Green Bay Packers (2-0) 57, Detroit Lions (1-1) 21
Sunday October 7th 1945 (at Milwaukee)
(MILWAUKEE) - "There goes that man again!" - and how he went. That man is the amazing Don Hutson, of course, the amazing, breathtaking Don Hutson, who in one of the greatest of all his performances, perhaps even the greatest, scored four touchdowns in
the second quarter Sunday afternoon and
directly led his mates to a 57-21 victory over 
Detroit. The 23,500 banked around the field at
State Fair park can now say they have seen
just about everything in passing and pass
catching - the ultimate. For never before in his
long and brilliant career has Hutson ever put on
such a highly concentrated or as spectacular
an exhibition. The 23,500 knew what was 
coming every time he entered the lineup - and
he was in and out frequently in the second
quarter. The Lions knew what was coming. Yet
as often as he went into the game, he scored.
In breathtaking order, he took a pass from Roy
McKay on Green Bay's 41 yard line, and 
carried it home, from Irv Comp on Detroit's 45, 
from McKay again on Detroit's 17, and from
McKay a third time on Detroit's six. Against
him and his passers, for McKay and Comp 
were on the terrific side themselves, the Lions
were utterly helpless. They were trying to stop
the unstoppable, and they knew it, and before
the quarter was over, they had two other
touchdowns scored against them, too, making
a total of six - or 41 points in 15 minutes of
play. In between Hutson's sallies, Comp threw
another beauty of a pass to Clyde Goodnight
from Detroit's 46 and Ted Fritsch ran back an
intercepted pass 69 yards.
The second quarter sewed up the ball game, of
course. There was nothing more to it except 
the expectancy right down to the finish that the
Packers at any time might start dropping the
bombs again. Mercifully, though, they held off
a bit. The teams matched points in the second
half. Lou Brock pitched a perfect strike to Irv
Comp from the 50 yard line, Charley Brock 
intercepted a pass and ran it back 30 yards,
and Goodnight threw Dave Ryan in the end 
zone for a safety. The Lions, after having taken
a 7-0 lead on Chuck Fenenbock's nine yard
run on the first play of the second quarter and
how ridiculous that looked 15 minutes later -
scored their second touchdown in the third
quarter on Westfall's seven yard plunge and
their third in the fourth quarter on Ryan's long
pass to Johnny Greene. Hutson's four
touchdown passes equaled one of the few
records which until Sunday had eluded him - 
and since he appears to be getting better with
age, he may, in the not too distant future,
claim it for himself alone. As it is, his
performance Sunday equaled the record of
four touchdown passes set by Joe Carter of
Philadelphia against Cincinnati 11 years ago.
Hutson six times in his career caught three
touchdown passes in a game, but until Sunday
never four.
Despite his scoring - he got 31 points, all told,
with the seven points after touchdowns he
kicked - Hutson still fell a little shy of the
league's individual scoring record for one game.
Ernie Nevers, in 1929, scored six touchdowns
for the Cardinals against the Bears and 40
points. Hutson's 31 points, however, constitute
the second best mark. His own previous best was 24 points, which he scored against the Cardinals in 1942. Except for the passing, the Packers had little on the Lions. In fact, the statistics show some rather amazing things for a game which turned out to be such a rout. The Packers got only 86 yards rushing against Detroit's 171, completed only eight out of 17 passes against Detroit's 13 out of 34, gained only 242 yards passing against Detroit's 244, and got only seven first downs against Detroit's 15. But the result, the game itself was secondary to Hutson and the flaming 41 point second quarter. It will probably never be matched. The Packers, for whom this was the second straight victory, will resume the race against Cleveland at Green Bay next Sunday.
