The Packers got away from their limp-rag image of recent years, showing enough life to break even in wins and losses for the first time since 1947. The team, for once, signed a strong crop of rookies. Tackle Dave Hanner, a jolly bald-headed man who used his tremendous strength on the field, and smart back Bobby Dillon, who was blind in one eye, shored up a defense that sorely needed reinforcements. On offense, Babe Parilli and Billy Howton broke into the lineup. Parilli shared the quarterback job with Tobin Rote, and both men found sure-handed Howton open for many key passes. The veterans on the team may have had a funny feeling when the Packers, for the first and only time ever in a regular season, lined up against a Curly Lambeau team. Sentiment went out the window, though, as the Packers defeated Lambeau's Redskins in October, 35-20.
In 1952, Dallas was given its first shot at a professional football team when the New York Yanks' owner, Ted Collins, decided to sell his franchise back to the league
after years of losing money. The league quickly sold the franchise to Texas millionaire Giles Miller who relocated the team to Dallas, Texas.  Miller believed that the
football-crazy state of Texas was the perfect spot to place an NFL franchise. After all, every major college in the state was packing their stadiums to the hilt with crazed
football fanatics. So the Dallas Texans, not to be confused with the Dallas Texans of the '60s that later became the Kansas City Chiefs, moved into the 75,000 seat
Cotton Bowl. Unfortunately for Miller the Texas football fans were content with their college football teams and few of them turned out for Sunday's games. Rarely did the
Texans play before a crowd of more than 15,000. The lack of attendance caused cash flow problems for Miller and with five games remaining in the season the Texans
were unable to meet their payroll. The Dallas Franchise was returned to the NFL, and the league took over operations for the rest of the season. The Texans didn't fare
much better on the field than they did off the field. They were considered the joke of the league and they could manage just one win in 12 games. Riding a nine-game
losing streak, the Dallas Texans matched up with the Chicago Bears in Akron, Ohio. After Miller lost the team, the final two home games were relocated, so the Bears
and Texans agreed to meet in Akron. George Halas was so confident his Bears would beat the Texans, he put his entire second string in to start the game. Halas soon
found his team down 20-2 and decided to put his first string in the game, but it was too late as the Texans held on for a 27-23 upset victory. On the season, the Texans
averaged 15 points per game while surrendering 35. They finished last in the league in total yards and scoring, and they missed 7 of the 27 extra points they attempted.
Amazingly they failed convert a single field goal attempt the entire year. When the season ended, half the players on the Texans' roster decided to give up pro football. Most of the players that were left went to the NFL's newest franchise, the Baltimore Colts.
Dick Afflis         62    G 6- 0 252 Nevada           2  2 23 12 1951 Draft - 16th round
Ed Berrang          81    E 6- 2 205 Villanova        1  4 29  1 1952 Trade - Detroit
Chuck Boerio        65   LB 6- 0 205 Illinois         1  1 22  1 1952 Draft - 20th round
Ray Bray            63    G 6- 0 240 W. Michigan      1 11 35 12 1952 Trade - Bears
Tony Canadeo         3    B 6- 0 190 Gonzaga         11 11 33 12 1941 Draft - 7th round 
Fred Cone           31   FB 5-11 197 Clemson          2  2 26 10 1951 Draft - 3rd round
Robert Dees         76    T 6- 4 245 SW Missouri St   1  1 23  9 1952 FA - Los Angeles
Bobby Dillon        44   DB 6- 1 185 Texas            1  1 22 12 1952 Draft - 3rd round
Steve Dowden        70    T 6- 2 235 Baylor           1  1 23 12 1952 Trade - Detroit
Carlton Elliott     80    E 6- 4 215 Virginia         2  2 24 12 1950 Draft - 13th round
Hal Faverty         51   DE 6- 2 220 Wisconsin        1  1 25 11 1952 FA - Chicago Bears
Bobby Jack Floyd    33   FB 6- 0 210 TCU              1  1 22 12 1952 Draft - 15th round
Bob Forte            8   LB 6- 0 205 Arkansas         6  6 30 12 1943 Draft - 11th round
Billy Grimes        22   HB 6- 1 195 Oklahoma A&M     3  4 25 12 1950 FA - LA (AAFC)
Dave Hanner         77   DT 6- 2 245 Arkansas         1  1 22 12 1952 Draft - 5th round
Billy Howton        86    E 6- 2 185 Rice             1  1 22 12 1952 Draft - 2nd round
Marvin Johnson      41   DB 5-11 185 San Jose State   1  2 25  5 1952 FA - Los Angeles
Tom Johnson         72   DT 6- 2 230 Michigan         1  1 21  8 1952 Draft - 6th round
Jim Keane           81    E 6- 4 215 Iowa             1  7 28 11 1952 FA - Bears (1951)
Dick Logan          67   DT 6- 2 225 Ohio State       1  1 22  7 1952 Trade - Cleveland
Ace Loomis          43   DB 6- 1 190 UW-La Crosse     2  2 24 11 1952 FA - Cleveland
Bob Mann            87    E 5-11 175 Michigan         3  5 28 12 1950 FA - Detroit
John Martinkovic    83   DE 6- 3 235 Xavier           2  2 25 12 1951 Trade - Washington
Dom Moselle         47   HB 6- 0 192 UW-Superior      2  3 26  8 1951 Trade - Cleveland
Babe Parilli        15   QB 6- 1 190 Kentucky         1  1 22 12 1952 Draft - 1st round
Lindell Pearson     26   HB 6- 0 200 Oklahoma         1  3 23  2 1952 FA - Detroit
Ray Pelfrey          8    E 6- 0 190 E. Kentucky      2  2 24  1 1951 Draft - 17th round
Bill Reichardt      37   FB 5-11 210 Iowa             1  1 22 12 1952 Draft - 7th round
Floyd (Breezy) Reid 24   HB 5-10 187 Georgia          3  3 25 12 1950 FA - Chicago Bears
Jay Rhodemyre       50    C 6- 1 210 Kentucky         4  4 29 12 1951 FA - G.Bay (1949)
Bill Robinson       41   HB 6- 0 190 Lincoln          1  1 23  2 1952 FA - Pittsburgh
Tobin Rote          18   QB 6- 3 200 Rice             3  3 24 12 1950 Draft - 2nd round
Howard Ruetz        75    T 6- 3 265 Loras            2  2 25  3 1951 FA - Los Angeles
Steve Ruzich        61    G 6- 2 225 Ohio State       1  1 23 12 1952 FA
Dan Sandifer        20   DB 6- 2 190 LSU              1  5 23 12 1952 Trade - Phil
George Schmidt      54    C 6- 2 220 Lewis            1  1 24  7 1952 FA
Clarence Self       28   HB 5- 9 180 Wisconsin        1  4 26 12 1952 Trade - Detroit
Washington Serini   73   DT 6- 2 240 Kentucky         1  5 28 11 1952 FA - Chicago Bears
Dave Stephenson     69    G 6- 2 235 West Virginia    2  3 26 11 1951 FA - LA (1950)
Deral Teteak        66   LB 5-10 210 Wisconsin        1  1 22 12 1952 Draft - 9th round
Abner Wimberly      16    E 6- 1 210 Louisiana State  2  3 25 12 FA - 1950 - LA (AAFC)
NO - Jersey Number POS - Position HGT - Height WGT - Weight YR - Years with Packers PR - Years of Professional Football AGE - Age at Start of Season G - Games  Played FA - Free Agent
1952 PACKERS DRAFT (January 17, 1952)
RND-PICK NAME                  POS COLLEGE
1  -   4 Babe Parilli           QB Kentucky
2  -  15 Billy Howton            E Rice
3  -  28 Bobby Dillon           DB Texas
4  -  39 to Cleveland Browns
5  -  52 Dave Hanner            DT Arkansas
6  -  63 Tom Johnson             T Michigan
7  -  76 Bill Reichardt         FB Iowa
8  -  87 Mel Becket              C Indiana
9  - 100 Deral Teteak            G Wisconsin
10a- 111 Art Kleinschmidt        G Tulane
10b- 116 *-Bud Roffler           B Washington State
11 - 124 Billy Burkhalter       HB Rice
12 - 135 Bill Wilson             E Texas
13 - 148 Billy Hair             HB Clemson
14 - 159 Jack Morgan             T Michigan State
15 - 172 Bobby Jack Floyd       FB Texas Christian
16 - 183 Johnny Coatta          QB Wisconsin 
17 - 196 Don Peterson           HB Miami (Ohio) 
18 - 207 Howard Tisdale          T Stephen Austin 
19 - 220 John Pont              HB Miami (Ohio) 
20 - 231 Charles Boerio          C Illinois 
21 - 244 Herb Zimmerman          G Texas Christian 
22 - 255 Karl Kluckhorn          E Colgate 
23 - 268 Frank Kapral            G Michigan State 
24 - 279 John Schuetzner         E North Carolina 
25 - 292 Charles LaPradd         T Florida 
26 - 303 Charles Stokes          C Tennessee 
27 - 316 I.D. Russell            B SMU
28 - 327 Bill Barrett           HB Notre Dame 
29 - 340 Bill Stratton           B Lewis 
30 - 351 Jack Fulkerson          T S. Mississippi 
* - From the Chicago Bears
Bold - Played for the Green Bay Packers
APRIL 29 - Traded OG Walt Michaels to CLEVELAND for OT Forrest Grigg, OT Zeke Costa and OT Dick Logan
MAY 8 - Traded HB Al Collins to PHILADELPHIA for DB Dan Sandifer
MAY 22 - Traded DB Ace Loomis to CLEVELAND for LB Tony Adamle and HB Don Phelps
JULY 25 - Purchased contract of HB Clarence Self from DETROIT
JULY 26 - Traded HB  Jug Girard to DETROIT for DE Ed Berrang, OT Steve Dowden and player to be named later
JULY 29 - Purchased contract of OG Ray Bray from CHICAGO BEARS
AUG 20 - Signed C Jay Rhodemyre. Acquired OG Steve Ruzich from CLEVELAND for undisclosed terms.
