Lloyd Baxter        33    C 6- 2 210             SMU  1  1 25 11 1945 Draft - 24th round
Ed Bell             82    G 6- 1 233         Indiana  2  2 27 12
Tony Canadeo         3   HB 6- 0 190         Gonzaga  7  7 29 12 1941 Draft - 9th round
Ed Cody             17   HB 5- 9 190          Purdue  2  2 25 10 1946 Draft - 3rd round
Irv Comp            51   HB 6- 3 205    St. Benedict  6  6 29 11 1943 Draft - 3rd round
Ted Cook            48    E 6- 2 195         Alabama  1  2 26 12 1948 FA - Det (1947)
Larry Craig         54    E 6- 0 218     S. Carolina 10 10 32 12 1939 Draft - 6th round
Ted Cremer          18    E 6- 2 210       Wisconsin  1  3 26  3 1948 FA - Det (1948)
Ralph Davis         66    G 5-11 205       Wisconsin  2  2 26 11
Donald Deeks        85    G 6- 4 245      Washington  1  4 25  8 1948 FA - Wash (1947)
Ralph Earhart       41   HB 5-10 165      Texas Tech  1  1 25 12 1948 Draft - 32nd round
Bob Flowers         35    C 6- 1 210      Texas Tech  7  7 31 11
Bob Forte            8   HB 6- 0 195        Arkansas  3  3 26 12 1943 Draft - 11th round
Ted Fritsch         64   FB 5-10 210   Stevens Point  7  7 27 12
Jug Girard          36   HB 5-11 175       Wisconsin  1  1 21 10 1948 Draft - 1st round
Clyde Goodnight     23    E 6- 1 195           Tulsa  4  4 24  9 1945 Draft - 3rd round
Jack Jacobs         27   QB 6- 2 190        Oklahoma  2  5 29 12 1947 Trade - Washington
James Kekeris       72    T 6- 1 257        Missouri  1  2 24  5 1948 FA - Phil (1947)
Paul Lipscomb       47    T 6- 5 245       Tennessee  4  4 25 12
Nolan Luhn          38    E 6- 3 200           Tulsa  4  4 27 12 1945 Draft - 25th round
Perry Moss          10   QB 5-10 170        Illinois  1  1 22  6 1948 Draft - 13thround
Ed Neal             58    T 6- 4 290          Tulane  4  4 29 12
Urban Odson         63    T 6- 3 250       Minnesota  3  3 29 12 1942 Draft - 1st round
Larry Olsonoski     46    G 6- 2 215       Minnesota  1  1 23 12 1948 Draft - 6th round
Fred Provo          80   HB 5- 9 185      Washington  1  1 26  9 1948 Draft - 14th round
Baby Ray            44    T 6- 6 250      Vanderbilt 11 11 32 12
Jay Rhodemyre       22    C 6- 1 210        Kentucky  1  1 25  9 1948 Draft - 7th round
Ken Roskie          34   FB 6- 1 220  South Carolina  1  2 26  6 1948 FA - S.Fran (1946)
Walt Schlinkman      7   FB 5- 9 190      Texas Tech  3  3 26 11 1945 Draft - 1st round
Bruce Smith         42   HB 6- 0 197       Minnesota  4  4 28  4 1942 Draft - 13th round
Ed Smith            21   HB 6- 0 185   Texas-El Paso  1  1 25 12 1948 Draft - 3rd round
Damon Tassos        15    G 6- 1 225       Texas A&M  2  4 24 11 1947 FA - Det (1946)
Evan Vogds          79    G 5-10 215       Wisconsin  1  1 25 12 
Don Wells           43    E 6- 2 200         Georgia  3  3 26 12 1945 Draft - 6th round
Pat West            25   FB 6- 0 201             USC  1  4 25  3 1948 FA-LA Rams (1948)
Dick Wildung        45    G 6- 0 220       Minnesota  3  3 27 12 1943 Draft - 1st round
Gene Wilson         65    G 5-10 180             SMU  2  2 22 13 1947 Draft - 6th round
NO - Jersey Number POS - Position HGT - Height WGT - Weight YR - Years with Packers PR - Years of Professional Football AGE - Age at Start of Season G - Games  Played
1948 PACKERS DRAFT (December 19, 1947)
1     7 Jug Girard           B Wisconsin
2       Did Not Draft
3    19 Ed Smith             B Texas Mines
4       Did Not Draft
*-5a 27 Don Richards         T Arkansas
5b   31 Wayman Sellers       E Georgia
6    41 Larry Olsonoski      G Minnesota
7    51 Jay Rhodemyre        C Kentucky
8    61 Bob Cunz             T Illinois
9    71 to New York Giants
10   81 George Walmsley      B Rice
11   91 Bob Hodges           T Bradley
12  101 Bob Rennebohm        E Wisconsin
13  111 Perry Moss           B Illinois
14  121 Fred Provo           B Washington
15  131 Lou Agase            T Illinois              
16  141 Travis Raven         B Texas
17  151 to Washington Redskins
18  161 Ken Balge            E Michigan State
19  171 Charley Tatom        T Texas 
20  181 Floyd Thomas         C Arkansas 
21  191 Herb St. John        G Georgia 
22  201 Don Anderson         B Rice 
23  211 Fred Kling           B Missouri 
24  221 Clyde Biggers        T Catawba 
25  231 Stan Heath           B Nevada-Reno 
26  241 Aubrey Allen         T Colorado
27  251 Stan Gorski          E Northwestern 
28  261 Don Sharp            C Tulsa 
29  271 John Panelli         B Notre Dame 
30  281 Clarence McGeary     T North Dakota State 
31  289 Mike Mills           E Brigham Young 
32  296 Earhart, Ralph B 1948 Texas Tech
* - from Detroit
BOLD  - Played for the Packers
SEPT 11 - Traded C Frank Syzmanski to Philadelphia for T James Kekeris
After an early-season 17-7 loss to the Chicago Cardinals, coach Curly Lambeau fined the entire team half of their weekly salary for "indifferent" play. The players did not feel they had been indifferent, but they believed that they a good game against the Rams would get their money back. Green Bay easily downed Los Angeles, 16-0, bringing their record to 3-2. Expecting an extra-large paycheck, the players blew their stack when they did not get back their money. Morale dropped to zero, and the Packers lost every remaining game of the year. Finally, in January 1949, when it was too late, Lambeau returned the players' money.
The war between the AAFC and the NFL nearly cost the Green Bay Packers their franchise. As salaries spiraled upwards, the bottom line of the team turned a darker shade of red.  In the first two years of the war, Green Bay managed a 12-10-1 record, and was able to draw enough fans to pay the bills. In 1948 and 1949, the Packers slumped to a 5-19 record, and saw their crowds drop by an average of 7,000 fans to 18,000 per contest. It was even worse when Green Bay traveled to Milwaukee. Crowd totals dropped below 10,000, with one game in 1949 drawing less than 5,000. As a result, the Packers lost more than $150,000 and saw their financial reserves wiped out. NFL owners, the national media, and even Commissioner Bert Bell openly suggested the Packers consider a move to another city, with Houston and San Francisco appearing to be the most likely destinations. Rather than throwing in the towel, Green Bay's Executive Committee and boosters organized an intrasquad game on Thanksgiving Day 1949, featuring many former Packer greats. The game raised over $50,000, which allowed the Packers to finish out the season without bouncing their checks. When the AAFC and NFL merged for the 1950 season, Green Bay was included, but had to raise enough funds to meet the league's financial threshholds. A stock sale was held, with $125,000 being raised, 10,000 season tickets were sold, and a fire which destroyed their training facility, Rockwood Lodge, brought in a $50,000 insurance check. While the fire was considered suspicious, no one was ever implicated with intentionally setting the blaze, but the check did cover a third of what the Packers needed to kick of the 1950 season and remain a viable professional football franchise.