DETROIT   -  0  7  7  7 - 21
GREEN BAY -  0 41  9  7 - 57
2nd - DET - Chuck Fenenbock, 8-yard run (Bill Callihan kick) DETROIT 7-0
2nd - GB - Hutson, 56-yard pass from McKay (Hutson kick) TIED 7-7
2nd - GB - Goodnight, 41-yard pass from Comp (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
2nd - GB - Hutson, 46-yard pass from McKay (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 21-7
2nd - GB - Hutson, 17-yard pass from McKay (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 27-7
2nd - GB - Fritsch, 69-yard interception return (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 34-7
2nd - GB - Hutson, 6-yard pass from McKay (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 41-7
3rd - DET - Bob Westfall, 7-yard run (Callihan kick) GREEN BAY 41-14
3rd - GB - Safety, Dave Ryan tackled by Goodnight in the end zone GB 43-14
3rd - GB - Comp, 50-yard pass from Brock (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 50-14
4th - GB - Brock, 33-yard interception return (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 57-14
4th - DET - John Greene, 62-yard pass from Ryan (Callihan kick) GB 57-21

Most Points in a Game
57 vs. Detroit, Oct. 7, 1945 (57-21)
56 vs. Atlanta, Oct. 23, 1966 (56-3)
55 vs. Chicago Cardinals, Nov. 1, 1942 (55-24)
55 vs. Cleveland Browns, Nov. 12, 1967 (55-7)
55 vs. Tampa Bay, Oct. 2, 1983 (55-14)
Most Points, Each Quarter
1st: *35 vs. Cleveland Browns, Nov. 12, 1967
2nd: *41 vs. Detroit, Oct. 7, 1945
3rd: 23 vs. Detroit, Oct. 6, 1985
4th: 28 at Chicago Bears, Nov. 6, 1955
at Minnesota, Nov. 21, 1965
at New York Giants, Oct. 22, 1967
* NFL Record
OCTOBER 9 (Detroit) - The Detroit Lions of the NFL Tuesday acquired Ed Fruitg, former University of Michigan end, from the Green Bay Packers. The 26 year old Frutig, who played for the Packers in their 57-21 rout of the Detroiters Sunday, was released from the Navy last week after two years service as a flight instructor. Coach Gus Dorais of the Lions said he got Frutig in exchange for the rights to guard Ken Currier, formerly of Wisconsin, who is still in the armed forces. Currier was picked by the Lions in the league football draft two years ago. Dorais said Frutig will play against Philadelphia here Sunday.
OCTOBER 9 (Green Bay) - Charles (Buckets) Goldenberg, veteran Packer guard, like an old firehorse smelled smoke Sunday as the Packers lambasted the Detroit Lions, 57 to 21, saw that other "old man", Don Hutson, run wild and decided he'd have one more fling at football. The result is he left Milwaukee yesterday for Green Bay and today will report for practice with the Packers. Because he drilled with the Lambeaumen for the College All-Star game he is in reasonably good condition and knows most of the Packer formations. A veteran of 12 years of professional football, Buckets and Mike Michalske rate as the greatest guards in Packer football history. Although 34 he is regarded as one of the most valuable linemen, both on defense and offense, although Coach Curly Lambeau uses him more sparingly than in his early years. He's a "spot" player - whether it's on defense or offense. His value to the Packers is not only expressed in his play, but in how his presence in the lineup, his experience gives an added boost to other Packers. Lambeau expected to use him against the Rams Sunday in the game that will have a very important bearing on the Western half title in the NFL race.
OCTOBER 10 (Milwaukee Journal) - Just to keep the records straight, which wasn't possible at the time because so many things happened, the Packers and Lions separately and jointly Sunday did much more of a job than any of the first stories of the 57-21 game told. The 41 points the Packers scored in the second quarter was called a league record, and probably is, although the books have no mention of the greatest number of points scored in one quarter. Aside from this, however, the clubs did all manner of other things, as follows:
- Equaled the league record for total touchdowns in one  game - 11. The record was originally set by the Packers, who got eight and the Cardinals, who got three, in 1942.
- Came within one point of the league record for total points in one game with their 78. The record of 79 was set by the Packers and Cardinals in their 55 to 24 game three years ago.
- The Packers, with eight touchdowns, equaled the second best performance for touchdowns in one game by one team. The Giants scored eight against Philadelphia in 1933 and the Bears eight against the Giants in 1943. Philadelphia holds the record of 10 set against Cincinnati in 1934.
- The Packers, with 57 points, turned in the second best scoring performance in one game by one team. New York, with 56 points against Philadelphia, had held the mark. Philadelphia, in a 64-0 victory over Cincinnati in 1934, holds the record. 
