Green Bay Packers (5-3) 9, Detroit Lions (1-7) 0
Sunday November 17th 1946 (at Detroit)
(DETROIT) - Green Bay's Packers won a football game the laborious way here Sunday afternoon, grinding out some 19 first downs, piling up huge yardage, choking off every enemy threat, and finally settling for a rather scant 9-0 victory. It was Green Bay's second
triumph of this kind over the men of Gus Dorais. Three
weeks ago, the Packers also snorted and puffed to 
beat the Lions in Milwaukee, 10-7. A 14 yard field goal
by Ted Fritsch midway through the third quarter broke
a scoreless tie, and a touchdown by Fritsch early in
the fourth quarter cinched the victory. Fritsch's attempt
for the extra point was blocked. It was Green Bay's
game by a wide margin in everything except the score.
Out in midfield or in their own territory, the Packers
moved around freely enough. Down in close, however,
they ran into all manner of trouble. Either penalties 
stopped them, or loose ball handling which cost
yardage or sloppy blocking which on attempted 
passes was especially costly. The passer was 
smeared. It was not until the 22,950 in the stands
began to have some faint visions of a scoreless tie, as
the game was being played, that the Packers finally
pulled themselves together in the second half, 
squeezed a little harder, and produced their winning
The Lions were never in the game, except for their
occasional defensive stands and one real scoring 
threat in the second quarter. On a long pass, they
reached Green Bay's 12 but lost the ball immediately
on an interception. Except for this, they rarely got
beyond midfield. It was Fritsch, the league's leading
scorer, who got the points, but it was Cliff Aberson and
later Walt Schlinkman who did the heavy work in the
two marches which led up to them. Aberson, with his
passing and running both, ate up most of the yardage
in achieving position for Fritsch's three pointer. 
Schlinkman, with a 36 yard run, was the spark plug in
the drive which Fritsch finally capped with his
touchdown from the one foot line. Aberson, in addition,
played an outstanding defensive game. The victory,
Green Bay's fifth against three defeats, left the 
Packers firmly entrenched in second place in the 
western division of the league. The defeat mired the
Lions a little deeper in the basement.
The Packers had all the better of the first half, but had
nothing to show for it because of a succession of little
things that consistently went against them including
some 80 yards in penalties. They opened as though to
blow the Lions off the field, taking the kickoff and
driving 36 yards to Detroit's 34 yard line before 
Aberson, attempting to pass, was thrown for a 13 yard
loss. They got a first down on Detroit's 22 a few 
minutes later and quickly reached Detroit's three on a
pass, Aberson to Goodnight, but bumped into a 15
yard penalty. They immediately got the yardage back,
even reached Detroit's two, third down, as Fritsch,
Aberson and Rohrig bucked the line, but again they
lost the ball when Madarik intercepted Comp's pass.
The Lions, meanwhile, did nothing. In the closing
seconds of the quarter, however, a tremendous punt by
Bob Cifers, from his own 20 to Green Bay's 12, gave
them a lift and when McKay's punt back sailed only to
midfield, they finally had their first position of the 
game. Quickly they did something about it, too.
Wilson, on two plays, picked up 12 yards, and a 
pass, Ruan to Schottel, added 31, planting the ball on
Green Bay's 12. It was as far as they could go,
however. Aberson intercepted a third down pass, and
the ball changed hands.
The game developed into a rather listless punting duel
after this until the closing minutes of the half when the
Packers once more lashed out and threatened to
score. On four straight first downs, they smashed from
their own 17 to Detroit's 31. The drive looked 
promising. Again, though, down close, they ran into 
difficulties. Fritsch fumbled and lost five yards on first
down, and Comp, back to pass, lost 15 two plays 
later. And so the half ended, 0-0. The Packers wasted
no time to do something about the tie in the early
minutes of the second half, however, and the first time
they got the ball, they drove almost the length of the
field for three points. Starting on their own 10, and with
Abserson, Forte, Schlinkman, Canadeo and Fritsch
all taking turns at carrying the ball, they paraded to
Detroit's five, first down. Once more a touchdown looked like a cinch, but Canadeo on one play and Fritsch on two failed to gain a thing, and Fritsch on fourth down stepped back to the 14 and with Rohrig holding, booted the three points. It was a precarious lead, however, so as soon as the Packers got the ball again they did something about it. They started on their own 25, where Lipscomb had recovered Wilson's fumble, and with Schlinkman leading the way with an explosive 36 yard run, quickly reached Detroit's 10. It took four plays from here. Aberson picked up one yard on first down and Fritsch eight on the next two. On fourth down with inches to go, Fritsch juggled the ball, recovered and smashed into the end zone. His attempt for the extra point was blocked.
GREEN BAY -  0  0  3  6 -  9
DETROIT   -  0  0  0  0 -  0
3rd - GB - Fritsch, 15-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
4th - GB - Fritsch, 1-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 9-0
NOVEMBER 19 (Green Bay) - With Don Hutson leading the vote parade by a narrow margin over Clarke Hinkle, the Green Bay Packers' all-time all-star team, selected by the fans themselves, was announced Tuesday. Huston, the great Alabama end who wrote more than a score of all-time NFL records into the books, compiled a total of 1,798 votes in a poll conducted by the Green bay Packers Press-Gazette. He led Hinkle, fullback, by nine votes. The all-star team selected by the fans follows (votes in parenthesis):
​Ends - Don Hutson (1,798) and Lavvie Dilweg (1,551)
Tackles - Cal Hubbard (1,734) and Cub Buck (1,087)
Guards - Mike Michalske (1,738) and Buckets Goldenberg (1,738)
Center - Charley Brock (1,538)
Quarterback - Arnie Herber (981)
Halfbacks - Verne Lewellen (1,442) and Johnny Blood (1,545)
Fullback - Clark Hinkle (1,789)
The all-star squad will be presented between halves of Green Bay's homecoming game with the Chicago Cardinals here Sunday. It will be the Packers' last home contest of the season.
