Green Bay Packers (3-0) 27, Detroit Lions (0-1) 6 
Sunday October 1st 1944 (at Milwaukee)
(MILWAUKEE) - The Green Bay Packers, after facing a miniature problem along the line of the one which confronted the Bears a week ago, today successfully solved it and dashed to their third successive NFL victory before 18,556 chilled fans in State Fair park.
Green Bay's victims were the Detroit Lions, making
their first start in the championship race. The score was
26 to 7.
It was 6 to 0 for the Lions at the end of the first quarter.
Worse still, at that time the Packers were backed less
than a foot from their goal line and a second Detroit
score seemed a cinch. About this time the Packers
must have remembered the 28 to 0 deficit with which
they had burdened the Bears last Sunday in Green Bay.
Anyway something happened. The Packers held for
downs on the first play of the quarter, soon thereafter
bounced into a 7 to 6 lead, and then really went to work
in the second half, scoring twice in the third period and
once in the  fourth.
Frankie Sinkwich, the Georgia star by way of
Youngstown, O., lead the early Detroit attack, the later
he had to take the bitter with the sweet, including four
personal fumbles and a rules infraction which put the
Packers in position for their first score. From the
Packers' 41 shortly after the opening kickoff, Sinkwich
sparked a scoring drive which included a 34 yard pass
to Dave Diehl and a 5 yard touchdown flip to Bob
Westfall, the freshmen back from Michigan. Then
Sinkwich's kick for the point was blocked. Midway in the
period Sinkwich started operating again after stopping a
44 yard Packer drive on the Lions' 32. Frankie was
running and passing. Once he fumbled but his
teammate, Bill Matheson, recovered. Finally Westfall,
slammed for 8 yards and a first down on the 5. That's
when the game began to take on the appearance of a
rout. Sinkwich hammered to the 1. This gave the Lions
three more shots for the score. On the next play Baby
Ray, limping from an ankle injury, sifted thru and downed
Sinkwich in his tracks. The next time Frankie fumbled,
but recovered - a foot away as the quarter ended.
On the first play of the second quarter Charley Brock
and Don Hutson threw Westfall for a 5 yard loss and
this was the turning point. The Lions were through for the
day. The Packers started out from the Lions' 48 and on
the first play Sinkwich interfered with Harry Jacunski as
he reached for Lou Brock's pass on the 17. Then Brock
passed to rookie Paul Duhart for a touchdown. Hutson
kicked the extra point, just as he did the first time
Packers scored in the first half. That made it 62 points
in a row, but the string snapped after Green Bay's
second score in the third period - 12 short of Jack
Manders' league record. From Detroit's 43 the Packers
scored their second touchdown, with Brock again
leading the parade. He passed 15 yards to Jacunski,
then swept to his left 17 yards to the 11. On the next
play fullback Ted Fritsch strong armed his way thru the
Lions line and secondary for the score.
One play after kickoff off to the Lions the Packers again
had possession. Larry Craig intercepted Sinkwich's pass
and ran it  back 20 yards to Detroit's 13. After two
ineffectual line plays Irv Comp passed to Hutson in the
end zone. Then Don's kick for the point was partially
blocked. In the middle of the fourth quarter the Packers
drove and passed 86 yards for their final touchdown, with
Fritsch carrying the ball seven times in the series of 14
plays for 47 yards. From the 11, Brock passed to Comp
for the score and Hutson's kick made it 27 to 6. The
Packers completed 15 of 28 passes for 139 yards. Comp
was successful on 11 of 21 for 92. Brock hit three of six
for 43 and Duhart completed his only pitch for 4 yards.
DETROIT   -  6  0  0  0 -  6
GREEN BAY -  0  7 13  7 - 27
1st - DET - Bob Westfall, 5-yard pass from Frankie
Sinkwich (Kick failed) DET 6-0
2nd - GB - Duhart, 16-yard pass from Brock (Hutson
kick) GREEN BAY 7-6
3rd - GB - Fritsch, 11-yard run (Hutson kick) GREEN
BAY 14-6
3rd - GB - Hutson, 3-yard pass from Comp (Kick failed)
4th - GB - Comp, 11-yard pass from Brock (Hutson
kick) GREEN BAY 27-6

OCTOBER 2 (Chicago) - The recently organized United States Football League has adopted a constitution and by-laws preparatory to beginning operations from a headquarters in New York City in 1945. The league, which has plans for the most extensive program in football history, including games in Honolulu, adopted the constitution at a weekend meeting attended by representatives from New York, 
Philadelphia, Chicago, Honolulu, Baltimore, Akron, Cincinnati and Los Angeles. New Orleans, Houston and San Francisco also plan to join the league which will field professional grid teams sponsored by organizations boasting a total capitalization of more than $1,000,000. Franchise fees will be posted at the next meeting of the league which will be incorporated in Delaware.
OCTOBER 4 (Green Bay) - Curly Lambeau's Packers, who have got off to three straight victories in the NFL race, tackle the Card-Pitt aggregation here Sunday at the City stadium. The kickoff is scheduled for 2 p.m. sharp. The Card-Pitts are coming here fresh from their 17 to 16 victory over the New York Giants this past weekend. In this fracas, the Kiesling-Handler coached outfit came from behind in the last stanza to score 14 points and snatch the margin by an eyelash. Johnny Grigas, the Card-Pitt fullback, made both "touches" against the New Yorkers while Conway Baker, a veteran guard with an educated toe, clicked perfectly on a field goal and two conversions. The game will be sort of a homecoming for Walt Kiesling, co-pilot of the Card-Pitts. Kiesling was a member of Green Bay's championship team in 1936. Big Walt is a smart operator. During his playing days, he was one of the best center flankers in post-graduate football. It will be interesting to watch the front line duel between Kiesling's charges and the Packer pupils of George Trafton, who are displaying class galore in the forward sector. The Packers came out of the Lions' conflict in fair physical shape, although the list of ailing gridders is still a bit too long for comfort. The Bays resumed their practice grind Tuesday and Coach Lambeau is timing his workouts carefully so that his squad will be at proper gridiron pitch for Sunday's encounter.
