(GREEN BAY) - The sprightly New York Yanks outsped
the Green Bay Packers, 44-31, Sunday before 23,871
fans at City Stadium. A six-touchdown third quarter set
the pace in this sizzling battle under sunny skies after
the Yanks posted two touchdowns in two minutes as
the first half ended to take a 17-3 margin. Each club
counted three times in the 41-point period and the
Packers added another midway in the fourth to cut the
margin to a bare six points. But the Yanks, holding
grimly to a three-way share of the National Division
leadership, intercepted a pass and cashed it in for the
final tally.
The victory left the Yanks deadlocked for the divisional
leadership with the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions.
The wild third period just about told the story of this ball
game. The teams had traded field goals - by Chet
Adams of the Yanks and Ted Fritsch of the Packers - in
the first. Then, in the closing minutes of the second
quarter, the Yanks had struck twice. A 23-yard punt
gave them possession on the Packers 39 and on the fifth
play George Ratterman hit Sherman Howard with a 25-
yard pass, the ex-Nevada ace making a sensational
catch and falling into the end zone. One minute later,
Orban "Spec" Sanders intercepted one of Tobin Rote's
passes, returned it to the seven and Zollie Toth burst
over for the score. Adams converted the first two in six
Then came the big show. The Yanks rang the cash
register first, another poor punt setting them up on their
own 37. Two plays later Howard came through right
tackle like a streak of lightning and kept on for 60 yards
and the score. Four plays was all the Packers needed
after the kickoff, Billy Grimes shooting off right tackle for
61 yards. Fritsch kicked the point, his first of four. Two
minutes later, Green Bay was on the scoreboard again,
Steve Pritko hitting Ratterman as he tried to pass and
Dan Orlich picking up the fumble on the Yank eight and
stumbling over. Ratterman wasn't upset, though. It took
him only six plays to drive to the Packer 45. Then he
whipped a long one to Dan Edwards in the end zone
and it was 30-17 after Adams' conversion try was
Then the Packers, with Christmas tossing three passes
good for 37 yards, scored with grey-thatched Tony
Canadeo crashing right tackle from two yards out. But
the Yanks weren't finished. Ratterman again cranked up
and hit George Taliaferro with a 17-yard pitch. Taliaferro
blasted 20 more yards with the ball and it was 37-24
when the clock stopped the scramble. The screaming
crowd still sensed an upset, and let loose completely
when Al Baldwin intercepted a Ratterman pass on the
Packer 27. Driving 73 yards, the Packers didn't
disappoint. Christman plunging through from the one
with eight minutes still showing in the ball game and
Green Bay six points behind. Rote tried to pass after the
next kickoff, but Sanders intercepted and returned to the
Packer 25. Taliaferro failed once, but skirted left end the
next time for the final marker with four minutes to go.
NEW YORK YANKS -   3  14  20   7  -  44
GREEN BAY      -   3   0  21   7  -  31
1st - NYY - Chet Adams, 15-yard field goal  YANKS 3-0
1st - GB - Fritsch, 27-yard field goal  TIED 3-3
2nd - NY - Sherman Howard, 25-yd pass from Ratterman
(Adams kick) YANKS 10-3
2nd - NYY - Zollie Toth, 3-yard run (Adams kick)  NEW
3rd - NYY - Howard, 60-yard run (Adams kick)  NEW
3rd - GB - Grimes, 61-yard run (Fritsch kick)  NEW
3rd - GB - Orlich, 15-yard fumble return (Fritsch kick)
3rd - NYY - Dan Edwards, 45-yard pass from Ratterman
(Kick failed)  YANKS 30-17
3rd - GB - Canadeo, 2-yard run (Fritsch kick)  NEW YORK YANKS 30-24
3rd - NYY - George Taliaferro, 37-yd pass fr Ratterman (Adams kick) YANKS 37-24
3rd - GB - Christman, 1-yard run (Fritsch kick)  NEW YORK YANKS 37-31
4th - NYY - Taliaferro, 24-yard run (Adams kick)  NEW YORK YANKS 44-31
Bears have got a new 'paisan' to go along with Rykovich, Gulyanics, Morrison, Hunsinger, and those other traveling backs," said Ronzani. He was referring to Al Campana, freshman from Youngstown College who gained 78 yards Sunday in he 27 to 6 victory over the Cardinals. The Packers will arrive Saturday, after a morning workout in Green Bay. On Monday they will fly to New York,
establishing quarters at Bear Mountain, famous training spot, for next
Thursday night's contest against the New York Yanks. The Bears'
counting room reported yesterday that tickets still are available for the
Packer game.
