Al Baldwin          19    E  6-2 210 Arkansas         1  4 25 12 1950 FA-Buffalo-AAFC
Bill Boedeker       31    B 5-11 195 Kalamazoo        1  1 26  9 1950 FA
Paul Burris         33    G 5-11 215 Oklahoma         2  2 27 12 1947 Draft - 5th round
Tony Canadeo         3    B  6-0 190 Gonzaga          9  9 31 12 1941 Draft - 7th round 
Al Cannava          42    B 5-10 180 Boston College   1  1 26  1 1950 FA
Paul Christman      28   QB  6-0 200 Missouri         1  6 32 11 1950 Trade - Chi Cards
Jack Cloud          82   FB 5-10 220 William & Mary   1  1 25  9 1950 Draft - 8th round
Ted Cook            48 E/DB  6-2 195 Alabama          3  4 28 12 FA - 1948 - Detroit
Larry Coutre        27   HB 5-10 175 Notre Dame       1  1 22 12 1950 Draft - 4th round
Ray DiPierro        21    G 5-11 210 Ohio State       1  1 24 12 1950 FA
Wally Dreyer        42    B 5-10 170 Wisconsin        1  2 27 12 1950 FA - Bears
Chuck Drulis        18    G 5-10 220 Temple           1  7 32 11 1950 FA - Bears
Ed Ecker            55    T  6-7 270 John Carroll     1  3 27 11 1950 FA-Chi-AAFC (1948)
Bob Forte            8    B  6-0 205 Arkansas         5  5 28 12 1943 Draft - 11th round
Ted Fritsch         64    B 5-10 210 Stevens Point    9  9 30 12 1942 FA
Jug Girard          36    B 5-11 175 Wisconsin        3  3 23 12 1948 Draft - 1st round
Billy Grimes        22   HB  6-1 197 Oklahoma A&M     1  2 23 12 1950 FA-L.A. (AAFC)
Leon Manley         90    G  6-2 210 Oklahoma         1  1 24 12 1950 Draft - 7th round
Bob Mann            31    E 5-11 175 Michigan         1  3 26  3 FA - 1950 - Detroit
Clarence McGeary    44   DT  6-5 250 North Dakota St  1  1 24 12 1948 Draft - 30th round
Ed Neal             58 DT/T  6-4 275 Tulane           6  6 31 12 FA - 1945
Tom O'Malley        76   QB 5-11 185 Cincinnati       1  1 25  1 1950 Trade - Cleveland
Dan Orlich          49    E  6-5 215 Nevada           2  2 25 12 1949 Draft - 7th round
Steve Pritko        23    E  6-2 210 Villanova        2  8 28 12 1949 FA - NY Bulldogs
Floyd (Breezy) Reid 80   HB 5-10 187 Georgia          1  1 23 11 1950 FA - Bears
Tobin Rote          38   QB  6-3 200 Rice             1  1 22 12 1950 Draft - 2nd round
Carl Schuette       17 C/DB  6-1 210 Marquette        1  3 28 12 1950 FA-Buffalo (AAFC)
Joe Spencer         34    T  6-3 240 Oklahoma A&M     1  3 27 12 1950 FA-Cleve (AAFC)
Don Stansauk        63    T  6-2 255 Denver           1  1 24 11 FA - 1950
Rebel Steiner       74   DB  6-0 185 Alabama          1  1 23 12 1949 Draft - 12th round
Bob Summerhays      77    B  6-1 207 Utah             2  2 23 11 1949 Draft - 4th round
Len Szafaryn        51    T  6-2 229 North Carolina   1  2 22 12 1950 Trade - Washington
Clayton Tonnemaker  35 LB/C  6-2 235 Minnesota        1  1 22 12 1950 Draft - 1st round
Dick Wildung        45    T  6-0 220 Minnesota        5  5 29 12 1943 Draft - 1st round
Abner Wimberly      16    E  6-1 210 Louisiana State  1  2 24 11 1950 FA - L.A. (AAFC)
Alex Wizbicki       25    B 5-11 188 Holy Cross       1  4 28 11 1950 FA-Buffalo (AAFC)
NO - Jersey Number POS - Position HGT - Height WGT - Weight YR - Years with Packers PR - Years of Professional Football AGE - Age at Startof Season G - Games  Played FA - Free Agent
1950 PACKERS DRAFT (January 21-22, 1950)
RND-PICK NAME                   POS COLLEGE
1  -   4 Clayton Tonnemaker       C Minnesota
2  -  17 Tobin Rote              QB Rice
3  -  30 Gordy Soltau             E Minnesota
4  -  43 Larry Coutre            RB Notre Dame
5  -  56 to Pittsburgh Steelers
6  -  69 Jack Cloud               B William and Mary
7  -  82 Leon Manley              T Oklahoma
8  -  95 Harry Szulborski         B Purdue
9  - 108 Roger Wilson             E South Carolina
10 - 121 Bob Mealey               T Minnesota
11 - 134 Gene Lorendo             E Georgia
12 - 147 Andy Pavich              E Denver
13 - 160 Carlton Elliott          E Virginia
14 - 173 Fred Leon                T Nevada
15 - 186 Gene Huebner             C Baylor
16 - 199 Frank Kuzma              B Minnesota 
17 - 212 Hal Otterback            G Wisconsin 
18 - 225 Arnold Galiffa          QB Army 
19 - 238 Earl T. Rowan            T Hardin-Simmons
20 - 251 Jim Howe                 B Kentucky 
21 - 264 Gene Evans               B Wisconsin
22 - 277 Chuck Beatty             C Penn State 
23 - 290 George Mattey            G Ohio State 
24 - 303 Don Delph                B Dayton 
25 - 316 Frank Waters             B Michigan State
26 - 329 Claude Radtke            E Lawrence 
27 - 342 Bill Osbourne            B Nevada-Reno 
28 - 355 Herm Hering              B Rutgers 
29 - 368 Ben Zaranka              E Kentucky 
30 - 381 Ray Mallouf              B SMU
Note: Ray Mallouf (30th round) chosen off of New York Bulldogs roster
Bold - Played for the Green Bay Packers
Billy Grimes                     HB Los Angeles
Alton Baldwin                     E Buffalo
Homer Paine                       T Chicago
James Lukens                      E Chicago
Abner Wimberly                    E Los Angeles
Wilbur Volz                       B Buffalo
John Kerns                        T Buffalo
Ted Cook                          E Rookie
James Bailey                      T Chicago
Denver Crawford                   T New York Yanks
Carl Schuette                     B Buffalo
Siamont Czarobsky                 T Chicago
Vic Schleigh                      T Chicago
Paul Duke                         C New York Yanks
H.M. Patterson                    T Rookie
Bold - Played for the Green Bay Packers
1950 Packers Media Guide
1950 Packers Schedule
January 22 - Traded 1950 5th round to PITTSBURGH
July 21 - Acquired OG Ray DiPierro off waivers from CHICAGO BEARS
August 4 - Traded T Paul Lipscomb to WASHINGTON for T Len Szafaryn
August 28 - Acquired B Wally Dreyer off waivers from CHICAGO BEARS
August 29 - Traded 1951 8th round draft choice to CLEVELAND for QB Tom O' Malley
September 4 - Acquired B Bill Bodecker from CLEVELAND for 1951 4th round draft choice
September 17 - Placed HB Walter Schlinkman on the reserve list. Waived QB Gus Johnson and HB Dick Braznell. Acquired T Don Stansauk off waivers.
September 22 - Acquired QB Paul Christman off waivers from CHICAGO CARDINALS
November 25 - Placed HB Bill Boedecker on waivers. Signed E Bob Mann off waivers from DETROIT.
