It looked as though the Packers had drafted a Heisman Trophy winner without a position when Paul Hornung, the golden-haired All-American from Notre Dame, bounced around the Green Bay backfield like a pinball. Coach Lisle Blackbourn first tried him at quarterback, but the rookie did not have the arm for the position. Then came a trial at fullback, but Hornung had neither the bulk nor the inclination to be a work-horse power runner. The Packers had evidently chosen another lemon as their first draft choice, bringing a new round of calls for Blackbourn's firing. Another rookie, end Ron Kramer, made a good showing, while Bart Starr showed promise in replacing the traded Tobin Rote. But the season as a whole was a dismal way in which to open Green Bay's new football stadium and to end Blackbourn's four-year reign as head coach.
By the mid-1950s, the Packer franchise was squarely at a crossroads. NFL owners were seeing crowds of 70,000 or more crowd at stadiums in
Cleveland and Los Angeles, and were frustrated by the small checks they were getting as the visitors to City Stadium. More and more, they were
demanding their games in Wisconsin be held in Milwaukee, which had a bigger stadium and better hotel facilities. In 1955, they told the Packers
management to build a new, modern facility in Green Bay, or move all of their games to Milwaukee.  In 1956, Green Bay voters responded by approving
(70.3%) a bond issue to finance the new stadium. The original cost was $960,000, which was paid off in 1978.
City Stadium : The Original Construction 
Proposal: The Packers' Fred Leicht, who supervised the 1925 construction of City Stadium, in May 1955 submitted a proposal for a new, 32,000-seat facility.
Referendum: Passed April 3, 1956 (11,575 to 4,893), while community leaders debated over a site. 
Site: In late April 1956, the Packers hired an engineering company to study proposed locations. The company in July 1956 recommended the corner
of Highland (now Lombardi) Avenue and Ridge Road. 
Land: City Council purchased farmland owned by Victor and Florence Vannieuwenhoven in August 1956 for $73,305. 
Contract: Awarded early in 1957, with groundbreaking as soon as weather permitted. 
Time: No longer than nine months, in time for '57 opener. 
Cost: $960,000 in municipal bonds; the Packer Corporation paid $634,700 in interest and principal. 
Note: City Stadium was the first stadium built exclusively for an NFL franchise.
 Professional Football AGE - Age at Start of Season G - Games  Played FA - Free Agent
1957 PACKERS DRAFT (November 27, 1956 (1-4) and January 31, 1957 (5-30))
RND-PICK NAME                  POS COLLEGE
BONUS    Paul Hornung           HB Notre Dame
1  -   4 Ron Kramer              E Michigan
2  -  18 Joel Wells             HB Clemson
3  -  29 Dalton Truax            T Tulane
4  -  41 Carl Vereen             T Georgia Tech
5  -  52 to Cleveland Browns for Don King
6a -  63 to Cleveland Browns for John Sandusky
6b -  70 Jack Nisby (A)          G Pacific
7  -  76 Frank Gilliam           E Iowa
8  -  87 George Belotti          C USC
9  - 100 Ken Wineburg           HB Texas Christian
10 - 111 Gary Gustafson          G Gustavus Adolphus
11 - 124 Jim Roseboro           HB Ohio State
12a- 135 *-Ed Sullivan           C Notre Dame
12b- 145 Glenn Bestor (B)        B Wisconsin
13 - 148 Jim Morse              HB Notre Dame
14 - 159 Rudy Schoendorf         T Miami (Ohio) 
15 - 172 Pat Hinton              G Louisiana Tech
16 - 183 Ed Buckingham           T Minnesota 
17 - 196 *-Don Boudreaux         T Houston
18 - 207 Credell Grenn          HB Washington 
19 - 220 Ernie Danjean           G Auburn 
20 - 231 Percy Oliver            G Illinois 
21 - 244 Charles Mehrer          T Missouri 
22 - 255 Ron Quillian           QB Tulane 
23 - 268 John Symank            DB Florida
24 - 279 Charles Leyendecker     T SMU
25 - 292 *-Jerry Johnson         T St. Norbert 
26 - 303 Buddy Bass              B Duke 
27 - 316 Martin Booher           T Wisconsin 
28 - 327 *-Dave Herbold          G Minnesota 
29 - 340 *-Howard Dare          RB Maryland 
A-from Chicago Cardinals for Tom Dahms B-from New York Giants for Jack Spinks * - Juniors
Bold Italics - Played for the Green Bay Packers
Norm Amundsen       62    G 5-11 245 Wisconsin        1  1 24 12 1955 Draft - 6th
Al Barry            66    G 6- 2 235 USC              2  2 26 12 1953 Draft - 30th
Tom Bettis          65   LB 6- 2 235 Purdue           3  3 24 12 1955 Draft - 1st
Nate Borden         87   DE 6- 0 235 Indiana          3  3 25  9 1955 Draft - 25th
Al Carmichael       48   HB 6- 1 190 USC              5  5 28 12 1953 Draft - 1st
Fred Cone           31   FB 5-11 205 Clemson          7  7 31 12 1951 Draft - 3rd
Dick Deschaine      80    P 6- 0 215 No College       3  3 25 12 1955 FA
Bobby Dillon        44   DB 6- 1 180 Texas            6  6 27 12 1952 Draft - 3rd
Howie Ferguson      37   FB 6- 2 220 No College       5  5 27 12 1953 FA
Tom Finnin          71   DT 6- 2 262 Detroit Mercy    1  5 30  3 1957 FA - Cardinals
Bill Forrester      69   DT 6- 3 235 SMU              5  5 25 12 1953 Draft - 3rd
Hank Gremminger     46   DB 6- 1 195 Baylor           2  2 24 12 1956 Draft - 7th
Dave Hanner         79   DT 6- 2 250 Arkansas         6  6 27 12 1952 Draft - 5th
Jerry Helluin       72   DT 6- 2 265 Tulane           4  6 28 12 1954 Trade-Cleveland
Paul Hornung         5   HB 6- 2 215 Notre Dame       1  1 21 12 1957 Draft - Bonus
Billy Howton        86    E 6- 2 190 Rice             6  6 27 12 1952 Draft - 2nd
Joe Johnson         40   HB 6- 0 180 Boston College   4  4 27 12 1953 Draft - 11th
Billy Kinard        25   DB 6- 0 185 Mississippi      1  2 23 12 1957 Trade-Cleveland
Gary Knafelc        84    E 6- 4 215 Colorado         4  4 25  3 1954 FA - Cardinals
Ron Kramer          88    E 6- 3 220 Michigan         1  1 22 11 1957 Draft - 1st
Larry Lauer         58    C 6- 3 235 Alabama          2  2 28 12 1956 Trade - Bears
Carlton Massey      81   DE 6- 4 225 Texas            1  4 27 12 1957 Trade-Cleveland
Norm Masters        78    T 6- 2 240 Michigan State   1  1 24 12 1957 Trade - Detroit
Max McGee           85    E 6- 3 205 Tulane           2  2 25 12 1954 Draft - 5th
Don McIlhenny       42   HB 6- 0 200 SMU              1  2 22 12 1957 Trade - Detroit
Sam Palumbo         53   LB 6- 2 230 Notre Dame       1  3 25  9 1957 Trade-Cleveland
Babe Parilli        10   QB 6- 1 190 Kentucky         3  4 27 12 1957 Trade-Cleveland
John Petitbon       20   DB 5-11 190 Notre Dame       1  4 28 12 1957 Trade-Cleveland
Frank Purnell       33   FB 5-11 230 Alcorn State     1  1 24  9 1957 FA
Jim Ringo           51    C 6- 1 230 Syracuse         5  5 27 12 1953 Draft - 7th
Jim Salsbury        67    G 6- 0 235 UCLA             1  3 25 12 1957 Trade - Detroit
Ollie Spencer       77    T 6- 2 250 Kansas           1  3 26 12 1957 Trade - Detroit
Bart Starr          15   QB 6- 1 200 Alabama          2  2 23 12 1956 Draft - 17th
John Symank         27   DB 5-11 180 Florida          1  1 22 12 1957 Draft - 23rd
Jim Temp            82   DE 6- 4 230 Wisconsin        1  1 23 12 1955 Draft - 2nd
Carl Vereen         74    T 6- 2 247 Georgia Tech     1  1 21 12 1957 Draft - 4th
NO - Jersey Number POS - Position HGT - Height WGT - Weight YR - Years with Packers PR - Years of
MARCH 2 - Acquired HB Lee Hermsen from CHICAGO BEARS for 1958 draft choice
APRIL 18 - Traded DT Roger Zatkoff and QB Bobby Garrett to CLEVELAND for QB Babe Parilli, DE Carlton Massey, HB John Petitbon, LB Sam Palumbo, HB Billy Kinard and OG John Macerelli
JULY 26 - Traded QB Tobin Rote and DB Val Joe Walker to DETROIT for OT Ollie Spencer, OT Norm Masters, OG Jim Salsbury, HB Don McIlhenny
SEPT 19 - Traded DE John Martinkovic to NEW YORK for 1958 3rd round choice.
OCT 18 - Placed E Gary Knafelc on injured reserve (knee). Claimed DB Frank Purnell off waivers from CLEVELAND.
NOV 28 - Placed DE Nate Borden on injured reserve (broken arm). Claimed DT Tom Finnin off waivers from CHICAGO CARDINALS.
