Emery Barnes        85   DE 6- 6 235 Oregon           1  1 26  2 1954 Draft (18th)
Tom Bettis          65   LB 6- 2 230 Purdue           2  2 23 12 1955 Draft (1st)
Billy Bookout       20   DB 5-11 180 Austin           2  2 24  7 1955 FA
Nate Borden         87   DE 6- 0 225 Indiana          2  2 24 12 1955 Draft (25th)
Buddy Brown         62    G 6- 1 225 Arkansas         4  6 29 12 1953 FA-Wash (1952)
Hank Bullough       67    G 6- 0 220 Michigan State   2  2 20 12 1955 Draft (5th)
Jim Capuzzi         26   DB 6- 0 190 Cincinnati       2  2 24  7 1955 FA
Al Carmichael       48   HB 6- 1 190 USC              4  4 27 12 1953 Draft (1st)
Fred Cone           31   FB 5-11 200 Clemson          6  6 30 12 1951 Draft (3rd)
Dick Deschaine      80    P 6- 0 210 No College       2  2 24 12 1955 FA
Bobby Dillon        44   DB 6- 1 180 Texas            5  5 26 12 1952 Draft (3rd)
Howie Ferguson      37   FB 6- 2 215 No College       4  4 26 11 1953 FA
Bill Forrester      69   DT 6- 3 235 SMU              4  4 24 12 1953 Draft (3rd)
Ken Gorgal          26   DB 6- 2 210 Purdue           1  5 27  5 1956 FA-Bears
Forrest Gregg       75    T 6- 4 240 SMU              1  1 22 11 1956 Draft (2nd)
Hank Gremminger     46   DB 6- 1 195 Baylor           1  1 23 12 1956 Draft (7th)
Dave Hanner         77   DT 6- 2 255 Arkansas         5  5 26 12 1952 Draft (5th)
Jerry Helluin       72   DT 6- 2 265 Tulane           3  5 27 12 1954 Trade-Cleveland
Billy Howton        86    E 6- 2 190 Rice             5  5 26 12 1952 Draft (2nd)
Joe Johnson         40   HB 6- 0 180 Boston College   3  3 26 11 1953 Draft (11th)
Don King            70   DT 6- 3 265 Kentucky         1  2 27  6 1956 Trade-Cleveland
Gary Knafelc        84    E 6- 4 215 Colorado         3  3 24 12 1954 FA-Cardinals
Gene Knutson        81    E 6- 2 230 Michigan         2  2 23  6 1954 Draft (10th)
Larry Lauer         58    C 6- 3 265 Alabama          1  1 27  6 1956 Trade-Bears
John Losch          25   HB 6- 1 205 Miami (FL)       1  1 22 12 1956 Draft (1st)
John Martinkovic    83   DE 6- 3 245 Xavier           6  6 29 12 1951 Trade-Wash
Floyd (Breezy) Reid 24   HB 5-10 190 Georgia          7  7 29  7 1950 FA-Bears
Jim Ringo           51    C 6- 1 235 Syracuse         4  4 26 12 1953 Draft (7th)
Bill Roberts        22   HB 6- 0 200 Dartmouth        1  1 27  4 1956 FA
Tobin Rote          18   QB 6- 3 215 Rice             7  7 28 12 1950 Draft (2nd)
John Sandusky       77   DT 6- 1 250 Villanova        1  7 30 12 1956 Trade-Cleveland
Joe Skibinski       63    G 5-11 230 Purdue           2  3 27 12 1955 Trade-Cleveland
Bob Skoronski       76    T 6- 3 250 Indiana          1  1 22 12 1956 Draft (5th)
Jerry Smith         61    G 6- 0 230 Wisconsin        1  3 26  3 1956 FA-San Fran
Jack Spinks         61    G 6- 1 240 Alcorn State     2  4 26  1 1955 FA-Cards (1953)
Bart Starr          15   QB 6- 1 200 Alabama          1  1 22 12 1956 Draft (17th)
Len Szafaryn        68    G 6- 2 225 North Carolina   5  6 28 12 1950 Trade-Wash
Deral Teteak        66   LB 5-10 210 Wisconsin        5  5 26 12 1952 Draft (9th)
Val Joe Walker      47   DB 6- 1 180 SMU              4  4 26 12 1953 Trade-New York
Glenn Young         23   DB 6- 2 205 Purdue           1  1 25  4 1956 FA
Roger Zatkoff       74    T 6- 2 215 Michigan         4  4 25 12 1953 Draft (5th)
NO - Jersey Number POS - Position HGT - Height WGT - Weight YR - Years with Packers PR - Years of Professional Football AGE - Age at Start of Season G - Games  Played FA - Free Agent
1956 PACKERS DRAFT (November 29, 1955 (1-3) and January 17, 1956 (4-30))
RND-PICK NAME                  POS COLLEGE
1  -   8 Jack Losch             HB Miami (Fla.)
2  -  20 Forrest Gregg           T Southern Methodist
3  -  32 to Los Angeles Rams in Tom Dahms trade
4  -  44 Cecil Morris            G Oklahoma
5  -  56 Bob Skoronski           T Indiana
6  -  68 Bob Burris             HB Oklahoma
7  -  80 Hank Gremminger         E Baylor
8  -  92 Russ Dennis             E Maryland
9  - 104 Gordon Duvall          FB USC
10 - 116 Bob Laugherty          FB Maryland
11 - 128 *-Mike Judock           C Miami (Fla.)
12 - 140 Max Burnett            HB Arizona
13 - 152 James Mense             C Notre Dame
14 - 164 Charlie Thomas         FB Wisconsin
15 - 176 Buddy Alliston          G Mississippi
16 - 188 Curtis Lynch            T Alabama 
17 - 200 Bart Starr             QB Alabama 
18 - 212 Stan Intihar            E Cornell 
19 - 224 *-Ken Vakey             E Texas Tech 
20 - 236 *-Clyde Letbetter       G Baylor 
21 - 248 Hal O'Brien            FB SMU
22 - 260 John Popson            HB Furman 
23 - 272 *-Jesse Birchfield      G Duke 
24 - 284 Don Wilson              C Rice 
25 - 296 Frank Koeneke           E Minnesota 
26 - 308 Dick Goehe              T Mississippi 
27 - 320 Dick Kolian             E Wisconsin 
28 - 332 Bob Lance              QB Florida 
29 - 344 Vester Newcomb          C Southwest J.C.
30 - 355 Rod Hermes             QB Beloit 
* - Juniors
Bold - Played for the Green Bay Packers
On successive weekend, the Packers knocked Detroit temporarily out of first place with a 24-20 win, then killed the Cardinals' Eastern Conference title hopes with a 24-21 victory. But outside of those two spoiler victories, the 1956 season bogged down in a swamp of internal turmoil. Green Bay's Executive Committee began growling at head coach Lisle Blackbourn when the Packers won only two of their first eight games. One executive member blasted Blackbourn for not playing the team's number one draft choice, RB Jack Losch, more often.
From 1947-1958, finishing last in the NFL did not guarantee a team the first pick in the following draft. The "bonus pick rule" was in effect. Each year, one team received the first pick in the draft, usually in exchange for its thirtieth-round choice. In 1949 and 1950, the bonus pick was a true bonus. In each of those years, the team selecting didn't lose its final-round choice; Philadelphia had a twenty-fifth-round selection in 1949 (the draft had been dropped to 25 rounds), and Detroit had a thirtieth-round choice in 1950. Each team was eligible for the bonus pick only once, and it was selected by lottery. Ironically, the first year the system was in place, the Bears, defending champions, won the lottery:
1947 - Chicago Bears - Bob Fennimore, B, Oklahoma A&M
1948 - Washington - Harry Gilmer, HB, Alabama
1949 - Philadelphia - Chuck Bednarik, C, Penn (Hall-of-Fame)
1950 - Detroit - Leon Hart, E, Notre Dame
1951 - NY Giants - Kyle Rote, HB, SMU
1952 - Los Angeles - Billy Wade, QB, Vanderbilt
1953 - San Francisco - Harry Babcock, E, Georgia
1954 - Cleveland - Bobby Garrett, QB, Stanford
1955 - Baltimore - George Shaw, QB, Oregon
1956 - Pittsburgh - Gary Glick, QB, Colorado State
1957 - Green Bay - Paul Hornung, HB, Notre Dame
1958 - Chicago Cardinals - King Hill, QB, Rice
Since 1977, the NFL has held a Supplemental Draft to accommodate players who did not enter the regular draft. Players generally enter the draft because they missed the filing deadline for the NFL Draft or because issues developed which affected their eligibility (such as athletic or disciplinary matters). The draft is scheduled to occur at some point after the regular draft and before the start of the next season.  The only time the Packers chose came in 1998, when they selected Navy OT Mike Wahle in the second round. Wahle had been suspended for senior season after testing positive for steroids.
APRIL 29 - Traded 1957 5th round choice to CLEVELAND for OT Don King and OG Gene Donaldson
AUG 12 -  G Cecil Morris and HB Bob Burris left team.
AUG 13  - Traded 1957 6th round choice to CLEVELAND for OT John Sandusky and HB Chet Lyssy. Claimed C Larry Lauer off waivers from CHICAGO BEARS.
AUG 17 - Placed OF Gene Donaldson on waivers.
AUG 28 - Placed T George Schussler on waivers. Returned HB Chet Lyssyto CLEVELAND.
SEPT 19 - Traded OT Tom Dahms to CHICAGO CARDINALS for 1957 6th round choice
NOV 5 - Relased LB Don King. Placed DB Billy Bookout on injured reserve.
NOV 11 - Placed HB Glenn Young and DE Gene Knutson on active roster.
NOV 13 - Released HB Breezy Reid and DB Jim Cappuzzi.
NOV 14 - Signed DB Ken Gorgal off waivers from CHICAGO BEARS and HB Bill Roberts.