New coach Gene Ronzani inherited a deteriorating team, and constant front-office interference did not make his task any easier. Some new talent, however, kept the season from being a total loss. Rookie quarterback Tobin Rote showed some flair both in the passing and running, end Al Baldwin and halfback Billy Grimes both fit into the attack after coming over the AAFC, and rookie Clayton Tonnemaker graded out as the best Packer lineman. An early 2-1 start to the season raised the level of optimism that this was the year that the Packers reversed their previous streak of bad performances. A subsequent six-game losing streak, lowlighted by a 41-21 loss to the winless Colts, greatly reduced the positive outlook of Packer fans. Green Bay managed to eke out a win against San Francisco in late November, but ended the season losing eight of their last nine contest. The defense leaked horrendously, five times allowing 40 points or more, and allowed the most points in Packer history. The offense was inconsistent, as both Rote and Paul Christman shared the quarterbacking duties. The season ended with one positive - there was little talk anymore about the franchise's financial condition - and one negative - the anticipated retirement of star running back Tony Canadeo.
After four years of war, peace came to the world of professional football, when, on December 9, 1949, two days before the AAFC title game, the AAFC and NFL shook hands
and merged. Three AAFC teams were admitted to the NFL: the Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, and Baltimore Colts. The players of the New York Yankees team were
divided up between the New York Giants and the New York Bulldogs (who changed their name to New York Yanks), the Los Angeles Dons and Los Angeles Rams merged, and
a portion of the AAFC Buffalo Bills was absorbed into the Browns organization. A special draft was then held by the league's 13 teams to allocate the rest of the AAFC players.
The merged league briefly flirted with the name "National-American Football League", but restored the name "National Football League" in March 1950, reinforcing the belief of
some that the NFL simply gobbled up the AAFC, and did not truly merge. Cleveland and San Francisco were the strongest franchises in the AAFC, so it was natural for them
to move over to the NFL. The third team caused some debate. There was some sentiment to admit the Bills rather than the Colts, as the Bills had better attendance and the
better team. However, Buffalo's size (with only Green Bay smaller) and climate were seen as problems. George Preston Marshall, the rambunctious owner of the Washington
Redskins, had long objected to the Colts' proximity to his Redskins. Money made the difference, as Marshall changed his tune and claimed the Redskins and Colts could be
excellent rivals, as he agreed to accept a $150,000 fee to waive his territorial rights. Buffalo fans produced more than 15,000 season ticket pledges, raised $175,000 in a stock offering, and filed a separate application to join. When the vote to admit Buffalo was held on January 20, 1950, a majority of league owners were willing to accept Buffalo; however, George Halas, who had a longstanding animosity toward Buffalo's previous NFL franchise, and Dan Reeves blocked the Bills' entry into the league. League rules required a unanimous vote, and the vote was 9-4 in favor of Buffalo, far short of the unanimous hurdle.  For some reason, teams were not happy about going to a 14-team league, and also rejected an expansion bid from Houston. Buffalo owner Jim Breuil was content to accept a minority share of the Browns, and Buffalo would have to wait until 1960, when the AFL gave them the Bills. As for the Colts, they lasted one season, were moved to New York, and the city was absent pro football for two seasons.
AUGUST                                 RESULT       RECORD    ATT STARTING QB              LEADING RUSHER              LEADING PASSER              LEADING RECEIVER
12 Cleveland Browns (at Toledo, Ohio)  L  7-38      0- 1-0 10,000 Jug Girard               Billy Grimes (61)                                       Steve Pritko (5)
16 G-CHICAGO CARDINALS                 W 17-14      1- 1-0 20,136 Jud Girard
29 New York Giants (at Boston)         W 10- 0      2- 1-0 12,053
10 M-BALTIMORE COLTS                   W 16-14      3- 1-0 17,191
17 G-DETROIT LIONS (0-0-0)             L  7-45      0- 1-0 22,096 Tobin Rote
24 M-WASHINGTON REDSKINS (1-0-0)       W 35-21      1- 1-0 14,109
1  G-CHICAGO BEARS (2-0-0)             W 31-21      2- 1-0 24,893                          Larry Coutre (101)
8  G-NEW YORK YANKS (2-1-0)            L 31-44      2- 2-0 23,871                          Billy Grimes (167)
15 at Chicago Bears (3-1-0)            L 14-28      2- 3-0 51,065                          
19 at New York Yanks (4-1-0)           L 17-35      2- 4-0 13,661
5  at Baltimore Colts (0-6-0)          L 21-41      2- 5-0 12,971
12 M-LOS ANGELES RAMS (6-2-0)          L 14-45      2- 6-0 20,456
19 at Detroit Lions (3-5-0)            L 21-24      2- 7-0 17,752                                                                                  Al Baldwin (3-106)
26 G-SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (2-8-0)       W 25-21      3- 7-0 13,196
3  at Los Angeles Rams (8-3-0)         L 14-51      3- 8-0 39,323
10 at San Francisco 49ers (2-9-0)      L 14-30      3- 9-0 20,797
G - Green Bay  M - Milwaukee
The third stock sale, in 1950, came on the heels of founder Curly Lambeau’s 30-year dominion, when the club’s officers arranged to amend the corporation’s bylaws to permit the sale of up to 10,000 total shares of stock (opening up more than 9,500 shares for purchase), to limit the number of shares that any individual could own. The team also increased the number of directors from 15 to 25. The response to the 1950 drive was inspiring, with people from all across Wisconsin, as well as former Green Bay residents living in other states, coming forward to buy the $25 shares of stock. Roughly $50,000 was raised in one 11-day period alone. Reportedly, one woman from a farm near Wrightstown, Wis., showed up at the team’s offices with $25 worth of quarters in a match box. A total of about $118,000 was generated through this major stock sale, helping to put the Packers on a sound financial basis once again.
Green Bay Packers letterhead dated March 15th. The content of the letter is about organizing a meeting to talk about and explain that year's Green Bay Packers stock drive and is sent from Lee Joannes. (SOURCE: Wisconsin Historical Society)
Green Bay Packers letterhead dated April 12th. The content of the letter is addressed to "DEAR FELLOW WORKER" and details a small aspect of the Green Bay Packers stock drive. The letter was sent from Lee Joannes. (SOURCE: Wisconsin Historical Society)
JANUARY 6th (Chicago) - Clark Hinkle, one of the greatest fullbacks in NFL history, has applied for the job as head coach of the Chicago Cardinals. Hinkle, star of the Green Bay Packers in the early 30's, now resides in Toronto. Ray C. Benningsen, president of the Cardinals, said Thursday night that Hinkle had sent a telegram saying he was available for the post vacated by Raymond (Buddy) Parker at the end of last season. Benningsen spiked a rumor that Parker had been re-signed. Hinkle's application was the only one Benningsen had mentioned specifically. Other applicants, all now connected with professional football teams, have asked that their names not be mentioned, he added.
JANUARY 10th (Green Bay) - Ira J. Clark, 75, builder of the City Stadium and groundskeeper for the Green Bay Packers at Rockwood Lodge, died Tuesday after a three-year illness. Mr. Clark was the superintendent of buildings and grounds for the Board of Education 27 years during this time. He planned and supervised the construction of the 25,000-seat stadium in which all Packer home games are played. Before working with the city, he was an engineer for the Wisconsin State Reformatory 14 years.
JANUARY 10th (Green Bay) - It will take a complete overhauling to restore the Green Bay Packers to the first division in pro football circles, Curly Lambeau, Packer coach and general manager, said Tuesday. One necessary phase of the reorganization would the sale of stock, Lambeau said. About six weeks ago, the club's Board of Directors voted to recommend issuance of $200,000 in additional shares in the corporation. At the same time, the board voted to renew Lambeau's contract for two years. Lambeau said he was not critical of the club's Executive Committee, but declared the present situation was outmoded and unworkable. No group of 12 men can gather once a week during the football season and run a professional football team. "It can't be done," he said. Lambeau said the collapse of the Packers could be traced to two major causes. One was the draft system which compelled the Packers to select players buried in the list for many winning years while other teams had first pickings and got bonus choices. The other was the war between the NFL and the All-America Conference. This gave players inflated ideas of their value, Lambeau said. "We missed several good men last fall because they were completely out of line. To hire them might have put us in the first division, but it would  have broke us." He mentioned two players who signed with other team and added those clubs no longer operated while "we are still in business."
