OCT 18 (Green Bay) - Coach Curly Lambeau, pointing to his team for a game against the Cleveland Rams at City stadium Sunday afternoon, was among the first
to doubt the ability of the Rams to make a comeback in
the Western division after a year's voluntary retirement.
Today he had changed his tune because Cleveland right
now is the biggest threat to the dominance of the Bays
in the divisional race. Coach Lambeay was not along in
his observation that the Rams would have difficulty
getting a representative eleven together. Even Dan 
Reeves, youthful owner of the Rams and now a captain
in the Air Forces, and Charles F. (Chili) Walsh, former
head coach and new general manager of the club, were
doubtful. They agreed that the team would be lucky to
win a game...SEEK FOURTH STRAIGHT: Since that
meeting six months ago in Philadelphia where the final
decision was made to resume competition, things have
changed for the Rams. At present, they are tied for the
division top with the Packers although they have won 
one less game with three victories to the Packers' four.
Sunday they will attempt to make it four in a row by
handing the Green Bay eleven its first defeat. The
rejuvenation of the Rams has been something to set
both the experts and football fans agog. The first thing
Walsh did as general manager was to hire Aldo (Buff)
Donelli, former head coach at Duquesne, as head
coach and make Joe Benda, an ex-Notre Dame star, 
his assistant. Buff immediately installed a clever and
intricate offense built around the man-in-motion T and
the spread T. The principal of the system is to keep the
opposition wondering whether the quarterback is going
to get the ball from the center, as in the straight T, or
whether the center is going to pass it directly to a
halfback. The combination of the two has worked well
enough to give the Rams a 30-28 victory over Card-Pitt,
a 19-7 margin over the Chicago Bears, and a 20-17 win over Detroit...VETERANS HELP OUT: No system is any good without personnel. The nucleus of the 1944 Rams was supplied by veterans Riley Matheson, a tackle, Jim Benton, an end who caused the Packers plenty of grief last year when he played with the Bears, Jake Fawcett and Steve Pritko, and one of two others, who had played last fall with other National league clubs under a lend-lease agreement. The Rams profited considerably by a smart deal with Detroit, from which they acquired halfback Tommy Colella. He is the team's top passer although he is getting some stiff competition from little Albie Reisz, one of the rookie finds of the year. Colella was a bench warmer with the Lions during 1943 because he had to play behind Frankie Sinkwich. He is the Rams' regular left halfback. While Reisz spares off Colella at left half, Cleveland has two other rookies in the backfield - Harvey Jones and Johnny Karrs. Karrs, who played under Donelli at Duquesne, is at quarterback and Jones fills in the fullback spot. He was an all-around athlete at Baylor university in Texas. Jim Gillette, the starting right half, broke in with Green Bay in 1940, joined the Rams late in the same year, and returned to the club after a tour of duty in the Navy...BENTON IS DANGEROUS: To aid the veterans in the line are Floyd Konetsky, an end from Florida by way of the Marine corps; Chester Pudloski, a tackle from Villanova and Long Island university, Tom Corbo, a guard from Duquesne, and Mike Scarry, a center from Waynesburg college in Pennsylvania. Konetsky and Pritko are the starters but Benton sees plenty of action. He has made four touchdowns and is in a three-way tie for the league lead in scoring. That's just some indication of what the Packers will have to put up with Sunday. As Coach Lambeau said, "We'll have to play our best ball game of the year to whip this outfit - and I thought they wouldn't have much after I found they were determined to try it out again this season. It's funny how those things have a way of backfiring on you when you least expect it." There is no question that a victory that the Packers would put them over the hump in the race for the divisional flag. After they meet the Rams, they start on their second round against Western half teams in this order - Detroit, Chicago Bears, Cleveland and Card-Pitt. A fifth game against the New York Giants, currently on top in the Eastern division, is sandwiched between the Rams and Card-Pitt return encounters...ORDERS DOUBLE WORK: The Packer practice field has been closed to the public during workouts and will continue so until after Saturday's final drill. Lambeau has ordered heavy work with today's double to be followed by others of similar duration Thursday. Defense has been the prime consideration since Cleveland has shown power in both its running and aerial departments. Tickets for the game are reportedly selling fast. The game is a natural for the fans. Besides that it will be the last home appearance of the Bays this season. After Sunday they will be toiling on foreign soil. The ticket office in the Legion building will be open until 9 tonight and from 9 to 9 Thursday through Saturday.