NOVEMBER 19 (Milwaukee Journal) - The Green Bay Packers, meanwhile, have slowly forced their way into first place as the best rushing team in the National pro league. With 1,234 yards on the ground, they lead all the others...It becomes apparent as the pro season approaches a climax that the one thing which above all other has held the Packers out of the very thick of the championship fight this season has been ineffective passing. With their first rate rushing offense, the Packers also combine the second best defensive record in the league, but the worst, yes the absolute worst, passing record. The Packers have completed only 43 out of 135 passes for an average of .318, and they do not even stand close to the second worst teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Boston Yankees each of which has completed 38% of their passes...The Packers next season will go back to signal calling. Like Wisconsin, Green Bay this fall has called all its plays in the huddle - and it hasn't worked as well as it should have.
NOVEMBER 20 (Green Bay) - Sunday's Green Bay Packer-Chicago Cardinal NFL game will be a battle of coaches as well as players. In 1921 Cardinal Coach Jimmy Conzelman, then the captain of the Rock Island Independents, led his team to a 10-9 victory over the Green Bay Packers, who were playing their first National league game with E.L. (Curly) Lambeau appearing as coach, captain and forward passing halfback. Conzelman went on to coach the Milwaukee Badgers, the Detroit Tigers, the Providence Steamrollers and the Chicago Cardinals, while Lambeau stayed on in his coaching post at Green Bay. Since the 1921 game, no Conzelman team has been able to beat Lambeau's outfit. Conzelman piloted his Providence Steamrollers to a National league championship in 1928. But even in that year his squad could not beat the Bays. The Steamrollers and Packers played to a 7-7 tie. Jimmy was still gunning for the Green Bay jinx early this season, and it looked as though his chance had come when the Bays and Cardinals met at Chicago November 10. Much to his dismay, however, the Packers won again, 19-7. Now Conzelman has his second opportunity of the season and he is eager as ever to break the jinx. Green Bay will enter the game with a record of 31 victories over the Cardinals in 46 meetings. Of the rest, the Chicago club has won 12 and three were tied. The victories came under coaches other than Conzelman.
NOVEMBER 22 (Green Bay) - Members of the original Green Bay Packer football squad of 1919 will hold their first reunion Sunday at City stadium when the Bays clash with the Chicago Cardinals in their final home game of the season. The men who blazed the way for the powerful elevens which brought Green Bay fame will sit on the Packer bench and will be introduced between halves. The group included Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau, one of the organizers of the original independent club; Green Bay's Chief of Police H.J. Bero; Gus Rosenow, superintendent of schools at Niagara, Wis.; Jimmy Coffeen, who has handled the public address system at Packer stadium for many years; Sammy Power of Milwaukee; Fritz Gavin of San Francisco; Wes Leaper, Chagrin Falls, Ohio; Wally Ladrow; Herman Martell; Gus Des Jardien; Andy Muldoon; Al Petcka and George W. Calhoun, business manager, all of Green Bay. Also returning for the homecoming festivities will be Art Schmael, Chicago, who scored the Packer's first touchdown in National league competition against the Minneapolis Marines in 1921. The Packers of 1919 will share the spotlight with present and former Green Bay players chosen on the all-time, all-star Packer eleven.
NOVEMBER 24 (Green Bay) - With second place in the western division of the National league at stake, the Green Bay Packers Sunday will close their season at home in a return game against the Chicago Cardinals at City park. The Packers, who still trail the leading Chicago Bears by a game and a half, go into the contest a half game ahead of the third place Los Angeles Rams, defending champions, and a game and a half ahead of the Cardinals. The occasion will be homecoming, and between the halves, the all-time Packer team, recently selected in a nation-wide ballot of professional football fans, will be introduced. The team includes Don Hutson and Lavvie Dilweg, ends; Cal Hubbard and Cub Buck, tackles; Mike Michalske and Buckets Goldenberg, guards; Charley Brock, center; Arnie Herber, quarterback; Verne Lewellen and Johnny Blood, halfbacks; and Clark Hinkle, fullback. The team has been re-assembled and brought to Green Bay by the Packers. At the same time, the original Packer team of 1919 will also be introduced. Sunday's game, in the dope, appears to boil down to a battle between the slugger and the boxer, the Packers this season being the slugger and the Cardinals the boxer. Green Bay, for all its reputation as a 
passing team, stands absolutely last in the league in passing efficiency and has done its heaviest gaining on the ground. The Cardinals, on the other hand, operating with the T which Coach Jimmy Conzelman installed this season, have come largely by air and lead the league in yards gained passing. Paul Christman and Ray Mallouf, playing in the quarterback slot, have done an all-around job which equals that done by T quarterbacks of greater T reputation. On a dry field, which Sunday's should be if the weatherman is correct, Green Bay's big line will hardly have the advantage it had in the first game at Comiskey park where the Packer forwards all but won the game themselves, by pushing the lighter Cardinal forwards all around the slipper going. On a dry field, Chicago's lighter forward wall should just about hold its own. Several old Wisconsin favorites will appear in the Cardinal lineup. Pat Harder played at the University of Wisconsin, and Ward Cuff and Ray Apolski at Marquette. Cuff, who joined the Cardinals this year after nine years with the New York Giants, leads his team in scoring with 49 points.