JANUARY 11th (Green Bay) - General Manager Curly Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers wants a better break for second-division teams when the National-American Football League holds its draft. He called today for a return to the old National League system of only teams in the below .500 class to participate in the second, fourth and sixth rounds of the draft. "This is the tried and proven method of balancing off the competition," the veteran Packer coach declared. This method was abandoned several years ago in favor of a straight draw from top to bottom in each round. Lambeau cited statistics to prove the old system was better. He said the Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Rams were chronic losers over a five-year period. "But these clubs were getting two choices to other clubs' one in the early round," he said. "That is how they built up their teams to where they are today." As it is, Lambeau said, the Packers will stand to get the third, 29th and 42nd choices at the draft next week. It might also by chance get the number one man. "But the breaks would be against us," he said.
JANUARY 21st (Philadelphia) - The Green Bay Packers reached into Minnesota's powerhouse for two of their first three choices in the common draft for all college football players conducted by the National-American Football League Saturday night. Clayton Tonnemaker, Gopher All-American center, and Gordon Soltau, Minnesota's place-kicking end, were the Packers' first and third choices, respectively. Tobin Rote, Rice back, was Green Bay's second choice. The Packers' fourth choice was Larry Coutre, hard-driving Notre Dame back. The common draft came about when Commissioner Bert Bell ruled earlier in the day that the 13 clubs could keep three players on a reserve list but all other players would be tossed back into the hopper. Green Bay's three choices were Bob Williams (Texas Tech center); Rebel Steiner (Alabama end), and Bob Folsom (SMU back). Tonnemaker reportedly has agreed to terms with the San Francisco 49ers. If he has, the Packers will have to reimburse San Francisco for any bonus paid and must live up to salary teams, according to a ruling by Bell.
JANUARY 22nd (Philadelphia) - Two of Wisconsin's 1949 football stars, fullback Gene Evans and guard Harold Otterback, and Arnold Galiffa, All-American quarterback from the Army, were selected by the Green Bay Packers in the NAFL draft of college players Sunday. The Packers picked Otterback on the 17th round, while Evans, shifty scat back, was the choice on the 21st round. Galiffa didn't come up until the 18th round when the Packers grabbed him. With Galiffa in the fold, the Packers could return to the air with a vengeance in 1950. He masterminded the Army's formidable attack last fall and was one of the nation's outstanding passers. The Packers also dipped into the ranks of the Midwest Conference when they selection Claude Radtke, Lawrence end, with their 26th choice.
JANUARY 23rd (Philadelphia) - General Manager Curly Lambeau denies a published report that he will retire to the front office while Tom Stidham takes over as head coach of the Green Bay Packers. According to the rumor, line coach Stidham would step up to become head pilot while Cecil Isbell, former Packer star, would take over as backfield coach. Lambeau specifically denied here that he had any plans for changing the coaching staff and declared that so far as he knew Isbell was not a coaching possibility. The Packer boss said Isbell was here to help the Packers draft players from the late All-America Conference.
JANUARY 23rd (Philadelphia) - National-American League professional football teams today seemed set on a 12-game schedule for 1950 as their organizational meeting ended on a note of lingering frustration. The 13-league club hurdled the major barrier to a schedule last night when they finally agreed on a division into two circuits - with Philadelphia, Cleveland, the New York Giants, Pittsburgh, the Chicago Cardinals and Washington into one; the New York Bulldogs, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Green Bay and the Chicago Bears in the other, and Baltimore as the "swing" team. The agreement came only after five days of constant bickering in this grudging fusion of the old NFL and All-America Conference. Commissioner Bert Bell will make up the schedule, within the next month, and it was learned that he favored the arrangement. Each member of the two divisions will play 10 games within its division, a home-and-home series with each of the other members. Then it will play one game against Baltimore and one game against a "natural rival". Baltimore will play each club in the league once, and no other games. The division members will play outside their division only in the "natural rivalry" game, except that the two division winners each year will meet for the league championship. For the purposes of the league standings, Baltimore will be listed in one of the divisions although not actually a member. The club owners revealed in a poll their views on the "natural rivalry" game. The New York Giants want the New York Bulldogs, and the Chicago Cardinals want the Chicago Bears, so they are all set. Too, Pittsburgh wants Detroit and Detroit wants either Pittsburgh or Washington. However, Green Bay also wants Washington. Philadelphia wants Green Bay, and Los Angeles wants Philadelphia, and San Francisco wants Cleveland. The league owners, before breaking up until their next meeting June 3rd, also laid down rules for exhibition games. A team can play any number of exhibitions against members of the opposite division - but none withing its division. Baltimore can play any team in an exhibition, but not in the same city it will meet that team during the regular season. Televising the games will be permitted only with the mutual consent of both teams, making it unlikely there will be any television except for sellout games.
JANUARY 24th (Green Bay) - Palatial Rockwood Lodge, training quarters of the Green Bay Packers, was destroyed by fire Tuesday with a loss estimated at $50,000. Cause of the fire which wrecked the two-story limestone lodge on the shore of Green Bay, about 15 miles northeast of here, was not determined immediately. Frank Jonet, secretary of the Packer corporation which operates the NAFL club, said the loss was covered by insurance. All other club officials are in Philadelphia attending the league's organization meeting. Jonet said he received a telephone call from Melvin Flagstad, custodian of the lodge, who lived in the building with his wife. "He was almost too excited to talk," Jonet said. "He told me he and his wife were lucky to get out alive, but hung up before saying how the fire started." Flagstad, brought here for treatment of a badly-lacerated hand suffered when he jumped from a second-story window, said later he didn't know how the blaze started. "I was working in an upstairs room", the caretaker said, "when I saw smoke drift up past the window. I looked out and saw flames shooting from the boiler room. Then I jumped.' Flagstad said Joseph Roeser, a passerby, drove into the yard and that the two men rolled a 100-gallon drum of gasoline away from the lodge. Mrs. Flagstad and the couple's small daughter ran out, but the men were unable to save anything except a davenport. Flames and smoke shot 100 feet into the air, according to Flagstad, who said only portions of the walls and the chimney remained. The lodge, purchased by the Packers in 1946, is in an isolated area. A rural fire truck from the tiny community of Preble was called, but had trouble travelling the 12 miles to the scene because of icy roads. There was no water to fight the fire which was fanned by a high wind off the bay. Jonet said he thought the Packers equipment, including game uniforms and other appurtances, had been removed from the lodge for storage in City Stadium here. The five cottages in which the players lived during the training season and adjacent to the lodge were untouched by the blaze.
NOTE: The Milwaukee Journal reported the following: The fire was discovered by the children of Melvin Flagstad, caretaker. Playing in the attic of the building, they smelled smoke and ran downstairs to tell their father. Flagstad grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran upstairs, but the fire had already made such headway that he could do nothing about it. The Associated Press reported on January 26th that the cause of the fire was believed to be faulty electrical wiring in the attic.
JANUARY 30th (Milwaukee) - Curly Lambeau just laughed and laughed, says George Strickler. In fact, Lambeau laughed all day Sunday. The reason behind all this mirth is a brief item which appeared on the sports page of a Chicago Sunday newspaper. The story said that Earl L. Lambeau, general manager of the Green Bay Packers, is one of several men under consideration for a post as coach of the Chicago Cardinals. Lambeau and Strickler, Packer publicity man, were in Milwaukee Sunday. Lambeau couldn't be reached by phone, but Strickland gave the Packer chief's views to the Associated Press. "Oh, that," Strickler said when asked about the story. "Curly just laughed when he saw that. He's been laughing about it all day. There's nothing to it at all." He said Lambeay would not have any comments on the report because it is too ridiculous. Strickler gave this version of how the report got started: He said Mrs. Bidwell, of the family that owns the Cardinals, made a statement that a new coach would be signed to replace Raymond (Buddy) Parker and that the new man would be an experienced professional coach. Strickler said newspapermen began speculating, and that because of recent controversies among the Packer executives, some of them put two and two together and thought Lambeau might be one of the men to whom she had reference.
