(PITTSBURGH) – Lisle Blacbourn's Green Bay Packers romped
to their first victory in three ties in an exhibition game with the
Pittsburgh Steelers before 14,012 fans at Forbes Field Saturday
night, 36-14. It was strictly no contest as the alert Packers
jumped out of a 13-0 lead on two field goal and a touchdown
before the Steelers scored in the first quarter, and then poured
it on. The fans got on the Steelers early for their inept play and
alternately jeered and cheered at lineup changes. Meanwhile
everything went right for the invaders from Wisconsin.
Four Packer touchdowns were divided among Bill Brown, Veryl
Switzer, Bob Mann and Floyd Reid, while Fred Cone kicked
three field goals, of 36, 28 and 27 yards, and also booted three
extra points, missing after the third touchdown when the ball
hit the cross bar and bounced back. Veteran quarterback Tobin
Rote gave a fine exhibition of passing, climaxing his efforts with
a 16-yard touchdown to Mann in the fourth quarter. Lynn
Chadnois and Jim Brandt scored for the Steelers. The Packers
carried the opening kickoff back to their 31 and moved from
there to the 29, from where Cone kicked his first field goal. A
little later Bill Forester recovered a fumble by Rogel on the
Steelers' 23 and Cone's toe scored again. Gene Knutson then
blocked a punt by Pat Brady and Brown picked up the ball and
ran it over.
Just before the first period ended, Jim Finks completed two long
passes and then had one allowed on the one-yard line for
interference by Mike Maccioli and the Steelers scored and
brought the tally to 13-7. The Packers got one back
immediately. Al Carmichael returned the kickoff to his 42 before
they changed goals and on the first play of the second period,
Rote ran to the 35 and lateraled to Joe Johnson, who was
stopped on the 22. From there Switzer dashed through center
to score standing up. When Chadnois fumbled the next kickoff,
Maccioli recovered on the Steelers' 40 and Cone kicked his third
field goal.
The Steelers intercepted a Falkenstein pass at midfield and got
to the four-yard line but failed to score on final down and the
half ended 23-7. The Steelers' second touchdown, in the third
period, stemmed from a punt by Max McGee blocked by Dale
Dodrill. Hinderliner recovered it and ran to the nine. Brandt went
over from the two on fourth down. That made it 23-14 going into
the final quarter when the Packers put the crusher on any
Steeler hopes for a rally. Rote passed to Mann for 35 and 16 
yards in succession for the team's third touchdown and Reid
went 19 and nine yards in two dashes through right tackle to
complete the scoring. It was the Steelers' third defeat with
GREEN BAY  - 13 10  0 13 - 36
PITTSBURGH -  7  0  7  0 - 14
GB – Cone, 36-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
GB – Cone, 28-yard field goal GREEN BAY 6-0
GB – Brown, 20-yard fumble recovery (Cone kick) GREEN BAY
PIT – Lynn Chadnois, 1-yard run (Nick Bolkovac kick) GREEN
BAY 13-7
GB – Switzer, 23-yard run (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 20-7
GB – Cone, 28-yard field goal GREEN BAY 23-7
PIT – Jim Brandt, 2-yard run (Bolkovac kick) GREEN BAY 23-14
GB – Mann, 16-yard pass from Rote (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 29-14
GB – Reid, 9-yard run (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 36-14
AUGUST 30 (Olean, NY) - Balding Joe Bach, who took two cracks at the job, quit Sunday night as the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and line mentor Walter Kiesling, self-styled "old man" of the coaching staff, moved up to replace him. In announcing Bach's resignation, President Art Rooney of the Steelers said: "The pressure is just too tough now. In the old days a win or loss didn't matter too much. Now it's a cold-blooded business." The Steelers had just returned to their training camp after dropping their third straight exhibition game to the Green Bay Packers, 36-14, at Pittsburgh Saturday night. Many in the slim crowd of 14,012 booed and jeered the Steelers. The Steeler management also reportedly was concerned over the lack of attendance.