OCT 18 (Chicago) - Thirty-four yards in 15 attempts against Cleveland sent Frankie Sinkwich of the Detroit Lions into the ground gaining lead in the NFL last Sunday before an attack of appendicitis forced him from the contest in the second period, officials statistics
revealed today...REPLACES LOU BROCK: Sinkwich, a
greatly improved player over last year, replaced Lou
Brock of the idle Green Bay Packers by a margin of 12
yards, the distance of his longest run against Cleveland.
He has a total of 193 yards in three games against
Brock's 181 in four. Frank Filchock of Washington
retained his lead among passers by continuing his
superlative performance of a week ago as the Redskins
rallied to whip Boston. Ten completions in 19 attempts
kept the former Naval officer well in front of Irv Comp of
Green Bay, who was idle. Filchock now has completed
35 of 52 passes for six touchdowns in two games...
REISZ TAKES LEAD: Len Younce, the Giants' kicking
guard, went to the front among punters, supplanting
Sinkwich, and there was a complete turnover in punt
return leaders where Albie Reisz, the spectacular Ram
rookie, took over the lead. He is followed by Twenty-
Grand Davis and George Cafego, both of Boston, and
his teammate, Mike Kabealo. Reisz has returned four
punts 64 yards, an average of 16 yards per return with a
best effort of 21 yards against the Chicago Bears two
weeks ago.
OCT 19 (Green Bay) - The eyes of football fans will be
turned on Green Bay next Sunday afternoon when the
undefeated Cleveland Rams meet for the right to rule
the Western division of the NFL. The Packers, who will
be making their last appearance of the year at City
stadium, have won four straight while the Rams have
three victories. The Cleveland upsurge has been written
and spoken about in terms of amazement throughout
the country, and the team may be called the miracle
eleven of the professional league if - and it's a big if -
they can besmirch the Packers' unbeaten record and
score their fourth straight triumph. The result means
much to both teams...RAMS HAVE SPIRIT: While
Coach Buff Donelli has gathered about him sufficient
personnel to make the Rams a winning team, another
quality has marked the swing of the team toward the
top of the division standings. About half of the squad
are veterans and they, along with the rookies, have
become infected with a winning spirit, the type that will
not take "No" for an answer. This was indicated in the
three league games the Rams won. First they toppled
the Card-Pitts in the closing minutes by 30-28 after
trailing 28-24. Next, they came from behind a 6-0 deficit
to humble the Chicago Bears, 19-7. Then, put way in the hole by a plucky Detroit eleven, 17-0, the Rams again surged back to take a 20-17 victory. It is true that the Rams have had some breaks but, on the other hand, they have made some of their own, league statistics show. Their opponents have fumbled 12 times in three games and the Rams have come up with nine of these miscues, indicating that they are making up for lack of big name stars by alertness and eagerness for their jobs unmatched anywhere in the race...PUT UP POSTERS: Reports trickling back from Cleveland tell how the Rams have been looking toward the Packer contest since they defeated the Bears. They have carried their reminders that they need a victory to the extent that their dressing rooms are plastered with posters suggesting that nothing but a victory will do. Such college spirit had been considered unusual in the pro circuit, but that's the Ram team this year. Meanwhile, the Packers go about their preparations for the game quietly. For the first time in several seasons, they can begin to see their way clear to a divisional flag and a chance to meet the Eastern division winner in the championship playoff. They know what a victory Sunday will put them in good position for the remainder of the race. In addition, they have spirit to match Cleveland's. In at least three of their five games, the Bays have come back to win. Against Brooklyn, they uncorked a scoring play to win by 14-7. They piled up a lead of 28-0 against the Bears and roared back with two touchdowns to win after the Bears had knotted the count. They gave Detroit a 6-0 lead and then won handily, 27-6. All the winning drives coupled sound football