SEPT 29 - Acquired DB Ace Loomis off waivers from CLEVELAND and DT Washington Serini off waivers from CHICAGO BEARS.
OCT 2 - Acquired DE Hal Faverty and E Jim Keane off waivers from CHICAGO BEARS.
OCT 4 - Placed DE Ed Berrang, LB Chuck Boerio and E Ray Pelfrey on waivers.
OCT 6 - E Ed Berrang claimed off waivers by WASHINGTON
NOV 4 - Acquired DB Marvin Johnson off waivers from LOS ANGELES.
DEC 5 - Acquired HB Lindell Pearson off waivers from DETROIT.
AUGUST (0-3)                            RESULT      RECORD    ATT STARTING QB              LEADING RUSHER              LEADING PASSER              LEADING RECEIVER
16 M-NEW YORK GIANTS                   L  0- 7      0- 1-0 22,000                                                      Tobin Rote (119)
23 G-CLEVELAND BROWNS                  L 14-21      0- 2-0 22,215
29 Pittsburgh Steelers at Latrobe, PA  L  6- 7      0- 3-0 10,000
7  at Chicago Cardinals                L  7-38      0- 4-0 15,497
14 Washington Redskins at Kansas City  W 13- 7      1- 4-0  6,500
17 Pittsburgh Steelers at Minneapolis  W 23-10      2- 4-0 21,000
SEPTEMBER (0-1)                         RESULT      RECORD    ATT STARTING QB              LEADING RUSHER              LEADING PASSER              LEADING RECEIVER
28 G-CHICAGO BEARS (0-0)               L 14-24      0- 1-0 24,656 Tobin Rote
5  M-WASHINGTON REDSKINS (1-0)         W 35-20      1- 1-0  9,657 Tobin Rote                                                                       Billy Howton (3-128)
12 M-LOS ANGELES RAMS (1-1)            L 28-30      1- 2-0 21,693 Tobin Rote               Tobin Rote (106)                                        Billy Howton (5-156)
18 at Dallas Texans (0-3)              W 24-14      2- 2-0 14,000 Tobin Rote              
26 G-DETROIT LIONS (2-2)               L 17-52      2- 3-0 24,656 Tobin Rote                                                                       Billy Howton (7-151)
2  M-PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (3-2)         W 12-10      3- 3-0 10,149 Tobin Rote
9  at Chicago Bears (3-3)              W 41-28      4- 3-0 41,751 Tobin Rote
16 at New York Giants (5-2)            W 17- 3      5- 3-0 26,723 Babe Parilli
23 DALLAS TEXANS (0-8)                 W 42-14      6- 3-0 16,340 Tobin Rote
27 at Detroit Lions (6-3)              L 24-48      6- 4-0 39,101 Babe Parilli                                                                     Billy Howton (7-123)
7  at Los Angeles Rams (7-3)           L 27-45      6- 5-0 49,822 Tobin Rote                                                                       Billy Howton (7-123)
14 at San Francisco 49ers (6-5)        L 14-24      6- 6-0 17,579 Babe Parilli                                                                     Billy Howton (6-200)
G - Green Bay M - Milwaukee
City Stadium in 1952 (SOURCE: Wisconsin Historical Society)
JANUARY 10 (Green Bay) - Ted Fritsch, long-time star for the Green Bay Packers, said Tuesday he has applied for the football coaching job at Central High School here, vacant since Ward Cuff announced his resignation last October. Fritsch also said he had been considered for the grid post at Stevens Point State College, his alma mater, but had asked that his name be withdrawn as a candidate.
JANUARY 17 (New York) - The Los Angeles Rams won the bonus pick in the NFL draft today and immediately designated Bill Wade of Vanderbilt as their choice. Wade is a T-formation quarterback. The Rams will probably get no immediate use from the star passer because he is committed to two years in the Navy...Seven T-formation quarterbacks were the chief prized as the NFL began drafting college players today. The seven are Babe Parilli of Kentucky, Harry Agganis of Boston University, Larry Isbell of Baylor, Bill Wade of Vanderbilt, Ed Brown of San Francisco, Don Klosterman of Loyola and Al Dorow of Michigan State. Agganis still has eligibility left at Boston, but actually he may be the biggest prize of all because he has completed his military service. As the draft started at 9 a.m. (CST), seven teams drew out of the hat to make first choice - the "bonus" choice. They were the New York Yanks, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland, Chicago Cardinals, Green Bay and Pittsburgh. The others couldn't draw because they had won the bonus pick in previous years. A survey of the team's greatest needs revealed the Browns, Eagles, Redskins, Packers and Lions will be searching for T quarterbacks. The Yanks need linemen for both offense and defense. The 49ers need linebackers and defensive backs and the Bears need defensive linemen and backs. The Steelers "T" need is greatest because they are this year switching from the single wing to the T. The Browns want a man to spell Otto GRaham and the Redskins want the same for Sammy Baugh. The Cardinals' first choice would surely be Ollie Matson of San Francisco, if still available, because Matson's old coacj, Joe Kuharich, takes over the club this season. The league's rules committee met for several hours last night, and the result seems to be this, the extra point will remain in pro football, and the league will probably adopt a sudden-death overtime period for tie championship games. Commissioner Bert Bell proposed the extra point be eliminated and each touchdown automatically be worth seven points. The rules committee vote 7-5 in favor of this proposal, and this, Bell said, means it will probably be defeated when the owners vote. It takes a 10-2 margin of the owners to carry the measure. The vote was 9-3 for the overtime period, and Bell thinks the extra vote can be collected. The league also voted to number players according to their positions - but permit the big-name stars to keep the numbers they now use. The league revealed that a Dallas promoter - who was not identified - tried to buy the New York Yanks franchise from Ted Collins. The offer was refused and Collins how has paid up all his league's debt. So he seems set for at least another season of pro football...Packer head coach Gene Ronzani had indicated a change in policy for the Packers in the draft. A year ago he advocated selection of collegians ineligible for military service - and came up with only four men who made his 1951 team. This year he says his motto is "go for the established stars and worry about the service draft later."
JANUARY 17 (New York) - Six of Wisconsin's brightest stars and one each from Marquette and St. Norbert were selected Thursday in the annual draft of the NFL. Green Bay grabbed linebacker Deral Teteak and quarterback Johnny Coatta, along with celebrated Kentucky passing wizard, Babe Parilli. Other Badgers chosen are as follows: end Pat O'Donahue and tackle Jerry Smith by San Francisco and back Jim Hammond and end Gene Felker by the Giants. Marquette's Joe Masnaghetti, defensive tackles, was picked off by the Cardinals, and end Pat Smithwick of St. Norbert was chosen by Pittsburgh. Fullback Don Peterson of Racine went to the Packers, and Wyoming's back Harry Geldien from West Allis Central was drafted bu the Rams. Some of the other Bay selections included Iowa's battering fullback, Bill Reichardt; back Bobby Dillon of Texas; tackle Tom Johnson of Michigan, and end Bill Howton of Rice. Parilli was Green Bay's initial choice, although he had stated at Lexington that he was seriously thinking of "going into business and doing part-time coaching at his alma mater." "It's security I am thinking of now," the Kentucky babe said, "although I would like to play a year or two of pro football." Coach Bear Bryant said he had an opening on his staff for his star pupil. Parilli set many all-time college records, including 50 touchdown passes. He passed for the most yards in three years, 4,351, had the most completed passes, 331, and the most touchdown passes in one season, 23. The Babe also pitched four touchdowns in bow games...The Philadelphia Eagles traded Jack Meyers, a fullback from UCLA, to the Los Angeles Rams for quarterback Bobby Thomason. Thomason played with the Packers last season on loan. The Eagles are also to receive another player to be named later.