AUGUST (3-0)                            RESULT      RECORD    ATT STARTING QB              LEADING RUSHER              LEADING PASSER              LEADING RECEIVER
16 Chicago Cardinals at Miami          W 24-16      1- 0-0 20,820
24 Chicago Cardinals at Austin, TX     W 17-14      2- 0-0 20,000
28 M-PHILADELPHIA EAGLES               W 16-13      3- 0-0 17,101
7  New York Giants at Boston           W 13-10      4- 0-0 23,000
14 Washington at Winston-Salem, NC     W 20-17      5- 0-0 15,000
21 Pittsburgh Steelers at Minneapolis  T 10-10      5- 0-1 17,226
SEPTEMBER (1-0)                         RESULT      RECORD    ATT STARTING QB              LEADING RUSHER              LEADING PASSER              LEADING RECEIVER
29 G-CHICAGO BEARS (0-0)               W 21-17      1- 0-0 32,132 Bart Starr                                                                       Billy Howton (8-165)
6  G-DETROIT LIONS (0-1)               L 14-24      1- 1-0 32,120 Babe Parilli
13 M-BALTIMORE COLTS (2-0)             L 17-45      1- 2-0 26,322 Bart Starr
20 M-SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (2-1)         L 14-24      1- 3-0 18,919 Bart Starr
27 at Baltimore Colts (3-1)            W 24-21      2- 3-0 48,510 Bart Starr
3  G-NEW YORK GIANTS (3-2)             L 17-31      2- 4-0 32,070 Bart Starr               Paul Hornung (112)                                      Billy Howton (4-111)
10 at Chicago Bears (2-4)              L 14-21      2- 5-0 47,153 Bart Starr
17 M-LOS ANGELES RAMS (3-4)            L 27-31      2- 6-0 19,540 Bart Starr
24 at Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3)        W 27-10      3- 6-0 29,701 Bart Starr
28 at Detroit Lions (5-4)              L  6-18      3- 7-0 54,301 Bart Starr
8  at Los Angeles Rams (4-6)           L 17-42      3- 8-0 70,572 Bart Starr
15 at San Francisco 49ers (7-4)        L 20-27      3- 9-0 59,100 Bart Starr
G - Green Bay M - Milwaukee
In this aerial image from 1957, the new City Stadium rises on Green Bay’s West side. Construction continues to get it ready for the season home opener on September 29th against the Chicago Bears. This view is from the South, looking towards the intersection of Ridge Road and Highland (now Lombardi) Avenue. The administration building on the North end of the stadium wouldn’t be added until a few years later, so the Packers kept their offices on the city’s East side until then. (Photo Credit - Packerville.blogspot.com)
City Stadium is nearing completion. Residential build-up is only beginning to take place in the surrounding area. The nearby Brown County Arena has not yet been built. (Photo Credit)
Utility work being done for the new stadium
The first game at City Stadium
It’s 1957, and the Green Bay Packers have built a new City Stadium way out on the West side of town. They produced this promotional booklet to inform the public about just what this new football facility includes — and to sell tickets. (Photo Credit - Packerville.blogspot.com)
JANUARY 7 (Mobile, Ala.) - Halfback Joel Wells of Clemson, one of college football's top backs during 1956, signed Sunday with the Canadian professional football team at Montreal. Wells had been a draft choice of the Green Bay Packers. Montreal also signed Clemson tackle Bill Hudson, a Chicago Cardinal draft choice.
JANUARY 7 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers today announced the signing of Carl Vereen, a 240-pound Georgia Tech tackle and one of the best blockers in the Southeastern Conference. Vereen, the Packers' fourth round draft choice, is 22 years old, 6 feet 6 1/2 inches tall and the biggest man on the Georgia Tech squad, which downed Pittsburgh in the Gator Bowl. He was credited with 52 tackles in eight games last fall and was successful in 101 of his 125 block attempts. Lou Rymkus, assistant Packer coach who signed Vereen, said he can "step right in and play regularly for us."
JANUARY 10 (South Bend) - The Green Bay Packers Wednesday signed Notre Dame quarterback Paul Hornung to a fat three-year NFL contract that makes him the highest paid rookie in the club's history. Neither Hornung nor R.W. Bogda, Packers president, would discuss contract terms but it was reported that the Irish star will be paid $16,000 a year. Hornung, a bonus choice of the Packers in the early rounds of the NFL draft November 30, was awarded the Heisman Trophy, among other honors for his play with the 1956 Irish squad that finished with a 2-8 record, worst in Notre Dame football history. The Heisman award named Hornung the outstanding collegiate player last season. The Louisville, Ky., native rejected a bid from Vancouver of the Canadian football circuit to play with the Packers. Hornung, 6-2, 205 pounds, starred offensively and defensively for the Irish as he played quarterback, halfback and fullback. His assignment with the Packers is officially uncertain, but he probably could be used effectively in several rolls. Green Bay coach Liz Blackbourn, after the Packer defense fell apart in the final game of the season at Los Angeles, said the prize rookie would probably be used a defensive back. Then Tobin Rote, veteran Green Bay quarterback, renewed threats to retire. That would leave only Bobby Garrett, returning from service, for the signal calling honors next season. Rote's 1956 understudy, Bart Starr, is himself due to join the military before the 1957 campaign rolls around.And of course one of the desperate Packer needs during the entire last season in which Green Bay won only four of 12 was for a solid running back. Hornung has the collegiate experience to make him a candidate for any one of the three positions. He carried the ball 94 times for 420 yards, an average of 4.5 per try. As a passer, the big weapon in the pro league, he completed 59 of 111 for 917 yards and a completion average of .532. He also returned 16 kickoffs for 496 yards, an average of 31 yards, and four punts for 63 yards, or 16 yards a try. He scored 7 of Notre Dame's 16 touchdowns, booted 14 conversions and averaged 37.8 yards on punts. He's pretty sure of at least a year of service with the Packers before being called to serve with the armed forces.
JANUARY 11 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers Thursday announced the signing of Dalton Truax, 230-pound Tulane tackle and their third choice in the NFL draft. Signed earlier were quarterback Paul Hornung of Notre Dame, the bonus pick; and tackle Carl Vereen of Georgia Tech, fourth choice. End Ron Kramer of Michigan, the first choice, has eligibility left and has not been signed. Back Joel Wells of Clemson, drafted second, has signed with Montreal of the Canadian pros.
JANUARY 11 (Green Bay) - Coach Liz Blackbourn of the Green Bay Packers indicated Thursday that Paul Hornung, prize rookie signed Wednesday, probably will be a halfback when the 1957 NFL season opens. The coach, who saw his Packers battered in a 4-8 season last year, indicated that he expects veteran quarterback Tobin Rote - who has talked of retiring - to be back in the fold. And the Packers will also have Bobby Garrett back from the service. Hornung, a quarterback at Notre Dame, would mean three signal callers in camp. Blackbourn said "with three quarterbacks around the definite thing would be a good defensive halfback." And the coach also hinted that he felt the quarterbacking role with a professional club was too big an assignment for a rookie. The Packers signed Hornung to a three year contract, reportedly at $16,000 a season, making him the highest paid freshman in the club's history. But Blackbourn said that in Hornung, the bonus pick in the draft, and Ron Kramer of Michigan, the first choice who has not been signed because he still has eligibility, he got what he wanted. Blackbourn said he was sorry that the Packers had to pass on Jim Brown of Syracuse who is generally considered the best running back in the collegiate ranks, but, he said, "what generally makes a runner great is his blockers. That's why we took Kramer." He said he hated to see the second choice, Joel Wells, go to Canada, but added that "the price got ridiculous as Wells raised it with Canadian offers." In looking forward to the remaining rounds of the draft that will be called in several weeks, Blackbourn said "we'll just have to draft the best available players. Right now we're studying the crop thoroughly."
JANUARY 12 (Green Bay) - Tom Hearden, defensive coach of the Green Bay Packers for two years before taking a similar post with the University of Wisconsin last season, today returned to that job on the NFL team. The 52-year old Hearden resigned from Milt Bruhn's staff at Wisconsin. There was no immediate indication who would succeed him. He replaces Abe Stuber on Lisle "Liz" Blackbourn's staff here. Stuber stepped out, saying he wanted to return to college football or business "whichever offered the best opportunity." Hearden's return to the Packers reunites the original coaching staff that took over the pro club under Blackbourn in 1954. "I'm extremely pleased to have Tom back in the fold," Blackbourn said. "How we have the same staff we started with three years ago." Bruhn said Hearden's "presence will be missed, especially by the young players." Hearden, a native of Appleton, started his coaching career at St. Catherine High School in Racine in 1930, moved to East High School on Green Bay in 1936 and St. Norbert College in 1946 after a stint in the  Navy during World War II. His overall head coaching won-lost record was 126-24-8. In his college days Hearden was co-captain of the Notre Dame football team in 1926 under the late Knute Rockne. He also played pro ball for the Packers, alternating at halfback with Curly Lambeau in 1927, and for the Chicago Bears.
JANUARY 12 (Los Angeles) - Quarterback Tobin Rote of the Green Bay Packers, one of the most underrated players in the NFL, bids goodbye to the sport tomorrow when he plays for the West against the East in the annual Pro Bowl game in Memorial Coliseum. "I've got a head coach down in Texas and she says she's not going to chase back and forth to Green Bay anymore. So I'm going to stay with her." So said the 6-foot-2, 205-pound Texanwho led Rice to two Southwest Conference championships and for seven years has been one of the finest field generals in pro football. The "head coach" is Mrs. Rote, mother of their three youngsters. The family lives in Bellaire, near Houston, where the 28-year old Tobin has an executive position with the Herrin Transportation Co. "Right now I don't have too many regrets about leaving football," Rote commented, "but maybe that's because this is the end of a long season and I'm a little tired. I love football, though." Rote, Ed Brown of the Chicago Bears and Bobby Layne of Detroit will alternate at quarterback for the West, certainly an imposing combination. Rote bows out with an impressive record. He passed for 2,203 yards in 1956, more than any other NFL quarterback, and he holds most of the all-time Packer records, which something for a team forever famous for its aerial attack.
