PRE-SEASON - Green Bay Packers (1-1) 28, Boston Yanks 0
Sunday September 10th 1944 (at Buffalo)
(BUFFALO) - Playing precise and workmanlike football, the Green Bay Packers capitalized on the Boston Yanks' mechanical errors to score a 28-0 victory in an exhibition between National league teams this afternoon in Civic stadium before 17,327 spectators basking under the rays of a warm sun. The Packers, rated as one of the teams to beat in the league's Western division, took advantage of the Boston eleven's lapses, pushing across two touchdowns directly attributed to blocked kicks before they had made a first down, and setting up a third when a pass from center
went astray in the Boston backfield. The winners didn't
send Don Hutson, the end who holds the leagues' all-
time scoring records, into a single scrimmage. Dapper
Don from Alabama made four brief appearances, to
convert the extra points. He even had his personal aide,
Joe Laws, to come out with him and set up the ball in
the approved position.
The most thrilling play of the afternoon was turned in by
a member of the losing team, Ted Williams, just
returned from his mother's funeral. Late in the second
period, Ted snatched Paul Duhart's wobbling pass on 
the Bays' 36 and cut to his right, slipping through 
wherever he could see daylight. He cut sharply to the
left and up the middle, across the payoff stripe. The
crowd, solidly with the underdogs, cheered mightily.
These cheers changed to the Bronx variety an instant
later when the officials ruled no touchdown and then
assessed a 15-yard penalty against the Yanks,
furthermore taking the ball. The Yanks threatened on
two other occasions and made a respectable game of
it, but sorely needed a passer who could get distance.
George (Bad News) Cafego was accurate at the short
range but couldn't get much more range than a shot
putter. After getting a first down on a pass early in the
game, the Yanks were rudely shocked when Mason
blocked Cafego's kick, Ade Schwammel recovering on
the Bean Town 30. On the first play Lou Brock ran back
and to his left and fire a 50-yard pitch to Harry Jacunski
in the end zone. The old Fordham player batted the ball
into the air but caught it as he tumbled.
Ken Steinmetz ambitiously tried to get off a kick a few
minutes later but experienced even worse luck. Buford (Baby) Ray, large tackle from Vanderbilt, blocked it on the 16, picked up the rebound on the one and ambled across. Mark Hammel flopped on a wandering ball on the Boston 13 in the second period, Paul Duhart going across from the two after the Packers finally had made a first down. Irv Comp, the Bays' ranking triple-threat, reeled off an 89-yard gallop with the second half kickoff. Set back to the 16 by a penalty, the Wisconsin athletes struck back with a Brock-Comp scoring pass, Irv carrying Twenty-Grand Davis over with him. Outside of Williams' futile run, the Yanks marched in the first period, when Dick Harrison dropped Cafego's toss in the end zone, and again in the fourth, when they got to the Green Bay 16.
Green Bay tried field goals three times, two by Glenn Sorenson and one by Hutson. Two were wide and one was blocked. The Yanks, whose passers were smothered several times, had a net of three yards rushing, against 109 for the Packers. Boston made nine first downs, against five, and gained 111 yards passing against 81.
GREEN BAY -  14   7   7   0  -  28
BOSTON    -   0   0   0   0  -   0
1st - GB - Harry Jacunski, 30-yard pass from Brock (Don Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - GB - Baby Ray, 1-yard return of blocked Ken Steinmetz punt (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
2nd - GB - Paul Duhart, 2-yard run (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 21-0
4rd - GB - Irv Comp, 16-yard pass from Brock (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 28-0
SEPT 12 (Green Bay) - Victors in two of their three exhibition tests in the east, the Packers today began pointing for their first 1944 game in State Fair park next Sunday afternoon. The contest will officially open the league year since no others are scheduled to be played until a week later. Coach Curly Lambeau has  scheduled extra-hour workouts from now until Saturday.The need for the increased tempo is based on three
things: slowness with which plays have been engineered, lack of top condition, and the fact that the Tigers are a stronger ball club than they were last year when
the Packers defeated them by a 31 to 7 margin. Not
entirely pessimistic about the outlook, Coach Lambeau
said, "We have a good team in the making but plenty of
work is required before we will be ready to go against
Brooklyn." He based his evaluation on the Packers'
showings against Washington and Boston, both league
outfits, and the Sampson naval training center eleven...
