It looked as though the Packers had drafted a Heisman Trophy winner without a position when Paul Hornung, the golden-haired All-American from Notre Dame, bounced around the Green Bay backfield like a pinball. Coach Lisle Blackbourn first tried him at quarterback, but the rookie did not have the arm for the position. Then came a trial at fullback, but Hornung had neither the bulk nor the inclination to be a work-horse power runner. The Packers had evidently chosen another lemon as their first draft choice, bringing a new round of calls for Blackbourn's firing. Another rookie, end Ron Kramer, made a good showing, while Bart Starr showed promise in replacing the traded Tobin Rote. But the season as a whole was a dismal way in which to open Green Bay's new football stadium and to end Blackbourn's four-year reign as head coach.
By the mid-1950s, the Packer franchise was squarely at a crossroads. NFL owners were seeing crowds of 70,000 or more crowd at stadiums in
Cleveland and Los Angeles, and were frustrated by the small checks they were getting as the visitors to City Stadium. More and more, they were
demanding their games in Wisconsin be held in Milwaukee, which had a bigger stadium and better hotel facilities. In 1955, they told the Packers
management to build a new, modern facility in Green Bay, or move all of their games to Milwaukee.  In 1956, Green Bay voters responded by approving
(70.3%) a bond issue to finance the new stadium. The original cost was $960,000, which was paid off in 1978.
City Stadium : The Original Construction 
Proposal: The Packers' Fred Leicht, who supervised the 1925 construction of City Stadium, in May 1955 submitted a proposal for a new, 32,000-seat facility.
Referendum: Passed April 3, 1956 (11,575 to 4,893), while community leaders debated over a site. 
Site: In late April 1956, the Packers hired an engineering company to study proposed locations. The company in July 1956 recommended the corner
of Highland (now Lombardi) Avenue and Ridge Road. 
Land: City Council purchased farmland owned by Victor and Florence Vannieuwenhoven in August 1956 for $73,305. 
Contract: Awarded early in 1957, with groundbreaking as soon as weather permitted. 
Time: No longer than nine months, in time for '57 opener. 
Cost: $960,000 in municipal bonds; the Packer Corporation paid $634,700 in interest and principal. 
Note: City Stadium was the first stadium built exclusively for an NFL franchise.
 Professional Football AGE - Age at Start of Season G - Games  Played FA - Free Agent
1957 PACKERS DRAFT (November 27, 1956 (1-4) and January 31, 1957 (5-30))
RND-PICK NAME                  POS COLLEGE
BONUS    Paul Hornung           HB Notre Dame
1  -   4 Ron Kramer              E Michigan
2  -  18 Joel Wells             HB Clemson
3  -  29 Dalton Truax            T Tulane
4  -  41 Carl Vereen             T Georgia Tech
5  -  52 to Cleveland Browns for Don King
6a -  63 to Cleveland Browns for John Sandusky
6b -  70 Jack Nisby (A)          G Pacific
7  -  76 Frank Gilliam           E Iowa
8  -  87 George Belotti          C USC
9  - 100 Ken Wineburg           HB Texas Christian
10 - 111 Gary Gustafson          G Gustavus Adolphus
11 - 124 Jim Roseboro           HB Ohio State
12a- 135 *-Ed Sullivan           C Notre Dame
12b- 145 Glenn Bestor (B)        B Wisconsin
13 - 148 Jim Morse              HB Notre Dame
14 - 159 Rudy Schoendorf         T Miami (Ohio) 
15 - 172 Pat Hinton              G Louisiana Tech
16 - 183 Ed Buckingham           T Minnesota 
17 - 196 *-Don Boudreaux         T Houston
18 - 207 Credell Grenn          HB Washington 
19 - 220 Ernie Danjean           G Auburn 
20 - 231 Percy Oliver            G Illinois 
21 - 244 Charles Mehrer          T Missouri 
22 - 255 Ron Quillian           QB Tulane 
23 - 268 John Symank            DB Florida
24 - 279 Charles Leyendecker     T SMU
25 - 292 *-Jerry Johnson         T St. Norbert 
26 - 303 Buddy Bass              B Duke 
27 - 316 Martin Booher           T Wisconsin 
28 - 327 *-Dave Herbold          G Minnesota 
29 - 340 *-Howard Dare          RB Maryland 
A-from Chicago Cardinals for Tom Dahms B-from New York Giants for Jack Spinks * - Juniors
Bold Italics - Played for the Green Bay Packers
Norm Amundsen       62    G 5-11 245 Wisconsin        1  1 24 12 1955 Draft - 6th