OCTOBER 5 (Green Bay) - Early this season Coach Curly Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers predicted that the combined Chicago Cardinals-Pittsburgh Steelers team would be the team to beat in the western division of the National pro league. This week he said he has not changed this opinion. The Pitt-Card team will invade Green Bay Sunday to meet the Packers who will be seeking to rack up their fourth straight league game. The visitors dropped their opening league game to the Cleveland Rams. If Johnny Grigas, Holy Cross star of two seasons ago, can come close to his performance last Sunday for the Chicago Cardinals-Pittsburgh Steelers combination, the Packers are in for a busy afternoon come Sunday. He gained 243 yards from scrimmage as the Card-Pitt outfit nosed out the New York Giants, 17 to 16, but because it was an exhibition affair Grigas is a record holder without recognition. However, his stellar performance gives other ball carries something to shoot at. The one-man gang's total net gain was 275 yards, 243 yards carrying the ball from scrimmage and 37 yards gained in two kickoff runbacks. His average approximated 11 and one-half yards each time he carried the ball. Sunday's title at Green Bay will toss two of the strongest lines in the league against each other. Ensign Sid Luckman of the maritime service is somewhere on the high seas. Yesterday Sid advised Ralph Brizzolara, general manager of the Chicago Bears, that the tanker to which he has been attached is on its way. The Bears, preparing for their second NFL start Sunday against the Rams in Cleveland, also learned that Ray Nolting, veteran halfback, definitely is out for the season. His leg was broken three weeks ago in an exhibition game with the New York Giants in Buffalo.
OCTOBER 6 (Manitowoc) - Manitowoc fans attending the Packer game against the Pitt-Cards in City stadium at Green Bay Sunday will watch with interest the work of one of the visiting quarterbacks. He is Emmett Mortell, who starred in his high school days with Appleton high school of the Fox Valley conference. Mortell is one of the four quarterbacks on the Pitt-Cardinal squad. The Pitt-Card team left Pittsburgh today for Green Bay and face the toughest assignment of the season against the undefeated Packers. Green Bay, with three league victories, is the favorite, but with big John Grigas running wild as a ball carrier and, with the return of backs Bobby Thurbon and Johnny Butler, Coaches Phil Handler and Walt Kiesling feel the Card-Pitts will be no pushover. The Cardinal-Steeler squad will work out at Packer stadium upon their arrival in Green Bay Saturday. The Packers are not all in tip top shape for Sunday's game. Those with hurts include guards Charlie Tollefson, Glen Sorenson and Mike Buccanieri, tackles Baby Ray and Paul Berezney, end Joel Mason and halfback Irv Comp. The sore feet of Don Hutson have responded very well to treatment and the ace end was able to go through the entire session Wednesday for the first time in over a week. Only player who will not see action Sunday is halfback Roy McKay, who has been out of drills four weeks today.
OCTOBER 7 (Green Bay) - The NFL swings into its first full program of the season Sunday, with all 10 teams in action. Up at Green Bay the Packers, making a runaway race of the western division with three straight victories, will meet the Pitt-Cardinals and are favored to make it four in a row. Cleveland, only other winner in the western division (30-28 over Card-Pitt) entertains the champion Chicago Bears, who lost their lone start to Green Bay, 42-28. Washington's Redskins, winners of the 1943 eastern championship, make their 1944 debut by invading Philadelphia. The latter club has the only victory registered by an eastern club this season, a 28 to 7 decision over Boston. Brooklyn and Detroit, each defeated in their opening contests, will clash at Detroit, and the other contest calls for New York at Boston in the first game for the Giants...When the Card-Pitt combine tries to stem the undefeated Green Bay Packers' crunching advance tomorrow it will be aiming at something neither member accomplished since 1937. In the first game with the Bays that year, the Cardinals turned the trick, 17 to 7. The Packers came back in the return scramble to win, 34 to 13, and from then to 1943, the Cards ran their losing streak to 13 straight. The Steelers have a still dimmer view of the proceedings; they have not taken a game from Curly Lambeau's charges since Pittsburgh got the vote, back in 1933. This year the combine,
coached by Walt Kiesling and Phil Handler, hopes to stop the
Packers short of the fourth NFL win by springing Johnny Grigas from
behind a three-quarter ton line. Johnny Butler, Steeler veteran from
Tennessee, George Magulick of St. Louis and Bernard Semes round
out the backfield opposed to the Packer aerial circus. Shift of the 
merged crews to the T brought a dismal pre-season prediction from
Lambeau to the effect that they would become more dangerous as
the season progressed, and the book bears him out. At the start of
the season, the Philadelphia Eagles trounced them, 22 to 0. The next
loss was a tough one, 3 to 0 to Washington. Cleveland made it three
in a row by a still narrower margin, 30 to 28, and last Sunday the
combine hit the right combination to spill the New York Giants, 17 to
16. While Brute Trafton's forward wall will have the charge of heavy mountain-moving, Lambeau's full complement of offensive weapons will be on hand in the secondary, including Lou Brock and Irv Comp, who between them pitched 30 passes and completed 15 - nine of them to Don Hutson - in last week's 27 to 6 rout of Detroit. Paul Duhart, whose rushing continues to average over seven yards per try, also will be back in top condition after a bruising by the Chicago Bears two weeks ago.