with surging spirit...WANT NO REGRETS: From Coach Curly Lambeau on down there is a distinct feeling that Sunday's game is not going to be any pushover. He emphasized that after a lengthy workout on offense Wednesday when he said, "We must think 100 percent and not 50 percent on everything we do against Cleveland. If we go to work and get our timing and blocking down pat, we won't have any regrets Sunday night." The Packers spent two hours on offense and the same amount of time on defense Wednesday. One workout was scheduled for today, another for Friday and the windup Saturday morning. The defense was primed to stop the passes of Tommy Colella and Albie Reisz, who have been tossing them with regularity to lanky Jim Benton and Steve Pritko, the Rams' two most dangerous receivers. Benton is fourth in the league standings with 10 passes received for gains of 127 yards and three touchdowns. Pritko has caught the same number but has gained 157 yards and scored two touchdowns. In addition, Benton has made a touchdown running to tie Lou Brock of the Packers for second place in the scoring race with 24 points. Don Hutson is 20 points ahead of them with 44...14TH IN SERIES: Sunday's contest will be the 14th in a series dating back to 1931. The Packers have won 11 games, Cleveland one and the other ended in a 13-13 tie. The string of victories for Green Bay since their lone defeat in 1939 is another reason why the Rams want to win here. It may be recalled that 1939 was the last championship year for the Packers and it was at City stadium that they suffered their first defeat of the season by a 27 to 24 count at the hands of the Rams. The Packers don't want history to repeat itself. The Cleveland team will arrive here on the North western road in two sections Saturday morning. The first group is due here at 8 and the second at 9. Because of their early arrival it is possible the Rams will have a short workout late that morning or early in the afternoon. They will leave Cleveland Friday afternoon.
OCT 19 (Chicago) - Cold statistics usually are pretty dull reading, and evidently those amazing Cleveland Rams, a paradox in the NFL today, don't bother to peruse them at all. Today the Rams are rumbling along on the crest of a wave of three straight conference victories, but in the statistics department they don't measure up to their three opponents - the Card-Pitt combine, Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions. Official statistics show the Rams have advanced but 569 yards against those three foes, both by rushing and passing, while they have surrendered 753 yards - a difference of 184 yards. Yet, they still are unbeaten, and will hit their big test Sunday, when they meet the league-leading Green Bay Packers at Green Bay...RECOVER NINE FUMBLES: But, while the statistics show the Rams have given up 26 first downs to 25 of their own, an analysis does give a hint as to the reason they're still unbeaten. They have recovered nine of 12 fumbles by their three league opponents. And of their total of 569 yards gained, 333 were by passing. Eight of the ten teams in the league lead the Rams in total yards gained, with the Packers, who have won four straight, far in the lead in all the ground gaining departments. Even Cleveland's three league victims are ahead in ground gaining. Green Bay, with 65 first downs, has marked up 1,293 yards, 664 by rushing, 625 on passing and four on laterals. Other team totals are: Detroit, 25 first downs, 713 yards; Chicago Bears, 37 first downs, 841 yards; Washington, 29 first downs, 703 yards; Brooklyn, 39 and 670; Card-Pitt, 23 and 598; Philadelphia, 22 and 538; Boston, 28 and 397; New York, 12 and 359. Cleveland, too, was second in average punt returns, 15.2 yards in 11 tries, and led in kickoff returns with a 25.6 yard average in 12 tries. Other team averages on punt returns were: Punts returned, Philadelphia, average 15.6 yards in five returns; Washington, 13.5 in four; Brooklyn, 13.3 in seven; Detroit, 14.0 in eight; New York, 12.1 in eight; Boston, 11.4 in 15; Green Bay, 8.5 in 11; Card-Pitt, 7.6 in five; and Chicago Bears, 3.8 in seven. Philadelphia was ahead in punting with an average of 42.8 yards for 12 kicks. New York was second, with 41.7 in 17, and the Rams were third with a 40-yard average for 18 kicks.
