1949 Green Bay Packers
News and Notes from the Training Camp
AUGUST 2 (Green Bay) - Offenses will be the chief activity in the Green Bay Packer camp between now and the opening of the season against the Chicago Bears September 25, Coach Curly Lambeau indicated Wednesday as he sent 38 men through two more long practice sessions. Work on the attack was speeded up with the arrival of Bob Flowers, the only experienced center immediately available. Flowers arrived Tuesday in time to join the afternoon workout, after having been delayed en route from Texas. Secret drills are in prospect for next week when Lambeau and his new assistants, Bob Snyder, Tom Stidham and Charlie Brock, get down to the business of introducing some of the more intricate parts of the new Packer offense. Although it is difficult to evaluate rookies until they have been tested under fire, Lambeau indicated that he was well satisfied with several of the newcomers. Jim Goodman of the University of Maryland has been impressive as a tackle prospect, and Lew Ferry, the Villanova stevedore, so far has measured up to all advance notices. Dan Orlich, towering end, who was one of Stan Heath's receivers at Nevada last fall, and Bob Summerhays, fullback candidate from the University of Utah, also were commended. Other backs who have showed to an advantage in early drills are Ken Kranz, Milwaukee State Teachers, and Glenn Lewis, Texas Tech. Tony Canadeo continued to be a man of mystery in the Packer ranks, failing for the second day to put in an appearance without explanation. The veteran left halfback signed a two year contract last fall.
​AUGUST 3 (Green Bay) - Ralph Earhart, 165 pound Texas sprinter, made the jump from Houston to left halfback in the Green Bay Packer lineup Wednesday, arriving in camp in time to participate in the first protracted passing practice of the year. Earhart had been detained at home by "illness" in the family. The "illness" turned out to be a boy, 7 pounds 5 ounces, named Bruce. The passing drill followed the arrival of Jug Girard, who completed his baseball for the year in the Oshkosh-Green Bay series Tuesday night. Coach Curly Lambeau previously had held passing to a minimum, with Jack Jacobs the only known passer in camp. In the long drill, however, it was discovered that William Schroeder of Sheboygan, a former University of Wisconsin halfback, had more than ordinary pitching talents. Schroeder had been signed as a blocker and ball carrier. After Wednesday's performance, however, he will be given a thorough test as a passer and may even be shifted to another position, presumably left halfback. Damon Tassos, veteran guard who earlier had decided to remain in San Antonio, asked permission Wednesday to report. The former Texas A&M all-American, who came to the Packers from Detroit two years ago, was ordered to catch the first plane.
AUGUST 6 (Green Bay) - Tony Canadeo, veteran halfback and one of the National league's leading ground gainers, joined the Green Bay Packers at their Rockwood Lodge training camp Friday, four days late, to take over his regular left halfback berth. Canadeo told Coach Curly Lambeau he was unable to report earlier because of illness at home. Canadeo lives in Green Bay. The squad remained at 40, however, when Howard Scalla, the Compton College giant, decided to delay his professional debut a year and returned to his Los Angeles home. Scalla, 6 feet 6 1/2 inches and 300 pounds, has been troubled with an old foot injury. He told Lambeau the ailment prevented him from getting into prime condition.
AUGUST 7 (Green Bay) - Jug Girard, who played all of his college football at the University of Wisconsin and his one season of professional football here at left halfback, was switched to quarterback Saturday in an experiment to give veteran Jack Jacobs another understudy. The demands will be new on Girard especially in such things as faking and ball handling under center but backfield coach Bob Snyder believes he can convert him. Stan Heath, college passing champion last year, will round out the corps of quarterbacks. Heath, now in the camp of the College All-Stars in Chicago, will join the squad a week hence. At the same time that Girard was switched, the Packers announced that Irv Comp, veteran substitute quarterback, left the camp to return to Milwaukee. He gave no explanation and the Packers were completely in the dark as to his intentions. The first rough work of the season was held Saturday morning and the squad came out of it in good shape. Tony Canadeo, veteran left halfback, who reported to camp Friday, took things easy. Only absentees Saturday morning, aside from Comp, were Larry Craig and Ollie Wilson, veteran ends, and Heath and Paul Burris, who are in Chicago with the All-Stars, Burris has been called one of the outstanding guards in the history of All-Star squads.