- And the Packers, in scoring 41 points on 10 plays in the second quarter, must have set a record, although the books do not list anything on this....TEN PLAYS, 41 POINTS: Incidentally, since that flaming second quarter will probably be referred to and talked about often, the exact sequence of Packer plays may be interesting. The Packers had the ball on only 10 plays, not counting kickoffs which they received, or points after touchdowns which they kicked - 10 plays and they equaled 41 points. On the first play they scored on a pass, McKay to Hutson. On the second, they scored again, Comp to Goodnight. On the third, Comp was thrown for an 11 yard loss on an attempted pass. On the fourth, Comp passed to Hutson for five yards. On the fifth, Comp passed to Hutson for a touchdown. On the sixth, McKay passed to Hutson for a touchdown. On the seventh play, Fritsch intercepted a pass and ran 69 yards. On the eighth, McKay passed to Hutson for eight yards. On the ninth, interference on a pass was called on the six yard line. And on the tenth, McKay passed to Hutson again for a touchdown. Those were the only plays the Packers had the  ball - in the second quarter - nine plays, and they made them pay off for the record total.
OCTOBER 11 (Milwaukee Journal) - A "Don Hutson Day" will be held on the occasion of the Green Bay Packers' next visit here a week from Sunday. A committee has been named, including Joe Krueger, city treasurer, to handle donations. They should be sent to him...Scooter McLean of the Bears thinks the Boston Yankees, who will play the Packers here October 21, have a good chance to come through in the eastern division of the pro league. He has watched them in a couple of games and has been tremendously impressed...It was the consensus around the press headquarters in Chicago after Wednesday's World Series game, as talk shifted from baseball to football, that the Cleveland Rams will prove a little too tough for the Packers Sunday. There was respect for the Packers, of course, but there was just a little more for the Rams, who last Sunday quickly rolled up a 17-0 lead on the Bears, then coasted home...Best running back in the league this year, it was agreed at the same time, is Steve Van Buren of the Eagles.
OCTOBER 12 (Green Bay) - The "sold out" sign was hung up by the Green Bay Packers here Friday morning as the last tickets for Sunday's game with the Cleveland Rams went over the counter. "We ask fans who have not obtained tickets not to come to Green Bay Sunday in the hope of picking any up at the gate," a club announcement said. "There will only be disappointment." The capacity turnout will be the seventh in a row for the Packers this season, starting with the 92,000 who watched the All-Star game in Chicago and continuing through 90,000 in an exhibition with the Eagles at Philadelphia, 24,000 in an exhibition at Hershey, Pa.; 35,000 in an exhibition with Washington at Washington; 24,000 in the Bear opener at Green Bay, and 23,500 against the Detroit Lions at State Fair park last Sunday. With first place in the western division of the league at stake - neither the Packers nor the Rams have been defeated in league play as yet - Green Bay has taken on all the excitement usually reserved only for the invasion of the Bears. And Curly Lambeau has started to fret and fume more than anybody else. The team's showing in practice this week has been far from satisfactory. Even the return of Buckets Goldenberg, who will start at right guard Sunday, has not calmed Lambeau down any. "Unless we can come up in the next day or two," Lambeau said Friday, "we're licked. You'd think we had the championship already won because we knocked off the Bears and Lions. And boy, oh boy, how tough those Rams are going to be?" The Rams, led by Bob Waterfield, former UCLA star and now quarterback in the T formation the Rams use, will arrive in town Saturday afternoon, perhaps in time to take a light workout. Lambeau had practice scheduled right through Saturday morning.
OCTOBER 12 (Cleveland) - The Cleveland Rams of the NFL Thursday announced the signing of tackle Graham Armstrong, who played with them in 1941 before entering the Navy, and the sale of Gil Rieth, veteran guard, to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Armstrong, 6 foot 4 inch, 240 pounder, who starred at John Carroll university, Cleveland, from 1938 through 1940, was discharged recently. He will accompany the team to Green Bay, where the Rams meet the Packers Sunday.