AUGUST (1-0)
29 New York Giants at Minneapolis        W  7- 0    1-0-0   15,000
5  G-PITTSBURGH STEELERS                 W  9- 7    2-0-0   13,900
11 Washington Redskins at Birmingham     W 43- 0    3-0-0   27,000
17 at Boston Yanks (0-0-0)               W 31- 0    1-0-0   15,443
26 G-CHICAGO BEARS (0-0-0)               L  7-45    1-1-0   25,546
3  G-DETROIT LIONS (0-1-0)               W 33-21    2-1-0   24,206
10 M-CHICAGO CARDINALS (1-1-0)           L  7-17    2-2-0   34,369
17 G-LOS ANGELES RAMS (1-1-1)            W 16- 0    3-2-0   25,119
24 M-WASHINGTON REDSKINS (2-2-0)         L  7-23    3-3-0   13,433
31 at Detroit Lions (0-5-0)              L 20-24    3-4-0   16,174
7  at Pittsburgh Steelers (2-4-0)        L  7-38    3-5-0   26,058
14 at Chicago Bears (6-1-0)              L  6- 7    3-6-0   48,113
21 M-NEW YORK GIANTS (2-6-0)             L  3-49    3-7-0   12,639
28 at Los Angeles Rams (3-5-1)           L 10-24    3-8-0   23,874
5  at Chicago Cardinals (9-1)            L  7-42    3-9-0   26,072
G - Green Bay M - Milwaukee
JANUARY 21 (Marinette) - The New York Yankees may yet sign Earl (Jug) Girard to a professional football contract calling for $10,000 his first year, the former University of Wisconsin
halfback's mother, Mrs. Ann Girard, disclosed today. Girard, who
signed a Green Bay Packer contract calling for a reported $8,000
about 10 days ago, won't be 21 until Sunday and his mother said she
had refused to countersign the document. His father is not living.
"And I'm certainly glad I refused," she told the Associated Press."The
Yankees have offered Jug $10,000 to play football and also a
baseball contract. He's going to make up his mind this weekend 
which team he'll sign with and I hope he makes a good choice. It's
up to him, though." (It was reported late tonight there may be a
showdown in the tug-of-war for the ex-Badger's contract signature in
Marinette tomorrow. Expected to be on hand to talk terms with Girard
are Ray Flaherty, Yankee coach, and the Packers' George Strickler.
One of the reasons advanced for Jug's hasty departure from Los
Angeles was a sales talk by Yankee scout Mike Pecarovich, who was
a coach in the all-star game.) The former Badger triple-threat star
signed a Packer contract proferred by Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau
aboard a train taking Girard to Los Angeles for a football game 
played last weekend. He was drafted by both the All-America
Conference Yankees and the National League Packers. "Saturday
night he called me from Los Angeles," Mrs. Girard added, "and told
me the Yankees had contacted him out there. He wanted to know if I
had signed the Packer contract and was very pleased when I said I
hadn't. He came home last night and said again, 'Mom, I'm glad you
didn't sign.' I told him to think it over the rest of the week before 
making up his mind." At Green Bay, Asst. General Manager George
Strickler of the Packers expressed surprise at the development. "We
advanced Girard some money so he wouldn't get stranded on the
coast if that game Sunday blew up," Strickler said. "He promised to
meet Lambeau out there, too, but didn't keep the promise." 
JANUARY 5 (Marinette, WI) - A couple of tempting offers from pro football team rivals have been dangled in front of Earl (Jug) Girard but the former University of Wisconsin halfback hasn't grabbed any of them. The Green Bay Packers of the NFL and the New York Yankees of the All-America conference presented the lures by the triple-threat Girard didn't rise to the bait. George Stricker, the Packers' tub-thumper and assistant general manager, made overtures to Girard yesterday but nothing was put on paper. Girard said he would visit Green Bay soon to see Curly Lambeau, Packer coach. Earlier yesterday, Girard said the Yankees had offered him a $7,500 contract. He said he wouldn't sign until he conferred with Packer officials. The Marinette halfback, who has withdrawn from the university, was the draft choice of both the Yankees and the Packers in their respective loops. He was on the major league draft list for next season because his class graduates in June.
JANUARY 8 (Marinette) - Earl (Jug) Girard said Friday that he will sign a professional football contract with the New York Yankees of the All-America Conference. Girard, University of Wisconsin halfback for two seasons, said that he intended "to mail the contract shortly" to the Yankees' main office. Girard did not reveal terms of the contract, but it was reported to be for $7,500. The backfield star withdrew from the university shortly after the close of the 1947 season.
JANUARY 10 (Green Bay) - Curly Lambeau got away to a flying start Saturday in assembling his 1948 Green Bay Packer eleven with the signing of Larry Olsonoski, 220 pound guard from Minnesota. Olsonoski is the first of Green Bay's new draft crop to be signed. A native of Lancaster, Minn., Olsonoski was named the most valuable player on last year's Minnesota eleven. He will share duties with Dick Wildung, another former Minnesota all-American and one of the outstanding linemen in the National league last year. Olsonoski was named the outstanding lineman on the field in the recent East-West Shrine game in San Francisco. At the same time, Lambeau announced he still expected to sign Jug Girard of Wisconsin. Girard denied Saturday that he had decided to sign with the New York Yankees of the All-America league who offered him $7,500.
JANUARY 10 (Marinette) - Earl (Jug) Girard, University of Wisconsin backfield star, disclosed today that the Green Bay Packers had matched the offer of the New York Yankees for his services in professional football next fall and that he was undecided which to accept. Girard announced Friday noon that he would sign the $7,500 contract tendered him by the Yankees of the All-America football conference. The Marinette youth, who left school a few weeks ago, said that later yesterday he had a visit from E.L. (Curly) Lambeau, coach of the Packers, who hold the National league draft rights for Girard. "I still have the Yankee contract in my pocket and I don't know now what I'll do," Girard said today. At Green Bay, George Strickler, Packers' assistant general manager, said the Green Bay club was 'still negotiating" with Girard.
JANUARY 12 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today they had signed Earl (Jug) Girard, former University of Wisconsin halfback, to a 1948 contract for an undisclosed sum. Asst. Gen. Mgr. George Strickler said Girard was signed by E.L. (Curly) Lambeau on a train en route from Marinette, Girard's hometown, to Chicago. The former Badger triple threat star, who dropped out of school shortly after the close of the 1947 football season, previously had announced at Marinette he planned to sign a contract for $7,500 with the New York Yankees of the All-America Conference, who shared his draft rights with the Packers. Another Packer contract was signed by Oscar Ed Smith of Texas Mines, who ranked seventh among the nation's ball carriers last fall. Smith, a six foot, 192 pound sprinter with official times of 10 seconds flat for the 100 yard dash, is a left handed passer who frequently was used at wingback and fullback. Coach Lambeau intends to play him at left halfback. After leading the Border Conference in rushing with 807 yards in 135 attempts for an average of 5.9 yards per attempt, Smith was picked on the West squad for the Shrine game. He suffered a badly fractured nose on the first day of practice in the West camp, and although it would have been advisable to withhold him from the game, West coaches felt obliged to utilize his exceptional defensive ability.