OCTOBER 14 (Chicago) - Two weeks ago the favored Chicago Bears
traveled to Green Bay for the first of two NFL games with the Packers.
It looked like just "another game" for George Halas' Bears. How could
Coach Gene Ronzani, Halas' pupil of 17 years, mold a winner out of a
team which won only two games the preceding year? The answer took
all except optimistic Packer fans by surprise. The Bays, although
outgained 400 yards to 253 (230 to 54 in the air), engineered a 31 to 21
triumph. Sunday the scene shifts to Wrigley field, where starting at 2
p.m., Halas and Co. will be out to reap revenge, once more in the role
of a 14 point favorite. A crowd of 50,000 is expected to see the clash.
Regardless of the outcome, it's certain to be another dragout melee.
The Packers will be gunning for their third league win against two 
defeats while the Bears, beaten only by the Bays, will seek victory No.
4. Both teams will start practically the same lineups as were fielded at
Green Bay, although Fred Davis, 245 pound ex-Alabaman, may get the
call at tackle instead of George Connor for Chicago. The Packers will
pin their hopes on such outstanding ball carriers and passers as Tobin
Rote, Paul Christman, Floyd Reid and Tony Canadeo. Jug Girard will be
on hand for the punting chores and Ted Fritsch for placekicks and 
conversions. The New York Giants, leading the division with 4-1, play
host to the Pittsburgh Steelers while in other games the Chicago
Cardinals are at Cleveland, the Los Angeles Rams at Detroit and the
Philadelphia Eagles at Baltimore.
OCTOBER 15 (Chicago Tribune) - George Halas, president of football at
Halas university, and Gene Ronzani, one of his most astute students,
agree on most major points developed through years of study in the
clinics and classroom work of the Chicago Bears, but they have
divergent views on the problem as to whether lightning can hit the same
target twice. It's just possible that it was not lightning that hit the Bears
in Green Bay on October 1 when the Packers whipped the Bears, 31 to
21, but until a better word comes along, Ronzani and Halas will accept
lightning as a basis of argument. Thus the question before the house in
Wrigley field this afternoon will be: Does lightning strike twice at the
same target? A crowd of around 50,000, including 4,000 from Green
Bay and 1,000 from the Milwaukee area, will be in the stands to find the
answer to this disputed question about lightning. There is a little 
sadness surrounding today's game. Actually it represents a gathering of
present and former Bear celebrities. Making the trip from Green Bay,
along with Ronzani, are Dick Plasman, Ray Nolting and Tarz Taylor, his
assistant coaches and all former Bears. In addition there will be ex-Bears
Chuck Drulis, Floyd Reid, Ed Ecker and Ray F. Di Pierro, who took post-
graduate work in professional football at the Bears' camp a couple of
years ago. All these guests represent ingredients for a fine old Bear
homecoming party, but when anybody associated with the Bears, past
or present, lines up across the line of scrimmage on a football field
sentiment takes a holiday. The game in general and victory, in particular,
become the motivating force. The new Packers accent youth and speed.
With a young quarterback like Tobin Rote, backed up by the veteran Paul
Christman, Green Bay has explosive backs in Billy Grimes, Oklahoma
A&M; Breezy Reid, Georgia; Larry Coutre, Notre Dame, and Bill
Bodecker, acquired from the Cleveland Browns. Experience backs up
these youngsters with the proven ability of Fritsch and Canadeo. Aside
\from the matter of winning, players on both teams will be out to
improve their ratings in the individual statistics of the NFL. The Bears'
George Gulyanics ranks second in rushing with 287 yards in 61 carries;
Jim Keane is fifth in pas receiving with 222 yards in 16 catches; Lujack, third in scoring with 33 points; Fred Morrison second in punting; and J.R. Boone, fourth in punt returns (110 yards in five attempts).
