Dick Afflis         15    G 6- 0 252 Nevada           1  1 22 12 1951 Draft - 16th round
Paul Burris         33    G 5-11 215 Oklahoma         3  3 28  7 1947 Draft - 5th round
Tony Canadeo         3    B 6- 0 190 Gonzaga         10 10 32 12 1941 Draft - 7th round 
Jack Cloud          82   FB 5-10 220 William & Mary   2  2 26  4 1950 Draft - 8th round
Albin (Rip) Collins 65   HB 5-11 190 LSU              1  1 24  7 1951 Draft - 2nd round
Fred Cone           66   FB 5-11 197 Clemson          1  1 25 12 1951 Draft - 3rd round
Harper Davis        25   HB 5-11 172 Mississippi St   1  2 25 12 1951 FA - Bears (1950)
Ray DiPierro        21    G 5-11 210 Ohio State       2  2 25  6 1950 FA
Ed Ecker            55    T 6- 7 270 John Carroll     2  4 28  7 1950 FA-Chi-AAFC (1948)
Carlton Elliott     40    E 6- 4 215 Virginia         1  1 23 12 1950 Draft - 13th round
Jug Girard          36    B 5-11 175 Wisconsin        4  4 24 12 1948 Draft - 1st round
Billy Grimes        22   HB 6- 1 197 Oklahoma A&M     2  3 24 12 1950 FA - LA (AAFC)
Val Jasante         23    E 6- 1 190 Duquesne         1  6 30  3 1951 FA - Pitt (1951)
Ace Loomis           7   HB 6- 1 190 UW-La Crosse     1  1 23 12 1951 Trade - Cleveland
Leon Manley         90  G-T 6- 2 225 Oklahoma         2  2 25 12 1950 Draft - 7th round
Bob Mann            31    E 5-11 175 Michigan         2  4 27 11 1950 FA - Detroit
John Martinkovic    39   DE 6- 3 235 Xavier           1  1 24 12 1951 Trade - Washington
Walt Michaels       35    G 6- 0 225 Washington & Lee 1  1 21 12 1951 Trade - Cleveland
Dick Moje           79    E 6- 3 210 Loyola (Cal)     1  1 24  2 1951 FA
Dom Moselle         93   HB 6- 0 192 UW-Superior      1  2 25 12 1951 Trade - Cleveland
Ed Neal             58    T 6- 4 275 Tulane           7  7 32  1 1945 FA
Hamilton Nichols    46    G 5-11 215 Rice             1  4 26  9 1951 FA - Cards (1949)
Bob Nussbaumer      23   HB 5-11 175 Michigan         2  6 27  4 1951 FA - Cards (1950)
Dan Orlich          49    E 6- 5 215 Nevada           3  3 26 12 1951 Trade - Cleveland
Ray Pelfrey          8    E 6- 0 190 E. Kentucky      1  1 23 12 1951 Draft - 17th round
Floyd (Breezy) Reid 80   HB 5-10 187 Georgia          2  2 24 12 1950 FA - Bears
Jay Rhodemyre       85    C 6- 1 210 Kentucky         3  3 28 12 1951 FA - G. Bay (1949)
Charley Robinson    18    G 5-11 240 Morgan State     1  1 24  2 1951 FA
Tobin Rote          38   QB 6- 3 200 Rice             2  2 23 12 1950 Draft - 2nd round
Howard Ruetz        75    T 6- 3 265 Loras            1  1 24 12 1951 FA
Charles Schroll     86    G 6- 0 218 LSU              1  2 25 12 1951 Trade - Cleveland
Carl Schuette       17    C 6- 1 210 Marquette        2  4 29 12 1950 FA - Buffalo-AAFC
Joe Spencer         34    T 6- 3 240 Oklahoma A&M     2  4 28 12 1950 FA - Cleveland-A
Don Stansauk        63    T 6- 2 255 Denver           2  2 25  4 FA - 1950
Rebel Steiner       74   DB 6- 0 185 Alabama          2  2 24 12 1949 Draft - 12th round
Dave Stephenson     44    G 6- 2 255 West Virginia    1  2 25 12 1951 FA - LA (1950)
Bob Summerhays      77    B 6- 1 215 Utah             3  3 24 12 1949 Draft - 4th round
Bobby Thomason      28   QB 6- 1 197 Virginia Milit   1  2 23 11 1951 Trade - L. Angeles
Dick Wildung        45    T 6- 0 220 Minnesota        6  6 30 12 1943 Draft - 1st round
Abner Wimberly      16    E 6- 1 210 Louisiana State  2  3 25 12 1950 FA - LA (AAFC)
NO - Jersey Number POS - Position HGT - Height WGT - Weight YR - Years with Packers PR - Years of Professional Football AGE - Age at Start of Season G - Games  Played FA - Free Agent
1951 PACKERS DRAFT (January 18-19, 1951)
RND-PICK NAME                  POS COLLEGE
1  -   5 Bob Gain                T Kentucky
2  -  16 Albin Collins          HB Louisiana State
3  -  27 Fred Cone              FB Clemson
4  -  41 to Cleveland Browns
5  -  52 Wade Stinson           HB Kansas
6  -  63 Sidmund Holowenko       T John Carroll
7  -  77 Bill Sutherland         E St. Vincent
8  -  88 to Cleveland Browns                
9  -  99 Dick McWilliams         T Michigan
10 - 114 Bob Noppinger           E Georgetown
11 - 125 George Rooks           FB Morgan State
12 - 136 Carl Kreager            C Michigan
13 - 150 Ed Stephens            HB Missouri
14 - 161 Ray Bauer               E Montana
15 - 172 Joe Ernst              QB Tulane
16 - 186 Dick Afflis             T Nevada 
17 - 197 Ray Pelfrey            HB E. Kentucky 
18 - 208 Ed Petela              FB Boston College 
19 - 222 Jim Liber              HB Xavier 
20 - 233 Dick Johnson            T Virginia 
21 - 244 Art Edling              E Minnesota 
22 - 258 Art Felker              E Marquette 
23 - 269 Tubba Chamberlain       T UW-Eau Claire 
24 - 280 Dick Christie          FB Nebraska-Omaha 
25 - 294 Charles Monte          HB Hillsdale 
26 - 305 Bill Miller             T Ohio State 
27 - 316 Bob Bossons             C Georgia Tech 
28 - 330 Bill Ayre              HB Abilene Christ.
29 - 341 Ralph Fieler            E Miami (Fla.) 
30 - 352 Ed Withers             HB Wisconsin 
Bold - Played for the Green Bay Packers
JUNE 23 - Signed T Howard Ruetz.
JULY 23 - Acquired QB Bobby Thomason from LOS ANGELES for 1952 1st round and 2nd round draft choices.
JULY 20 - Traded Ted Cook to WASHINGTON for DE John Martinkovic
AUG 21 - Traded E Dan Orlich to CLEVELAND for OG/LB Walt Michaels. Acquired C Jerry Grenier from LOS ANGELES for undisclosed terms.
SEPT 20 - Traded rights to Bob Gain (1951 1st-round draft choice) and 1952 4th round to CLEVELAND for HB Dom Moselle, HB Ace Loomis, G Charlie Schroll and E Dan Orlich.
SEPT 28 - Acquired G Dave Stephenson and E Dick Moje from LOS ANGELES for undisclosed terms. Acquired HB Harper Davis off waivers from CHICAGO BEARS.