AUGUST (2-0)                            RESULT      RECORD    ATT STARTING QB              LEADING RUSHER              LEADING PASSER              LEADING RECEIVER
18 M-PHILADELPHIA EAGLES               W 27- 6      1- 0-0 12,138
25 G-NEW YORK GIANTS                   W 17-13      2- 0-0 16,448
1  at Cleveland Browns                 W 21-20      3- 0-0 15,456
8  Washington at Winston-Salem, NC     L 10-17      3- 1-0 13,500
15 Chicago Cardinals at St. Louis      W 29-21      4- 1-0 31,454
SEPTEMBER (0-1)                         RESULT      RECORD    ATT STARTING QB              LEADING RUSHER              LEADING PASSER              LEADING RECEIVER
30 G-DETROIT LIONS (0-0)               L 16-20      0- 1-0 24,668 Tobin Rote
7  G-CHICAGO BEARS (0-1)               L 21-37      0- 2-0 24,668 Tobin Rote
14 M-BALTIMORE COLTS (1-1)             W 38-33      1- 2-0 24,214 Tobin Rote
21 M-LOS ANGELES RAMS (1-2)            W 42-17      2- 2-0 24,200 Tobin Rote                                                                       Billy Howton (7-257) 
28 at Baltimore Colts (1-3)            L 21-28      2- 3-0 40,086 Tobin Rote
4  M-CLEVELAND BROWNS (1-4)            L  7-24      2- 4-0 28,590 Tobin Rote
11 at Chicago Bears (5-1)              L 14-38      2- 5-0 49,172 Tobin Rote                                                                       Billy Howton (4-151)
18 G-SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (1-6)         L 16-17      2- 6-0 17,986 Bart Starr                                                                       Billy Howton (3-121)
22 at Detroit Lions (7-1)              W 24-20      3- 6-0 54,087 Tobin Rote                                           Tobin Rote (301)            Howie Ferguson (7-106)
2  at Chicago Cardinals (6-3)          W 24-21      4- 6-0 22,620 Tobin Rote
8  at San Francisco 49ers (3-6-1)      L 20-38      4- 7-0 32,433 Tobin Rote
16 at Los Angeles Rams (3-8)           L 21-49      4- 8-0 45,209 Tobin Rote
G - Green Bay M - Milwaukee
The 1956 Green Bay Packers
JANUARY 5 (Madison) - Head coach Milt Bruhn may select one of three men as assistant to round out his University of Wisconsin football coaching staff, a Madison editor said today. Henry J. McCormick, Wisconsin State Journal sports editor, said Bruhn was considering filling the vacancy, created by his promotion, with Don Kindt, Phil Bengtson or Thomas Hearden. He also said Bruhn would make LaVerne Van Dyke a full-time assistant. Van Dyke worked only part-time for Ivy Williamson, now athletic director. Kindt, who played halfback here from 1943-46, has finished nine years as a Chicago Bears player. Hearden is an assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers and formerly coached St. Norbert. He played at Notre Dame. Hearden began his football coaching career at St. Catherine's High School in Racine. After four years he transferred to Washington Park High, where he coached for two years before taking a job at Green Bay East High School. After serving as an assistant at Iowa Pre-Flight during a Navy career, Hearden took the St. Norbert post. Bengtson, whose alma mater is Minnesota, is an assistant for the San Francisco 49ers and has been mentioned as a possibility for the head job with that pro team. McCormick said an announcement by Bruhn would not be made until January 15. Bruhn will attend the meeting of the National College Football Coaches Association which starts on the West Coast Monday.
JANUARY 5 (Detroit) - The $25,000 breach of contract suit filed by Bob Mann against the Green Bay Packers was transferred to Federal District Court in Detroit Wednesday. The Packers, as an out-of-state corporation, requested the transfer from Wayne County Circuit Court. The Packers have 20 days to file an answer to Mann's suit. Mann, a former star end for the University of Michigan and the Detroit Lions, claimed in his suit filed November 23 that the Packer released him after he suffered a knee injury in an exhibition game, without giving him a written notice.
JANUARY 6 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers today faced the task of coming up with a new field goal specialist following the loss of fullback Fred Cone to the high school coaching ranks. Cone announced Thursday that he had ended his five-year career with the Packers to become backfield coach for University Military School at Mobile, Ala. Although Cone indicated his intention to quit after the 1955 season ended, his announcement came as a surprise to Packer officials. "He told us he would notify Coach Lisle Blackbourn before making any decision, but Blackbourn never heard from him," a Packer spokesman said. The spokesman also indicated that Blackbourn might try to lure the 29-year old back to the pro ranks. He said college teams failed to produce any outstanding kickers last season, making it difficult to replace Cone. Cone, a native of Pineapple, Ala., and former Clemson star, was the leading field goal kicker in the NFL last season with 16. He was the top scorer for the Packers in four of his five years and compiled a total of 309 points. He became a kicking expert after joining the Packers in 1951.
JANUARY 8 (Green Bay) - Jack Losch, University of Miami halfback and No. 1 draft choice of the Green Bay Packers, signed his Packers' contract, it was announced Saturday. Losch became the first newcomer to sign a 1956 Packers pact. The six-one 195 pound halfback led the Hurricanes in scoring last year with five touchdowns. He gained 426 yards in 47 carries for an average of 9.06, a new record for the Florida school. Coach Lisle Blackbourn made a surprise first round selection in the Williamsport, Pa. halfback in an attempt to get a breakaway runner. Losch ran the 100 yard dash in 9.8 seconds on the Miami track team. Blackbourn was also impressed with his defensive play, he said.
JANUARY 13 (Sheboygan) - A 16-member citizens' committee - told that the future of the Green Bay Packers in the city possibly hung in the balance - today studied four proposals for a new home for the pro football team. The committee, which held an organizational meeting Wednesday night and is due to meet again Tuesday, will recommend one of four alternatives to Mayor Otto Rachals and the City Council. The Packers now play three NFL home games at parking-poor, wooden City Stadium, which seats about 24,500 and three at Milwaukee County Stadium whose football capacity is about 40,000. Proposals before the committee include refurbishing City Stadium and building a new 32,000-seat stadium, with ample parking, and two variations. Fred Leicht, chairman of the grounds committee of the Packer Corp., told the group Wednesday night, "There's no use kidding ourselves. We are doing more than deciding on a stadium. We are deciding on whether we want to keep the Packers in Green Bay." Leicht said NFL opponents have been pressing to have all of the Packers' home games played in Milwaukee because of the greater seating potential. He said the average NFL total gate during the 1955 season was 103,000, while the Packers Milwaukee draw comes to about 81,000 and Green Bay alone drew some 74,000. He said the Packers received about $261,000 as their share of road gates while teams playing here took home a total of $161,000. With 32,000 seats, Leicht predicted the Packers would hit a total attendance of between 105,000 and 110,000. "I feel we can fill a new stadium three times a year," he added. Any recommendation by the committee must be approved by the Council and then put before the voters, possibly in the spring, in the form of a bonding referendum.
JANUARY (Madison) - Tom (Red) Hearden, an assistant coach with the Green Bay Packers, today was appointed to Head Coach Milt Bruhn's University of Wisconsin football staff, Athletic Director Ivy Williamson announced. Hearden, born in Appleton September 8, 1904, is a 1927 graduate of Notre Dame, playing on the football team of 1924-25-26 that won 26 games, lost three and tied one. He played one season with the Packers, 1927, before turning to coaching. He was a coach at high schools in Racine and East Green Bay before he entered the Navy in 1943.  He became football coach and athletic director at St. Norbert College, West De Pere, upon discharge from the Navy in 1946, and resigned in 1953.
JANUARY 16 (Los Angeles) - The sixth annual Pro Bowl football game goes into the books as a thrilling 31-30 victory for the East. But arguments continued to rage today in the wake of an official's decision which may have cost the West two winning points. The dispute centered on field judge Joe Gonzales and the call he made in the final seconds of this sixth annual postseason All-star duel between top talent of the NFL. The situation: The West, trailing 31-30, tried a 50-yard field goal by Bert Rechichar of the Baltimore Colts. It was obviously short of its goal and Joe (Scooter) Scudero of the Washington Redskins took the catch. Enter the controversy. Did Scudero catch the ball on the two-yard mark, as most observers believe, and then almost casually take a step or two back and ground the ball in the end zone? Or did he catch it on the goal line, or perhaps be forced back into the end zone by the momentum of the ball? Whatever the case, the field judge ruled it an automatic touchback and the ball was placed on the East 20 a moment before the game ended. So the score stands, and Ollie Matson, the fantastic ball carrier of the East, was the outstanding player of the game. The 210-pound powerhouse of the Chicago Cardinals returned the second half kickoff 91 yards for a touchdown, he ran 15 yards over most of the West team, and his 50-yard gallop on a punt return set the stage for a third touchdown. Other highlights of a rousing affair were: A 103-yard touchdown run on the opening kickof by Jack Christiansen of the Detroit Lions. A 73-yard touchdown pass from Ed Brown of the Chicago Bears to Billy Howton of the Green Bay Packers for the West. Ram rookie Ron Waller, with one touchdown and 90 yards rushing, was the leading runner for the West. The kicking specialists also starred. Cleveland's Lou Groza booted one from 50 yards and Baltimore's Rechichar kicked one 46 yards.