JANUARY 15 (Milwaukee) - Joseph A. (Red) Dunn, one of Marquette University's all-time football greats, died early today at his home of an apparent heart attack. He was 55. Members of Dunn's family found his body in bed. They said he retired Monday night in apparent good health. Dunn quarterbacked Marquette's undefeated football teams in 1922 and 1923 during the school's so-called golden era of sports. He also played pro football with the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. He was a quarterback on the Packers' championship teams of 1929, 1930 and 1931. He was regarded by many as the greatest football player in the university's history. In 1923 he was named to the third team on Walter Camp's All-America, the forerunner of the present day dream teams. The late Grantland Rice once paid tribute to Dunn in one of his sports columns about rugged football players football has known. In 1923 in against Boston College at Fenway Park Dunn suffered a broken arm in a pileup at the beginning of the game. But with the score tied 6-6, Dunn came off the bench to kick the placement that gave Marquette a 7-6 victory. Dunn, like most of the players at the time, was a 60-minute man, excelling in both defense and offense. He was a fine passer, punter and placekicker. He also starred in basketball. In 1923, a year in which Marquette beat Wisconsin for the first time, 9-8, and Creighton, 7-6. These were the days when defense was important in basketball.
JANUARY 19 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced Friday that Bobby Garrett, former Stanford University quarterback, has signed a 1957 NFL contract and will be available to the Packers this fall.
JANUARY 22 (Green Bay) - Earl Klapstein today resigned as chief scout and defensive line coach of the Green Bay Packers to become director of physical education and head football coach at Cerritos, Calif., Junior College. Klapstein, 34, said the college is under construction and will open in September. He has been with the Packers for a year. It was the second change in the Packers' coaching staff in nine days. Defensive coach Abe Stuber quit January 12 and was replaced by Tom Hearden. Klapstein played tackle, center and fullback with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1946. He became assistant football coach at Stockton, Calif., Junior College in 1949 and then served as head coach from 1950 to 1953. He was line coach at the University of Idaho for the next two seasons before moving on to the Packers. As a head coach, his won-lost record was 48-14-3. He is a native of Lodi, Calif. Head Coach Liz Blackbourn said he has not decided whether to fill the vacancy left by Klapstein's resignation.
JANUARY 23 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Common Council Tuesday night postponed a decision on whether the community's proposed new football stadium will be built on a steel framework or of pre-cast concrete. A representative of Bethlehem Steel, Co. said priorities will be figured out in about seven days, and the firm will be able to say at that time whether it will be able to supply the steel girders. A steel-based stadium, seating 32,026, would cost $938,583. The proposal by the concrete firm calls for a 23,490 seat structure that would cost $948,028. A target date of September 15 has been set for completion of the stadium that will become the new home of the Green Bay Packers. Ground work has been completed and sodding of the playing field is slated to begin as soon as the soil is workable.
JANUARY 27 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers have signed their 11th draft choice of 1956, center Mike Hudock of the University of Miami. Coach Lisle Blackbourn indicated he planned to use the six-two, 225-pound pivotman on offense. Hudock was the Hurricane's regular center in his junior and senior years and also had experience at tackle.
JANUARY 28 (Detroit) - Roger Zatkoff, brilliant 26-year old Green Bay Packers linebacker, says he's leaving professional football for a business career. "I realize I have three or four more years of football lead," Zatkoff said Sunday, "but I want to enter the industrial selling field here in Detroit and I would rather use those years getting established in something that will take care of my future." The former University of Michigan star said: "I've talked it over carefully with my wife, Elaine, and we decided it would be wise for me to start looking for the opportunity now. We have three small children, Sandra, 4 1/2; Denise, 3, and Karen, 2. The oldest will be ready to start school next fall and, frankly, we're tired of moving the family back and forth from Green Bay."
​JANUARY 30 (Green Bay) - A total of $835,456 in contracts for construction of a new municipal stadium was awarded Tuesday night by a special meeting of the city council. The vote was 18-2. The contracts, including $742,039 for general construction of the concrete structure, will not be signed before February 5 when the council acts on authorization of a $960,000 bond issue. The general contract, awarded to George Hougard & Son, Inc., Green Bay, calls for a completion date of September 15. The Green Bay Packers, which is pledged to pay for half of the cost of the stadium, hopes to play its NFL home schedule in the new stadium this fall. Specifications in the general contract calls for 25 rows of sideline and 21 rows of end zone seats, made of concrete poured on the bowl shape depression carved into a stadium site last summer. The contract also calls for 35 rows of sideline concrete slab seats on a steel framework erected above the outside edge of the bowl. The Municipal Stadium will replace the old City Stadium, a wooden structure with about 24,000 seats. The Packers had expressed dissatisfaction with the seating capacity of the old stadium, saying other clubs in the league were reluctant to play at Green Bay because capacity limited the gate receipts and the visiting clubs' take-home share of the revenue. The $960,000 bond issue was authorized by the city's voters in a referendum last April. The Packers Corporation pledged itself to pay off half the bond issue, plus interest on that half, over a period of 20 years. The contracts awarded Tuesday night brought to $938,583 the total expenditures approved by the city council. The total includes $48,133 spent by the city last fall in excavating the bowl-shaped depression on the 49-acre site on the city's southwest side, adjoining Highway 41. The purchase price of the land was $73,305. The city made a down payment of $7,500 from an advance of the Packers' rental of the old City Stadium for the 1956 season.
FEBRUARY 1 (Green Bay) - John Sandusky of the Green Bay Packers, and a veteran tackle with seven seasons in the NFL, said Thursday he has accepted a job as line coach at Villanova for next season. The 33-year old offensive lineman was acquired by the Packers from the Cleveland Browns last season in exchange for their 5th draft choice. Sandusky was the No. 2 draft choice of the Browns in 1950. He is six-one and weighs 250 pounds.
FEBRUARY 1 (Philadelphia) - The Green Bay Packers made tackle John Nisby of College of the Pacific their first choice as the pro draft continued Thursday and went to select 15 more linemen and nine backs. Nisby was a standout for COP and the Packers defense was the worst in the NFL last season. The Packers traded away their fifth and sixth round choices to the Cleveland Browns, but picked up the Chicago Cardinals' sixth round choice and the New York Giants' 12th round choice. End Frank Gilliam of Iowa's Big Ten and Rose Bowl championship team was Green Bay's seventh round choice. Gilliam also is rated a superior defensive player and probably will be used as a linebacker by Green Bay. The Packers also picked up another linemen in the eighth round, tackle George Belotti of Southern California. Ken Wineburg of Texas Christian was the first back selected by the Bays. Backs also were selected in the 10th, 11th and 12th rounds. They are Garry Gustafson of Gustavus-Adolphus, Jim Roseboro of Ohio State, and Glenn Bestor, University of Wisconsin fullback. On Green Bay's other 12th round choice they got center Ed Sullivan of North Dakota. Other Packer selections: Jim Morse, back, Notre Dame, 13th; Rudy Schoendorf, tackle, Miami (Ohio), 14th; Pat Hinton, guard, Louisiana Tech, 15th; Ed Buckingham, tackle, Minnesota, 16th; Don Boudreaux, tackle, Houston, 17th; Credell Green, back, Washington, 18th; Ernest Danjean, guard, Auburn, 19th; Percy Oliver, guard, Illinois, 20th; Charles Mehrer, tackle, Missouri, 21st; Ron Quinlan, back, Tulane, 22nd; John Symank, back, Florida, 23rd; Charley Leyendecker, tackle, SMU, 24th; Jerry Johnson, tackle, St. Norbert, 25th; Buddy Bass, end, Duke, 26th; Martin Booher, tackle, Wisconsin, 27th; Dave Herbold, guard, Minnesota, 28th; and Howard Dare, back, Maryland, 29th. Green Bay Coach Lisle Blackbourn lost a flip of the coin with the Los Angeles Rams Thursday for the right to go second in the draft. The Packers' luck was better in the early draft session when they won the bonus choice and took everybody's All-America quarterback Paul Hornung.
FEBRUARY 1 (Philadelphia) - The NFL, its player draft completed, moved into its midwinter business sessions today with the proposed program of the new players' organization, rule changes, expansion and schedule consideration on the agenda. The 12-member clubs drafted a total of 312 players Thursday, completing its selections started last November when 49 hopefuls were tapped for future play among the rugged pros. Commissioner Bert Bell planned to present the players' program, asking for a $5,000 salary minimum for drafted players and an injury clause, to the owners for consideration, and eight cities were hopeful that the league would expand to a 14-club circuit in 1958. A first day poll of the owners indicated six were willing to go along with the player requests. Los Angeles, Green Bay and San Francisco were non-committal, Cleveland withheld comment, and the Chicago Bears, whose players are not members, had nothing to say. George Preston Marshall, president of the Washington Redskins, opposed the players' group move because it "would be extremely difficult to have a player association in a contact sport like football...The rules which apply to baseball don't apply to us in any respect." The opening day, though dulled by the long draft routine, had its spirited moments, including the picketing of Marshall for the Redskins non-hiring of Negro players, and a salary boost for Bell by the owners. The commissioner's salary was raised to $40,000 annually, a $10,000 hike, plus an annual $10,000 turned into a trust fund as a pension for him. George Halas, owner of the Bears, took a pause in the meeting to lash back at Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick's criticism of the NFL drafting players made several days ago in Chicago. Frick said the draft hindered the players' opportunity to bargain. Halas said the draft, instituted in 1936, gave the players more opportunity than ever before as he told Frick "to stick to baseball." The Bears' owner said player salaries now are three to five times higher than they were before the league adopted the draft, and that they have every opportunity to negotiate with Canadian teams. Los Angeles, torn by front office bickering in a dispute and court suit involving President Dan Reeves and co-owners Edwin Pauley, Fred Levy and Hal Seeley, had its difficulties settled when they shook hands and agreed to future management of the club, with Bell appointed to step in as arbitrator in case of future disagreements. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), headed by John Young of the Red Roosters sports group of New York and Eugene Davidson of the Washington district of the association, threw up a picket line outside of the hotel criticizing Marshall and the Redskins for not hiring Negroes.