OCTOBER 14 (Milwaukee Sentinel-Stoney McGlynn) - 'Tis possible, 'tis that our Packer will do a Humpty-Dumpty off the title wall this afternoon up at Green Bay when they meet the other co-leader, the Cleveland Rams. They've been, my operatives report, somewhat too breezy and confident after their tremendous display of aerial fireworks last Sunday against the Lions. True, they looked great running up 41 points in one quarter of play. But, truer still, they looked like anything but football kings the other three periods. They were pushed around the first period and barely held their own the last half. Their aerial defense wasn't anything to write Aunt Emma about and their defense was even more on the shady, slipshod and sometimes putrid side...RAMS BOAST CLASS: It is also true the Lions are stronger than in recent years, but that still doesn't make 'em as strong, in any phase of offensive, as the Rams. The Packers will do some scoring, perhaps considerable of it, with Don Hutson, McKay, Comp, Goodnight, Luhn, Lou Brock and their co-workers on the beam, but the Bays have to stop Bob Waterfield, Jim Benton, Red Hickey, and others who can run and pass with the elite in their own right...DEFENSE IS PROBLEM: Stopping the Rams is something that will have to be accomplished. And the manner in which the Bears, the Lions, the Eagles in their pre-season game, and Washington scored on the Packers indicates that no matter the quality of the Bay attack the defense is not what it should be. To top it all off, George (Brute) Trafton, line coach of the 1944 title Packers, is now performing like duties with the Rams. He knows the Packers, knows their pass routes, their strong points and weaknesses. He is an aggressive sort of a gee and knows that only aggressive line play and constant hammering and rushing of the passer will keep the Packer score down. Just between us, I wouldn't be surprised to see as many fists flying as footballs if the boys warms up to their tasks...RIPE FOR PLUCKING: But the main thing, and Coach Curly Lambeau is as much concerned over it as anyone, is the Packers have not responded in practice this week. They are not prime. But they may be ripe for a plucking if they don't get right down to work and keep at their chores all afternoon. A squad of 30 plus eager Rams are eager to knock them off the Humpty-Dumpty wall, which, to be sure, would be a sad, sad fate for the pro King Colts of 1944 and some 25,000 avid followers who won't be able to enjoy their Martinis or even their breakfast coffee for a whole week should their favorites turn Humpty.
OCTOBER 14 (Green Bay) - The Packers tackle the biggest problem of their young football season here Sunday: The Cleveland problem. Undefeated in their first two starts, against the Bears and Lions, they face a team also undefeated in two starts. And high in their hopes to win the western division championship again, they face a team just as high. Cleveland in its first two league starts drubbed the Cardinals and Bears. It's a problem, indeed, this Cleveland problem, and what the Packers do to solve it will go a long way to decide the division championship. With the division lead at stake, another capacity crowd of 24,000, the seventh straight to see the Packers this season, will pile into City stadium. The "sold out" sign was hung out Friday. Sunday's sellout will bring the total attendance at Green Bay's seven games this year to 310,000. The gold plated Rams - gold plated because their owners have spent money with an extraordinarily lavish hand - promise to be the toughest foe the Packers have faced so far. The relatively easy victory over the Bears, 17-0, alone attests to this. They have a great line built around Mike Scarry of Waynesburg at center, Milan Lazetich of Michigan and Rile (Rattlesnake) Matheson of Texas Mines at guards, 260 pound Eberle Schultz of Oregon State and Gil Bouley of Cornell or Rudy Sikich of Minnesota at tackles, and the pass snatching Jim Benton of Arkansas and Steve Pritko of Villanova at ends. And behind 
this line they have a backfield that any coach in the league would be glad to have - the triple threat Bob Waterfield of UCLA at quarterback in the T formation which the team uses just as the Bears use it; Fred Gehrke of Utah at left half; Jim Gillette of Virginia at right half, and Ralph Ruthstrom of Southern Methodist at fullback. With everything they have, though, including a flaming spirit that this is to be their year, there is one thing they have not. They have no Don Hutson. Upon Hutson's shoulders again rest Green Bay's chief hopes. Without him, the Packers Sunday would certainly be underdogs. With him, they rate six point favorites. Hutson had one of the greatest days of his career against the Lions last Sunday, scoring four touchdowns in a flaming second quarter, and it is he the Rams must stop above all others. And in that lies further hope, for no team has been able to concentrate on Hutson without weakening itself elsewhere. Hutson is undoubtedly the big man, but he has help and a lot of help - backs like Fritsch, Perkins, McKay, Comp, Laws and Brock and a tough line in its own right, which in the last week has been strengthened by the addition of the veteran Buckets Goldenberg. Lambeau has fretted all week in a way he usually does only before the Bear game and Saturday there were indications that the Packers themselves had caught his mood. They were ready at their final workout Saturday morning. Cleveland arrived here late Saturday afternoon. The game will start at 2 o'clock.
OCTOBER 14 (Milwaukee Journal) - A full schedule in the National league will be played Sunday. In addition to the Cleveland-Green Bay game, Boston will play New York at Yankee stadium, the Bears will meet the Cardinals at Wrigley field, Washington will face Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh and Philadelphia will go to Detroit. The Bears, Redskins and Eagles are favorites. The Boston-New York game is a tossup.