Al Barry            66    G 6- 2 235 USC              2  2 26 12 1953 Draft - 30th
Tom Bettis          65   LB 6- 2 235 Purdue           3  3 24 12 1955 Draft - 1st
Nate Borden         87   DE 6- 0 235 Indiana          3  3 25  9 1955 Draft - 25th
Al Carmichael       48   HB 6- 1 190 USC              5  5 28 12 1953 Draft - 1st
Fred Cone           31   FB 5-11 205 Clemson          7  7 31 12 1951 Draft - 3rd
Dick Deschaine      80    P 6- 0 215 No College       3  3 25 12 1955 FA
Bobby Dillon        44   DB 6- 1 180 Texas            6  6 27 12 1952 Draft - 3rd
Howie Ferguson      37   FB 6- 2 220 No College       5  5 27 12 1953 FA
Tom Finnin          71   DT 6- 2 262 Detroit Mercy    1  5 30  3 1957 FA - Cardinals
Bill Forrester      69   DT 6- 3 235 SMU              5  5 25 12 1953 Draft - 3rd
Hank Gremminger     46   DB 6- 1 195 Baylor           2  2 24 12 1956 Draft - 7th
Dave Hanner         79   DT 6- 2 250 Arkansas         6  6 27 12 1952 Draft - 5th
Jerry Helluin       72   DT 6- 2 265 Tulane           4  6 28 12 1954 Trade-Cleveland
Paul Hornung         5   HB 6- 2 215 Notre Dame       1  1 21 12 1957 Draft - Bonus
Billy Howton        86    E 6- 2 190 Rice             6  6 27 12 1952 Draft - 2nd
Joe Johnson         40   HB 6- 0 180 Boston College   4  4 27 12 1953 Draft - 11th
Billy Kinard        25   DB 6- 0 185 Mississippi      1  2 23 12 1957 Trade-Cleveland
Gary Knafelc        84    E 6- 4 215 Colorado         4  4 25  3 1954 FA - Cardinals
Ron Kramer          88    E 6- 3 220 Michigan         1  1 22 11 1957 Draft - 1st
Larry Lauer         58    C 6- 3 235 Alabama          2  2 28 12 1956 Trade - Bears
Carlton Massey      81   DE 6- 4 225 Texas            1  4 27 12 1957 Trade-Cleveland
Norm Masters        78    T 6- 2 240 Michigan State   1  1 24 12 1957 Trade - Detroit
Max McGee           85    E 6- 3 205 Tulane           2  2 25 12 1954 Draft - 5th
Don McIlhenny       42   HB 6- 0 200 SMU              1  2 22 12 1957 Trade - Detroit
Sam Palumbo         53   LB 6- 2 230 Notre Dame       1  3 25  9 1957 Trade-Cleveland
Babe Parilli        10   QB 6- 1 190 Kentucky         3  4 27 12 1957 Trade-Cleveland
John Petitbon       20   DB 5-11 190 Notre Dame       1  4 28 12 1957 Trade-Cleveland
Frank Purnell       33   FB 5-11 230 Alcorn State     1  1 24  9 1957 FA
Jim Ringo           51    C 6- 1 230 Syracuse         5  5 27 12 1953 Draft - 7th
Jim Salsbury        67    G 6- 0 235 UCLA             1  3 25 12 1957 Trade - Detroit
Ollie Spencer       77    T 6- 2 250 Kansas           1  3 26 12 1957 Trade - Detroit
Bart Starr          15   QB 6- 1 200 Alabama          2  2 23 12 1956 Draft - 17th
John Symank         27   DB 5-11 180 Florida          1  1 22 12 1957 Draft - 23rd
Jim Temp            82   DE 6- 4 230 Wisconsin        1  1 23 12 1955 Draft - 2nd
Carl Vereen         74    T 6- 2 247 Georgia Tech     1  1 21 12 1957 Draft - 4th
NO - Jersey Number POS - Position HGT - Height WGT - Weight YR - Years with Packers PR - Years of
Bears at Packers
September 29th
Lions at Packers
October 6th
Packers at Colts
October 27th
Giants at Packers
November 3rd
Packers at Bears
November 10th
Packers at Steelers
November 24th
Packers at Rams
December 8th
APRIL 18 - Traded DT Roger Zatkoff and QB Bobby Garrett to CLEVELAND for QB  Babe Parilli, DE Carlton Massey, HB John Petitbon, LB Sam Palumbo, HB Billy Kinard and OG John Macerelli
JULY26 - Traded QB Tobin Rote and DB Val Joe Walker to DETROIT for OT Ollie Spencer, OT Norm Masters, OG Jim Salsbury, HB Don McIlhenny
SEPT 19 - Traded DE John Martinkovic to NEW YORK for 1958 3rd round choice.
OCT 18 - Placed E Gary Knafelc on injured reserve (knee). Claimed DB Frank Purnell off waivers from CLEVELAND.
NOV 28 - Placed DE Nate Borden on injured reserve (broken arm). Claimed DT Tom Finnin off waivers from CHICAGO CARDINALS.
(MIAMI) – Green Bay’s trade-strengthened Packers served notice they will be in the thick of the NFL race by upsetting the Chicago Cardinals at the Orange Bowl Friday night. Bobby Dillon scored twice on pass interceptions. QB Babe Parilli passed eight yards to Gary Knafelc to seal the win. The Packers scored first. Just before the end of the opening quarter, Bill Forester stole a pass by Jim Root on Chicago's 44 ran to the 30 and then lateraled to Dillon, who sped the rest of the distance to the goal.
