Green Bay Packers (6-0) 14, Detroit Lions (1-3-1) 0
Sunday October 29th 1944 (at Detroit)
(DETROIT) - Green Bay's Packers, heading for western division honors in the NFL, took the Detroit Lions in stride here Sunday, 14-0, before 30,844 spectators. It was their sixth victory in league play this season without defeat and their nineteenth over Detroit
in 23 games. The Bays scored in the first and
second quarters and, finding that their defense
was plenty good enough to stop the Lions, 
were content to hang on to the 14 point margin.
The second half saw a punting duel between
Tony Canadeo of Green Bay and Frank 
Sinkwich of Detroit. Canadeo's kicks out of
bounds on the Lions' eight and three yard lines
were features. Sinkwich got off a 78 yard quick
kick to the Packers' three.
Detroit's most serious threat was made in the
third period, when Jack Matheson, right end,
caught a Sinkwich pass on the Packers' 13,
but the Green Bay forwards threw the Lions
back 13 yards and the Packers finally took 
over on the 26. Each team missed a placekick
in the fourth quarter, Sinkwich from the 29 and
Hutson from the 23. Fifteen plays after Glenn
Sorenson's opening kickoff for Green Bay the
Packers had a touchdown. On the first play
after getting the ball on the 20, the Lions drew
a 10 yard penalty. Frank Sinkwich's quick kick
to Joe Laws placed Green Bay on the Detroit
47. Don Hutson almost had a touchdown pass
from Irvin Comp on the first play, but Sinkwich
knocked the ball down as it seemed Hutson 
was in the clear. Again Comp tried and this 
time Hutson caught the ball on the 30. After 
Ted Fritsch had failed to gain, Comp turned
runner and made 13 around left end to the 17.
A pass failed and Hutson, on an end around,
sped to the five. In three rushes Fritsch went
over and Hutson converted.
In the second period the Packers headed for
another tally and reached the Detroit 20, where
Fritsch, in attempting a left end run, fumbled
when hit hard by Dave Diehl. The Detroit end
reacted swiftly, snatched up the ball, and
headed goalward. He was stopped on the
Packer 40. The Packers held and stated off
again. Passes from Comp to Jacunski and
and Hutson made two long gains and another
toss to Hutson in the end zone almost scored
but Van Tone knocked it down. Then Comp
crossed up the Lions with a pitch to Joe Laws
for the touchdown and Hutson's kick made it
GREEN BAY -  7  7  0  0 - 14
DETROIT   -  0  0  0  0 -  0
1st - GB - Fritsch, 1-yard run (Hutson kick)
2nd - GB - Laws, 29-yard pass from Comp
(Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 14-0

OCTOBER 31 (Brooklyn) - Pete Cawthon 
Monday resigned as coach of the Brooklyn
Tigers in the NFL 24 hours after the club had
lost its fifth straight game and thirteenth of
fifteen in two years. Cawthon, who won fame
as head coach at Texas Tech, said the club had made a satisfactory financial settlement on his contract. Tom Gallery, general manager of the Tigers, said, "We have the second most expensive club in the league and although we can't always win we should give the fans a show for their money. This we have failed to do and hence the change even at midseason." Frank Bridges, end coach, and Ed Kubale, line coach, will be in charge until a successor is chosen.
OCTOBER 31 (Milwaukee Journal) - The older he gets, the tougher 33 year old Joe Laws gets. Sunday, in the absence of Lou Brock, who is nursing a shoulder injury, the bouncing Laws, now in his eleventh year with Green Bay, played the full 60 minutes at right half...Don Hutson came out of the Detroit game Sunday with a badly bruised and puffed up nose...The dope is that Sid Luckman will remain in Chicago all week to work out with the Bears for Sunday's fray with Green Bay. Ho-hum...Hurry, Don, hurry. Jim Benton of the Cleveland Rams has started to threaten Hutson's lead both in scoring and in pass receiving. Hutson has sscored 50 points, Benton 42. Hutson has caught 38 passes, Benton 23...Sunday's game between the Packers and Bears will be the fifty-second in their long feud dating back to 1921. The Bears have won 26, the Packers 20. Five of the games were ties. In points, the Bears have maintained a proportionate edge. They have scored 660 points, the Packers 541.
NOVEMBER 1 (Chicago) - Frank Filchock of the Washington Redskins is proving quite conclusively that the NFL has no indispensable forward passers. With a record of 58 completions in 93 attempts in four games, the newly found star of the Redskins is making league fans forget about such sharpshooters as Sammy Baugh, Sid Luckman, Davey O'Brien, Cecil Isbell and Arnie Herber. Filchock has turned the tables on Baugh, whom he understudied for two seasons before joining the Navy for a two year hitch in 1942. Now Baugh gets in to pitch for the Redskins only when Filchock gets tired of blazing away. Frank has fired 10 touchdown passes in four games, and rolled up 821 yards in fashioning a top spot completion percentage of .624. After donning navy blue, Frank did a whale of a job for the Georgia Preflight team in 1942 and for the Memphis naval air station last season but was seldom in the spotlight. He was mustered out of service an ensign just before the current season began after contracting a stomach ailment in South America. Filchock, who still visits the hospital regularly for treatments, last Sunday hurled three payoff passes and eight completions in 15 attempts as the Redskins trounced the Card-Pitts. He has only had three passes intercepted in his 93 attempts. League statistics disclose that Frank Sinkwich of the Detroit Lions retained his ground gaining lead by adding 46 yards to this total against Green Bay Sunday. Sinkwich has carried the ball 96 times for a net of 384 yards, 30 more than second place Bill Paschal of New York. Failing to grab a touchdown pass against the Lions, Don Hutson of Green Bay saw his leadership in scoring and pass receiving whittled down by Jim Benton of the Cleveland Rams. Benton snared two payoff passes 
against the Chicago Bears Sunday to hike his scoring to 42 points, eight behind Hutson.