JANUARY 31st (Chicago) - One of the best kept sports secrets of the year has been the name of the new Chicago Cardinals football coach. He is to be announced by President Ray Benningsen at a Cardinals press conference tomorrow. It could be Clark Shauhnessy, the old T-formation master who presently is coach of the Los Angeles Rams; Curly Lambeau, pro football pioneer who organized the Green Bay Packers as a sandlot team in 1919 - or any one of a dozen whose names have been buzzed. Benningsen has completed interviewing five or so applicants and has indicated the selection has been boiled down to two. "I haven't ye made up my mind," he said last night, "but on Wednesday I'll have the Cardinals' new coach with me at the press conference. I am weighing one of my finalists against the other. I can go either way and be all right, but I want all day Tuesday to think about it." Lambeau does not have a formal contract with the Packers and has been embroiled with a faction seeking to oust him in Green Bay.
In 1950, the Packers were a franchise in ruin. Then a mysterious fire at the team's training facility solved all of their problems. For more on the Rockwood Lodge fire, click here for an ESPN the Magazine story and the following story from 2014 - FOX 11 Investigates: The fire at Rockwood Lodge.
A drawing of Curly Lambeau hangs over the fireplace at Curly's Pub inside Lambeau Field. The drawing is said to be the only artifact to survive the fire at Rockwood Lodge. (Source: Lambeau drawing survived Rockwood Lodge fire)
FEBRUARY 1st (Chicago) - Earl L. (Curly) Lambeau, dean of professional football coaches with 31 years as major domo of the Green Bay Packers, Wednesday became head coach of the Chicago Cardinals. Lambeau, 51, accepted a 2-year contract as Cardinal field boss and vice president after resigning at Green Bay to "restore the harmony so necessary if Packers are to keep their pace in major league football". Lambeau becomes the 14th Cardinal coach since the club was organized in 1921, succeeding Raymond (Buddy) Parker, who resigned last December. Lambeau's salary was undisclosed, but it is understood to call for $25,000 annually plus a percentage on attendance. Lambeau's only coaching equal in pro football is owner-coach George Halas, one of his bitterest rivals in a Packer-Bear feud which has crackled down through the years. Lambeau organized the Packers in 1919, a year before Halas founded the Decatur, Ill. Staleys, forerunners of the Bears. Both were iron men of the NFL, which this year becomes the National-American League. Now they resume their ancient rivalry on the field on a crosstown basis. That won't hurt a bit the turnstiles at Comiskey Park and Wrigley Field where the Cards and Bears, respectively, operate. The Cardinals caught Lambeau on the recoil after front office bickering in Green Bay. Curly's letter of resignation addressed to Emil R. Fischer, Packer president, clearly indicated that he was quitting instead of playing second fiddle at Green Bay. The letter conceded that Packer policy changes the past several years with which Lambeau disagreed "brought about a dangerous disunity of purpose within the organization, one which, in my opinion, threatens the existence of the club. No organization can survive divided against itself." Last season, the Packers won only two of 12 games, and after the third game, Lambeau turned over the coaching to his three aides - Tom Stidham, Bob Snyder and Charles Brock. Lambeau will be in full charge of Cardinal player personnel and will be given the right to select his assistants, Club President Ray Benningsen announced. 
NOTE: George Strickler, public relations director for the Packers and an avowed Curly Lambeau supporter, will relinquish his post. His contract runs until April 1st and there is no indication the Green Bay Corporation will extend it. Before joining the Bays, Strickler was the NFL press agent.
FEBRUARY 1st (Green Bay) - News of Lambeau's resignation after 31 years of continuous service with the Packers, the team he organized and led to six pro football championships, hit this city like the proverbial bolt out of the clear Wednesday. Perhaps some expected it as a result of recent battles between the Board of Directors and Lambeau. But certainly no one was prepared for Lambeau's quick jump to the rival Chicago Cardinals. To say the startling news was the talk of the town is putting it mildly. And it was accepted with mixed emotions. Reactions ran the gamut from "This is great news" to "We're in trouble now for sure". There seems no question about the trouble from a financial standpoint. In fact, a meeting of the board is already set for next Monday when the problem of raising funds by means of a new stock issue will be tackled. Some estimates as to immediate need go as high as $250,000 as a result of the past two seasons, both disastrous. Late last fall, $50,000 was raised by appealing directly to fans through the medium of a special Thanksgiving Day intrasquad game. Optimism is the keynote in semi-official circles. One Packer direction, who wouldn't permit use of his name, predicted there would be no trouble getting money to finance the club. "There are all kinds of people here and in the state who will be willing to donate $10 or $15 or even $25 now," he said. Attorney Jerry Clifford, an admitted Lambeau foe on the board, said the situation now is clarified, and it will be possible to reorganize the Packer management and coach staff, adding: "We won't have any trouble financing the club." Frank Jonet, club secretary-treasurer, was cautious in his reaction. He expressed confident that there will be no trouble about Green Bay staying in the league, but pointed out that the rival factions will have to get together. Some men on the street saw a plot afoot to get Green Bay out of the big league. Typical of this thinking was this statement: "Lambeau probably knows what's going on and decided to get out and land another job while the getting is good. Maybe the league is planning to shift the franchise to Buffalo or Houston." No one knows anything definitely. But they're all buzzin' plenty!
FEBRUARY 1st (Green Bay) - Cecil Isbell, former Packer star, applied for the post as coach of the Green Bay eleven hard on the heels of Curly Lambeau's resignation Wednesday. At the same time, Lambeau said in Chicago that he was interested in signing Isbell as his assistance with the Cardinals, but made no mention of the status of Marshall Goldberg, still under contract as backfield tutor for the Chicago team.
FEBRUARY 6th (Milwaukee) - Gene Ronzani is the new head coach of the Green Bay Packers, the Sentinel learned Sunday. No formal announcement has been made, but Packer President Emil Fischer is expected to take care of that detail at a press conference in Green Bay Monday noon. Details were ironed out and the deal set in a series of executive meetings, starting with Fischer's return from Florida Friday and continuing through Sunday. Thus, the Packers, moving with surprising and unexpected speed, had the second head man in their history only four days after Curly Lambeau, their founder and coach for 31 years, resigned to take over the top spot with the rival Chicago Cardinals. Although candidates for the Packer post - real and imaginary - were numerous, Ronzani was the choice of the executive committee from the start of the short search for Lambeau's successor, it was also learned. Then it was simply a matter of agreeing terms. Which President Fischer and Rozani did Sunday. The committee, the majority of which already had given its o.k. will approve the arrangements formally at a meeting preceding the announcement session Monday. The salary for the new coach is expected to be between $12,000 and $15,000. Rozani, a native of Iron Mountain, MI, starred for three years at halfback for Marquette University, where he was graduated in 1933 after a brilliant football-track-basketball career. He captained the Hilltop eleven in 1932. After graduation, Gene played in the first Chicago All-Star game and then joined the Chicago Bears. He has served George Halas' club ever since - as outstanding player, farm club coach and finally backfield coach for the parent team. The new boss is expected to be free to select his own backfield and line coaches. Which means Bob Snyder and Tom Stidham will likely be replaced. The only assistant likely to stay is Charlie Brock, ex-Packer star who returned to his old haunts in a coaching capacity last fall.The Packers' refinancing program is also well underway. At a special meeting of the Board of Directors, called for Monday night for that specific purpose, these proposals are due for the green light: 1-Continue as a non-profit organization; 2-Authorize a new stock issue of $200,000, each no-par value share to be sold at $25. The non-profit and comparatively small cost per share features, it hoped, will result in more widespread interest and a greater community spirit than before. As in the past, profits will be shared with the American Legion under that plan. Although it is planned to authorize a new stock issue of $200,000, it is unlikely that it will be necessary to sell more than half that amount. Add the insurance money from the recent fire at Rockwood Lodge and the corporation will have a "working cushion" of about $150,000 before the season ticket selling campaign gets underway. That, it is believed, will be ample.