EXHIBITION - Philadelphia Eagles 38, Green Bay Packers 13
Saturday October 14th 1944 (at Nashville)
(NASHVILLE) - Scoring in every period and thoroughly outclassing their plucky opponents, the Philadelphia Eagles bowled over the Green Bay Packers, 38-13, here Saturday afternoon in the first big-time pro game ever played in the South. Starting quickly, the Eagles took the opening kickoff and marched the length of the field for a touchdown without losing possession of the ball. Banta received the ball and returned it to his own 47. Two plays later he skirted right end to the Packers' 49, then hit the line for a first down on the 42. Hinkle added another first down on the 32, and, after failing to gain at guard, put the ball in scoring position with a pass to Ferrante, who was shoved out of bounds on the Packers' 10.
In two plays Banta pushed to the 8, where Hinkle took over and slashed around right end for a touchdown. Zimmerman's placement was good. Continuing their drive, the Eagles came back only a few minutes later to add another touchdown and extra point. On third down after the kickoff, Miller intercepted Lou Brock's pass and was downed on the Packer 12. On the next play, Hinkle tore around right end and scored standing up. Zimmerman's placement made the score 14-0. The Packers got back in the ball game in the second quarter after pushing to the Eagles' 32 before the whistle sounded. From there Lou Brock passed to Paul Duhart who was downed on the one-foot line. Don Perkins crashed center for the tally, and Don Hutson added the point to make the score, 14-7.
Receiving the kickoff, the Eagles pushed on ground plays to the Packers' 11-yard line, where on fourth down, Zimmerman arched the ball across for a field goal. The Eagles made three successive first downs during the drive. The Eagles brought their point total to 24 before the half ended. Van Buren started it by intercepting a Packer pass and struggling to the Packer 35 before he was downed. Bleeker circled end and ran 30 yards to the five before he was downed. Van Buren lost two, and an offside penalty pushed the Eagles back to the 12. But from there Zimmerman's pass to Gauer was good for a touchdown, and his placekick racked up another extra point.
Early in the third quarter, the Packers came back to make the score, 24-13. After a 15-yard penalty had pushed them back to their own 32, Duhart slung a long looping aerial to Lou Brock, who took it at full speed on the Eagles' 30 and sped on across the line. Hutson's placement try for point went wild. The Eagles scored their fourth touchdown in the same period. Duhart's pass was intercepted by Steele on the Packers' 35, and he continued on to the 17 before he went out of bounds. Two plays later Bleeker charged through the middle of the Packer line for 15 yards and a touchdown. Zimmerman's placement again was good for the point. The final tally of the game came in the final quarter. The Eagles got a first down on the Packers' 42 on an offside penalty after they had kicked on fourth down. Sherman added another first down carrying to the Packer 30. Zimmerman tossed a nine-yard pass to Ferrante, and Jarvis made it first down on the 20. Macioszczyk charged around left end for another one on the 10. A penalty pushed the ball back to the 15, but a succession of ground plays brought it back up to two, where Maciosyczyk struggled across. Zimmerman added his first successful placement of the day to make the final score, 38-13. In the fading moments of the game, the Packers threatened again, surging down to the Eagles' one-half yard line only to lose the ball on downs. Proceeds, less expenses, went for the benefit of the athletic fund of the 20th Ferrying group, stationed here. The game was sponsored by the Nashville Tennessean, and the attendance was estimated at 20,000. Only a few seats were vacant in Dudley field, the home of the Vanderbilt Commodores.
GREEN BAY    -   0   7   6   0  -  13
PHILADELPHIA -  14  10   7   7  -  38
1st - PHIL - Jack Hinkle, 8-yard run (Roy Zimmerman kick) PHILADELPHIA 7-0
1st - PHIL - Hinkle, 12-yard run (Zimmerman kick) PHILADELPHIA 14-0
2nd - GB - Don Perkins, 1-yard run (Don Hutson kick) PHILADELPHIA 14-7
2nd - PHIL - ZImmerman, 18-yard field goal PHILADELPHIA 17-7
2nd - PHIL - Charlie Gauer, 12-yard pass from Zimmerman (Zimmerman kick) PHILADELPHIA 24-7
3rd - GB - Lou Brock, 68-yard pass from Paul Duhart (Hutson kick failed) PHILADELPHIA 24-13
3rd - PHIL - Mel Bleeker, 15-yard run (Zimmerman kick) PHILADELPHIA 31-13
4th - PHIL - Art Maciosyczyk, 2-yard run (Zimmerman kick) PHILADELPHIA 38-13
OCT 16 (Green Bay) - Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau announced today that Alex Urban, an end, has signed a contract to play with the Green Bay Packers for the remainder of the season. Urban was a member of the 1941 team that tied for the Western division title, and arrived here after receiving an honorable discharge from the Army. Urban played at Minnesota during his college days, filling both the end and tackle spots. He is six feet, two inches tall and weighs 200 pounds.