MCKAY IS CASUALTY: The team returned to town on
Monday afternoon after a 12-day tour in the east. The
only serious casualty in the exhibitions was a leg injury
sustained by halfback Roy Dale McKay, who joined the
club in Chicago after the All-Star contest. The former
Texas player probably will see no action against the
Tigers, but should be ready for the game against the
Bears here Sept. 24, Coach Lambeau said. Additional
fortification of the front wall is expected momentarily 
with the arrival of veteran tackle Paul Berezney, who 
has just finished his medical internship at a California
hospital. Berezney, who will be playing his third season
here, was scheduled to arrive either late today or on
Wednesday. His presence will give the Packers two
pairs of veteran tackles. Coach Pete Cawthon of the
Tigers, who will move into Milwaukee in mid-week from
their training site in Cheyenne, Wyo., has several
veterans back from the 1943 squad in addition to other
experienced pro gridders obtained in deals with the
Redskins. Players who remained on are tackle Bruiser
Kinard and fullback Clarence (Pug) Manders, who 
averaged three yards an attempt and placed 12th in 
yards gained in the league last year..OBTAINED FROM
REDSKINS: Coming from the Washington eleven were
end Bob Masterson, now in his seventh pro season,
halfback Ray Hare and center George Smith. All were
first stringers with the Redskins in 1943 and will be remembered by Packer fans for their outstanding play when the teams met at State Fair park in 1943. Eight other veterans are on the Tigers' roster. Some indication of the strength of Brooklyn was given in their exhibition game against the Redskins at Ogden, Utah, late last month. The Tigers lost, 14 to 7, mainly because the winners had too much Sammy Baugh. A week later, the 'Skins tripped the Packers in their first contest this season, 20 to 7, the only loss sustained by the Bears on their eastern exhibition swing.
SEPT 12 (Manitowoc) - Art Albrecht, Manitowoc's only player in the NFL, is now a member of the Boston Yankees, newest club in the loop. Albrecht, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Albrecht of 1411 Madison Street and a graduate of Lincoln high school in 1940, has now been a member of four pro elevens. He played a guard and tackle spot for the Yankees during part of the Packer game at Buffalo Sunday. Albrecht, a center in his high school days, starred as a freshman at the University of Wisconsin. In the fall of 1942, he was signed by Coach Curly Lambeau and worked with that club for a time. Then he was sold to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Last year Albrecht was a member of the Chicago Cardinals and this fall reported to the camp of the combined Cardinals-Steelers at Waukesha. He failed to come to contract terms with the club management and they traded him to the Boston Yankees. Albrecht was home for a visit two weeks ago after leaving the Cardinal camp in Waukesha and was in the pink of condition.
SEPT 12 (Milwaukee Journal) - They're the Brooklyn Tigers now, not the Brooklyn Dodgers as of yore - speaking of football, of course. "Think we want any connection, real or implied, with Dem Bums of the baseball world?" asked Tom Gallery, who is handling the business affairs of the club in the absence of the owner, Capt. Dan Topping, now in the south Pacific. "Dem Bums! We'll stand on our own and get farther." The Dodgers - beg pardon - the Tigers arrived in town Tuesday and will work out here the rest of the week for their league opening with the Packers at State Fair park Sunday...Pete Cawthon, late of Texas Tech, who is coaching the club, still laughs over the famous six for six deal he engineered with George Marshall of Washington a couple of months ago. Why not laugh? The Tigers got Ray Hare, one of the best blocking backs in the league; Bob Masterson, a first rate end; George Smith, a first rate center; Tony Leon, a pretty good guard, and Courtney Driscoll and Leo Stasica, a couple of halfbacks. They sent to Washington Dean McAdams, Merlyn Condit and four other boys of lesser ability. So far so good, but then the deal really "blossomed". All six men Brooklyn got signed up. Not one of the six Washington got reported...Tiny Croft of the Packers had better look to his laurels as king of the beef trust. The 285 pound behemoth, who is coming along fine under George Trafton's coaching - and urging - has a rival for heft this season in Harry Bolton, a rookie with the Detroit Lions. Bolton, a fill blooded Oklahoma Indian, weighs 280 pounds...That great 89 yard run by Irv Comp of the Packers against the Boston Yankees at Buffalo Sunday, from his own goal line to the other side's 11, might have been a touchdown, Lambeau says, if the Bay View Bazooka had not been about 10 pounds overweight...The Packers have already started to return mail orders for good seats to the Bear-Packer tussle a week from Sunday. Only a few of the cheaper seats remain.
