(GREEN BAY) - The 24 to 14 score looks like the comfortable
margin it was at the finish, but it conceals the moments of
frustration and anxiety suffered this afternoon by the Chicago
Bears before they finally subdued the Green Bay Packers,
emotionally geared for one of their famous upsets in this
traditional NFL opener. The Packers actually led at the end of
the opening half, 7 to 3, over a Bear team which bumbled 
along in the first 30 minutes. The Bears grabbed a 10 to 7
lead in the third quarter, but, in the final period, they were
perilously close to defeat when Bob Mann, in the clear,
dropped a pass 5 yards from the goal line.
This was the turning point of the bitterly contested match in
84 degree weather which attracted an overflow crowd of
24,656, several hundred of them Chicagoans. After Mann's
error, Ed Sprinkle, the Bears' veteran end, sparkled on two
successive plays which gave the Bears their late victory key.
The Packers were on the Chicago 20 after Mann's 
misadventure. Tobin Rote replaced rookie Vito Parilli at
quarterback, and Sprinkle roared in, knocking him down on 
the 27. Now it was fourth down and the Packers were
satisfied to go for the three tying points.
Bill Reichardt, freshman fullback from Iowa, stepped back on
the 35, but a moment after his foot crashed against the ball,
Sprinkle blocked it. The ball bounced all the way back to the
Green Bay 40, where the Bears took over. John (Kayo)
Dottley, who had 75 yards in eight carries, bolted for 11 and
Whizzer White, another prominent Bear today, bounced for 8.
After Dottley whirled to the 16, Bob Williams, making a
dazzling comeback after a jittery first half performance, fired to
lanky Gene Schroeder. The Virginia gentleman eluded Bobby
Dillon and ran for a touchdown. When George Blanda kicked
goal the score was 17 to 7.
A minute and a half later - at 8:35 in the quarter - it was 24 to
7. After Big Bob Moser snatched Bobby Jack Floyd's fumble
on the Green Bay 44, Dottley busted through defensive right
tackle, bowled over one Packer, then went the distance. Green
Bay added its consolation touchdown at 10:10 in the period -
completing a rash of three touchdowns within three minutes -
when Parilli hurled a 39 yard pass to Bill Howton, rookie end
from Rice, who caught the ball over Billy Stone, the defender.
In the first half, Blanda missed on three field goal attempts,
from 49, 54 and 39 yards. Two of the misses - and they could
hardly be called that because of the enormous distances
involved - came in the first quarter. Later, in the same period,
White stepped back on fourth down and booted one from the
29 for the first points of the game. Then Whizzer's 62 yard
dash into the Packers' end zone on a punt return was
cancelled by a clipping penalty. And just before the quarter 
ended, White fielded a pass for 30 yards.
After Blanda missed on No. 3 in the second quarter, penalties
and fumbles by the Bears gave the Packers their first scoring
chance. White fumbled Parilli's punt, but finally recovered it on
the Chicago 27. A clipping penalty put the Bears on their 13.
Babe Dimancheff was racked up on the 5. The Bears next
were embarrassed when John Martinkovic blocked Fred
Morrison's quick kick, Bob Forte capturing the ball on the 5.
Breezy Reid was restrained to less than a yard. Rote overshot
Mann on a pass deep in the end zone. On the next play,
Rote took a pass direct from center in spread formation. Bear
defenders faded back for an anticipated pass. Rote maneuvered to his right, roving at half speed while threatening to pitch, and went over standing up. Fred Cone added the point which gave the Packers a 7 to 3 lead at the intermission. Williams completed 12 of 22 passes for 145 yards and two touchdowns. Steve Romanik hit on 5 of 11 for 106 yards. Rote had five completions out of 12 for 97 yards, and Parilli had 2 out of 5 for 32 yards. Morrison got 57 yards in nine thrusts, and Leon Campbell 4 in one try to make it a busy day for the fullbacks. Floyd was the Packers' top rusher with 45 yards on seven rushes.