AUGUST 11 (Green Bay) - Coach Curly Lambeau was relieved of all his worries Wednesday and his Green Bay Packers can't miss the National league championship. The Packer coach was so informed of the fact by no less an authority than Margaret O'Brien, young movie star, when she was made official mascot of the Packers at a dunner at Rockwood Lodge training camp Wednesday night. "Let me promise you something," said the 10 year old movie star. "With O'Brien for mascot we'll be champions this year. With everything else you have to win with, you know have the lick of the Irish."
​AUGUST 12 (Green Bay) - The first tough blow of the season descended on the Green Bay Packers Thursday. Tony Canadeo, veteran left halfback, suffered a fractured right wrist in practice and will probably be lost to the club so far as any action in a game is concerned for five weeks at least. Canadeo, the only left halfback on the squad with more than a year's experience, fell while carrying the ball and landed heavily on his hand trying to break the fall. Dr. H.H. Atkinson, team physician, said the wrist would have to be kept in a cast for five weeks. Canadeo will be able to work out with the squad in some types of work, but will not be able to participate in scrimmage or passing drills. The Packers will not open the league season until they meet the Bears here September 25. Canadeo should be ready by that time, but they have exhibitions with the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Bulldogs and Washington Redskins that the little halfback will have to miss. Canadeo suffered his injury rather strangely, while Coach Curly Lambeau was in Chicago trying to swing a deal for another back to support Canadeo. Some sort of deal now becomes imperative, with only Ralph Earhart and Bill Schroeder available unless shifts are made. The Packers held only one drill Friday, in the morning, after which the coaches joined Lambeau in Chicago for the All-Star game Friday night.
AUGUST 15 (Green Bay) - Curly Lambeau's Green Bay Packer squad was completed Sunday with the arrival of Buddy Burris, three time all-American guard from Oklahoma, and Stan Heath, collegiate passing champion at Nevada in 1948. Heath, a former Wisconsin boy, and Burris were members of the Chicago All-Star squad, which fell apart before the Philadelphia Eagles in Chicago Friday night. Heath immediately was sent to a remote corner of the practice field with a center and Tony Canadeo, who cracked a bone in his wrist Thursday. There he went through a long session of ball handling under the direction of backfield coach Bob Snyder. Burris, who suffered a chest injury early in the all-star practice, but who played more than half the game against the Eagles, said he was still bothered by the bruise. He does not expect it to keep him out of Green Bay's first game here Saturday night. The Packers will meet the Eagles Saturday night. The Packers, progressing rapidly under the direction of Lambeau and his new assistants, spent Sunday morning working on kickoff and punt returns and concentrated on defense in two drills Monday. Larry Craig, veteran end, who was called home Friday because of a business matter on his farm in South Carolina, is expected Wednesday. In Craig's absence, Dan Orlich, 6 foot 5 inch rookie from Nevada, handled the assignments at left end.
AUGUST 16 (Green Bay) - Whether the Green Bay Packers will have Larry Craig for the game with the Philadelphia Eagles here Saturday night was a question Tuesday when it was learned that the veteran end had returned to his home in Ninety Six, S.C., to have doctors in the east pass on the condition of his knee. Craig injured the knee a year ago. Whether the Packers will have him at all this season was even a question, for unless the doctors tell him he can play with reasonable assurance that the knee will not bother him, he will probably give up the game. Craig's decision to go east to his own doctors came as a surprise to Coach Curly Lambeau. Craig had reported only a few days before. This was to be his 11th season with the club.