CHI CARDS -  0  7  3  6 - 16
GREEN BAY -  7  0 10  7 - 24
GB – Dillon, 30-yard lateral fr Forrester, 26-yd int return (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
CHI – Ollie Matson, 10-yard run (Pat Summerall kick) TIED 7-7
GB – Dillon, 44-yard interception return (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
GB – Cone, field goal GREEN BAY 17-7
CHI – Summerall field goal GREEN BAY 17-10
GB – Knafelc, 8-yard pass from Parilli (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 24-10
CHI – Tommy Keller, 1-yard run (Summerall kick) GREEN BAY 24-17
AUGUST (3-0)                            RESULT      RECORD    ATT STARTING QB              LEADING RUSHER              LEADING PASSER              LEADING RECEIVER
16 Chicago Cardinals at Miami          W 24-16      1- 0-0 20,820
24 Chicago Cardinals at Austin, TX     W 17-14      2- 0-0 20,000
28 M-PHILADELPHIA EAGLES               W 16-13      3- 0-0 17,101
7  New York Giants at Boston           W 13-10      4- 0-0 23,000
14 Washington at Winston-Salem, NC     W 20-17      5- 0-0 15,000
21 Pittsburgh Steelers at Minneapolis  T 10-10      5- 0-1 17,226
SEPTEMBER (1-0)                         RESULT      RECORD    ATT STARTING QB              LEADING RUSHER              LEADING PASSER              LEADING RECEIVER
29 G-CHICAGO BEARS (0-0)               W 21-17      1- 0-0 32,132 Bart Starr                                                                       Billy Howton (8-165)
6  G-DETROIT LIONS (0-1)               L 14-24      1- 1-0 32,120 Babe Parilli
13 M-BALTIMORE COLTS (2-0)             L 17-45      1- 2-0 26,322 Bart Starr
20 M-SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (2-1)         L 14-24      1- 3-0 18,919 Bart Starr
27 at Baltimore Colts (3-1)            W 24-21      2- 3-0 48,510 Bart Starr
3  G-NEW YORK GIANTS (3-2)             L 17-31      2- 4-0 32,070 Bart Starr               Paul Hornung (112)                                      Billy Howton (4-111)
10 at Chicago Bears (2-4)              L 14-21      2- 5-0 47,153 Bart Starr
17 M-LOS ANGELES RAMS (3-4)            L 27-31      2- 6-0 19,540 Bart Starr
24 at Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3)        W 27-10      3- 6-0 29,701 Bart Starr
28 at Detroit Lions (5-4)              L  6-18      3- 7-0 54,301 Bart Starr
8  at Los Angeles Rams (4-6)           L 17-42      3- 8-0 70,572 Bart Starr
15 at San Francisco 49ers (7-4)        L 20-27      3- 9-0 59,100 Bart Starr
G - Green Bay M - Milwaukee
(AUSTIN, TX) - Paul Hornung scored the final touchdown Saturday night as the Packers defeated the Cardinals. Green Bay had to come from behind to grab the win before a crowd of 18,000. The temperature was 91 degrees when the game opened. After Hornung’s score, Chicago's Woodley Lewis returned a kickoff 95 yards only to see it nullified by an offside called against Carl Brettschneider.
CHI CARDS -  0 14  0  0 - 14
GREEN BAY -  0  0 10  7 - 17
CHI – Dave Mann, 12-yd pass from Lamar McHan (Pat Summerall kick) CHI CARDINALS 7-0
CHI – Mann, 1-yard run (Summerall kick) CHI CARDINALS 14-0
GB – Cone, 40-yard field goal CHI CARDINALS 14-3
GB – Ferguson, 5-yard run (Cone kick) CHI CARDINALS 14-10
GB – Hornung, 1-yard (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 17-14
(MILWAUKEE) - Fred Cone's 37-yard field goal in the third period was the clincher for the Packers, cutting down a gallant 13-point rally by the Eagles in the same period. Cone also had field goals from the 41 and 36 yard lines. 
PHILADELPHIA -  0  0 13  0 - 13
GREEN BAY    -  3 10  3  0 - 16
GB – Cone, 41-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
GB – Cone, 36-yard field goal GREEN BAY 6-0
GB – Palumbo, 42-yard lateral from Forrester (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 13-0
PHIL – Bob Lusk, 46-yard interception return (Bobby Walston kick) GREEN BAY 13-7
PHIL – Neil Worden, 1-yard run (Kick failed) TIED 13-13
GB – Cone, 37-yard field goal GREEN BAY 16-13
(BOSTON) - The rejuvenated Packers defeated the champion Giants Saturday night on the sure kicking of Fred Cone, timely pass interceptions and some bold QB work. A missed 38-yard field goal attempt by New York's Don Chandler less than two minutes from the final gun assured the unbeaten Packers their fourth straight exhibition victory. Cone's second field goal at 3:15 of the fourth period, a 30-yard boot, settled matters. It came nine plays after Nate Borden picked off a Don Heinrich pass on the Giants' 45.
