Green Bay Packers (3-1) 38, Boston Yanks (2-1-1) 14
Sunday October 21st 1945 (at Milwaukee)
(MILWAUKEE) - Don Hutson and his Packer mates celebrated "Hutson Day" at State Fair Park yesterday by defeating the Boston Yankees, eastern leaders of the NFL,
by a score of 38 to 14, to provide 20,846 fans and hundreds of
servicemen guests, with a well rounded exhibition of offensive
football. The Bays passed as of old, but they unleashed by far
their best blocking and running exhibition of the season.
After the Yanks had intercepted a Bay pass early in the game 
and scored, Mr. Hutson entered the picture and evened it in a
hurry, taking a pass from Irv Comp, and going over after a total
gain of 80 yards. He also scored the next Packer TD and 
added five extra points for a day's total of 17 points, and a
season's total of 54. Ted Fritsch, Lou Brock and Roy McKay
also added touchdowns and Ted booted a 45-yard field goal
from placement to complete Packer scoring. Manders' 1 yard
gain through center and an 80 yard pass, Sasche to Don 
Currivan at the end of the first half, plus Augie Lion's two extra
points gave the Yanks their points.
McKay's punting and running was a standout feature for the
Bays, but it was the vast Packer improvement in blocking,
especially of the downfield variety, that paved the way for 
husky yardage on the ground and helped set up the aerial
game. Lio's interception of a pass and return to the Bay 22
set up a Yank scoring chance early in the first period and they
made it good. Grigas slipped around the Packer left flank for
6, Manders made 1 and then the Yanks were penalized 5 for
offside. A jump pass, Cafego to Masterson, was good to the
10 and Cafego followed with a 9 yard gain over left tackle,
starting wide and then cutting back. Grigas made 2 feet and
on a spread, Manders rammed through right guard for the
score. Lio added the extra point via placement. That brought
Hutson into action and after the Yanks' kickoff went into the
end zone, Comp passed from his own 20 to Hutson on the 
40. Don took the ball near the sideline, got away from two
tacklers, and then just slipped out of Cafego's hands before
crossing the goal. Don also added the point.
McKay's 16 yard punt return, followed by his gains of 6 and
15 yards, put the champs in position as the first period 
closed, and on the first play, with the wind at his back,
McKay passed to Hutson who made a leaping catch just
inside the sideline of the Yank 24. On an in and out play,
McKay got around the Yank left flank, ripped away from one
tackler, and just before crossing the goal tore away from a 
third. Hutson added the point and it was 14-7. Comp and
That Man Hutson were the main conspirators in the next
Packer score. First Irv passed to Perkins on the Bay 38 and
then got one off to Don who took it on the Yank 43, slipped
away from a tackler and raced to the 12 before going out of
bounds. Comp whipped around left end to the 2 and after a
penalty, went over the same spot for a score, but it was
called back as the Bays were offside. Then Irv pitched a
strike over the goal and Hutson was there to get it, adding
the point a moment later.
Just before the half closed Hutson's try for placement from
the 27 was just wide of the mark. With only seconds 
remaining, Sachse got off a long pass to Currivan who got
behind Laws and romped for an easy score. Lio's extra point
was good. The Yanks ripped the Packer line to shreds to 
start the third canto, but a 15-yard holding penalty not only
recalled a gain to the 2-yard line by Grigas, but also added
a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty when the decision was
disputed. That checked a sure Yankee score, but the Bays
got the same dosage a minute later when McKay, whirling
dervish, pivoted and twisted his way to the Yankee 8 only to
have it recalled for a clipping violation. Two nominal running
gains were followed by a pass to Hutson on the Yank 33.
Comp made 6, McKay 8, Laws 7 and then Fritsch jammed
right tackle, broke through and scored standing up. Hutson
added the point to make it 24 to 14.
After the Yanks were forced to punt, Laws returned to the
Bay 41. Fritsch hit left tackle for 8 and Lou Brock ripped
through center to Boston's 23. The same formula was 
repeated, Fritsch hitting left tackle for 7 and Lou going 
through center the rest of the route. Hutson added the point
to bring his total for the day to 17. Comp's recovery of
Sachse's fumble on the Boston 42 set the stage for a 45-
yard field goal from placement from Fritsch.
BOSTON    -  7  7  0  0 - 14
GREEN BAY -  7 14 17  0 - 38
1st - BOST - Pug Manders, 1-yard run (Augie Lio kick)
1st - GB - Hutson, 80-yard pass from Comp (Hutson kick)
TIED 7-7
2nd - GB - McKay, 24-yard run (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY
2nd - GB - Hutson, 7-yard pass from McKay (Hutson kick)
2nd - BOST - Don Currivan, 80-yard pass from Frank Sachse (Lio kick) GREEN BAY 21-14
3rd - GB - Brock, 16-yard run (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 28-14
3rd - GB - Fritsch, 12-yard run (Hutson kick) GREEN BAY 35-14
3rd - GB - Fritsch, 45-yard field goal GREEN BAY 38-14
OCTOBER 21 (Milwaukee) - "I have been lucky all my life, but the luckiest day I ever had was the day I decided to play with the Packers and live in Wisconsin," Don Hutson said emphatically yesterday afternoon as he received a certificate for a Cadillac automobile, a gift by popular subscription from his many Wisconsin friends. The great Packer end, holder of innumerable National league records, is now playing his 11th season with the Packers. A native of Pine Bluff, Ark., Don played varsity ball at the University of Alabama and in his senior year was the outstanding star of the 1935 Rose Bowl game.
