Coach Curly Lambeau completed the deal in a conference with Philadelphia officials at the Packer practice field, and Dobash took his first workout here this morning. The new player was selected on the Little All-America team last season. Lambeau believes that Dobash will fit well into the Packer backfield because the Washington and Jefferson formation is similar to that of the Packers. Dobash, however, didn't fit into the Eagles' T-formation which has the blocking quarterback calling signals. Dobash stands an even six feet and weighs 200 pounds. He's married, and isn't likely to be called for Army service before the end of this year. After spending an hour with Press-Gazette photographers Friday afternoon, the Packers were given a lengthy drill on offensive plays. A pass defense was set up, and the linemen were given their first look on 1942 defensive assignments...FIRST SCRIMMAGE: The first scrimmage session was scheduled for this afternoon, and "the boys who don't know their assignments will be required to report for 'homework' Sunday morning," Lambeau stated. The coach said he isn't expecting a crowd of players Sunday because "the boys really are progressing fast and have shown no mental lapses - yet."
AUG 19 (Green Bay) - Except for the vital problem concerning the end positions, Coach Curly Lambeau is well pleased with the progress of the Packers in their second week of practice. The Packer mentor, now working his 24th Green Bay squad, is following up several possibilities for end material. He indicated that he expects to complete a deal or two within the next few days. It pleased Lambeau to see how the squad is steamed up over the benefit game with the Western division of the All-Army football team at Marquette stadium in Milwaukee Sunday, Sept. 13. They would like very much to win this contest, and apparently realize that they can do it only by playing a championship brand of football. Lambeau and others connected with the exhibition are certain that it will be a sellout. Packer fans can obtain tickets through the regular channels, and they also are on sale at the Marquette university ticket office...SEATS FOR $25: One thousand of the choicest seats will be sold at $25 each for those fans who wish to make a special contribution to the Army relief fund. Prices of the other seats in the concrete stands are $2.20 and $3.50, while seats in the bleacher section are selling for $1.10 and $2.20. Prior to meeting the army eleven, the Packers will play special relief games with National league foes in the east and will open the regular league season against the Chicago Bears here Sunday, Sept. 27. The eastern exhibition games are with the Dodgers in Brooklyn Saturday, Aug. 29, and the Washington Redskins in Baltimore on Labor day, Sept. 7...LEAVE HERE AUG. 27: The Packers will leave Green Bay Aug. 27, and will maintain headquarters in the east until after the contest at Baltimore. Several of the players are nursing minor injuries, Coach Lambeau stated, but in general the squad is in fine physical condition. Among those reporting pulled muscles are Larry Craig, veteran end, and two rookies, Tom Bushby, Kansas State back, and John Stonebraker, Southern California end...BUCCHIANERI IS FATHER: Mike Bucchianeri, Indiana university guard who was with the Packers until he was injured early last season, arrived Tuesday and had his first workout this morning. Mike became the father of a healthy girl last Wednesday, and left home as soon as he was satisfied that everything was progressing satisfactorily. Ted Fritsch, a fullback from Central States Teacher college in Stevens Point, is showing up well for a rookie. Don Miller, a back from the University of Wisconsin, has lost ten pounds since starting practice and is gaining speed daily. 
AUG 19 (Waukesha) - Dick Evans, an end who played with the Packers last year before being traded to the Chicago Cardinals, joined the Chicagoans in training here Tuesday. He is a former Iowa player.
AUG 19 (Williams Field, AZ) - Lieutenant George M. Seeman, former Nebraska and Green Bay Packer end, was ordered Tuesday to report to the army football squad training at Camp Cookie, Cal., for a game in Los Angeles Aug. 30 against the Washington Redskins. Seeman is a student officer in flight training at this twin-engine bombing field.
AUG 20 (Green Bay) - Defense against the Brooklyn
Dodgers, first opponent of the team this season, was 
the lesson that Coach Curly Lambeau had for his Green
Bay Packer squad this morning. Coach E.L. (Curly)
Lambeau started the practice session at 9 o'clock by
showing the motion pictures of last season's Dodger
game in Milwaukee, and he followed this up with a
strenuous workout. The Packers will leave Green Bay
Aug. 27 for an eastern stay over a week. They are
schedule to meet the Dodgers in an exhibition game at
Brooklyn Saturday, Aug. 29, and will wind up against
the Washington Redskins at Baltimore on Labor day,
Sept. 7. Lambeau informed his players that there will be
a scrimmage under game conditions Saturday morning.
A lively workout was held Wednesday morning. In
general, the team showed not only spirit and fire, but
advancement as well. A few of the players were on the
sidelines with pulled muscles or other minor injuries,
including Don Miller, rookie back from Wisconsin, who
was nursing a sore heel. Tony Canadeo and Cecil Isbell
showed up well on passing, while Don Hutson, Andy
Uram, Bob Kahler and Ted Fritsch were kept busy
snaring them. Hutson was showing much of the skill he
had in midseason last year, and the others also are
giving satisfactory account of themselves...BEREZNEY
STANDS OUT: The actions of Paul Berezney, rookie tackle from Fordham, must have proved gratifying to Coach Lambeau. Berezney, a literal giant at 220 pounds and six-feet-two, was working as hard and almost as skillfully as any of the veterans. Not that the veterans are taking their own good time about getting into fighting trim. Buckets Goldenberg, for example, was tearing into the play like a youngster, although he has been here longer than any other player. The Packers have had the advantage of good weather so far. Several of the veterans recalled that temperatures often have been rather high for the opening week or two, and they are now more than satisfied with conditions this year...STRICKLER COMPLIMENTS TEAM: An interested spectator at the drills of the past several days was George Strickler, publicity director of the NFL. Strickler is making the rounds of the league training camps, and was on his way today to Delafield, where the Chicago Bears are holding forth. He stated that the Packers look the best of any team he has seen so far. Coach Lambeau and his staff are spending much more time at work than the players. They not only have to plan strategy for the Brooklyn and Washington contests, but for the All-Army Western division game as well. Besides, they are starting to think of the opening league contest with the Bears here Sept. 27.