FEBRUARY 9th (Green Bay) - Green Bay Packers set the machinery today to make sure that no one can seize control of the team during the sale of $250,000 in new stock. Club directors voted last night to set a top limit of 200 shares for any one person or corporation. They also appointed a committee of officers to "scrutinize" the stock sale "to insure that it meets the league requirements and safeguards the best interests of the corporation", President Emil Fischer explained that the latter means the club wants to comply with the strict provisions of league law and also to make sure that no one can gain control of the club. Fischer also announced that the board had approved an exhibition with the Cleveland Browns at Toledo, OH August 12th. The Packers voted for the new stock issue at their meeting Monday night. A total of 10,000 shares at $25 per share will be offered. The directors hope not only to replenish dwindling resources with the issue but to spread financial interest in the team to more people. The stock issue announcement came fast after the resignation of Curly Lambeau and the appointment of Gene Ronzani, quarterback coach of the Chicago Bears, as the new Packer pilot.
FEBRUARY 10th (Green Bay) - Big Tom Stidham resigned today as line coach of the Green Bay Packers. Stidham said he had made a "satisfactory settlement" for the one year his contract had to run and added he felt it was "only fair and customary that a new head coach be given the privilege of selecting his new assistants". Backfield tutor Bob Snyder also resigned.
FEBRUARY 27th (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers are interested in Clark Shaughnessy and Shaughnessy is interested in the Packers. That's the sum total of developments after the Milwaukee Journal reported Monday that the former Los Angeles Rams head coach was understood to have accepted a job as the backfield coach with the Packers. The paper said formal announcement was being held up until Shaughnessy made a contract settlement with the Rams. He was fired 11 days ago. L.H. Joannes, member of the Packer executive board, declared Shaughnessy was being considered for an assistant post at Green Bay but that no final arrangements had been made. At Santa Monica, CA, the T-formation wizard admitted he is interested in going to the Packers. But Shaughnessy added he won't discuss any deals until he straightens out his affairs with the Rams. Shaughnessy claims there is a clause in his contract specifying that he gets $30,000 if his contract is terminated by the club. Ram owner Dan Reeves says there also is a clause which stipulates that in the event of any dispute over the contract, Commissioner Bert Bell will make the final decision.
MARCH 1st (Toledo) - Bob Snyder, backfield coach with the Green Bay Packers last season, Wednesday was named head football coach at the University of Toledo by the Board of Trustees. Snyder succeeds Stahley, who resigned recently to take a job as assistance coach at Washington University under Howie O'Dell.
MARCH 3rd (Los Angeles) - Clark Shaughnessy, recently-deposed head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, may talk to Packer officials in Chicago this weekend. He is being considered as backfield coach. However, Shaughnessy said before he left by air Friday: "I have made no arrangements to meet any Packer officials on the trip, but it is likely that I will get together with head coach Gene Ronzani while I'm in Chicago."
MARCH 6th (Green Bay) - Clark Shaugnhessy definitely will not coach with the Green Bay Packers this fall, it was announced today. The front office of the NFL team said a weekend conference in Chicago between Packer coach Gene Ronzani and Shaughnessy ended with the former head coach of the Los Angeles Rams returning to his West Coast home.
MARCH 11th (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers will start a two-week campaign to sell capital stock in their reorganized football corporation starting April 12th, L.H. Joannes, chairman of the stock sale, said Friday. Joannes said a sale organization that will reach into every part of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan in now being formed.
MARCH 29th (Green Bay) - Two of last season's University of Minnesota grid players were signed today by the Green Bay Packers. They are tackle Robert (Buster) Mealey and fullback Frank Kuzma, 10th and 16th respectively on the Packer draft list in January. Mealey, 6-3 and weighing 225 pounds, won four varsity letters at Minnesota and was All-Conference tackle in 1947. Kuzma, best known as a linebacker, is 6 feet tall and weighs 260.
APRIL 6th (Green Bay) - Stock in the Green Bay Packers at $25 a share went on sale today. An issue of 9,500 shares of non-profit stock was put on the block in an effort to raise funds after several lean years - financially and athletically - in the NFL. In a statement accompanying announcement of the stock's availability, President Emil Fischer described the sale as an "oxygen-issue" and said he hoped it would be completely subscribed by fans of "one of the best known pro football teams on Earth". The stock carries full voting rights but is non-transferrable and limited to a maximum of $5,000 to any individual or organization, Fischer said. The Packer also announced that they will play the Chicago Cardinals in an exhibition game here the night of August 16th. The game matched the Packers against their old boss, Curly Lambeau, who resigned last winter.
​APRIL 12th (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers' do-or-die effort to hoist itself off the financial rocks by selling $200,000 worth of stock was officially launched today. More than 450 campaign workers had breakfast together in the Beaumont Hotel and then set out to sell Green Bay residents a financial interest in the weakened Packers. About 1,500 Packer supporters jammed the Central Catholic High School auditorium last night to work up pep for the drive. Coach Gene Ronzani and a succession of former Packer stars assured them that Green Bay can still produce a Big League pro team. Mayor Dominic Olejniczak declared a state of emergency in the city until the drive is over. The Packer management plans to concentrate its stock selling campaign in Green Bay first and move out into Wisconsin and Upper Michigan after it is well started.
APRIL 12th (Green Bay) - John L. (Tarzan) Taylor was signed today as an assistant coach by the Green Bay Packers. Taylor, out of football since 1947, will assist Gene (Tuffy) Ronzani in his first year as Packer head coach after succeeding E.L. (Curly) Lambeau. Neither Taylor's salary nor the length of his contract was announced. A former Ohio State guard, Taylor played with the 1921 Buckeye Rose Bowl team which lost to California, 28-0. He played professional football with the old Decatur Staleys and Canton Bulldogs and one year with the Chicago Bears. In 1924, Taylor became line coach at Michigan State. Later, he held similar posts at Ohio University, Ohio State and Marquette. He spent one year coaching the line for the Baltimore Colts in the All-America Conference, leaving after the 1947 season to enter the building contracting business. Taylor is the first assistant named by Ronzani since he took over Lambeau's job last winter.
APRIL 15th (Green Bay) - Green Bay Packers' "home" schedule for this fall, including four games in City Stadium here and two at State Fair Park in Milwaukee, was announced Friday by Emil Fischer, president of the NFL club. The schedule: September 17th - Detroit (here), September 24th - Washington (at Milwaukee), October 1st - Chicago Bears (here), October 22nd - New York Yankees (here), November 12th - Los Angeles (at Milwaukee), November 26th - San Francisco (here).
APRIL 16th (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced Saturday that $43,825 worth of non-profit stock has been sold to date in the greater Green Bay area. The aim of the NFL club is to raise $100,000 in this area and more in other Wisconsin cities. Some 450 voluntary workers here have not yet reported their stock sales.
MAY 3rd (Green Bay) - Gene Ronzani, new head coach of the Green Bay Packers, plans to ask the NFL to give his team and the Baltimore Colts the right to divide the first six top choices in a special player draft June 3rd. At the draft in Philadelphia, members of the inoperative Los Angeles Dons, Buffalo Bills and Chicago Hornets, plus their reserve lists, will be selected by the 13 clubs of the reorganized league. "The Packers will need special help to be built into a unit strong enough to hold its own competition," Ronzani said Tuesday before leaving for Texas to interview veteran and rookie players. "I think the Colts also will need a special bolstering job. The league will be only strong as its weakest team." Ronzani estimated that perhaps 16 of his 32 Packer players will be rookies or athletes obtained from other clubs.
MAY 16th (Green Bay) - The signing of Ray Nolting as backfield coach and Dick Plasman as end coach were announced Monday by the Green Bay Packers. Nolting and Plasman join head coach Gene Ronzani, line coach Tarzan Taylor and defense coach Charley Brock to complete the 1950 coaching staff. Ronzani played with both Nolting and Plasman on the Chicago Bears. Nolting, after nine years as a halfback with the Bears, coached for four years at Cincinnati, his alma mater, and last year was backfield coach with the New York Bulldogs. After five years as an end for the Bears, Plasman entered the Navy and in 1945 joined the Chicago Cardinals as a player-coach. He held this job four years.