JANUARY 14 (New York) - The much-reviled but very durable extra point will be on the spot again tonight when the NFL's rulesmakers huddle here as a prelude to the circuit's annual business session. Less than a week ago elimination of the point-after-touchdown was one of the proposals laid down before the rules committee of the American Football Coaches Association. The college tutors decided the long-established feature of the grid sport shouldn't be tampered with. Now a stout move, led by Commissioner Bert Bell himself, is afoot in the National League to dispense with the extra point and substitute a "sudden death" method for ending tie games. But in the pro ranks also the point has its champions. Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers announced he will oppose any effort to shelve the extra tally ceremony. Lambeau says a majority of the fans in his neck of the woods are in favor of it and he adds: "If the fans want, I want it." Bell contends a measure to end the games should be put through for the sake of the man who pays the freight. "The professional football player must never forget that the spectator is paying his salary," Bell commented. "That's why the rules should be amended to eliminate all chances of tie games - let the game continue until a team wins it, not by an extra point, but by a field goal, safety or touchdown."
JANUARY 14 (Peoria, IL) - Bob Hodges, a star tackle for Bradley University last season, said today he would sign a contract with the Buffalo Bills of the All-American football conference. Hodges said the contract had been mailed from Buffalo and probably would be here tomorrow. He said he would receive a bonus for signing but did not disclose the amount. Hodges was drafted by the Green Bay Packers of the rival National league, but negotiations with the team fell through.
JANUARY 15 (New York) - NFL officials, confident that a change in Detroit Lions owner had bolstered a weak link in the 10-team circuit, continued today working out a schedule for next fall that would avoid mixing too many baseballs with pigskins. The schedule proposition - always tough - is more so this time because of the major league baseball season and World Series will run far into the pro grid program. League owners immediately got down to the schedule  business after announcing that a syndicate of seven wealthy Detroit men had purchased controlling interest in the Lions from Fred L. Mandel Jr. The sale as closed at the NFL's mid-winter meeting by Lyle Fife, head of the Detroit Electrical Supply, Co., and Mandel, with the syndicate reporting it was ready to spent $500,000 to bring a winner to the auto city. The half million dollars which the new group is prepared to spend includes the purchase price, Fife said. No figure was given on the price paid to Mandel, but the Detroit Times reported it was less than $200,000. Fife, who will be the new president of the Lions, said the syndicate had refused a bid to join the rival All-American conference, and stated nothing had been done about a new coach to replace Gus Dorais, whose contract was bought up recently by Mandel. With this apparently settled league officials worked far into the night on the schedule, main problem left on the agenda. The NFL season begins September 26 and closes December 12, with each club playing 12 games. The baseball season runs through October 3, then comes the World Series. Baseball rules say that no team contending for the pennant can permit football in their parks, and the Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers are the only teams not using major league stadiums. Furthermore, Commissioner Bert Bell insists that stronger clubs meet each other, while weaker outfits do the same for the first two weeks in order that the standings won't get out of balance, thus assuring a good season.
JANUARY 16 (New York) - Walter Kiesling said today he again would be line coach of the Green Bay Packers of the NFL for the 1948 season. It will be his 23rd season in the league as player and coach.
JANUARY 22 (Marinette) - Earl (Jug) Girard, triple threat halfback from the University of Wisconsin, declared tonight he would reaffirm his contract with the Green Bay Packers when he turns 21. Girard, who had been offered $10,000 by the New York Yankees of the All-America Conference, signed a Packer contract about 10 days ago for a reported $8,000. However, he won't be 21 until Sunday, and his mother, Mrs. Ann Girard, has refused to countersign the contract. His father is dead. Girard said he had talked by phone with Curly Lambeau, coach of the Packers, now at Malibu, Calif., tonight and that either Lambeau or a Packer representative would be in Marinette Monday to complete the deal. Girard said the new Packer offer was "close to 10 grand." However, Coach Ray Flaherty of the Yankees remained in Marinette tonight and hope to confer again with Girard. The Yankee management controls both the All-America Conference football team and the American League baseball club. Girard is an infielder in baseball.
JANUARY 22 (Green Bay) - A six game home schedule, with only one change from the 1947 card, may be the lot of the Green Bay Packer next fall, it was learned today. According to information at Packer headquarters, the club will again play four western and two eastern division teams at home and the same number on the road. In addition, several exhibition games will be arranged. Although details still are to be announced, the only anticipated change in the home schedule will be a shift which brings the New York Giants west in the place of the Pittsburgh Steelers and send the Packers to Boston instead of Philadelphia. The Packers said they were expecting to receive a signed contract mailed from the West Coast yesterday by Fred Provo, University of Washington halfback.
JANUARY 23 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today the receipt of a signed contract from Howard Brown, 215 pound Indiana University guard. Brown, a native of Dayton, O., originally was a fullback, but voluntarily switched to guard in 1941 when injuries hit the Hoosiers. Following the war, he returned to the guard spot, where he was named the squad's most valuable player in 1946 and again in 1947.
JANUARY 23 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today the signing of Bob Rennebohm of La Crosse, Wis., University of Wisconsin end whose 60 yard return of the opening kickoff set the pace for Wisconsin's 9-0 upset of Yale last fall.
JANUARY 26 (Marinette) - Earl (Jug) Girard, former University of Wisconsin halfback, signed today to play professional football with the Green Bay Packers. Announcement of the signing was made by Asst. Gen. Mgr. George Strickler, who said Girard had "reaffirmed his original contract with the Packers." The former Badger triple threat star had signed with Packer Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau about two weeks ago for a reported $8,000, but had not reached 21 at the time and his mother, Mrs. Ann Girard, declined to countersign the document. "I have decided to reaffirm my original contract with the Packers," Girard explained, "because I don't want to go back on my word on the first contract I ever signed."
JANUARY 28 (Milwaukee Sentinel-Lloyd Larson) - "Say what you want about me, but be sure to say SOMETHING and don't forget to spell the name correctly," once said a publicity wiseman who lived by, if not for the public. "When folks stop talking about me it will be time to start worrying, for then I'll know they are no longer interested," he added. Applying that thinking to a corporate body, the Green Bay Packers need not be concerned about their future. They get their share of publicity through legitimate news stories, such as the recent series leading up to the formal signing of a popular figure like Jug Girard, recent Wisconsin star. In season and out, as the news sources runs dry on occasions, the fans always are ready to take up the slack by word of mouth. They second guess; they ask questions by the hundreds; they spread rumors. And in so doing, whether they realize it or not, they are proving beyond all doubt their interest in the Packers - interest which enabled the Packers to grow into something of a state institution and hold their own with teams representing the nation's largest cities. The rumors, numerous and varied! Occasionally with some foundation - the last season story about Curly Lambeau's switch to Los Angeles, for instance. Insiders around the National League will tell you it wasn't a pipe dream at the time, despite vigorous denials by the pooh-pooh crowd. Now, of course, there is no doubt about it. Lambeau, an institution in himself, will stay at Green Bay, where he belongs...PACKER PRESIDENT GIVES HIS ANSWERS: Typifying the without-foundation brand was an old one about Lambeau owning the franchise personally and, therefore, having the Packer corporation and all Green Bay at his mercy. That was kicked around for a lone time before it was nailed down by conclusive proof that the valuable franchise is corporation property. Well, the rumor mill still is going strong. So I decided to toss some of the choice numbers into the lap of Emil R. Fischer, Packer president and a man in position to know exactly what's going in. Not only did he answer all questions put to him directly, but also expressed willingness to go on record. So here goes:
Question No. 1 (to clear up Lambeau's status once and for all): "Do you say, without qualification, that Curly will coach the Packers in 1948?" Fischer's answer: "Yes, without qualification."