OCT 8 - Traded T Ed Neal to CHICAGO BEARS for 1952 10th round draft choice. Aquired HB Bob Nussbaumer off waivers from CHICAGO CARDINALS.
OCT 26 - Placed HB Bob Nussbaumer on waivers.
NOV 28 - Placed G Hamilton Nichols (broken hand) on injured reserve. Waived G Charley Robinson. Acquired E Val Jasante off waivers from PITTSBURGH. Signed E Dick Moje.
DEC 27 - Returned QB Bobby Thomason to LOS ANGELES for 1952 1st round and 2nd round draft choices.
1951 Packers Uniform
Green Bay lost their last seven games to finish a limp fifth in the National Conference. Even the hapless New York Yanks downed the Packers 31-28 for their only win of the season. Coach Gene Ronzani looked high and low for running backs, and the best he could find were Fred Cone, whose kicking far surpassed his ball carrying, and Tony Canadeo, a veteran of the Lambeau era who had long ago left his best days behind. That left the burden of the running as well as the throwing to quarterback Tobin Rote. Ends Bob Mann and Ray Pelfrey caught many of Rote's passes, but, so, unfortunately, did enemy defensive backs, as Green Bay tossed an league-worst 29 interceptions.
The 1951 Packers were a team looking to rebuild, and they thought the key to improving their defense rested on Bob Gain. At Kentucky, Gain won the 1950 Outland award as the nation's
Outstanding College Interior Football Lineman of the Year. The Packers drafted him with the fifth pick overall, but Gain, unable to come to contract terms, starred one year with the Ottawa,
where the Rough Riders won the Grey Cup with the help of Gain's field goals, rouges, and line play. Gain joined Cleveland in a 1952 trade, which netted Green Bay few usable parts, and
helped the Browns win the American Conference championship. He served a year in the Air Force and then rejoined the Browns in 1954. He was a key player in several of their title runs. He
also became one of the few Packer top choices to never play for the team:
Johnny Strzykalski (1946) - The Packers could not compete with the deep pockets of the AAFC, and lost the Marquette standout to the 49ers, where he ran for 19 touchdowns in seven
Ernie Case (1947) - For the second straight year, Green Bay saw their top choice head to the rival AAFC, this time Baltimore. Case served as an Army pilot for 42 months during World War
II and was shot down over Italy. He escaped from prison camp and returned to UCLA after the War, where he led the Bruins to the 1947 Rose Bowl where they lost to Illinois. With the Colts,
the 5’10” Case played little except as a defensive back because Colt Coach Cecil Isbell, and former Packer star, did not like left-handed quarterbacks. He quit after throwing just 11 passes as
a rookie.
Randy Duncan (1959) - Duncan was the top overall pick, but headed north when the CFL British Columbia Lions offered him more money. The Iowa standout QB played two season in the
CFL, then one year with the AFL Dallas Texans.
Bruce Clark (1981) - Clark chose to play in the Canadian Football League and spent two years with the the Toronto Argonauts. When he returned to the NFL, Green Bay traded his rights to
the Saints, where he played seven years, before wrapping up his NFL career with Kansas City (1989). He later played one year for the World League of American Football's Barcelona Dragons, after he was drafted in the first round of the supplemental draft in 1991. Clark's experience and leadership were key to the Dragons successful first season. Clark started all ten games and was co-leader in sacks with seven that season.
AUGUST                                 RESULT       RECORD    ATT STARTING QB              LEADING RUSHER              LEADING PASSER              LEADING RECEIVER
25 G-CHICAGO CARDINALS                 W 17-14      1- 0-0 16,168
9  M-PHILADELPHIA EAGLES               L 10-14      1- 1-0 19,282
12 San Francisco 49ers @ Minneapolis   L  0-20      1- 2-0 19,021
16 Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo       L  6-35      1- 3-0 13,458
23 Washington @ Alexandria, VA         W 14- 7      2- 3-0  6,000
30 G-CHICAGO BEARS (0-0)               L 20-31      0- 1-0 24,666
7  M-PITTSBURGH STEELERS (0-0-1)       W 35-33      1- 1-0  8,324
14 G-PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (2-1)         W 37-24      2- 1-0 18,489
21 M-LOS ANGELES RAMS (2-1)            L  0-28      2- 2-0 21,393
28 at New York Yanks (0-3-1)           W 29-27      3- 2-0  7,351
4  G-DETROIT LIONS (2-2-1)             L 17-24      3- 3-0 18,800
11 at Pittsburgh Steelers (1-4-1)      L  7-28      3- 4-0 20,080
18 at Chicago Bears (5-2)              L 13-24      3- 5-0 36,771
22 at Detroit Lions (5-2-1)            L 35-52      3- 6-0 32,247
2  G-NEW YORK YANKS (0-7-2)            L 28-31      3- 7-0 14,297
9  at San Francisco 49ers (5-4-1)      L 19-31      3- 8-0 15,121
16 at Los Angeles Rams (7-4)           L 14-42      3- 9-0 23,698
G - Green Bay  M - Milwaukee
JANUARY 4th (Cleveland) - Quarterback Stan Heath, once of the Green Bay Packers, has teamed up with the champion Cleveland Browns, the team said today. Heath, only 23, played last season with Hamilton in Canada with ex-Brown Edgar (Special Delivery) Jones. The former Milwaukee boy - first to sign a 1951 Brown contract - will supply some young blood to the Browns' rather slim quarterback staff, headed by the sensational Otto Graham. The son of Mickey Heath, one-time major league baseball player and baseball executive, Heath led the nation in passing in 1948 while playing for Nevada with a new record of 2,005 yards gained in passing and total offense of 221.3 yards per game. That same year, he set a college record of touchdown passes of 22.
JANUARY 5th (Chicago) - Larry Coutre, a member of the Packers, and Marcia Anne Gier of Chicago will be married here Saturday. The ceremony will take place at St. Hilary's Church with the Rev. Robert Novak officiating. Coutre starred at Notre Dame before entering professional football. He recently took his army draft physical.
JANUARY 12th (Green Bay) - Stockholders of the Green Bay Packers, Inc. will elect directors at their annual meeting Monday. Names of the nine directors whose terms expire this month and 10 new ones were listed in the election-nomination ballot sent to stockholders this week. The 10 new nominees include Margan Wheeler (Menasha), Howard Emick (Marinette) and Jim Manci (Iron Mountain, MI).
JANUARY 16th (Green Bay) - Head coach Gene Ronzani of the Packers said his backfield coach, Ray Nolting, had resigned. Ronzani said the resignation, effective today, came "as a complete surprise". He said he understood Nolting planned to go into business in Cincinnati. "I had counted on Ray for this coming year," Ronzani said. "He was very popular here with players and fans both." Nolting and Ronzani had  been teammates on the Chicago Bears before Ronzani took over here a year ago as head coach. A graduate of Cincinnati, Nolting served four years there as head coach after playing nine years with the Bears. In 1949, he returned to pro football as backfield coach of the old New York Bulldogs.
JANUARY 17th (Green Bay) - Ray Nolting, resigned Packers backfield coach, said Tuesday he decided to quit what he calls a "cut-throat business". Nolting submitted his resignation to the club Monday. He says he has a small ulcer now and blame it on football, adding that he is tired of worrying about "kids' love life and their health". His plans for the future are uncertain, Nolting told a reporter. He will not coach again, he said, unless there is a change of policy in college football - and he doesn't look for that. Nolting coached at Cincinnati in 1948 before going into the pro field. "College football is too commercialized now," said Nolting. "There's too much pressure put on the coaches by alumni, adopted or otherwise, demanding winners. With competition as it is, coaches must put in a 16-hour day the year round to keep pace. When the season's over they have to scout around lining up players, bidding against other schools in a cut-throat business."