AUGUST 31 (Stevens Point) - There remain 47 players on the roster of the Green Bay Packers despite transactions involving two men on Monday. Cut from the ranks was Ed Frank, a rookie tackle from Marquette. Making an appearance was Evan Slonac, tough little fullback or halfback from Michigan State. Slonac was drafted last winter but decided to go to Canada. He was released by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers this week and decided to try out with the Pack. Packer officials also discovered that their rugged little linebacker, Deral Teteak, will be lost for more than the anticipated time. His ankle injury did not heal as was anticipated and the fierce ex-Wisconsin standout was back on crutches this week. Teteak was hurt almost four weeks ago during a contact session. He used crutches for about a week and then tossed them aside thereafter and began to show much improvement. However, a reexamination this week revealed a defect in the healing of the bone and the cast was kept on. He will be on the sidelines for at least another few weeks. There were no serious injuries sustained in the Pittsburgh game which the Packers won, 36-14, Saturday night. Clyde Sanders suffered a sore shoulder and was taking it easy in Monday's drills. The workout emphasized passing patterns for the backs and ends and blocking assignments for the linemen. The Packers are preparing this week for their game with the Philadelphia Eagles at Hershey, PA.
AUGUST 31 (Stevens Point) - Veteran defensive halfback Marv Johnson was placed on waivers Tuesday as the Green Bay Packers continued preparations for their exhibition game against the Philadelphia Eagles in Hershey, PA Saturday night. Johnson joined the Packers in 1952 after service with the Los Angeles Rams. A regular in the defensive unit last fall, Johnson was the first veteran to be released. Departure of Johnson left the Packers with eight defensive halfbacks - veterans Bobby Dillon, Val Joe Walker and Clarence Self and rookies Lou Mihajlovich, Mike Maccioli, Don Miller, Gene White and Bud Roffler. The Packers worked their offense against Philadelphia defenses, with Tobin Rote, Bobby Garrett and Elry Falkenstein passing. Running hard for the first time since he was injured in the Cleveland game was fullback Howie Ferguson.
SEPTEMBER 1 (Stevens Point) - The Green Bay Packers have obtained former All-American guard Don Coleman from the Chicago Cardinals for defensive back Marv Johnson. Coleman gained nationwide honors while at Michigan State two years ago. He has been in the service the past two seasons. He was in the starting lineup against the Packers in their exhibition game with the Cards in Minneapolis. The 195-pound lineman was expected to report late today or early Thursday. Coach Liz Blackbourn also announced that linebacker George Timberlake has left for home. He will be spending the rest of the season mending his broken right arm. He is a rookie from Southern Cal who played in the All-Star game. There are now 46 players on the roster of the Packers. Johnson saw considerable action with the Packers last year. He has been in pro football for several seasons, coming to Green Bay from the Los Angeles Rams. A shoulder injury as well as an ankle sprain slowed him down during the Packer stay here. There is a possibility that one or more players may be cut before Friday morning when the Packers break camp after spending six weeks of their pre-season activities here. Blackbourn must still pare his squad by a dozen before the September 26 NFL opener with the Pittsburgh Steelers at Green Bay.
SEPTEMBER 2 (Stevens Point) - The Packers went through a routine workout Thursday afternoon. One new faces was among the 44 working out today. He is veteran tackle Dick Afflis, a regular on offense last year, who had been awaited for six weeks but was held up due to marital problems. Two rookies were cut today. They are Dick Curran, halfback from Arizona State, and Ken "Pop" Hall, linebacker and middle guard from Springfield (MA) College. Deral Teteak, who broke a bone above his ankle several weeks ago, is off the active player list for the time being. He will take the trip to Oshkosh, his hometown, but will be left behind there when the other 44 players and coaches and assistants fly to Pennsylvania.