Q. 2 - "Will the Packers move to Milwaukee? If not, have such plans been discussed at any time?" A. - "The Packers, as a state team, will continue to play part of their games in Green Bay and part in Milwaukee, the games and the dates depending upon the schedule drawn up by the Commissioner of the National league."
Q. 3 - "Is the Packer corporation considering any offer for its National League franchise? If so, is it a city represented in the rival All-America Conference?" A. - "NO. Nor has it."
Q. 4 - "Are the Packers planning to enlarge City Stadium at Green Bay? If so, when and to what extent?" A. - "Plans already have been drafted, but are being held in abeyance pending greater stabilization of construction costs. Plans also are considered for enlargement and improvement of facilities at Milwaukee."
Q. 5 - "Is Lambeau's status that of a stockholder as well as paid employee working under contract? Is the Packer Corporation a non-profit organization?" A. - "Yes, Lambeau's status is that of a stockholder and also a paid employee. Yes, the Packer corporation is a non-profit organization."
There you have it, fans: The Packer story will continue to be the tale of two cities (in Wisconsin) and the original idea man (Lambeau). And definite expansion plans are in the making. To President Fischer: Sincere thanks.
FEBRUARY 6 (Minneapolis) - Neither coach nor former pupil would comment today on whether former All-American halfback Bruce Smith would become assistant football coach at the University of Minnesota. Smith, currently with the Green Bay Packers, talked with Coach Bernie Bierman Friday. Smith returned to his home in Faribault, Minn., declining comment. The university is seeking someone to take the place of Dal Ward, who recently resigned to coach at Colorado university.
FEBRUARY 7 (Minneapolis) - Bruce Smith, mentioned as No. 1 choice to fill a vacancy on the University of Minnesota's football coaching staff, said Saturday morning "nothing has been settled". Smith, an All-American selection, while a Gopher halfback, met with head coach Bernie Bierman Friday. He said Saturday his duties as co-owner of a Northfield, Minn., sporting goods firm would prevent his acceptance of a job on the Gopher staff on a full-time basis. A vacancy was created when Dallas Ward, full-time assistant to Bierman, accepted the head gird coaching post at Colorado university earlier this week. Smith said he had been asked to contact Curly Lambeau, coach of the Green Bay Packers Monday, in regard to Smith's playing with the professional team next fall. Smith was with the Packers in 1946 and 1947.
FEBRUARY 9 (Tucson) - Carl K. Mulleneaux, line coach for St. Louis university football team last year, has been appointed line coach and an assistant professor of physical education at the University of Arizona, it was announced yesterday. Mulleneaux, former end with the Green Bay Packers, replaced Vaughn Corley, now head football coach at New Mexico A&M.
FEBRUARY 9 (Birmingham) - The Green Bay Packers and the Washington Redskins will meet here in a benefit football game next September 11. The Junior Chamber of Commerce, which will sponsor the game, announced that net proceeds will go to the Child's hospital here.
FEBRUARY 9 (Philadelphia) - A seven game "home" schedule was announced for the Green Bay Packers today by the NFL headquarters. The Packers will play four games, including one exhibition, at Milwaukee, and three games at City Stadium, Green Bay. In addition, exhibition tilts with the New York Giants at Minneapolis on August 29 and the Washington Redskins at Birmingham on September 11 were announced. The remainder of he schedule of home games: September 5 - Pittsburgh at Milwaukee (exhibition); September 26 - Chicago Bears at Green Bay; October 3 - Los Angeles at Green Bay; October 10 - Chicago Cardinals at Milwaukee; October 17 - Detroit at Green Bay; October 24 - Washington at Milwaukee; November 21 - New York Giants at Milwaukee.
FEBRUARY 10 (New York) - Although NFL records list Cecil Isbell's toss to Don Hutson in 1942 as the shortest touchdown pass on record, Art Daley of the Green Bay Press-Gazette decided to check up the other day. Art recalled that the writers had merely guessed at the distance of four inches. Sure enough, Charley Brock, who centered the ball on that play, said that it was nearer two inches than four from the goal line. Curly Lambeau was about the same distance from a collapse when Isbell made that pass.
FEBRUARY 10 (Los Angeles) - Bruce Smith has been offered an "attractive" contract to return to the Green Bay Packers next season, according to Coach Curly Lambeau. The big halfback reportedly has received offers to become backfield coach at the University of Minnesota, his alma mater. Lambeau said last night he had talked with Smith by telephone. "I'm hoping he plays with us this season," Lambeau declared. "But of course any public announcement as to whether he will  must come from Smith himself."
FEBRUARY 16 (Green Bay) - Stylist Curly Lambeau, whose "new look" in football offenses last fall actually was a dust off of the same thing he used 15 years ago, has some neatly rounded figures to cite today. Statistics for his 1947 Green Bay Packers showed his squad gained 48 percent more yards and scored 74 percent more points than it did a year ago. And all this despite the failure of Ted Fritsch, National league scoring king in 1946, to make more than 56 points last fall. The Packers, with Tony Canadeo and Walt Schlinkman leading the way, gained 2,149 yards in 510 rushing attempts for a 4.2 yard average. Canadeo picked up 464 yards in 130 tries and Schlinkman 439 yards in 103. Jack Jacobs, who threw all but 11 Packer passes, completed 108 of 242 attempts for a .446 average and 1,615 yards gained and 16 touchdowns. Nolan Luhn caight 42 passes for 696 yards and seven touchdowns in leading the club in that department. Little Ed Cody, third-string fullback behind Fritsch and Canadeo, grabbed kickoff honors, bringing back 10 for a 26.9 average while Bob Forte set the pace on interceptions with nine which he returned 140 yards.
FEBRUARY 18 (Green Bay) - Atty. G.F. Clifford said today the Green Bay Packers will attempt to bring to trial a civil suit by ex-guard Charley Tollefson as soon as possible. Tollefson, dropped by the Packers after three games of the 1946 season, is seeking $2,700 he alleges in the unpaid balance of his contract. Circuit Judge E.M. Duquaine, who ruled earlier this week that NFL contracts authorizing arbitration are invalid in Wisconsin, has given the club 20 days to file an answer. Clifford said Tollefson was released because "he did not have the capacity to play professional football of the caliber required by the Packers."
FEBRUARY 19 (Los Angeles) - Curly Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers was among the men considered for the job of coaching the Los Angeles Dons, a Dons spokesman said late yesterday. Club spokesman Frank Clement did not say, however, that Lambeau had applied for the post. The Dons are in the All-America conference while the Packers are in the NFL. Lambeau has frequently declared he has no intention of leaving the Packers, with whom he has been associated since their start.