JANUARY 18th (Chicago) - Thirteen hopeful hands plunge today into professional football's annual grab bag seeking the man of the hour - the rugged gridder with little prospect of military service. One of the hands belongs to Abe Watner of the Baltimore Colts, who had trouble nudging to the NFL's draft circle because other owners reacted negatively to the Colts' performance last season. The other 12 clubs find difficulty warming up to an entry that reportedly lost $100,000 in 1950 when it won only one of 12 league games. Watner nevertheless wants to stay in business and he insists on participation in the draft, in which 300 college stars are available. The draft was the main item of business at the opening today of the league's annual winter meeting. Legally, the league can't oust Baltimore simply because the Colts are a losing proposition and because a 12-team league would make scheduling easier. The only thing the owners can do, according to a conference spokesman, is "suggest" that Watner either (a) get out or (b) ask the league to freeze the Baltimore franchise indefinitely. If the league authorized the latter alternative, it possibly would interfere with the reported plans of George Marshall of the Washington Redskins to play part of next season's Redskins schedule in Baltimore, should Baltimore be out of the 1951 picture. Watner hasn't given any indication that he intends to quit, even though he could lose heavily with another poor season. The draft is preceded by the so-called "bonus" draw. This enables teams finishing lowest in the previous year's standings to get a first choice. Draw eligibles include the Colts, the Chicago Cardinals and the Packers.
JANUARY 19th (Chicago) - All-American gridders for the most part went a-begging for pro jobs today after NFL moguls passed them up for men presumably safe from 1951 military call. The war-scare twist to the annual draft of collegiate talent produced the fewest national name players in pro football's history as top choices. Out of the first 48 selections yesterday by the 12 clubs, only six eligible offensive or defensive All-American specialists were picked. In this half dozen, three were plucked in the first round of the draft where a mad scramble usually develops to nail campus cuties. They were Notre Dame quarterback Bob Williams (Bears), tackle Bob Gain of Kentucky (Packers) and guard Bud McFadin of Texas (Rams). After the New York Giants won the league's bonus draw - a prelude to the college draft - and chose ex-serviceman Kyle Rote, SMU's married halfback, the Bears took Williams as the No. 1 pick. They got the first choice as a payoff of a former deal with the Baltimore Colts, who had the number on selection. Commissioner Bert Bell represented the money-losing Colts who were dropped from the league, and owner Abe Watner was paid $50,000 for his 65 players. This left the Baltimore cemetery owner with a personal loss of $56,000 for 1950. He later revealed that Baltimore's total deficit for four years of trying to field pro teams under various owners or groups was a staggering $760,000.
JANUARY 21st (Chicago) - The NFL Saturday began consideration or proposed realignment of its American and National divisional team makeup. The switches, if any, presumably would involve the Chicago Bears, Chicago Cardinals and New York Yanks. Baltimore's Colts, which dropped out of the league last Thursday, was the loop's 13th and swing club. Now, the 12-club circuit can be evenly divided into six-club divisions which also could be true geographical lineups. The latter would require only the swapping of divisions by the Yanks, from the National to the American, and the Cards. However, owner-coach George Halas would like to move his Bears to the American Conference, skipping the long haul to play Los Angeles and San Francisco. Other National clubs, though, point out it's just as long for them, too. Further complicating the realignment is the preference of the Cardinals to remain the American, or eastern, section. Clubs like the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers would howl if the Bears moved into the other section, depriving them of two games per season with the gate-appealing warriors of Halas. A visiting club at Wrigley Field taps the Bears till for about $42,000 per shot. President Ray Benningsen of the Cardinals favored a round-robin schedule in which every team would play every other team once, making 11 games. The 12th game would be with a traditional rival. There still would be a title playoff between the top two teams in each section. The big objection to Benningsen's proposal is that it would eliminate the traditional home-and-home series.
JANUARY 23rd (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers had a profit of nearly $13,000 on 1950 operations and "are going to be in professional football for a long time to come", Corporation President Emil Fischer told stockholders last night. In his year-end summary, Fischer said the profit and loss statement showed total income of $661,2000 with expenses of $648,210 for a net profit of $12,990. Total corporation assets at the end of the year were $176,557, of which $149,512 represented cash or its equivalent. Fischer thanks Packer fans, organizations which helped with sale of stock and tickets, stockholders and officials for their help.
JANUARY 27th (Milwaukee) - The Packers will play at least two NFL games and an exhibition contest here next fall according to a contract they signed with the State Fair Park.
​FEBRUARY 12th (Chicago) - The Chicago Bears announced Saturday the appointment of Clark Shaughnessy as technical adviser and vice-president of the club. Shaughnessy, whose last coaching assignment was with the 1949 Los Angeles Rams, thus returns to football after a year's absence. George Halas, owner-coach of the Bears, said Shaughnessy would join the club's "Board of Strategy" for the 1951 campaign. Shaughnessy briefly served with the Packers as an advisory coach after leaving the Rams.
FEBRUARY 14th (Milwaukee) - Halfback Wally Dreyer, former Wisconsin football star who played with the Packers last season, has been ordered to report for active duty with the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton, CA March 9th. Dreyer, a first lieutenant, served with the Marines three years during World War II. He was on the Wisconsin freshman team in 1942 and returned to play for the Badgers in 1946-48. He is married.
FEBRUARY 16th (Green Bay) - F.J. (Fee) Klaus, 48, former Packer star, died unexpectedly Wednesday after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage. Klaus, star center for the Packers for five years from 1920 through 1924, was a trucking company foreman. Two years ago, he was instrumental in organizing the Packer Alumni Association and was in his second term as president.
FEBRUARY 16th (Alexandria, VA) - The Washington Redskins will play the Green Bay Packers in an exhibition pro football game here September 23rd.
FEBRUARY 22nd (Dayton) - Ralph McGehee, Dayton line coach, resigned Wednesday to play professional football. McGehee, who never played in a losing game during four years as varsity guard at Notre Dame, from which he was graduated last spring, said he had signed a contract with the Packers.
MARCH 2nd (Green Bay) - Bob Petruska, 21, Wisconsin backfield star for the past three years, said today he had signed to play with the Packers. Petruska signed a one-year contract. Terms were not disclosed.
MARCH 3rd (Green Bay) - The Packers Friday announced the signing of quarterback Dick Flowers of Northwestern. Terms of the one-year contract were not disclosed.
MARCH 5th (Green Bay) - Nate Osur, 250-pound tackle from Springfield (MA) College, was signed Saturday by the Packers. Osur is 26 years old and stands 6-feet 3 1/2 inches.
MARCH 9th (Portland) - Reuben Baisch, chunky 200-pound halfback on the undefeated Lewis and Clark College football team last fall, will sign with the Packers, his coach said Thursday. The coach, Joe Huston, said the Packers had made an offer and Baisch would "undoubtedly" accept. Baisch, 26-year old navy veteran, averaged eight yards a try last fall.