SEPT 13 (Green Bay) - The Brooklyn Tigers, who aid the Packers in launching the 1944 NFL season in Milwaukee next Sunday, were scheduled to arrive in the downstate city today while the Green Bay eleven was slated to go through a long afternoon workout to get in trim for the contest. The game will be played at State Fair park. The Packer squad has been reduced to 30 men and two more will be dropped before the game to conform with a league rule allowing only 28 players in uniform for circuit games. Those released, according to an announcement by Coach Curly Lambeau, are end Mark Hammel, right halfback Bob McRoberts and blocking back Walter Gudie. No workout was held this morning because of the rain. The afternoon practice was on the defense the Bays will use against Brooklyn. If the squad does not come up to expectations, two more workouts will be held Thursday, Lambeau said, allowing that plenty remains to be done before the squad entrains for Milwaukee last Saturday afternoon...STUDY SCOUT REPORT: Lambeau and his aides, Don Hutson and George Trafton, pored over a scout report on the Washington-Brooklyn game played two weeks ago in Utah. They didn't entirely reveal what they found out but indicated that the Tigers are not going to be a pushover. As a matter of fact, Lambeau was frank in admitting that he expects a rough contest, similar to the last two against the Eastern division eleven. Interest in the game, first of two to be held in Milwaukee this season, is considerable. Milwaukeeans have snapped up all the tickets sent there and a rush call for more ducats was received Tuesday afternoon by Ticket Director Ralph C. Smith. Many Green Bay and northeastern Wisconsin fans are also planning to attend to get a line on the team before it meets the Chicago Bears in City stadium Sept. 24. Along with the defensive and offensive work, several members of the squad are perfecting their punting, kickoff and kicking from the field. Veterans Lou Brock and Ted Fritsch are getting plenty of distance and height on their punts while Fritsch and Glenn Sorenson are improving in the kickoff and field goal department...HASN'T LOST TOUCH: The point-after-touchdown artistry of Hutson will come in handy again this year since the veteran end has shown that he hasn't lost the touch. Against the Boston Yanks he continued his consecutive string without a miss by placing four squarely between the goal posts. Hutson probably will get a share of the field goal attempts, a department in which he paced the league in 1943. An item about the Tigers is worthwhile repeating - that their acquisition of three Redskin players has strengthened them to a point where some of the worries, omnipresent during 1943, have been lightened. End Bob Masterson and center George Smith have bolstered the line and right halfback Ray Hare is the type of player needed to spark the ball club. Others who may be expected to give the Packer runners trouble are tackle Bruiser Kinard, guard Floyd Rhea and tackle George Sergienko, all veterans. In the backfield, besides Hare, Coach Pete Cawthon has Clarence Manders at fullback, F.M. Sachse at left half and Bill Brown at quarter. All have professional game experience and give the Tigers a backfield with speed and heft. The heavy rain this morning was the first such inclement weather experienced by the squad during drills here since practice started August 20.
SEPT 13 (Milwaukee Journal) - A couple of former Packers, Andy Uram and Russ Letlow, will play their football this fall with Camp Perry in Virginia...The pro league race looks like one of the best in several years, with no one really outstanding club to dominate things, as the Bears once did. Only the new Boston Yankees and the Cleveland Rams, back in the league after a year's absence, appear to be entirely out of the fight. Washington looks a little the best in the east, although the line could stand help, and Green Bay a little the best in the west...Curly Lambeau doesn't believe Sid Luckman will fly wet to be with the Bears for their game with Green Bay a week hence. "There'll be too loud a rumble around the league if he does," says the Belgian. "If he plays, why shouldn't other clubs with players in the service arrange to have them play, too? There ought to be a rule." Amen...A couple of rookie backs have been standouts with the Brooklyn Tigers so far - Ken Fryer, a triple threater from West Virginia, and Dub McGibboney, a good passer from little known Arkansas State Teachers...Two new head coaches will make their debut in the pro league this fall. Bud DeGroot, late of Rochester U, at Washington, where he installed the T, and Herb Kopf, late of Manhattan, at Boston, where he has installed what he calls the Q-T, whatever that is. Buff Donelli of Cleveland would qualify as a new one, too, except for the single game in which he handled Pittsburgh at the fag end of the season two years ago.