MARCH 3 (Green Bay) - The NFL is winning its talent fight with the rival All-American League, George Strickler, assistant general manager of the Green Bay Packers, said yesterday. He declared the senior circuit had signed up the lion's share of the Big Nine college stars joining the pro ranks without paying the larger salaries offered by the All-America loop. Strickler asserted these newcomers were more interested in the security offered by the National League than in the dollars of the other league.
MARCH 6 (Green Bay) - Coach Curly Lambeau announced the Green Bay Packers' home schedule Saturday revealing six games split between Green Bay and Milwaukee and opening with the traditional Chicago Bear battle at Green Bay September 26. The Lions October 3 and the Los Angeles Rams October 17 will complete the Green Bay portion of the schedule. In Milwaukee, the Packers will play the Cardinals October 10, the Redskins October 24 and the New York Giants November 21. Lambeau also cleared up the situation on the Packers' exhibition schedule announcing that only one game has been definitely set. Green Bay will meet the Redskins in Birmingham September 12. Two and possibly three other exhibitions have been planned, but opponents, sites and dates have not been arranged. The Packers for the first time in a long time will open their league season away. They will meet the Boston Yanks at Boston September 17. The traditional return game with the Bears at Chicago will be played November 14. The other road  games will not be announced until later.
MARCH 10 (Green Bay) - Charley Brock, Green Bay Packer center for nine years, has retired to take a coaching job. Brock Thursday informed Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau of the Packers that he had lined up as an assistant mentor but he declined to name the school. Bock was twice chosen on the Associated Press all-professional eleven. He captained the Green Bay club for the last four years and was a member of two championship teams, in 1939 and 1944. Brock is a former University of Nebraska player. He lives at Clark, Neb.
MARCH 11 (Green Bay) - Charley Brock, whose retirement from the Green Bay Packers was announced Thursday, may become line coach at Omaha University.
MARCH 14 (Omaha) - Charley Brock, one-time University of Nebraska football great who recently quit the Green Bay Packers, Saturday was named head football line coach at the University of Omaha. He was given a one-year contract. Athletic Director Virgil Yelkin said he expects Brock to be on hand for spring practice within two weeks. Brock succeeds Harold Johnk, who resigned recently to go into business.
MARCH 18 (Green Bay) - Curly Lambeau, coach and general manager of the Green Bay Packers, today announced the re-signing of Bo Molenda as his backfield assistant for 1948. Molenda returned to football last fall as a member of the Packer staff following 45 months of service in the Pacific with the Navy. Prior to the war, Molenda, fullback on the Packers' triple championship teams in 1929, 1930 and 1931, served six seasons as assistant coach of the New York Giants and one season as end coach at Lafayette University. Signing of Molenda completes the Packers' coaching staff for 1948 and again leaves the club in charge of the men who formerly played at Green Bay. Line coach Walter Kiesling and end coach Don Hutson round out the corps of assistants to Lambeau. Hutson and Kiesling will be serving their fourth years as Packer coaches.
MARCH 19 (Racine Journal) - Nolan Luhn, the Green Bay Packers' leading receiver last season, has joined the sales force of a Tulsa, Okla., radio station in an executive capacity.
MARCH 25 (Green Bay) - Earl "Jug" Girard, former athletic standout at Marinette high school and the University of Wisconsin, has signed to play baseball with the Green Bay Bluejays in the Wisconsin State League this season. Girard, who signed a professional football contract with the Green Bay Packers, will be switched to an outfield position according to Wally Laskowski, Cleveland Indian scout, who was here for the signing of Girard to a Bluejays' contract. Girard will join the Bluejays in training next week. Girard played third base and batted .441 in 20 games with the Badger Sports in the Madison Industrial League last year.
APRIL 1 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers will open their 12 game championship race with a night game against the Boston Yanks in Boston September 17, Coach Curly Lambeau announced Thursday. The early opening will enable the Packers to finish their season one week ahead of other National league teams. Other road dates announced by Lambeau follow:
October 31 - at Detroit
November 7 - at Pittsburgh
November 14 - at Bears
November 21 - at Los Angeles
December 5 - at Cardinals
The home schedule, previously announced, opens with the Bears at Green Bay on September 26.
APRIL 5 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced the signing today of two tackle prospects, Clyde Biggers, Catawba college, and Don Richards, Arkansas. Richards, 26, Lexington, Neb., was the outstanding lineman in the Dixie bowl last year. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 240 pounds. Biggers, 6 feet 6 and 245 pounds, was a five letter man at Catawba. The two tackles were the third and fourth new linemen signed by Coach Curly Lambeau. Previously he signed guards Larry Olsonoski of Minnesota and Howard Brown of Indiana.
APRIL 9 (Green Bay) - Bob Cunz, star Illinois tackle, has signed to play for the Green Bay Packers next season, Coach Curly Lambeau announced today. Cunz, 21, played center, guard and fullback at Illinois before he became a tackle in the 1946 season. He was a star of the Illini Rose Bowl victory over UCLA and was one of the outstanding linemen in the Big Nine last season.
APRIL 19 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers will meet here September 5 in a non-league football game, the Packer management announced today. The Packers open their NFL season at Boston against the Yanks on September 17.
APRIL 22 (Green Bay) - Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau of the Packers tonight formally denied persistent reports that Green Bay's NFL franchise will be moved from this charter city. At the annual meeting of the Board of Directors here, Lambeau said: "There will always be a Green Bay Packers. The Packers will never be out of the National League picture. Green Bay has not too much to worry about so long as it tends to its knitting." Most recent reports that Green Bay would lose its franchise appeared in Shirley Povich's Washington Post column when he said Green Bay cannot support the Packers. "That is not true," Lambeau stated. "The Packers' organization is not wealthy but it is sound. The Packers mean a lot to the league. We fill parks around the circuit even if business at home is not on so big a scale. Why, even the Chicago Bears need us - as George Halas has admitted." In analyzing prospects for next season, Lambeau said he has the best backfield material in Packer history. He considers the line as good as last season, and disclosed it may be made even stronger shortly.
APRIL 22 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers opened their annual season ticket campaign Thursday with the simultaneous announcement that an intrasquad game would open the season here on the night of August 21. The intrasquad game completes the home schedule. It now includes two preseason games and three league games in Green Bay and three league games in Milwaukee. The Packers will continue to offer league games at the same $4 top, plus tax, which has prevailed at Green Bay and Milwaukee for several seasons. The five other price ranges usually changed for Packer games have been reduced to two - $3 and $2, plus tax - in a rescaling of both stadiums here and State Fair park in Milwaukee. Under the new policy of having three prices, instead of six, season tickets for the three championship games each in Green Bay and Milwaukee will be $14.40, $10.80 and $7.20. Applications for tickets to all games can be made to the Packer office in Green Bay, where the Packers' first full time ticket force has been in charge since last season and already has handled 2,000 season applications.  Only season tickets will be sold at present. Applications for tickets to individual league games will not be filled until the season ticket campaign closes early in September, Curly Lambeau, head coach and general manager, said.