JANUARY 18 (Philadelphia) - The Green Bay Packers came up with big, speedy linemen and crashing backs Tuesday as they joined the rest of the NFL in the annual draft of the 1955 college grid crop. The biggest names tabbed by the Packers were perhaps Bob Burris, one of 1955's top stars with the undefeated Oklahoma Sooners, and Charlie Thomas, University of Wisconsin crashing fullback. The Packers landed Burris in the sixth round, only after they had picked two real fast linemen. They are tackle Cecil Morris, another Sooner, nailed in the fourth round and Bob Skoronski, also a tackle, from Indiana, picked as the No. 5 choice. Tuesday's draft started with round four - the other three were completed in November - and ended after the 20th round. Ten selection were to be made today. Six Wisconsin college players including three from Wisconsin and one from Marquette were called up by the pros. One of the real surprises of the name calling found the Los Angeles Rams, Western Division champion in 1955, taking Willie Berzinski, highly rated small college halfback from La Crosse State in the fourth round. The Rams, who had an extra choice in the fourth round because of a trade deal with Washington, also selected Jim Carmichael, California end, in the same cycle. Carmichael is the brother of Al Carmichael, Packer back. The Chicago Cardinals went for two Wisconsin tackles, getting John Dietrich in the sixth round and Bob Konovsky in the seventh. The Badger Captain, Wells Gray, was called by Washington in the 16th. The lone Marquette player to get the pro nod was Ray Zagar, Warrior halfback-quarterback, named by the Cardinals in the 19th. An Altoona, Wis. boy, Fred Thursday, a tackle at Valparaiso, went to the Philadelphia Eagles in the fifth round. The Packers nominated Thomas in the 14th. Green Bay selected six backs and ten linemen in Tuesday's rounds. They are, in order of choice, 4. Burris, 5. Morris, 6. Skoronski, 7. Harry Gremminger, Baylor end, 8. Russell Dennis, Maryland end, 9. Gordon Duvall, Southern California fullback, 10. Robert Laughery, Maryland back, 11. Mike Judouck, Miami of Florida center, 12. Max Burnett, Arizona back, 13. Jim Mense, Notre Dame center, 14. Charlie Thomas, 15. Vaughn Allison, Mississippi guard, 16. Curtis Lynch, Alabama end, 17. Bart Starr, Alabama quarterback, 18. Stanley Intihar, Cornell end, 19, Ken Vakey, East Texas State end, and 20. Clyde Ledbetter, Baylor guard.
JANUARY 19 (Los Angeles) - The Green Bay Packers tabbed a University of Wisconsin end and a sparkplug back from Beloit Wednesday as the NFL concluded the 1956 draft of college players. The Packers took Dick Kolian of Wisconsin and Rod Hermes of Beloit as the final ten rounds of the draft were called. The first three were held in November, the next 17 Tuesday. Kolian started the 1955 Badger season on the bench but was called into action at both end positions after Dave Howard was sidelined with injuries. Kolian, who has another year of eligibility at Wisconsin, turned in sharp performances on defense as well as on offense. Hermes, the 30th and last player drafted by the Packers, was the high scorer of the Beloit team that played an independent season. Another University of Wisconsin player, Jim Miller of Eau Claire, one of the Badger's quarterback twins, was drafted by the Chicago Cardinals Wednesday. Jim Haluska, the other half of the Wisconsin signal calling pair, was grabbed by the Chicago Bears in the 1955 draft. Another Packer choice, Vestor Newcomb, a center from Mississippi State - like Kolian - has another year of eligibility. Under ordinary circumstances, they won't be available for pro service until 1957.
JANUARY 21 (Green Bay) - Gordon Duvall, a 205-pound All-Pacific Coast Conference fullback from the University of Southern California, signed his 1956 season contract with the Green Bay Packers, Head coach Liz Blackbourn announced today. Duvall was the Packers' ninth choice in the recent college player draft. Blackbourn said he plans to use Duvall as a halfback.
JANUARY 23 (Stevens Point) - Nubbs Miller said this noon he will sign a contract with the Baltimore Colts. The former P.J. Jacobs High School and Central State College fullback said he would mail the contract to Baltimore this evening. Miller had been weighing two offers, the other from the Green Bay Packers since the middle of last week. He will sign with the Colts for $5,500, less than the $6,000 offered by the Packers, because he feels - and hopes - he has a better chance to make that team. Miller, who led the nation's small college teams in rushing last year with 1,158 yards during Central State's unbeaten season, would report to a small college in Maryland for training in the middle of July.
JANUARY 24 (New York) - Bobby Dillon of the Green Bay Packers was one of three players tied for second place in the 1955 interception race in the NFL, according to final statistics released today. The three were tied with nine interceptions each. Edward Bawel, Philadelphia, returned his 168 yards; Dillon, 153 yards and Don Burroughs, Los Angeles, 103 yards. Willard Sherman, Los Angeles, won the interception championship with 11 interceptions and the Rams won the team championship with a percent of interceptions of 8.78.
JANUARY 25 (South Bend, IND) - Tackle Bob Skoronski, Indiana's most valuable player last football season, signed a one-year contract with the Green Bay Packers Tuesday. The signing was announced by Julius Tucker, South Bend businessman, who had been asked by Skoronski to help negotiate with the NFL club. Tucker has been an agent without fee for several Notre Dame players entering pro football. The 6 feet 4 Skoronski, 215-pounder from Derby, Conn., was the Packers' fifth draft choice. He averaged 50 minutes per game for Indiana last season and recovered eight enemy fumbles.
JANUARY 25 (Green Bay) - Lisle Blackbourn, head coach of the Green Bay Packers, said today halfback Bob Burris and guard Cecil Morris have signed 1956 contracts with the Packers. Both Burris and Morris are members of the University of Oklahoma's national championship football team. Morris was the Packers' fourth choice in the recent NFL draft and Burris was sixth choice. The 230-pound Morris will be switched to tackle, according to Blackbourn. Burris was expected to join with the Packers' top pick, halfback Jack Losch of Miami who has signed, in giving the Green Bay team additional strength at halfback. Burris, who averaged 5.2 yards rushing in three years at Oklahoma, is a brother of Oklahoma's Buddy Burris who played with the Packers in 1949-50-51. Both Burris and Morris were All-Big Seven first team selections and were among the few from Oklahoma to forego a shot at Canadian football.
JANUARY 27 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers said Thursday night they would be willing to put up $500,000 over the next 20 years to build a new park or replace City Stadium - the smallest stadium in the NFL. Fred Leicht, spokesman for the club, said the Packers could go as high as "half a million dollars over a 20-year period" if the city would play the remainder of a $780,000 program under study. "We think we could get a lot of stadium for that price. We don't care which side of town it's on as long as we aren't asked for more than $500,000," Leicht said. It was the first time Packers indicated how much they would put up for improvements. The $780,000 program, Leicht said, would include 20,000 permanent seats, 10,000 temporary bleachers, modern washroom and dressing room facilities. City Stadium presently seats 24,208. "We've go to have facilities like the other NFL cities," Leicht said, and added that the Packers would willing to pay off the $500,000 under a lease agreement like rent. Mayor Otto Rachals endorsed the proposal as outlined by Leicht. With interest, the Packers' share of the cost would come to $600,000 and the city's $300,000. The $780,000 proposal is one of four expansion programs being studied by the city and Packer officials. It proposes refurbishing the present City Stadium as do two of the others. A fourth plan calls for erecting a new stadium across town at an estimated cost of $1,136,000. The committee, apparently without much backing among those at the meeting, suggested a test plan to determine whether the Packers can sell 32,000 tickets for three home games. If the Packers prove that they can, one alternative would be to purchase 14,000 bleacher-type seats at an outright cost of $231,000 so as to increase the present capacity of City Stadium by 8,000. The Packers questioned whether they could sell tickets on a season basis if this plan were adopted because of the location of the bleachers.
JANUARY 29 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced Saturday that two University of Maryland stars - quarterback Lynn Beightol and end Russ Dennis - have signed their 1956 contracts with the NFL club. Coach Liz Blackbourn said "both figure highly in our plans for the 1956 season". Blackbourn added that Beightol, chosen as an eligible junior in the 1955 draft, was chosen for his ability to punt as well as to run the team. Dennis, a 215-pounder, will be tried at both offense and defense, Blackbourn said.
JANUARY 31 (Philadelphia) - Dick Deschaine of the Green Bay Packers ranked as the second best punter in the NFL last fall and the Packers also were the second best punting team. Official league statistics released today showed Norm Van Brocklin of Los Angeles led the league in punting with an average of 44.6 yards while Deschaine was second with 43.2. With Van Brocklin and Deschaine doing all of the punting for their teams, Los Angeles also led the league.
FEBRUARY 1 (Philadelphia) - Al Carmichael of the Green Bay Packers led the NFL in kickoff returns last season with an average of 29.9 yards on 14 returns. He carried the ball on runbacks a total of 418 yards, including a 100 yard touchdown run against Cleveland, the longest of the season. Second place was held by Robert White, Cleveland and Baltimore, who averaged 28.6 yards. Joe Scudero, Washington, was third; Ron Waller, Los Angeles, fourth and Sidney Watson, Pittsburgh, fifth. Green Bay ranked second as a team in runbacks with a 25.7 mark. Pittsburgh led with 26.3. Veryl Switzer of the Packers ranked sixth with a 26.2 average, Ron Drzwiecki, former Marquette star now with the Bears, ranked 10th on 23.6, and Alan Ameche, former Wisconsin great now with the Colts, was far down the list with a 15-yard average.
FEBRUARY 2 (Green Bay) - Hal O'Brien, SMU halfback, and Don Wilson, Rice center, Wednesday became the eighth and ninth draft choices to sign with the Green Bay Packers for the coming season. The six-foot, 192-pound O'Brien gained 523 yards on 118 carries and scored two touchdowns at fullback in three years at SMU. He was the Packers' 21st draft choice. Wilson, the Green Bay squad's 24th draft choice, was considered one of the finest linebackers in the Southwest Conference. He is six-three and weighs 217 pounds.
FEBRUARY 3 (Green Bay) - A citizen's advisory committee Thursday night turned in two recommendations calling for a new stadium to house the Green Bay Packers. One report, signed by the majority, suggested that the new structure be built in another part of town to replace the present City Stadium. The minority report did not stipulate a location. The reports agreed the city should build the stadium with a minimum of 20,000 permanent and 12,000 auxiliary seats for the use of city schools and the pro football team at an estimated cost of $960,000 - of which the Packers would pay one half over a period of 20 years. The Packers have said they would rent the new stadium for 10 percent of the gate receipts, or an estimated $30,000 annually. The majority report, carried 8-6, recommended that the site be "other than the present location." The minority report made no mention of the site. An original estimate for the new structure on the far west side was for $1,138,000, not including parking facilities. This later was scaled down to $960,000, minus the parking area. Both reports will go to the City Council which meets Tuesday and is expected to refer the matter to its finance committee. Any bonding issue for a stadium would be subject to approval of voters in a referendum.