GREEN BAY -  0  7  3  3 - 13
NEW YORK  - 10  0  0  0 - 10
NY – Don Heinrich, 1-yard run (Don Chandler kick) NEW YORK 7-0
NY – Chandler, 16-yard field goal NEW YORK 10-0 
GB – Knafelc, 15-yard pass from Starr (Cone kick) NEW YORK 10-7
GB – Cone, 17-yard field goal TIED 10-10
GB – Cone, 30-yard field goal GREEN BAY 13-10
(WINSTON-SALEM, NC) - The Packer defense set up one touchdown and a field goal Saturday night as the Packers beat Washington. Green Bay made only 69 yards rushing against the Redskins, who totaled 178 on the 
ground. The Packers' passers did better, scoring both touchdowns and gaining 189 yards on 10 completions out of 13 passes The Redskins completed 10 of 16 for 112 yards. The Packers nearly took their first loss in the Piedmont Bowl game. The Redskins drove to the Packer 9 in the final minutes. Bill Forrester intercepted Fred Wyant's pass to end the threat and preserve the victory.
GREEN BAY  -  6 14  0  0 - 20
WASHINGTON -  3  7  7  0 - 17
GB – Cone, 15-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
GB – Cone, 24-yard field goal GREEN BAY 6-0
WASH – Sam Baker, 28-yard field goal GREEN BAY 6-3
WASH – Ed Sutton. 4-yard run (Baker kick) WASHINGTON 10-6
GB – Howton, 65-yard pass from Starr (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 13-10
GB – Knafelc, 12-yard pass from Starr (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 20-10
WASH – Don Boessler, 1-yard run (Baker kick) GREEN BAY 20-17
(MINNEAPOLIS) – The Packers became the only NFL team undefeated in the pre-season by coming from behind to grab a tie with the Steelers Saturday night. Despite their record, Liz Blackburn said "I'm not satisfied.” Pass catching played a vital role as the Packers battled for the tie after taking over the ball on their own 39 with less than three minutes to go. Paul Hornung shook loose for 15 yards. Then Bart Starr began to find his targets, hitting Bill Howton for six and later Ron Kramer for 22. The scoring play came when Starr stepped back to the Steeler 16 and flipped the ball to HB Joe Johnson, who grabbed it at about the 10 and fought his way over for the score, carrying a Steeler defender on his back the last five yards.
PITTSBURGH -  0 10  0  0 - 10
GREEN BAY  -  0  3  0  7 - 10
PIT – Fran Rogel, 1-yard run (Gary Glick kick) PITTSBURGH 7-0
PIT – Glick, 30-yard field goal PITTSBURGH 10-0
GB – Cone, 35-yard field goal PITTSBURGH 10-3
GB – Johnson, 16-yard pass from Starr (Cone kick) TIED 10-10
In this aerial image from 1957, the new City Stadium rises on Green Bay’s West side. Construction continues to get it ready for the season home opener on September 29th against the Chicago Bears. This view is from the South, looking towards the intersection of Ridge Road and Highland (now Lombardi) Avenue. The administration building on the North end of the stadium wouldn’t be added until a few years later, so the Packers kept their offices on the city’s East side until then. (Photo Credit - Packerville.blogspot.com)
(GREEN BAY) - Babe Parilli, back at Green Bay after a trade to Cleveland, delighted a full-house of 32,132 at the dedication of the Packers' new stadium. Parilli saw Gary Knafelc on his knees in the end zone in the fourth quarter. He answered Knafelc's prayers with a six-yard scoring pass for the winning margin. It was the third time Green Bay had taken the lead from the Bears. Parrilli threw a 37-yard scoring pass to Billy Howton in first quarter. Fred Cone scored the other Packer touchdown. Bear quarterback Ed Brown ran five yards for a touchdown in the first quarter and threw 11 yards to Harlon Hill lor a second period score.
CHICAGO   -  7  7  3  0 - 17
GREEN BAY -  0 14  0  7 - 21
1st - CHI - Ed Brown, 5-yard run (George Blanda kick) CHICAGO 7-0
2nd - GB - Howton, 37-yard pass from Parilli (Cone kick) TIED 7-7
2nd - CHI - Harlon Hill, 11-pass from Brown (Blanda kick) CHICAGO 14-7
2nd - GB - Cone, 1-yard run (Cone run) TIED 14-14
3rd - CHI - Blanda, 13-yard field goal CHICAGO 17-14
4th - GB - Knafelc, 6-yard pass from Parilli (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 21-17
(GREEN BAY) - The Lions shocked the Packers at Green Bay with a wild gamble that paid off in a touchdown. The Lions' Yale Lary stepped into punt formation in the first period. Detroit was on its 35, fourth down and 22 yards to go for a first down. Lary ran instead of kicking. Astonished Green Bay defenders hauled him down 32 yards later. Tobin Rote scored in five plays after that. A minute later, Jack Christensen intercepted Babe Parilli's pass on the home team 29 and returned it for a touchdown. Detroit led 24-0 in the fourth quarter before Green Bay scored twice.