APRIL 28 (Green Bay) - Ralph Earhart, Border conference 100 yard dash champion from Texas Tech, was signed by the Green Bay Packers Wednesday, bringing to 10 the number of new men who will begin training under Coach Curly Lambeau at Rockwood Lodge August 2. Earhart, who has been timed officially nine times at 9.8 seconds for the 100, led Texas Tech in scoring and pass receiving last fall and is regarded as one of the fastest men in the country. He is 24 years old. A product of Lefors (Tex.) high school, Earhart entered Texas Tech in 1942, then played at Kansas State Teachers' college as a non-commissioned officer in the Navy's V-12 program. In 1946 he returned to Texas Tech, where he also played basketball. Earhart, who weighs 170 pounds and stands 5 feet 10 inches, will vie for a right halfback position at Green Bay with Ed Smith of Texas Mines, whom he beat by inches for the Border conference sprint championship last spring.
APRIL 29 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers had their first holdout Thursday - Tony Canadeo. And Curly Lambeau, who has been dickering with football players since 1919, had his first chance of 1948 to blow off steam on present trends in pro football, players' salaries, and the general financial health of the game. Canadeo, one of the highest salaried backs of the club, flatly refused to sign at last year's salary during a conference in Green Bay Wednesday afternoon and Lambeau just as flatly refused to agree to a raise. "The honeymoon is over," Lambeau said later. "There is plenty of talent for all teams. Several years ago it was different. The players had the owners on a spot and they knew it. It's no trick today, though, to sign 100 men - and a lot of them good ones." Lambeau said only four or five teams in the two big pro leagues broke even or better last year and fixed the losses of the 13 others in the millions. "But the players all got paid," he added. "The players made most of the money in pro football. And today they are turning down contracts for four months' work that call for more money than competent executives - not to mention some of the top coaches in the country - can earn in an entire year." Lambeau recalled that Don Hutson of the Packers and Bronko Nagurski of the Chicago Bears, two of the all-time greats in sports, started for $175 a game. "Since 1939 living costs have gone up 100% and the national wage scale has increased 89%," he said. "But professional football salaries have increased nearly 400% in the main and in some cases even more in the last 10 years. Club executives took cuts or held the line to weather the financial storm in pro football, but the players' salaries continued to skyrocket. Frankly, clubs and club owners no longer can stand the strain." Lambeau predicted that there would be a leveling off to a point at which the clubs will stand at least a fair chance to break even on a year's operations. "Men along in years, almost ready to retire, have put their savings into professional football and gone broke. But the players got theirs. The present situation is too cockeyed to be sound. Readjustment is imperative and inevitable." The readjustment is apparently going to start with Canadeo.
APRIL 30 (Green Bay) - Signed contracts from Ed Bell, Indiana tackle, and Ed Cody, Purdue fullback, were received here Friday by Curly Lambeau, Green Bay Packer coach. Bell and Cody, both veteran, are attending school but will be available for Packer football duties this fall.
APRIL 30 (Baltimore) - R.C. Embry officially became president of the Baltimore Colts of the All-America pro football conference Friday and immediately made an overture for peace with the rival National league. Embry seized upon a statement by Curly Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers to move for a truce. Lambeau said Thursday that players' salaries are too high and must be reduced. Lambeau did not say that competitive bidding between the two pro leagues for talent was a contributing factor to higher salaries. However, Embry assumed that he had implied it and telegraphed Lambeau to join him in seeking a working agreement. "Read with much interest your story about need of reducing salaries of pro football players," Embry wired Lambeau. "As president of the Baltimore Colts I agree with you 100%. Talking, however, will not bring about the result you desire. To get immediate action and put football on a business basis where it belongs, I hereby invite you to join the Baltimore club in getting the All-America Football conference and the NFL together to form a working agreement such as is enjoyed by the American and National baseball leagues. It is foolhardy to continue battling for stars. Please wire me that you are in favor of a peace meeting for the good of the sport. Your story today makes me feel that you are in the mood for a get-together. Please advise." In Green Bay, Lambeau said he had received the telegram, but declined to comment on whether he would answer it. "I am not interested in getting together for any conference," the Packer coach declared. "We have a commissioner for such matters."
MAY 5 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers today announced the signing of Jay Rhodemyer, former University of Kentucky center, to a 1948 contract. Rhodemyre, who stands 6-2 and weighs 210 pounds, was an outstanding defensive man with Kentucky's Wildcats last season. He was one of the Packers' early choices in the NFL draft. Rhodemyer was credited by Kentucky officials with 86 percent of the tackles made at or near the line of scrimmage during the Wildcats' campaign last fall.
MAY 6 (Green Bay) - Jack Mead, former University of Wisconsin end who played with the New York Giants for two years, today signed with the Green Bay Packers. Coach Curly Lambeau also announced the re-signing of Bob Flowers, end from Texas Tech, who has been with the Packers for six seasons. Mead, 6 foot 3 and 220 pounds, who was honorary Badger captain in 1945, was signed as a free agent. He had requested and received his release from the Giants to be with his family in Madison. Mead is the 13th new man signed by Lambeau. He will be teamed with rookies Bob Rennebohm, an end, and Earl (Jug) Girard, a halfback, both stars of last  years' Wisconsin team, and guard Ralph Davis who played with the Badgers in 1946 and joined Green Bay last year.
MAY 11 (Green Bay) - Bruce Smith, Minnesota all-America halfback who recently rejected an offer to leave the pro ranks for a coaching job at his alma mater, has signed his 1948 contract with the Green Bay Packers.
MAY 14 (Green Bay) - A full-length picture - "The Green Bay Story" - will be made by a Hollywood film company this summer, Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers said today. The film will feature the Packers and Lambeau's 30 years at the helm of the NFL club. Casting has not been revealed, but shooting will start here in mid-July.
MAY 19 (Green Bay) - Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers announced today the signing of another rookie center - Lloyd Baxter, formerly of Southern Methodist university. The Packers acquired Jay Rhodemyre of the University of Kentucky last week in their search for a replacement for their veteran center, Charley Brock, who has retired. Also under contract is Bob Flowers, a veteran center. Baxter, a veteran marine combat officer, is six feet one inch tall and weighs 215 pounds.
MAY 27 (Minneapolis) - The Green Bay Packers and the New York
Giants of the NFL will meet here August 29 at Nicollet Park in a 
professional exhibition game, it was announced today. Receipts of
the benefit game will go to the Catholic Welfare assn.
JUNE 1 (Neenah) - They'll play another All-Star high school football
game this fall, but where is a closely-guarded secret. Ole Jorgenson,
Wisconsin High School Coaches' Association president, said today
the game will be staged - but that's all he did say, beyond that it'll
likely be the third weekend in August. "Can't reveal anything else,"
explained Jorgenson, whose group sponsored the first two games
between the north and south squads of high school seniors at Camp
Randall. "Maybe there'll be something more definite soon." At 
Madison, Milt Diehl, association secretary, conceded it would be all
right to say for publication that the group was "exploring the 
possibilities" of Breese Stevens field there. He did not elaborate.
Negatively, though, two facts are known - this year's game won't be
played at Camp Randall and it won't be played in Green Bay's City
Stadium. The Big Nine took care of the first, suggesting that member
schools refrain from donating their facilities for such purposes. The
University of Wisconsin, of course, is a conference member in good
standing and Camp Randall is its stadium. That took care of that. The
Green Bay Packers handled the second negation, flatly refusing to
permit an outside organization to use the field on which it pays for
the upkeep.