FEBRUARY 5 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers Saturday announced the signing of their seventh round draft choice, end Henry (Hank) Gremminger of Baylor University. With the 194-pound Greminger signed for 1956, the Packers now have their first, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth draft choices in the fold. Coach Lisle (Liz) Blackbourn rates the Waterford, Texas product as equally adept at both offense and defense. Last year he was the No. 2 pass receiver in the Southwest Conference, where he made the all-conference first team, with 15 catches good for 181 yards and two touchdowns. Gremminger will be given a shot at Doyle Nix's defensive halfback post. Nix, an outstanding rookie, recently went into the service.
FEBRUARY 7 (Madison) - Eight words and numbers scribbled on the back of a contract gave tackle Clyde Johnson a two-year job with the Green Bay Packers, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled today. The court upheld a $8,918 award to the former professional football player by Green Bay Municipal Judge Raymond Rahr. Rahr held that a player contract signed by the former University of Kentucky star guaranteed him $7,000 a year for both the 1948 and 1949 seasons. Rahr deducted Johnson's other earning during the period to arrive at the award total. The controversy was over two lines of writing by former Packer coach E.L. (Curly) Lambeau on the back of Johnson's contract.
FEBRUARY 8 (Green Bay) - The City Council Tuesday night received but did not vote on the recommendations of a citizens committee which proposed construction of a new football stadium to house the Green Bay Packers. However, the alderman did vote to hold a meeting as a committee of the whole Thursday night which Mayor Otto Rachals said work will start on drafting a bonding referendum question for the voters. Improvements would be financed by the bond issue. He said that if it was possible for the committee to agree the referendum could be taken up by the Council at its next regular meeting, February 21. That would leave enough time to put the referendum to voters in the April 3 election. A majority report by the 16-member committee appointed by the mayor recommended a $960,000 stadium, at a site other than the present location, for the use of city high school and the Packers who are now playing in the smallest park in the NFL. The report was made by eight members of the committee. Six members of the committee, in a minority report, also suggested a $960,000 stadium, but did not include the clause calling for a new location. That would leave the way open for rebuilding on the present site of City Stadium which seats 24,000. Both proposals suggested a stadium with 20,000 permanent seats and 12,000 temporary places. The aldermen have heard two other plans advanced. One calls for the modernizing and enlargement of City Stadium at a cost of $780,000 plus lighting and parking facilities. The second suggests a new park on the far west side of the city at a cost of $950,450, also plus lighting and parking.
FEBRUARY 8 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers have signed a sharp passing quarterback and a big defensive line standout from the University of Alabama, Coach Liz Blackbourn announced today. Bart Starr, the quarterback completed 155 of 285 attempted passes for 1,903 yards and ten touchdowns in four years. He was the second best collegiate punter in the nation in 1953 with a 41.4 yard average per kick. Starr is 6-1 and weighs 190 pounds. Curtis Lynch, 6-3, 235 pounds, played three years at Alabama. He earned letters the first two years at end and shifted to tackle in his senior year. He was the starting tackle for the Gray team in last December's Blue-Gray game.
FEBRUARY 9 (Green Bay) - Two Carroll College linemen were signed as free agents Wednesday by the Green Bay Packers. They are George Schussler, a 250-pound, four year letterman tackle, and Chuck Foster, a 6-1, 195 pound end who graduated in 1953. He played service football in Europe with the Army's championship team.
FEBRUARY 10 (Green Bay) - The City Council, meeting as a committee of the whole Thursday night, recommended unanimously that the council ask the voters in a referendum if they want the city to issue $960,000 in bonds to build a new football stadium for the Green Bay Packers. The committee voted 22-0 to recommend at the next Council meeting, February 21, that the question on issuing the bonds be put to the voters in a referendum in the April 3 election. A two-thirds vote of the council is needed to place the question on the ballot. The committee, without pinpointing a location for the proposed stadium, recommended this question be asked in the referendum: "Shall the City of Green Bay issue its general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $960,000 for the purpose of constructing a stadium in the City of Green Bay?" The aldermen indicated they have reduced to two the number of stadium improvement plans under consideration. One plan calls for a complete renovation and remodeling of City Stadium at a cost of $780,000, plus parking facilities. The other suggests a new stadium, costing $950,000, on the far west side of the city. The committee indicated the decision on the site will not be made until after the referendum results are known.
FEBRUARY 11 (Green Bay) - Emmett (Abe) Stuber, veteran of 29 years of football coaching, was named Green Bay Packers defensive backfield coach, it was announced today. Head Coach Lisle Blackbourn said Stuber, 52, would replace Tom Hearden who recently resigned as a Packer assistant to become assistant coach at the University of Wisconsin. Blackbourn said he was happy to obtain a man of Stuber's experience. He will take over March 1. Stuber's last job was with the Philadelphia Eagles as backfield coach last season. He was dropped by the Eagles when head coach Jim Trimble was dismissed.
FEBRUARY 14 (Green Bay) - Lisle Blackbourn, head coach of the Green Bay Packers, said today Bob Kennedy, a former University of Wisconsin All-American guard, signed a 1956 contract with the Packers. Kennedy, 24, a native of Rhinelander, was drafted as the Packers' sixth choice in 1953. He is five feet 11 inches tall and weighs 230 pounds.
FEBRUARY 14 (Milwaukee) - Vaughn "Buddy" Allison, University of Mississippi guard whom the Green Bay Packers drafted 15th, is expected to play pro football in Canada, according to Coach Liz Blackbourn.
FEBRUARY 17 (Green Bay) - Fullback Tommie Ward hasn't played even one minute in the NFL but Thursday he signed his third contract with the Green Bay Packers. A 225 pounder from Galveston, Texas, Ward first signed in 1954 as a free agent while in the Army at Camp Chaffee, Ark., but he was unable to get a dependency discharge in time to play that year. He signed again in 1955 but couldn't play because he was in an Army hospital until after the season started. Ward, who stands 6-3, was a long distance punter at Midwestern University in Texas. At Tyler Junior College in Texas in 1951 he averaged 5 yards on 189 tries and played in the Junior Rose Bowl Game.
FEBRUARY 18 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers Saturday announced the signing of halfback Max Burnett of the University of Arizona, their 12th draft choice. The signing of the six-foot, 190-pound defensive specialist left the NFL team with only one of its top draft choices out of the fold. He is tackle Forrest Gregg of SMU, No. 2 choice. All told the Packers have signed 17 played for 1956.
FEBRUARY 22 (Green Bay) - The City Council Tuesday night continued its slow but steady progress toward a new football stadium for the Green Bay Packers by unanimously approving the initial resolution for a $960,000 bond issue to finance the 32,000-seat structure. In effect, the action served notice on the voters of the city's intention to float a bond issue. The next major step toward a new home for the NFL team will be taken March 6 when the Council will vote on whether the referendum goes on the April 3 primary ballot. Approval is expected to be a matter of course. A 2/3 vote of the body is needed. The resolution containing the wording of the proposed referendum makes no mention of a location for the stadium. City Attorney Clarence Nier said the referendum, as a matter of law, cannot include reference to a possible location. Earlier, the Council pledged that it wouldn't sell any bonds until it receives:
1. Construction bids on the stadium to replace present estimates.
2. A detailed report on the parking situation at two stadium sites already discussed.
3. The Packer Corporation's agreement to pay $480,000 of the stadium cost over a 20-year period in contract form.
4. The Board of Education's views as to possible future use of the stadium by city schools.
The Packers now play in the 22,500-seat City Stadium on the east side of the town. Proposals include refurbishing the rickety, wooden structure or building a new one on the west side. A tug-of-war has developed between residents of the east and west sides as to where the new stadium would be located.
FEBRUARY 23 (Green Bay) - Dick Logan, a guard with the Green Bay Packers in 1952 and 1953 who recently was discharged from the Air Force, today signed a 1956 contract with the NFL team. The six-two, 235-pound lineman was a three year standout at Ohio State, playing with the Buckeyes' 1950 Rose Bowl champions and earning All-Big Ten and all-midwest recognition. While stationed at Eglin Air Force Base last season the 25-year old Logan was named to the Air Force All-America team.
FEBRUARY 24 (Green Bay) - Don Barton, who played halfback with the Green Bay Packers in 1953, will return to the NFL club for the 1956 season, Coach Lisle Blackbourn announced today. Barton, who stands 5 foot 11 and weighs 175, has sent in his signed contract, Blackbourn said. For the past two years he has been in the Army. He expects to be discharged in April. Barton won three letters in football and track at the University of Texas.
FEBRUARY 27 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers Saturday signed end Emery Barnes, named to the All-Pacific Coast defensive team while playing for Oregon in 1952. Barnes, the Packers' 18th choice in the NFL draft, will be discharged from the Army in time to join the club this fall.
MARCH 1 (Green Bay) - Two Houston University linemen - tackle Lavell Isbell and guard William Shoemaker - have been signed by the Green Bay Packers, coach Liz Blackbourn announced today. Isbell is a 6-2, 225 pounder from Corsicana, Texas. He was drafted by the Packers as a junior in 1955. Shoemaker, 5-11, 215 pounds, was signed as a free agent.
MARCH 1 (Chicago) - Chuck Drulis, former star guard with the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers, has signed with the Chicago Cardinals as an assistant coach for the 1956 season.
MARCH 2 (Green Bay) - Tom Bettis and Doyle Nix, rookies with the Green Bay Packers last season, have been called into the armed forces, but Bettis will be back in time for the 1956 season. Bettis has been ordered to report for duty March 4 in the new ROTC program. He will serve six months on active duty and then will be in the reserves for six and a half years.
MARCH 3 (Green Bay) - General Manager Verne Lewellen of the Green Bay Packers says his football team "must have a stadium that will seat a minimum of 32,000 persons" to keep up with the progress of the NFL. Talking earlier this week about the stadium referendum before the city council here, he said "the forthcoming referendum will determine whether the Packers can remain in Green Bay for any length of time." The council is slated to take final action on a referendum on a new stadium, to cost in excess of $780,000, and put the question to voters in the April 3 primary. The council previously gave preliminary approval to the wording of the referendum.