JANUARY 22 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers operated at a loss of $18,672 in 1951, stockholders were told at their annual meeting here Monday night. "We lay the blame almost entirely on the weather," President Emil Fischer explained. "I conservatively estimate that the bad Sundays we bumped into cost us between $40,000 and $50,000." Fischer, who was re-elected president by the directors, said the financial report showed the expenses had been reduced $16,000, but income had fallen $48,000. He explained there was nothing alarming in the situation. The directors also re-elected coach Gene Ronzani as vice-president, and William Servotte secretary-treasurer. The stockholders earlier re-elected 10 directors whose terms had expired and named six new directors, five form the Milwaukee area. A general manager, with full authority, probably will be named shortly to direct all affairs of the club.
JANUARY 27 (Milwaukee) - The Green Bay Packers will play the New York Giants in an exhibition game at the new Milwaukee County Stadium next August, it was announced Saturday. Jerome Dretzka, secretary of the county park commission, said the game probably will be scheduled for Sunday August 17th.
FEBRUARY 12 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers have scheduled six home league games and two exhibition contests for the next football season. The home schedule: September 28 (Chicago Bears), October 5 (Washington), October 12 (Los Angeles), October 26 (Detroit), November 2 (Philadelphia), November 23 (Dallas). The club hasn't decided which of the home games will played here and which ones at Milwaukee. Exhibition matches, probably in August, will be at Milwaukee and here.
FEBRUARY 13 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers will meet the Cleveland Browns in an exhibition game here on the night of August 23, Packer president Emil Fischer announced today. It will mark the first local appearance of the Browns, who lost the NFL championship to the Los Angeles Rams last season. The Browns defeated the Packers, 38-7, in an exhibition tilt played at Toledo, OH, in August 1950, the first year the Browns played in the NFL. The teams have not met in regular league competition since the Browns joined the loop.
FEBRUARY 17 (Green Bay) - Quaterback Vito (Babe) Parilli, passing ace from the University of Kentucky, today signed a contract with the Green Bay Packers. Parilli was the first player to sign a 1952 contract with the Packers. His signing strengthened the Packers at the vital quarterback position, where Tobin Rote was the only holdover from the 1951 squad. The salary offered Parilli was not announced, but his signing spiked rumors that he intended to play football in Canada next year. Parilli was the Packers' first draft choice this year. The Packers also announced today that John Pont, star halfback at Miami University, had returned his signed contract. He was the Packers' 20th draft choice.
FEBRUARY 27 (Pullman, WA) - Roger Grove, a Michigan State graduate who played quarterback for the Green Bay Packers for five years, Tuesday was selected as backfield coach at Washington State. Grove, 44, is  now coach at Alton, IL high school. He joined the Packers in the early 30s.
MARCH 2 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins will play an exhibition game in Kansas City September 14, it was announced Saturday. The game will pit against each other two of the nation's top freshmen quarterbacks, Babe Parilli, Kentucky passing ace now with the Packers, and Larry Isbell, former Baylor star now with the Redskins.
MARCH 9 (Milwaukee) - Packers Head coach Gene Ronzani Saturday signed three former Wisconsin stars, including the Big Ten's leading passer last year, quarterback Johnny Coatta. The other two Badger stars were Deral Teteak, defensive linebacker, and Ed Withers, defensive halfback. Ronzani came to terms with the three players at a luncheon meeting of "Packer Backers" in Milwaukee. Coatta and Teteak played in the Blue-Gray and North-South All-Star games. Coatta also was named to the quarterback post on the United Press All-Big 10 team and the U.P. All-Midwest team. Coatta set Big 10 forward passing records in 1951 with 76 completions in 146 attempts for a total of 1,030 yards in conference games.
MARCH 14 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Women's Quarterback Club, first of its kind in the nation, is being organized for a third year in support of the Green Bay Packers. A membership drive will get underway March 27. Any girl or woman over 16 years is eligible. Memberships cost $1, plus tax. Meetings will be held Wednesday evenings during the football season. For the first time, the women quarterbacks will name a most valuable player and give him a trophy.
MARCH 15 (Los Angeles) - The champion Los Angeles Rams have traded one of the game's greatest defensive ends for the fellow they believe is football's greatest blocker. The swap, announced Friday, send Jack Zilly, who played his collegiate football at Notre Dame, to the Eagles. In return, the Rams get former UCLA fullback Jack (Moose) Myers plus the Eagles' first choice in next year's draft of college grid talent. Zilly has been a Ram since 1947. Rights to quarterback Bobby Thomason go to the Eagles. Myers played with the Eagles from 1948 to 1950, and last season was backfield coach with the College of the Pacific. Thomason played with the Packers last year on a year's trial, with the Rams retaining rights to him.
MARCH 20 (Latrobe, PA) - The Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers will play an exhibition game here Friday night August 29. The game will be played in a stadium with a seating capacity of 10,000. It will be the first pro football game in Latrobe since the turn of the century. Latrobe is about 40 miles east of Pittsburgh.
MARCH 20 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today that Tito Carinei, 210-pound center and linebacker at Xavier, has signed a contract for the 1952 season. Coach Gene Ronzani said Carinei, captain of the 1951 Xavier team, scored two touchdowns while in college from the linebacking post. Ronzani said Carinei's speed would help the Packers.
MARCH 25 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today that three key men from Lewis College's 1951 Midland Conference football championship squad have signed Packer contracts. They are fullback Bill Stratoon, center George Schmidt and guard Joe Farinella. Ray McLean, backfield coach for the Packers, coached all three men at Lewis before joining the Green Bay staff.
MARCH 28 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers, looking ahead to what they believe will be one of their best seasons in the recent years, Friday arranged to do their early season training again at Grand Rapid, MN. The facilities of North Central School of Agriculture, an extension division of the University of Minnesota, will be used. The present plans call for camp opening Sunday July 27, which will permit three weeks of work before the first regularly scheduled exhibition game against the New York Giants in the Shrine game August 16 and four weeks before the exhibition with the Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Saturday August 23. An intra-squad game at Duluth will probably be arranged before the Shrine Game. The North Central school, used by the Philadelphia Eagles as a training base before the Packers moved in last year for the first time, offers excellent facilities and beneficial seclusion. Grand Rapids is about 80 miles northwest of Duluth. The school has two football fields and fine dormitory facilities. Coach Gene Ronzani also announced Friday that he had signed Dave Hanner, 245-pound Arkansas tackle, who was Green Bay's fifth choice in the recent player draft. Hanner, who stands 6 feet 3 1/2 inches, was a regular for the Razorbacks for three years.
MARCH 31 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers will meet the Pittsburgh Steelers in an exhibition game at Minneapolis September 17. The game, the Packers' fifth preseason exhibition announced to date, will be a Catholic Charities benefit.
APRIL 8 (Cleveland) - Bob Gain, a 260-pound tackle who won All-America honors at Kentucky in 1950, has signed Monday signed his contract with the Cleveland Browns. Gain, 24-year old Akron native, played with Ottawa in the Canadian league last season and won all-Canadian honors. He chose Canadian football after failing to reach terms with the Green Bay Packers, who picked him as their No. 1 choice in the 1951 league draft. The Browns later obtained the rights to Gain in a trade in which they sent Dom Moselle and Ace Loomis to the Packers.
APRIL 8 (Philadelphia) - Malcolm Schmidt, Iowa State end, and Charley Robinson, rugged Negro guard from Morgan State and formerly of the Green Bay Packers, yesterday signed 1952 contracts with the Eagles.
APRIL 10 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers Thursday signed Bill Wilson, 6 foot 2 inch 215-pound Texas end. Wilson was the club's 12th choice in the annual draft. Wilson, who is married and has one child, will be graduated in June. He played three years of varsity ball.
