Chicago Cardinals (10-1) 42, Green Bay Packers (3-9) 7
Sunday December 5th 1948 (at Chicago)
(CHICAGO) - The unhappiest season of all in Green Bay's long, proud history in the National league ended here Sunday just as by this time you probably expected it
would end. It ended with a licking - a sound licking. The 
Chicago Cardinals, prepping for their big game with the 
Chicago Bears a week hence, rolled almost as they pleased
over the hapless Packers in the mud of Comiskey Park and
left the field with a simple yet convincing victory, 42 to 7. It
was Green Bay's seventh straight defeat and ninth of the
campaign, and it brought to a close the worst season in Green
Bay's history. Never before have the Packers lost more than
seven games and seven they lost only once, in 1935.
The Cardinals scored both long and short. The mud and heavy
ball made no difference. Ray Mallouf passed 12 yards to Mal
Kutner for the first touchdown; Paul Christman sneaked over
from the one for the second; Pat Harder bulled over from the
one for the third; Christman passed 61 yards to Kutner for the
fourth; Mallouf sneaked over from the one for the fifth; and Vic
Schwall drove 18 yards for the sixth. The Packers' lone
touchdown was scored by Walt Schlinkman from the two in
the first quarter and for a moment tied the score, 7-7. The high
touchdown production - that is, Chicago's high production -
enabled Pat Harder to set two new league records. With six
extra points he boosted his total for the season to 50 straight
and his total since he last missed to 75 straight. Scooter
McLean of the Bears held the old record of 44, set last year,
and Automatic Jack Manders the old consecutive record of 72,
set in the years from 1933 through 1937.
The game provided the strange sight of a Green Bay team
which did not complete a pass until the last few minutes of
play. Jack Jacobs, Irv Comp, Perry Moss - all threw in vain
until with only two minutes remained, when Moss finally hit
Ralph Earhart for 10 yards. It was Green Bay's only 
completion of the afternoon. The Packers tried 15. Chicago,
with Christman, Mallouf and Eikenberg each taking brief turns,
completed seven out of 18. All manner of weather prevailed in
the course of the long afternoon. A cold driving rain fell at the
kickoff, not a cloud flecked the sky at the half, and a cold, 
raw overcast, with a high wind, settled over the field at the 
finish. The last 10 minutes of the game were played under
The Cardinals went 36 yards across the goal on four plays 
the first time they had the ball. A fumble by Fritsch, which
Nichols recovered, gave them possession, and away they
went. Angsman ripped off 21, Harder failed to gain, Trippi
picked up three and Mallouf whipped a pass down the middle
to Kutner for 12 yards and the touchdowns. On a field like 
this, and with a ball like this, two could fumble, however, and
when Mallouf, back to pass, dropped the ball as Luhn hit him
late in the quarter. Craig scooped it up, ran 33 yards to 17,
and the Packers had position. Schlinkman and Canadeo, on
two plays, smashed down to the four, and after a penalty had
set the Packers back to the nine, the same two carried it
right back to the one on two plays and Schlinkman bucked it
over. Fritsch's kick tied it up.
It was a short lived tie, though. A poor 18 punt by Jacobs gave
the Cardinals possession on their own 44, and with Harder,
Trippi and Angsman tearing the Packer line apart, they
paraded on four first downs to Green Bay's 11. On three plays,
the same three got nine yards and on fourth down, Christman
sneaked over. And so the half ended, although the Cardinals
threatened again in the closing minutes, driving 50 yards to
Green Bay's 19 before the they were stopped. On fourth down,
Harder missed a goal from the 31. It was hardly a safe lead,
so the Cardinals went out as the third quarter got underway 
and racked up touchdown No. 3. They were thwarted once on
a drive of 55 yards, losing the ball on Yablonski's unsuccessful
attempt for a goal from the 37, but they came right back as 
soon as they got the ball again, and scored. A poor 24 yard
punt by Jacobs, his third of the afternoon, gave them the ball
on Green Bay's 49 and on three first downs, with Trippi, 
Harder and Angsman ripping the Packer line apart again,
they cruised down to the one foot line. It took only one play
from here. Harder smashed over. His point equaled Manders'
league record of 72 straight. Up to this point, everything the
Cardinals had done was done the hard way. The first time
they had the ball in the fourth quarter though, they scored 
No. 4 on one brilliant play that covered 61 yards. With the
ball on his own 39, Christman faded back on first down, did
acomplete spin to elude one tackler, and then heave a 40
yard pass that Kutner pulled in on the dead run and easily
carried across the goal. Harder's kick set the new league
record. A fumble by Moss in midfield which Colhouer picked
up and ran back 30 yards, then lateraled to Blackburn for
five more, gave the Cardinals position on Green Bay's 16 for
their fifth touchdown. Davis carried the ball to the five, 
Yablonski and Schwall to the one, and Mallouf sneaked
over. Smith's fumble, which Davis recovered on Green Bay's
13 set the stage for the last touchdown. Schwall exploded
over left guard on one play and that was all. Now the heads
will roll - amen.
GREEN BAY -  7  0  0  0 -  7
CHI CARDS -  7  7  7 21 - 42
1st - CHI - Mal Kutner, 12-yd pass from Ray Mallouf (Pat
Harder kick) CHICAGO CARDINALS 7-0
1st - GB - Schlinkman, 2-yard run (Fritsch kick) TIED 7-7
2nd - CHI - Paul Christman, 1-yard run (Harder kick) CHICAGO
3rd - CHI - Harder, 1-yard run (Harder kick) CHICAGO
4th - CHI - Kutner, 61-yard pass from Christman (Harder kick)
4th - CHI - Mallouf, 1-yard run (Harder kick) CHICAGO
4th - CHI - Vic Schwall, 18-yard run (Harder kick) CHICAGO

DECEMBER 5 (Chicago) - Like most recent Cardinal-Packer
games, Sunday's at Comiskey park produced a flare of
tempers and late in the game both Jack Jacobs and Sam
Goldman were ejected by the referee.
DECEMBER 6 (Chicago) - The Chicago Cardinals announced
Monday that a review of the record showed that fullback 
Marlin (Pat) Harder missed an attempted point after touchdown
against the Chicago Bears a year ago and thus did not set a
new National league record for consecutive successful
conversions in the Green Bay game here Sunday. Earlier the
Cardinals had said that Harder had kicked 75 straight points,
breaking the record of 72 piled up by Jack Manders of the
Chicago Bears from 1933 through the third game of 1937. Joe
Labrum, publicity director of the league, contended that
Harder missed one point after touchdown in the final game
against the Bears last year. A review of the records by the
Cardinals showed Labrum correct. Harder, however, has
converted on 50 straight attempts this season to set a new
league record for most conversions in one year. The previous mark of 44 was set by Ray McLean of the Bears in 1947.