AUG 21 (Green Bay) - Green Bay's widely-celebrated community spirit will be put to one of the biggest tests on Thursday, Sept. 10. This is the date for the intensive one-day season ticket drive that the Association of Commerce is sponsoring for the Packer football team. The Association of Commerce, realizing that this is a critical stage in Packer history, wishes to do something really constructive. This is no  time, the merchants feel, for mere proclamations and endorsements; it is a time for an all-out effort on the part of those who are sincerely interest in the Packers and what they mean to the city. When the offer to conduct the campaign was made to the Packer corporation executive committee, it was enthusiastically received. The Packer officials were delighted to see this evidence of cooperation by the businessmen of Green Bay...PLAN BREAKFAST RALLY: The campaign will open on the morning of Sept. 10 with a breakfast rally at the Beaumont hotel. During the rest of the day the campaign workers will devote as much time as possible to the drive, and in the evening they will assemble again for a report meeting and dinner. Although the Association of Commerce really intends to get in and pitch, the workers will find it enjoyable and exciting, and, at the same time, they can feel they are engaging in a worthwhile civic project. The personnel will be divided up into teams, and prizes will be awarded to those producing the best results. In charge of the campaign are Don Fairbairn, the association's publicity and public relations chairman; President William Servotte, and Secretary Earl S. Ward...BIG CROWDS NEEDED: "This year it is more important than ever to have a large attendance of Green Bay fans at home games if the home schedules are to remain attractive to other teams," it was pointed out recently in an Association of Commerce bulletin. "A large season ticket sale is the most emphatic way Packer fans can show their desire for home games." A list of prospective workers is being turned over to the Packers' executive committee, and within the next several days they will be contacted personally. The Association of Commerce wishes to emphasize, however, that additional workers are needed. Anyone who is concerned with the well-being of the Packer organization is urged to volunteer, and that includes younger men and feminine fans as well. All such persons are requested to telephone the association at Adams 4705, or contact any of the three men in charge of the drive...THREE HOME GAMES: Three home games are on the Packer schedule this year. They open the NFL season by renewing their series with their traditional and most colorful foes, the Chicago Bears, Sept. 27. Cleveland invades Green Bay Oct. 18, and the Chicago Cardinals come here Nov. 1. Prices for season tickets are scaled from $3.30 to $8.25. Not only is there a substantial saving by purchasing a season ticket, but the worries and inconvenience of getting tickets for each game are avoided. Choice seats, too, are available to season ticket purchasers.
AUG 21 (Green Bay) - Hot weather or not, a scrimmage under full game conditions has been ordered for Saturday morning as the Packers bring to a close their second week of gridiron drills. Today's workout was somewhat lighter than Thursday's, when the squad concentrated on defense against the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Packers open their season by playing the Dodgers in an exhibition game at Brooklyn on Saturday, Aug. 29. Despite the sudden rise in temperatures, there was no evidence of loafing in Thursday's spirited drill. The day's work opened at 9 o'clock with the screening of motion pictures from last year's Brooklyn game in Milwaukee, and was followed with heavy exercise on the playing field until noon...CANADEO'S PASSING SHINES: Tony Canadeo's passing proved to be one of the morning's features. The Gonzaga back, now in his second year with the Packers, has showed steady improvement during the past several days. Cecil Isbell, rated the best passer in the National league last season, also had a hand in the passing, and seemed to be close to perfection again. Two veterans, guard Buckets Goldenberg and tackle Bay Ray, stood out among the linemen. Goldenberg is in his tenth season here, but he worked under the hot sun in his heavy uniform without apparent complaint...THREE MAN STAFF: Coach Curly Lambeau's move in adding an assistant to his staff already is showing results. Eddie Kotal, former Packer who left the athletic directorship at Stevens Point Teachers college to return to the Packers, is kept busy handling the backs. Richard (Red) Smith continued to work on the linemen, while Lambeau is in general charge.
AUG 22 (Green Bay) - Harold (Tex) Hinte, a six-foot, 195-pound end from the University of Pittsburgh, was in a Green Bay uniform today as the Packers scrimmaged in preparation for their exhibition contest with the Dodgers at Brooklyn next Saturday, Aug. 29. The ends have been Coach Curly Lambeau's chief concern - about his only concern, in fact - in regards to players. He still is following up several other leads in hopes of acquiring another end or two, but with Hinte here he can manage even if no other contracts develop. Hinte arrived here Friday to sign his contract. Coach Lambeau found him in excellent shape, although he naturally will take it easy for a few days. He played fine football for Pittsburgh, and the Packer mentor believes he will prove valuable almost from the start of the season...LAMBEAU IS PLEASED: The Packers brought their second week of practice to lose with Coach Lambeau well pleased at their progress. Several heavy workouts have been held, despite the heat of the last two days, and the players responded splendidly. Much of the individual attention given by the coaches this week involved the ends. Don Hutson, the famed pass receiver who was the National league's most valuable player last season, came in for considerable action, and appeared to have lost none of the spark and skill he had last year. Larry Craig is the only other veteran end on the squad. First-year men are Joel Mason, six-footer from Western State college, and Earl Ohlgren, six-foot, 2 1/2 inch giant form the University of Minnesota. The squad will entrain for Brooklyn next Thursday, and is to remain in the east until after the Labor day exhibition in Baltimore against the Washington Redskins...CONCERNED ABOUT ARMY: Coach Lambeau and his staff of assistants, Line Coach Red Smith and Backfield Coach Eddie Kotal, already are deep in the problem of what to do about the All-Army team. The Packers play this team, said to be one of the greatest football squads ever assembled, at Marquette stadium in Milwaukee Sept. 13. News from Camp Cooke, where the army team is in training, is nothing to cause the Packers to take this outfit lightly. The team is fortified with college stars at every position, and Major Wallace Wade, the coach, is considered a man who can get them into top playing form in short order.