JUNE 7 (Green Bay) - Bob Forte, former Arkansas halfback who led
the National League's Green Bay Packers in pass interceptions last
fall, signed a 1948 Packer contract yesterday. In announcing the 
signing, Coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau said the Water Proof, La.,
veteran was the sixth Packer to sign a contract. It will be his third
season with the squad. Forte intercepted nine opponent passes last
fall, including one which he returned 68 yards for a touchdown 
against Washington in a game at Milwaukee.
JUNE 9 (Green Bay) - Jack Jacobs, Green Bay Packer quarterback
and the National League's leading punter, signed his 1948 contract
Wednesday. Jacobs, acquired from the Washington Redskins in a
trade last year after several seasons of indifferent success with the
Redskins and Cleveland Rams, left immediately after the signing for
Hollywood where he will appear in a football picture before joining
the Packers at the opening of practice August 2. In addition to winning
the punting championship, Jacobs was fourth among the league's
passers last year, finished ahead of Bob Waterfield of Los Angeles and Paul Christman of the champion Chicago Cardinals. "Jacobs did exceptionally well considering it was his first year on our club and in our system," Lambeau said. "He proved himself one of football's outstanding defensive players and if we are able to fortify ourselves with capable relief at the quarterback spot, I hope to use him more on defense next fall."
JUNE 10 (Green Bay) - Paul Lipscomb, veteran tackle, Thursday signed his 1948 contract with the Green Bay 
Packers. Lipscomb, who stands 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 245 pounds, will be in his fourth year with the club.
JUNE 11 (Green Bay) - Jim Gillette, veteran right halfback with the Green Bay Packers, returned his signed contract Friday. Gillette trained with the Green Bay club before the war but was traded before the season opened. He played with Cleveland, Boston and Washington in the National league before returning to the Packers just prior to the first game last season. Gillette, who lives at Cortland, Va., plays semipro baseball in his hometown during the summer months. He formerly pitched for Franklin in the Class D Virginia league but retired to devote more time to his automobile business at Cortland. He is a former University of Virginia athlete.
JUNE 11 (Green Bay) - Announcement was made today by the Green Bay Packers that Perry Moss, former Tulsa university and University of Illinois all-American quarterback, has signed to play with the team for the 1948 season. Moss is a fine signal caller and field general and was rated as one of the best forward passers in collegiate ranks while performing for the two schools.
JUNE 17 (Green Bay) - Dick Wildung, former Minnesota All-American who for two seasons has been one of Green Bay's outstanding linemen, and Ed Neal, veteran guard, signed contracts Thursday. A tackle made over into a guard, at which position he was an all-league selection last fall. Wildung will be switched back to left tackle next fall, Lambeau said. He is the 29th man under contract for the coming season. Neal will be in is fourth season with Green Bay.
JUNE 22 (Green Bay) - Larry Craig, left end for the Green Bay Packers, signed his 10th contract with the NFL club today. Craig, who stands six feet, one inch and weighs 218 pounds, is rated one of the fastest men in the National League. In the offseason, he owns and operated two South Carolina farms.
JUNE 29 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers Tuesday acquired Clyde Johnson, 6 foot 6 1/2 inch tackle, from the Los Angeles Rams for one of the Packers' choices in the 1948 player draft next December. The deal was closed on the coast by Coach Curly Lambeau. Johnson, who weighs 275 pounds, has been one of the Packers' chief tormentors since he joined the Rams in 1946. He will be used at left tackle, where he was an all-American selection at the University of Kentucky in 1943. One of the biggest men in football and the tallest ever signed by the Packers, Johnson is expected to fit into the Packer defense even better than he did into the formations employed by the Rams.
JUNE 30 (Green Bay) - Clyde Johnson, veteran tackle obtained from the Los Angeles Rams this week in a trade, came to terms with the Green Bay Packers today and signed his 1948 contract. Johnson, former University of Kentucky player, accepted terms in a conference with Packer Coach Curly Lambeau in Los Angeles. At the same time Packer officials said Ralph Davis, former University of Wisconsin guard, had returned his signed contract. Davis played with the Packers last fall.
JUNE 30 (Green Bay) - Curly Lambeau does not expect his new center to have the slightest trouble with the Green Bay Packers' signals. Jay Rhodemyre, a mechanical engineering graduate from Kentucky, passed final examinations with Phi Beta Kappa marks in electrical engineering, machine design, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. He can also read and write...The Green Bay Packers have set July 1 as a deadline for reclaiming season tickets. After that date the Packer box office will begin allotting locations on new orders received since last season...Jack Jacobs is in California to make a movie and spend two weeks with Coach Curly Lambeau studying the Green Bay Packers' offense. Lambeau plans similar seminars for other members of the Packer quarterback corps...Bob Skoglund, Packer end, caught fifteen of the twenty passes Notre Dame completed in the last three games of its 1944 schedule...The Packers were the first team to use plate glass windows in a football press box.
JULY 5 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers have released Joseph (Bud) Beauchamp, an end from Escanaba, Mich. Beauchamp, who had no college experience, was signed after the 1947 season. Don Richards, rookie Green Bay tackle from the University of Arkansas, stepped from graduation into summer school last week to begin work on his master's degree.
JULY 7 (Green Bay) - Bob West, six foot, three inch quarterback from the University of Missouri, signed a one year contract with the Green Bay Packers Wednesday, bringing to 34 the number of men under contract for the 1948 season. West, 23, star pitcher for the Missouri baseball team, is a five letter man in football. He played three years at Missouri and two at the University of Colorado, where he gained a reputation as a long distance passer.
JULY 7 (Green Bay) - It is reported in Green Bay that Arnie Herber is being considered as coach of the Sheboygan Redskins to succeed Doxie Moore, who has been named commissioner of the National Basketball League. Herber was the pitching half of the famous Herber-to-Hutson passing combination of the Green Bay Packers back in 1935-40.
JULY 8 (Green Bay) - Center Ray Piotrowski has been recalled from Norfolk of the Dixie League by the Green Bay Packers, and guard Fred Vant Hull, a former Minnesota star, was signed, Coach Curly Lambeau announced Thursday. Piotrowski, a Milwaukee high school boy, was sent to Norfolk last year for seasoning. He developed into one of the better linemen in the Dixie league. Vant Hull, a member of Minnesota's pre-war championship clubs, joined the Packers in 1942, but left immediately after the season for the Navy. He returned to the Packers last fall, following four and a half years in service but left the club during the training season when a question arose over his eligibility. Lambeau re-signed him Thursday after his reinstatement by Commissioner Bert Bell. Vant Hull weighs 225 pounds.
JULY 10 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers Saturday announced the trade of fullback Roy McKay to the Washington Redskins for Donald Deeks, a lineman. Deeks will be used at left tackle, according to Coach Curly Lambeau. He will alternate with Clyde Johnson, veteran tackle obtained last week from the Los Angeles Rams. Deeks is a former University of Washington star who played 60 minutes in the 1944 Rose Bowl game. He broke into major league professional football with the Boston Yanks in 1945, after a year of seasoning with the Portland (Ore.) Rockets. McKay, a former University of Texas star, played four seasons with the Packers, starring as a punter.
