Green Bay Packers (7-1) 42, Cleveland Rams (3-4) 7
Sunday November 12th 1944 (at Cleveland)
(CLEVELAND) - Green Bay's Packers just about mathematically nailed down another NFL pennant here Sunday afternoon as they toyed with Cleveland's Rams,
early season surprise of the loop, for an easy 42-7
triumph. Coach Curly Lambeau's charges racked up 21
points in the first half and duplicated their scoring for 
the second half.
Sparking the Packers, as usual, was the famed Mr.
Football himself, Alabama's Don Hutson, and he got
plenty of help from Don Duhart, erstwhile University of
Florida satellite. Hutson gathered in two touchdown
passes and booted six placement conversions for a
personal tally of 18 points. The jubilant Packers have
only the Yanks and the Card-Pitt combine left to face in
league play, and their performance here Sunday 
indicated they would have little if any trouble in running
up big totals on either combine. The defeat for the
Rams was a most bitter one for Capt. Dan Reeves of
the army air corps depot at Rome, N.Y. The Ram owner
was watching his surprising charges in loop competition
for the first time, and the result dampened an otherwise
enjoyable furlough.
Green Bay lost little time getting its scoring machine
into action, crossing the Rams' goal line in the initial
three minutes of play and adding two more touchdowns
before the halftime gun. The Packers kicked off to 
Riesz who came back 28 yards from the end zone. 
After the Rams had failed to gain in three bids, Riesz
punted to midfield and the Packers were off. Fritsch hit
center for one and Comp whistled an aerial to Hutson 
for a first down on Cleveland's 38. Comp hit center for
five, then whipped a touchdown pass to Hutson over
right end. The Alabama arrow took the pigskin on the
17 and went over without a hand laid on him. Hutson
converted from placement. Cleveland's passing attack
failed to click and the Packers were in command most
of the time. As far as the Rams were concerned the
playing field was only 50 yards long for they never
crossed the center field stripes, in fact only getting to
the 43 near the end of the second period after the
Packers had a three touchdown advantage, one of 
them on a very questionable catch by Hutson on the
goal line. A pass interception set up the second Packer
score. Fritsch picked off Riesz's second down aerial
on the Cleveland 40 and got back 14 yards before 
Benton and Matheson hit him. Jacunski got into the
open, but Comp's pass was too far ahead of him. Then
Comp ran the ball to his right and angled down the
sidelines, a bare six inches inside all the way, to payoff
territory. Hutson added the point from placement.
Sorenson kicked off again and after the Rams had 
gained only three years in as many tries, Riesz punted
to Laws, who returned five before falling on his own 40.
Laws and Duhart made it a first down in two tries with
Laws getting eight of the yards. After losing two yards
in two attempts, Comp passed to Hutson, who went up
into the ozone between Jones and Colella, for a 
sensational but questionable catch and a first down on 
the Rams 19. Hutson pushed Jones out of the way as he went up. Perkins, Duhart and Laws pounded to the five. Fritsch cracked the line for a first down by inches. Laws then feinted to Duhart and cracked over the middle unimpeded for the score. Hutson's third placement conversion attempt was also good. With the paid attendance of 17,166 resigned to a severe drubbing at the halftime gun, the Packers still gave everything at their command in the final two periods, being sparked into their scoring drives by the fact that Cleveland's little Albie Reisz got off a 46 yard cutback for a touchdown immediately after the second half got underway and Lou Zontini converted from placement. It marked the first time the Rams had passed over the centerfield mark in the game.
Less than two minutes after Riesz had galloped for his touchdown, the Packers had their fourth six pointer. An exchange of punts put them in possession of the ball and Perkins immediately set up a scoring play with a 26 yard scramble off his left end to Cleveland's eight. On second down Laws cracked over from center and Hutson booted his fourth placement conversion, making it 28-7. Green Bay's fifth touchdown drive started when Duhart picked off Bernard's pass at midfield. Fritsch on first down circled his own left end for 18, and another first down on the 17. On second down Comp passed to Hutson. Mike Kabealo had the Alabaman completely covered but his attempt to knock down the pass bounced it right at the surprised end on the three and he calmly stepped over, then booted his fifth placement. With the Rams passing wildly in the closing minutes, Ray Wheba broke through to pick off a lateral intended for Benton and he rambled to the Ram 11 before he was halted. A holding penalty brought the ball back to the 26, but Roy McKay, rushed back into action for the scoring play, calmly lofted a touchdown pass to Duhart who took it over Walter West's shoulder on the dead run at the two yard stripe. Hutson did it again from placement and the final minutes saw the Rams fighting futilely to get past the Packers 40.
