(GREEN BAY) - The Green Bay Packers, once the toast of the NFL, went down to the second worst defeat in their 31 year history today before a hard charging, brilliantly offensive Los Angeles Rams, 48 to 7, before 24,308. Two touchdowns were scored by pass interceptions,
four others by passing and running and there was two field 
goals by Bob Waterfield. It was a tragic moment on the field
for Packer fans, but the real tragedy was being enacted in the
stands of City stadium. Curly Lambeau, who three days ago
stepped down from the coaching job he held with the Packers
since the club was founded, watched the game with Don 
Hutson, whose name still is regarded with reverence wherever
football is discussed.
Loyal Packer fans thought they had seen a rout last week 
when the Bears whipped Green Bay, 17 to 0. Today it was 
worse. The Rams required only 5 minutes to set their scoring
machine in motion, Frank Hubbell intercepting a pass by Jack
Jacobs on the Packer 21 and running for a touchdown. 
Waterfield kicked the first of his five points after touchdown.
This margin became 10 to 0 before the first quarter ended 
when Waterfield kicked the first of his two field goals, this one
from 30 yards out.
Elroy Hirsch, former University of Wisconsin star, set up the
second touchdown with a 51 yard run, a play which was 
cheered by a group of citizens from his hometown of Wausau,
Wis. Three plays later, Dick Hoerner, an alumnus of the 
University of Iowa, scored from the 2 yard line. Shortly after the
third quarter started, Jacobs punted from the Green Bay 5.
Taking the ball on the Packer 38, the Rams moved to Green
Bay's 12 yard line in six plays. Waterfield handed the ball to
Hoerner and the former Hawkeye lateraled to Fred Gehrke, the
latter going over unmolested. Then came the Rams' second
interception, Gerry Cowhig capturing the pass by Heath on the
22 and scampering over. These two touchdowns came less 
than a minute apart. 
Vitamin Smith set up another Los Angeles touchdown in the
closing second of the third quarter. He took a punt on the 
Rams' 7 and ran to the Packer 8. After Tommy Kalminar made
a couple of yards and a second thrust was stopped, Jerry
Williams scored from the 6. Shortly afterward, Kalminar ran 45
yards for a touchdown. Just before Kalminar's sprint, 
Waterfield kicked a field goal from the 37. The Packers 
escaped a shutout in the waning minutes. Ted Fritsch, veteran
Green Bay warhorse who had played his heart out all
afternoon, ran 26 yards to the 2, and Heath took it over from
there. Fritsch also kicked the point. Waterfield, the Rams'
veteran quarterback, proved he has lost none of his luster
completing six out of 14 passes for 84 yards. Norm Van
Brocklin completed three out of nine for 65 and Bob Thomason
two out of four for 24. As was the case against the Bears a
week ago, the game became a little rough in the final stages
and center Fred Naumetz of Los Angeles was tossed out for
overzealousness in the body contact department.
LOS ANGELES - 10  7 14 17 - 48
GREEN BAY   -  0  0  0  7 -  7
1st - LA - Frank Hubbell, 21-yard interception return (Bob
Waterfield kick) LOS ANGELES 7-0
1st - LA - Waterfield, 30-yard field goal LOS ANGELES 10-0
2nd - LA - Dick Hoerner, 2-yard run (Waterfield kick) LOS ANGELES 17-0
3rd - LA - Fred Gehrke, 11-yard lateral from Hoerner (Waterfield kick) LOS ANGELES 24-0
3rd - LA - Gerry Cowhig, 20-yard interception return (Waterfield kick) LOS ANGELES 31-0
4th - LA - Jerry Williams, 8-yard run (Waterfield kick) LOS ANGELES 38-0
4th - LA - Waterfield, 37-yard field goal LOS ANGELES 41-0
4th - LA - Tommy Kalmanir, 45-yard run (Gehrke kick) LOS ANGELES 48-0
4th - GB - Heath, 1-yard run (Fritsch kick) LOS ANGELES 48-7

OCTOBER 5 (Manitowoc Herald-Times) - Sunday was a lovely day in Green Bay. A warm autumn sun beamed brilliantly on City stadium, where, according to advance notice, a football game was scheduled to take place. It was said that a number of young men all the way from Los Angeles were to pit their combined skills against a group of fellows known as the Packers, representing the hometown. Some 23,000 folks had heard about the goings on and were on hand for the anticipated battle. But, as far as the football game is concerned, all of the spectators would have done better had they taken a ride through Door County and enjoyed the scenery which is at its best this time of year. Many and varied are the reasons being tossed about in the state press and by the fan on the street for the sad showing of the Green Bay fellows. Some say there was much disorganization Sunday after Curly Lambeau had turned over his coaching duties to three assistants. Others blame the dismal showing on the strenuous afternoon the Pack had put in against the Bears only a week previous, etc. Wonder if it isn't true that the present Packer team is simply composed of ball players inferior to other league squads. That most certainly was the case Sunday - in line play, ball carrying and, most of all, quarterbacking and blocking. If Lambeau and others responsible can't see the moss on some of those ancient performers they've got hanging around the Packer club - well, the fans can, and they're the guys who pay the freight. Perhaps the Packer organization is not financially able to enter into the spirited bidding for the services of top college stars on the pro grid mart. If that is the case, someone had better find a solution to that vital problem or Wisconsin is going to lose one of its most valuable assets, the Green Bay Packers.
OCTOBER 6 (New York) - Broadway's recess from the 10 cent World Series brings the Green Bay Packers and the New York Bulldogs together in the Polo Grounds Friday night in a NFL game. Green Bay, in the throes of a rebuilding program that took its head coach, Curly Lambeau, off the field and put him into the front office for the time being, arrived by plane this afternoon crippled and struggling. New York, on the other hand, reported itself ready for the game which will see both clubs fighting for their first victory of the young season. Since the Giant upset, Coach Charlie Ewart has shaken up the Bulldogs. The results have been so encouraging that the New Yorkers will enter Friday's contest a 14 point favorite. Coaches Tom Stidham, Bob Snyder and Charlie Brock, who are in charge of the Packer strategies, agreed Thursday night that they
Los Angeles Rams (2-0) 48, Green Bay Packers (0-2) 7
Sunday October 2nd 1949 (at Green Bay)
would stick to a veteran lineup again.
OCTOBER 7 (Chicago) - The Chicago Bears today announced the signing of fullback Ed Cody, captain of the 1945 Purdue team and with the Green Bay Packers for the past two years. Cody will be in the Bears' lineup Sunday in their NFL game against the Los Angeles Rams in Wrigley Field. He replaces Joe Osmanski, who was bought by the New York Bulldogs earlier this week. Cody, 26, will share the offensive assignment with Don Kindt.