EXHIBITION - Philadelphia Eagles 35, Green Bay Packers (0-1) 0
Saturday August 20th 1949 (at Green Bay)
(GREEN BAY) - Led by Steve Van Buren and a whole slough of other backs whose speed singed the turf, the Philadelphia Eagles roundly trounced the Green Bay
Packers, 35-0, in the first game of the football season before
18,765 disappointed fans here Saturday night. It was almost
as bad as the college all-star game in Chicago a week ago
as Steve Van Buren, Noble Doss, Frank Ziegler, Jim Parmer
and Russ Craft, operating behind a line which completely
outplayed Green Bay's, rolled up and down the field at will.
Doss and Van Buren each scored a touchdown in the first
quarter, Ziegler added another in the second, Parmer
chipped in with one in the third and Craft completed the
scoring with one in the fourth. After each, Cliff Patton, the
kicking specialist, added the extra point. The Packers never
had a chance. Jacobs, trying to pass, was smothered
almost as often as he was able to get the ball away. Jacobs,
trying to punt, had two kicks blocked. And all of the backs
were stopped in their tracks before they even had a chance 
to get underway. Philadelphia's line, anchored by those two
great tackles, Al Wistert and Vic Sears, were tremendous.
Most of the time it was an eight-man combination, 
occasionally a seven.
How completely the Eagles dominated the game, the 
statistics tell even better than the score. The Packers got
nine first downs, the visitors 26. The Packers got 49 yards
rushing, the Eagles 335. Philadelphia gained a total of 408
yards, the Packers 167. Only consolation from Green Bay's
point of view, and small consolation it is today, was the way
the team hung together in the face of the bad beating. The
Eagles, with a month's intensive preparation and the all-star
game under their belts, were clearly much farther advanced,
and the Packers must have discouragingly discovered it
early. Yet they hung together all the way. Aside from this,
though, there was nothing. The Eagles went 93 yards for
their first touchdown on eight plays, one of them a beautiful
62 yard run on a naked reverse by Van Buren, which carried
the ball from Philadelphia's six yard line to Green Bay's 31.
A few moments later, Doss swung wide around left end from
the eight yard line for the touchdown.
The second touchdown in these same early minutes was
almost a gift. The whole Eagle line swarmed in to block 
Jacobs' punt after Flowers' low pass from center, and the 
ball sailed out of bonds on Green Bay's five. It took only two
plays from here. Van Buren, on the second, swung wide
around right end and scored standing up. Up to this time,
the Packers, completely outplayed, had failed to make a 
first down. They were outrun, outfought, outsmarted. With 
the change of goals in the second quarter, however, they 
made their first move, hanging together two first downs to
Philadelphia's 31. They raised mild hope for a moment at
least, but they were stopped. On first down Luhn dropped a
pass right in his hands in the end zone, and on fourth 
Fritsch missed a field goal from the 36. The rest of the
quarter was again Philadelphia's and the latter of it 
produced the Eagles' third touchdown, this one on a drive
of 76 yards in eight plays. Again it was Van Buren who
contributed the big yardage, picking up 40 on one dazzling run around left end to Green Bay's 11. Five plays later, with a first down on the one, Ziegler scooted around left end and across the goal. And so the half ended.
The Packers uncorked another brief threat as the third quarter got underway, hanging together three straight passes for 64 yards and moving from their own 20 to Philadelphia's 16. Once more, though, they were stopped - and stopped cold. Earhart lost four yards. Jacobs lost 10 attempting to pass. Another pass failed. A completed fourth down pass did not make up the lost yardage. And then, in this one sided game, it became the Eagles' turn again. On seven plays, only one of them a pass, they went 79 yards. On the seventh play, Parmer, who had done heavy duty earlier in the drive, spun inside left end for 14 yards and the touchdown that made it 28-0 as the period ended. Another blocked punt led to Philadelphia's fifth touchdown in the fourth quarter. In midfield to kick, Jacobs was smothered by Ace Prescott, who picked up
the bouncing ball and raced 35 yards to Green Bay's 14. One play did it again. Craft darted around left end and crossed the goal. The Eagles were on their way again inside Green Bay's 30 as the game ended.
PHILADELPHIA - 14  7  7  7 - 35
GREEN BAY    -  0  0  0  0 -  0
1st - PHIL - Noble Doss, 8-yard run (Cliff Patten kick) PHILADELPHIA 7-0
1st - PHIL - Steve Van Buren run (Patten kick) PHILADELPHIA 14-0
2nd - PHIL - Frank Ziegler, 1-yard run (Patten kick) PHILADELPHIA 21-0
3rd - PHIL - Jim Parmer, 14-yard run (Patten kick) PHILADELPHIA 28-0
4th - PHIL - Russ Craft, 14-yard run (Patten kick) PHILADELPHIA 35-0

AUGUST 23 (Milwaukee Journal) - A versatile bunch, those Philadelphia Eagles, who lambasted the Packers in Green bay the other night. Quarterback Tommy Thompson is both a topnotch chess player and golfer. In chess he rates with the 10 best players in Philadelphia. In golf, which one time almost claimed him as a pro, he set a course record of 34 at Grand Rapids, Mich., last week. Center Alex Wojciechowicz knits all the sweaters his wife and children need and comes up with a hooked rug or two in between. And halfback Boss Pritchard is both a disk jockey, with a 15 minute show in Philadelphia, and a song writer. He wrote the Decca record song, "Kitty Lou"...In 30 years in the National league, Curly Lambeau's Green Bay teams have won 241 games and lost 99 for an average of .709.
AUGUST 23 (Green Bay) - Bob Cifers, veteran left halfback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, has been acquired by the Green Bay Packers. Cifers was placed on the waiver list by the Steelers last week when he reported late for the team curfew. But the waivers were recalled and a deal was made whereby the Packers received Cifers in return for a future draft choice. Cifers worked out with the Packers for the first time yesterday. He is 28 years old and in his fourth season in the National League. He played collegiate ball with the University of Tennessee.