MARCH 16th (Sheboygan) -  Sheboygan ended its National Professional Basketball season Thursday night by defeating the Green Bay Packers 90-60 in an exhibition game. The Redskins had been scheduled to meet Anderson but officials of the Indiana club wired that they were unable to come here because of player difficulties. Sheboygan claims the championship of the four-team circuit but so does Waterloo. Final standings are to be announced by Commissioner Doxie Moore at Lafayette, IN. The league started out last fall with eight members. St. Paul, Kansas City, Denver, Grand Rapids and Louisville dropped out during the season, and Evansville was given a berth it kept to the end of play.
MARCH 17th (Green Bay) - Tony Canadeo, all-time leading ground gainer for the Packers, today signed for his 10th season with the NFL club. Coach Gene Ronzani said Canadeo will be used next season wherever the Packers need him most. Last season, he played fullback. He was a halfback before that. Canadeo has gained a total of 3,875 yards during his nine years with the Packers. He's second to Steve Van Buren of the Philadelphia Eagles as the league's all-time ground gainer.
APRIL 3rd (Green Bay) - Charlie Brock, one of professional football's greatest centers in his years with the Green Bay Packers, and later an assistant coach under Curly Lambeau, Monday night was elected president of the Green Bay Packer Alumni Association. He succeeds the late Fee Klaus. Al Rose was elected vice-president; Wuert Engleman, secretary, and Lyle Sturgeon, sergeant at arms.
APRIL 4th (Green Bay) - The Packers will open their regular NFL season at home against their traditional rivals, the Chicago Bears. The game is set for City Stadium September 30th. The home schedule, including games at Green Bay and Milwaukee, was released today by the Packers. It shows, after the Bear inaugural: October 7th (Pittsburgh at Milwaukee), October 14th (Philadelphia at Green Bay), October 21st (Los Angeles at Milwaukee), November 4th (Detroit at Green Bay), December 2nd (New York Yanks at Green Bay).
APRIL 12th (Milwaukee) - The Packers Wednesday signed Art Felker, end and captain of the 1950 Marquette football team. Felker, of Milwaukee, was rated by coach Lisle Blackbourn as "one of the finest ends" he ever coached. He broke into the Hilltopper starting lineup as a sophomore.
APRIL 17th (Green Bay) - The Packers announced today they would start their home football games this fall one-half hour earlier than usual. The new kickoff time will be 1:30 PM rather than the traditional 2 PM for all league and exhibition games with one exception. The home finale with the New York Yanks on December 2nd will start at 1 PM. A state-wide campaign to sell season tickets was announced also by Jug Earp, Packer publicity director. The drive will take place in May or June with L.J. Johannes and Maxwell Murphy in charge. Season ticket holders last year will be given a chance to renew a chance to renew their seats for this season before the drive starts, Earp said.
MAY 4th (Fort Riley, KS) - First Lieutenant Robert D. Forte, who last year ran for the halfback spot for the Packers, Thursday became athletic and recreation officer at Fort Riley. Forte's new assignment puts him in charge of all athletic and recreational activities on the post.
MAY 5th (Green Bay) - The Packers Friday signed Warren (Tubbs) Chamberlain, 6-foot-4, 265-pound lineman from Eau Claire State Teachers College. Chamberlain was drafted by the Packers as a guard by he also has had experience at tackle, said coach Gene Ronzani.
MAY 11th (Green Bay) - The Packers have signed another 455 pounds of football flesh, coach Gene Ronzani said today. But it's not on all one frame. Two hundred pounds of it is carried by rookie fullback Clarence "Tank" Baisch, who played four years at Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR. Baisch scored 14 touchdowns in his senior year and received Little All-American honors in 1950. Also signed was Don Stansauk, a tackle from Denver University. Stansauk, a 255-pounder, came to the Packers from Detroit last fall and Ronzani is expecting to make good use of his weight. Both men are World War II.
MAY 16th (Green Bay) - Coach Gene Ronzani announced today the signing of two veterans of last year's Green Bay Packers for the 1951 squad. They are Ray DiPierro, offensive guard, and Carl Schuette, who played as a defensive back. Both weigh 210 pounds. The 1951 season will be DiPierro's second in the professional ranks and the fourth for Schuette, who hails from Sheboygan and played his college ball at Marquette.
MAY 17th (Green Bay) - Ray (Scooter) McLean, who's played professional football and has been a college coach, was added to the Packers' staff Wednesday as halfback coach. McLean was a star halfback, noted for his speed, for eight years with the Chicago Bears after he was graduated from St. Anslem College, New Hampshire. From the Bears, he went to Lewis College (Lockport, IL), where's been coach for the past three years. He'll replace Ray Nolting who resigned from the Packers last fall. Packer coach Gene Ronzani has Dick Plasmna and Tarzan Taylor left over from his last year's coaching staff. He expects to add a line coach before midsummer training starts.
MAY 18th (Green Bay) - The Packers may move their training base out of their hometown this fall, it was revealed today. Although head coach Gene Ronzani declined to discuss the matter, he admitted he planned to go to Superior within a few weeks to look over facilities at Superior State College. The Packers have trained at home for many years, several of them at Rockwood Lodge outside the city. They moved back into town when the clubhouse was destroyed by fire.
MAY 21st (Green Bay) - The Packers will train away from home this year for the first time in their 33-year history. The NFL team announced Saturday that Grand Rapids, MN will be the scene of a Packer training camp beginning August 1st and continuing for about a month. The Bays figure it would be less expensive to train at Grand Rapids for a month than at Green Bay for the same length of time, according to Jug Earp, publicity director. The Minnesota site has a dormitory and training tables, whereas at Green Bay the team has to foot hotel and restaurant bills.
MAY 31st (Green Bay) - Five Green Bay Packers veterans are among the 14 players who have signed contracts for the coming season, head coach Gene Ronzani announced today. The returning gridmen are Tony Canadeo, veteran of nine years of backfield play; guard Ray Di Pierro; center Carl Schuette; end Bob Mann; and tackle Don Stansauk. Included in the group of newcomers are linemen Warren Chambers (Eau Claire), Art Felker (Marquette), Nate Osur (Springield), Ralph McGehee (Notre Dame) and Sugmond Holowenko (John Carroll). The backfield men was Bob Petruska (Wisconsin), George Slady (La Crosse), Rube Baisch (Lewis and Clark) and Dick Flowers (Northwestern).
JUNE 7th (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers figure to save and/or earn approximately $18,000 on the deal that takes 'em to Grand Rapids, MN for a three or four week training program starting August 1st. Coach Gene Ronzani, answering the question "Why Are the Packers Training Away from Home", says the Packers will save over $2,200 alone on room and board for 60 players and coaches; they'll pick up $5,000 on a couple of intrasquad games and, to top it off, they get "home" rights to Minneapolis for a non-conference game - a $10,000-plus affair. At least two intrasquad games will be played in and around Grand Rapids. The fans up there, compared to those in the neck of the woods, are football-starved - the big league style, at least. The Philadelphia Eagles worked there the two previous years, giving Minnesota backing its first good look at pro ball. The big clincher is the Minneapolis deal. The Packers will play San Francisco in Minneapolis' new stadium early in September. Twin City fans packed little Nicollet Park to the rafters to watch the Packers play the New York Giants there a couple of  years ago. At the time, the sponsors figured the game would have drawn 35,000 or more - the seating capacity of the new stadium. Ronzani said that the Packers are trying to establish a "permanent" non-conference program - "one that we can depend on each year". After 1951, the Minneapolis attraction may become a sponsored affair - like the annual Shrine non-looper in Milwaukee. Thus, the Packers would have three sure fire money makers including a non-league game in Green Bay. What's more, Ronzani said, "the three games give us a chance to barter with other league clubs for games in their cities making a possibility of six non-league games which represent the difference between profit and loss for the season". The Green Bay, Milwaukee and Minneapolis games will each furnish the visiting team with a "five-figure check", Gene pointed out, adding, "naturally any club in the league will fight for a chance to get one of those gates - before the regular season starts." As a result, "we can barter a date in one of those sponsored games for a 'good' non-conference game in the home of the visiting club," Ronzani stated. The early non-conference game in City Stadium shows some promises of being an annual affair. Nearly 20,000 fans turned out in the first of what could be a "series" with  Curly Lambeau's Chicago Cardinals in August 1950. The clubs meet again on August 25th next. Rozani feels, in addition, that training in Grand Rapids gives "us a better opportunity to keep the boys together during those crucial first few weeks."