AUG 22 (Milwaukee) - First to test the velvety new turf at the Marquette university stadium will be the Western Army All-Stars and the Green Bay Packers in their game for the benefit of the Army relief fund on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 13.
AUG 23 (Brooklyn) - The initial kickoff the 1942 football season in the metropolitan area will take place on Saturday when the Brooklyn Dodgers engage the Green Bay Packers at Ebbets Field at 6:15 p.m. It will be the only appearance of the season of Curly Lambeau's husky young men from the north country in the Flatbush arena. Reports from the training camp at Princeton quote Mike Getto as well pleased with the progress his squad has made during their workouts to date. As he stepped in to take the place of Dr. Jock Sutherland, now a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy, Getto had the good fortune to find one or more veterans at each position, among them Perry Schwartz and Eddie Rucinski, ends; Bruiser Kinard and Walter Merrill, tackles; George Kinard and Art Jocher, guards; Tom Robertson, center; Rhoten Shetley and Wendell Butcher, at quarter; Merlyn Condit and Dean McAdams, halfbacks; Pug Manders and Tugboat Jones, fullbacks. In addition, several of the recruits have shown fine promise. These include Bernie Weiner and Bernie Kapitansky, both Brooklyn boys at guard; Dick Shellogg at tackle, Don Eliason and Joe Tofil, a couple of rangy ends, tipping the beam at better than 200 pounds; Walter Fedora and Hal McCullough, two flashy backs; Bob Gifford, a stocky blocking back, and Jim Lankas, hard-plunging fullback...FACE TOUGH GOING: Getto and his staff have been working diligently through two practice sessions daily in bringing the squad up to good physical condition, and drilling the newcomers in their assignments under the Sutherland style of play. They realize that their charges will be up against a tough test in tackling the Packers. Coach Curly Lambeau, too, has a good return of veteran players and several recruits, whose work has been highly promising. Among the veterans, who are again wearing Packer uniforms, are the famous forward passing combination, Cecil Isbell and Don Hutson, who have been working together for four years; Bill Lee and Buford (Baby) Ray, giant tackles; Charles (Buckets) Goldenberg, who is starting his 10th season at guard; Russ Letlow, his running mate at the other guard position; and Andy Uram, former Minnesota flash at halfback.
AUG 24 (Green Bay) - Coach Curly Lambeau's wish for a spirited, hard-fighting team this season, in order to help offset the loss of a wealth of veteran material to the armed services, seemed on the way toward realization as the Packer squad engaged in a lively scrimmage Saturday morning. It was evident that much work remains to be done before the exhibition contest at Brooklyn Saturday, but Coach Lambeau admitted he was pleased with the progress of the squad. Bystanders also expressed enthusiastic reactions. The scrimmage closed the second week of practice for the Packers. Every player participated with the exception of Tex Hinte, the new end from the University of Pittsburgh who arrived only Friday to sign his contract. Hinte was in uniform, however, and took part in the preliminary calisthenics. The score was a 21 to 21 deadlock between the Whites and Greens. Although there was some passing, the combination of a hard-rushing line by both teams and a wet, slippery ball resulted in a running game being featured. Andy Uram, now in his fifth season as a halfback for the Packers, plunged across the goal line twice for White touchdowns. But the most spectacular play was a 72-yard scoring sprint for the same team by Ted Fritsch, the promising rookie brought by Backfield Coach Eddie Kotal from Central State Teachers college in Stevens Point...VETERANS CROSS LINE: Three veterans, Don Hutson, Cecil Isbell and Chuck Sample, scored the touchdowns for the Green squad. Fritsch attempted the only field goal, and his boot of 45 yards against the wind just missed bringing a three-point margin for his team. Starting in the backfield for the Whites were Fritsch, fullback; Ben Starrett, a rookie from St. Mary's as blocking back; and Joe Laws and Tony Canadeo, halfbacks. In the line were Joel Mason and John Stonebraker, ends; Bill Lee and Baby Ray, tackles; Bill Kuusisto and Pete Tinsley, guards; and Bob Flowers, center. A completely veteran backfield started for the Greens, including Isbell, Lou Brock, Larry Craig and Bob Kahler. The linemen included Hutson and Earl (Swede) Ohlgren, ends; Ernie Pannell and Paul Berezney, tackles; Buckets Goldenberg and Russell Letlow, guards; and Charlie Brock, center...PLAYERS ARE BATTERED: The scrimmage was rough enough for a regulation game. Kahler was knocked cold and had to be carried from the field, and Charlie Brock went out early with a bad shoulder. Various other gridders were treated for cut fingers, bloody noses and cuts on their legs. Letlow, a guard for the Greens, fought as fiercely as anybody on the field. In the dressing room afterwards he revealed that somebody had poked his finger into his right eye during a pileup, "and that got me a little sore." Big, genial Baby Ray, although uninjured, was a much-battered lineman, and Pannell had the start of a beautiful shiner besides sundry scratches and bruises...STARRETT IS COMER: Starrett looked like a comer at blocking back. The fullbacks, notably Fritsch, showed up in good form, and the ends did excellent work. First-year men, along with Canadeo at quarterback, were given a special treatment Sunday morning by Assistant Coach Kotal. Regular practice sessions were scheduled for today, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday morning the squad leaves for Brooklyn for its opening game, and will remain in the east until the Labor day exhibition with the Washington Redskins at Baltimore.