AUGUST 17 (Green Bay) - Eugene Canada, a red headed end from the University of Arkansas who started the Chicago All-Star game for the collegians last week, signed a Green Bay Packer contract Wednesday. Canada, who is 5 feet 11 and 180 pounds, was invited to the all-star camp at the request of Coach Bud Wilkinson. He started on the sixth team at Evanston and worked his way up through the squad to a starting assignment in the game against the Philadelphia Eagles. He was a free agent. Although he will have had only three days of work with the Packers, he will be given another chance to face the Eagles Saturday when the Packers open their exhibition schedule against the Eagles in City stadium here. The signing of Canada made it possible for Curly Lambeau to switch rookie Bill Kelley to defensive right end, where the former Texas Tech sprinter has looked even more impressive than he did in the defensive halfback spot.
AUGUST 18 (Green Bay) - Two long workouts on defense were held by the Green Bay Packers Wednesday as they bore down in their preparations for the first game of the season here Saturday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, NFL champions. The game will start at 8:30 o'clock. Plenty of tickets are still available. Time was spent on defense against both the running of Steve Van Buren, Bosh Pritchard and Russ Craft and the passing of Tommy Thompson, whose short, sharp aerials gave the College All-Stars such an unhappy time of it in Chicago last week. Coach Curly Lambeau expressed himself as fairly well satisfied. Between workouts he conferred with Jay Rhodemure, center, who drove up from Ashland, Ky., with his family to make a decision on his return to football. Business offers and family objections have kept the former University of Kentucky all-American from signing his second Packer contract. Rookies got much of the attention in the workouts, become acquainted with the strategies with which Lambeau has made life miserable for T formation coaches in recent seasons. Eugene Canada, Arkansas end picked up off the all-star squad, played as a defensive halfback, and Lambeau intimated he would be used there Saturday night. The workout revealed a spirited fight at guard, where four veterans and three rookies are competing for starting assignments. Coaches expressed particular satisfaction with Floyd Lewis and Joe Ethridge. Lewis and Ethridge were co-captains at Southern Methodist last fall. Evan Vogds, a veteran, also stood out though handicapped by bruises. Other guards in the seven cornered fight are Damon Tassos, Ralph Davis, Larry Olsonoski, and big Ed Neal, all veterans, and Buddy Burris. Neal is being groomed to play guard only on defense. He will operate at center on offense. Burris, like Vogds, has been scrimmaging under a handicap. He suffered a chest injury in the Chicago All-Star game.
​AUGUST 18 (Milwaukee Journal) - Jack Mitchell of Oklahoma, it seems, outsmarted himself. He turned down several good offers from the Green Bay Packers early last week in hope of getting a better one after his performance in the all-star game. Result? The Packers have lost interest in him. Not only did he play an ordinary game, along with just about everybody else on his side, but he came out of the one sided battle with a dislocated shoulder. The Packers drafted him two years ago...In his last two years at the University of Nevada, Dan Orlich, big rookie end, was issued jersey numbers corresponding to the year. Thus in 1947 he wore No. 37 and in 1948, No. 48. And what do you suppose happened when he got his number with the Packers? You're right. He was issued No. 49...For seven years the Packers have led the National league in coming out of the huddle and getting underway. Last year they averaged 19.2 seconds. Now the coaches in practice are hurrying them up some more to improve even on this...'LIKE CLARK HINKLE': Charlie Tatum, the big Texas end whose blocking has brought smiles to the coaches, may enroll at the University of Wisconsin next February to complete the one semester of work he needs for a degree in mechanical engineering...Curly Lambeau took one look at backfield coach Bob Snyder's boxer the first time he saw him and remarked: "He looks like Clark Hinkle the day before the Bear game." The dog must have heard it, for the next day at scrimmage he insisted on taking a position backing up the line and refused to be chased away. Scrimmage finally had to be stopped while Snyder led him away...The Philadelphia Eagles are 10 point favorites over the Packers in Saturday night's game...John Tavener, Indiana's all-American center in 1944, hasn't looked bad in his attempt to win a place with the Packers in a comeback. Originally drafted by the Chicago Cardinals three years ago, he was cut loose by them after injuries, then drifted around with several clubs in the All-America conference, and finally gave up the game. He
could be part of the answer to the pressing problem at center... A
LUCKY BREAK: Curly Lambeau liked the idea of getting some Irish
luck from Margaret O'Brien the other day - and the next day Tony
Canadeo broke a bone in his wrist. However, it may have been a
lucky break at that. Canadeo has been able to work out with the club
regularly and participate in everything except scrimmage. The cast on
his wrist will be taken off in a couple of weeks...Lou Ferry, 235 pounds
of rookie tackle, and good rookie tackle, who interrupted his work with
the Packers last week to join the eastern college all-stars for their
charity game in New York September 1, will rejoin the Packers for a
day in Syracuse Wednesday and play against the Giants in the
exhibition there that night.