MAY 17th (Green Bay) - Green Bay Packers' Rockwood Lodge property is for sale at an asking price of $25,000. Though the main lodge burned to the ground some months back a half dozen cottages remain standing.
MAY 18th (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers will hold their "victory banquet" celebrating completion of their fund drive Monday night at the Beaumont Hotel. Chairman Max Murphy of the committee, which is raising $100,000 here, said "we'll be over the top by then, it's only a question of how much over". He said the fund totaled $95,475 on Wednesday.
MAY 18th (Green Bay) - Tony Canadeo, veteran Green Bay halfback, has returned his 1950 contract unsigned because a raise he asked for was not granted, it was learned here Wednesday. Canadeo got $8,000 a year ago. He finished second to Steve Van Buren in ground gaining, piling up 1,052 years to 1,146. Canadeo, it was also learned, was orally granted permission to make a deal himself, if he wanted to, satisfactory to the Packers. When he later asked for this permission in writing, it was refused. League riles require written permission for a transaction of this kind. Canadeo refused to comment on the matter, except to admit that he had talked over his contract with head coach Gene Ronzani, before Ronzani left on his tour of the country to round up draftees and that he had refused to sign. Canadeo is 29 years old and an eight-year veteran.
MAY 23rd (Green Bay) - Green Bay Packers fans have over-subscribed the professional football team's hometown stock selling drive. 400 workers and followers jammed a victory banquet last night to hear that the $100,000 quota has been bettered by $5,825. The campaign, which started April 12th, now moves into the rest of the state and Upper Michigan. The quota there is between $125,000 and $200,000. Lee Johannes, chairman of the drive, said last night that $89,800 of the Green Bay receipts are in cash and the rest in pledges. Max Murphy, leader of the workers, said the "credit all belongs to the fans", and Packer Board Chairman Emil Fischer promised them there will always be a Packer team in Green Bay. Fischer also announced the signing of William and Mary fullback Jack Cloud to the team.
MAY 24th (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced Tuesday the signing of Roger Wilson, a 210-pound end from South Carolina. Wilson, whose home is in Macon, GA, is the second Southern Conference player to join the Packers in two days. The signing of Jack Cloud, rugged fullback from William and Mary, was announced Monday night.
MAY 24th (Kaukauna) - Earl (Jug) Girard, who failed to report to the Cedar Rapids club in the Three-I League, said today he'd decided to quit baseball. Girard, the former Wisconsin football star and a quarterback with the Green Bay Packers in the NFL last year, said he "wasn't hitting and just decided to quit." He is visiting here at the home of his wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Leddy. Girard led the Class D Wisconsin State League in hitting last year as a member of the Green Bay Bluejays. He was sent this year to the Wilkes-Barre (PA) team in the Class A Eastern League by the parent Cleveland Indians. Over the weekend, Wilkes-Barre ordered him to Cedar Rapids. "I played in 11 of 14 games with Wilkes-Barre," Girard said. "I wasn't hitting. They weren't fooling me, but all I could do was pop up, so I just decided to quit." At Cedar Rapids, General Manager Jim Meaghan said Girard had given no indication that he would not report to the Iowa team. He said then when he talked to him Monday, Girard said nothing about his future plans. Girard said he planned to play football again this fall with the Packers. He said he had received his contract and planned to "take care" of signing it shortly.
MAY 25th (Green Bay) - Green Bay Packers today signed their third rookie fullback, Frank (Muddy) Waters of Michigan State. Waters, a 205-pounder, averaged 6.6 yards in 43 carries for the Spartans last year.
MAY 27th (Green Bay) - Earl (Jug) Girard, Packers quarterback, has decided to give baseball one more fling. The Packer regular left his Kaukauna home yesterday to join the Cedar Rapids (IA) Class B Cleveland Indians farm team in Quincy, IL.
MAY 31st (Green Bay) - Bill Osborne, 210-pound Nevada halfback, was signed today by the Green Bay Packers. Obsorne, 24, played three years of varsity at Nevada.
JUNE 1st (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today the signing of a rookie end, Rebel Steiner of the University of Alabama. Steiner, 22, is a 185-pound six-footer who earned four varsity letters at Alabama. He was regular as a freshman on the Crimson Tide team which played in the Rose Bowl.
JUNE 3rd (Philadelphia) - The NFL completed a draft of 140 players, last remnants of the now-defunct All-America Conference, and Saturday the 13 club owners hope to make up their minds on whether to permit an All-Star Game. The Packers Friday selected Billy Grimes, former star back with Oklahoma A&M and the Los Angeles Dons, as their first choice of the draft.
​JUNE 6th (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers added two ace rookies to the squad Tuesday as their two top draft choices signed contracts. Number one is husky Clayton Tonnemaker, who made a name in college football as the University of Minnesota's outstanding center. Tonnemaker, 6-foot-2 and weighting 235 pounds, was named to last season's All Big Ten team and the AP All-Midwestern eleven. His forte is linebacking. He played four years for the Gophers. He is 22 and lives in Minneapolis. The Packers also signed quarterback Tobin Rote from Rice Institute. Coach Gene Ronzani said Rote, 6-feet-3 and weighing 200 pounds, is just the type of player the Packers have been looking for. The 22-year old Texan was a star passed in college and is a good runner. Ronzani said Rote should fit perfectly into the style of T-formation the Packers will use. He threw 85 passes in college without an interception, and last year completed 66 of 141 heaves for 1,020 yards and eight touchdowns.
JUNE 8th (Green Bay) - The signings of Eugene Huebner, center from Baylor, and Jack Etheridge, lineman who starred at SMU, were announced today by Coach Gene Ronzani of the Packers.
JUNE 13th (Green Bay) - John (Ramrod) Delp, a rugged back from Dayton, has signed a contract with the Green Bay Packers for the 1950 season. Coach Gene Ronzani said that Delp operates from the right halfback position, 
and is considered best against tough competition. Ronzani said that the high sports in his collegiate career were two touchdowns scored in the defeat of Nevada 16-14 last season, and an 86-yard touchdown run against the University of Scranton. Delp earned three varsity letters in football, receiving honorable mention on the All-Ohio team in 1949. He also lettered in baseball and track.
JUNE 14th (Green Bay) - Carlton (Stretch) Elliott, pass catching end with the University of Virginia, signed his 1950 contract Wednesday with the Green Bay Packers, Coach Gene Ronzani announced. A Green Bay draft choice, Elliott will be playing his first year of professional football this fall. He is 6-feet-4 1/2 inches and weighs 215 pounds. The 22-year old earned four letters in football, two in baseball and one in basketball at Virginia. He played in the 1949 North-South game.
JUNE 16th (Cedar Rapids) - Earl (Jug) Girard headed back for Wisconsin today, his pro baseball career apparently at an end. "I've decided to give my full attention to pro football and give up baseball altogether," he said. "It's hard on me to do both." Girard made his statement as he quit the Cedar Rapids club of the Three-I League for the second time this season. The first time he didn't bother to give notice. His decision Thursday night  meant, apparently, that he would sign with the Green Bay Packers. He played both quarterback and halfback last year.
JUNE 17th (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced Friday the signing of Earl "Jug" Girard, who Thursday said he'd decided to quit baseball and concentrate on football. Girard announced his decision as he left the Cedar Rapids (IA) club of the Three-I League. Packer coach Gene Ronzani said Girard would be used at left halfback this fall, his third year in the NFL.
JUNE 19th (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers report a heavier advance ticket sale than they had anticipated. They hope to sell 20,000 season tickets before the season opens in September.
JUNE 20th (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers have signed Minnesota end Gordon Soltau, Coach Gene Ronzani announced today. Soltau, a place-kicking star, is the fifth end to be signed for the 1950 Packers and was their third choice in the draft of college players. He was the leading scorer for Minnesota in 1948 with 22 conversions, one field goal and one touchdown - a total of 31 points.