FEBRUARY 6 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers Thursday signed a 21-year lease of the new, 32,000 seat stadium that will be ready for them next September. The Packers agreed to pay an annual rental of $30,000 for 21 years, with an option to renew for an additional 10 years. Construction contracts for the $960,000 stadium were to be signed today. George Hougard and Sons of Green Bay, major contractor, said his target date for completion was September 15. The new concrete and steel structure replaces the old wooden stadium which was the Packers' home for 30 years.
FEBRUARY 11 (Milwaukee) - Verne Lewellen, general manager of the Green Bay Packers, said Sunday he is not in favor of a league-wide players' association in the NFL. Lewellen said, "Personally, I don't believe in such an organization. However, I would have no objection to players discussing problems with their own management." Lewellen said he didn't believe Bill Howton had complete authority to report the Packers players' demands at the recent players' meeting in Philadelphia with NFL Commissioner Bert Bell. Howton was the Green Bay's player representative in the delegation that met with Bell. The Green Bay executive said the club owners' reaction at Philadelphia was that the association was not authorized to speak for the players in the league. "The Bears didn't have a single representative," Lewellen said. "Presumably, they were satisfied with their present treatment." Lewellen said the demand of the players' group for a retirement fund was beyond reason. He said he couldn't see how a professional football team with "only 12 league games to draw from", could establish a pension fund. "We're not in the same class as baseball on this score," he said. Lewellen said another demand for a minimum salary turned out to be unnecessary. He said the players asked for a $5,000 minimum. "This demand wasn't necessary because there is no player in the NFL, and certainly not in Green Bay who receives under this minimum, " said Lewellen.
FEBRUARY 12 (Madison) - Ron Kramer, Michigan's All-America end, says he's thinking about security as he weighs a Canadian opportunity against the Green Bay Packers' offer of a pro football career. "I haven't talked contract with the Packers or with Hamilton of Canada," said Kramer in an interview. Kramer, the Packers' No. 1 choice in the NFL college player draft, started as center against Wisconsin's basketball team Monday night. He said he preferred football to basketball, but revealed that the Harlem Globetrotters had talked about him joining the College All-Americans in the Globetrotters' Collegian annual tour. Discussing his football offers, Kramer said, "Money isn't the only problem. I want security after my playing days are over. Therefore, I'm going to seriously think over both offers before deciding which to take." Coach Lisle Blackbourn of the Packers talked with is No. 1 draft choice here Monday, but it was assumed there was no agreement on pro contract terms since Kramer still is participating in collegiate athletics. "I would like to play in the States," Kramer said, "but I'm thinking of my future, too." He said that if he joined the Packers, he wouldn't care what position he played. "I've been told I would play as a slot back," Kramer said. "That is okay with me. I want to play pro ball for a few years; I love football."
FEBRUARY 12 (Houston) - Billy Howton, representative of Green Bay personnel in the move to create a players' association in the NFL, Monday urged Commissioner Bert Bell to set up another conference between club owners and players. In a telegram to Bell's office, Howton said: "This is to inform you that the Green Bay Packers are in the NFL Players Association 100 percent and are dedicated to its success. We strongly urge your office to arrange a meeting between our representatives and the club owners in the very near future. We are very definitely not satisfied with the recent decision by the club owners. We were highly disappointed in the slight accorded our representatives and proposals by the club owners in their recent meeting. We have tried to approach this matter in a business-like manner and think it should continue on such a basis." In addition to disclosing the Packers' unanimous membership in the proposed association, Howton also answered a charge by Bell that the group lacked strong representation. "Eleven of the 12 pro clubs are interested," the former All-American end from Rice said. "The Chicago Bears aren't because they already have all the things we want." Now in the insurance business here in the off-season, Howton listed five proposals made to the owners: recognition, training camp expenses ("We don't get a crying dime"), an injury clause ("There's no provision for compensation to an injured player"), $5,000 minimum wage and discussion of pension plans.
FEBRUARY 12 (Riverside, Calif.) - Burglary charges against Arthur Hunter, 23-year old pro football player, were reduced Monday to petty theft. A former tackle at Notre Dame and the Green Bay Packers and under contract to play center for the Cleveland Browns, Hunter was arrested last week and accused of rifling wallets in the Elks Lodge locker room.
FEBRUARY 13 (Green Bay) - Coach Liz Blackbourn of the Green Bay Packers says he's confident his NFL team will sign Ron Kramer and there's a Canadian league coach who says he hasn't given up attempts to sign the All-America end from Michigan. Kramer says "I'm going to seriously think over both offers before deciding which to take." Blackbourn said Tuesday he isn't "worried a bit" and added, "Sure, he'd go to Canada if he got an offer 10 times better than outs, but I'm confident he'll choose the Packers." Jim Trimble, coach of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Big Four Football league, said at Hamilton he'd continue to seek Kramer for next season. It will be several months before Kramer has to make up his mind. He has basketball eligibility remaining at Michigan.
FEBRUARY 15 (Ann Arbor) - All-America end Ron Kramer, the first NFL draft choice of the Green Bay Packers, is going to wait until June to turn professional. Kramer said Thursday he had decided against joining an all-star basketball team that will tour with the Harlem Globetrotters at the end of the current season. Kramer is captain of the Michigan cage squad. Kramer said he wants to become a "nine-letter" at Michigan. He has three letters in football, three in basketball and two in track. He said he would go out for the track squad again this spring, and therefore would not turn pro. "Then," he explained, "I'll sign for professional football in June."
FEBRUARY 20 (Green Bay) - A small share of good fortune has befallen the Green Bay Packers who said Tuesday that two Oklahoma stars who skipped football in 1956 have agreed to terms for the 1957 NFL season. They are Cecil Morris and Bob Burris, the Packers' fourth and sixth round choices respectively in the 1956 draft. Burris is a 6-1, 200-pound back, while Morris is a 6-2, 235-pound guard. They used up their collegiate eligibility when the 1955 season ran out, but stayed out of the pro ranks last season. Morris went back to school to complete work on his degree while Burris wanted to be sure a head injury he suffered was completely healed. Both were members of the 1956 All-Star collegiate team that played in Chicago. Burris was a member of the All-Big Seven team in 1954 and 1955. Morris was named to the conference team three years straight. In another Packer development Tuesday, it was reported that Carl Mraz, ticket director for the past 12 years, was dismissed. The Milwaukee Sentinel said that Mraz, a Green Bay bank employee, was released by Packer President Russell W. Bogda, at the club's weekly executive meeting. Mraz had devoted his spare time to handling Packer tickets.
FEBRUARY 20 (New Brunswick, NJ) - Dick Wildung, former Green Bay Packers lineman, has been elected to the National Football Hall of Fame. Announcement of 11 new selections was made Tuesday by Bill Cunningham, chairman of the Honors Court. Wildung was a tackle at the University of Minnesota from 1940 to 1943 and was chosen for the Associated Press All-America team his last two years in college. He played professional football with the Packers from 1946 to 1951. Wildung is Minnesota's fifth member of the Hall of Fame.
FEBRUARY 26 (Green Bay) - Earl Falk, long-time ticket office staff member of the Green Bay Packers, was named ticket director today.
MARCH 2 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers today acquired Lee Hermsen, a home-ground product who starred at halfback for Marquette, in a trade with the Chicago Bears for a 1958 draft choice. Hermsen was the Bears' 19th choice in the NFL's recent draft at Philadelphia. The 23-year old Hermsen played under Packer Coach Lisle "Liz" Blackbourn at Marquette when Blackbourn was head coach there.
MARCH 4 (Milwaukee) - Notre Dame's Paul Hornung says he signed to play pro football with the Green Bay Packers because "I wanted to play in the big leagues." Hornung, the Packers' No. 1 choice in the NFL's draft of college players, told newsmen Saturday he passed up a richer offer from Canadian pro leagues. "I've heard about the way the people of Green Bay treat the Packers," said Hornung. "It must be great." Notre Dame's talented quarterback said he hopes Tobin Rote of the Packers will decide against retiring. "It would be great getting pointers from the best pro quarterback around," Hornung said. Hornung, who signed with the Packers for three years, was in town to address 10,000 high school athletes attending the Wisconsin Catholic Action convention.
MARCH 4 (Green Bay) - Stockholders of the Green Bay Packers were told Monday night the NFL club had a 1956 net profit of $48,049 before taxes. The profit compared with $88,578 in 1955 before taxes. Verne Lewellen, the Packers' general manager, blamed the drop in profits on slightly higher expenses and lower gate receipts from games played outside Green Bay. Lewellen said completion of the new Green Bay City Stadium, seating 32,026, should enhance the Packers' gross revenues in the future. The stadium is expected to be completed for the start of the 1957 season. It will replace the old Municipal Stadium which has a capacity of 24,308. The club said it could realize a gross gate of about $83,000 per game in the old stadium, but could take in $124,000 in a sellout at the new stadium. The Packers announced 23,490 seats in the new stadium will be sold for $4.75. Another 838 seats will be reserved for children at 75 cents a head. The remainder of the seats will sell for $3.30 and $2.25. Lewellen said the Packers received total revenue of $226,892 from the three games which attracted 67,322 fans to the old stadium here last year. He said the club received $237,449 from the three games which drew 77,004 ticket buyers to Milwaukee County Stadium in 1956.
MARCH 5 (Stevens Point) - Stevens Point again will be the site of the summer training camp of the Green Bay Packers. That was the announcement made to the stockholders of the club at Green Bay by Verne Lewellen, general manager, on Monday. Carl Wallace, manager of the Stevens Point Chamber of Commerce, said today he had not received official notification of the decision to train here again. The city extended an invitation for the club to return shortly after the close of the 1956 campaign. The Packers have trained here the past three seasons.