SEPT 13 (Green Bay) - Assistant Trainer Gus Seaburg of the Packers got h is first workout of 1944 with the arnica and tape Tuesday, following his arrival here from Kansas City, where he was trainer for the Blues of the American Association during the last season. This is Seaburg's second season as assistant to Bud Jorgenson.
SEPT 14 (Green Bay) - The Packers will have to display a lot more precision and workmanship than they showed in Wednesday afternoon's long workout if they hope to defeat the Brooklyn Tigers at State Fair pak Sunday afternoon to get off to a flying start in the quest for their sixth NFL flag. Timing and execution of plays were lacking to a degree that had Coach Curly Lambeau muttering to himself and shaking his head when he remembered that only two days remain to get the squad in shape for the circuit's lid-lifter. The Packer head man is definitely worried about the outcome and makes no bones about it. If the local league entry performs accordingly to its capabilities, there is no question that they will have a better than equal chance to knock the bottom out of the Tigers. That is exactly what Lambeau was worried about as he watched the squad stumble throught its workout Wednesday. The team was not operating up to par...SCHEDULES TWO DRILLS: As a result, storm clouds were gathering for a couple of workouts today with the whole repertoire of offensive and defensive maneuvers to get a going over. Friday, the training schedule will be tapered off and Saturday the team will shove off for Milwaukee, where much more about the ball club will be known late Sunday. The weather also intervened to jumble up the practice schedule. The morning drill had to be postponed because of the rain although a skull session was held to go over mistake and to lay plans for Sunday. Although the rain subsided to enable the squad to get outside later in the day, the practice left something to be desired even though it lasted until close to 5 o'clock. The timing on pass plays - long the potent factor in the Lambeau system - was particularly off the mark. Linesmen were building up to a pitch under the lashings of Line Coach George Trafton, who had to don blocking pads for protection. A bright spot in the picture was the lack of serious injury on the squad with the exception of the bad leg of halfback Roy Dale McKay, who probably won't see any action against the Tigers...TIGERS ARE STRONGER: Much of the pregame conversation has turned on the showing of the Tigers in the league last year, when they wound up at the bottom of the heap in the Eastern division. The important thing right now, however, is that the Tigers have come a long way since then under the direction of Coach Pete Cawthon, now in his second year at the helm. Pete frankly admits that he's got a pretty fair ball club. The connection between the old Dodgers - that is the name they used last year - and the present outfit has been thoroughly severed even to the change of monicker. He figures the change will be more complete if his rejuvenated ball club can paste the Packers next Sunday, thereby getting revenge for several previous beatings and also making the season's start auspicious. Whether the Tiger coach is being a little optimistic depends a great deal on how the Green bay club operates. As Lambeau said earlier in the week, the material is on hand but getting the men to operate at 100 percent effectiveness is another matter. Man for man, the Packers are as experienced - perhaps a little more so - than the easterners. Coach Lambeau can call on a starting eleven of veterans. In reserve there are several veterans also and a number of rookies who showed enough stuff on the eastern tour to warrant their being retained on the roster.
SEPT 14 (Milwaukee Journal) - Pug Madners' wife has been seriously injured in an automobile accident in Des Moines, and the big Brooklyn fullback has left the squad, in training here, to be with here. He will be back in time, though, to take his place against the Packers Sunday...The whisperers have it that Arnie Herber, who came out of retirement to join the Giants this fall, won't be able to cut it. Too much mileage in those legs...Milwaukee has been invited to have a representative at the first meeting of the proposed United States Football league in Chicago September 30 and October 1. The league, like the new all-American conference, proposes to start operations in 1945. Let's hope Milwaukee representative, whoever he may be, will not try to operate on a shoestring. It can't be done...A couple of former Packers, Tony Falkenstein, fullback, and Joe Carter, end, will be with Brooklyn against their old mates Sunday. Falkenstein played with Green Bay last year; Carter two years ago...The new Boston Yanks of the pro league have adopted green and gold as their colors..."The women's choice" - that's what the Packers themselves now call handsome halfback Lou Brock.