JUNE 13th (Green Bay) - The Packers today announced the signing of two rookie tackles for the 1951 season. The players are John Shehtanian of San Jose State and Richard Brown of West Liberty (WV) State College. Both are World War II veterans.
JUNE 20th (Green Bay) - The Packers announced the signing today of two ends, bringing their roster of players under contract to 21. Returning signed contracts were veteran Abner Wimberly and rookie Ralph Fieler. Wimberly is the ninth veteran signed and Fieler the 12th rookie. Fieler, 240-pound flanker, played four years of college football at Miami (FL). He stands six feet six inches. Wimberly will play his third season of pro football and his second with the Packers. He spent his first season out of LSU with the old Los Angeles Dons of the AAFC.
JUNE 22nd (Green Bay) - Jack Cloud, former William and Mary College fullback, signed today to play his second year of pro football with the Packers. Cloud, handicapped by a knee injury last year, is the 22nd player to sign with the Packers for the 1951 season.
JUNE 25th (Green Bay) - The Packers announced today they would play an intrasquad game at Duluth, MN on August 10th. Packer president Emil Fischer said the game would be termed the first annual Fish Bowl game.
JUNE 28th (Green Bay) - The Packers will meet the San Francisco 49ers in a charity exhibition football game September 12th at Minneapolis, President Emil Fischer announced today. The night game will be played in Minneapolis' Municipal Stadium, under sponsorship of Catholic Welfare, Inc., an organization of Catholic Charities. Fischer said the game was "one of the main reasons" the Packers are shifting their training base from Green Bay to Grand Rapids, MN this fall.
JUNE 30th (Green Bay) - Ray Pelfrey, halfback from Eastern Kentucky State College, today signed a 1951 contract with the Packers. Pelfrey, a 190-pounder, is the 14th rookie to sign with the Packers this year.
JULY 3rd (Green Bay) - Veteran tackle Dick Wildung has signed his sixth contract with the Packers, club officials announced Monday. Wildung, 29, played either offense or defense, has been a standout lineman with the Packers since joining the pro ranks in 1946.
​JULY 6th (Green Bay) - One rookie and one veteran were added today to the roster of the Packers. Returning for his second year will be Floyd (Breezy) Reid, who was second-best ground gainer for the Packers last season at his left halfback post. He is a former Georgia player. The rookie is fullback Richard Christie of Omaha, six feet one inch and 205 pounds.
JULY 10th (Green Bay) - Halfback Billy Grimes, high scorer and leading ground gainer for last season's Packers, has signed his contract for the 1951 season, head coach Gene Ronzani announced today. The former Oklahoma A&M star scored 48 points last season on eight touchdowns and gained 480 yards for an average of 5.7 yards per try. Grimes is 24 years old, stands 6' 1" and weighs 195 pounds.
JULY 12th (Green Bay) - Two veteran ends are the latest acquisitions of the 1951 Packers. Steve Pritko, eight years in the NFL, signed for his third season with the Packers. He saw duty last year on both offense and defense. The second end is Rebel Steiner, former Alabama player, who was also used frequently as a defensive left halfback during his freshman season with Green Bay last fall. The Packers have signed Fred Cone, rookie fullback from Clemson and the Packers' number three draft choice. Cone scored fourteen touchdowns and two conversions while leading the 1950 Clemson squad to an undefeated season and a victory in the Orange Bowl over Miami.
JULY 14th (Green Bay) - The Packers today announced the signing of veteran tackles Clink McGeary and Joe Spencer. McGeary joined the Packers last year after winning letters at Minnesota and North Dakota State. Spencer, of Oklahoma A&M, came to the Packers last year in a trade with the Cleveland Browns.
JULY 16th (Green Bay) - The Packers had their No. 1 quarterback, young Tobin Rote, under contract today. The former Rice ace, a 200-pounder, was the club's first-string signal caller last season, his first in the NFL. He completed 83 passes for 1,231 yards and seven touchdowns.
​JULY 18th (Montreal) - Rip Collins, former halfback with the Baltimore Colts, who signed two months ago with the Montreal Alouettes of the Ontario-Quebec Big Four Football League, has wired coach Lew Hayman he will remain in the United States to play with the Green Bay Packers. Collins hinted he was told by Bert Bell, commissioner of pro football in the U.S., not to report to Montreal. Collins' telegram to Hayman said: "I received a call from Commissioner Bert Bell and I have definitely decided to stay in the states and play with Green Bay". Hayman commented: "American football is certainly not acknowledging our 1951 contracts since it became quite obvious that pressure is being used on our imports to jump their signed contracts with us". In Philadelphia, Bell said he was "very glad to hear that Collins had thought the matter out and decided to abide by his contract with Green Bay". The Commissioner said Collins had wired him asking what his status was with the NFL. "I called the boy on the telephone and told him that under the constitution of the NFL he was legally bound to play for Green Bay. I told him Green Bay held a legal option on his services. His contract was transferred to Green Bay when Baltimore dropped out of the league." Bell said he further advised Collins that "if I were you, I'd stay with Green Bay. Your whole future may hinge on whether you honor a legal contract. It's not the right things to violate a legal agreement.: As for Hayman, the NFL Commissioner said the Canadian coach had signed Collins after he already was bound to Green Bay. "They're merely trying to entice boys to violate contracts by offering them more money," Bell said. The Packers have added two rookies to their growing stable of players. Coach Gene Ronzani announced the signing of James Liber of Xavier University and Monte Blue Charles of Hillsdale College. Liber, a halfback, stands five feet eight inches, weighs 179 pounds. Charles, a halfback on offense and a linebacker on defense, is six feet and weighs 195.