OCT 17 (Green Bay) - The chips will be down not only for the Packers, but also for the Cleveland Rams, when the only two undefeated elevens in the Western division of the NFL meet at City stadium next Sunday afternoon. The contest, in addition, will make the last home appearance of the Bays this season. Victory for either team will put it alone atop the divisional standings, the Packers with five straight victories or the Rams - if they can continue their amazing record - with four straight. The latter's undefeated status is all the more astounding when it is considered that they resumed play this season after a year's voluntary retirement. Coach Curly Lambeau began to worry about the Rams early last week when the immediate objective was an exhibition contest against the Philadelphia Eagles in Nashville, Tenn. What he saw in that game and what he heard about the Cleveland eleven's comeback Sunday against Detroit caused an even deeper furrow in his brow...CAME FROM BEHIND: In their battle against Coach Buff Donelli's young, spirited ball club, the Packers will be facing a team that wouldn't let itself be beaten in six games this season, three league contests and a trio of exhibitions. Twice they have come from behind to salt games by small margins in the waning minutes of the fourth quarter. Scout reports have shown the Cleveland line to be as tough - and probably faster - as any the Bays have run up against this season. In two games they held opponents to 2.6 yards per try from rushing, the best defensive record in the league, although they have allowed more points per game than the Packers. The Rams use both aerial and ground tactics mixed well in a modified T-formation. The game here Sunday will be the feature of the National league schedule since so much depends on the outcome. The other clubs in the Western division have lost at least two games each and the Card-Pitt combination has a string of three losses, including one to Green Bay by a 34-7 margin and another to Cleveland by 30-28. Against other common opponents, the Packers beat the Chicago Bears, 42-28, and the Rams won, 19-7...ALBIE REISZ STARS: The payoff came last Sunday, when the Rams roared back after trailing, 17-0, in the second quarter. They scored on a 27-yard touchdown run by little Albie Reisz, and counted twice on passes in the third and fourth quarters to win by a 20-17 edge. Reisz figured in one pass play, a 53-yarder, to end Steve Pritko. The latter also caught the other scoring pass on a 10-yard heave from flashy Tom Colella. The Packers had previously defeated the Lions, 27-6. There is one other comparison of scores that can be made. Two weeks ago, the Rams met the Philadelphia Eagles in an exhibition game in the east. The result was a 7-7 tie. The Packers didn't fare so well against the Eagles, losing by a 38-13 margin and not looking too good in the process. All of which makes Sunday's game here pretty much of a natural for the fans. Coach Lambeau has ordered the most vigorous practice schedule of the year for this week. The workouts started today after a special meeting. Double drills will be held on most days. Lambeau said, "We may even go to triple workouts if it's necessary. We've got to play our best game of this season to win and we'll also have to continue working on the mistakes that we can't seem to shake."...AILING VETERANS BETTER: Three of the veterans who did not play against Philadelphia should be ready for action against the Rams. End Don Hutson's ailing arches were reportedly giving him less trouble although he is still bothered with them. Fullback Ted Fritsch is recuperating from a pulled leg muscle sustained a week ago Sunday before the Card-Pitt contest. Halfback Irv Comp has recovered from an attack of acute indigestion and will be available. Fritsch, however, may see only limited action.
OCT 17 (Milwaukee Journal-Oliver Kuechle) - Wouldn't it
be nice if the Gray Ghost, Tony Canadeo, back in Green
Bay on a furlough because his wife presented him
with a baby, could get permission from his commanding
officer to play a game or two with his old mates?...