JULY 12 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers, getting ready for the 1948 NFL season, added two more players to their roster today. The Packers signed Gene Wilson, pass catching end of last year's club, and Don Deeks, 245 pound tackle, acquired in a recent trade that saw fullback Roy McKay go to the Washington Redskins. Wilson, captain of the Southern Methodist eleven in 1946 and star of the West's victory over the East in the 1947 Shrine game, played only briefly with the Packers last season. But Coach Curly Lambeau expected to use him more often this fall.
JULY 14 (Green Bay) - Walt Schlinkman, the NFL's leading ground gaining fullback last year, today signed his 1948 contract with the Green Bay Packers. Schlinkman, who understudied Ted Fritsch his first year with the Packers in 1946, completed the club's fullback corps. Fritsch and Ed Cody signed contracts earlier. The former Texas Tech powerhouse was fifth among all ground gainers in the league last year with 439 yards in 115 attempts for a 3.8 yard average.
JULY 23 (Green Bay) - Curly Lambeau, coach and general manager of the Green Bay Packers, Friday announced the signing of Nolan Luhn, veteran right end and the Packers' leading pass receiver in 1947. Luhn came here from Tulsa, Okla., Thursday with his bride. When the Packers open training on August 2 at their Rockwood Lodge headquarters, Luhn will be united with Perry Moss, rookie quarterback from Illinois, with whom he formed the Moss to Luhn passing combination that carried Tulsa university into the Orange bowl in 1945. Clyde Goodnight, the other end of the 1945 Tulsa eleven, who came up to Green Bay with Luhn three seasons ago has not yet signed his 1948 contract.
JULY 25 (Green Bay) - Curly Lambeau applied the finishing touches to one of his most promising Packer football squads Saturday with a deal which brought the veterans Frank Szymanski and Ted Cook to Green Bay from the Detroit Lions. It was the third important trade within a month in Lambeau's efforts to bring the championship back. In the others he obtained two tackles, Clyde Johnson from Los Angeles and Don Deeks from Washington. For Szymanski, former Notre Dame all-American center, and Cook, a rangy, fast, pass catching end from Alabama, Lambeau surrendered two rookies, end Bob Rennebohm of Wisconsin and guard Howard Brown of Indiana.
JULY 27 (Green Bay) - Clyde Goodnight, the Tennessee medical student who replaced Don Hutson as the Packers' regular left end two years ago, signed his fourth Green Bay contract with Coach Curly Lambeau Tuesday. Goodnight finished fifth among National League receivers last fall, catching 38 of Jack Jacobs' passes for 593 yards and six touchdowns. His outstanding performance in 1947 came at Los Angeles where he took a long pass from Tony Canadeo to set up the Packers' first touchdown and completed the overhauling of the Rams in the third period by taking one from Jacobs for the score that put the Packers ahead. Another Jacobs to Goodnight pass led to a third Packer score.
JULY 27 (Green Bay) - Emil R. Fischer was re-elected president of the NFL's Green Bay Packers at the annual business meeting of the club's board of directors last night. Fischer is owner of the Atlas Warehouse and Cold Storage Co. E.L. (Curly) Lambeau, who founded the team 30 years ago and serves now as head coach and general manager, was re-elected vice president. Frank Jonet, a member of the original Packer organization, was re-elected secretary and treasurer. John Torinus, city editor of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, was named to the board of directors. Lambeau announced the signing of two Milwaukeeans to the Packer roster - veteran Irv Comp and rookie Mike Kalosh.
JULY 28 (Green Bay) - Signing a pair of guards, Damon Tassos and Evan Vogds, brought the Green Bay Packers' roster to 46 men today. Tassos will be playing his fourth year in the National league. He was obtained from the Detroit Lions last summer in a trade for Merv Pregulman. Vogds was a regular at the University of Wisconsin in 1941 and 1942, and was signed as a free agent after three years in service. He was a member of the 1946 college all-star squad.
AUGUST 1 (Green Bay) - The best balanced Packer football team since the triple championship combination of 1929, 1930 and 1931, and the largest taken to training camp since before the war, began gathering at Rockwood Lodge Saturday, ready to open Curly Lambeau's 30th consecutive season as head coach. Forty-eight men are due to report for the first workout Monday morning. Of these, 20 will be newcomers to the Packers, including four veterans of National league competition acquired in trades. Of the 28 veterans, one, Fred Vant Hull, played with Green Bay before the war, and Baby Ray, the giant tackle, and halfback Tony Canadeo, have yet to sign contracts. Speed and passing will receive most of the emphasis during the next few weeks as Lambeau whips the squad into shape for the opening game against the Yanks in Boston September 17. It was offensive speed that kep the Packers from capitalizing on scoring opportunities last fall, when its defense for the second straight year led the National league. Five backs, all rookies and all selected for fleetness, are expected to supply the needed swiftness. They are Ralph Earhart, a little halfback from Texas Tech with an official mark of 9.7 in the hundred; Ed Smith, a big halfback from Texas Mine and a spring rival of Earhart's in the Border conference; Jug Girard, star of Wisconsin's team last fall; Fred Provo, University of Washington's climax runner for three seasons, and a fullback, and Ken Roskie, who ran the dashes at South Carolina. Although Jack Jacobs finished right up under the league's passing champion last fall, Lambeau several times found himself restricted on offense because of a lack of capable relief for the big Indian. Perry Moss of Tulsa and, later, Illinois, is expected to give the Packers all the passing support they need for Jacobs, plus a very substantial lift in generalship. Moss is regarded as one of the most adept signal callers in football. To go with this additional passing strength, Lambeau sent two rookies to Detroit for Ted Cook of Alabama, an end whom he expects to lead the league in receiving. He also signed Mike Kalosh, a 6 foot 3 inch all-around star from La Crosse Teachers, and Jack Mead, a former Wisconsin star, who played two years with the New York Giants. Earhart is also recognized as an exceptional receiver. With Cook, Lambeau obtained Frank Szymanski, a veteran center, who will vie with Jay Rhodemyre, an All-American from Kentucky, and Lloyd Baxter of Southern Methodist, for the starting assignment left vacant by the retirement of Charley Brock and Buddy Gatewood, a pair of mainstays for the last two seasons. Defensively, the Packers will present about the same front as that which has been threatening to drive T formation coaches into other offensives. Big Ed Neal, 290 pounds, will be in the center of the five man line with Dick Wildung operating at one tackle, Paul Lipscomb at the other and Larry Craig, football's greatest defensive end, flanking on the left. At right end on defense, Lambeau intends to use Don Deeks, one of the veteran newcomers obtained from Washington. Deeks is 6 feet 4 and 245 pounds and active enough to play end. Major additions to the line, besides Rohdemyre and Szymanski, are Larry Olsonoski, an all-American guard from Minnesota, who will join the squad after the Chicago All-Star game, and Clyde Johnson, a 6 foot 6, 275 pound tackle obtained from Los Angeles. Green Bay will open its preseason schedule with an intrasquad tilt at Green Bay August 21, meets New York at Minneapolis on August 29, Pittsburgh at Green Bay on September 5, and Washington at Birmingham on September 12, just five days before it tackles Boston in a night game.
The 1948 Green Bay Packers - 3-9 (4th-Western Division)
Head Coach: Curly Lambeau