​JULY 19th (Green Bay) - Bobby Thomason, a 22-year old quarterback who was high on the Los Angeles Rams' 
PACKERS TAKE PHYSICAL EXAMS FOR ARMY - Len Szafaryn (left) and Larry Coutre (center), members of the Green Bay Packers, take their physical exams at the induction center in Milwaukee. Examining physician is Dr. E. Oman (right). Results of the exam will not be known for several days. (AP Photo - January 2nd)
draft list two years ago, has been acquired by the Packers. Green Bay was reported to have given the Rams their first two draft choices next season to get the former Virginia Military Institute star. The acquisition brings Green Bay its second experienced pro quarterback. Tobin Rote, who joined the club last year, signed earlier this week. "We didn't want to let Thomason go," Coach Joe Stydahar said Wednesday at the Rams' Redland, CA training camp, "but with Norman Van Brocklin and Bob Waterfield to call our signals, Thomason would use those draft choices next season and get some players we really want." Thomason was on the bench for the Rams in the 1949 season and was farmed last season to the Richmond Rebels of the now-defunct American Football League. Green Bay officials also announced the signing of fullback Ted Fritsch, veteran of nine years with the Packers, rookie halfback Bill Ayres of Abilene Christian College, and Carleton Elliott, an end from Virginia who played part of last season with the Packers. Fritsch ranks third in Green Bay's all-time scoring list with 392 points and hold the all-time field goal mark of 36. Ayres, 190 pounds and an even six feet, helped Abilene Christian to an undefeated and untied 1950 season. After his few weeks in 1950 with the Packers, Elliott played the remainder of the season with the Erie Vets.
JULY 20th (Green Bay) - Two linemen from the Big Ten and a halfback from South Carolina have signed contracts with the Packers. Packer officials announced today that terms have been reached with Bob McCullough, center from Ohio State; Art Edling, end from Minnesota; and Harry DeLoach, back from South Carolina.
JULY 21st (Green Bay) - Jim Crawford and William Lambright, both guards, signed contracts with the Packers for the 1951 season, coach Gene Ronzani announced today. Crawford is a graduate of Southwest Missouri State College, and Lambright is a product of Arkansas.
JULY 24th (Green Bay) - The signing of Alton Green, 23-year old fullback from Abilene Christian College, was announced today by Gene Ronzani, head coach of the Packers. Green, who stands 5 feet 11 inches and weighs 198 pounds, tied Brad Rowland of McMurry College for scoring honors in the Texas Conference in 1950.
JULY 25th (Montreal) - The Montreal Alouettes announced last night they have signed Gene (Choo Choo) Roberts, fleet halfback who played for the New York Giants last season. The announcement came 24 hours after the Giants had announced they had traded Roberts to the Green Bay Packers for one of their top collegiate draft choices. Meanwhile, the Packers announced today that Chuck Drulis - who has played seven years of football as a guard for the Packers and Bears - has been named as an assistant coach. The signing of Drulis rounds out head coach Gene Ronzani's staff. His other assistants are Dick Plasman, Ray (Scooter) McLean and Tarz Taylor.
JULY 26th (Green Bay) - Jug Girard has signed a contract to play for the Packers, club officials announced today. Girard has been playing baseball for Wilkes-Barre, PA in the Class A Eastern League but decided to return to the Packers for the 1951 season. He is expected to leave for Green Bay's Grand Rapids, MN camp next week with the rest of the squad.
JULY 28th (Green Bay) - The Packers today announced the signing of three rookies, including their number 9 draft choice, fullback George Rooks of Morgan State College. The others are guards Charles Robinson, Rook's teammate, and Alan Hopewell of New York University. All are Negroes.
DECEMBER 17 (Green Bay) - Tony Canadeo, oldest member of the Green Bay Packers in point of service, said after Sunday's game he would retire from professional football after 10 season. He recently became the second man in NFL history behind Steve Van Buren of Philadelphia to pass the 4,000-yard mark in rushing.
DECEMBER 18 (Green Bay) - Gene Ronzani, coach of the Green Bay Packers, has to make the biggest decision of his coaching career by December 31. That's the deadline for closing the deal with the Los Angeles Rams for Bobby Thomason, who has been quite a quarterback for the Packers. If retained by the Packers after December 31, the Green Bay club has to give the Rams its No. 1 and No. 2 choices in the 1952 draft meeting. The Packers have another good quarterback in Tobin Rote. They have their eyes on Don Klosterman of Loyola. If assured they'd get Klosterman in the draft, the Packers undoubtedly would return Thomason to Los Angeles. Cleveland wants Klosterman as successor to Otto Graham and the Packers could get much talent from the Browns in exchange for Klosterman.
DECEMBER 19 (Philadelphia) - The Green Bay Packers finished second behind the Los Angeles Rams in yards gained by passing during the NFL season going 2,846 yards to 3,296 for the National Conference champions. The Rams also topped all foes in total yards gained with 5,506, almost 100 yards better than the previous league mark set by L.A. last year. The Chicago Bears led in rushing with 2,408 yards. San Francisco was second with 2,366 and Los Angeles third with 2,210. The New York Giants proved toughest against rushing, giving up only 913 yards in 12 games for a meager 2.3 yards per rush. Elroy Hirsch of the Rams, who started his football career at Wisconsin, won two titles - individual scoring and pass receiving. He made 102 points on 17 touchdowns - all via passes - and caught 66 passes for 1,495 yards. The latter figure established a league record, beating ex-Packer Don Hutson's mark. The Rams' Bob Waterfield edged teammate Norm Van Brocklin for the passing crown with an average of 8.8977 yards per pass to 8.8917 for Van Brocklin. Eddie Price, Giants, won the ground title, picking up 965 yards on a record 272 attempts for a 3.5 average. Bob Goode, Washington, was runnerup with 951 yards on 208 plunges for a 4.6 average. Horace Gillom, Cleveland Browns, topped the punters with 45.5 yards per kick. Top man on punt returns was Buddy Young, New York Yanks, with a 19.3 average.
DECEMBER 21 (Green Bay) - Headaches of the 1951 football season aren't over as far as the Green Bay Packers' brain trust is concerned. Right now the paramount problem is this: Should Bobby Thomason be sent back to the Los Angeles Rams or should the Packers keep him and give up their first two draft choices at the 1952 NFL meeting? Maybe you didn't know those were the terms by which Thomason was acquired last fall. The Rams, with Bob Waterfield and Norm Van Brocklin, are obviously well fixed at quarterback. The Packers, with Tobin Rote the only experienced signal-caller available, weren't. So this deal was made: The Packers could keep Thomason until December 31, but then either turn him back or turn over the Rams their No. 1 and No. 2 draft picks. Head
coach Gene Ronzani, who this year piloted the Packers to their second-straight 3-9 season record, said today he hasn't made up his mind what to do. "I talked to Joe Stydahar (Ram coach) while we were on the coast," Ronzani said, "but he didn't want to discuss the deal until after Sunday's championship. Actually, we don't have to give up our first two draft choices if we keep Thomason. The trade can be made on any combination agreed on, like one draft choice and a player on our present roster or reserve list, or anything else like that." Naturally, though, the Rams can't be expected to settle for just two football players. Which means it'll cost the Packers to keep Thomason - and it might be worth it. Final NFL statistics show the former VMI star topped the league in percentage of passes completed for the full season. Thomason, although ranked 16th among the league's passers, actually wound up with a 56.6 percent mark on 125 connections in 221 tosses for 1,306 yards and 11 touchdowns. He had only nine interceptions. On the other hand, the Packers are in desperate need of defensive strength - in the line, behind it, and in the secondary. Keeping their draft choices, they might land a couple of the nation's better boys when the league meets early next year. Giving them up, they won't even get a crack at this year's collegiate crop until the 11 other clubs have gone through two draws. So what would you do?