MARCH 8 (Green Bay) - Tackle John Nisby of College of Pacific, the 6th draft choice of the Green Bay Packers, has been signed to a contract, it was announced today. Nisby, six feet tall and 230 pounds, won several honors while at College of Pacific. He was named on 17 all-opponent teams in his three seasons at the California school.
MARCH 19 (Green Bay) - President Russell W. Bogda and all other members of the executive committee of the Green Bay Packers were re-elected for one-year terms today. Re-elected along with Bogda at the club's regular meeting were L.H. Joannes and Dominic Olejniczak, vice presidents; and John B. Torinus, secretary. Others were Emil R. Fischer, chairman of the board; and the following board members: H.J. Bero, Bernard Darling, Leslie J. Kelly, Fred Leicht, W. Heraly McDonald, Maxwell D. Murphy, Fred N. Trowbridge, Bogda, Joannes, Olejniczak and Torinus.
MARCH 21 (Green Bay) - Frank Gilliam, Iowa's great defensive end, has signed a 1957 contract with the Green Bay Packers, head coach Lisle Blackbourn announced. Gilliam, six-two and 190 pounds, was the Packers' seventh choice in the NFL draft. In addition to his tremendous defensive play, Gilliam led the Hawkeyes' pass receivers for two seasons. He played a lead role in Iowa's winning of the Big Ten championship and was named to the Associated Press All-Big Ten team in 1956. Gilliam also starred at Iowa in 1953 and 1954 but missed the 1955 season due to a broken leg.
MARCH 24 (Green Bay) - Green Bay will dedicate its new, 32,150-seat stadium for the Green Bay Packers the weekend of September 28. The weekend-long festivities, designed to focus the national attention on the city and its NFL team, will be climaxed by the Packers' first 1957 game on Sunday September 29. The Chicago Bears will probably supply the opposition. Plans for the dedication were announced today by Tony Canadeo and Jerry Atkinson, co-chairmen of a citizens' dedication committee. In a letter in conjunction with the dedication, the Packers opened season ticket sales to present holders of such tickets. The club estimated that since 23,514 seats in the new stadium will be on the sidelines, new purchasers of season tickets can be assigned places between the 20 and 30-yard lines on a first come, first served basis. The new season tickets go on sale May 1.
MARCH 26 (Green Bay) - Jim Temp, former University of Wisconsin end who was the Green Bay Packers' No. 2 draft choice in 1955, has signed a 1957 contract with the NFL team, it was announced today. The 6-4, 230-pound Temp now is stationed at Ft. Eustis, Va., with the Army Transportation Corps, but will receive his discharge early in September.
MARCH 27 (Green Bay) - It's official. Bart Starr, the Green Bay Packers' rookie quarterback, will be released from the Air Force in about two weeks. Air Force officials decided to release him because of an old back injury. With Starr back, the Packers will have one of the best quarterback corps in the NFL - Starr, Rote, Garrett and Hornung.
MARCH 28 (Stevens Point) - What effect will the announcement of Bart Starr's expected separation from the armed forces have on the retirement talk of Tobin Rote? There has been considerable doubt - chiefly expressed by the Green Bay Packers themselves - that the veteran Rote will call it quits as he stated at the close of the 1956 campaign. No official announcement concerning the rookie Starr's Air Force status has been given from the Packers but according to a column last week by Chuck Capaldo, Associated Press sports editor for Wisconsin, the young quarterback's release is official. Capaldo says the Air Force "decided to release him because of an old back injury." Thus with Starr coming back and Rote apparently not quitting just yet, the Packers have four pretty fair quarterback candidates in these two plus Paul Hornung and Bobby Garrett. Hornung was the bonus pick this year and possibly will be playing elsewhere than behind the center. Garrett was the bonus choice a couple years ago by Cleveland before being traded for Babe Parilli to the Packers. He played one year as Rote's assistant before going into the service. Green Bay used Starr more than any other Rote understudy since Liz Blackbourn took over in 1953. However, the ex-Alabama star still didn't see a great deal of action in his rookie year. He played only enough to throw the ball 44 times and run with it five times compared to 398 attempted passes by Rote and 84 rushing attempts. Maybe the Bays have some trading material among the quarterback candidates. Four signal-callers won't be kept, that's for certain, although two plus another for part-time duty (for example, Hornung as a running back, defensive back and reserve quarterback) is a likely lineup. At any rate, the air will be filled with passes again, the way it looks now. Stevens Point fans will have a chance to see some of the most highly-touted quarterbacks in recent years in action on the practice fields here this summer.
MARCH 29 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers today signed another service returnee, Norm Amundsen, a 230-pound guard from the University of Wisconsin. Lisle Blackbourn, coach of the Packers, said he planned to use Amundsen as an offensive guard. Amundsen comes from Chicago.
APRIL 2 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced their 1957 home schedule for NFL games. The six contests again have been evenly divided between Milwaukee and Green Bay. The opening game with the Chicago Bears at Green Bay September 29 will be marked by dedication ceremonies for the new stadium. The schedule:
September 29 - Chicago Bears at Green Bay
October 6 - Detroit Lions at Green Bay
October 13 - Baltimore Colts at Milwaukee
October 20 - San Francisco 49ers at Milwaukee
November 3 - New York Giants at Green Bay
November 17 - Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay
APRIL 3 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers today signed two former University of Wisconsin players, tackle Martin Booher and fullback Glenn Bestor.
APRIL 8 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers today announced the acquisition of veteran defensive specialist Herb Rich from the world champion New York Giants for an undisclosed draft choice. The 5-11, 190-pound deep man has seen service with Baltimore, where he led the NFL in punt returns in 1950, and Los Angeles. He played with the Rams  in 1951, 1952 and 1953 and then moved to the Giants for the next three season. The team of Rich and Em Tunnell gave the Giants one of the league's finest deep combinations.
APRIL 10 (Milwaukee) - Coach Lisle Blackbourn of the Green Bay Packers hinted Tuesday night of a trade - "probably as sensational as any ever completed in the NFL". Blackbourn made the disclosure in a speech before about 200 members of Second Guessers, Inc., a group of men devoted to sports. The Packers coach declined to name any player involved in the deal. He said he expects an announcement in about two weeks. He denied published reports that the Cleveland Browns have bid for Tobin Rote, Green Bay's seasoned quarterback who has yet to agree to teams for the 1957 season. "There is no deal underway at the present time involving Rote," said Blackbourn. "He does not figure in the current talks." Asked whether Rote might be considered "untouchable" by any other NFL club, Blackbourn declared: "No one is untouchable." Blackbourn said he is going to Houston next week to discuss contract terms with Rote, whose talk about retiring hasn't convinced the Packers he's ready to quit pro ball. It was learned that linebacker Roger Zatkoff, another Packer who speaks about retirement, is likely to figure in any Green Bay trade talks. Quarterback Bobby Garrett also is mentioned as trading material. If the Packers make a deal, it will be done to bulwark their defense, weakened by Zatkoff's proclaimed retirement plans and Deral Teteak's resignation to take a coaching job at Wisconsin, his alma mater. Zatkoff has an off-season job in Detroit, his hometown, and said he's tired of the trek to Green Bay to play football a few months each year. However, he is said to be interested in playing for his hometown Detroit Lions. Garrett is likely trading material because he is one of four quarterbacks in the Green Bay garage this season. The Packers are well enough supplied with quarterbacks to consider playing their newest signal-caller, talented Paul Hornung, at left halfback. Blackbourn said he plans to use Hornung at quarterback in one exhibition game, but said he does not want to give Notre Dame's Heisman Trophy winner a thorough trial at left half. Hornung was scheduled to appear with Blackbourn Tuesday night, but got his speaking dates mixed up and appeared Monday night. When he discovered he was early, he apologized. He said he couldn't stay over because he had another speaking date Tuesday night.
APRIL 10 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers, who regained one rookie backfield standout from service, will lose another one Friday when halfback Jack Losch will enter the Air Force. Bart Starr, quarterback, was discharged from the Air Force recently because of a back ailment. Losch, the Packers' No. 1 draft choice in 1956, will enter the Air Force at Lackland AFB, Texas. Two other Packer rookies, tackle Bob Skoronski and guard Forrest Gregg, already are in service.
APRIL 12 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers today announced the signing of two college linemen in a move to bolster their offensive tackle positions. Added to the Packer roster were Charles Mahrer of Missouri and Charles Leyendecker of Southern Methodist. Mehrer, 20, is six-three, 240-pounds and was a three year letterman as guard and tackle for Missouri. He was the Packers' 21st draft choice in the NFL draft. Leyendecker, signed as a free agent, won three letters at SMU. He weighs 230 pounds and is six-two.
APRIL 16 (Miami) - The Green Bay Packer and the Chicago Cardinals will play a pro football exhibition game in the Orange Bowl August 16, according to the South Florida Elks Charities.
APRIL 17 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers will play exhibitions in six states next season, it was announced. The Packers announced a six-game preseason football schedule which opens against the Chicago Cardinals in Miami August 16. The remainder of the schedule is the Cardinals at Austin, Texas, August 24; Philadelphia Eagles at Milwaukee August 28; New York Giants at Boston, September 7; Washington Redskins at Winston-Salem, NC, September 14 and Pittsburgh Steelers at Minneapolis, September 21. All of the games will be at night. The Packers will break camp at Stevens Point September 6.
APRIL 18 (Green Bay) - Tobin Rote, one of the NFL's all-time great quarterbacks, has signed for his eighth season with the Green Bay Packers. Rote, who had been talking about retiring, was signed at his home at Houston Wednesday night by the Packers' head coach Liz Blackbourn. The signing of Rote gives the Packers four topflight quarterbacks - Paul Hornung, Notre Dame All-Americans and the Packers' bonus choice in the NFL draft; Bart Starr, a promising rookie last year; and Bobby Garrett, due to come out of the service this summer.