APRIL 11 (Green Bay) - Jay Rhodemyre, offensive center for the Green Bay Packers last season, announced his retirement Thursday. He will devote full time to his business as a heating engineer for a Chicago firm. Rhodemyre, a former Kentucky All-Americans, played with the Packers in 1948 and 1949 and then retired for a year. He returned for last season. He underwent a knee operation last winter.
APRIL 19 (Green Bay) - H.N. Rusty Russell Jr., 205-pound SMU halfback and son of the SMU coach, yesterday became the 12th rookie signed by the Green Bay Packers for next season.
APRIL 24 (Green Bay) - Earl (Jug) Girard, halfback for the Green Bay Packers, has signed to play with the Green Bay Bluejays of the Wisconsin State baseball league, Len Reis, Bluejay president, said yesterday. Reis said Girard will play baseball until the Packers open drills in late July. Girard was on the ineligible list of the Reading, PA club but was reinstated and transferred to the Bluejays, another farm club of the Cleveland Indians.
APRIL 24 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers today announced the signing of Art Kleinschmidt, 230-pound guard from Tulane. Kleinschmidt, chosen on the All-Southland Conference defensive team, played three seasons with the Green Wave after seeing service in Merchant Marine in the war.
APRIL 25 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers Thursday traded Paul (Buddy) Burris, veteran guard from Oklahoma, to the Philadelphia Eagles for Mario Giannelli, 265-pound linebacker from Boston College. It was a straight player transaction with no cash involved. Burris had been in the NFL since 1949 and Giannelli since 1948.
APRIL 26 (Milwaukee) - Eddie Jankowski, former fullback great at Wisconsin and for the Green Bay Packers, has resigned as high school coach at Whitefish Bay. He said he has no immediate plans, except that he wanted to get out of high school work. He may seek a college job or going into private business.
APRIL 29 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers Thursday obtained two tackles and a guard from the Cleveland Browns in exchange for rookie linebacker Walt Michaels. In a straight trade, the Packers got veteran tackle Forest (Chubby) Grigg, rookie tackle Dick Logan of Ohio State and rookie guard Elmer (Zeke) Costa of North Carolina State. Grigg, a 280-pounder, has been a defensive bulwark in the powerful Brown line for five years. A graduate of Tulas, Grigg broke in with the Chicago Rockets in 1947, then went to the Browns in a three-player deal. Costa actually was the Packers' fourth draft choice but they owed the choice to the Browns in the Bob Gain deal, a transaction which also gave the Packers backs Dom Moselle, Chuck Schroll, Ace Loomis and end Dan Orlich for the rights to Gain. Costa, selected on several All-America teams, packs 225 pounds on his 6-1 frame. Logan, Cleveland's 11th draft choice, played on the Buckeyes' defensive platoon both in 1950 and 1951. He weighs 235 and stands 6-2. Despite his size, Logan, 22, has been clocked at 11 seconds flat in the 100-yard dash. Michaels originally came to the Packers early last season from the Browns for defensive end Orlich. A former Washington and Lee star, he will be carried as fullback insurance for the Browns. The trade is the second Packer coach Gene Ronzani has engineered in the past five days.
MAY 6 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers Monday announced the signing of two Southwest Conference stars from Rice Institute, end Bill Howton and back Billy Burkhalter. Howton, who was the Packers No. 2 draft choice, caught 33 passes for Rice last year for a total of 747 yards, a 22.6-yard average. He also doubled as a defensive halfback for Rice, and played basketball and baseball as well as participating in track. Burkhalter, Green Bay's 11th draft pick, played on both offense and defense at all backfield positions. The signings were announced at a meeting of Packer officials in Milwaukee. Club officials said the two men now made 15 rookies signed so far.
MAY 8 (Green Bay) - Halfback Dan Standifer was obtained from the Philadelphia Eagles in a trade for back Rip Collins, the Packers reported today. Standifer, 6 foot 2, set an NFL record of 13 pass interceptions as a rookie with the Washington Redskins in 1948. He joined the Eagles in the middle of the 1950 season. Collins began his pro career with the Chicago Hornets in 1949, went to the Baltimore Colts the next year and came to Green Bay the following season.
MAY 13 (Chicago) - The Chicago Cardinals and Green Bay Packers will play an exhibition game at Comiskey Park Sunday September 7 for the Chicago Herald-American Veterans Fund. The game, announced today by managing director Walter Wolfner, will mark the Cardinal's first Chicago appearance under new head coach Joe Kuharich.
MAY 13 (Milwaukee) - Milwaukee County's new stadium will be completed after the baseball season ends because of a construction workers' strike in the Milwaukee area. County officials had hoped the 36,000-seat stadium would be finished in time for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball club to play at least part of its schedule in the new park, but the 29-day construction workers strike had delayed raising of steelwork and pouring of concrete. Officials are hoping that the Green Bay Packers will be able to play three of its league games in the stadium this fall, although the Packers' August 16 exhibition game with the New York Giants has already been scheduled for the Marquette University Stadium.
MAY 15 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers last night announced the signing of George Pratt, big Arkansas State Teachers College tackle. Pratt, 16th rookie to sign with the NFL team this year, stands 6-7 and weighs 280.
MAY 15 (Chicago) - Dick Evans, 34, who played football with the Chicago Cardinals in 1941-42, yesterday signed to become a member of the team's coaching staff. Head coach Joe Kuharich said Evans would serve as a line coach. Evans, who also played with the Green Bay Packers, was a member of the Loyola University (Los Angeles) coaching staff last year.
MAY 22 (Cleveland) - The Cleveland Browns, deposed champs of the NFL, continued their rebuilding program with the announcement Wednesday night of a two-for-one trade with the Green Bay Packers. Coach Paul Brown, who last season lost his first professional championship in six years, sent two veterans to the Packers in exchange for a player he gave up last year. Tony Adamle, star lineback and Cleveland captain, and halfback Don (Dopey) Phelps were traded to Green Bay for Ace Loomis, 23, who played college ball at La Crosse State Teachers. Loomis went to the Browns in the draft in 1951. The Packers got him in a trade involving four players last fall and used him as a defensive halfback. Adamle, however, may never play for the Packers. He has indicated he wants to enter medical school and give up pro ball although he said "plans are not definite yet". Adamle made the all-pro team last year. Phelps led the Browns in punt and kickoff returns as a rookie with the Cleveland club in 1950.
MAY 29 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers Wednesday night announced the signing of Carl Kreager, 6-4 225-pound offensive center from Michigan.
JUNE 2 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers Saturday signed Bobby Dillon, defensive halfback from the University of Texas and their third choice in the recent NFL draft. Dillon, 22, 6-feet-1-inches and weighing 180, is the 21st new man to sign with the Packers for 1952.
JUNE 4 (Green Bay) - Head coach Gene Ronzani of the Green Bay Packers has been named professional football coach of the year by Unico National, an organization composed of professional and business leaders of Italian descent. Ronzani was notified of his selection by Dr. D.M. Nigro, athletic director of the group...Bob North, former All-Southern back at Georgia Tech, yesterday signed a contract with the Green Bay Packers. North, drafted by Philadelphia last year and released after a short trial, was picked up as a free agent.
JUNE 6 (Green Bay) - Coach Gene Ronzani of the Packers today announced the signing of quarterback Tobin Rote, the first veteran to come into the fold this year. Rote, the former Rice star, has played two seasons with the Packers. Green Bay also has All-American Babe Parilli of Kentucky and Wisconsin's Johnny Coatta in the quarterback category.
JUNE 10 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced the singing of Herb Zimmerman, Texas Christian guard, yesterday. Zimmerman was a regular for three years on the defensive platoon at TCU.
JUNE 12 (Green Bay) - John Jackson Schuetzner, former South Carolina end, signed a professional football contract today with the Green Bay Packers. Schuetzner, who stands 6-4 and weighs 215 pounds, spent three years in the Marines after completing his college football career.
JUNE 16 (Green Bay) - George Hudak, Minnesota halfback, signed a contract Saturday with the Green Bay Packers. Hudak, a three-letterman with Minnesota, is 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 185 pounds.
JUNE 18 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced yesterday that Fred Cone, 1951 rookie fullback, has signed a contract for the 1952 season. Cone, a former Clemson star, led the Packers in scoring in 1951, with a total of 50 points, 29 of them on points after touchdowns.