MARCH 6 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers made a net profit of $47,124.95 last year, stockholders of the NFL club were told at their annual meeting Monday night. In addition, General Manager Verne Lewellen announced the Packers soon would sign a three-year contract whereby the Columbia Broadcasting System would pay $75,000 annually for televising Packer games. The Packers' 1955 net profit compares with a net of $67,185 in 1954 when the club had more receipts from TV rights. Gross income last year amounted to $695,943, with total expenditures coming to $609,727. The amount left after taxes was net profit. Biggest item of expense in 1955 was $292,947 for salaries of players, coaches and other team personnel. The largest item of income amounted to $628,680 and came from game receipts. Other income was derived from television and radio receipts, program advertising, program sales and other sources. Coach Lisle Blackbourn told the stockholders the team was having "great success" in signing its draft choices and predicted the club would improve its quarterback situation in 1956. The stockholders re-elected 11 directors and named five new ones in enlarging the board from 39 to 42. The board will elect officers later this week.
MARCH 7 (Green Bay) - The NFL's new dead-ball rule has a special meaning to Howie Ferguson of the Green Bay Packers. The league's No. 2 ground gainer last year comes from the old school that teaches the ball carrier to get that extra inch any way you can. Coach Liz Blackbourn recently commented: "Howie is the only back in the league who is noted for jumping up when he's down. Maybe we can break him loose a little more so he won't have to run into a large group of tacklers." Despite the fact that the rule probably will put a crimp in Ferguson's style, Liz thinks it's a good rule. One thing is certain. It will prolong Fergy's grid life...The Packers so far have lost only two players to Canada. They are guards Buddy Allison, drafted 15th from Mississippi, and Jesse Birchfield of Duke, 23rd choice.
MARCH 8 (Green Bay) - Lisle Blackbourn, head coach of the Green Bay Packers, said today the Packers signed Robert Fletcher Lance. Lance, the Green Bay squads' 28th draft choice, is best qualified at defensive halfback, according to Blackbourn. The 185-pound Lance attended Florida University and handled much of Florida's split T quarterbacking during the past three years. He carried the ball 113 times for 407 yards, an average of 3.6 yards. Lance, 23, is six-one.
MARCH 8 (Green Bay) - The city council Tuesday night unanimously approved putting a $960,000 bonding referendum for a new stadium for the Green Bay Packers on the April 3 ballot. The referendum will ask the voters whether the city should float a bond issue, not to exceed that amount, "for the purpose of building a stadium." The question does not include any reference to location, a bone of contention between the east and west sides of the city. That will be decided after further study by a fact finding board, which also will determine relative parking costs and seek bids to replace stadium construction estimates now in hand. Officials of the Packers, which now plays half of its six home games in rundown, 25,000-seat City Stadium on the east side, say they don't care where the new structure is located just as long as it is built.
MARCH 8 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers can win the 1956 NFL championship, says Coach Lisle "Liz" Blackbourn, "if we can sell our players that they can come out on top." Blackbourn indicated that the selling job - on both veterans and rookies - would be one of his main objectives this summer. In a talk at a stockholders' meeting this week, Blackbourn said he looked for an improved situation at quarterback - reserves to spell Tobin Rote. "Paul Held will be back and he looked pretty good in the game on the West Coast," said Blackbourn. "Then we have two good looking boys coming in - Lynn Beightol of Maryland and Bart Starr of Alabama. One of them may have possibilities. My hope is that we can play them in a good share of the exhibition games." Rote went practically all the way for the Packers last year because of a lack of capable replacements. Rookie Charlie Brackins didn't develop and was dropped late in the season when the Bays added Held. Blackbourn said he thought the club's draft picks "are of the pro type." "We haven't gone in for the scat type of back and we haven't tried to get the publicized small linemen," he explained. "Our chief backs, Jack Losch, Bob Burris, Gordon Duvall and John Popson, are around 200 pounds - the Ferguson type and I hope in ability." Blackbourn's picture wasn't all rosy, though. He noted that the club had lost defensive standout Doyle Nix, which he said "means our defense is weaker than it was last season." He said, too, the replacement of placekicker Fred Cone, the automatic conversionist, "is a real blow because he won at least two games for us last year with his kicking alone."
MARCH 16 (Green Bay) - Tom Miller, 37, a former professional football player, will become sales promotional director of the Green Bay Packers Monday. Verne Lewellen, Packers general manager, announced the appointment today. Miller will succeed Bonnie Ryan, who resigned as publicity director January 1. Miller will combine the work of publicitor and sales promotion head. Miller is a native of Milton, Pa., and played football at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia and with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1943-44, Washington Redskins in 1945 and Packers in 1946. He also coached the professional Wilkes-Barre (Pa.) Barons in 1949 and served for four years as football, basketball and baseball coach at Drexel College, Philadelphia. He has been at Green Bay since 1954 as a department store official. He has been secretary-treasurer of the Packer Alumni Association.
MARCH 19 (Green Bay) - General Manager Verne Lewellen announced today that the Green Bay Packers would play a pre-season NFL game with the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Stadium Saturday night September 1.
MARCH 21 (Cleveland) - Babe Parilli, former Kentucky T-formation star and regarded as the successor to Otto Graham, signed Tuesday with the Cleveland Browns for an estimated $12,500. Discharged from the Air Force last week, Parilli was acquired from the Green Bay Packers two years ago in exchange for Stanford's Bob Garrett.
MARCH 22 (Milwaukee) - A breach of contract suit, filed two years ago by Charles W. Schroll against the Green Bay Packers, was dropped in Federal Court Wednesday. The suit claimed the Packers owed Schroll $4,810 for the 1952 season. Schroll is a former LSU halfback.
MARCH 23 (Green Bay) - Former Maryland fullback Bob Laughery will join the Green Bay Packers for the 1956 season, officials said Thursday. The signing of the 215-pound placekicking specialist was a move to replace the retiring Fred Cone. Laughery played on Maryland's Orange Bowl team. He will join two other former Maryland players on the Packer squad, end Russ Dennis and quarterback Lynn Beightol.
MARCH 24 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers today lost the services of Veryl Switzer, who led the NFL in punt returns in 1955. Switzer has been ordered to report to Lackland AFB, Texas, for pilot training as an Air Force second lieutenant. He will report at Lackland Wednesday. In two years with the Packers, Switzer was the league's top "handyman". The Kansas State grad played both offense and defense and handled kickoff and punt returns. Packer Coach Lisle Blackbourn said, "Switzer was one of the best two-way football players in the business."
MARCH 27 (Providence) - Carl Schuette, former
captain of the Marquette University football team
who played pro football with the Buffalo Bills and
Green Bay Packers, was today appointed to the
Brown University coaching staff.
MARCH 28 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers'
number of players under contract reached 26
today with the signing of Lowell Herbert and Jim
Elekes. Herbert, the Packers' 20th choice in the
1954 NFL draft, has notified Coach Lisle
Blackbourn he will be discharged from service in
time to join the Packers for the 1956 season.
Herbert, a six-foot 215-pound guard and
linebacker, was named on Marquette's all-
opponent team in 1952 when Herbert was a
senior at College of the Pacific. Elekes, a free
agent, played college ball at Virginia where he
started as a fullback but was switched to tackle.
He also did Virginia's placekicking and kickoffs.
Herbert, who has spent the past 21 months with
the Army in Germany, is 23 years old and is
married. He plans to teach school in the off-
MARCH 29 (Green Bay) - The future of the Green
Bay Packers' unique, 37-year relationship with this
city of 50,000 hinges on a referendum on the April
3 ballot. Voters will be asked whether the city -
the smallest of the ten with NFL franchises -
should float a $960,000 bond issue to finance a
new or remodeled stadium for use by the Packers and the city's schools. Actually, Green Bay will pay only half of that sum since the Packers have agreed to share the bill for a 32,000 seat structure over a 20-year period. City and club officials aren't flatly predicting that the referendum will pass. They point out that there is unorganized opposition to it and being unorganized is an unknown quantity. One fact is sure. If the question doesn't win voter approval the Packers will pull up stakes within a few years and move elsewhere. Possible future sites of the club include Milwaukee, Buffalo, Miami and Minneapolis. Mayor Otto Rachals said he thinks the referendum will pass. Noting that there is opposition to the stadium among people who feel the money should be used to build more classrooms, he said: "There is no question that money is needed for schools, but this stadium is not merely for the Packers. It is something that can be used for many other event." Verne Lewellen, general manager of the NFL club, feels "fairly well satisfied it will go through." If it doesn't, he added, "the handwriting will be on the wall for us within five years." Pro football is big business. We can't get along with our present, inadequate, wooden stands seating about 24,000. Gone are the days when our minimum guarantee to a visiting team was $5,000. It's $20,000 now. A new stadium will be protection for the future of the franchise in Green Bay." Lewellen said the other clubs in the NFL, especially the Chicago Bears and Detroit, have long demanded that something be done to insure bigger gates here. All of them would prefer to play in Milwaukee, with its greater seating potential. The Packers in three games here and in Milwaukee averaged 22,074 persons paying $74,000 and 27,261 paying $81,000, respectively, whereas the league averaged about 35,000 paying $103,000. Those close to the situation view the drive for a new stadium as an uphill fight, with the pros gaining strength in the past two weeks. Right now they say the referendum is a tossup. The main opposition centers around taxes. Pending are a new junior high school to cost 2 1/2 million dollars and a new city hall to cost 1 3/4 million dollars. Why incur more expenses, one faction asks? To retire half of the proposed stadium bond issue, the average taxpayer would have to pay 22 1/2 center per $1,000 assessed valuation, according to the proponents of the plan.
MARCH 31 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers added 495 pounds to the forward wall Friday by signing tackles Bill Milburn and Richard (Jocko) Gordon as free agents. Milburn, at 230 pounds, is from the University of Texas and is due for an Army discharge shortly. Gordon, a 265-pound defensive specialist, played for the University of Toledo and was Los Angeles' 17th choice in the 1954 NFL draft. Acquisition of the hefty pair brought the Packer roster to 28.