DECEMBER 27 (Los Angeles) - Bobby Thomason, sharpshooting quarterback who shared passing duties with Tobin Rote for the Green Bay Packers in the season just closed, Wednesday was returned to the champion Los Angeles Rams. Coach Gene Ronzani, in a letter to Joe Stydahar of the Rams, refused to exercise the option by which he could have retained him. Thomason was on loan to Green Bay with the provision that the Packers could keep him by giving up their first two choices in the league draft in January. "The terms of the deal are too tough on us," Ronzani wrote Stydahar. "We recognize Thomason's ability, but we need those first two draft choices more." Thomason went into eclipse after Ronzani installed his spread formation midway through the season. He is primarily a passer. The quarterback in the Ronzani spread is the principal runner, too, and Rote filled the dual role. "We're glad to get him (Thomason) back," Stydahar said Wendesday. "Gene knows his problems better than we. Thomason is one of the best straight formation quarterbacks in the game, and, if we don't keep him, which we may, I know we can make a good trade for him." Thomason, No. 1 draft choice of the Rams three years ago after a brilliant college career at VMI, was loaned to the Packers only because Los Angeles had two great quarterbacks in Bob Waterfield and Norm Van Brocklin. He spent most of two years with the Rams on the bench. A year ago, he played with the Richmond Rebels. "Maybe this is even a big break for us," Stydahar went on. "Sure, we expect Waterfield and Van Brocklin back next season, but what a fix we'd be in if either decided not to play. Now we've got Thomason and I guess we'll keep him at that." Stydahar feels that Waterfield has at least three or four more years left and Van Brocklin five or six. Thomason is younger than either and has seven or eight years.
on passing and pass protection. Ends Bob Mann and Abner Wimberly did most of the pass catching. The Packers lost promising quarterback Bob McCraney, who left Wednesday for Minneapolis and the armed forces.
AUGUST 17th (Grand Rapids) - Coach Gene Ronzani scrimmaged his Packers Thursday in field goal and punting protection with the comment that the weather has been too damp and chilly for best training. Guard Paul (Buddy) Burris was back in action after being sidelined 15 days with a lacerated side suffered in a workout. But another Packers was put on the ailing list. George Rooks, halfback from Morgan State, suffered a leg injury which is expected to keep him out of hard work for several days. The squad is now trimmed down to 48 men.
AUGUST 18th (Green Bay) - Frank Jonet, 67, secretary-treasurer of the Packers, died after suffering a heart attack here Friday. Jonet was a Green Bay accountant. He was treasurer of the original Packer organization formed in 1919 but dropped out after seven years.
AUGUST 20th (Grand Rapids) - Art Felker, star end of the Marquette football team last year, joined the Packers in training here Sunday. Coach Gene Ronzani said he expects Felker's arrival to help the Packers considerably. Felker played with the College All-Stars against the Cleveland Browns Friday night in Chicago. The Packer injured list was swelled by two Saturday. Quarterback Tobin Rote and guard Clink McGreary turned up with a light touch of poison oak.
AUGUST 21st (Green Bay) - The Packers have acquired two big linemen. Green Bay traded veteran end Dan Orlich to the champion Cleveland Browns for guard and linebacker Walters Michaels, a 225-pound product of Washington and Lee. They also acquired, on undisclosed terms, center Jerry Grenier, 220-pounder who has been with the Los Angeles Rams.
AUGUST 23rd (Green Bay) - The Packers of 1951 come home today and go on display for the local folks tonight. Within an hour after their train pulls in from Grand Rapids, the Packers will be out at City Stadium for a workout to which the fans are invited. The last time the Packers appeared in town was during a December snowstorm when they wound up their home portion of the schedule by defeating San Francisco, 25-21. Since then they've been some changes made and tonight the folks who paid the bill for 33 years of professional football here look them over. Of course, the actual fun won't come until Saturday night. That's when the Packers open their exhibition schedule against the Chicago Cardinals, headed by Curly Lambeau, who coached Green Bay for 31 years until his resignation in February 1950. Nothing would please Packer fans more than a sound pasting for Lambeau's team. Last year Green Bay did just that 17-14 in an exhibition game here. The two teams have not met in regular play since Lambeau left for Chicago. Fifteen newcomers are the squad of 48 men which will work out tonight. Included are five backs, four ends, four tackles and two guards. Prominent among the missing will be Bob Gain, Kentucky tackle, who was the club's No. 1 draft choice. Gain, a 245-pounder, has not come to terms and still is not under contract. Among the rookies of which much is expected are quarterback Bob Petruska, fullbacks Fred Cone and George Rooks; ends Art Felker and Allan Hopewell, and guard Charles Robinson. Petruska currently is the No. 3 quarterback behind Tobin Rote and Bobby Thomason, the latter picked up from the Los Angeles Rams; Cone and Rooks are battling with Jack Cloud for the offensive fullback job; Felker and Hopewell are in the thick of it with Bobby Mann, Abner Wimberly and Rebel Steiner, and Robinson is opposing Clarence (Clink) McGreary, Paul Burris and Ray DiPierro. Although not a first-string offensive lineup has been designated, it's likely the starting backfield against the Cardinals will have Rote at
quarterback, Tony Canadeo and Billy Grimes at the halves
and Cloud at fullback operating behind Mann and Wimberly at
ends, Dick Wildung and Leon Manley at the tackles, Robinson
and McGreary at the guards and Ed Neal at center. After
Saturday's game, the Packers are slated to return to Grand 
apids before breaking camp finally prior to the exhibition with
Philadelphia at Milwaukee on September 9th.
AUGUST 24th (Green Bay) - About 1,200 persons turned out
at City Stadium Thursday night to watch the latest edition of the
Green Bay Packers unlimber in preparation for Saturday night's
exhibition game with the Chicago Cardinals. It was the
Packers' first appearance in Green Bay this year. They arrived
by train late from their training camp at Grand Rapids, MN and
went directly to the stadium. About 500 fans sat out the 40-
minute delay to welcome the Packers at the station. Head
coach Gene Ronzani has ordered a secret drill for tonight
while the Cardinals got tuned up on St. Norbert College's
field in nearby De Pere. Ronzani said only George Rooks, a
rookie fullback, is definitely out of Saturday's game. He has a
leg injury.
AUGUST 24 (Chicago Tribune) - A crowd of about 20,000 is
expected tomorrow night when the Green Bay Packers launch
their exhibition season with the Chicago Cardinals as the
opposition. Wisconsin football fans fully expect to see a
repetition of last year's exhibition game, which resulted in the
Packers turning in a thrilling 17 to 14 triumph over the
Cardinals. Green Bay can always muster up enthusiasm 
over football, but this encounter presents several added
incentives to push interest above the boiling point - incentives
which take this particular game outside the exhibition class.
First and foremost, the game will mark the start of the second
year for Gene Ronzani, the Packer coach. There is an
additional kick in the football highball, stemming from the fact
that the opposing coach will be Curly Lambeau, the only coach
the Packers ever had until Ronzani took over last season. 
Then, too, the Packers this year wandered away from the 
home base for training purposes for the first time in history.
Lambeau expects to unveil the veteran halfback, Charley
Trippi, as a quarterback, although he previously had planned
to start Frank Tripucka, the former Notre Dame star, in the post. The rival coaches plan to start teams that will be preponderately newcomers, particularly Lambeau. The Cardinal director designated Elmer Angsman as the only veteran who will start at his customary right halfback job. Walter Schlinkman, who played under Lambeau when the latter was the Packer coach, has been tabbed to open at fullback.
AUGUST 2nd (Grand Rapids) - The Green Bay Packers sweated through their first drills here Wednesday and head coach Gene Ronzani appeared optimistic about 1951 prospects. Some 60 men answered the roll as summer workouts began on the campus of North Central school and experiment station. 32 of them are new men and Ronzani said they were in good condition. Wednesday's drills consisted of calisthenics, passing and punting, and line and backfield workouts.
