EXHIBITION - Green Bay Packers (1-0) 7, New York Giants 0
Sunday August 29th 1948 (at Minneapolis)
(MINNEAPOLIS) - Little Ralph Earhart, the spring slippered rookie from Texas Tech, rallied Green Bay to one brief consistent offensive effort this afternoon to lead the ponderous Packers to a 7 to 0 victory over the New York Giants. After the two National League clubs had
battled through three scoreless periods before a sellout
crowd for the Catholic Welfare Association in an exhibition
game, Earhart broke around end behind excellent downfield
blocking for 41 yards and the game's lone score. Ahead of
the little 160 pound speedster were Don Wells, Big Ed Neal
and Urban Odson, clearing the way to the goal. Prior to
Earhart's dash, the Packers had found the Giants a much
more rugged foe than anticipated and had spent the
afternoon piling up first downs, making scoring threats, but
always coming a cropper near the goal. Green Bay gave
definite evidence of the increased offensive strength reported
in camp bulletins for the past three weeks. It rolled up 284
yards on the ground and 61 in the air for a total of 345 yards
and 18 first downs. Three times in the first half it moved
business-like down the field only to have passes go wrong
in the end zone, once when Jack Jacobs' toss hit Bob Forte
in the chest and bounced away and twice when the Giants
intercepted. Defensively the Packers were the Packers of
old, and perhaps just a little better than the 1946 and 1947
aggregations which were the scourge of the league. They
restricted the Giants to a total of 73 net yards, eight by
running and 65 on seven pass completions. The upshot of
the exhibition quite conclusively demonstrated that the
Packers have a long way to go and considering that Steve
Owen relied almost entirely on new men, it indicated the
Giants will be one of the league's most dangerous clubs
after such highly talented backs as Conerly, Minisi, Scott
and Tunnel have had several more weeks of intimate
association with major league opposition. Jacobs' long punt
out of bounds on the Giants' 17-yard line early in the fourth
period set the stage for Earhart's game breaking dash. 
Scott was held to no gain and Tunnel, making his first
appearance in the lineup, was dumped for a five yard loss.
The Giants tried an end around with big Tex Coulter carrying
and Coulter too was dropped without gain. That made it
necessary for Conerly to punt from his own goal line. Provo took the long, high spiral and came back 18 yards to the Giants' 43-yard line. On the first play, Earhart broke wide around New York's right end, cut back as Odson bumped the end into the bleachers and hustled down the field through a path cleared by Wells and Neal. Ted Fritsch added the extra point. Except for Earhart's run, the game was a long succession of missed opportunities for the Packers. The second time they got the ball, they chalked up five first downs in six plays, but failed to score. Walter Schlinkman, who led all ground gainers for the day with 91 yards in 15 attempts, bolted up the middle for nine yards to start the string. Jacobs passed to Clyde Goodnight for 11 yards. Another 11 yard pass to Goodnight on the next play made it three first downs in a row. Schlinkman then added 14. Tony Canadeo slipped and was held to two yards, but came back on the next play for 13, placing the ball on the Giants' 13-yard line. A penalty set the Packers back 15 yards, 14 of which Canadeo promptly regained around end. But with his running attack moving steadily ahead, Jacobs went to the air on third down and Cannaday, one of the Packers' most persistent tormentors all day, intercepted on the goal line to return 27 yards. The next time the Packers got the ball they started from their own 14 and moved to the Giants' 29. Jacobs threw another pass and Frank Reagan picked it out of Clyde Goodnight's hands in the end zone for a touchback.
NEW YORK  -  0  0  0  7 -  0
GREEN BAY -  0  0  6  0 -  7
4th - GB - Earhart, 41-yard run (Earhart run) GREEN BAY 7-0
SEPTEMBER 1 (Green Bay) - Heavy rains put a temporary halt to Coach Curly Lambeau's two a day program for his Green Bay Packers Wednesday, but he did not permit his athletes to escape to movie theaters and haberdashery shops downtown. Instead of the scheduled two and a half hour offensive drill outdoors in the morning, Lambeau assembled the squad in Rockwood lodge and conducted his own motion picture program, which included a long look at the sorry exhibition that cost them the Pittsburgh Steeler game (18-17) in Milwaukee last year. Pittsburgh will come to Green Bay Sunday afternoon to give the Packers their first genuine test of the season. As far as Lambeau is concerned, the prospects are not too bright, especially in view of the Packers' penchant for piling up first downs and yards in lieu of touchdowns. "This year's Pittsburgh team is 50% improved over last year," Lambeau read from scout Wally Cruice's report on the Steelers' exhibition against the Chicago Bears. "They have added a lot of capable newcomers who have given the team the depth that was lacking last year. And don't sell Ray Evans short. He is the best passer Pittsburgh has ever had and he is a powerful runner. He completed six out of nine passes in the short time they used him against the Bears. In a season or so he will be the best passer in the National league. Johnny Clement is running better than last year, and in Jerry Shipkey of UCLA they have a big bruising fullback who will make that single wing stuff work against any team." Evans, a 6 foot 2, 190 pound halfback, starred at the University of Kansas, where he was coached by George Sauer, a former Packer fullback. Shipkey, a rookie, weighs 220 pounds and stands 6 feet 1. After reminding the Packers of last year's experience with the Steelers, when they lost a pair to Jock Sutherland's last team, Lambeau ordered the squad out for a long defensive drill. Frank Szymanki, veteran center, was called home to Detroit Wednesday night by the illness of his mother. It was not known whether he would be able to rejoin the club before Sunday's contest.