JUNE 19 (East Lansing, MI) - Karl Kluckhohn, a former Colgate University end picked up the Packers in the 1952 draft, has signed a professional baseball contract, the Packers announced today.
JUNE 21 (Green Bay) - The Packers yesterday signed Frank Kapral, Michigan State guard. The 5-foot-11, 210 pounder from Luzerne, PA reportedly will get $6,000 from the Packers for the coming season. Packer coach Gene Ronzani came here to negotiate with Kapral.
JUNE 24 (Green Bay) - Bill Reichardt, who was named the most valuable player in the Big Ten in 1951, has signed a 1952 contract with the Green Bay Packers, coach Gene Ronzani said today. Reichardt, who set a new rushing record at the University of Iowa last year, is a five foot 11 1/2 inch fullback weighing 205 pounds. In 1951, he carried 178 times for a total of 737 yards. The big fullback, who is 22 years old today, also set a new Iowa record by converting 51 of 63 after-touchdown attempts in three years. Reichardt, who was the Packers' number seven choice in the college draft, will play in the All-Star game in Chicago in August. He played in two post-season games in Alabama last year - the North-South contest in Montgomery and the Senior Bowl in Mobile.
JUNE 26 (Green Bay) - Joe Spencer, veteran Green Bay Packer, came to terms today for the 1952 season. Spencer, a 240-pounder, will be playing his third season with the club. He attended Oklahoma A&M.
JUNE 27 (Green Bay) - Halfback Don Phelps, recently acquired in a trade with the Cleveland Browns, has signed a 1952 contract with the Green Bay Packers. Phelps, a former Kentucky star, played the past two season for the Browns. As a rookie in 1950, he led the champions in punt and kickoff returns and averaged five yards per try in rushing.
JULY 1 (Green Bay) - Appointment of Bob Perina as assistant coach, game and talent scout of the Green Bay Packers was announced today. Perina, a graduate of Princeton, now is studying for a law degree at the University of Wisconsin. He played professional football with the New York Yanks, Chicago Rockets and Chicago Bears in 1946-50, and professional baseball with Utica of the Eastern League and Louisville of the American Association. Coach Gene Ronzani said Perina would assist in coaching during the pre-season sessions and then work with scout Jack Vainisi during the regular season.
JULY 2 (Green Bay) - Bobby Jack Floyd, 210-pound Texas Christian fullback, today signed a 1952 contract with the Green Bay Packers. Floyd, junior at TCU last fall, was declared ineligible for college play this year. He was the Packers' 15th choice in the NFL draft. Floyd is the second rookie fullback signed recently by the Packers. Earlier, Bill Reichardt of Iowa agreed to Green Bay terms.
JULY 3 (Green Bay) - The signing of two Negro athletes - tackle Tom Johnson of Michigan and fullback Donal (Mike) Riley of Iowa - was announced today by the Packers. Johnson, the Packers' 5th draft choice, starred for three years at Michigan and captained the Wolverines' defensive unit last year. He stands 6-2 and weighs 230 pounds. Riley, a 220-pounder, was the second-string fullback at Iowa behind Bill Reichardt, already under Packer contract.
JULY 8 (Berlin) - Walter (Wally) Dreyer, former Wisconsin football star and a member of the Green Bay Packers for the past three season, had been named head football and basketball coach at Berlin High School. Dreyer's contract was approved Monday night at a meeting of the Berlin school board on recommendation of Leonard Kresal, chairman of the board's personnel committee. In addition to his head coaching position, he will have charge of physical education classes and carry a limited classroom schedule in the school's science department. A resident of Milwaukee, Dreyer was a first-string halfback under coach Harry Stuhldreher at Wisconsin before entering the pro ranks with the Chicago Bears in 1949. He went to the Packers in 1950 and played with the Green Bay team last year. An outstanding defensive back, he intercepted a pass for a touchdown which gave the Packers a victory over the Bears in 1950.
JULY 10 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers have signed Dan Sandifer, a veteran halfback obtained in a trade that sent halfback Rip Collins to the Philadelphia Eagles. Sandifer, who has played with the Redskins, Lions and Eagles, will be in his fifth year of pro football. Packer coach Gene Ronzani said he planned to use Sandifer mainly as a defensive back. A veteran end and a rookie tackle signed today with the Packers. They are John Martinkovic, a defensive flanker last year, and Jack Fulkerson, 230-pound tackle at Mississippi Southern College in 1951.
JULY 11 (Green Bay) - Charles Boerio, a hard-hitting linebacker for Illinois last year, has signed with the Green Bay Packers, coach Gene Ronzani announced today. Wisconsin fans will remember Boerio as the leader of several goal line stands in the Badger-Illini game at Champaign last year. He also was a key figure in the Illinois defense against Stanford in the Rose Bowl. He has been named to the college all-star squad which meets the Los Angeles Rams in Chicago last August.
JULY 14 (Newark) - A Superior Court order restraining former North Carolina State star Elmer Costa from playing with the Montreal Alouettes was issued Monday, but he had already left for Canada. The order was obtained from Judge Haydn Proctor by the Green Bay Packers which alleged a contract with Costa. The court ordered Costa to show cause July 22 why a permanent injunction should be issued against his playing with any team other than the Packers. Costa's mother told process servers that he took a plane today for Montreal.
JULY 15 (Dallas) - Two weeks from today Texas fields its first major professional football team. Since February 7, graying Jim Phelan, the veteran coach, has been in Dallas getting the club together for 18 persons who plunked down $300,000 to obtain the New York Yanks franchise in the NFL. Phelan is confident he has a better team than the Yanks of 1951, whom he coached to one victory, two ties, and nine defeats after taking over three weeks late. "I have a better squad, much more depth, and, of course, more familiarity with the players," Phelan said today as he prepared for the first contingent of athletes to Kerrville, in South Texas' hill country, for the training period. The Yanks had been working out for three weeks last fall before Pheland was named head coach to replace Norman (Red) Strader. Phelan will send his centers, quarterbacks and several other backs to Kerrville July 27. The remainder of the squad will arrive there August 1. Full scale practice will open August 2. Phelan, a former college coach who has been tutoring pro teams for four years, talks much like a college coach of his prospects. He won't predict what the Dallas Texans will do this season except that he feels they will be an improved team over the Yanks, 23 of whom are on the Texan squad. "But the Green Bay Packers, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago Bears will be stronger and the Detroit Lions will possibly be stronger," said Phelan. Those are the opposition in the National Conference for the Texans. Phelan has convinced the rich Texans who own the club that they must not expect a championship or even a break-even club the first year - that it will take at least a year to build a contending team. The Texans play their first exhibition game August 23 with Carswell Air Base at Corpus Christi.
​JULY 15 (Green Bay) - Coach Gene Ronzani of the Green Bay Packers announced today that Ray Pelfrey, a former halfback converted to an end last year, has signed a 1952 contract. The Packers switched Pelfrey from the backfield into the line last season and he scored five touchdowns as an end. He caught a total of 38 passes for a 462-yard total and was an elusive runner.
JULY 17 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers launch their 34th season of professional football with the opening of training camp at Grand Rapids, MN July 28. Head coach Gene Ronzani, starting his third campaign in the driver's seat, is looking for his best season and one of the best in the long and colorful history of the team. Ronzani's teams posted a 3-9 record in his first year, 1950, and finished with the same mark last fall. Ronzani will take approximately 50 athletes to camp, including 20 veterans of the 1951 Packer team and the fruits of the most powerful college draft list in Bay history. More than 20 members of the 30-player draft already have signed, including All-American quarterback Babe Parilli from Kentucky, the No. 1 choice. Packer coaches returning from last fall besides Ronzani are Dick Plasman, Tarz Taylor, Ray McLean and Chuck Drulis. Bob Perina, the former Chicago Bear who has been scouting for the Bays will assist with coaching, especially during the early training period. Packer fans won't have to wait long to see their team in action against real NFL opposition. The first non-championship game will send them against the New York Giants in Milwaukee's Marquette Stadium August 16 - just 20 days after the start of training. The Packers will sharpen for the non-league card with two intrasquad games - the second annual Fish Bowl classic in Duluth Friday night August 8 and a contest in Grand Forks, ND August 11. The Packers will be handicapped some for the first two non-league games, since six of their draft stars, all signed, will compete in the College All-Star Game August 15 in Chicago. Already chosen are Parilli, end Bill Howton, defensive halfback Bobby Dillon, linebacker Chuck Boerio, fullback Bill Reichardt and tackle Tom Johnson. Packer ticket director Carl Mraz announced today that the sale of season tickets has been moving along well...Coach Gene Ronzani announced yesterday that Dom Moselle, speedy halfback from Superior State College and formerly of the Cleveland Browns, has signed his 1952 contract. He was obtained in a trade before the 1951 season.