DETROIT   - 14  3  0  7 - 24
GREEN BAY -  0  0  0 14 - 14
1st - DET - Tobin Rote, 2-yard run (Bobby Layne kick) DETROIT 7-0
1st - DET - Jack Christiansen, 29-yard interception return (Layne kick) DETROIT 14-0
2nd - DET - Layne, 15-yard field goal DETROIT 17-0
4th - DET - Gene Gedman, 1-yard run (Layne kick) DETROIT 24-0
4th - GB - Starr, 1-yard run (Cone kick) DETROIT 24-7
4th - GB - Cone, 26-yard run (Cone kick) DETROIT 24-14
(MILWAUKEE) - Baltimore's belligerent Colts, with the strength of a horse and the kick of a mule, are reversing the National Football League trend toward defense and more defense. While other teams concentrate on stopping rivals from scoring, Baltimore pours it on with a wide-open offense that thinks only of scoring- and as often as possible. The Colts, who finished fourth in the Western Division with a 5-7 record last year, are 3-0 this season, thanks to the most explosive offense in the league. They were losing, 10-7, to Green Bay at halftime but crashed back with a savage second-half attack to rout the Packers, 45-17, as Alan (The Horse) Ameche and Jim (The Mule) Mutscheller each scored three touchdowns. Green Bay gave up a franchise record 38 points in the second half.
BALTIMORE -  7  0 17 21 - 45
GREEN BAY -  3  7  0  7 - 17
1st - B - Jim Mutscheller, 12-yd pass fr Johnny Unitas (Bert Rechichar kick) BALTIMORE 7-0
1st - GB - Cone, 25-yard field goal BALTIMORE 7-3
2nd - GB - Knafelc, 5-yard pass from Starr (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 10-7
3rd - BAL - Alan Ameche, 1-yard run (Rechichar kick) BALTIMORE 14-10
3rd - BAL - Rechichar, 23-yard field goal BALTIMORE 17-10
3rd - BAL - Ameche, 1-yard run (Rechichar kick) BALTIMORE 24-10
4th - BAL - Mutscheller, 29-yard pass from Unitas (Rechichar kick) BALTIMORE 31-10
4th - BAL - Ameche, 1-yard run (Rechichar kick) BALTIMORE 38-10
4th - BAL - Mutscheller, 14-yard pass from Shaw (Steve Myrha kick) BALTIMORE 45-10
4th - GB - Howton, 8-yard pass from Starr (Cone kick) BALTIMORE 45-17
City Stadium is nearing completion. Residential build-up is only beginning to take place in the surrounding area. The nearby Brown County Arena has not yet been built. (Photo Credit)
Utility work being done for the new stadium
(MILWAUKEE) - Veteran Y. A. Tittle passed for two touchdowns and plunged for a third as the San Francsico 49ers ripped the Green Bay Packers, 24-14, for their third straight victory. Going to the trick bag to win, Ron Kramer's only career passing attempt was intercepted, and the 49ers went on score three unanswered touchdowns. Packer RB Paul Hornung scored his first NFL touchdown. 
SAN FRANCISCO -  3  7  7  7 - 24
GREEN BAY     -  0  7  0  7 - 14
1st - SF - Gordie Soltau, 32-yard field goal SAN FRANCISCO 3-0
2nd - GB - Parilli, 1-yard run (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 7-3
2nd - SF - Billy Wilson, 19-yard pass from Y.A.Tittle (Soltau kick) SAN FRANCISCO 10-7
3rd - SF - Clyde Conner, 12-yard pass from Tittle (Soltau kick) SAN FRANCISCO 17-7
4th - SF - Tittle, 1-yard run (Soltau kick) SAN FRANCISCO 24-7
4th - GB - Hornung, 9-yard run (Cone kick) SAN FRANCISCO 24-14
(BALTIMORE) - Green Bay pulled off a shocker, by scoring 24 points in the fourth quarter and knocking the Colts out of first place in the West. The Packers, scoring all their points in the fourth period, pulled it out with 29 seconds left when Babe Parilli hit Bill Howton with a 50-yard pass for a 75-yard scoring play. The Colts, down 17-14 with 2 minutes remaining, got in gear and made it 21-17, scoring on John Unitas' second TD pass of the game - his 14th of the season - with a half minute left.
GREEN BAY -  0  0  0 24 - 24
BALTIMORE -  7  7  0  7 - 21
1st -B - Raymond Berry, 52-yd pass fr Johnny Unitas (Bert Rechichar kick) BALTIMORE 7-0
2nd - BAL - Alan Ameche, 1-yard run (Rechichar kick) BALTIMORE 14-0
4th - GB - Hornung, 3-yard run (Cone kick) BALTIMORE 14-7
4th - GB - Hornung, 2-yard run (Cone kick) TIED 14-14
4th - GB - Cone, 9-yard field goal GREEN BAY 17-14
4th - BAL - Lenny Moore, 6-yard pass from Unitas (Rechichar kick) BALTIMORE 21-17
4th - GB - Howton, 75-yard pass from Parilli (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 24-21
(GREEN BAY) - The defending champion New York Giants parlayed a 17-point second quarter and a goal line stand in the fourth period into a 31-17 victory over the Green Bay Packers. The Packers tied the score at seven on a 77-yard pass play from Bart Starr to Billy Howton. The Giants then rolled up 17 points in the second quarter on Ben Agajanian's 12-yard field goal, Frank Gilford's three-yard run and a three-yard pass from Charley Conerly to Ken MacAfee. Fred Cone's 39-yard field goal was the best the Packers could do, and they trailed at the half, 24-10. Don McIlhenny scampered 40 yards for a Packer touchdown in the third quarter to whittle the Giants edge to seven points, but then New York's defense took over and stopped Green Bay in its tracks. McIlhenny had a season-high 72 yard run for Green Bay.