AUG 25 (Green Bay) - It is unlikely that any members of the current Packer squad will make their living playing golf when their football days are over, although a number of them work pretty hard at the game and a few of them turn in consistently low scores. A little investigation discloses that Cecil Isbell, Pete Tinsley and Don Hutson are the leaders in this sideline sport, although Tinsley modestly disclaims any such distinction. Isbell recently shot a 74 at the Oneida Golf and Riding Club, and Hutson's best there has been a 78, but the stellar end has registered a 74 up at Maxwelton Braes. Tinsley, who has played the game ever since his high school days and has a brother, Dave, who is a golf pro at Charlotte, hasn't done so much golfing this season and reports that his best effort was an 80 at the Town and Country club, although other members of the squad and Pro Art Schlueter there regard him as the best golfer on the football squad. In case you're wondering how we got onto this subject, it might be well to mention that Coach Curly Lambeau regards golf as one of the best methods of getting into condition, and encourages his charges to play the game all through August. Grid drills are limited to one a day to enable the players to spend a lot of time on golf courses. Golf is a much more enjoyable method of getting into condition than calisthenics, so the gridders take full advantage of the idea and toil daily on the links throughout the early training season. We went out to question Schlueter the other day, seeking some firsthand information on the Packers' game, and learned among other things that Charley Brock had just come off the course with a birdie three on No. 9. He's played quite a lot all summer, unlike Lou Brock, who reports that he's been too busy on his Kansas stock farm this year to tour any golf courses...CATTLE OR LINKS 'SCORES': The conversation became a little involved, since Lou is enthusiastic about his cattle and would much rather discuss them than his golf scores. It developed that the 46 he mentioned was the number of head of stock he bought this year, and not the total on a golf scoreboard. Actually, he goes around in the low 40's, and would like to play more than he does. Schlueter reported that Bill Lee could easily be the longest hitter among the golfing Packers, if he could straighten out a severe slice that threatens more of the neighborhood around the Town and Country course. Bill claims another championship as well - or rather Schlueter claims it for him. In the group of lads that heckle their golfing companions, the big Alabaman is a standout and his ribbing is a tough mental hazard for any opponent...GOLDENBERG PLAYS TWO: Buckets Goldenberg is another of the more enthusiastic golfers, although his mantel will probably never be piled high with trophies won on the links. All of the Packers get in their golf at Town and Country except Hutson, who has been a member at Oneida for two seasons, and Isbell, who belongs to the Manitowoc club and plays at Oneida under exchange privileges. "They're great guys to have around," Schlueter concluded.
AUG 25 (Green Bay) - Broaching the subject of the Packers, Coach Red Smith asserted that Green Bay' first team this season will be better than last year's, with both the line and the backfield considerably faster. "Cleveland is the real darkhorse of the NFL this year," Smith continued. He pointed out that the Chicago Bears, while strong, probably won't be as powerful as last season. They have lost fullback Norm Standlee, halfback George McAfee, end Richard Plasman, end Ken Kavanaugh and guard Aldo Forte to the armed forces, and Smith understood that several others, including guard Danny Fortmann and fullback Bill Osmanski are likely to leave soon after the All-Star game Friday. "The Chicago Bears are weak on pass defense, and that's something that isn't going to hurt us any," he observed.
AUG 26 (Green Bay) - Coach Curly Lambeau and his
Green Bay Packers will sneak out of town Thursday
morning, and "the less said the better." Those are the
words of Lambeau, and he means it "because the really
big business in our minds is the Western Army All-Star
and Packer classic in Milwaukee." That Milwaukee
fracas will be played Sunday, Sept. 13 in Marquette
stadium. "Of course, we're not going out East for a joy
ride. We want to win those two games, even though
they won't count in the league standings. But we are
looking forward to that battle in Milwaukee. I could talk
for days about the power of Wallace Wade's club," the
coach added. Before allowing Lambeau to ramble about
the Army event, it might be announced that the Bays
tangle with the Brooklyn Dodgers there Saturday and 
with the Washington Redskins in Baltimore Labor day.
Lambeau plans to take his entire squad, although Line
Coach Red Smith will be left home in a cooperative
effort to bring more baseball glory to Green Bay. His
Bluejays are defending champions in the Wisconsin
State league. The Packers closed up their workshop
near City stadium today, and were ordered to get a 
good night's rest before leaving on the long train ride.