SEPTEMBER 3 (Stevens Point) - Stevens Point wished the Green Bay Packers good luck, then bid them farewell this morning. The state's only professional football team - in training here for the past six weeks - broke camp officially just before 8 o'clock. The coaches and players boarded buses which took them to Oshkosh from where they will fly to Pennsylvania for an exhibition game at Hershey against the Philadelphia Eagles. After Saturday's game and another a week from Saturday, September 11, at Raleigh, NC against the Washington Redskins, the Packers will return to Wisconsin and their home in Green Bay. A number of Packer fans, primarily members of the Chamber of Commerce's Packer committee, were on hand for the sendoff. Roy Menzel, a member of the committee, spoke briefly to the players, expressing the city's happiness over the team's stay in Point and inviting them back next year. Coach Liz Blackbourn expressed appreciation for the contributions of those who had made the sojourn of his new club here a "pleasant one." The new coach stated: "We enjoyed every minute of our stay here." Cards denoting honorary membership in the Chamber of Commerce were given to Blackbourn for distribution to the players and coaches. The cards has an expiration date of 1955 - the idea being to have the Packer return next year to renew their memberships. A poster wishing the team success and expressing hopes it would return in 1955 greeted the players as they entered the Nelson Hall cafeteria this morning.
Green Bay Packers (1-2) 36, Pittsburgh Steelers 14
Saturday August 28th 1954 (at Pittsburgh)
SEPTEMBER 3 (Green Bay) - Coach Lisle Blackbourn looked back by request Thursday over the Green Bay Packers' first five weeks of practice, pondered for a moment, and then made these observations: Team morale has been wonderful whether a game has been won or lost. The Packers have bowed to the Chicago Cardinals, 27-10, and the Cleveland Browns, 14-13, and have whipped the Pittsburgh Steelers, 36-14. This should be a highly spirited team all the way. Tobin Rote, in the key quarterback role, has showed constant improvement. "He is handling the team better and passing better and that is good. He is clearly our key man." The defensive line has played consistently improved ball and has received solid linebacking from the 
defensive secondary. Jerry Helluin, Dave Hanner and Stretch Elliott have been the mainstays up front. Clay Tonnemaker, Roger Zatkoff and Nick Adduci in the linebacking roles. Adduci especially has been a surprise. Val Joe Walker and Bobby Dillon, rounding into shape after late starts, and steadily improving rookie Gene White, have given the secondary a tremendous and badly needed lift. Against the Cardinals in the opener, only veteran Clarence Self played top notch ball. Rookie halfbacks Veryl Switzer and Joe Johnson have given the offense an honest-to-goodness punch. Switzer could become the talk of the league. Rookie tackle Art Hunter has all the requisites to become one of the mainstays of the offensive line. "We needed just such a fellow as he. With both ends split, as we play it, the tackles have a greater burden than ever. Hunter will do. Len Szafaryn at the other tackle has not measured up the same way. We could stand 
some help." The punting of Max McGee has been a surprise. He has outkicked every man he has faced. Charlie Trippi of the Cardinals, Horace Gillom of the Browns and Pat Brady of the Steelers. And they don't come any better than those three. Bill Howton has been a disappointment, has dropped too many passes he should have had. "He should come though. We know what he can do. He has proved himself before. On the matter of pass receiving, by the way, our backs haven't looked too good either. We might have to get some stickum. Only Bobby Mann has hung onto the ball as he should." The overall impression, of course, was one of satisfaction. "We're behind some of the other clubs," Blackbourn summed up, "but I think we're coming and catching up fast. The late start we got with key men like Hunter and Switzer in the All-Star camp, Walker and Dillon late in arriving, and injuries have slowed us down. By the time the season opens September 26, though, we should be ready. These guys really want to play ball." The Stevens Point camp was broken Friday morning when the squad took buses to Oshkosh and then boarded a plane for Hershey, PA. Saturday night the exhibition campaign will be resumed against the Philadelphia Eagles. "We expect to give our rookies the full treatment," Blackbourn said. "They won't start but they'll play a good share of the game, including Bobby Garrett, who has now begun to take hold at quarterback." Garrett has a slight speech impediment which Blackbourn believes is psychological, however, and which, as he acquires greater poise, he will overcome. For the present, however, it may be necessary to shuttle men and send in players as the Cleveland Browns do.