AUGUST 19 (Green Bay) - The first answer to what the Packers may
or may not have this football season will be had here Saturday night
when Curly Lambeau unveils his team for the first time in a
nonchampionship game with the Philadelphia Eagles. The kickoff is
scheduled for 8 o'clock. Ten thousand tickets, in all price ranges, will
go on sale at 5 p.m. Speculation has been wide on what the season
may hold for Green Bay after last year's disappointments. The more
optimistic point to the reorganized coaching staff, the revived spirit
and the addition of such men as Lou Ferry, Wild Bill Kelley, Paul
Burris, Stan Heath, Charlie Tatum, Bill Schroeder and Bob
Summerhays as things that cannot fail to help the team. The more
pessimistic point to the absence of any proven breakaway runner
and the lack of depth at several positions, particularly center. Jay
Rhodemyre, last year's center, was still in Green Bay Friday but
remained unsigned. The Eagles, defending champions in the
National league, will probably provide as tough a test as the Packers
will have all year. The team is well advanced, certainly farther than
Green Bay, and it has a proven personnel of first water stars,
including such men as Steve Van Buren, Tommy Thompson, Russ
Craft, Bosh Pritchard, Pete Pihos, Vic Sears, Al Wistert, Jack Farrante,
Vic Lindskog, Frank Kilroy, Mario Gianelli, Alex Wojciechowicz and Joe
Muha. Lone worry of Coach Greasy Neale was the possibility that he
might not be able to rouse the team after the letdown which naturally
followed the overwhelming victory over the College All-Stars a week
ago. The Eagles ruled 10 point favorites.
AUGUST 20 (Green Bay) - There was good news in the camp of the
Green Bay Packers Saturday. Jay Rhodemyre, veteran center, signed
Margaret O'Brien - In the 1940s, child film star Margaret O'Brien visited the Green Bay Packers at Rockwood Lodge. Miss O'Brien won an Academy Award for her role as Tootie in the 1944 film Meet Me in St. Louis. The Packer player standing next to Miss O'Brien is Ted Fristch. (Photo Credit - Neville Public Museum)
his contract after being undecided whether to continue his pro career this season or go into business. A University of Kentucky graduate and the most valuable man in last year's All-Star game. Rhodemyre joined the club at once although he will not get into Saturday night's game with the Philadelphia Eagles here. A rousing sendoff was given the Packers at a rally at City stadium Friday night. More than 5,000 fans participated in the show preceding a final light drill under the lights. The Eagles, 38-0 victors over the college all-stars a week ago, arrived here Saturday morning from their camp at Grand Rapids, Mich. Far advanced in their preparations, they ruled 10 point favorites. Saturday night's game will open a heavy week of action for Green Bay. Wednesday night the Packers will meet the New York Giants in Syracuse and a week from Sunday the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh.