EXHIBITION - Green Bay Packers (2-1) 38, Pittsburgh Steelers 12
Wednesday September 19th 1945 (at Hershey, PA)
(HERSHEY, PA) - The Green Bay Packers uncovered Wednesday night another pass snatching wizard in Clyde Goodnight of Tulsa as they defeated the
Pittsburgh Steelers, 38-21, in an exhibition game
before a near capacity of 14,521. With Don Hutson
on the bench as an assistant coach, Goodnight
filled in at his old end spot and caught three
touchdown passes thrown by Irv Comp, the pair
combining on 85, 7, and 37 yard touchdown plays.
The Packers took an early lead on Ted Fritsch's
first period field goal from 25 yards out. The first
Comp to Goodnight aerial made it 10-0 at the
quarter. The Bays riddled the Steeler defense in
the second quarter to tally three time, twice via the
Comp to Goodnight route and once on a seven
yard smash at right tackle by Fritsch. Meanwhile,
Pittsburgh mounted its only effective offense in the
same period on a pair of long pass plays. An Ed
Stofko to Pepper Petrella pass play covered 80
yards, with Petrella outrunning two tacklers to the
goal line. Stofko passed 39 yards to Johnny
Popovich for the other counter. Both extra point
tries failed.
Two newcomers accounted for the final Packer
score in the fourth quarter when Bryan Brock, 
brother of Green Bay's veteran halfback, Lou
Brock, pitched a 26 yard pass to Ken Keuper of
Waukesha, Wis., and Frank Sinkwich's running
mate on the 1943 Rose Bowl champions from
Georgia. Fritsch kicked four extra points. Glen
Sorenson contributed the other. Johnny Blood, 41
year back, got into the Packer lineup for six minutes in the third period but was forced out by injuries.
GREEN BAY  - 10 21  0  7 - 38
PITTSBURGH -  0 12  0  0 - 12
1st - GB- Fritsch, 25-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
1st - GB - Goodnight, 85-yard pass from Comp (Fritsch kick) GREEN BAY 10-0
2nd - GB - Goodnight, 7-yard pass from Comp (Fritsch kick) GREEN BAY 17-0
2nd - GB - Goodnight, 37-yard pass from Comp (Fritsch kick) GREEN BAY 24-0
2nd - GB - Fritsch, 7-yard run (Fritsch kick) GREEN BAY 31-0
2nd - PITT - Pepper Petrella, 80-yard pass from Ed Stofko (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 31-6
2nd - PITT - Johnny Popovich, 39-yard pass from Stofko (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 31-12
4th - GB - Keuper, 26-yard pass from Bryan Brock (Sorenson kick) GREEN BAY 38-12

SEPTEMBER 21 (Milwaukee Journal) - All the stories on the Packer-Eagle game in Philadelphia the other night credited Larry Craig with recovering a fumble in the end zone which gave the Packers their final touchdown. And in some intimate Packer circles around here, there was rejoicing at once, for Craig, in seven years with Green Bay, had never scored a touchdown before. It now develops, though, that the stories were wrong. And Craig himself was the first the day after the game to correct them. "I would sure have liked that one," he said. "It would have been the first. But I can't take it. I didn't score it. Bryan Brock fell on the ball. It was his." Bryan, a brother of Lou, had just entered the lineup on the kickoff. It was his first play in pro ball...TOLD YOU SO: The performance of Clyde Goodnight of the Packers in snagging three passes for touchdowns against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Hershey, Pa., Wednesday night came as no surprise to close followers - and certainly not to Curly Lambeau. Since Goodnight first planted his brogans in Green Bay and showed how he could lift them up and lay them down he has been the apple of Lambeau's eyes. "He'll be the greatest since Hutson," Lambeau has said several time, "the greatest since Hutson. He's almost as fast as Don and he has some of Don's tricks. Just mark me on that kid." Goodnight, who hails from Holland, Tex., and who went to school at Tulsa, is no overnight find. The greatness which Lambeau sees in him has cast a shadow for some time. A dischargee from the army, he played four years at Tulsa, and in four bowl games. In '42, he played against the 2nd Air Force in the Sun bowl; in '43 against Tennessee in the Sugar bowl; in '44 against Georgia Tech in the Sugar bowl, and in '45, that is, last New Year's day, against Georgia Tech again in the Orange bowl. Goodnight is no football "bum", either, as this record might suggest. He is taking medicine at Tulsa and at the end of the season will return to school to continue his work. In premedicine, which he completed in June, he was the second highest student in his graduating class. He is 21 years old, 6 feet 1 and weighs 195 pounds. He does the hundred in 10.2, and a legitimate 10.2, for the timing wasn't done by the town clock.
SEPTEMBER 23 (Washington) - The Green Bay Packers will make their last start of the exhibition season Sunday against the Washington Redskins in Washington. The game is rated as a tossup. Two other exhibitions will round out the day's schedule. At Akron, Philadelphia's crippled Eagles will meet the Cleveland Rams, and at Buffalo, Steve Owen's slowly developing Giants will play the Chicago Bears. The Bears and Packers will open their league campaigns a week hence at Green Bay.
SEPTEMBER 23 (Milwaukee) - The team with the longest winning streak in the league at the moment, Gus Dorais' Detroit Lions, and the team with the longest losing streak in the history of the league, Phil Handler's Chicago Cardinals, open the NFL season at State Fair park Sunday afternoon in the only league counter of the day. The kickoff is scheduled at 2 o'clock. The Lions, almost intact from last year, have brought with a string of five victories; the Cardinals, revitalized and now equipped with the T, a string of 26 straight defeats. Chicago won its last league game October 18, 1942. Detroit was the favorite Saturday night, but that was ot strange. How could any team which has lost 26 straight game, ever be the favorite in a game like this? Yet the feeling was also growing Saturday night that the Lions, for all their advantages in depth of material and experience, might still find themselves with their hands full. On paper, there is little to choose between the first string lines except, perhaps, at center, where the Lions have the eight year veteran, Alex Wolciechowicz, and the Cardinals will be without Marshall Robnett, one of the best in the league.