Pictures of the 1941 Brooklyn Dodger-Packer game 
were shown at a special meeting at the Northland hotel
at 9 o'clock this morning, after which the team went out
to practice until noon. Last minute instructions, the
valuable blackboard talks and a hundred other things 
will be discussed by Lambeau at a meeting at the
Northland at 7 o'clock tonight...BABY RAY AT END?:
The Packers went through their last stiff workout on
Wednesday morning, and Lambeau was most pleased - he discovered a new end in the position of Baby Ray. At any rate, Ray brought the best crack of the day when Lambeau said, after watching Baby snare a pass, "can't figure out why we were worried about the shortage of ends." Speaking about ends, the new boy from Pitt, Tex Hinte, looked good in his second workout on Packer plays. Just to show he was serious, Hinte made a couple of special turns around the practice field after the drills. Most of Wednesday's practice was confined to running and passing plays with the chief stress on the backs. The program developed into a "mystery ball" session on several of the spinner plays in which the whereabouts of the ball was somewhat of a mystery. At least, Lambeau said "those plays aren't successful until you don't know where the ball is."...BOB KAHLER HAS SPEED: Bob Kahler, the Nebraska man who starred with the Packer farm team in Long Island, worked in well at a halfback spot with Cecil Isbell; Lou Brock at blocking quarterback and Larry Craig at blocking quarterback. Kahler isn't only proving to be a great runner, but also a topnotch pass receiver. He's one of the fastest man on the team. The usual race down the field closed the workout. Backs Tony Canadeo and Craig decided to put on their own show, and the result was a dead heat after a 100-yard sprint down the field...BUHLER QUITS PRO BALL: Lambeau announced today that Larry Buhler, former Packer back, will not join the squad this season as expected. He has decided to quit professional football in favor of his farm work in Minnesota. Art Albrecht, Manitowoc center who played at the University of Wisconsin, has left the team and is taking his physical examination for the Army.
AUG 26 (Waukesha) - Henry Luebke, 280 pound tackle, and Champ Seibold, 240 pound tackle, joined the Chicago Cardinals at camp here Tuesday. Luebke, biggest man on the roster, was graduated from Iowa in 1941 and was with Buffalo last year. Seibold was with the Green Bay Packers for seven seasons.
AUG 26 (Brooklyn) - Except for signal drills and dummy scrimmaging, the Brooklyn Dodgers have completed their preparation for the meeting with the Green Bay Packers at Ebbets Field on Saturday night. A full day of lively activities marked the practice session yesterday, ending with an hour of robust scrimmaging between the Reds and the Blues, otherwise the veterans and recruits. The former won by two touchdowns to one. As a result of this heavy session the coaches announced that a full team of veterans would start against the Packers. Manders, McAdams, Condit, and either Shetley or Butcher will start in the backfield, with the line made up of Schwartz and Rucinski at ends, Bruiser Kinard and Merrill at tackles, George Kinard and Jocher and Weiner at guards, and Robertson, center.
AUG 27 (Green Bay) - Packing a limited number of plays, the Green Bay Packers left today on an eastern excursion which should reveal the whos, wheres, and whats about the 1942 Green and Gold. They'll battle the Brooklyn Dodgers in a twilight contest at Ebbets field starting at 5:15 (Central War Time) Saturday evening, and then remain in the east for another exhibition contest with the Washington Redskins in Baltimore Labor day. The squad will get back to Green Bay Sept. 8, when preparations will be lunched for the Western Army All-Star event in Milwaukee Sept. 13. Coach Curly Lambeau and Don Hutson, the Packers' sensational pass snatcher, will drop off at Chicago where Lambeau will attend a meeting of National league football coaches to discuss rule changes. United States Army officials will be on hand to settle the rules setup for army-pro games this fall. Hutson will be honored before the largest crowd in the history of the annual College All-Star football classic at Soldier field Friday night when he will be awarded the Joe Carr memorial trophy. Hutson was selected the most valuable player for 1941 shortly after being voted the fifth greatest player in any sport by the Associated Press. More than 101,000 persons will watch the proceedings involving Hutson as well as the Chicago Bear-Star session. Hutson will be accompanied by Lambeau. Lambeau received word this morning that Art Albrecht, Manitowoc center, has been sworn in the Naval aviation service and will remain with the team until called. He arrived in Green Bay this morning from Chicago where he passed his physical examination Wednesday afternoon. Getting back to the business of the day, it might be reported that the Packers are going East with only a "few" plays to memorize...LAPSES ON DEFENSE: The Wednesday workout revealed a large number of lapses, particularly on defense with Brooklyn plays. Working a six-man line with a two-three and sometimes a two-two-one backfield setup, the "Dodgers" completed a number of long passes and several short ones. One defensive group included Ted Fritsch-Charley Brock, Cecil Isbell-Andy Uram and Hutson, while another included Chuck Sample- Bob Flowers, Tony Canadeo-Ben Starrett and Joe Laws. A sharp tackling session for backs only featured some bonecrusher running by Starrett, a 220-pound blocking back, who hits like a fullback. In about 15 attempts with the ball, only one tackler, Ted Fritsch, was able to bring him down. Lambeau said that he may give Starrett some ball carrying assignments in the eastern games...TOM BUSHBY RELEASED: Before leaving today, Lambeau announced the release of back Tom Bushby. Out of the game for several years, Bushby had considerable trouble. With the exception of Charley Brock, who is suffering with a bruised shoulder, the Packer squad is in
excellent physical condition. Other minor hurts include:
sprained ankles, Ernie Pannell, John Stonebraker; 
bruised foot, Bob Flowers; head cold, Russ Letlow;
bruised elbow, Bill Kuusisto; sprained thumb, Baby Ray;
bruised hand, Buckets Goldenberg. None of the injuries
will keep these players under wraps, although Brock's 
shoulder will be given considerable attention. Green Bay
will arrive in New York at 9:30 Friday morning and 
headquarter at the Hotel New Yorker. They'll push off for
Baltimore at 9 o'clock Monday morning and stay at the
Lord Baltimore hotel. Arrangements have not been
completed for training quarters in Baltimore.