New York Yanks (3-1) 44, Green Bay Packers (2-2) 31
Sunday October 8th 1950 (at Green Bay)
OCTOBER 10 (Milwaukee Sentinel-Lloyd Larson) - How to win friends and influence people in defeat! The Green Bay Packers proved Sunday that it can be done when they finished on the short end of a 44-31 wingdinger with the New York Yanks. I doubt that anyone in that near capacity crowd of 23,871 left City Stadium at the Bay feeling let down or short-changed. Certainly, they would have preferred to brag about another miraculous victory chalked up by the Cinderella boys. That's only natural. It's a cinch, too, that many in that crowd went away convinced that it could have happened - IF. If there had been a different choice of plays when the Packers had first down on the Yanks' six yard line, with the score 3-3 in the second quarter! If the fourth down pass on that series of plays hadn't been dropped in the end zone! If Tobin Rote's pass hadn't been deflected into Spec Sanders' hands to set up the Yanks' soft second touchdown a few minutes before the end of the half! If the Packers had cashed in from the 10 only seconds before the halftime gun!...SIGN OF SOLID INTEREST - NOT DISGUST: If Sherman Howard hadn't made a dream catch of George Ratterman's first TD pass when Bob Forte had him covered like a tent! If the Bays, needing a touchdown to tie or win, had elected to run instead of throw when they had the ball on their own 43 six minutes before the end! Second guessing? Of course. But nothing vicious about it. Only a delightful type of second guessing which offers only conclusive proof of interest. It's the fan's way of convincing himself anf all possible listeners that "our club was even better than the score". When you have 'em talking that way, there's no need to worry. They're on the bandwagon. When they go away gently pinching noses between thumbs and forefingers and not even looking for what-might-have-been angles - that's the time to be concerned. There was enough nose pinching in 1948-49 to last a lifetime, come to think of it. Sure, the Packers might have pulled another big one out of the fire. But they lost to a real ball club - an explosive club capable of running any other out of the park on a hot day. And the fans know it. More important, they know that the Packers again played the game to the hilt, played themselves out. Which is the only promise the new regime reasonable could make for 1950.
OCTOBER 10 (Milwaukee Journal) - The handicappers still don't think much of the Packers - at least not much of their chances in the return game with the Chicago Bears at Wrigley field Sunday. They have installed the Bears 17 point favorites. Green Bay won the first game at Green Bay 10 days ago, 31-21...Incidentally, the Packers have not beat the Bears twice in the same season in 15 years. They last turned the trick in 1935 when they won at Green Bay, 7-0, and then repeated in Chicago, 17-14, in what this writer thinks was the greatest football rally he has ever seen. Less than three minutes remained and the Packers trailed, 14-3, when they exploded for two touchdowns. Hutson twice caught passes to score. He also caught a long pass on the first play of the first game to hang up the only touchdown of that victory...Billy Grimes, late of the Los Angeles Dons, is rapidly becoming the darling of Green Bay fans. And why not? Sunday, against the Yankees, he gained 167 yards on 10 plays. He has the second best average in the league after four games with 226 yards on 31 plays - an average of 7.3. Only Dub Jones of Cleveland has a better average - 8.1 on the same number of plays...BAUGH LEADS AGAIN: Sammy Baugh of the Washington Redskins remains the most effective passer in the pro league after the first four games. The aging Baugh has completed 32 of 57 attempts for a completion average of 55%. He alone of the old masters remains in the first five. The Johnny Lujacks and Tommy Thompsons and Sid Luckmans who in other years always pressed Baugh have given ways to others. Joe Geri of Pittsburgh trails Baugh with an average of 51%, followed by Norm Van Brocklin of Los Angeles with 50%, George Ratteman of the Yankees with 47% and Harry Gilmer of Washington with 46%...The Packers, with 14 touchdowns in four games, have already equaled their output for the entire 1949 season...A NEAT HAUL: The Washington Redskins made approximately $200,000 on their five exhibition games which takes some of the sting, anyway, out of the successive defeats they have suffered in league play. Any day not, Herman Ball may be expected to walk the plank with the unquenchable, omnipotent George Marshall as chief advisor to the successor he names...Pro football is a little worried over the crowds it isn't drawing. Big attractions have fallen relatively flat. Meanwhile, the Packers, an exception, continue to draw almost as well as they can in their 24,000 capacity stands.