JULY 18 (Green Bay) - Head coach Ronzani of the Green Bay Packers announced today the signing of veteran tackle Howie Ruetz and rookie end Franklin Ellis. Ruetz is another native Badger on the 1952 Packers. His home is Racine, where he graduated from St. Catherine's High School in 1946. He played three years of college football at Loras College, Dubuque, IA. He was selected on the All-Iowa Conference; All-Midlands Conference and Harmon's Little All-America honorary teams. Drafted by the Rams in 1951, he came to the Packers on a straight deal before the 1951 season. The big lineman tips the scales at 265 pounds and stands 6-3. In his rookie year with the Packers, he showed powerful defensive ability and may well earn a regular spot on the defensive platoon. The 24-year old Ruetz come by football naturally, as his father managed the Racine Legion team, a member of the NFL from 1921-24. Franklin (Red) Ellis had a brief trial with the Packers in 1950. He was called into service, from which he was recently discharged after nearly two years with the Air Force. Ellis stands 6-2, weighs 200 pounds and will be 24 years old on July 31.
JULY 22 (Green Bay) - The Packers announced today that Carlton "Stretch" Elliott, veteran end of the 1951 squad, has signed his contract for the coming season. Last season, the former Virginia standout grabbed 35 passes for 317 yards and five touchdowns. He is 6 feet 4 1/2 inches tall, weighs 220 and is 24 years old.
JULY 23 (Green Bay) - Marquette University's first string offensive center for the last three years, Dan Makowski, yesterday signed to play football with the Packers. Makowski is 22, 6 feet 1 and 205 pounds.
​JULY 25 (Green Bay) - Green Bay Packer coach Gene Ronzani announced today that Billy Grimes, veteran halfback, has signed his 1952 contract. At Detroit, the Lions announced they have sold Clarence Self, former backfield ace for Wisconsin, to the Bays for an undisclosed sum. It was a straight cash deal. Grimes led the Packers in scoring, rushing, punt returns and kickoff return average of 25.3 yards and caught 15 passes for 170 yards. Self has been in the pro ranks for three years. He broke in with the Chicago Cardinals and spent the last two season with Detroit.
JULY 26 (Green Bay) - The Packers today announced that halfback Earl (Jug) Girard, former Wisconsin star, had been traded to the Detroit Lions. In return, the Lions gave up end Ed Barrang, rookie tackle Steve Dowden of Baylor and a third player to be named later. Girard, 25, has four years of pro experience. The 175-pound left halfback averaged 40.4 yards in punting last year, intercepted five passes and caught ten passes for two touchdowns.
​JULY 26 (Green Bay) - At least a dozen familiar faces will be missing when the Green Bay Packers launch training for the 1952 season at Grand Rapids, MN Monday. Seven veterans of the 1951 club have retired from pro football and five others from last year's team have been traded to other clubs. Dispatched via the trade route were guard 
Buddy Burris, quarterback Bobby Thomason, halfback Rip Collins, linebacker Walt Michaels, and defensive halfback Ace Loomis. Actually, Thomason wasn't traded off; he was returned to the Los Angeles Rams who traded him to Philadelphia. Other veterans not returning are center Jay Rhodemyre, who has gone into business in Chicago; linebacker Carl Schuette, assistant coach at Marquette; tackle Leon Manley, high school coaching; end Dan Orlich, business in Reno; guards Ray DiPierro and Ham Nichols; and end Dick Moje. With more than one-third of his veterans gone, Packer head coach Gene Ronzani is building his 1952 team around a nucleus of his best veterans, the best college draft in Packer history, and a number of promising darkhorses. Of the 30 players drafted, more than 20 already have been signed. To add weight to the power of the draft list, six players have been selected to compete in the College All-Star game. Seven of the draft choices may pass up pro football - some not by choice. Notre Dame halfback Billy Barrett has been called into the army, while guard Herb Zimmerman of Texas Christian came up with high blood pressure while taking his army physical examination. Wisconsin quarterback Johnny Coatta is undecided about playing pro ball. Already in the army is tackle Howard Tisdale, a 250-pounder from S.F. Austin State College in Texas. Three have gone into business, I.D. Russell, SMU back; Mel Becket, Indiana center; and Bill Wilson, Texas end.
JULY 28 (Milwaukee) - Emergency arrangements were made Saturday so the Green Bay Packers can use Marquette Stadium for three NFL games scheduled here this fall. Action was taken because of delay in building of the new County Stadium. State Fair Park, the scene of many Packer games, was unavailable because some wooden stands had been dismantled.
DECEMBER 16 (Green Bay) - Have the Green Bay Packers come up with another Don Hutson? That thought is almost heretical in Wisconsin where professional football enthusiasm mounts to near-religious fervor every fall...but a curly-haired rookie from Rice Institute, Bill Howton by name, is off to a running start as a possible successor to the man who made passing what it is today in the pro ranks. The young Texan - he was 22 last July - smashed one Hutson record this fall in his first season in the NFL as the Packers compiled a 6-6 record for their best season since 1947. Playing at right end - Hutson operated on the left flank - Howton's pass catching netted the Packers 1,231 yards, 20 more than the one-time Alabama ace's mark set 10 years ago, and 10 touchdowns. Hutson, in 1942, scored 17 touchdowns. Howton caught 53 passes in compiling his yardage total, the league's best for the year and second only to the all-time season mark of 1,495 yards established last fall by Elroy Hirsch of Los Angeles. Hutson's figure, pushed off the No.2 slot now in the NFL record book, was made on 74 catches. The 6-2 youngster figured in another season mark this year, too, with a pair of 90-yard touchdown receptions, longest in the league. His roommate on the road, Babe Parilli, had a hand in both, tossing 19 yards with Howton going the other 71 against Washington on October 5, and throwing 37 with the Rice flanker adding the extra 53 against San Francisco last Sunday. Although Parilli was the passer on the two long plays, the Packers' other quarterback, Tobin Rote, fired just as frequently to his former teammate at Rice. Rote, now in his third year with Green Bay, was a senior and Howton a sophomore at the Houston school in 1949.
DECEMBER 21 (Green Bay) - Fred Cone, Green Bay Packer fullback, Saturday said he plans to retire from pro 
football to coach high school sports in South Carolina. "I had given the idea of retirement considerable thought all season," Cone, a former star at Clemson, said. "I definitely made up my mind to quit when I injured my leg in the Thanksgiving Day game against Detroit."
DECEMBER 23 (Sherman, TX) - Joe Spencer, who played three years professional football with the Green Bay Packers, was hired Monday as assistant football coach at Austin College here. Spencer, who lives in Oklahoma City, will report soon after New Year's Day. He will coach the Kangaroo line while head coach Harry Buffington, line coach last year, will tutor the backfield.
DECEMBER 24 (Milwaukee) - Pro football scouts, hopeful of finding a "Christmas star", will be among the 45,000 spectators watching the Orange Bowl on Christmas night. Dick Plasman, assistant coach of the Green Bay Packers, arrived early enough to look over the players in practice. He and other pro scouts have seen college players vault from obscurity to the top of the pro draft by their performance in an all-star classic. Plasman said he was especially interested in end Ernie Stockert of UCLA, end Bernard Flowers of Purdue, back Dale Samuels of Purdue and Don Moomaw of UCLA, all among the well-known players in this Shrine benefit game.
DECEMBER 26 (Baltimore) - Season ticket sales for the promised return of pro football to Baltimore climbed past the 12,000 mark Friday. The city had been assured the Dallas club in 1953 if it buys $250,000 worth of season tickets, amounting to about 15,000 books, before the annual meeting of the NFL on January 23. The tickets went on sale in mid-December.
JULY 28 (Grand Rapids, MN) - The Green Bay Packers started training Monday for their 34th season in the NFL. Head coach Gene Ronzani put a squad of 50 through two brisk workouts and said he was pleased with the enthusiasm displayed by the candidates. The morning session consisted of calisthenics, and conditioning exercises. In the afternoon the coaches divided the squads by positions to get a chance to familiarize themselves with each newcomer.
JULY 29 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today that they have purchased veteran Ray Bray from the Chicago Bears. He will report immediately to the Packers' training camp in Grand Rapids, MN.