OCTOBER 22 (Chicago) - The Green Bay Packers set a new NFL record for penalties in their 38-14 triumph over the Yanks Sunday when they were set back 184 yards. The previous record was 170 yards, established by the Brooklyn against the Packers on September 17 last year, and tied by the Chicago Bears in a game against Philadelphia on November 26, 1944. The Bears and Eagles were both penalized a record total of 22 times, while Green Bay was set back only 17 times against the Yanks. One of its penalties, however, was a 40-yard interference assessment. Under major league scoring rules, pass interference is scored as a foul, and the offending team is assessed the distance from the line of scrimmage to the spot of the foul. No credit is given to the passer or the intended receiver. The Yanks also received a 40-yard interference penalty.
OCTOBER 23 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers opened drills yesterday for the final home game of the 1945 season - against the Chicago Cardinals at the City stadium in Green Bay Sunday. The game will mark the end of the first half of the schedule of the NFL. The ticket sale for the argument with the Windy City Redbirds had been unusually brisk and there is every indication that another record crowd will be on hand. The Packers bounced back at Milwaukee last Sunday against the Boston Yanks, 38 to 14 but did not gain on the unbeaten Cleveland Rams, who defeated the Chicago Bears. Another addition to the Packer squad was made today. Bob Adkins who joined the team for the All-Star game while on furlough from the Army, has received an honorable discharge and worked out yesterday following his arrival from Pennsylvania. A veteran of two years in the pro league, Adkins is a blocking back. He attended Marshall college and
joined the Packers in 1940. He weighs 210 pounds and is 6 feet 1 inch tall. Just about everything has happened in the pro circuit so far this season to make it the most interesting race since the late 1930's. Perhaps the most monumental event has been the four straight defeats of the Chicago Bears, apparently no longer the power they used to be - but just about due to snack somebody. As the Packers opened preparations for the invasion of the Cardinals, they were mindful of the fact that the Chicago eleven - long the doormat of the league - came up with a strong offense and defense to whip the Bears 10 days ago to break a string of 29 straight losses, quite a few of them to the Packers. Actually, the Cards haven't defeated the Bays since 1937, when they won, 14-7. The Packers came out of the Boston game with no major injuries. Following next Sunday's game here, the Packers will go on the road for successive contests against the Bears, Cleveland, Boston, New York and Detroit.
OCTOBER 25 (Associated Press) - Cleveland's battering Rams, averaging almost five yard per smash, are convincing the rest of the NFL that a good offense is the best defense. The western division's unbeatable pacesetters lead the league offensively with a four-game total of 1342 yards, 770 by rushing for a 4.6 average. Monopolizing the ball had paid defensive dividends in the important department of opponents' scoring. Only 35 points have been scored against the Rams. The second place Detroit Lions have yielded only 25 first downs; an average of 2.2 yards by rushing; and a .297 percentage of enemy pass completions in four games, and have been nicked for 81 points. Western clubs have stolen the league's offensive thunder, mainly because the Washington Redskins, the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles have played only three games while the rest of the circuit has played four or more. The Green Bay Packers, tied with Detroit in the league race, lead in scoring with 140 points, followed by the Rams with 106.
OCTOBER 26 (Green Bay) - "There's nothing as unpredictable as the outcome of a pro football game," a sports safe remarked recently and the Green Bay Packers, champions of he NFL, know there is a lot of truth to the remark, and, accordingly they're ready for a battle Sunday when they play their last home game of the season, meeting the Chicago Cardinals. The Cards had been the doormat of the league but two weeks ago they reared up and blasted the Chicago Bears, 16 to 7, ending their 29 straight losing streak. Last week the Cards lost to the Detroit Lions, 26-0, but Coach Curly Lambeau of the Packers is not ready to concede that the Cards' winning ability is confined to that one-game victory. The Packers continued with their usual workout program and yesterday's included a general polishing up of both offensive and defensive tactics. Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau reported that Bob Adkins, who rejoined the squad Tuesday after being released from the Army, had been shifted from blocking back to right half, giving the Packers four right halfbacks, Adkins, rookie Tom Kinkaid and veterans Joe Laws and Lou Brock. Men in the blocking back department include two veterans, Larry Craig and Ben Starret and rookie Ken Keuper. The game will be the 45th between the two clubs in which the Packers have won 29, lost 12 and tied three. The Cardinals last tripped the Packers in 1937.
OCTOBER 27 (Green Bay) - The success of the Chicago Cardinals' hoss trading and buying this season in an effort to put together a winning combination in the NFl race will be tested here Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. One of the Cardinals' recent acquisitions is Paul Christman, former Missouri university star who recently was discharged from the Navy. Coach Phil Handler was expected to count heavily on Christman's ability to pass accurately to such capable receivers formerly of Southern Methodist, as Bill Dewell and Joe Carter, and Ed Rucinski, ex-Indiana star. Backing Christman's air offensive, the Cardinals have one of the sturdiest lines in the pro loop with Joe Kuharich, all pro loop guard in 1941, Conway Baker and Marshall Robnet at guard and center and three top notch ends in Bill Dewell, Carter and Rucinski. The Packers, whose offensive combination of pass pitching Roy McKay and Irv Comp has kept them near the top of the western division of the loop, have been loose defensively. With Don Hutson as pass receiver, the Bays have shown enough offensive power to master most of their pro loop rivals to date, but Coach E.L. "Curly" Lambeau has been worried about their slipshod defense, especially against rival passes. Green Bay has won 15 straight victories over the Cardinals. The Cards' 14-7 triumph in 1937 was their last victory over the Bays.
OCTOBER 27 (Green Bay) - Bruce Smith, captain and star halfback of the University of Minnesota's undefeated 1941 eleven, joined the Green Bay Packers of the NFL today immediately following his discharge from the naval air corps, Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau announced. Smith received his discharge at the Great Lakes Naval Training center and reported to the Packers at once.