JUNE 21st (Green Bay) - Tackle Glenn Johnson is going to play for the Green Bay Packers again this year. Coach Gene Ronzani announced today that the former New York Yankee (All-America Conference) lineman has been added to the Packer roster. Johnson joined the Packers in mid-season last year. Jay Rhodemyre, center for the Packers the past two seasons, said today he would retire from football. He plans to enter business.
JUNE 26th (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers signed halfback Billy Grimes Saturday - the club's No. 1 choice in the draft of players from the former All-America Conference.
JUNE 28th (Green Bay) - Coach Gene Ronzani has added another big end to his Packers. The latest acquisition is Abner Wimberly, one of the Packer choices in the recent pro draft. Wimberly spent last season with the Los Angeles Dons of the All-America Conference. He played college ball at LSU, and, according to Ronzani, was considered the outstanding defensive end in the Southeastern Conference in 1948.
JUNE 28th (Green Bay) - The new Green Bay Packers will become a reality in less than a month - July 22nd to be exact, when coach Gene Ronzani calls more than 50 athletes into training for the 1950 season of the enlarged NFL. Between now and the opening of workouts, Ronzani will settle contract affairs with over 30 boys, some veterans from the 1949 squad, a sprinkling of college stars, and a few of the lads selected in the recent pro draft. In the last five days, Ronzani boosted the signed contract roster to 19. Latest to enter the fold was the highly-touted Billy Grimes of Oklahoma A&M and the Los Angeles Dons - the Packers No. 1 choice in the pro draft. Grimes, according to Ronzani, will give the Packers power at a notoriously weak backfield spot - right half. Bill, besides being an able runner, can pass and catch passes. Handpicking the boys, Ronzani has aimed his efforts thus far at bolstering the ends, offensively, that is. Top receivers already signed are Rebel Steiner, who ranked second in pass snatching at Alabama two years ago; Carleton (Stretch) Elliott of Virginia, who measures near 6-5; and Roger Wilson, a combination offensive-defensive expert from South Carolina, Larry Craig's alma mater. Backing up the ends are Steve Pritko, a veteran who may fill Craig's famous shoes next fall, and rookie Gordon Soltau of Minnesota. Soltau, skilled on defense, is rated a good pass receiving prospect though he had little chance to snatch for the Gophers. Soltau, the Gopher's No. 1 extra point, field goal and kickoff ace, may give veteran Ted Fritsch a run in these three chores. The vital quarterback position thus far is in the hands of Tobin Rote, the slingshot passer from Rice. A rangy lad at 6-2, 195, Rote may someday be the Packers' Johnny Lujack. One other signed quarterback has been signed - Jug Girard, who handled the QB duties last fall. However, Ronzani plans to switch the Jugger to left half. With Girard at left, Rote at quarter and Grimes at right, the Packers have passing power at three backfield spots. Ronzani also plans to shift Tony Canadeo, the club's great ground gainer, from left half to fullback. At fullback, Tony will get a good chance to score touchdowns as well as gain yards. Here are the Packers who have been announced as signed thus far: Ends - Rebel Steiner, Steve Pritko, Roger Wilson, Carleton Elliott, Gordon Soltau; Tackles - Lew Ferry, Bob Mealey, Glenn Johnson; Guards - Joe Etheridge; Centers - Clayton Tonnemaker, Gene Huebner; Backs - Billy Grimes, Tobin Rote, Jack Cloud, Frank Kuzma, Frank Waters, Bill Osborne, John Delp, Jug Girard.
JUNE 30th (Green Bay) - Clark Shaughnessy, former coach of the Los Angeles Rams, was named assistant coach of the Green Bay Packers today. Head coach Gene Ronzani said Shaughnessy will serve an indefinite period, lasting at least until September 1st. He will assist Ronzani and three other assistant coaches map Packer strategy. "I'm here to help Gene get started," Shaughnessy said today. Dan Orlich, who came to the Packers as an end last season, has signed his 1950 contract. The 6-foot-5 Orlich had college experience at Nevada as Stan Heath's main pass receiver and also played during the war at Northwestern and Penn State.
JULY 7th (Green Bay) - Leon Manley, former Oklahoma tackle, has been signed by the Green Bay Packers for next season. Manley played in the 1949 Sugar Bowl and was selected to play in the College All-Star Game next month in Chicago. The 24-year old lineman is 6-feet-2 and weighs 210 pounds. He is experienced at guard and fullback. Alton Baldwin, second-ranking pass receiver for the past two years in the AAFC, has been signed by the Packers. Baldwin played the past three seasons with the Buffalo Bills. He played college ball at Arkansas. The Wausau Muskies of the Central States Grid League have signed 26 players, according to Karl Quade, club president. Two former Packer stars will play for the Muskies. Ralph Davis, guard, who prepped at Jefferson High School prior to starring three years at Wisconsin, and Red Vodgs, another ex-Badger. Vodgs has accepted a position with a Wausau banking firm and will not return to the Packers.
JULY 10th (Green Bay) - The Packers today announced the signing of Paul "Buddy" Burris, veteran guard from last year's squad. Burris came to the Packers from Oklahoma, where he starred from 1946-48.
JULY 13th (Green Bay) - The Packers have signed a veteran fullback and an ironman tackle for the 1950 season. Coach Gene Ronzani said today Ted Fritsch, veteran of eight campaigns with the Packers, has signed and that the club has secured the services of Fred Leon, former Nevada lineman. Fritsch, a Stevens Point Teachers College graduate, has been with Green Bay since 1942 and led the NFL in scoring in 1946. The 6-foot, 220-pound Leon started every game in his last three years at Nevada and was named to several far-west All-Star teams. He was also a boxer for the Wolfpack.
JULY 14th (Green Bay) - The signing of Pandel Savic, quarterback from Ohio State, was announced today by the Packers. Pandel, who piloted Ohio State to victory over California in the 1950 Rose Bowl, was one of the better passers during the last Big Ten season with an average gain of 16.6 yards. Claude Radtke, Lawrence College's star end, has signed a contract with the Packers.
JULY 18th (Green Bay) - Two husky linemen have been signed by the Packers. Coach Gene Ronzani announced today the acquisition of C.V. (Clink) McGeary and Dan Bradach. McGeary is a product of Minnesota and North Dakota State, and Bradach of Georgia Tech.
JULY 19th (Green Bay) - The Packers Wednesday announced the signing of Evan (Red) Vogds, veteran guard, and Ray Dipierro, former Chicago Bear guard. These additions brought the squad to 32 as preparations went ahead for the start of practice Saturday. It will be Vogds' third season with the club. Dipierro, formerly of Ohio State, was signed as a free agent. He left the Bears after playing during the exhibition season last year.
JULY 20th (Green Bay) - The signing of two rookie halfbacks, Harry Szulborski of Purdue and Anthony Cannava of Boston College, was announced today by the Packers. Coach Gene Ronzani also announced the retirement of Ed Bell, a three-year veteran tackle. Szulborski, 23 and carrying 170 pounds on his 5-foot-9 frame, was a ground gaining specialist in his Big Ten career, averaging 5.18 yards. Cannava, 175 pounds and standing 5-feet-10, caught 18 passes for 329 yards and five touchdowns last fall.
JULY 21st (Green Bay) - For the first time in the team's history, the Green Bay Packers have signed Negro players. Coach Gene Ronzani announced today that James Clark and James Thomas, both of Ohio State, will play for the Packers next fall. Clark ran from the left halfback position for the Buckeyes and Thomas was a guard.