MARCH 31 (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) - Russell Winnie, 49, assistant general manager of WTMJ and WTMJ-TV, Milwaukee, died unexpectedly in his apartment here Friday night. Winnie, who reportedly had heart trouble, and his wife arrived here only Sunday for a vacation. They had taken an apartment at Lauderdale Beach. Winnie was a well known sports announcer and for many years broadcast the Green Bay Packer football games and University 
APRIL 4 (Green Bay) - Sports-minded voters in the smallest city in the NFL told their city government Tuesday to spend the money to give the Green Bay Packer a new home.  The vote was 11,533 to 4,878 in favor of floating a $960,000 bond issue to finance construction of a new stadium. "It once again shows that the citizens of Green Bay are the greatest supporters of football," said Mayor Otto Rachals. "We're the greatest little sport town in the country. Now we can go ahead with our concrete plans for the new stadium and give the Packers s stadium they deserve." The bond proposal carried in all 24 precincts in the city and the margin surprised most observers, who had predicted approval by only a narrow margin. "The people really went out and did it," said Tony Canadeo, former Packer star. "They majority was really more than we expected." The city, with a population of 52,735, had 26,465 voters eligible to cast ballots Tuesday. The stadium to be erected will seat 32,000, compared to the maximum of 24,000 in the present stadium, an old wooden structure. Officials of the Packers, a solid fixture here the past 37 years, had threatened to look for a new home if they didn't get a new stadium. General Manager Verne Lewellen of the Packers said the present stadium had outlived its usefulness for home games. He and other NFL clubs were reluctant to play in Green Bay because the 24,000 capacity limited gate receipts. Additional warning came last Saturday in a wire from NFL Commission Bert Bell, who said the league had received definite offers from other cities interested in the Green Bay franchise. Although the voters approved construction of the stadium, the referendum failed to settle the question of where the new structure will be located. A hearty debate is promised by factions on each side of town who want it built in their areas.
APRIL 5 (Green Bay) - Now that the voters of Green Bay have given the City Council the go-ahead to float a $960,000 bond issue to provide a new stadium for the Green Bay Packers, the big question is, where will it be built? The Packer Corp., for the record, has said it doesn't care whether the 32,000-seat structure is erected on the east side or the west side, but many of the city's 52,735 residents do. There are indications that - unlike the referendum which breezed through by an 11,575-4,893 margin and surprised most observers who had predicted a razor-thin victory - the site could trigger a real battle. Officials of the city and the club, sensing the probability of a knock-down, drag-out fight, purposefully didn't mention site at all in their pre-referendum speeches and talks. City Stadium, the wooden, 24,000-seat stands, where the Packers now play three of their six home games, is located on the populous east side where parking conditions are poor. Those who want the new stadium built on the west side point to the wider area there and the fact that the proposed site is on Highway 41 and that fans driving up from Milwaukee can bypass the city to reach it. In any event no decision on location will be made immediately. The council has set up a four-point fact-finding program it intends to follow before a final decision is made. The points:
1. A signed contract with the Packer Corp. on its pledge to pay half of the bond issue and interest, which would come to $30,000 annually for the next 20 years, and assurance from the club that the payments will be kept up no matter how it fares financially.
2. A detailed survey of traffic and parking problems at both sites.
3. Obtaining actual construction bids to replace present estimates.
4. A conclusion from the board of education on its use of a new stadium.
The council also must decide how much of the $960,000 maximum should be borrowed before it decides on the location. A two-thirds vote of the council is needed to authorize a bond sale, which fact may rule out an east-west split on the governing body. Some officials, including Mayor Otto Rachals, have said that an advisory referendum could be ordered for September to permit voters to decide where the new stadium will be built. That will put the decision squarely up to the people.
APRIL 6 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today the signing of Bill Roberts, a free agent who played college football at Dartmouth. The six foot, 200 pound backfield man averaged 4.8 yards a carry for Dartmouth in the 1950 season and was named to the All New England, All Ivy League and All East teams. His 1950 mark of 528 yards was a new Dartmouth rushing record, and he led the Ivy League in ground gained in 1949. He has been in the Marines since 1954 and played with the Quantico and Le Jeune Marine teams. He prepped at Dubuque, Iowa, and now is a graduate student at the University of Iowa.
APRIL 9 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers play at Milwaukee this fall in an exhibition game with the Philadelphia Eagles August 18 and in regular NFL contests with Baltimore, Los Angeles and Cleveland. The night Packers-Eagles contest at Marquette Stadium will be the annual benefit game. The Packers entertain Baltimore's Colts at County Stadium October 13. The Packers-Colts game last fall at Milwaukee drew 40,119 admissions, the biggest Milwaukee gate the Packers ever had. Green Bay will play the Los Angeles Rams October 21 and the Cleveland Browns November 4 at County Stadium. Dates for games to be played at Green Bay will be announced later.
APRIL 10 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today they will train for the first six weeks of the 1956 season at Stevens Point State College. Russell W. Bogda, club president, said the decision was made at a meeting of the executive committee Monday. Bogda said as much as the team would like to train here the entire season, facilities "just are not adequate for the size squad that we have in the early part of the training season." Training will start about July 22 and the team will break camp September 1.
APRIL 11 (Green Bay) - Head coach Liz Blackbourn announced today the signing of two young halfbacks by the Green Bay Packers for the 1956 NFL season. They are Ed McClusky, from the University of Arizona, and Glenn Young of Purdue. McClusky, 6-2, 200 pounds, was signed as a free agent. He was a member of the Navy All Star team while at the San Diego Naval Training Station in 1953. McClusky, 25, averaged 41 yards in punting. One of his boots, 92 yards, traveled 82 yards in the air. Young, also a free agent and Navy veteran, weighs 210. He was a three-year regular at Purdue and a member of the 1950 teams that ended Notre Dame's 39 game winning streak.
APRIL 12 (Green Bay) - Eight games on the Green Bay Packers' 14-game schedule for 1956 will be played in Wisconsin, four each at Milwaukee and Green Bay. The NFL team announced Wednesday it will open the coming season at Marquette Stadium in Milwaukee on the night of August 18. Green Bay will meet Philadelphia on that date in the annual Shrine Benefit game. Other Packers' games at Milwaukee will be against the Los Angeles Rams, October 21; the Baltimore Colts, October 31 at night, and the Cleveland Browns, November 4. Games on the Packers' home ground will include a night exhibition game August 25 with New York. On September 30, the Packers meet the Detroit Lions here and on October 7, the Chicago Bears. They wind up the home season November 18 against the San Francisco 49ers. The Packers' meetings away from home include games against Baltimore October 27 at night; the Chicago Bears, November 11; Detroit, November 22; the Chicago Cardinals, December 2; San Francisco, December 8, and Los Angeles, December 16
APRIL 13 (Green Bay) - Coach Liz Blackbourn of the Green Bay Packers said today Bob Maddox, little All-American at Trinity University in 1952, had been signed as a free agent. Maddox, a six-foot, 190 pound halfback, was the second leading ground gainer in Texas with an average of 6.7 yards a try on over 200 carries. He was 20th in the nation in both major and minor colleges in rushing. Maddox recently was discharged from the Army. He played service football at Fort Jackson, SC.
APRIL 18 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers today announced the signing of ex-serviceman Pete Bello and former ministerial student Dean Stuart to contracts for the 1956 season. Bello, a center and linebacker on the Fort Ord All-Service Championship team, also played on the Pasadena City College squad. The six-foot, 235-pound Bello was a former California Golden Glove champion.
APRIL 20 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers today named Earl Klapstein, who played tackle with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1946, as defensive line coach and scout. The 34-year old native of Lodi, Calif,. will assist scout Jack Vainisi in addition to coaching defensive ends, tackles and middle guards. Klapstein graduated from the College of the Pacific in 1943. For the next two years before joining the Steelers he played center and coached the San Diego Navy team. Klapstein's coaching experience includes an assistant's job at Stockton, Calif. College in 1949, the head coach's post there in 1950 to 1953 and line coach at the University of Idaho the past two seasons. He is married and has three children.
APRIL 20 (Green Bay) - The City Council Thursday night turned down Mayor Otto Rachals' proposal to hire an Ohio firm to make a survey on the final cost and location of a new municipal stadium for the Green Bay Packers and other local groups. A decision on how the survey will be made was put over until next Monday. Voters in the April 3 referendum approved issuance of $960,000 in bonds for the stadium, with the Packers promising to play half the costs through rentals over a 20 year period. Coming to grips with the question for the first time since the referendum, council members demonstrated feeling on the big question of where the new stadium should be located - on the site of present City Stadium on the east side or in Perkins Park on the western edge of the city. By a 14-9 vote the council rejected Rachals' proposal that the Osborn Engineering Co. of Cleveland be hired to conduct a $6,000 study to come up with cost estimates and recommendations on sites. In ordering the referendum the council pledged that before any bond money was spent it would have answers to the questions of site costs and the traffic and parking facilities at each suggested site. Opponents of Rachals' plan held that the city had enough qualified personnel on its payroll to make a proper survey. The council tied 12-12 in defeating Rachals' plan to create a stadium commission to operate the stadium when it was built. Also defeated was an amendment to establish commission membership at once as a council subcommittee as part of the study.
APRIL 21 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today it would pay the cost of an engineering survey of possible sites for the new city stadium. Russell Bodga, president of the Packers, said the survey would cost $6,000 to $6,500 and would be done by the Osborn Engineering Co. of Cleveland. It had been proposed that city government hire the Osborn firm to make a survey, but the city council voted 14-9 against the survey. The Packers have agreed to play half the cost of the construction of the new stadium over a period of 20 years.
APRIL 25 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced Tuesday they will play an exhibition game with the Chicago Cardinals at St. Louis September 15 and an intrasquad game at Menasha August 4. The Cardinal exhibition, slated for Busch Stadium, will be the first pro football game in the stadium in more than 20 years. Archbishop Joseph E. Ritter announced the game will be played for the benefit of the Cardinal Glennon Memorial Hospital for Children. The Menasha training tilt at Butte des Mort field, will be one of the first full games of the 1956 warmup session.