MAY 17 (Green Bay) - Fullback Ron Quillian of Tulane, the Green Bay Packers' 22nd selection in the NFL draft, has signed a 1957 contract, the club said today.
MAY 20 (Green Bay) - Bart Starr, former Alabama great who was the Green Bay Packers' 17th draft selection in 1956, has signed his 1957 NFL contract, the Packers announced Sunday. As an understudy to quarterback Tobin Rote last year, Starr completed 24 passes in 44 attempts.
MAY 22 (Green Bay) - Billy Kinard, a halfback acquired from the Cleveland Browns in a trade, has signed his 1957 NFL contract with the Green Bay Packers, coach Lisle Blackbourn said today. Kinard is the fourth man acquired in the Cleveland trade to come to terms with the Packers. The 6-foot, 190 pound back played college football at Mississippi and was the Browns' second choice in the 1956 NFL draft.
MAY 22 (Green Bay) - Tom Hearden, defensive coach of the Green Bay Packers, was reported resting comfortably following a stroke Friday. He has some movement on his right side which was paralyzed.
MAY 24 (Green Bay) - Tom Hearden, defensive coach of the Green Bay Packers who lost his speech and was paralyzed on the right side by a stroke last week, continued to show slight improvement Thursday.
MAY 25 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced Thursday the signing of their ninth tackle, Bill Lucky - a two year veteran of the pro ranks who spent one season with the NFL club. The 6-3, 240 pound former Baylor University lineman was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 1954 but came to the Packers with Joe Skibinski in a trade for tackle Art Hunter. Lucky was slowed by an appendix operation in 1955 and last season was the final player cut from the Packer roster as the club trimmed to the league limit. He played later with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian league.
MAY 28 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today that halfback John Petitbon, formerly with the Cleveland Browns, has signed a Packers contract for the 1957 NFL season. Petitbon is one of six players received from the Browns in a trade earlier this spring. The only one of the six still unsigned is Carlton Massey, a defensive end. Petitbon won three letters as a Notre Dame halfback and played in the 1952 East-West and College All-Star game. He spent two years in service, played one season with the Dallas Texans and joined the Browns in 1955 as a result of a trade between Cleveland and Baltimore, which took over the Dallas franchise in the NFL.
MAY 31 (Ann Arbor) - Liz Blackbourn, head coach of the Green Bay Packers, said Thursday he plans to remain here until he signs end Ron Kramer to an NFL contract. Kramer has completed his athletic career at Michigan where he also played basketball and was a member of the track team. He was the Packers' No. 1 selection in the last NFL draft. Blackbourn was encountering competition from representatives of the Canadian leagues, also bidding for Kramer's service, but said he was confident he would land the Wolverine star for the Packers.
JUNE 3 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers said Sunday that Gene White, a service returnee, has signed with the club for the 1957 NFL season. White played college ball at Georgia and was on the Packers' roster in 1954 until he was hurt late in the season. A 6-2, 205 pound back, White is one of more than a half dozen players signed by the Packers in an effort to shore up their defensive platoon.
JUNE 5 (Green Bay) - Coach Lisle Blackbourn is waiting "for that phone call" from Ron Kramer, the Michigan All-America player who is considering playing pro football with the Green Bay Packers. Blackbourn returned from almost a week of negotiating with Kramer in Ann Arbor, but the coach is far from discouraged. "We're still very much in it," Blackbourn said Tuesday. "Ron has promised to let me know by the end of the week whether he'll play for us. The only thing I can do now is wait for that phone call."
JUNE 7 (Green Bay) - Jack Morton, head football coach at Toledo University last season, Thursday was named an assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. The Packers also announced veteran defensive star Bobby Dillon has been appointed player coach. Morton and Dillon will share the duties of defensive coach Tom Hearden who suffered a stroke last month and may not be able to get back into action next fall. Morton was hired as defensive line end coach to replace Earl Klapstein, who resigned at the end of the 1956 season. Dillon, 27, who will start his sixth season with the Packers, will handle the deep men.
JUNE 13 (Detroit) - Ron Kramer, Michigan All-America end, has decided to sign with the Green Bay Packers, it was learned today. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Big Four has been in a heated three-week bidding session with Green Bay for Kramer's services. A source close to Kramer said the giant end would accept the Packer terms shortly. The Detroit Pistons of the NBA also had entered into the bidding for Kramer, a cage star at Michigan, making it a three-way contest for him. It was believed that Green Bay's offer coupled with an off-season job proposal were enough to counteract the combined basketball-Canadian bid. With Green Bay, Kramer most likely will not be able to play with the Pistons. The NFL season ends in mid-December, long after the start of the basketball season. Canadian football closes a month earlier and Kramer could have played in both sports if he had decided to join the Tiger-Cats.
JUNE 13 (Green Bay) - Fred Cone, fullback and place-kicker for the Green Bay Packers, today signed for his seventh season with the NFL club.
JUNE 14 (Green Bay) - Veteran center Jim Ringo signed his 1957 contract with the Green Bay Packers, Coach Lisle Blackbourn announced today. Ringo, the regular center since joining the club in 1953, signed for his fifth season. In 1955 Ringo played in every offensive play up to the third period of the Detroit game on Thanksgiving Day when a back injury forced him to retire from the contest and in 1956 he played almost every minute of every game on offense.
JUNE 16 (Green Bay) - Sam Morley, a star pass received at Stanford in 1953, has signed a 1957 contract with the Green Bay Packers as a free agent, Coach Lisle Blackbourn said today.
JUNE 17 (Green Bay) - Settlement of a two-week old strike at the city's new municipal stadium project was announced Sunday night by Earl Granberg, spokesman for Local 1146 of the Carpenters Union. Granberg said George Hougard, general contractor for the new stadium, agreed to a one-year contract giving the carpenters a raise of 25 cents an hour. No other terms of the contract were available immediately. Hougard said he hoped to have a full crew on the job today at the stadium. The new stadium, designed to seat more than 32,000 spectators, is scheduled for completion in time for the Green Bay Packers' NFL opener with the Chicago Bears September 29. The stadium will replace the old wooden City Stadium as the home of the professional team. Local 1146 and Hougard reached terms independent of negotiations of a contractors' association and the Fox River Valley carpenters council to end a valley-wide strike.
JUNE 18 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today that they had signed All-America end Ron Kramer of Michigan, their No. 1 draft choice, to a three-year contract. The announcement by the team's headquarters here said Head Coach Lisle Blackbourn reached an agreement with Kramer in Detroit and that the signing took place there today. Terms of the pact were not disclosed. Kramer, a 220-pounder who stands 6-3, had been weighing offers from both the Packers and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian league. A winner of nine letters in three sports at Michigan, Kramer was the Packers' first draft choice following their selection of quarterback Paul Hornung of Notre Dame as a bonus pick.
JUNE 18 (Green Bay) - Defensive coach Tom Hearden of the Green Bay Packers was showing continued improvement today after suffering a stroke five weeks ago. Hearden got out of bed and talked for the first time. The stroke caused paralysis of his right side and loss of speech.
JUNE 19 (Bowling Green, OH) - A shooting in a tavern scuffle cost the life of Rudy Schoendorf, 21, Kansas, Ohio, who had signed to play professional football with the Green Bay Packers this fall. Schoendorf was shot to death Monday night. His companion, Norman Mooney, 22, Portage, Ohio, was reported in satisfactory condition today at Flower Hospital in Toledo. Both men were linemen at Miami University at Oxford, Ohio, before flunking out of school two years ago, school officials said. Schoendorf, a tackle, had been the Packers' 14th choice in the draft.
Police say Schoendorf, Mooney and three companions went to the Golden Lily tavern on U.S. 6, about six miles east of here Monday night. An argument developed between Schoendorf and the bartender, Gerald Bryant, 22, over the cost of two long distance telephone calls. Police say Schoendorf ripped Bryant's shirt and the five men left. Police said the five men returned later and Schoendorf offered Bryant a dollar for the torn shirt but again refused to pay for the telephone calls. Officers say a fight developed and Bryant grabbed a .32 revolver belonging to the tavern. Schoendorf was hit in the stomach and chest and Mooney was shot in the mouth. No charges have been filed against Bryant. Wood County authorities scheduled to meet today to investigate the case.
JUNE 19 (Green Bay) - Coach Lisle Blackbourn of the Green Bay Packers announced today that defensive tackle Jerry Helluin has signed his contract for the 1957 football season. Helluin, a Cleveland draft choice in 1951, was traded to the Packers in 1954. He was a regular defensive tackle for the Packers in 1954, 1955 and 1956. Helluin, a graduate of Tulane, is 28 and weighs 275 pounds.
JUNE 21 (Green Bay) - Coach Lisle Blackbourn of the Green Bay Packers announced Thursday the 1957 contract signing of defensive end Nate Borden. Blackbourn said Borden made the 10th veteran Packer to sign for the coming season. Borden, 6 feet 2 inches tall, and weighing 225 pounds, was a Packer draft choice in 1955. He had played regular defensive end the past two seasons.
JUNE 22 (Marquette, MI) - F.L. (Frosty) Ferzacca, former Marquette University head football coach, has been appointed to a similar post at Northern Michigan College, effective July 1. Ferzacca, since leaving Marquette at the close of the 1955 season, has been director of ticket sales in Milwaukee for the Green Bay Packers. He coached at Marquette for two seasons, following nine successful seasons as coach of West High School at Green Bay. At Northern Michigan, Ferzacca replaced Lloyd Eaton who resigned to become an assistant at the University of Wyoming. Paul White was named to Eaton's post in February but withdrew his application.