Frankie Sinkwich of the Lions, with 193 yards on 53
plays, has replaced Lou Brock of the Packers as the
leading ground gainer in the NFL. Brock has 181 yards
on 33 plays...There is something courageous about the
undefeated Rams who on Sunday go to Green Bay to
plague Curly Lambeau's undefeated Packers in a game
which has unexpectedly taken on crucial significance.
They are never licked. In every one of their three league
victories so far, they have come from behind to win.
They trailed against the Card-Pitt combine, 16-7 and 28-
23, before winning out in the last minute, 30-28. They
trailed against the Bears, 7-3, before finishing in front,
19-7. And they trailed against Detroit Sunday, 17-0,
before coming through, 20-17..The odds have increased
among the "smart boys" in Chicago that Sid Luckman
will be back with the Bears for the Packer game
November 5...Elmer Layden could do pro football a lot
of good if he only recognized what slimy hands have
started to paw around the game, and did something
about it.
OCT 17 (Green Bay) - Irv Comp, whose all-around play,
especially his passing, has been one of the bright spots
in Green Bay's season so far, probably will not have to
have an appendectomy after all. Taken violently and
suddenly ill at Nashville last week, where the Packers
lost an exhibition game to the Eagles Saturday, he was
told by two doctors to have an appendectomy at once.
A third doctor, a specialist, counseled less haste and
upon his advice the operation was postponed. Comp
was taken to a hospital for examination immediately
upon arrival here Monday and doctors diagnosed his
case as merely one of bad indigestion. Comp, after a
couple of shaky days in Nashville, apparently was in the
best of health and spirits during the examination. "We'll
have the doctors watch Comp's condition every day,"
Coach Lambeau said, "and if nothing new develops and
he continues to feel as he does, he will surely play on
Sunday. He wants to play, of course." Meanwhile,
preparations started for the game with the undefeated
Rams. "We're in for a tough time," Lambeau said, "and
we'll have to play our best ball of the season to get by
this one. Anything like what we played against the Eagles last Saturday and we're sunk. The boys know how bad they looked, however, and I think we'll be ready."
OCT 20 (Green Bay) - Cpl. Tony Canadeo, the NFL's fifth most effective runner and sixth best passer during the 1943 season, may play with the Packers against the Cleveland Rams in City stadium Sunday afternoon, according to an announcement today by Coach Curly Lambeau. Canadeo, at present, is home on a furlough from Fort Bliss, Texas. The Green Bay coach did not say that Canadeo would play with the Bays in their all-important contest for the leadership in the Western division against the only other unbeaten eleven in that half. That there is no obstacle in Army regulations to his playing was assured after a check of
regulations showed that enlisted men on routine furloughs may spend their time as they wish. The former Gonzaga university star, who entered the Army last January after three years of competition with the Packers, has been working out with the team this week
and is in perfect condition, the coach said. While at 
Fort Bliss, Canadeo played several games with the 
camp team prior to returning here for his furlough. If
Canadeo plays against the Rams, the Bay attack will 
be considerably increased in power, particularly in the
running department where he registered a 5.2 yards per
attempt average on 94 attempts for 489 yards during the
last season. In passing, his work accounted for nine
touchdowns and 56 completions in 129 attempts. He
scored 30 points to bring his all-time total here to 66
points. The Packers have begun to show the results of
their steady work in preparation for the Rams and the
drill on Thursday was one of the best of the season,
Lambeau said. Although some of the rough spots need
to be polished, the offensive tactics to be used against
Cleveland's surprising team were run off with timing and
fine protection. In addition, every man on the club had
plenty of spirit, realizing perhaps that much of it will be
necessary to dampen the Rams' aspirations for their
fourth victory in a row while they hand the Green Bay
eleven their first defeat in five league starts. Lambeau
expressed satisfaction with the spirit, describing it as
the "most we have had in some time."..ALL WILL PLAY:
The Packers feel that they must do something to make
up for their exhibition defeat against Philadelphia last
Saturday in Tennessee, and they could do nothing more
than to give the Rams a pasting. While some members
of the squad are ailing, there was no indication that all
of them won't be in action Sunday for what amounts to
the most important tilt of the season. One shift made in
practice has sent Ben Starrett to the fullback spot,
where he probably will get plenty of work against the
Rams. Starrett was running terrifically hard at fullback
Thursday after his usual stint at the blocking back 
assignment. A scheduled afternoon workout was called off because of the amount accomplished in the morning. Heavy drills were to be completed this morning. Meanwhile, Cleveland held its last workout before entraining for Green Bay, where they will arrive in two sections Saturday morning on the North Western road. Reports out of Cleveland say that the Rams will be higher than they have been all season against the Packers. Success next Sunday would definitely make them the miracle team of the season, much as the Browns were in baseball. Coach Buff Donelli has not announced any changes in his starting lineup that is paced by halfback Tommy Colella and Albie Reisz and such stalwart linemen as ends Jim Benton, one of the best offensive ends in the league after Don Hutson, and Steve Pritko, guard Riley Matheson and several other experienced veterans. While Reisz is not a starter, he has seen almost as much service as Colella, who emerged this season after being lost of the Detroit bench because of Frankie Sinkwich. Benton and Matheson, it may be recalled, played with the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions, respectively, last season on a lend-lease arrangement when the Rams voluntarily retired from the game for a year.