APRIL 27 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers threw a reverse at Canada today by signing two former Canadian and Big Ten halfbacks - Dick Gregory and Dick Schnaible. The 5-11, 185-pound Gregory was Canada's most valuable player and top scorer in 1953 while with Ottawa. He totaled 98 points that year and was picked on the Eastern all-pro offensive team. The former Minnesota star, recently discharged from service, once tied the Big Ten 60-yard dash record of 6.2. He comes from Billings, Mont. Schnaible, a 6-1, 185-pound defensive halfback from Purdue, also played with Ottawa. He resides in Lafayette, Ind.
APRIL 28 (Green Bay) - The Packers forward wall was bolstered Saturday as Coach Lisle Blackbourn announced the acquisition of two veteran NFL players - tackle Don King and guard Gene Donaldson from the Cleveland Browns for an undisclosed draft choice. Both, who played their collegiate ball at Kentucky, have signed their 1956 contracts and will report to the Packer camp at Stevens Point in July. The 6-3 1/2, 270 pound King joined the Browns in 1954 after three years with the Paris Island Marines. He was a member of the Browns defensive unit. In 1955 he followed his high school coach to Ottawa in the Canadian League. When his coach left Ottawa he decided to return to the NFL. King is 27 years old, married and resides in Savannah, Ga., in the off season. Donaldson, who joined the Browns in 1953, recently received his discharge from the Army and is anxious to get back into pro ball. A regular offensive guard for the Browns in 1953 the 5-9 1/2, 220 pound "Buzz Saw" lettered three years at Kentucky and won numerous All-Southeastern and All-American honors. Donaldson is 26 years old, married and is wrestling professionally to keep in shape until the start of the football season.
APRIL 29 (New York) - Eight of the 12 NFL clubs have concluded agreements with the Columbia Broadcasting System to televise their games next fall and negotiations with three of the other four are underway. The Green Bay Packers, Detroit, New York, Chicago Bears, Chicago Cardinals, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington have agreed to participate in the program from September 30 through December 23. The other clubs are Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Cleveland. MacPhail said the televised games will be played on Sunday afternoons with the exception of two Saturday afternoon games in December and the annual Green Bay-Detroit Thanskgiving Day game. The 1956 NFL schedule has not been released by Commissioner Bert Bell. League games were televised only locally last season with the teams making individual arrangements with local stations. Most of them televised their road games in the home cities.
MAY 2 (Green Bay) - Dick Deschaine, who jumped from semi-pro play to the NFL because he can punt, was signed for the 1956 season today by the Green Bay Packers. Deschaine finished the 1955 season as the No. 2 punter in the NFL with an average of 43.2 yards on 56 boots. He also tied a Green Bay record, held by Roy McKay since 1945, with a 73 yard kick. Deschaine, of Menominee, Mich., was playing with a Menominee semi-pro team when Coach Lisle Blackbourn of the Packers signed him before the 1955 season.
MAY 4 (Green Bay) - Defensive end Gene Knutson of the Green Bay Packers returned his signed 1956 contract Thursday to the NFL club. A former Michigan star, Knutson was injured in an exhibition game last fall and underwent an operation which kept him out of the entire 1955 season. Knutson starred in football, basketball and track at Beloit High school before going to college.
MAY 6 (Green Bay) - Gary Knafelc, one of the NFL's best offensive ends, has signed his Green Bay Packer contract for the 1956 season, Coach Lisle Blackbourn said Saturday. The former University of Colorado star was drafted No. 2 by the Chicago Cardinals in 1954. Knafelc was picked as a free agent by the Packers after the second league game. In 1955 he caught 40 passes, gained 613 yards and scored eight touchdowns. The eight touchdowns were good enough for a second-place tie in NFL touchdown production with Kyle Rote of New Yorn and Ray Renfro of Cleveland.
MAY 8 (Green Bay) - Patrick Joseph Ryan, a free agent who played quarterback for Holy Cross, signed today with the Green Bay Packers for the 1956 season. Ryan graduated from Holy Cross in 1953 and starred with the Quantico Marines in 1954. He was a player-coach for Camp LeJeune, NC in 1955. Ryan is 25 years old, weighs 185 and stands 5 feet 11.
MAY 10 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers have signed a pair of centers - Bert Watson of Washington and Joe Suminski of Purdue - for the 1956 NFL season, coach Liz Blackbourn announced Wednesday night. Watson, hailed as one of the West Coast's top linemen last fall, is from Modesto, Calif. He's six-one and weighs 220 pounds. Suminski, a native of Erie, Pa., also was a Big Ten heavyweight wrestler. He's six-one and 230 pounds. In 1954 Suminski played with the 29th Infantry Division team against the 7th Fleet Fliers in Japan.
MAY 14 (Green Bay) - Center Jack Locklear, a former Auburn star, has signed and returned his contract to the Green Bay Packers. Locklear was acquired by the Packers in a trade with the Cleveland Browns. He was Cleveland's eight draft choice in 1955, but signed a contract with a Canadian team and a court ruling barred him from playing with any NFL club last season.
MAY 14 (Milwaukee) - The Green Bay Packers have signed a contract with Milwaukee County for the use of Milwaukee County Stadium for three Packer NFL games this fall. The Packers will pay the county 10 percent of the game gate receipts after taxes. Last year that was good for $26,000. The county also gets 20 percent of concession receipts.
MAY 16 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers today signed guard Tom Bettis and quarterback Paul Held for the 1956 season. Bettis, the Packers' No. 1 draft choice in 1955, played behind Bill Forrester as a middle linebacker last season. The former Purdue star is currently on active duty in a reserve officers' training program at Ft. Eustis, Va., but will be available this season. Held, who formerly played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions, came to the Packers as a free agent midway through the '55 season to understudy veteran Tobin Rote at quarterback.
MAY 16 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced Tuesday that seven of their NFL games will be televised in Milwaukee. The schedule includes four games away and the three home games at Green Bay. Games at Milwaukee will be blacked out. General Manager Verne Lewellen said five other NFL games will be telecast in Milwaukee. They will be carried by CBS.
MAY 18 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers added a pair of ends to their NFL roster Thursday by signing Jim Jennings and Richie Gaskell. Jennings, 6-3, is a veteran of the 1955 campaign - his first year in professional ranks. He's presently studying at the University of Missouri. Gaskell, the 13th draft choice of the San Francisco 49ers in 1955, was signed as a free agent. He was named to the All-Southern Conference team two years and played in the Blue-Grey and Senior Bowl games. A native of Washington D.C., Gaskell is 6-2, 205 pounds.
MAY 21 (Green Bay) - Green Bay Packers' regular offensive tackle, Tom Dahms, has signed for his second year with the NFL team, Coach Lisle Blackbourn said.
MAY 23 (Green Bay) - Dave Hanner, the Green Bay Packers' six-two, 250 pound defensive tackle, has signed for the 1956 NFL season, Packer Coach Liz Blackbourn said today. Hanner, a regular since joining the Packers in 1952, played in both the 1954 and 1955 Pro Bowl games.
MAY 31 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today that Forrest Gregg, former SMU tackle and the No. 2 choice in the 1956 draft, has signed a NFL contract. Gregg, six-four and 230 pounds, was named to the All-Southwest Conference team in 1954 and 1955. He played in the East-West Shrine game and Hula Bowl in Hawaii. He was captain of the 1955 SMU squad.
JUNE 5 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers will play an intrasquad game at Janesville August 4, Verne Lewellen, general manager announced today. The game is the second intrasquad tilt announced by the Packers. Profits will go into a building fund for St. John Vianney's parish school. The Packers will play another intrasquad game at Menasha August 11 and five exhibition games before the NFL season opens.
JUNE 13 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today that Charlie Thomas, University of Wisconsin fullback and linebackers, has signed a 1956 NFL contract. Thomas was the Packers' 14th draft choice. He's 23, 5-11 and 220 pounds. He attended Evanston,  Ill. Township High School before entering Wisconsin where he was understudy to Alan (The Horse) Ameche until last season. He carried the ball 98 times for 487 yards and an average of 4.9 yards per attempt. He scored six touchdowns.
JUNE 15 (Cleveland) - Henry (Hank) Bullough, offensive guard with the Green Bay Packers last season, was drafted into Armed Services yesterday at the induction station here. Bullough, 22, six feet, 220 pounds, played college football at Michigan State. He was the Packers' fifth choice in the NFL draft a year ago.
JUNE 18 (Green Bay) - Fullback Howie Ferguson, second best ground gainer in the NFL last season, signed his fourth contract with the Green Bay Packers today. Ferguson, who did not play college ball, was first signed by the Packers in 1953 after he had been released by the Los Angeles Rams. Ferguson, of New Iberia, La., gained 859 yards in 192 tries for a 4.5 yard average in 1955, second only to Alan Ameche of the Baltimore Colts.
JUNE 30 (Green Bay) - Rod Hermes of Beloit College, one of Wisconsin's top small college players, has signed to play with the Green Bay Packers, the club announced today. He's a quarterback. Hermes, a native of Racine, led Beloit to a 7-1 record in 1955. His record shows 35 completions in 72 pass attempts for 642 yards, 60 points on eight touchdowns, nine extra points and one field goal. He was a 60 minute player with a good record on defense. Hermes weighs 200 pounds and is 6-2 1/2.
JULY 2 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers today signed veteran offensive guards Joe Skibinski and Buddy Brown. Brown was a starter at right guard for the all Packer games the past two season. Coach Lisle Blackbourn said Skibinski has recovered from an ankle injury which bothered him last season.
JULY 5 (Green Bay) - Jim Ringo, veteran center of the Green Bay Packers, signed his contract for the 1956 season, Coach Lisle Blackbourn said today. Ringo will be starting his fourth season with the Packers. He has been a regular center since he joined the team in 1953 except for the last seven games of that first year when he was sidelined with a leg injury. Ringo attended Syracuse University and played in the 1953 Orange Bowl contest.
JULY 8 (Green Bay) - Halfback John Popson, 22, considered one of the best players in Furman University history, and guard Bob Margotto, a free agent, have been signed by the Green Bay Packers, coach Lisle Blackbourn announced. Popson, a six foot, 195-pounder, was All-Southern halfback in his sophomore and junior years.