SEPT 14 (Pittsburgh) - The United States Football League, with post-war plans calling for a transcontinental network of professional teams and an island squad at Honolulu, will meet at Chicago next week in a two day session, to issue permanent franchises, Roland D. Payne, the pro-tem president said today. Payne said officers would also be elected and that applications from four additional cities would be considered. The permanent franchises will go to New York, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Akron, Cincinnati, Chicago, Los Angeles and Honolulu, which, for now, have certificates of operation. The cities to be considered are Milwaukee, New Orleans, Houston and San Francisco. The teams, which will travel exclusively by plane, will have financial backing ranging from $60,000 to $250,000, Payne said. Tentative plans call for the league to begin play in 1945, depending on the course of the war.
SEPT 14 (New York) - Lieut. Glenn Dobbs of the Army air corps, former football star at the University of Tulsa, signed a two year contract with the New York eleven of the newly formed All-America football conference, it was announced Thursday by the club's owners, Mrs. Lou Gehrig and Ray Ryan. The salary was not disclosed. Dobbs is believed to be the first player signed by the new organization which was formed in Chicago early this month and will not operate until 1945. The triple threat backfield ace was selected in 1943 by the Chicago Cardinals in the NFL's annual draft of graduating collegians, but did not sign a contract with the Chicago team.
SEPT 14 (Boston) - The Boston Yanks announcedlast night the purchase of center Dale Carmody and halfback Courtney Driscoll from the Brooklyn Tigers. Carmody, who starred at Southern California last fall, recently was discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps. Driscoll, a former Richmond, Va., schoolboy sensation, was a triple-threat at Marshall College.
SEPT 16 (Green Bay) - Drawing on his 23 years experience in the NFL, including all the work and headaches necessary to get the circuit in operation and keep it going, Coach Curly Lambeau today came up with his first observation about the newly-formed All-American Football league, which has granted seven franchises to sports figures in various parts of the country. "Formation of a new professional league shows that our game has progressed to a point where others
want to get into it. However, I don't think that any group
of sports-minded figures, however wealthy or however
enthusiastic, can start a major league without first
gaining experience in a minor circuit," he said. Further
explaining, Lambeau said it seems impossible to him 
that a major league can be formed which will give the
National circuit major opposition. New coaches, new
personnel and all the many details attendant on getting
the league in operation will make the going tough, he
said, adding that it will be harder to buck a league that
has gone through all the pangs and weathered them for
23 years. An exception would be if the present National
league would divided as the senior baseball circuit did
years ago, the Packer coach said. Otherwise, he feels
that the All-American league is going to find the going a
little too tough...COACH GIVES FORECAST: On the 
eve of the Packers' first contest, Coach Lambeau gave
his forecast for the probably outcome of the races in the
Western and Eastern divisions. He discounted the
chances of the new Boston Yanks and the Cleveland
Rams principally because the former is just starting and
the Rams have not regained strength after a lapse of one
year. In the Western division, Lambeau thinks the
Packers, the Chicago Bears and the combined Chicago-
Pittsburgh team, the Card-Pitts, are about evenly
matched. Naturally enough, he favors his own team
slightly, remembering however, that many things can
occur between now and Nov. 26, when they play their
last game. In the Eastern half, anything can happen, he
said, rating the New York Giants and Washington
Redskins about equal with Philadelphia and Brooklyn,
the Bay's Sunday opponent, not far behind.
SEPT 16 (Brooklyn) - Whether a Dodger can change 
his spots, become a Tiger 'twixt seasons and benefit by
the transformation is one big question that will be
decided today when the Brooklyn entry in the National
League raised the curtain on the season here today 
with the Green Bay Packers. Another question that will
be answered is whether Curly Lambeau's club, with
eveybody back except Cecil Isbell, the pitching part of
the famous battery, Don Hutson being the receiver, are
as good as heretofore. Isbell is now earning his toast 
and eggs by the sweat of his brow coaching the Purdue
SEPT 17 (Chicago) - The new All-America league, down
on paper as a professional football league scheduled to begin operations in 1945, has injured its chances of postwar affiliation with the NFL, Elmer Layden, National league commissioner, said Saturday. Layden's remark was prompted by an announcement by Mrs. Lou Gehrig and Ray Ryan, owners of the New York club of the All-American league, that Lieut. Glenn Dobbs has been signed with their club. Dobbs, former Tulsa all-American stationed at Colorado Springs, Col., said he had signed an option with the Ryan-Gehrig club because of a higher salary offer than the one extended by the Chicago Cardinals, National league member which had drawn the tall Tulsan in the annual college player pool. "We are ready to affiliate after the way with the right league, but the All-America's action doesn't appear suitable as the right league," Layden said. The new league at its last meeting passed a resolution not to tamper with any players or coaches under contract, but refused to recognize National league draft rights to players not signed.