NOVEMBER 2 (Chicago) - Aloysius (Twinkletoes) Grygo, 175 pound halfback rookie sensation of the NFL, became a Chicago Bear because he wrote five letters to pro teams and received five answers. Grygo, fond of the T formation, chose the Bears. Al got his big chance with the Bears when Ray (Scooter) McLean was injured, and then became the league's most effective ground gainer with an average of 9.1 yards per try. Unquestionably Grygo will be a marked man Sunday when the league leading Green Bay Packers meet the Bears in quest of their seventh straight victory. A product of the South Carolina varsity, Grygo last Sunday scored the winning counter against the Cleveland Rams with a 66 yard touchdown gallop.
NOVEMBER 4 (Chicago) - There was an air of victory confidence in the Chicago Bears' clubhouse Friday. A new one-two passing punch and newly discovered backfield speed has returned the jubilance as last year's champions await Sunday's game with unbeaten Green Bay. Sid Luckman will be back and will team with Gene Ronzani to provide the one-two punch in the overhead attack. Aloysius Grygo, who has gained 245 yards this season, will be in the backfield to spark the running attack. Grygo's added punch to the running attack became apparent last week when he took over Ray McLean's spot and ran his ground gaining average to 9.1 yards per try. He ran 66 yards for the winning touchdown. Ronzani first got into Bear lineup this game as a replacement for Luckman, an ensign in the maritime service. He had not played with the Bears for five years, and last year was a Bear scout. Since taking over Luckman's job he has completed 19 of 39 passes for 363 yards, including five for touchdowns. Against Detroit he completed nine of 11 tosses, including three for touchdowns. Whether Ronzani will be in the backfield at the same time with Luckman, Coach Heartley (Hunk) Anderson would not say, but he did hint there would be some surprises in the Bears' overhead attack with two passers available. The Packers will be in top form for this meeting of the league's bitterest rivals, but they face their toughest game of the year, despite their earlier 42-28 victory at Green Bay. Wrigley field's 45,000 seats have been sold out for the game for several days.
NOVEMBER 5 (Chicago) - The Green Bay Packers, winner of six straight games in the western division of the National pro football league, tugged at their tethers here Saturday night to get at the Bears at Wrigley field Sunday afternoon and the chance to sew up, for all practical purposes, the championship in this end of the league. A victory over the Bears Sunday, which would be their second of the season over the Halas men and their first sweep of both game in the annual home and home series since 1935, would leave the men of Lambeau U in the enviable position of having at least a two game edge on every other rival in the western end, with only three games left, and possibly a three game edge depending upon the outcome of Washington-Cleveland game at Washington. A defeat, however, would whittle Green Bay's advantage to one game, and with tough games with Cleveland and New York still left, the Packers again would have a stretch fight on their hands. The Packers were primed for their effort Sunday. Having taken last week's game with the Detroit Lions more or less in stride, they were in excellent physical shape and high spirits except for Lou Brock, veteran right halfback, who was injured in the Cleveland game two weeks ago, who did not even make the trip to Detroit last week, and who may not get into the game Sunday. Without him, the starting burden, and a lot more, will again rest on the veteran Joe Laws who, despite his 33 years and 11 years of service with Green Bay, played the full 60 minutes at right half against the Detroit Lions last Sunday. Except for Brock, though, the cripples of recent weeks have all recovered: Baby Ray, Irv Comp, Paul Berezney, Pete Tinsley. The whole team has fired up all week and appeared ready Saturday night for one of its best efforts of the season. In the first game at Green Bay six weeks ago, the Packers won, 42-28, breaking a 28-28 tie with two touchdowns in the last five minutes. The Packers ruled only slight favorites Saturday night however. The Bears, after a shaky start in which they lost to both the Packers and Cleveland rams, have righted themselves and last Sunday, in a return game, obtained revenge on the Rams with their best game of the fall. With Sid Luckman back in the lineup, they, too, were primed Saturday night to square the season's account with Green bay. In addition to Luckman, the Bears will have Scooter McLean back Sunday. McLean was held out of the game with the Rams a week ago because of a chest injury. The bitter rivalry between the teams has assured a sellout crowd of 45,000. The park, except for bleacher seats which will go on sale Sunday morning, was sold out more than a week ago. Sunday's game will be one of a full schedule of five. In others, Washington ruled a slight favorite over the crippled Rams at Washington. New York a two touchdown favorite over the Boston Yankees at New York, Philadelphia a three touchdown favorite over the Brooklyn Tigers at Brooklyn, and the Detroit Lions a two touchdown favorite over the Card-Pitts at Detroit. The Brooklyn Tigers will be making their first start under Co-Coaches Ed Kubale and Frank Bridges, who took over upon the resignation of Pete Cawthon early in the week.