AUGUST 2nd (Green Bay) - Coach Gene Ronzani announced the signing of two more players today, including a former Packer center. They are Jay Rhodemyre, who played for the Packers in 1948 and 1949, and Bob McCraney, quarterback from Dartmouth. Rhodemyre gained wide recognition as the most valuable player in the 1948 Chicago All-Star game. He is rated as a fine offensive center and one of football's best linebackers. McCraney, a native of Minneaplis, completed better than 50 percent of his passes in two years at Dartmouth. He is 22, stands six feet tall and weighs 200 pounds.
AUGUST 4th (Grand Rapids) - The Packers put on the pads for the first time Friday and got ready for the season's first scrimmage. Considerable time was spent in passing, punting and line blocking drills. Leading the list of punters were Ray Pelfrey, Jug Girard, Red Collins and Fred Cone. The session wound up with a series of wind springs. In the evening, the Packers were lectured by coaches on plays to be used in the 1951 season. Coach Gene Ronzani said scrimmages would probably be held Saturday and Sunday afternoons. His squad of 60 players is working in two groups, the Eskimos and the Packers. The Eskimos are being coached by Frank (Butch) Larson and Packer backfield coach Ray McLean, with Dick Plasman and Tarzan Taylor leading the regulars. THe Packers and the Eskimos meet in the Duluth Fish Bowl game August 10th. The first training camp casualty was Paul Burris, 215-pound guard. Burris tripped and fell on a ladder stake Thursday. He suffered a severe cut in the armpit. Stitches were needed to close it. Burris was on the field today, but not in uniform. Johnny Blood, head coach of St. John's University, Collegeville, MN, where he uses his birthname McNally, visited the Packer training camp today. Blood played with the Packers from 1928 to 1936 and is still about fifth from the top as a professional football ground gainer.
AUGUST 6th (Grand Rapids) - The Packers went through their paces Sunday despite a daylong rain. Punting and signal drills took up the morning session and in the afternoon the coaches took to drill the squad in the art of handling a soggy ball. Four players were cut from the squad, reducing it to 56. Released were halfback Bill Ayers and fullback Alton Green, both from Abilene Christian; guard Jim Crawford from Southeast Missouri and Bill Lambright, Arkansas guard.
AUGUST 7th (Grand Rapids) - The ground was too soggy yesterday after Sunday's rain for the Packers to scrimmage but the squad got plenty of work. T-formation quarterbacks Tobin Rote, Bobby Thomason, Bob Petruska and Dick McCraney sparked the play drills yesterday afternoon, giving most of their time to the perfection of timing of plays through the line or at close ends.
AUGUST 8th (Grand Rapids) - Former Minnesota coach Bernie Bierman watched the Packers hustle through an afternoon scrimmage Tuesday. His cryptic comment: "A husky looking squad". Quarterbacks Tobin Rote, Bobby Thomason, Dick McCraney and Bob Petruska alternated at directing plays. Rote and McCraney appeared in better form than the other two, with Rote hitting his mark on nearly every pass. George Rooks, 220-pound fullback from Morgan State in his first year with the Packers, made an impression as a blocker and line plunger. Bobby Mann, who came to the Packers from the Detroit Lions, shared a couple of nice throws from Rote. Wisconsin's Jug Girard showed his old speed and skill running from the left half position. He took the ball on three successive substantial gains, one of them a pass from Thomason. Floyd Reid and Monte Charles were effective in their leather lugging plays, but nobody had more fun than veteran Tony Canadeo, who, in this scrimmage, reeled off yardage as well as any in spite of his ten years of football. He also was used on the defense.
AUGUST 9th (Hamilton) - Stan Heath of Milwaukee, quarterback last season with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, arrived here Wednesday and explained that there's more to making  a place on a U.S. professional football team than merely playing ability. Heath said he was chopped from the roster of the Cleveland Browns because he failed to pass the written examinations. The former Packer backfielder expressed a desire to return to the Tiger-Cats of the Big Four League this season. He met with coach Carl Voyles to discuss chances and was told he would be advised Monday.
AUGUST 10th (Grand Rapids) - The Packers went through a light scrimmage Thursday in preparation for tonight's "Fish Bowl" intra-squad exhibition in Duluth. A spectator at the Packers' training camp was Ike Armstrong, athletic director of the University of Minnesota. After watching the training, Armstrong and several assistant Gopher grid coaches were guests of Buck Hedman, Packer quarterback, at his lake cottage.
AUGUST 11th (Duluth) - Ted Fritsch, the old warhorse of the Packers, proved himself still in the game today after 10 years by the field in the last four seconds of play that won 22-21 for the Packers over the Eskimos. A crowd of 8,500 persons watched the exhibition, actually an intra-squad affair. The play was battering and bitter. Many players were fighting to keep their jobs with the NFL team. The Eskimos took 10 plays from kickoff to score. Quarterback Tobin Rote and a 61-yard run off a reverse game them another touchdown to make it 14-0. In the second period, Rote passed to Ab Wimberly to make it 21-0. Green Bay started scoring late in the first half with Bobby Thomason's pass to Jug Girard. They missed the try for point. In the third period, Bob Hanlon smashed off tackle to make it 21-13. The Packers recovered a fumble on their own five. After they surged to midfield in the fourth quarter. Quarterback Bob McCraney passed to Carleton Elliott and set the stage for the call on Fritsch and his educated toe.
AUGUST 11th (Grand Rapids) - The Packers have signed Dick Afflis, 250-pound guard from Nevada, and Marvin Strauch, 255-pound tackle from Wyoming. Both boys have trained with the Packers for the past week.
AUGUST 13th (Grand Rapids) - The Packers were bolstered yesterday by the arrival of Jay Rhodemyre, veteran center, and the signing of Wally Dreyer, defensive halfback. Dreyer was released recently from a tour of duty as a reserve officer in the Marines.
AUGUST 14th (Grand Rapids) - 49 candidates for the Packers football team were left today after Coach Gene Ronzani cut four rookies from his roster. He released Nate Osur, tackle from Springfield, MA College; Monte Charles, tackle from Hillsdale, MI College; Dick Christie, fullback from Omaha University, and Warren Chamberlain, tackle from Eau Claire State.
AUGUST 15th (Grand Rapids) - The Packers stepped up their training tempo today with their first NFL exhibition game only 10 days away. The Packers open their 1951 card on Saturday night August 25th against the Chicago Cardinals at City Stadium. Double drills daily are on the menu here on in, with three-hour workouts in the morning and two-hour practices in the afternoon. At night, the squad spends two hours more in skull sessions.
AUGUST 16th (Green Bay) - Herbert Nichols, 54, general manager of the Northern Paper Mills here, died of a heart ailment at his home here. Nichols played on the 1919 Green Bay Packers football squad as an end. He worked for the Northern Paper Mills for 35 years, starting as a machinist.
AUGUST 16th (Grand Rapids) - The Packers continued their two-a-day practices Wednesday with no let up in the hard work. The morning session consisted of running plays for two straight hours, and closed with coach Gene Ronzani leading 15 minutes of hard wind sprints. The afternoon period was spent in a two-hour scrimmage
The 1951 Green Bay Packers - 3-9 (5th-National Conference)
Head Coach: Gene Ronzani