SEPT 17 (Milwaukee) - Just where the Green Bay Packers really stand in this year's pro league race will be pretty well established Sunday afternoon when they open the league campaign against Pete Cawthon's Brooklyn Tigers at State Fair park. The kickoff is scheduled for 2 o'clock. There have been hints in the three exhibitions the Packers have already played and in some of the words of Coach Curly Lambeau himself that the Packers this fall will be the team for the others to beat. The real line, though, will be had in Sunday's test. It promises to be the perfect test, too, for the Tigers, completely revamped since last year, will take the field with one of the strongest lineups in the east. Through trades and the draft they have acquired new veteran blood right down the line. From Washington they obtained Bob Masterson, end; George Smith, center; Tony Leon, guard, and Ray Hare, blocking quarterback, all of whom will be starters Sunday, and from the Chicago Cardinals, Floyd Rhea, guard. The best of their own 1943 squad they retained, including Bruiser Kinard, all-league tackle last year; George Segienko, the opposite tackle, and backs Pug Manders, Bill Brown and Cecil Johnson. Manders, who left the squad early in the week to be with his wife, who was seriously injured in an automobile accident at Des Moines, has returned and will start. Against this revamped eleven, the Packers will start a veteran team themselves, including old "No. 14" Don Hutson, who two weeks ago decided to forget about retirement and play one more year. It will be Hutson's first start of the season although in two of the exhibitions he entered the game to kick extra points. The line in most positions will be the same that carried the Packers into second place in the western division last year, with Hutson and Jacunski at ends, Baby Ray and Ade Schwammel at tackles, Bill Kuusisto and Pete Tinsley at guards, and Charlie Brock at center - Brock had a bad heel, but will start. Except for Tony Canadeo, the backfield will also be just about like last year's with Larry Craig, Lou Brock, Ted Fritsch and Irv Comp as probably starters. Green Bay ruled a slight favorite largely because of its passing strength with Comp pitching and Hutson receiving, and a shade the best of it apparently in the line. Packer forwards, under George Trafton's coaching, have come up with some of the most spirited line play in recent Packer history. In three exhibitions, the club has blocked four punts. The game will also see the unveiling of several very promising new men on each side- Paul Duhart of Florida, halfback, and Chuck Tollefson of Iowa, guard, of the Packers, and Ken Fryer of West Virginia and Dub McGibboney of Arkansas State, halfbacks, of Brooklyn. Roy McKay of Texas, prize Packer rookie back, will not play because of a leg injury. A crowd of between 18,000 and 20,000 is expected.