NEW YORK  -  7 17  0  7 - 31
GREEN BAY -  7  3  7  0 - 17
1st - NY - Sam Huff recovered blocked punt in end zone (Ben Agajanian kick) NEW YORK 7-0
1st - GB - Howton, 77-yard pass from Starr (Cone kick) TIED 7-7
2nd - NY - Agajanian, 12-yard field goal NEW YORK 10-7
2nd - NY - Frank Gifford, 3-yard run (Agajanian kick) NEW YORK 17-7
2nd - GB - Cone, 39-yard field goal NEW YORK 17-10
2nd - NY - Ken McAfee, 3-yard pass from Charlie Conerly (Agajanian kick) NEW YORK 24-10
3rd - GB - McIlhenny, 40-yard run (Cone kick) NEW YORK 24-17
4th - NY - Emlen Tunnell, 52-yard interception return (Agajanian kick) NEW YORK 31-17
The first game at City Stadium
(CHICAGO) - Rick Casares' nine-yard touchdown run with 61 seconds of play remaining hoisted the Bears to victory. However, it was rookie Willie Galimore who set up the score. Galimore grabbed two passes in the late-coming 58-yard drive and then ran 15 yards before Casares' touchdown jaunt up the middle. Casares scored the Bears' first touchdown on a 16-yard run. The other score came on a pass from Zeke Bratkowski to Harlon Hill in the second quarter when the Bears tied the score at 14-14. The game ended in controversy when the officials ruled that Joe Johnson had failed to hold on to an apparent touchdown pass from Bart Starr.
GREEN BAY -  7  7  0  0 - 14
CHICAGO   -  7  7  0  7 - 21
1st - CHI - Rick Casares, 16-yard run (George Blanda kick) CHICAGO 7-0
1st - GB - Howton, 47-yard pass from Starr (Cone kick) TIED 7-7
2nd - GB - McIlhenny, 28-yard pass from Starr (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
2nd - CH - Harlon Hill, 35-yd pass from Zeke Bratkowski (Blanda kick) TIED 14-14
4th - CHI - Casares, 9-yard run (Blanda kick) CHICAGO 21-14
(MILWAUKEE) - The Packers, in the Western cellar with a 2-6 record, rolled up a 10-0 lead on a 39-yard field goal by Fred Cone and Bart Starr's 14-yard pass to Don McIlhenny in the first quarter. Paige Cothren's 12-yard field goal broke the spell as the second period started. But Green Bay pushed over two TDs on Al Carmichael's four-yard end sweep and Bobby Dillon's 55-yard run with a lateral from Bill Forester, who intercepted a Norm Van Brocklin pass on the Packers' eight and ran it back 37 yards. The Rarns came to life with two touchdowns in the third peroid, Van Brocklin passing 20 yards to Bob Boyd for one marker and Tank Younger plunging one yard for the other. Then came Jon Arnett's 68-yard run to tie the score at 24-24. With 6:34 left, Cone booted a 32-yard field goal to put the Packers ahead again, 27-24. With 1:21 to go, Van Brocklin passed 34 yards to Lamar Lundy for the clinching touchdown.
LOS ANGELES -  0  3 14 14 - 31
GREEN BAY   - 10 14  0  3 - 27
1st - GB - Cone, 39-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
1st - GB - McIlhenny, 19-yard pass from Starr (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 10-0
2nd - LA - Paige Cothren, 13-yard field goal GREEN BAY 10-3
2nd - GB - Carmichael, 4-yard run (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 17-3
2nd - GB - Dillon, 55-yd lateral after a 37-yd int. ret by Forester (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 24-3
3rd - LA - Bob Boyd, 20-yard pass from Norm Van Brocklin (Cothren kick) GREEN BAY 24-10
3rd - LA - Tank Younger, 1-yard run (Cothren kick) GREEN BAY 24-17
4th - LA - Jon Arnett, 68-yard run (Cothren kick) TIED 24-24
4th - GB - Cone, 32-yard field goal GREEN BAY 27-24
4th - LA - Lamar Lundry, 34-yard pass from Van Brocklin (Cothren kick) LOS ANGELES 31-27 
(PITTSBURGH) -The limping Green Bay Packers mauled the Pittsburgh offense as the visitors whipped the Steelers 21-10. The Packers had lost several defensemen in their 31-27 loss to Los Angeles, but substituted determination for depth and manhandled the Pittsburgh attack. Green Bay intercepted four passes, recovered three Pittsburgh fumbles and caught the Steelers' backs for losses totaling 47 yards. The Steelers accumulated only 59 yards rushing. Their vaunted quarterback, Earl Morrall, completed 13 passes in 33 attempts as the Steelers totaled 155 yards on 14 completions for 151 yards. Green Bay rushed for 151 yards and gained 102 yards passing as quarterbacks Bart Starr and Babe Parilli hit on 10 of 33 attempts. A fumble recovery started Green Bay's 21-point splurge in the second period after Pittsburgh's Gary Glick had opened the scoring with a 17-yard field goal in the opening quarter. Bill Forester grabbed a Steeler fumble on the home club's five yard line, and Starr plunged one yard for the first touchdown. A little later Howie Ferguson sped 40 yards for the Packers' second touchdown. A pass interception by Jerry Helluin on the Pittburgh 23 set up the third touchdown, scored by Parilli on a five yard run. Fred Cone, who missed a 22-yard field goal in the first period, kicked the three extra points and booted two field goals, 12 and 24 yards, in the final quarter. Jack McClairen, who failed to win a place on last year's Pittsburgh team, scored the Steelers' only touchdown, grabbing a 14-yard pass from Morrall in the third period. The touchdown followed Ed Beatty's recovery of a Green Bay fumble on the Packers' 20. Green Bay played without Sam Pa1umbo, guard Norm Amundson and tackle Norm Masters. And defensive back John Petitbon and slotback Ron Kramer saw only limited action. Rookie back Paul Hornung injured his left ankle during the game and probably will miss the Thanksgiving Day contest against the Detroit Lions. Less seriously hurt were Starr, safetyman Bobby Dillon and defensive end Carlton Massey.