OCTOBER 10 (Chicago Tribune) - When professional football was
compressed into 13 teams from the two league and 17 clubs which
operated in 1949, the action was hailed by owners and coaches as
assuring tight competition. With the distribution of leftover talent
from the retiring teams, it did seem that none of the 13 would lack
for a strong squad. But that intangible - organization and coaching -
quickly has developed in the reorganized NFL. With the season 
less than a month old, there is a sharp cleavage of the successful
and unsuccessful teams. Eight of the clubs are enjoying a .500 or
superior rating. This group has won 21 and lost nine games. The
five stragglers have won only three while dropping 15. The biggest
disappointment has been San Francisco of the old All-America
conference, which perenially finished second behind the Cleveland
Browns. The 49ers have lost four of four. The Baltimore Colts, also
from the AAC, have dropped their three games. In the American conference, the hotshot pre-season team, Washington, has taken three beatings in four outings. That also is the dreary record saddling the Pittsburgh Steelers. And the Chicago Cardinals are almost as unhappy with one victory in three games. The Cardinals will have to show talents which so far haven't come to the surface if they are to beat the Browns in Cleveland Sunday. All over the league the big question is: "What's wrong with the Cardinals?" They follow this one up with: "Is it coaching? Front office interference? Or are the Cardinals overrated?" Sometimes it's difficult to put the finger on failure. Curly Lambeau, the new coach, says he has had a free hand and that club officials have shown remarkable patience while the Cards were losing five of six exhibitions and two of three league games. Their victories are over the 49ers, in an exhibition, and the Colts, in a league game. It is significant that these two teams, between them, have lost all their seven NFL games. Some observers believe that, in their great years, the Cardinals burned out their three star backs - Charley Trippi, Elmer Angsman, and Pat Harder. The once peerless Mal Kutner was injured most of last year and currently is out again. Both the Cards and Bears will go back to work today. The Bears will prepare a welcome for the Green Bay Packers and their old pal, Gene Ronzani, in Wrigley field Sunday. The Packers lost some of their gloss in yielding to the New York Yanks Sunday, 44 to 31, but not enough to cause any complacency among the Bears, who wouldn't be complacent if they were playing the Skokie Injuns.
OCTOBER 10 (Green Bay) - The fighting Green Bay Packers, smarting under a 44-31 loss to the rampaging New York Tanks, will be out to snap a 15-year jinx when they battle the Chicago Bears in Wrigley Field Sunday afternoon. The Packers haven't whipped the Bears twice in the same season since 1935, when the Bays downed the Bears here, 7-0, and then scored a 17-14 triumph at Wrigley Field. That was the year Don Hutson, the game's all-time pass receiving end, broke into professional football. He caught a pass from Arnie Herber on the first play of the opener here for that one-touchdown victory and then caught two in the last two minutes for the victory in Chicago. The Packers, while not considering a championship threat when training started last July, can stay in the thick of the National Conference title race by winning Sunday. The Bears enter the game with a 3-1 record while the Packers are 2-2. Packers head coach Gene Ronzani has already worked something of a miracle in leading the Bays to victories over Washington, 35-21, and the Bears, 31-21. The losses came at the hands of Detroit, 45-7, and to the high-powered Yanks, definitely a contender. In four games, the Packers have scored 14 touchdowns, which ties the Packers' entire output for the 1949 season. The 1949 club, which scored two victories all season, already has been tied in that department. With eight games left in, the 1950 Packers are just 10 points short of the 1949 team's total of 114 points. In the game with the Yanks, Green Bay rolled up 310 yards from scrimmage - high for a single game thus far. Billy Grimes gained 167 yards on 10 attempts alone for one of the higher individual efforts in league history. Ronzani continued to stress offense in practices this week. While the club showed murderous form on the ground, the air attack produced only 101 yards and no touchdowns with Tobin Rote and Paul Christman completing nine of 31 pitches. The Yanks, with George Ratterman throwing, gained 210 yards and three touchdowns via the air on 10 completion in 24 attempts. After the Bear game, the Packers invade New York for a return game with the Yanks in Yankee Stadium Thursday night October 19th. Then, the Packers will be idle for 16 days, until November 5th, when they play the Colts in Baltimore.
