(BOSTON) - Green Bay's big line made the difference
Tuesday night as the Packers scored another "surprise"
victory by beating the New York Giants, 10-0, in an
exhibition game at Braves Field. With a 10-7 triumph over
the Chicago Bears already under their belts, the Giants
were being hailed around New York as the most improved
team in the circuit. But when they met that big, rugged
Packer line, their offense was stopped cold. Coach Gene
Ronzani's charges held the Giants to 32 yards on the
ground and broke through to nail New York ball handlers
for a loss time after time. The second time the Bays got
their hands on the ball, in the first quarter, veteran Ted
Fritsch booted a 40-yard field goal that put them out in
front, 3-0. That ended the scoring until late in the final
period when Jack Cloud smashed over left tackle to score
the only touchdown of the game. Fritsch added the extra
The Packers' offense was nothing to boast about. Their
only touchdown came largely as a result of a penalty which
set the Giants back on their own 2-yard line. It took the
Bays four downs to negotiate the necessary six feet.
Leading up to the penalty and the score, the Packers
staged their only sustained drive of the night. In the fourth
quarter, after the New Yorkers punted to the Packers' 31,
sharpshooting Tobin Rote flipped a 19-yard toss to end Al
Baldwin that carried to midfield. Then Tony Canadeo and
Bob Forte rammed the Giants' line and took the ball to the
Giants' 37. Then Rote and Baldwin teamed up again to pull
the prettiest play of the game - a 24-yard heave that put the
Bays on the enemy 11. Canadeo slashed down to the nine
and two Rote passes were incomplete. Then came the big
break. On fourth down, interference was called on a pitch
aimed at Abner Wimberly and Green Bay had a new life on
the New York two. Then Walt Schlinkman and Cloud
alternated on line bucks, churning out a few inches at a
time. The New York line gave way on the fourth try and
Cloud drove the last few inches to paydirt. Fritsch against
split the uprights for the extra point.
The Bays got their biggest scare a few moments after the
touchdown. Forrest Griffith, rookie from Kansas, grabbed
the ensuing kickoff and, in a sparkling broken field run
aided by some excellent blocking along the way, he
scooted down to the Packer 46-yard stripe before a
desperation lunge by Ellis Franklin brought him down. The
threat ended on the Packers' 31, where quarterback Charlie
Conerly had put the Giants via the aerial route. There the
offense stalled and the Bays took over on downs. In the
closing minutes of the second quarter, Green Bay missed
two scoring opportunities. Some fancy dodging in the open
field by Billy Grimes returned a Giant punt from the Packer
20 to the Giant 20. The Packers got as far as the 18, then
lost the ball on downs. Their second chance came three
plays later, when the hard charging Packer line pushed the
Giants back to their own 10. Then Tom Landry, kicking from the end zone, angled a punt out of bounds on the Giants' 27 and again the Packers were in range. But Emlen Tunnell grabbed a Rote pass on the Giants' 5-yard line, and neither team came close again before the half ended. The Giants got the ball in the last minute of play. Connerly tried several desperation passes but the Packer forwards forced him to throw without taking aim and no damage was done.
NY GIANTS -   0  0  0  0  -  0
GREEN BAY -   3  0  0  7  - 10
1st - GB - Fritsch, 38-yard field goal  GREEN BAY 3-0
4th - GB - Cloud, 2-yard line (Fritsch kick)  GREEN BAY 10-0
In 1950, the Packers were enlisted to promote the sale of U.S. Savings Bonds to the public. We have no idea how effective this type of promotion was in the Green Bay community, but if we were residents back then, we surely would’ve taken the team’s urging seriously and bought bonds every pay day. (Source:
SEPTEMBER 5 (Green Bay) The Green Bay Packers and Baltimore Colts, opponents in Sunday's Shrine-sponsored exhibition football game at State Fair Park, both announced important player deals in the last 24 hours. The Packers, still searching for more backfield strength, obtained halfback Billy Boedecker from the well-stocked Cleveland Browns for an undisclosed draft choice at the next league meeting in December. The Colts, apparently in need of manpower right down the line after six straight exhibition defeats, obtained five players from the Chicago Bears - QB George Blanda, guard Jim Crawford, end Bob Jensen, and halfbacks Bob Perina and Ernie Zalejski. The terms of the transaction were not announced. Green Bay and Baltimore both obviously helped themselves. Boedecker, who attended both DePaul University and Kalamazoo College, is both a good runner and pass received. With the Browns last year, he caught 11 passes for a total of 371 yards - an average of 33.7. He runs recklessly.
SEPTEMBER 7 (Milwaukee Journal) - Charity will be a full pledged partner in the Shrine sponsored exhibition football game between the Green Bay Packers and Baltimore Colts at State Fair park Sunday afternoon. The contract for the game calls for a three way division of receipts after expenses - one-third going to the Packers, one-third to the Colts and one-third to the sponsoring Shrine. The Shrine, in turn, has earmarked all of its split for the Shrine hospitals for crippled children. The expenses include 15% to the park for rental and 2% to the National league. Under Shrine promotion, the game promises to draw well in excess of 20,000, which would make this the largest crowd to watch the Packers here since the game with the Chicago Cardinals two years ago. The Cardinal game in 1948 drew about 30,000. As part of the sponsorship, the Shrine band and chanters will appear in a half hour concert before the game, and the Shrine units will perform in a pageant between halves.
SEPTEMBER 7 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers lopped seven players from their roster Wednesday in an effort to reach the player limit of 32 before the loop opener September 17th. Coach Gene Ronzani revealed he had asked waivers on the following: guard John Cahill (St. Norbert), quarterback Lee Pate (Toledo), halfback Jim Clark (Ohio State), guard Jim Thomas (Ohio State), end Frank Ellis (Denver), end Claude Radtke (Lawrence), and back Mike Graham (Cincinnati).
EXHIBITION - Green Bay Packers (2-1) 10, New York Giants 0
Tuesday August 29th 1950 (at Boston)
SEPTEMBER 9 (Milwaukee Journal) - Y.A. Tittle is the name - Yelberton Abraham Tittle. Y.A. Tittle is a forward passer, a good one, who Sunday will throw his darts at the Green Bay Packer in the Shrine sponsored exhibition football game at State Fair park and who may, if he has one of his better days, give the Packers a really fitful afternoon. Tittle is something of a stranger to Milwaukee. He has played all of his pro ball in the now defunct All-America conference. There is no question, though, about his ability to throw a football. He can wing it, on his good old days, with the best of them. Long or short, it makes no difference. He has a rubber arm. "Yard Arm" is his nickname. On Tittle undoubtedly rests much of Baltimore's hope to break a losing streak which has not extended through six games - that is, upon Tittle and the men who share the quarterback chores with him, Adrian Burk of Baylor, one of the prize rookies in last year's college draft, and George Blanda, recently obtained from the Chicago Bears. The Packers, off the fine performance in the 10-0 victory over the New York Giants, look adequate to halt the not too powerful Colts on the ground, but whether they can also stop Tittle and his cohorts in the air may be something else. Sunday's game, in fact, may well develop into a passing duel, for the Packers in their two victories in three starts, have not shown any overwhelming punch on the ground themselves. If this, then, is what it may turn out to be, the battle lines will clearly be drawn - Tittle, Burk and Blanda on one side, and Tobin Rote and Tom O'Malley, recently obtained by Green Bay from Cleveland, on the other. Jug Girard, who started the season at quarterback for the Packers, has been shifted to left half. Both clubs will arrive in Milwaukee Saturday night, the Packers from Green Bay, and the Colts from Egg Harbor, where they have spent the last three days.