GREEN BAY  -  0 21  0  6 - 21
PITTSBURGH -  0  3  7  0 - 10
2nd - PITT - Gary Glick, 17-yard field goal PITTSBURGH 3-0
2nd - GB - Starr, 1-yard run (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 7-3
2nd - GB - Ferguson, 40-yard run (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 14-3
2nd - GB - Parilli, 5-yard run (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 21-3
3rd - PITT - Jack McLairen, 14-yard pass from Earl Morrall (Glick kick) GREEN BAY 21-10
4th - GB - Cone, 24-yard field goal GREEN BAY 24-10
4th - GB - Cone, 12-yard field goal GREEN BAY 27-10
(DETROIT) - John Henry Johnson galloped 62 yards on the first play of the second half, scoring the touchdown that was the turning point in Detroit's 18-6 conquest of the Green Bay Packers. Two field goals by Fred Cone had given the crippled Packers a 6-3 lead as they kicked off to Detroit in the second half. On the first play after the kickoff, Bobby Layne handed off to Johnson, who darted up the middle for the touchdown. His dash was the longest Detroit touchdown run in five seasons. The Lions, lectured laconically at halftime by Coach George Wilson, tore into the Packers' attack in the last two periods, turning Green Bay errors into more points. Two plays after Johnson's brilliant run, linebacker Roger Zatkoff, a former Packer player, recovered Don McDhenny's fumble on Green Bay's 41. Veteran Jim Martin, who had kicked a 36-yard field goal in the first quarter, booted another three-pointer, this one from the 42, as Detroit took a 13-6 lead. The Detroit defense then caught Babe Parilli in his end zone for a safety, giving the Lions a 15-6 lead. The scoring closed in the fourth quarter when Martin kicked a 17-yard field goal. The consistent passing of quarterback Bart Starr led to both of Green Bay's field goals. A 31-yard pass to Ron Kramer set up Cone's 14-yard field goal in the first quarter. Starr passed for nearly all the yardage in a 66-yard Green Bay march in the second quarter when Cone kicked a 16-yard field goal.
GREEN BAY -  3  3  0  0 - 6
DETROIT   -  3  0 12  3 - 18
1st - GB - Cone, 14-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
1st - DET - Jim Martin, 36-yard field goal TIED 3-3
2nd - GB - Cone, 16-yard field goal GREEN BAY 6-3
3rd - DET - John Henry Johnson, 62-yard run (Martin kick) DETROIT 10-6
3rd - DET - Martin, 42-yard field goal DETROIT 13-6
3rd - DET - Safety, Gerry Perry tackled Parilli in the end zone DETROIT 15-6
4th - DET - Martin, 17-yard field goal DETROIT 18-6
According to the caption supplied, eventual Hall of Famers seated in the photo include Don Hutson, Arnie Herber, Tony Canadeo, and Curly Lambeau. The image is credited to D. Elliott Photography out of Milwaukee, Wis. (Photo Credit - Packerville.blogspot.com)
(LOS ANGELES) -The Los Angeles Rams, rolled over the Green Bay Packers 42-17 before a crowd of 70,572, sitting in sun-drenched Memorial Coliseum. The Rams completely bottled up the Packer offense and scored six touchdowns themselves. Ram quarterback Norm Van Brocklin passed for five touchdowns and directed the Rams to another on the ground. The Dutchman hit on 15 of 25 tosses for 253 yards. He had one intercepted. The Rams' defensive unit, led by Frank Fuller, Art Hauser, Dick Daugherty and Les Richter, played magnificently. The Packers could get only a field goal before their two touchdowns in the final period. Ram fullback Joe Marconi was the main battering ram for the winners. He rambled 95 yards on 16 carries and had two touchdowns. The Ram defense allowed Bart Starr to twinkle but briefly. His replacement, Babe Parilli, fared as badly, as the Packers were forced to punt 15 times. Ron Kramer, the Packers' rookie slotback, suffered a broken leg in the game. 