OCT 21 (Green Bay) - The undefeated Packers and the unbeaten Cleveland Rams will meet Sunday at City stadium in a NFL clash whose outcome will give the winner the inside track to the Western division pennant. The kickoff is set for 2 o'clock and a record crowd is expected to be on hand to watch the two elevens battle to keep their records unsullied by defeat. For the Packers, it will be their last appearance before the home crowd this season and also the stiffest test of their ability, unmatched by four other league opponents. Cleveland, on the other hand, will be attempting to keep its amazing record intact. The Rams are after their fourth straight victory, and also their first over the Bays since 1939. Not since then have the Packers had a better chance to enhance their opportunity for a divisional flag. That was the year they won their fifth world championship after taking the Western half title hands down. From this standpoint, Sunday's test becomes the most important for the Bays this season. It is also the feature of all games scheduled for both divisions...HAVE WINNING SPIRIT: Cleveland has come up the hard way this year after a season of voluntary retirement. The team has become bitten by a winning spirit after knocking off Card-Pitt, the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions in succession just as the Packers defeated the same elevens although in slightly different order. The need of a victory is just as important to them as to the Bays. After their final workout this morning, the Packers were pronounced ready for the tilt. Coach Curly Lambeau said simply, "We're ready for the game and every one of the boys expects to play his best ball of the season against the Rams. Our timing and ball handling are good, and, in general, workouts have been satisfactory, especially from Wednesday on." Lambeau said that all members of the squad would see action, and it might be added that they are all itching for plenty of it. Nobody connected with the team underestimates the strength of the Rams, who are figured to be fired up higher for this game than any other this year. On the basis of records, the Cleveland eleven knows the Packers are being conceded a slight edge but being the underdog had not bothered them in other games...WORK ON DEFENSE: Much of the work in the Green Bay camp this week was devoted to preparing a defense to stop the Rams' sparklers, Tommy Colella and Albie Reisx among the backs and ends Jim Benton and Steve Pritko, who rate high in the league's pass receiving department. The Colella-to-Benton combination has been particularly effective. Offensively the Packers have quite a combination of their own in Irv Comp and Don Hutson. In addition, the Green Bay running game has shown more explosiveness than in some time. Lambeau announced today that he would start a backfield composed of Comp at left half, Lou Brock at right, Larry Craig at the blocking back spot, and Ben Starrett at fullback. Starrett earned the starting position with his hard work during drills this week and has made the change-over from blocking back with apparent ease, the coach said. The Green Bay starting line will include ends Don Hutson and Harry Jacunski, tackles Baby Ray and Paul Berezney, guards Pete Tinsley and Glenn Sorenson and center Charley Brock. Both the line and backfield will probably have frequent replacements to keep efficiency at 100 percent for the entire 60 minutes. There is one change probably in the starting lineup...CLEVELAND LINEUP STANDS: The Rams arrived in town this morning and were to work out briefly this afternoon. There was no indication that the starting lineup used by Coach Buff Donelli in previous games would be changed. The squad includes a number of players who appeared in Green Bay last season with other National league clubs while on lend-lease from the Rams, including tackle Riley Matheson, Colella and Benton and Jacke Fawcett, also a tackle. Colella is expected to open at left half although fans will see plenty of Reisz. Cleveland has two rookies in the backfield, Harry Jones and Johnny Karrs, who played under Donelli at Duquesne. Jones is a former Baylor university star. The other backfield position is taken by Jim Gillette, who broke into pro football with Green Bay in 1940 and was sold to Cleveland late the same year. While the Packers and Rams are battling for the lead in the Western division, the other eight teams will also be in action. The other contests include: Card-Pitt at New York; Brooklyn at Washington; Boston at Philadelphia, and Detroit at Chicago Bears. New York, Philadelphia and Washington are all undefeated but the records of the last two are marred by their 31-31 tie played two weeks ago.