SEPTEMBER 1 (Green Bay) - The sale of season tickets for Green Bay's three home games has been so heavy that all requests for individual tickets are being returned, Carl Mraz, ticket director, announced Thursday. The three games are 90% sold out and only season tickets have been sold so far.
SEPTEMBER 4 (Green Bay) - A fledgling Green Bay Packer football team, gradually strengthening its wings before launching its 1948 NFL season, takes off on another trial flight today against a powerful Pittsburgh team here in City Stadium. Kickoff time is set for 2 p.m. The invading Steelers boast one of the toughest pro lineups in the east. They are headed by Johnny Clement, ex-Southern Methodist flash who 
enjoyed a great year last fall, and Ray Evans, of Kansas, who made practically every All-American team last season. Johnny Michelosen's charges operate off a single wing perfected by the late Jock Sutherland, their former coach. The Steelers have a hard-charging, speedy line and one of the most versatile backfields in the entire loop. Evans and Clement will alternate at left half, while Steve Lach, former Duke star, will be at fullback. Bob Cifers, one of the top kickers in pro football, will start at right half. Bill Garnaas, ex-Minnesota back, will take over at quarterback. Although the game is a preseason warmup tilt, Coach Curly Lambeau's Bays will go all-out for victory. The Steelers downed the Packers twice last year, once in an exhibition and another in the regular campaign. So the Packers will be out to salvage lost prestige. Jack Jacobs is slated to start at quarterback for Green Bay, with Tony Canadeo and Bob Forte handling left and right halfback, respectively. Ted Fritsch will start at fullback. Ralph Earhart, slippery rookie back who ran 43 yards for the lone Packer touchdown against the New York Giants last week, will see plenty of action, as will Ed Smith, former Texas Mines ace.
SEPTEMBER 5 (Green Bay) - The first hurdle was rather easily cleared. That was the exhibition with the New York Giants in Minneapolis last week. The second hurdle here Sunday though, an exhibition with Johnny Michelson's Pittsburgh Steelers, may be something else. It could be extraordinary tough - certainly it will be the toughest assignment the Packers have had so far. In score, the Packers barely beat the Giants a week ago, 7-0. But the score didn't tell the whole story. In statistics, it was all Green Bay. The Packers, except for a few costly mistakes, might have won by three or four touchdowns. They rolled up and down the field at will, except when in close scoring zones, and they bottled up New York all the way, allowing something like eight yards rushing through the 60 minutes of play. The disadvantage the Giants played under a week ago, though will not be Pittsburgh's Sunday. The Giants were making their first starts. (It was also Green Bay's first game but Green Bay went into it with the advantage of a tough two hour scrimmage against the Cardinals.) The Steelers will be making their second start. In an earlier exhibition, they bowed to the Bears, 28-14. The Giants are essentially a young team this season. The Steelers are a well balanced team of veterans and rookies with veterans predominating. And what made Curly Lambeau fret especially Saturday night, the Steelers last season beat the Packers twice. In an exhibition at Pittsburgh they beat them, 24-17, and in their lone league meeting in Milwaukee, they beat them again, 18-17. But some happy things have happened, too. In its crop of rookies, the team obtained one of the great college backs of the last few years, the triple threat Ray Evans of Kansas, an all-American guard; Steve Suhey of Penn State, and such other well known college stars as Joe Gasparella of Notre Dame. Jerry Shipkey of UCLA and Dick Derenek of Indiana. Added to the veteran cast that remains, they give Pittsburgh one of the better clubs in the league. Though the Packers won last Sunday's game, Lambeau has stewed all week. He couldn't forget the mistakes that proved so costly against the Giants, and he has even shaken up his squad. Sunday Irv Comp, fighting to escape the next squad cut and playing some of his better ball right now, will start at quarterback in place of Jack Jacobs, Ed Bell at right tackle and Walt Schlinkman at fullback.