JULY 30 (Grand Rapids) - The Green Bay Packers disregarded a driving rain yesterday and continued their two-a-day drills minus one member. Guard Mario Giannelli, acquired from the Eagles in a trade last winter, decided to quit pro football and returned to his home in Everett, MA. The long and tough workouts were led by backs Tobin Rote and Bob Forte. Ray Bray, veteran guard obtained yesterday from the Chicago Bears, was expected to participate in today's drills.
JULY 31 (Grand Rapids) - Head coach Gene Ronzani put his Packers through two long running and passing drills Wednesday. Veteran backs Billy Grimes, Tony Canadeo, Jack Cloud, Fred Cone and Dom Moselle looked good as well as rookie backs Johnnie Pont, Bobby Jack Floyd, and Bobby North. Bob Forte and Tobin Rote handled he passing assignments, with Bob Mann, Ray Pelfrey and Stretch Elliott the receivers.
JULY 31 (Grand Rapids) - Sore muscles, punters and quarterbacks occupied the spotlight as the Green Bay Packers entered their fourth day of practice here Thursday. Sore muscles were experienced since the athletes so were inactive insofar as football is concerned for eight months, but coach Gene Ronzani figured the boys should be toughened enough to compete in a light scrimmage maybe early next week. The punting problem developed the other day when Ronzani traded Jug Girard, the halfback who handled Packer punting for four seasons, to Detroit. Most logical successor to Jug's punting is Ray Pelfrey, the sophomore end-halfback who booted five times for a 44-plus average last year as a rookie. Girard averaged 40.4 in 52 boots. Ronzani is giving all of his punting prospects a chance to show their stuff, but one of the hotter possibilities isn't in camp - Babe Parilli. Parilli is one of six Packers drilling with the College All-Stars. He got off several long boots in pre-camp workouts in Green Bay last week. Another possibility is quarterback Tobin Rote, who booted one quickie for 55 yards last fall. The absence of Parilli is throwing an extra burden on Rote - the only quarterback in camp unless Johnny Coatta of Wisconsin shows up. Coatta, who signed a contract last winter, hasn't shown any desire to play pro football. For scrimmage purposes and the Fish Bowl game in Duluth August 8, Ronzani may be forced to use the one-backer on one of the teams. Pelfrey, who can pass and loves to run, likely will get the shot. Rote, who starred as the one-backer last year, probably will operate the straight T.
AUGUST 1 (Grand Rapids) - The Green Bay Packers were put through their first contact drills at their training camp here Thursday, with the emphasis on the rookies. Coach Gene Ronzani said he was especially pleased with the performances of Deral Teteak, Wisconsin; Dave Hanner, Arkansas; Dick Logan, Ohio State and Tito Carinici of Xavier on defense. On offense, he said the standouts were Bobby North of Georgia Tech; Johnny Pont of Miami of Ohio and Bobby Jack Floyd, TCU.
AUGUST 2 (Grand Rapids) - Coach Gene Ronzani sent the Green Bay Packers through a morning workout on offense Friday and then spent the afternoon in a long defensive drill. Showing up well for the defensive units were Rusty Russell of SMU, Tito Carinici of Xavier, Deral Teteak of Wisconsin and Don Sandifer, recently of the Philadelphia Eagles. A large crowd watched the drills as ends Bobby Mann, Ray Pelfrey and Stretch Elliott staged a pass receiving exhibition.
AUGUST 3 (Grand Rapids) - Coach Gene Ronzani drove the Green Bay Packers through a grueling two-hour scrimmage Saturday as the temperature hovered in the high 90s. After the session Ronzani said plenty of work lay ahead before a winning combination could be worked out. The Packers starting offensive lineup had Carlton Elliott and Tom Ellis at ends; Dave Hanner and Dick Logan, tackles; Dave Stephenson and Dick Afflis, guards; and George Schmidt, center. Bob Forte, Johnny Pont, Jim North and Bobby Floyd comprised the backfield. The defensive unit had John Martinkovic and Abner Wimberly at end; Bob Ecker and Elmer Cost, tackles; Art Kleinschmidt and Bill Mullens, guards; and Tito Carinici, center. Rusty Russell, Ed Withers, Deral Teteak and Chico Mavigliano were in the secondary. Every able-bodied man, some 50 in all, saw action. After the practice three players were given released. They were end John Schuetzner, South Carolina; guard Al Rippi, Northern Illinois; and fullback Bill Stratton, Lewis College.
AUGUST 5 (Grand Rapids) - Coach Gene Ronzani's Green Bay Packer polished their passing attack Monday afternoon with the defensive backfield getting another vigorous workout. A heavy rainfall in the morning had forced the team indoors for calisthenics and conditioning exercises. The lineman were given contact work to prepare them for the intrasquad Fish Bowl game Friday night in Duluth. George Hudak, halfback stalwart from Minnesota, joined the team after completing a six-week officers training course at Fort Eustis, VA. Hudak is slated to play left halfback Friday night.
AUGUST 6 (Grand Rapids) - The Green Bay Packers scrimmaged for two hours Tuesday as they pointed for intrasquad games at Duluth Friday night and Grand Forks, ND Monday night. Franklin Ellis, end from Denver University, injured ribs during the workout and stayed in a hospital for overnight observation. Coach Gene Ronzani gave all rookies a final inspection before dividing his men for the weekend exhibitions. Defensive stars among the newcomers were Deral Teteak, Wisconsin; Elmer Costa, North Carolina State; Tito Carinici, Xavier; and Ray Bray, formerly of the Chicago Bears. Standing out on offense were veteran Jack Cloud and rookies Johnny Pont of Miami, Ohio and Bobby Floyd, TCU.
AUGUST 6 (Delafield, WI) - The kid had a worried look as he leaned back on his bed in the St. John's Military Academy dormitory. "Gee," he said, "I hope they let me play a little up there this fall." The speaker was Babe Parilli, for whom big things are expected this fall by the Green Bay Packers. Apparently, though, no one had told the Kentucky youngster that he figures so prominently in Packer plans. He was worried, honestly worried, as he waited for the call to afternoon practice at the College All-Stars training camp here. "They've got a real good quarterback up there right now," he went on, still talking about Green Bay. "You know, Tobin Rote." "Sure they have," he was told, "but they also got rid of Bobby Thomason and they can't play in that league with just one quarterback." "I know it," admitted the swarthy Kentucky Babe, who was one of the slickest T-formation operators in college ranks a year ago, "and I hope I can get the other job. I've got a lot of learnin' to do first. My gosh, they've got a lot of plays." "That's for sure," cut in Parilli's All-Star roommate, Bill Howton of Rice, also a Packer draftee, who was sprawled on the other bed in the little room. " We were up there before reporting here and it looks like a lot of work." Howton, a curly-haired end with a Texas drawl, explained he had looked over maneuvers prescribed for flankmen in the system taught by coach Gene Ronzani and grinned as he added that "they're simple compared to the stuff Babe'll have to learn. The whole thing obviously bothered Parilli, who has earned the admiration of All-Star coaches for his magician-like handling of the ball in the T-slot and the accuracy of his passing. "I don't know if I should have come down here at all," he mused. "There're all these plays to learn and then forget and after that there's only a few weeks until we open our league season. It's not going to be easy." Both rookies are glad they were drafted by the Packers. Howton said he had his wife settled in Green Bay already and Parilli added that the city reminded him of Lexington, site of the University of Kentucky. "Why you can't walk down the street and folks say hello and call you by name," both marveled. "They never saw either of us until a few weeks ago, but they knew us just the same. That couldn't happen in any other city in the league." Of course it couldn't.
AUGUST 7 (Grand Rapids) - New young blood is boiling in the Green Bay Packers training camp and head coach Gene Ronzani is mighty pleased about it. The Packers have 22 simon pure rookies in camp and at least 15 of them are giving their pro experienced gentlemen a polite run for their money. In addition, the club has six rookies training with the College All-Stars. One of the outstanding new boys on the Packer reservation is fittingly enough a Wisconsin-bred athlete, one Deral Teteak of Oshkosh, a star on Wisconsin's eleven for three seasons and a former Fox River Valley Conference star. The squat, hard hitter is playing middle linebacker and he's giving the veterans real trouble. His vicious tackles shattered the teeth of such veterans as 220-pound Jack Cloud and the ageless Tony Canadeo. Working and boiling with Teteak is Tito Carinici, the linebacker from Xavier. The pair of newcomers not only softened the loss of Walt Michaels and Bob Summerhays, but may make the club tougher in that spot. Rookies are carrying the load at tackle and guard. Working in well at tackle are Dave Hanner, Elmer Costa, and Dick Logan, while Frank Kapral and Art Kleinschmidt seem to have it as guards. Among the rookie backs, halfback Jonnny Pont and fullback Bobby Jack Floyd are opening eyes every day. On defense, Ed Withers, the first year man from Wisconsin, is developing rapidly, and he likes to come up fast to make tackles near the line of scrimmage. Another surprise in camp is Bob Forte, the veteran linebacker-halfback who was in Uncle Sam's service last year. Forte never played T-quarterback in his life but he's filling in nicely as an assistant to Tobin Rote. Forte probably will go back to linebacking when Babe Parilli reports after the All-Star game August 15. But he'll still be ready for emergency QB use.