JUNE 24 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers signed Sam Morley, a leading pass received at Stanford University for three seasons, as a free agent. Morley, 6-3, 190 pounds, was drafted by the Washington Redskins in 1954, but was injured and released after his second NFL game.
JUNE 28 (Green Bay) - Joe Johnson and Bill Roberts, veteran offensive halfbacks, have signed 1957 contracts with the Green Bay Packers, according to an announcement today by Lisle Blackbourn, head coach of the NFL club. Johnson, returning for his fourth professional season, carried the ball 35 times for 129 yards and a 3.7 yard average last season. He was third among Green Bay pass receivers with 28 catches for 258 yards. Roberts, signed by the Packers as a free agent last season, played on both offense and defense.
JULY 3 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today that two veteran guards, both former All-Big Ten players, have signed for the coming NFL season. Joe Skibinski is a four-year veteran. He was obtained by the Packers in a trade from the Cleveland Browns. Jerry Smith, an All-Big Ten tackle at Wisconsin in 1950-51, came to the Packers as a free agent.
JULY 5 (Green Bay) - Fullback Howie Ferguson has signed a contract with the Green Bay Packers for his fifth session of professional football, the NFL club announced today. Although he was handicapped by injuries most of last season, Ferguson gained 367 yards in 99 carries for a 3.7 yard average and caught 22 passes for 214 yards. A standout for the New Iberia, La., High School football team, Ferguson never played college football. He signed with the Los Angeles Rams as a free agent in 1952, but was released before the start of the 1952 NFL season. The Packers signed him in 1953.
JULY 8 (Green Bay) - Bob Schwartz, former University of Wisconsin and Sheboygan Redskin basketball player, has been named manager of the Green Bay Packers' ticket office at Milwaukee. Schwartz succeeds Frosty Ferzacca in the Milwaukee office. Ferzacca resigned to take a coaching position at Northern Michigan College in Marquette, Mich. Schwartz graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1940, then played two seasons with the Sheboygan Redskins professional team in 1942 and 1943. He served in the China-India theater during World War II as an Air Force bombardier-navigator.
JULY 9 (Green Bay) - Defensive end Carlton Massey, acquired in a trade with the Cleveland Browns, has signed with the Green Bay Packers for the 1957 NFL season, it was announced today. Massey's signing brought into the fold all six players obtained from the Browns, who got Roger Zatkoff and Bobby Garrett in exchange. The others acquired by the Packers are quarterback Babe Parilli, linebacker Sam Palumbo, tackle John Macerelli, and halfbacks John Petitbon and Billy Kinard.
JULY 23 (Stevens Point) - The Green Bay Packers will open their 39th season in the NFL Saturday, when 58 players report for summer training at the Stevens Point State College camp. Six other players are in the All-Star camp preparing for the annual college-professional All-Star contest and will report to Coach Lisle Blackbourn August 10. They are quarterback Paul Hornung, end Ron Kramer, center Mike Hudock, Dalton Truax and Carl Vereen. Three others - linebacker Carlton Massey, defensive end Jim Temp and defensive halfback Gene White - are still in service and will report late. Of the 58 initial players reporting, 24 are from last year's squad, 17 from the 1957 draft list, 7 received in trades, 6 back from service, 5 from the 1956 draft who did not report last year, and 7 free agents. The first two days will be spent in processing players and taking pictures. Actual practice gets underway Monday. The Packers, who finished in a tie for last place among six teams in the league's Western Conference with a 4-8 record last season, are hoping to better their 1957 prospects through trades. They already acquired several players from the Cleveland Browns through an off-season trade and are bartering for further deals. Green Bay has four quarterbacks and is reported willing to give up either veteran Tobin Rote or Babe Parilli for added interior line strength. The other Packer quarterbacks are promising Bart Starr and rookie Paul Hornung, who might be used as a halfback.
JULY 23 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers, with a lot of interesting new names on the roster and a sparkling new stadium to play in, begin preparations for their 39th NFL season when their training camp opens Saturday at Stevens Point. About 50 players will report to Coach Liz Blackbourn, starting his fourth season with the Packers. A half dozen promising newcomers will miss the opening because they are working out with the College All-Stars in Chicago and three more will report late after completing military training. There are hopes, not without foundation, that the Packers will have a winning season, something that has escaped them since the 1947 squad finished with a 6 won, 5 lost and 1 tied record. Last year's team tied for last place in the Western Conference with a 4-8 mark. "This could be a good team," according to Blackbourn, who said "we're counting on some highly recommended draft choices to take over key spots. If we still need some help we're in a position to do some trading." Earlier trading and good success in the draft of college players resulted in the new faces that will show up at the training camp at Stevens Point State College. A deal with the Cleveland Browns lands six players, five of them defensive specialists needed by the Packers. The defensemen are linemen Carlton Massey, Sam Palumbo and John Macerelli and backs Billy Kinard and John Petitbon. Quarterback Babe Parilli also was involved in the trade that sent signal caller Bobby Garrett and linebacker Roger Zatkoff to the Browns. Top draft choices were quarterback Paul Hornung, end Ron Kramer, center Mike Hudock, tackles Dalton Truax and Carl Vereen, and tackle-linebacker John Nisby, who will report to the Packers August 10 after the All-Star game. Two of the collegians fit into the immediate plans of Blackbourn, who said if he had to name a staring backfield today it would be: Kramer on the flank, Fred Cone at fullback, Tobin Rote at quarterback and Howie Ferguson at halfback. Hornung also figures in Blackbourn's plans as the coach explained. "He won't be used at quarterback unless he starts passing like crazy. But that does not mean he'll not do a lot of passing from the halfback spot." Hornung, former Notre Dame star, was the Packers' bonus choice in the draft while they landed Kramer, of Michigan, on the first round. Absent because of military service will be Massey, defensive end Jim Temp and defensive halfback Gene White. A veteran still in service who may not get his discharge as planned is Max McGree, who starred at end. Two other veterans are unsigned: defensive star Val Joe Walker, who wants more pay, and tackle Len Szafaryn, who has thought of quitting. Should the newcomers not be able to plug the gap, Blackbourn will be able to trade one of his three quarterbacks - Rote, Parilli and Bart Starr. Three clubs need quarterbacks desperately, They are the Philadelphia Eagles, the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Cardinals. The Packers will play six exhibitions, only one of them in Wisconsin. They open the warm-up season against the Cardinals in Miami August 18. On the 28th they will play the Eagles in the annual Shrine game in Milwaukee and open the regular season in their new stadium against the Chicago Bears on September 29.
JULY 26 (Detroit) - The Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers have completed a six-player trade that brings quarterback Tobin Rote and defensive halfback Val Joe Walker to the Detroit club. The Packers in turn receive linemen Jim Salsbury, Oliver Spencer and Norm Masters, along with sophomore halfback Don McIlhenny. Word of the deal leaked out late Thursday night when Detroit coach Buddy Parker called Rote's home in Bellaire, Tex., to inform Rote of the trade. But Rote, a seven-year veteran who led the NFL in nearly every passing department last season, was already on his way to the Packer training camp in Stevens Point, Wis. Although the Packers, who finished tied for last in the Western Conference last season, needed help in the line, it was a startling transaction from the Detroit viewpoint. Rote, 29-year old former Rice star who threw 18 touchdown passes in 1956, will join another Texan, Bobby Layne, and second year man Jerry Reichow in the Detroit quarterback spot. Layne, 30, has been in the pro ranks nine years and a Lion mainstay seven seasons. Over the past three years he has been troubled by a shoulder ailment but last season he was one of the league's top passers, and led the NFL in scoring with 99 points. Walker is a 27-year old former SMU player. The Lions said he has announced his retirement. If he can't be talked out of it, the Detroit club will get a 1958 draft choice. The Lions parted with three proven linemen and a promising halfback. Salsbury played two seasons as an offensive guard. Spencer won the job as an offensive tackle as a rookie in 1953, completed two years in service and returned in 1956 to reclaim his old job. Masters, former Michigan State star, played last year in Canada and only recently was obtained by the Lions in a complicated trade with the Chicago Cardinals, who drafted him originally in 1956. McIlhenny is another former Southern Methodist back. He scored five touchdowns and averaged 4.3 yards in 87 carries last season, but was injured midway through the season and never regained his early-season effectiveness. At Green Bay, Coach Lisle Blackbourn said the trade was made because of heavy losses to the armed services and retirement. "We were desperately in need of offensive linemen," Blackbourn said. "In order to get enough we had to sacrifice one of the finest quarterbacks in the league."
JULY 26 (Dallas) - Val Joe Walker, star defensive back who was traded along with Tobin Rote to the Detroit Lions by the Green Bay Packers, said today he did not plan to play pro football this season. "I told Buddy Parker (Detroit coach) over the telephone Thursday and again Thursday night that I didn't intend to play this season," Walker said. "But, Parker told me that I changed my mind to let him know." Walker, a former SMU hurdler and backfield star, said he planned to stay in insurance here in Dallas. He had been with Green Bay four years.
JULY 27 (Green Bay) - "You have to make a big sacrifice to get what you want," Coach Liz Blackbourn of the Green Bay Packers said Friday in commenting on the trade that sent veteran quarterback Tobin Rote to the Detroit Lions. "We just hope Tobin doesn't come back with Detroit and kill us. Rote's great, real great," Blackbourn said, "but we had a serious line situation here. As in the past we had no assurance rookies could fill the gap." Rote is the key man in the deal that also sent defensive back Val Joe Walker to the Lions in exchange for halfback Don McIlhenny, tackles Oliver Spencer and Norm Masters and guard Jim Salsbury. The Packers, with three quarterbacks in camp, needed line strength while the Lions wanted help for their only signal caller, Bobby Layne. It was the second big deal for the Packers who earlier got six players, five of them defensemen, from the Cleveland Browns for linebacker Roger Zatkoff and quarterback Bobby Garrett. Signal callers on hand today as the Packers opened training at Stevens Point State College were Bart Starr and Babe Parilli, who was acquired in the Cleveland trade. The Packers also have on hand Notre Dame quarterback sensation Paul Hornung, who will report for halfback duties after the College All-Star game. Walker has insisted he is through with professional football and Blackbourn said that if he does not report to the Lions and if Masters, a rookie, makes the Green Bay squad, the Packers will give the Lions an undisclosed draft choice.