JULY 9 (Green Bay) - Coach Lisle Blackbourn of the Green Bay Packers ordered his rookie quarterbacks and players selected for next month's All-Star Game in Chicago to be on hand next Monday for several days of skull and field work. Blackbourn said he wants his fledgling quarterbacks, Lynn Beightol of Maryland, Bart Starr of Alabama and Rod Hermes of Beloit College to be well acquainted with the Packer system when other squad members report to the Stevens Point training site July 21. Blackbourn also said several days of early practice will benefit the rookies who will be on the All-Start team when it meets the Cleveland Browns, NFL champions, at Soldier Field on the night of August 10. He pointed out that All-Star players usually are three to four weeks late in reporting while other Packers by then will have had several pre-season games under their belts. "We must know what these boys can do and where they will fit into our future plans," Blackbourn said. All-Stars reporting will be backs Jack Losch of Miami and Bob Burris of Oklahoma, tackles Forrest Gregg of SMU and Bob Skoronski of Indiana and guard Cecil Morris of Oklahoma. Also reporting will be ends Russ Dennis of Maryland and Chuck Foster of Carroll, center Jack Locklear of Auburn and Joe Suminski of Purdue and several others. Classroom work will occupy the mornings while outdoor workouts, open to the public, start at 2:30 p.m.
JULY 11 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today that they have signed veteran halfbacks Billy Bookout and Joe Johnson to 1956 NFL contracts. Bookout, Oklahoma and Austin College star, was a starting defensive halfback last fall. Johnson, a Boston College product, will return for his third season this fall.
JULY 11 (Green Bay) - An engineering company hired by the Green Bay Packers to recommend a site for a new football stadium Tuesday night proposed a location not previously considered by the team or the city. While no decisions were voted, Mayor Otto Rachals said he would go along with the proposals. He also thanked the NFL club for hiring the engineer and told representatives their assistance would help make the new stadium available by the 1957 season. The City of Green Bay and the Packers, in a joint venture, have been working since last fall to find a way to provide the team with an enlarged and modern field on par with the other parks in the loop. The Osborn Engineering Co. of Cleveland proposed a 50-acre site in the Town of Ashwaubenon that is just across the street from the City of Green Bay on the southwest side. The area is south and west of Highway 41 as the roadway forms a right angle headed west to bypass the city. Previously under consideration were the existing park, City Stadium and Perkins Park, on the northwest side of town. The engineers, saying they had visited 15 possible sites, settled on the township location because: Development would cost less than the other, provided needed room for possible future expansion, construction costs would be lower, and it was the most favorable location traffic-wise. The firm, which suggested the site for Milwaukee County Stadium, estimated a stadium seating 32,000 could be erected on the township site for a total cost of $1,076,500 including parking and cost of the 50 acres. The Packers said they had taken an option on the land for a price of $75,000. Osborn estimated the same stadium, which would include 12,000 bleacher seats, would cost $1,017,000 plus parking facilities. The price for the development of Perkins Park was estimated at $1,236,000, parking included. The engineering firm made its report as the City Council met as a committee of the whole. A special meeting of the council was called for next Monday night and it was considered possible that the site selection could be made at that time. All three of the cost estimates submitted by the engineers exceeded the value of a bond issue approved by the voters last April for stadium building purposes. A bond of $960,000 was approved and the Packers agreed to repay half of the sum from income over the next 20 years.
JULY 13 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today the signing of veteran tackle Jerry Helluin and back Ralph Goldston, a free agent. Helluin came to the Packers on a trade in 1954 after seeing two years of NFL action with Cleveland. Goldston, a four-year veteran, was signed as a free agent when he was released by Philadelphia after their tenth game last year.
JULY 16 (Green Bay) - Three rookie quarterbacks, one of whom it is hoped will provide needed relief for veteran Tobin Rote, were among 13 Green Bay Packers who began a week of special drills today. Included in the quarterbacks is Rod Hermes of Racine, who was an outstanding passer-runner-kicker at Beloit College last season. Because the quarterbacks need centers and ends in their work, centers Joe Suminski of Purdue and Jack Locklear of Auburn and ends Russ Dennis of Maryland, Chuck Foster of Carroll and Dick Gaskell of George Washington also reported. Five rookies who'll play with the college All-Stars and won't be available for the first few weeks of regular practice were in uniform, too. They are tackles Bob Skoronski of Indiana and Forrest Gregg of SMU, guard Cecil Morris of Oklahoma and halfbacks Jack Losch of Miami and Bob Burris of Oklahoma. The workouts this week are mainly for the quarterbacks, an experiment being tried for the first time this year by Coach Lisle Blackbourn, starting his third season. "We hope to speed up our advancement. The new quarterbacks get a look at the system ahead of time and we get a chance to look at the All-Star players who will miss three or four weeks of our drill," Blackbourn said. The Packers' rookie camp opens at Stevens Point Saturday and last year's veterans will report a week later. Blackbourn figures the Packers have to solve "two or three problems" if they're going to improve on last year's third place finish in the Western Division. After a fast start, the Packers tapered off to finish with a .500 record, six wins and six losses. One of the problems is finding a replacement for defensive halfback Doyle Nix and his understudy, Veryl Switzer, both of whom has been called into service. Another is depth. "We need some reserve strength at guard and tackle. Also, some relief for Rote, fullback Howie Ferguson and center Jim Ringo. We were really hurt last season when these boys were injured," Blackbourn said. Rote again will be they key man in the Packers' offense. Last season he was second in total yards gained passing in the division with 1,977 and tied San Francisco's Y.A. Tittle for most scoring passes with 17. Highest on the list of rookies with a chance to give the Packers an offensive boost is halfback Losch, the team's No. 1 draft choice. "He's big and fast and a good all-around player. On paper, our college draft looks like the strongest since I took over," Blackbourn said. "We also made some trades for good-sized linemen. Righ now, without having played a game, we hope we've strengthened the ball club," he said. The Packers get their first taste of game conditions with an intrasquad game, largely for rookies, August 4 at Janesville. Their first pre-season warmup game is against Philadelphia at Milwaukee August 8.
​JULY 17 (Green Bay) - The City Council tonight will consider the tentative choice of a 53-acre site on the city's Southwest Side for a new municipal stadium sought by the Green Bay Packers. The councilmen, meeting as a committee of the whole Monday night, agreed by a vote of 17-7 on the third and most recent location proposed to the council. Also by votes of 17-7 Monday night the councilmen gave preliminary approval to:
1. A proposal to buy the 53 acres for $1,500 an acre under a three-year plan, with a $26,000 down payment to be advanced by the Packer organization as part of their pledge to pay half of the estimated $960,000 cost of the stadium over a 20-year period.
2. A directive to city officials to engage an architect to prepare plans for the new stadium.
3. Plans to start the sale of a $960,000 bond issue approved by the voters last April for the stadium's construction.
The 1956 Green Bay Packers in color
On June 15, 1954, the Green Bay city council voted "that the Park Board be authorized to obtain an eight month option for the sum of $500.00 to purchase thirty-eight acres of land and six lots, which includes two homes and one barn and a two-stall garage for the total purchase price of $58,000". The option was taken the following day and in February, 1955, an agreement was reached with the former owners George and Mary Morrow to buy the land for $30,400 down and $27,500 in 5 annual installments at 4.5% interest. The Morrows agreed to remove the garage and other personal property "to give complete possession of the property to the City of Green Bay on or before six months from date". This square parcel at the corner of Bond Street and Military Avenue, a quarter mile on each side, was the beginning of Perkins Park. (From the History of Perkins Park)
The Perkins Park Neighborhood Association
of Wisconsin football and basketball contests. He joined the
WTMJ staff in 1928, the year after his graduation from the
University of Wisconsin. He broadcast Packer games for 18
consecutive years and Wisconsin games for 16 seasons. He
also had a sports news program that was heard for 18 years.
He was named manager of WTMJ in 1946 and in 1953 became
assistant general manager of both the radio and television. He
also was a director of the Milwaukee Journal. Winnie is survived
by his widow and a son, Alan, a medical student at
Northwestern University. Another son, Griffith, died ten months
MARCH 31 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers tried their
hand at politics today. The Packers called a "pep rally" to urge
a "yes" vote on the Tuesday stadium bond issue referendum.
The scheduled speakers at the rally included George Halas,
owner of the Chicago Bears; Curly Lambeau, founder of the
Packers, and present Head Coach Lisle Blackbourn. Tony
Canadeo, a veteran of more than 200 NFL games, was
scheduled to be the Packers' chief cheerleader and master of
ceremonies at the rally. Packer officials contended that a new
stadium is needed to keep the NFL team in Green Bay. Mayor
Otto Rachals said other city officials have agreed to the new
stadium, but a referendum approval is needed to finance it.
APRIL 3 (Green Bay) - Voters here went to the polls today to
decide whether the city should help the Green Bay packers professional football club by building a new city stadium which would seat 32,000. A referendum ballot asks voters whether the city should float a bond issue of $960,000 to finance the stadium, which would be used by the Packers and the city's schools. The Packers agreed to pay half the cost over the next 20 years. The Packers warn they might leave Green Bay, the smallest city in the NFL, if the city doesn't replace the old stadium, a wooden structure. Most observers believe the referendum will pass by a slim margin. Volunteers have been ringing doorbells to urge a "yes" vote on the stadium. The opposition is based mostly on the effect of the proposed debt on the taxpayers' pocketbooks.
Presented here (above and below) is a complete set of original blueprints representing the creation of the venue called “New City Stadium.” Bound along the left edge, the collection includes a total of sixteen 30" x 48" sheets that have been properly stored in a cardboard tube and originally sourced from architect John E. Somerville. Given to a friend of Somerville and then sold to our consignor, the blueprints present an array of eye appealing angles and details from the stadium that was dedicated to Packers cofounder Curly Lambeau, in 1965. (Source: Heritage Auctions)
The 1956 Green Bay Packers - 4-8 (T-5th - Western Conference)
Head Coach: Lisle Blackbourn