JULY 22nd (Green Bay) - There was one notable absence today as the Green Bay Packers opened football practice. Missing for the first time in 31 years was E.L. (Curly) Lambeau, the man who founded the club in 1919 and was its coach continuously until he resigned last winter. Lambeau was back in the state, though. He was down at Beaver Dam, preparing to open practice with his Chicago Cardinals on Sunday.  Making his debut as Packer coach was Gene (Tuffy) Ronzani, onetime Chicago Bear star and quarterback instructor. Assisting him was a whole new staff - Clark Shaughnessy, Dick Plasman, Ray Nolting and John (Tarzan) Taylor. Ronzani has indicated, by the men he's signed to 1950 contracts, that his first Packer team will be a lot younger than those Lambeau fielded in the past few years. Heading the list of first-year men already under contract are such 1949 collegiate standouts as Tobin Rote, Clayton Tonnemaker, Rebel Steiner, Willie Manley, Jack Cloud and Pandel Savia. Either Rote or Savic is likely to handle the signal calling - and passing - in Ronzani's version of the T-formation. Stan Heath, the ex-Nevada ace who shared the quarterbacking last year with Jug Girard, also has a chance. Girard will be a halfback, strictly, this fall, Ronzani has said. Only eight members of last year's Packer squad were under contract as equipment was issued and light drills started. Among those absent were Tony Canadeo, the NFL's second-best ground gainer a year ago, and Indian Jack Jacobs, once the club's top field general. Canadeo, who operates an exterminating business here with his brother, wants more money. Jacobs has signed to play with a Canadian team. Rozani has only three weeks to ready his squad for its first exhibition opener.
JULY 25th (Green Bay) - The housecleaning that the Packers started last winter was finished Tuesday. Charlie Brock, the last holdover from Curly Lambeau's staff, was fired Monday in an action which was termed "for the good of all concerned" by Packer President Emil Fischer.
JULY 27th (Wisconsin State Journal) - There's a peculiar angle to that story about Charley Brock being "fired" by the Green Bay Packers. One peculiar angle is that I head two weeks ago that Brock was going to sign as an assistant coach with Curly Lambeau of the Chicago Cardinals. Another peculiar angle is that a release a week earlier didn't mention Brock among the list of Green Bay assistant coaches - Henry McCormick
AUGUST 1st (Green Bay) - The Packers said last night that Stan Heath, ex-Nevada passing ace, has asked for his release and that he has been placed on waivers. Heath, who made his pro debut last year, was a disappointment. Tabbed as a first-string quarterback on the strength of his passing when the season opened, he failed to produce and Jug Girard, normally a halfback, was shifted into the spot. Coach Gene Ronzani said Heath had not signed a 1950 contract. He was paid a reported $15,000 last year, but was offered considerably less this fall.
AUGUST 3rd (Los Angeles) - The Green Bay Packers landed four men in a Professional Football Hall of Fame announced Wednesday night by the Helms Athletic Foundation. The quartet of Packers, none now active with the club, included Clarke Hinkle, Don Hutson, Cal Hubbard and Curly Lambeau. The Foundation, a non-commercial organization fostering sports, selected 25 of the "greatest professional footballers of all time". A seven-man board of Los Angeles-area sports editors handled the selection. No more than four names will added to the roster each year.
AUGUST 3rd (Green Bay) - The Packers really are green this year. The 43-man roster, released Wednesday, shows 22 men in their first year of pro football. Thirteen others will be playing their second year. The oldest man listed, both in years of age and pro experience, is Ted Fritsch, who is 29 and in his 9th year with the Packers. Of the other experience men, end Steve Pritko with eight years is the only one with more than five years experience. Bob Forte and Walt Schlinkman are in their fifth years, Al Baldwin in his fourth and Ed Ecker, Red Vogds and Jug Girard in their third.
AUGUST 4th (Green Bay) - Stan Heath, former Nevada star who refused to play for the Packers at a reduced salary, said today he will report for practice with the Chicago Bears. "I talked with George Halas (Bears' owner-coach) last night and I'm leaving for Chicago," Heath said. He would not say what sort of terms the Bears offered him. He was scheduled to become a free agent at midnight last night if other clubs passed waivers on him.
AUGUST 4th (Green Bay) - Just in case you've been wondering, Tony Canadeo will be playing left halfback this fall with the Green Bay Packers. Tony, you may recall, wanted more money that he got last year. He said so, in no uncertain terms, long before practice started. Lots of people - maybe some of them Packer officials - laughed and said he'd be on hand when the squad assembled. But he wasn't - not until Thursday, nearly two weeks after the sessions started. Just how much he agreed to take wasn't revealed. How much he asked in the first place wasn't either. The story is he wanted $4,000 more than he was paid last year, whatever that was, and that he and Packer officials "compromised". Another holdout problem was disposed of Thursday, too. Big Paul Lipscomb, who also wanted a pay boost, didn't get it. Instead, he was traded to the Washington Redskins in a straight deal for rookie Len Szafaryn of North Carolina. Both men are tackles. In addition, the Packers will be given first choice on any guards the Redskins may choose to turn loss this season. Still to be settled is another holdout case involving Dick Wildung, the former Minnesota All-America ace and Packer field captain last fall. He hasn't made any moves toward coming to terms. Another big tackle, Glenn Johnson, "blew" town without leaving a forwarding address. Friends say he is headed for Winnipeg in the Canadian League. Johnson, a 260 pounder, joined the Packers in mid-season last year after a whirl with the New York Yankees.
AUGUST 5th (Green Bay) - The Packers announced Saturday the signing of four veteran players and the arrival of two new men. Newly-signed regulars included fullback Walt Schlinkman, halfback Bob Forte, lineman Ed Neal, and end Ted Cook. All are in camp. Additions to the club are Eddie Ecker, center and tackle, obtained from the Chicago Bears, and Len Szafaryn, a tackle acquired from the Washington Redskins. Due in town is veteran Dick Wildung. He hasn't signed a 1950 contract.
AUGUST 11th (Green Bay) - The Packers Friday took legal action against two men they said jumped their contracts to join a Canadian football team. Coach Gene Ronzani declared tackle Glenn Johnson and end Bill Kelley, both second year Packers, had gone to Winnipeg to play with the Blue Bombers after both had signed 1950 Packer contracts and had been advanced expense money. Attorney Fred Trowbridge said he sent legal papers to Canada Thursday, but declined to elaborate. He pointed out the case was complicated, as far as United States courts are concerned, by the fact that both men had left the country. Indian Jack Jacobs, a Green Bay quarterback last year, also has joined the Winnipeg club, but notified Packer officials before leaving. Ronzani said neither Johnson nor Kelley said anything. "They just took off, after practicing with us for several days," Ronzani said. Johnson, a 265-pound tackle from Arizona State, played in eight games with the Packers last year. Kelley, who attended Texas Tech, saw action in 12 games.
DECEMBER 19th (Green Bay) - Two members of the Green Bay Packers have been called into military service, club officials said today. Clayton Tonnemaker, former All-America center from Minnesota, has been inducted into the Army as a recruit and is stationed now at Ft. Sheridan, IL. Halfback Bob Forte, a five-year veteran, was recalled to active duty in the Army. Forte served as a lieutenant in a tank battalion in the European theater during World War II.
DECEMBER 20th (Los Angeles) - Centers Ed Neal and Clayton Tonnemaker of the Packers were picked Tuesday for the line of the National Conference team which will play the American Conference here January 14th in the NFL's first annual Pro Bowl game. Tonnemaker won't be able to accept. He was drafted into the Army several days ago.
DECEMBER 22nd (Green Bay) - Paul Christman, veteran pro football quarterback, yesterday announced his retirement from the game. In Christmas greetings to Art Daley, sports editor of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Christman wrote that he had enjoyed the past season as a member of the Packers. "I had observed the spirit of the Bay fans for many season from 'across the fence'," Christman said, "but believe me it was a stimulating experience for an 'old pro' to be able to play his last games for such a gang. My last season will always remain in my memories as a wonderful experience." Christman joined the Packers early in the season after five years of pro ball with the Chicago Cardinals. Used as a relief quarterback for rookie Tobin Rote, the veteran passed completed 51 of 126 passes for 545 yards and seven touchdowns. A former Missouri star, Christman played with the Cardinals from 1945 through 1949.