AUG 27 (Princeton, NJ) - It is one of the ironies of
professional football that seldom does the home team
have any local talent on display over whom the subway
alumni can whoop it up just as they did in the rah-rah
days. The way the league draft operates, it's a hit and
miss proposition that a borough ace will wind up with
Brooklyn, and exceptions such as Jack Grossman and
Si Titus are few and far between. This year's Dodger
team, which opens shop Saturday in the cool of evening
against the Green Bay Packers at Ebbets Field, gives
the homegrown gridiron clientele something to crow
about, however. If Titus, the Brooklyn prep ace, is gone
to the wars, then there will be more than adequate 
replacements in the persons of Hal McCullough and a 
pair of Brooklyn Bernies fighting it out for guard, Bernie
Kapitansky and Bernie Weiner...BROOKLYNITE BY
MARRIAGE: Weiner is a veterinarian by profession and
a Brooklynite by marriage. He spent his days as a 
football apprentice at Kansas State, where he made the
All-Big Six teams as both a guard and tackle, and when
he became older and wiser he forsook the prairies of
Brooklyn. He's 23 years od age, 5-foot-11, and scales
220 pounds from bow to stern. Popular with his mates
at the team's Hun School training camp here, because
he has one of the few autos in camp - with petrol, too - 
he also gets along famously with Coach Mike Getto
and may win a starting berth. The other Bernie, which is
Kapitansky - was a captain of the rugby team at L.I.U.,
whither he drifted after starring at New Utrecht in
football. When L.I.U. forsook football, Bernie drifted to
Alabama, but did not play there. A 21-year old, 213
pounder, measuring six feet one inch, he is something
of a success story, because he came to the Dodgers by correspondence school, so to speak. He wrote Getto asking for a tryout, got it, and bids fair to make tood. Hal McCullough of Boys and Cornell needs no introduction. Were it not for his slight build - he weighs only 173 - he'd be pressing Rhoten Shetley, Wendell Butcher, Dean McAdams and Merlyn Condit for an opening in the backfield but, despite this, has already impressed. Hal is a triple-threat man in every sense of the expression, and, after a little seasoning in pro ball - which differs in many respects from the college brand - is expected to become an ace.
AUG 27 (Green Bay) - This is not a routine plug for the sale of Packer season tickets. This is no time for anything but all-out action. The Packers have reached a critical stage in their history, and the continued generous support of the fans is of vital importance this year. The Green Bay Association of Commerce is alert to the financial pitfalls that lie ahead for sports enterprises in these times. Wishing to support the Packers in a material way, this organization of businessmen is going to undertake a citywide season ticket campaign Thursday, Sept. 10...MORE WORKERS NEEDED: There has been a gratifying response for volunteer salesmen, but in order to do the job properly many more are needed. The men are asked to devote the entire day to the campaign if possible, but it is realized that many can spend only a half-day or even less. In any event, their services will be greatly appreciated. It is not only businessmen who are asked to take a hand in this immense project. Men not in any way connected with the Association of Commerce also are urged to take part, and women fans are wanted just as much as men. Numerous young men and women just out of school may find it possible to join the corps of salesmen. Those desiring to volunteer their services are requested to telephone the Association of Commerce office at Adams 4705. They also may contact any of the three men in charge of the campaign - Don Fairbairn, the association's publicity and public relations chairman; President William Servotte, or Secretary Earl S. Ward. A few days before the campaign, an efficient sales organization will be set up. The salesmen will be formed into several teams, with a captain and assistant for each...PLAN KICKOFF BREAKFAST: A "kickoff" breakfast will be held on the morning of the campaign at the Beaumont hotel. Final instructions will be issued, although all workers will have been given details by personal letter. The sales drive will be climaxed by a dinner in the evening, and valuable souvenir prizes will be awarded to the most successful workers. An autographed Packer football will go to the pair of workers selling the greatest number of tickets, while an autographed, framed photograph of the 1942 Packer squad will be given to each member of the team turning in the best report. Prices for the Packer season tickets are scaled from $3.30 to $8.25, allowing a real saving over the prices charged for single admissions. The season tickets cover the three home games this year, including the Chicago Bears Sept. 27, the Cleveland Rams Oct. 18, and the Chicago Cardinals Nov. 1.