OCTOBER 9 (Philadelphia) - Joe Geri, sophomore back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, took an early lead today in the race for the NFL passing championship. Such star tossers as Sammy Baugh of the Washington Redskins, Otto Graham of the
Cleveland Browns, Johnny Lujack of the Chicago
Bears and Tommy Thompson of the Philadelphia
Eagles were far down on the list under the new
system of scoring passing. Baugh was fourth,
Graham seventh, were far down on the list under the
NFL's new system of scoring passing. Baugh was
fourth, Graham seventh, Lujack ninth and Thompson
failed to make the top ten. The new system, which
supplants the controversial "inverse grading" method,
bases leadership on average yards gained per pass.
Geri, who played college ball at Georgia, had a mark
of 8.07, just enough to edge Harry Gilmer of the
Redskins, who had a record of 8.00 even. Another
surprise leader was Zollie Toth of the New York
Yanks, who ranked as the circuit's leading ground
gainer with 318 yards on 55 attempts. His 59 yard
sprint against the Rams is the season's longest
run. As in passing, the old stars - Steve Van Buren
of the Eagles, Tony Canadeo of the Green Bay
Packers, and so on - failed to rank with the leaders.
Van Buren has been out with injuries.
OCTOBER 11 (Chicago) - The Chicago Bears played cops and robbers yesterday. To foil any possible agents of the Green Bay Packers who might be lurking near Wrigley field the Bears moved to the wide expanses near the city automobile testing lane on the north side. There, while they worked out, trainers Andy Lotshaw and Ed Rozy formed a gestapo team. They patrolled the area on foot and in a high powered motor car. Visitors were politely requested to depart. That's the way it always is the week of Green Bay's invasion. Whether the Bears actually fear enemy spying or employ the furtive tactics as a psychological weapon for their own players never has been definitely established. But it's lots of fun...The Bears were extra cautious yesterday because it was defense day. In a perfect Indian summer setting, they tested their defensive maneuvers against a simulated Green Bay attack. In the "Packer backfield" were Sid Luckman at quarterback, Bulldog Turner at left half, Jim Keane at right half and Fred Morrison at fullback....Alfie Bauman, the Bears' tackle, was the most popular man in the clubhouse yesterday. He celebrated the arrival of twins at his house - a boy and a girl - by passing out two boxes of cigars...The Bears yesterday announced the release of Franklin Dempsey, freshman lineman from the University of Florida, to make room for Dub Garrett, their new tackle who formerly played with the Baltimore Colts.
OCTOBER 13 (Chicago Tribune) - Coaches of two underdogs in matches Sunday involving Chicago's professional football teams, the Green Bay Packers against the Bears in Wrigley field, and the Cardinals against the Cleveland Browns, managed to spout a few words yesterday without any vocal quavering. "I'm sure we'd be in better shape, physically and mentally, than in a long time," said Curly Lambeau, whose Cardinals will fly to Cleveland tomorrow morning for their engagement with the Browns, four time champions of the All-America conference. In Green Bay, after morning practice, Gene Ronzani, coach of the Packers, admitted his team's offense is starting to click and that Paul Christman, the veteran T formation quarterback, has made rapid strides in familiarizing himself with the attacking strategy. "I see the