Detroit Lions (7-3) 14, Green Bay Packers (6-4) 3
Sunday December 2nd 1945 (at Detroit)
(DETROIT) - The uniforms were the same and so were most of the faces, but otherwise the Detroit Lions team Green Bay faced here Sunday was altogether different from the one the Packers whipped in Milwaukee, 57-21, two months ago. So much different
were these Detroit Lions of Sunday that they evened
the score by whipping the Packers, 14-3, before 
23,468 in Briggs stadium, the first time in 11 games a
Detroit team had downed the Packers. By winning the
Lions took second place from the Packers in the final
Western division standings of the NFL and thus
qualified to cut in on the championship game playoff
Detroit won by clicking the way Green Bay usually
does - on passes. At the same time, the Lions
virtually bottled up the Packers' aerial maneuvers and
did a masterful job of stopping Don Hutson, who was
after his 100th touchdown in professional ball. Chuck
Fenenbock was the man whose passes the Packers
could not stop, after a 16 yard field by Hutson had 
sent them ahead in the second period. Fenenbock's
arm set up the first. Fenenbock's arm set up the first
Detroit touchdown which Bob Westfall produced on a
one yard plunge and then was directly responsible for
the second, when he tossed to Andy Farkas in the
end zone. Both the scores came in the third period.
The Packers, meanwhile, never looked their usual
selves. Four times they started moving, and appeared
to be going place, but twice they lost the ball on 
downs and on the other occasions Detroit 
interceptions ended Packer threats.
The game produced nothing exciting until, with the 
ball on the Packers' 44, midway in the opening period,
Comp shot  a pass to Hutson on the Lions' 40. 
Fritsch, on two plunges, smashed for eight, and 
Mulleneaux took a pass from Comp on Detroit's 23.
On an end around Hutson streaked to the Lions' four
where he was tossed out of bounds. One play later,
following an incompleted pass, Hutson again 
attempted the reverse, only to fumble and Batinski
recovered for the Lions on the 23. The Lions did little
and kicked to the Packers, who in turn promptly 
kicked back to the Detroit 26. A roughing penalty set
the Lions back to their own 14 and forced Fenenbock
to punt to Green Bay on the Detroit 44. Two Packer
running plays netted only three yards, but a pass,
McKay to Luhn, clicked for a first down on the 33.
Laws jumped through a hole at guard for 20 and a
first down on the 13. Three running plays advanced
the ball only five yards, so Hutson dropped back to
the 16 and booted a field goal to give the Packers a
3-0 lead.
A few minutes later, starting from their own 41 and 
with Smith leading the way, the Packers drove to the
Detroit seven for a first down. However, three running
plays lost four yards, and on fourth down, Comp's 
pass was incomplete in the end zone. The Lions then
struck back with their only scoring threat of the half.
Passes by Fenebock to Farkas, Greene and Westfall,
plus two running plays moved the ball to the Packer
16, with 40 seconds remaining in the half, Detroit lost
20 yards on the next play; a pass by Fenebock failed
to find a target. Two Packer penalties at the outset of
the second half paved the way for Detroit's first score.
Starting from their own 25, the Lions, on a pass from
Fenenbock to Westfall, moved to the Packer 39. On
the next play, an attempted pass, Fenenbock lost 31
yards, but the Packers were detected holding and Detroit gained a first down on the Packer 44. Fenenbock hit center for six. The Packer line held on two plays and Detroit kicked. On the punt, however, the Packers were offside and Detroit had another first down - this time on the Packer 32.
A pass, Callihan to Matheson, gained 14, and Westfall ran to the six after receiving a toss from Fenenbock. Two plays later Westfall cracked over left tackle from the one for a touchdown and Callihan converted. The Packers struck back immediately, moving from their own 31 to the 48 on rushing plays and thence to the Lion 18 when Hackney interfered with Luhn attempting to snare a pass from Brock. One smash gained three, but that was as far as the Packers got as the Lions broke up three passes. Taking the ball, the Lions did not relinquish it until they had marched 85 yards, principally in the air, for another touchdown. Fenenbock heaved to Farkas on the Lion 43, and then to Greene on the Packer 40. After Callihan lobbed one to Matheson on the 25, Fenenbock hit Farkas in the end zone for the touchdown. Callihan again added the point just before the third quarter ended.
A Packer advance in the first minutes of the final quarter was interrupted when Deshane of the Lions intercepted Brock's pass on the the Detroit 18. Immediately, however, Brock returned the compliment by intercepting Fenenbock's pass and scooting to Detroit's 15. A buck and a pass by McKay gained nothing and Brock was spilled for a five yard loss on a reverse. McKay's fourth down pass was grounded in the end zone and Detroit took over on its 20. Shortly after, Ryan intercepted another Comp pass and ran from Detroit's 24 to the Packer 34. Five cracks at the Packer line were good for 22 yards and two more first downs. Callihan then whipped one to Fenenbock on a tackle thrust and broke up two passes. There were only two minutes left to go when the Packers took over on their own 20 and Comp started passing. His efforts got the Packers two first downs, but Caporch intercepted a long one in midfield and the game was over.
GREEN BAY -  0  3  0  0 -  3
DETROIT   -  0  0 14  0 - 14
2nd - GB - Hutson, 15-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
3rd - DET - Bob Westfall, 1-yard run (Bill Callihan kick) DETROIT 7-3
3rd - DET - Andy Farkas, 25-yd pass from Chuck Fenenbock (Callihan kick) DETROIT 14-3