AUG 27 (Pasadena, CA) - The bugles have blown and the drums beaten for the crack ball carriers who toting leather for Major Wallace Wade's All-Army football team - and rightly so, too. But as the Western division squad roared through its final days of preseason practice on the tradition-soaked turf of the Rose Bowl, it became more and more obvious that it was the great batch of linemen whom Wade was counting on most to convoy the carriers to victory in the five games the All-Army team will play for Army Emergency relief. The Kimbroughs, Scotts and Davises will do their part when the soldiers take the field Sunday afternoon, Sept. 13, against the Green Bay Packers at Marquette stadium in Milwaukee. They can all carry the mail. But the development most heartwarming to Wade is the progress of the mobile, hard-hitting line he is molding...LINE IS IMPRESSIVE: From end to end, the big soldier line has been impressive. Ends like Dempsey of Duke, Young of Brooklyn, and Speedie of Utah; tackles like Dickey of Texas A. and M., Manzo of Boston college, Benghauser of Pitt, and Starvinski of Penn State; guards like Fritz of Vanderbilt, Routt of Texas A. and M., Petro of Pitt and Battista of Florida, and centers like Gude of Vanderbilt, Gillis of West Point, Hauser of Texas A. and M., and Kodros of Michigan, each would be impressive individually. But put them together, shake them down into a unit and you really have something. "These boys are all good," remarked Rae Crowther, the right bower of George Munger at Penn, who is handling the line here, "but the thing that has convinced me is the way they are working together. Too often all-star linemen are inclined to be prima donnas. They think they can get by on their press clippings. But not these kids. They've all been working like beavers."...HAS BEEN TERRIFIC: Bear-Tracks Hauser, of the Aggies, has been really terrific. So have his Aggie teammates, Dickey and Routt. As the opening kickoff draws on apace, it seems evident that Wade is going to count heavily on Texas products. At present it seems likely that nine Texans will be in the opening lineup, including the mighty backfield unit of John Kimbrough, Jim Thomason, Marion Pugh, and Bill Conatser, who two years ago were spreading destruction across the Texas prairies in Aggie uniforms.
AUG 28 (Green Bay) - Some 101,000 pairs of eyes will be focused on Green Bay's Don Hutson when he receives the Joe Carr Memorial Trophy shortly before the kickoff for the Chicago Bear-College All-Star football meeting at Soldier's field in Chicago tonight. The presentation will be made by Elmer Layden, commissioner of professional football, about 8:15. Hutson receives the trophy (in fact, two trophies - an immense three-foot traveling trophy to keep for a year, and a smaller reproduction for his very own) for being selected as the Most Valuable Player in the NFL last season. Coach Curly Lambeau of the Packers will attend the game with Hutson, while the rest of the team rides east for a pair of exhibition games with the Brooklyn Dodgers Saturday evening at 5:15 (CWT) and with the Washington Redskins in Baltimore Labor day. Hutson and Lambeau will fly to Brooklyn after the Star contest...SCOUT CHICAGO BEARS: After the presentation and the kickoff, Lambeau and Hutson will get down to more serious business - scouting the Chicago Bears who invade Green Bay Sept. 27 for the teams' first league encounter. The Packer representatives undoubtedly will see plenty because Bear pilot George Halas expects to cut everything loose in an effort to whip Coach Bob Zuppke's Stars. Also on the same program with Hutson, by the way, will be A.A. Stagg, who will present the Chicago Tribune trophy to George Franck, former Minnesota halfback who was voted the most valuable player to the All-Stars in the 1941 game. Stagg coached University of Chicago football teams for 41 years and is still active in the profession at the College of the Pacific. The Packer team, which left here at 11 o'clock Thursday morning, is due to arrive in New York at
AUG 29 (Green Bay) - Green Bay's professional football
Packers and the Brooklyn Dodgers go to bat for the first
time this season in an exhibition game at Ebbets field
in Brooklyn starting at 5:15 (CWT). Coach E.L. (Curly)
Lambeau, if he is able to arrive in time for the game, will
uncover a lineup studded with bright rookies who are
expected to help the club considerably this season. 
They are headed by Ted Fritsch, promising fullback
understudy to Lou Brock, who was converted from a
halfback to full. Incidentally, Lambeau and Don Hutson,
Packer end, spent some anxious moments in Chicago
late Friday night. They were to take a plane to Brooklyn
after the Chicago Bear-College All-Star game but all
planes were grounded because of a heavy fog..CEILING
STILL LOW: The ceiling over Chicago was still low this
morning, although a plane leaving Chicago at noon 
today would get them to Brooklyn in less than six hours
which is just a few minutes before the game which starts at 6:15 (EWT). Russ Winnie will give a play-by-play description of the game over radio station WTMJ at 5:15, Green Bay time. Winnie will be at the field. The Packers are in for a hot time in Brooklyn tonight, take it from Dan Topping, Dodger owner, who spent a good share of his time at the National league office bragging about his team and its strength. Topping, by the way, was commissioned a lieutenant in the United States Marine Friday and expects to leave for duty in about two weeks...PLAY ARMY ALL-STARS: The Packers, quartered at the Hotel New Yorker, will leave New York at 9 o'clock Monday morning for Baltimore where they'll tangle with the Washington Redskins Labor day. Lambeau and his charges expected to be back in Green Bay Sept. 8 to start intensive practice for the strong Western Army All-Stars at Marquette stadium in Milwaukee Sept. 13. Although Lambeau is undecided about his starting lineup, it is a good bet that Don Hutson and John Stonebraker will be at ends; Bill Lee and Ernie Pannell at tackles; Buckets Goldenberg and Pete Tinsley at guards; Charley Brock at center; Larry Craig at blocking quarterback; Cecil Isbell and Joe Laws at halves; and Lou Brock at fullback. Ben Starrett, the hard-hitting blocking back who runs like a fullback, may see plenty of action. The big St. Mary's boy was told that he may get some running assignments after he literally swept through his teammates in a tackling session last week...KAHLER DUE FOR DUTY: Another boy tagged for plenty of work is Bob Kahler, the Nebraska lad who toiled for Long Island last year. Tackles Fred Vant Hull and Paul Berezney; guards Jim Finley and Mike Bucchianeri; and centers Art Albrecht and Bob Flowers are the rookies who get their baptism in the line. Still short of ends, Lambeau is expected to give Stonebraker, Joel Mason and Earl Ohlgren plenty of work. Lambeau is still looking for more ends, and believes that a new end may be a necessity before the NFL season opens.