AUGUST 8 (Grand Rapids) - Two squads of Green Bay Packers divided as the Eskimos and the Packers worked out separately Thursday, polishing offenses for tonight's Fish Bowl game at Duluth. A short workout was to be held this morning before the squads left for Duluth.
AUGUST 9 (Duluth) - Duluth Eskimos, offshoot of the Green Bay Packers, Friday night whipped the parent team 34-7 in an exhibition game played in the so-called Fish Bowl here. The Duluth end of the split Packer squad held a 20-7 margin at the half. An even division of the team was sought but the Eskimos, coached by Bernie Bierman, former Minnesota mentor, held the initiative all the way. Bob Forte, Eskimo quarterback, passed to or set up three touchdowns in the first half. The defensive play of the Eskimos smothered Packer passing attempts throughout the contest. The winners returned the opening kick to their own 30 and Abner Wimberly went across the line minutes later for the first touchdown. Fred Cone counted the second on a 38-yard run before the first quarter ended. In the second quarter, Forte passed to Bobbie Mann behind the Packers' defense and Mann went across. Later, Tobin Rote started the Packer touchdown drive with successive passes to Floyd Reid, Dom Moselle and Carlton Elliott. Elliott went across. Cone started the third quarter scoring with a touchdown plunge. George Hudak, former Minnesota great, copped a Forte pass for a first down on the Packers' 12. Then with two to go on fourth down, Hudak plunged through his own left guard for the curtain-dropping counter.
AUGUST 12 (Hiram, OH) - Linebacker Tony Adamle, who says he has quit playing professional football to become a doctor, was traded back to the Cleveland Browns. Coach Paul Brown said at training camp here he has regained the rights to Adamle from the Green Bay Packers. In exchange, he said he will send a player - still to be named - to Green Bay. Green Bay got Adamle and Don Phelps from Cleveland for Ace Loomis and Walt Michaels earlier his summer. Shortly after that, Adamle said he was going to medical school at Western Reserve University here, retiring from the game.
AUGUST 12 (Grand Forks, ND) - The Blues defeated the Golds again, this time 28-7, as Coach Gene Ronzani sent his Green Bay Packers through their second intrasquad exhibition of the season here Monday night. The Blues won the first encounter at Duluth Friday night, 34-7. The Golds scored first on Tobin Rote's pass to Floyd Reid on a play which covered 40 yards in the opening quarter, but it was their only scoring punch of the night. The Blues tied it up on a pass immediately after, Bob Forte to Bob Mann, and then went on to their easy victory. Tony Canadeo, Fred Cone and George Hudak scored other touchdowns on plunges from inside the 10. Bob Forte completed 10 out of 17 passes for the winners, and Rote nine out of 19 for the losers. A crowd of 4,000 saw the game sponsored by the Grand Forks Baseball Club.
AUGUST 14 (Milwaukee) - The Packers, only major league team boasting two homes, will have their first 1952 look at the Milwaukee half of the setup Thursday night when they set up temporary house-keeping in preparation for the opening game with the New York Giants in the Shrine Benefit Classic Saturday night at Marquette Stadium. The squad will arrive at 5:55 p.m. after an all-day trip from training quarters in Grand Rapids, MN, and shortly thereafter move on to Hilltop Field for a workout under the lights. Another practice session is scheduled for Friday at a time to be announced later by coach Gene Ronzani. Boss Steve Owen and his Giants are due here later Friday after completing preliminary drills at their St. Peter, MN camp.
AUGUST 14 (Wausau) - Karl Kluckhohn, setting the pace for the Wausau Lumberjacks of the Wisconsin State League with a healthy .430 at the plate, has been sold to Davenport of the Three-I League. Kluckhohn, former Colgate gridiron end, turned down a pro football contact from the Packers to concentrate on baseball.
AUGUST 15 (Milwaukee) - The Packers arrived in Milwaukee later Thursday and immediately moved out to Marquette Stadium for a spirited workout that informally, yet officially, lifted the lid on football in this state for 1952. Several hundred fans, anxious for a preview, were there to greet the mixture of veterans and recruits coach Gene Ronzani will send against the powerful New York Giants in the annual Shrine Benefit game Saturday night. The emphasis on passing, with Tobin Rote and Bob Forte pitching to Bob Mann, Stretch Elliott, Fred Cone, Billy Grimes, Dom Moselle, Johnny Pont and other fast-moving receivers, pointed to an aerial duel in the making. The New Yorkers, of course, expect Charlie Conerly and Fred Benners, the rookie sensation from SMU, to match Rote and Forte pass for pass and throw in a few extra completions for good measure. Dan Makowski, rather light but mighty aggressive Marquette grad, will get the call at center on offense, as will Dave Hanner and Steve Dowden at the tackles, and Art Kleinschmidt at guard. Deral (Little Bull) Teteak, linebacker from Wisconsin; tackles Chubby Grigg and Elmer Costa; guard Ray Bray; linebacker Tito Carinici and halfbacks Clarence Self and Dan Sandifer very likely will be in the first defensive group to see action. The squad was reduced to 42 when backs Ed Withers and George Hudak and Franklin Ellis, an end, were released before the departure from training camp. The number will be increased to 48, 15 over the limit, when Babe Parilli, Bill Howton, Chuck Boerio, Tom Johnson, Bill Reichardt and Bobby Dillon join up after Friday night's All-Star game. There's still a chance that Jay Rhodemyre, who retired after last season, will rejoin the squad and take over center duties. The former Kentucky star will give Ronzani his decision after a conference in Chicago Friday. The Packer boss, naturally, would welcome Rhodemyre back into the fold, and he's hoping, too, that Dick Wildung can make arrangements to get away from his business in Redwood Falls, MN to handle the old left tackle spot for one more season. Players and coaches will be guests of the Tripoli Booster Club at the luncheon meeting Friday noon at the Shrine mosque. This rally will climax the weeks of promotional effort on the part of the Shriners.
AUGUST 15 (Milwaukee) - The talk so far has all been the same: This is potentially the best team the Green Bay Packers have had since their last championship year of 1944. And is it really? Well, you may be able to judge and see for yourselves when Gene Ronzani, beginning his third year as head coach, sics his charges on the New York Giants in the third annual Midwest Shrine Game at Marquette Stadium Saturday night. It will be the first start for both teams. "Frankly, I don't know just how good we may be this year," Ronzani said Thursday night as he sent his 42 men through a steaming two-and-a-half hour drill here after an all-day ride from their camp in Grand Rapids, MN. "Sure, I've heard all that talk about how much better we ought to be. Maybe we will. We've got more speed than last year, I think, and maybe a little more depth. We've plugged up some of the individual holes, too. Just how much better, though, I honestly don't know. I wish I did. I'm waiting for Saturday night's game as much as anybody else." Whatever happens out on the field, however, there will still be one sure winner: Charity. One-third of all of the receipts, including program advertising, will go to the Shrine Hospitals for crippled children. Two years ago, $12,000 was turned over, and last year $20,000. The fine advance sale indicates that probably as much as $25,000 will be raised this year. As part of the entertainment, the Shrine has arranged a parade of units to the stadium, a half hour pageant before the game, and a program by the Chapters and band between halves. The teams will have their pregame warmups on the practice field just outside the stadium. The Giants, once again one of the great teams in the league and co-favorites with Cleveland for the American Conference championship, will arrive here from their camp at St. Peters, MN Friday evening. The club is essentially the same that has lost only four of its last 24 league games, with a particularly strong line, anchored by four great tackles, and with excellent passing from Chuck Conerly, Fred Benners and Travis Tidwell. The visitors rule one touchdown favorites.
The 1952 Green Bay Packers - 6-6 (4th-National Conference)
Head Coach: Gene Ronzani