SEPT 15 (Green Bay) - The Packers today were down to the final stages of their drills for Sunday afternoon's NFL opener against the Brooklyn Tigers in State Fair park in suburban Milwaukee, and they showed more pep and interest than they have since they returned from the east early this week. Despite the upswing in spirits and a more workmanlike approach to the rapidly nearing ball game, Coach Curly Lambeau went on record as sill not satified that the proper peak has been reached. One more workout Saturday morning will give the squad its last chance to develop the sharpness which will be needed against the strengthened easterners. This morning the squad was to brush up on signals first and use the remainder of the time to polish up its defense for the Brooklyn system, which has many of the earmarks of Green Bay's stock in the ground gaining department. Coach Pete Cawthon used a balanced line which shifts to the right or left and an occasional man in motion. It is basically Notre Dame...WORKOUT IS SMOOTHER: Thursday morning's workout moved along somewhat more smoothly than any other of the week, and, for the  matter, which started Aug. 20. The afternoon was given over to an indoor skull session on defense. Some members of the squad are still not in top condition and have been given additional work to pare them down while the teams have been pushing hard to acquire split-second timing. It became apparent in the drills that another famous passing combination is in the making with end Don Hutson forming one half and veteran left halfback Irv Comp, now in his second year with the club, the other half. The pair worked almost flawlessly Thursday. Comp, who was rated the third best passer in the league last season, seems to have found the touch and Hutson has not lost any of his mastery at catching. Comp, who has gained about 15 pounds since last year, should have an even better season than he enjoyed in his freshman year when he connected on 46 of 92 passes for 662 yards and seven touchdowns. He also has displayed good running form culminating in a dash of 89 yards against Boston in Buffalo last Sunday. Lambeau indicated today that he will rely on Comp for a starting role in Milwaukee...STARTING LINEUP SET: The remainder of the starting lineup is pretty well set with 10 veterans the choices now to open although others and the rookies will probably get a chance to show what they can do in league competition. Besides Comp, the starting backfield will probably consist of Lou Brock at right half, Larry Craig at the blocking back and Ted Fritsch at full. Either Hutson or Joel Mason will be at one along with the other manned by Harry Jacunski, Baby Ray and Ade Schwammel at the tackles, Pete Tinsley and Bill Kuusisto at the guards, and Bob Flowers at center. On the basis of kickoff practice Thursday, it seems certain that the Bays will have no trouble with the new rule penalizing an offending team by booting kickoffs out of bounds. Both Fritsch and guard Glenn Sorenson were getting off kicks averaging around 70 yards and all of them straight down the middle. Hutson did the holding...CAWTHON PUSHES TEAM: Meanwhile, Cawthon pushed his gridders through workouts in Milwaukee. Out of the sessions has come word that two rookies, Ken Fryer, a triple threater from West Virginia, and Dub McGibboney, a good passer from litle known Arkansas State Teachers - have sparkled. The latter weighs only 160 pounds but has speed galore while Fryer is a 210-pounder who can run, pass and kick equally well. The Packers will leave for Milwaukee at 5:20 Saturday afternoon on the Milwaukee road's Chippewa and will headquarter at the Schroeder hotel. The retun will be made Sunday night.
SEPT 15 (Brooklyn) - It shouldn't take long for us to discover how good our tearing Tigers will be on the football field. Right under the gun, Pete Cawthon's Brooklyn team runs smack into the toughest opposition the NFL can provide. Yes, the Green Bay Packers, whom the Tigers engage Sunday at Milwaukee, are rated tops in the morning football line. They became favorites when the talented Don Hutson followed his annual custom and reconsidered his annual December intention to quit the game. Hutson is the mainspring of the Packers just as Sid Luckman's sure-footed manipulation of the T-formation offense made him the mainspring of the champion Chicago Bears. Luckman is now in the merchant marine but the Tigers will not avoide him completely. In fact, they have a date with Sidney as well as with Bill Paschal, last year's running star of the Giants, on Oct. 2, when they make thieir informal Ebbets Field debut against an All-Star service team for war bonds. The football season is creeping up all right.
SEPT 15 (Milwaukee Journal) - If you get a chance at State Fair park Sunday, watch Pete Cawthon of the Brooklyn Tigers on the bench - unless he has changed since his coaching days at Texas Tech. Cawthon is apt to do almost anything to show his feelings. At lease he used to be at Texas Tech, where his antics on the sidelines got almost as much press for the school as his team. Cawthon pulled all stops in his "performances". He would jump on the bench, or hide under it, or turn somersaults in front of it, or lay flat on his face, as though not daring to look at the play. Despair, delight, disgust - he would show them all. The fans loved it, and his boys loved it, except on those few occasions on which they became parties to his "act" and even then they had to chuckle. Thus, after an unsuccessful road trip one year involving two or three games, Cawthon had the train stop outside of Lubbock, Tex., and had the boys walk the last mile into town. Thus, on another occasion, after the boys had complained about the heat and the long workout, he had them take off their shoes and run for a mile on a cinder path. And thus on still a third occasion after an end had dropped a simple game winning pass in the end zone, he presented the butter fingered lad with several huge pots of glue. Life was never dull with Pete around. Watch him Sunday...HUTSON AFTER RECORD: It isn't unlikely that the Packers will score a touchdown or two against the Brooklyn Tigers here Sunday afternoon - tough as the Tigers are - and it isn't unlikely that the good toe of Don Hutson will attempt each of the extra points, which means that history will again be in the making. For the Alabama Don enters this season with 52 straight successful conversions behind him - 16 straight down the stretch in 1942 and 36 straight last year. He needs 20 more this season to break Automatic Jack Manders' record of 72 straight, set a couple of years ago with the Bears.