OCT 21 (Green Bay) - One of the Packers' most bitter enemies and a former Green Bay resident have collaborated to give readers of the Saturday Evening Post an interesting and provocative article on opportunities for players in professional football. The article, "Don't Send Your Boy to Halas", appears in the Oct. 21 issue. The writer is Brick Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Smith, former Green Bay residents who moved to Sturgeon Bay early this year. Brick, who is also known as Red, is a sportswriter on the Philadelphia Record. He got the story from Bill Hewitt, former end of the Chicago Bears, and later a fullback with Philadelphia. "Offside" Hewitt, as Green Bay fans knew him, recounts several interesting episodes that occurred at City stadium while he was with the Bears. In particular, there was the 1933 opening game when Green Bay held a 7-0 lead with three minutes to play. The Bears, aided immeasurably by Hewitt, scored twice to win, 14-7. In 1932, the story explains, the Packers were prevented from winning their fourth consecutive championship because the Bears played six tie games and won only seven and lost one while Green Bay won 10 and lost three with only a single tie. This gave the Bears a percentage advantage. Packer fans will remember Hewitt for his trick of getting a flying start and crossing the line of scrimmage just as the ball was snapped, sometimes a little before, as the story relates. Mr. and Mrs. Smith at present
are visiting the writer in Philadelphia. They have another son, Arthur, former member of the Press-Gazette staff, who is working on a New York newspaper.
OCT 22 (Green Bay) - It will be showdown time here Sunday afternoon - showdown time between the only two undefeated teams in the western division of the National pro football league. Cleveland's surprising Rams, with three straight victories behind them, and Curly Lambeau's Green Bay Packers, with four straight, will get together at City stadium in a game which, unless it ends in a tie, will determine a single divisional leader. Ordinarily, Green Bay refuses to become unduly excited about any invasion except the one by the Bears. It can take most of them in stride. But this one has the town all stirred up, and a crowd of close to 20,000 is expected. The game will be Green Bay's last at home. All others, and there are five left, will be played on the road. The Packers looked anything except championship contenders in bowing to Philadelphia last week, 38-13. They were crippled, which might have accounted for some of the weakness, but they also did everything wrong. They looked like the Toonerville Kids. It should be a different story Sunday, however. All the cripples of last week will be ready to play - Irv Comp, Don Hutson, Ted Fritsch - and the squad, from Lambeau down to the greenest rookie, appreciate what the game means. It will take Green Bay's best football of the season to pull this one out, though, for the Rams, under Buff Donelli, have showed themselves the best coached team in the league. Nobody gave them a tumble at first, so they gave themselves one. In six games, including exhibitions, they have yet to be licked. Only end Jim Benton, who played with the Bears last season, and guard Riley Matheson have major league reputations, but the others, some of them unknowns in pro football, have come through handsomely. Tommy Colella, who failed to make the grade with the Detroit Lions, and Albie Reisz, a sleeper from Southeastern Louisiana, especially have played great ball. The game will be one of a complete schedule of five. In other, Washington will entertain Brooklyn, New York will have the hapless Card-Pitts at the Polo Grounds, Philadelphia will play host to Boston, and the Bears will entertain Detroit at Wrigley field.