AUG 29 (Brooklyn) - When the Brooklyn Dodgers and Green Bay Packers line up for the kickoff at Ebbets Field this evening, those present will include two who figured prominently in the activities of the two teams last year. They are Lt. Commander John Bain Sutherland of the U.S. Navy and Lt. Clarke Hinkle of the U.S. Coast Guard. Dr. Sutherland is here on a short leave from Washington. Lieutenant Hinkle came up from Manhattan Beach, where he is stationed at present.
AUG 29 (Brooklyn) - The 1942 football season will get underway locally at Ebbets Field this evening when the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Green Bay Packers clash in a contest starting at 6:15 p.m. It will be the first twilight grid contest ever staged in the city. This prying off of the lid will likely find local grid fans looking onto a scene in which the starting performers are mostly veterans, familiar from former years. However, when it comes to replacement, both Mike Getto and Curly Lambeau will have to resort largely to recruits. Both squads are about equally divided between veterans and recruits...TEAM IN PINK OF CONDITION: Latest advices from headquarters of the two teams are that both are in top condition and ready for the fray. The Packers, after their arrival yesterday morning, went through a light workout in the afternoon. Coach Getto finished off training work at the Princeton camp yesterday, too, and brought the Dodgers into two this morning. The Dodgers have never been able to take the measure of the Packers in their past meetings and they fully appreciate the tough task ahead of them. Moreover, the Dodgers are anxious to start the season on the right foot.
AUG 30 (Brooklyn) - The long-walked, ear-tickling plunk of pinkie against pigskin - heralding the start of another football season - did not join the chorus of crickets at Ebbets Field last night in the dusk of the evening. The part was dark, stands were vacant, and the bruisers chafing for action had to soothe their spirits with sleep as they stood by for a clear day today. Old Man Weather poured cold water on the scene of action and so the Dodgers and Green Bay Packers collide instead this afternoon at 2:30 p.m. And what was scheduled to have been the first twilight grid game in the history of this - or any - city was washed away. It's a cinch the Dodgers will try just as hard - if not harder - to beat the Packers even though it's not a league clash because: 1. Brooklyn has never emerged victorious over Green Bay in all the long years of their grid competition, and 2. The boys are out to inaugurate Mike Getto's career as head coach by handing him a winning football at the end of the contest. The Packers didn't shed a tear at the news of the postponement. They were a bit tired after their long ride eastward and an added day's rest will probably find Don Hutson in finer fettle for those gallops up and down the field after snatching those passes from Cecil Isbell. Although the two teams will start an army of veterans, recruits by the ton are slated to see plenty of action. Brooklynites are especially interested in seeing how Hal McCullough, the ex-Boys and Cornell ace, can go in pro ranks. Talk is that his 173 pounds won't stand the shock. But Getto merely smiles mysteriously and talks of other matters when broached on this subject. He may well have something up his sleeve on this score. Time (2:30 p.m.) will tell.
9:30 Friday morning, and will stop at the Hotel New Yorker. The squad is scheduled to leave at 9 o'clock Monday morning for Baltimore...BROADCAST DODGER GAME: The Packer-Brooklyn contest will be broadcast over radio station WTMJ, with Russ Winnie describing the play from the field. The Packers will get back to Green Bay Sept. 7 and start workouts for the tough battle with the Western Army All-Stars at Milwaukee Sept. 13.
AUG 28 (Brooklyn) - Those football Dodgers, who promise to be some pumpkins on their own Ebbets Field reservation this fall, break into public view tomorrow evening, battling the Green Bay Packers at 6:30. More than 25,000 fans are expected to open the football season, although the thermometer insists it can't be so. This year's Dodgers haven't been shoved around as they usually are on the National league schedule, so perhaps they won't be pushed around as much on the field, either. Tomorrow's exhibition game precedes by almost a month their league battle in Buffalo (Sept. 27); after that, they take an Oct. 4 date in Detroit, and come home to six straight Sunday battles at Ebbets Field. Although the regular season is a long way off. Mike Getto says he has his warriors ready. Whether they are ready for the veteran Packers, however, is another thing. The Green Bay gang handed the Dodgers an unholy walloping a year ago in Milwaukee, and I won't forget that one in a hurry...MINUS SOME TOP PLAYERS: Of course Curly Lambeau, the Green Bay's boss, has lost some valuable operatives like Clarke Hinkle, the ramming fullback and punting fool (he's at Manhattan Beach with the Coast Guard now) and a flock of good ends, including Ray Riddick and Harry Jacunski, the former Fordhams; but the genesis of that Dodger beating last fall was a Cecil (I pitch 'em) Isbell and Don (I catch 'em) Hutson pass combination. This is the deadliest combination in the league. Isbell has more stuff on the ball than Wyatt; Hutson is a deadpan receiver with a double shift and terrific burst of speed that requires two men to cover him. the smarties say. Isbell completed 117 passes in 206 pitches last year, and Hutson caught 58 passes which should give you an idea. The Dodgers have a good rugged club with some doubt about their reserve strength. Pug Manders, Merlyn Condit, Wendell Butcher and Dean McAdams give our bunch as good a first-rating backfield as you'll find. Mike Getto has had them doing their homework in his notebook system, and they all know their plays. Ace Parker, of course, will be missed. But McAdams, and sometimes Condit, can throw that ball. And a lot of local fans who say Boys High Hal McCullough run to fame at Cornell are anxious to see how he does against these rough, tough pros. You can't start against much tougher than the Green Bays!