GREEN BAY   -  0  3  0 14 - 17
LOS ANGELES -  7  7 14 14 - 42
1st - LA - Elroy Hirsch, 5-yd pass fr Norm Van Brocklin (Paige Cothren kick) LOS ANGELES 7-0
2nd - LA - Joe Marconi, 3-yard run (Cothren kick) LOS ANGELES 14-0
2nd - GB - Cone, 29-yard pass LOS ANGELES 14-3
3rd - LA - Leon Clarke, 21-yard pass from Van Brocklin (Cothren kick) LOS ANGELES 21-3
3rd - LA - Lamar Lundy, 31-yard pass from Van Brocklin (Cothren kick) LOS ANGELES 28-3
4th - LA - Marconi, 61-yard pass from Van Brocklin (Cothren kick) LOS ANGELES 35-3
4th - GB - Ferguson, 8-yard pass from Parilli (Cone kick) LOS ANGELES 35-10
4th - LA - Hirsch, 35-yard pass from Van Brocklin (Cothren kick) LOS ANGELES 42-10
4th - GB - McGee, 17-yard pass from Starr (Cone kick) LOS ANGELES 42-17
(SAN FRANCISCO) - A dismal season finally dragged to a close for the Packers who saw a 10-point lead disappear as they were defeated by the 49ers. The Packers ended the year in last place in the West with a 3-9 record, their worst since 1953 when they were 2-9-1, and the poorest showing under Coach Liz Blackbourn, who took over in 1954. But it was a great day for the 49ers who completed the regular season tied with the Detroit Lions for first place in the Western Conference. With quarterback Bart Starr completing 12 of 16 passes, scoring one touchdown and tossing for another, the Packers led 20-10 at the end of the first half. Fred Cone added two field goals to the second quarter surge that overcame a 10-0 lead piled up by San Francisco in the first period. After sitting on the bench for the first two quarters veteran quarterback Y. A Tittle took over the 49er attack in the second half and engineered scoring drives resulting in a field goal and two touchdowns that provided the victory before 59,522 fans in rain-soaked Kezar Stadium. After picking up 149 yards with his 12 completions in the first half, Starr hit only three of of eight in the last two quarters. And when the 49ers grounded him, the Packers were without offensive punch. They started without the injured Paul Hornung at fullback and when his replacement Howie Ferguson was ejected in the second period, the running load fell on Don Mcllhenny. Babe Parilli relieved Starr in the fourth quarter, but threw interceptions on each of his first two pass attempts. On the final snap of the season, he was dumped for an eight-yard loss, symbolic of the 1957 Green Bay Packers.
GREEN BAY -      0 20  0  0 - 20
SAN FRANCISCO - 10  0 10  7 - 27
1st - SF - Joe Arenas, 7-yard run (Gordie Soltau kick) SAN FRANCISCO 7-0
1st - SF - Soltau, 32-yard field goal SAN FRANCISCO 10-0
2nd - GB - Starr, 1-yard run (Cone kick) SAN FRANCISCO 10-7
2nd - GB - Johnson, 11-yard pass from Starr (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 14-10
2nd - GB - Cone, 18-yard field goal GREEN BAY 17-10
2nd - GB - Cone, 37-yard field goal GREEN BAY 20-10
3rd - SF - Soltau, 35-yard field goal GREEN BAY 20-13
3rd - SF - Joe Perry, 9-yard run (Soltau kick) TIED 20-20
4th - SF - Perry, 2-yard run (Soltau kick) SAN FRANCISCO 27-20
Then-Vice President Richard M. Nixon on the platform at the City Stadium dedication. Joining him in the festivities are the reigning Miss America, Marilyn Van Der Bur (left), and National Football League commissioner Bert Bell (right). (Photo Credit - Packerville.blogspot.com)
(GREEN BAY) - The Green Bay Packers last night ousted Coach Lisle Blackbourn and picked his top assistant, Ray McLean, to run the National Football League team next season. Blackbourn had one year left on his five-year contract. Indications were that the ciub's board of directors are paying him the full $25,000 he would have received for the final year under the agreement. McLean, the Packers' backfield coach the past seven seasons, was given a one-year contract. Details of McLean's contract were not revealed. The Packers, plagued by heavy injuries, finished the 1957 National Football League season with three victories and nine defeats for the cellar spot in the Western Division. The record was the worst compiled by Blackbourn's teams. "One of my big hopes for next season is that injuries wor't hamper us as much as they did last year," McLean said last night. "And with some boys due to be released from service, it looks like we have the makings of a real good ball club." McLean added, "I want to go to work on the NFL college player draft, but I haven't had much of an opportunity to pick out exactly who it is I want, though I have a good idea." The new coach expects to leave here tomorrow morning for Mobile, Ala., to scout Saturday's Senior Bowl game. Blackbourn, already on hand for the bowl game, said at Mobile, "I was surprised although I can understand that perhaps the people in charge of the Packers were acting in good faith." Blackbourn said, "I've enjoyed my association there for the past four years and I want to wish them all the luck in the world." He said he had no immediate plans for the future. Blackbourn, the third coach in the Packers' history, coached the team to a 4-8 record in his first year at Green Bay and came within one vote of being named the NFL coach of the year.
It’s 1957, and the Green Bay Packers have built a new City Stadium way out on the West side of town. They produced this promotional booklet to inform the public about just what this new football facility includes — and to sell tickets. More photos from the booklet can be found below in the 1957 Gallery. (Photo Credit - Packerville.blogspot.com)