CHICAGO BEARS -  3  0  7 14 - 24
GREEN BAY     -  0  7  0  7 - 14
1st - CHI - Whizzer White, 30-yard field goal CHICAGO 3-0
2nd - GB - Rote, 5-yard run (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 7-3
3rd - CHI - John Dottley, 28-yd pass fr Bob Williams (George Blanda kick) CHICAGO 10-7
4th - CHI - Gene Schroeder, 10-yard pass from Williams (Blanda kick) CHICAGO 17-7
4th - CHI - Dottley, 45-yard run (Blanda kick) CHICAGO 24-7
4th - GB - Howton, 30-yard pass from Rote (Cone kick) CHICAGO 24-14
Green Bay Packers quarterback Tobin Rote is stopped for no gain, sandwiched between Chicago Bears defensive players Bill Bishop, center, and Ed Sprinkle, right, during the first quarter of a 24-14 loss to the Bears in the season opener at old City Stadium on Sept. 28, 1952. (Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette archives )
SEPTEMBER 30 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers returned to practice Monday for next Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins at Milwaukee. The Packers dropped the inaugural game of the NFL season Sunday when the Chicago Bears capitalized on the breaks to win, 24-14. Coach Gene Ronzani indicated his Green Bay squad would get plenty of work this week...The Packers said Monday they have been granted the rights to halfback Ace Loomis of the Cleveland Browns and guard Washington Serini of the Chicago Bears. Both players were released on waivers.
OCTOBER 1 (Green Bay) - The Packers announced today they had acquired Hal Faverty, former Wisconsin end, on waivers from the Chicago Bears. Faverty was cut from the Bears' squad last Sunday. The Packers are now three men over the 33-man NFL squad limit....Three Green Bay Packer coaches expect the Packers-Washington game in Milwaukee Sunday to be as tough as the season opener against the Chicago Bears. Pre-season ratings ranked the Redskins below the Bears, who beat the Bays in the season curtain raiser last Sunday. However, the three Packer scouts who saw Washington beat the Chicago Cardinals expect something as tough or tougher than the Bears. The Packer coaches saw a strong Washington defensive line hold down the Cardinals' attack and keep it off balance all during the game. Green Bay expects veteran Sammy Baugh will be leading Coach Curly Lambeau's team Sunday. Lambeau has sharpened the Redskins attack by shifting Harry Gilmer from quarterback to left halfback. The game will be the Packers' first NFL encounter with Lambeau, who coached the Green Bay squad for 31 years. The teams met in an exhibition game which the Packers won.
OCTOBER 2 (Los Angeles) - New head coach Hampton Pool today resumed his efforts to rebuild the Los Angeles Rams into a winning team for their NFL game with the Detroit Lions here Friday night. Pool, who moved up for backfield coach when Joe Stydahar stepped out last Monday, indicated he may start a backfield composed of either Bob Waterfield or Norm Van Brocklin at quarterback, Skeet Quinland and Woodley Lewis at the halfback positions and Deacon Dan Towler at fullback. Stydahar, meanwhile, disclosed he had received an overture to become assistant coach of the Green Bay Packers. Stydahar also received a $25,000 offer to launch a career as a wrestling referee, tendered by his close friend, promoter Cal Eaton. Stydahar said he has not made up his mind about his immediate future.
OCTOBER 3 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers asked waivers Thursday on three players. They are end Ray Pelfrey, defensive end Ed Barrang and rookie linebacker Chuck Boerio of Illinois.
OCTOBER 4 (Milwaukee) - Green Bay Packers go after their initial victory of the NFL season tomorrow against their old coach and his new team, the Washington Redskins. The game will be the first regular season meeting between the Packers and a team coached by Curly Lambeau since the latter left Green Bay three years ago to wind up a 31-year career in northern Wisconsin. The Packers have won all three exhibitions played against Lambeau - two when he was with the Chicago Cardinals and a 13-7 victory over Washington earlier this year. Lambeau's offense will center around Sammy Baugh, the Redskins' veteran quarterback who paced the club to an opening 23-7 win over the Cardinals Monday night, with Eddie LeBaron in the understudy role. Two quarterbacks, veteran Tobin Rote and rookie Babe Parilli, will share the passing for Green Bay. Coach Gene Ronzani's offense lacked punch in the 24-14 loss to the Chicago Bears last Sunday. A crowd of about 20,000 is expected for the 1:30 PM kickoff at Marquette Stadium.
More of the game program from the season-opening loss to the Bears can be found here -
Chicago Bears (1-0) 24, Green Bay Packers (0-1) 14
Sunday September 28th 1952 (at Green Bay)