GREEN BAY -  7 14  7 14 - 42
CLEVELAND -  0  0  7  0 -  7
1st - GB - Hutson, 33-yard pass from Comp (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Comp, 14-yard run (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
2nd - GB - Laws, 2-yard run (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 21-0
3rd - CLE - Albie Reisz, 46-yard run (Lou Zontini kick) GREEN BAY 21-7
3rd - GB - Laws, 4-yard run (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 28-7
4th - GB - Hutson, 15-yard pass from Comp (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 35-7
4th - GB - Duhart, 26-yard pass from McKay (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 42-7

NOVEMBER 15 (Chicago) - Johnny Grigas of the last place Cardinal-Pittsburgh team in the NFL has taken the ground gaining lead from Bill Paschal of New York with a seven game total of 554 yards, league statistics revealed Wednesday. Grigas amassed 125 yards in 25 attempts against Detroit Sunday, coming within 27 yards of the Lions' total rushing gain. Meanwhile, Paschal was held to 46 yards in 17 tries by the Philadelphia Eagles, dropping him to second place, 41 yards behind Grigas with a total of 513. Grigas also has completed 34 of 83 passes in seven games to rank among the league's top nine tossers. After a two week touchdown drought, Don Hutson of Green Bay climbed on his scoring bicycle Sunday to tally two six-pointers and six conversions against Cleveland. Hutson now heads the scoring column with 68 points, 17 more than Frank Sinkwich of Detroit. The latter wrested second place from Jim Benton of Cleveland. Frank Filchock of Washington pitched only two passes against Brooklyn, but he still is the league's top passer with 67 hits in 112 attempts for 959 yards. Hutson still dominates the pass receiving department. Although his 49 catches for 739 yards is far ahead of second place Benton's record of 31 grabs for 377 yards, he leads the Ram star in payoff passes only seven to six.
NOVEMBER 18 (Baltimore) - Representatives of the 11 teams making up the projected United States Football league arrived here for a two day meeting in Baltimore Saturday to complete plans for play next season. Roland D. Payne, organizer of the league, said tentative plans called for airborne transport of the players to the widely scattered cities in which the circuit will operate. Backers of the teams in New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, Akron, Honolulu, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and Los Angeles were expected to take part in the discussions. Payne announced a few days ago that the league presidency had been offered to Dr. H.C. (Curley) Byrd, president of the University of Maryland, who for a long time was the university's football coach. Byrd has not commented.
NOVEMBER 19 (New York) - The Green Bay Packers, a week of good hard work at their Bear Mountain camp behind them, arrived here Saturday night, determined to cinch with mathematical certainty the championship in the western division of the National pro league by beating the New York Giants at the Polo Grounds Sunday afternoon. With two games left, one with the Giants Sunday and the other with the hapless Card-Pitts at Chicago a week later, the Packers need only a week later, the Packers need only one victory to pull up the divisional flag regardless of what any other club in the western end of the league does. Except for Lou Brock, who is still nursing a bum knee, the Packers were in excellent physical shape. Brock is a doubtful starter, so the veteran Joe Laws, who looked so good in the Cleveland game, will probably have to carry most of the load at right half again. The Giants were in very doubtful condition. Bill Paschal, one of the league's best ground gainers, twisted his knee in the 21-21 tie with Philadelphia last Sunday, and Joe Sulaitus, the team's best passer, limped around with a bad muscle pull. It was certain neither one of them would start and doubtful whether either would get into the game. The injury to Sulaitus shifted the team's entire passing load to the aging arm of Arnie Herber, who once played with the Packers. What the Giants lack in personnel for a game as tough as this promises to be, however, they promise to make up in spirit. They have gone through their drills this week with the pep of a college team just before homecoming. They want especially to win for Red Smith, line coach, who was relieved of similar duties with the Packers a year ago. Interest, as usual with the appearance of the Packers, was at fever hear, and a crowd of between 40,000 and 50,000 was expected. Four other games hold the spotlight with the one in New York. At Washington, the Redskins and Eagles will meet to decide first place in the eastern end of the league; at Boston, the Tigers will try to climb out of last place at the expense of the Yankees; at Detroit, the Bears will try to nurse their outside mathematical chances for the divisional title by going against the Lions, and at Chicago, the "Carpets", who have been just that in the league this fall, will take another licking from Cleveland. It is conjectural how much action flipping Frank Filchock of Washington will see 
PACKERS WORK OUT FOR GAME WITH GIANTS (NEW YORK) — The Green Bay Packers work out at Bear Mountain Inn after their arrival in New York for the game with the New York Giants Sunday at the Polo Grounds. This will be their only intersectional game in New York this season (November 15, 1944). The Inn is still functioning today.
against the Eagles. Filchock suffered a broken nose last Sunday, but with Sammy Baugh still around, Coach Bud De Groot's aerial attack will still be something to stop.