APRIL 19 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers, rich in quarterbacks but poor in defense, yesterday traded signal caller Bobby Garrett and linebacker Roger Zatkoff to the Cleveland Browns for six players, five of them defensive specialists. Coach Liz Blackbourn of the Packers said he was "happy to get these boys because they will give me a lot of experience in the defensive unit." Blackbourn indicated the Packers still have some dealing to do when he said "there will probably be more developments later." In exchange for Garrett and Zatkoff the Packers received quarterback Babe Parilli, end Carlton Massey, halfbacks John Petitbon and Billy Kinard, tackle John Macerelli and center Sam Palumbo. The way was cleared for the trade when the Packers yesterday signed veteran quarterback Tobin Rote for his eighth season. Rote, who had talked earlier of retirement, got about a $1,500 increase in pay to put his annual salary at $20,000. In addition to Rote the Packers also have second-year man Bart Starr and former Notre Dame great Paul Hornung available for quarterbacking duties. It is anticipated that if the Packers swing anymore trades, Parilli would figure in them. The Babe is a former Packer and was acquired by the Browns in 1954 in exchange for Garrett. Garrett has not seen any duty with the Packers because he's been in the service. Parilli, who entered the service after the trade, returned to the Browns last year, but Cleveland coach Paul Brown said "we gave him a good test and were disappointed." "Garrett is the key figure in the deal for us, due to our wide open quarterback situation," Brown said. "We always did wonder what we could have done with Garrett, and now we will have a chance to find out. He is a smart young man and has a strong arm." Cleveland quarterback ranks were sliced even thinner last week when George Ratterman announced his retirement. The former Notre Dame star had been groomed as a replacement for Otto Graham, who retired after the 1955 season. Zatkoff was considered expendable by the Packers because he had talked of retirement and said he no longer cared to play in Green Bay. Zatkoff, a Detroit resident, was the one standout in the Packer defense which collapsed at the end of the 1956 season. He's six-two, 215 pounds and was an All-Pro choice as linebacker. In Massey, six-four, 210 pounds, the Packers are getting a much needed defensive end. Palumbo, six-two, 220, is a linebacker while Nacerelli, six-two, 230 pounds, is a good moving tackle. Petitbon, 185, has played safety. Kinard, the Browns' second draft choice in 1956, is another defensive back who can operated on punt returns. In 1956 the Packers finished in a tie for last place in the Western Conference with a 4-8 record. Cleveland was fourth in the Eastern Division with a 5-7 slate.
APRIL 24 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers will open training camp at Stevens Point in July with 40 veteran NFL players. The most "loaded" positions at this writing seems to be at quarterback and end. The recent signing of seven-year veteran Tobin Rote, considered by many as the league's top quarterback, and with the news that Bart Starr, prize rookie from last season, will be released from service, makes the above statement alone look good. Put with these two top quarterbacks Babe Parilli, recently acquired in a trade with Cleveland and Heisman Trophy winner Paul Hornung of Notre Dame fame, it all adds up to one of the finest quarterback combinations in the NFL. The next best fortified position is the end where Bill Howton, Gary Knafelc, Max McGee and Ron Kramer will team up to make the Packers tops in that department. Howton was the league's leading ground gainer on pass receiving last year. Knafelc had a great year in '55 but was somewhat overshadowed by Howton's terrific year in '56. Max McGee was the Packers' regular left end in 1954 teaming with Howton to give Green Bay one of the top end combinations in the league. First draft choice, Ron Kramer of Michigan, was considered the best end in collegiate football last season and is picked as the college player most likely to succeed as a pro. There is much talk in the Packer camp of using Paul Hornung as an offensive halfback because of his speed, size and ball carrying ability. Elusive Al Carmichael will be shifted to the left halfback position to give him a chance to show some of his kickoff return agility on end runs. The recent trade with Cleveland, involving six players will reinforce a faltering defense. The secondary defense should better itself considerably with fourteen veterans and eight rookies battling for positions. An entrusting battle will be at the defensive end position by the acquisition of Carlton Massey from Cleveland, a three year veteran, Jim Temp, a promising rookie in preseason games in 1955, and Don Luft, a two year veteran from Canada and one year with the Philadelphia Eagles.
MAY 1 (Ottawa) - Jim Roseburo, the Green Bay Packers' 11th draft choice, has been signed by the Ottawa Rough Riders of the Canadian Big Four professional football league. The 21-year old halfback played for Ohio State last season.
MAY 1 (Stevens Point) - There are four quarterbacks - all of them either outstanding or potentially so - on the roster of the Green Bay Packers. It may be news to some Packer and pro football followers that the recent acquisition of Babe Parilli from the Cleveland Browns doesn't necessarily mean that the former Kentucky All-American has become automatic trade bait. In fact, according to a story by John L. Paustian, sports editor of the Appleton Post-Crescent, Coach Liz Blackbourn recently said he has "no cut-and-dried plans for his quarterbacks." Blackbourn goes on to say that Bart Starr, the high-rated rookie of last year now in the service, is not officially out of the Air Force year. However, it appears he will be through with his short career in the near future. The Packer coach also pointed out that Paul Hornung, the Notre Dame bonus pick, is being thought of more as a halfback than a quarterback at the present time. Thus if no trades are made, this would leave three quarterbacks - and some clubs, for example the Chicago Bears last year, carry that many on the roster. The Packers haven't made a practice of keeping two signal callers on the bench, but they may do so in the future. The player limit is up two to 35 next season, so there'll be room for an extra QB. And one more note! Blackbourn isn't forgetting that Hornung may go into the service after one year. Nor is he forgetting that Tobin Rote isn't going to "unretire" too many times. So all in all, maybe the Packers aren't so over-crowded at the quarterback slot after all. Even so, Blackbourn would trade perhaps either Starr or Parilli if he could strengthen another position. The linebacker spot is one position that will need help with Roger Zatkoff and Deral Teteak gone. Blackbourn plans to use Carlton Massey, acquired in the Browns' deal, in an LB post. He played defensive end with Cleveland but would do the Packers more good behind the line at an end spot where the Bays are not too bad off.
MAY 2 (Green Bay) - A pair of free agents, Bob Dean and Marv Rawley, were signed Wednesday to NFL contracts by the Green Bay Packers in another move to reinforce their offensive tackle positions. Rawley, who never played college football, was signed on the recommendation of Coach Frank Nassida of Fort Lewis, Wash. At 6-2, 245 pounds, Rawley apparently is pretty fast afoot because he's been clocked at 10.3 seconds in a 100 yard dash. Dean, also 245 pounds, is 6 feet and a veteran of three seasons in the Canadian leagues where he played from 1953 to 1955 with the Edmonton Eskimos. A University of Maryland graduate, Dean kicked field goals and points-after-touchdowns for the Eskimos.
MAY 4 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers announced today that quarterback Bart Starr had received his discharge from the Air Force and will report here around May 15. Starr, a former Alabama standout, entered the service last fall after his first season with the NFL club. Coach Lisle Blackbourn also announced that veteran halfback Breezy Reid had been signed as a scout and will join Wally Cruice in the midwest area.
MAY 9 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers' recent two-for-six player deal with the Cleveland Browns has made the other clubs in the NFL wary of Coach Liz Blackbourn & Co. "They're marking time," said a club spokesman Wednesday night at a press, radio and television get together sponsored by the Packers. "There is a feeling that we strengthened our hand." The spokesman, who asked not to be identified, said that Ray Richards, coach of the Chicago Cardinals, and George Halas, owner of the Chicago Bears, in particular, believe the Packers fared very well. In fact, he quoted them as labeling the Packers the most improved team in the NFL as a result of their draft selections, including Paul Hornung and Ron Kramer, and the trade which brought them Babe Parilli and Carlton Massey, among others for Bobby Garrett and Roger Zatkoff. "There is a certain reticence to trade right now," the spokesman said. In a brief talk to about 100 press, radio and TV representatives at an Oneida Country Club dinner, Blackbourn said, "We know this is the year we've got to do the best we can. We hope to make a few more trades," he added. "Anyone could be traded if it will help the team."
MAY 11 (Milwaukee) - The Green Bay Packers announced Friday that the sale of season tickets to the three NFL games they play here has reached 6,745, more than 50 percent of the original goal of 12,000. In 1956 only 4,745 season tickets were sold in Milwaukee.
MAY 14 (Green Bay) - Coach Lisle Blackbourn of the Green Bay Packers said today that linebacker Sam Palumbo, obtained from Cleveland in a trade, has signed his 1957 Packer contract.
MAY 15 (Green Bay) - Vito (Babe) Parilli, after an absence of three years, returned to the Green Bay Packers yesterday and signed his 1957 Packers contract. Coach Lisle Blackbourn said he felt that Parilli "should take his place among with the top ranking quarterbacks in the league."
MAY 16 (Green Bay) - John Macerelli, 245-pound tackle obtained from Cleveland, signed his 1957 contract with the Green Bay Packers, Packer Coach Lisle Blackbourn announced today. The offensive tackle became the third player in fold. Linebacker Sam Palumbo and Babe Parilli signed earlier.
The 1957 Green Bay Packers - 3-9 (6th-Western Division)
Head Coach: Lisle Blackbourn