SEPT 16 (Green Bay) - The Packers will launch their 23rd season in the NFL and their 26th in professional competition at State Fair park in Milwaukee Sunday afternoon against the Brooklyn Tigers. The kickoff is scheduled for 2 o'clock and a crowd estimated at 20,000 will be on hand. The game also opens the season for the league. Coach Curly Lambeau, who was in the doldrums in midweek over the lack of sprightliness shown by his ball club in practice, saw a few rays of light later although he does not underestimate the strength of the rejuvenated Tigers, who have back from a dismal season during 1943. Analyzing the easterners' principal strength, the Packer coach sees a better line than that of the Washington Redskins and a backfield that would be as good as the defending champions if they had a gentleman like Sammy Baugh around. Lacking Baugh, they still are tough and Lambeau is concerned about the outcome of the tilt...HAVE 21 VETERANS: On the other hand, the Packers have 21 veterans and several promising rookies who are sure to see action against the Tigers. The squad of 28 players was to leave this afternoon at 5:20 for Milwaukee, where they will stay at the Schroeder hotel, headquarters of the Brooklyn team since their arrival late Tuesday. It is safe to assume that the Packers should get off to a flying start in their quest for a sixth National flag and world championship, if they perform as well as their experience and quality indicate. A victory would be their eighth straight without defeat over the Tigers, a monopoly the latter more than anything else wants to break. The Packer coach sent the squad through its last session this morning. All of the players are in good physical condition although workouts since their return have been long and rugged. The only casualty is halfback Roy Dale McKay, who sustained a leg injury last Sunday against Boston. McKay was to remain in Green Bay to enable treatments to his leg to be continued...NO LINEUP CHANGES: No changes are contemplated in the starting lineup Lambeau said Friday he would use. This includes Harry Jacunski and either Joel Mason or Don Hutson at ends, Baby Ray and Ade Schwammel at tackles, Bill Kuusisto and Pete Tinsley at guards, and Bob Flowers at center. The backfield combination is to consist of Irv Comp and Lou Brock at the halfbacks, Ted Fritsch at fullback and Larry Craig at blocking back. The principal chores on offense will probably be carried by Comp, who joined the team last year and performed creditably at the left halfback spot. Lambeau looks for big things from the Milwaukee player this year. Comp has lived up to expectations in drills, and with a year's experience in pro competition to aid him, he should be a circuit standout during the new campaign. The game will also provide another vehicle for Hutson to add to the all-time marks he holds in the league, where he has terrorized Packer opponents for the last nine seasons. In practice he has been catching aerials unerringly as of old. Pro football followers will have plenty to talk about if the Comp-to-Hutson combination begins clicking as expected....ROOKIES TO PLAY: Two rookies who should look good are halfback Paul Duhart and end Ray Wheba, who played with the Tigers last year and was acquired from them in a trade for ex-Packer fullback Tony Falkenstein this fall. Duhart, who formerly played at Florida, will spare off Comp at left half. Wheba is a rugged end who has shone especially well in defensive drills. Brooklyn's front line is bolstering by three standouts from the 1943
Washington eleven, namely end Bob Masterson, guard Tony Leon and center George Smith. Frank (Bruiser) Kinard, the team's co-captain, will play tackle on the left side with George Sergienko, also experienced, on the other side. Joe Carter, ex-Packer end, rounds out the Tigers extremely tough forward wall...VETERAN BACKFIELD SET: The easterner's first string backfield is composed of Ray Hare and Frank Sachse at halfbacks, Pug Manders at full, and Bill Brown at quarter. Hare was also acquired from the Redskins, who may have reason to doubt their big heartedness before the season is many weeks old. Both the first string line and the backfield quartet form a dangerous combination. The big difference Sunday may rest on the reserves. In this department, the Packers have an advantage.