(WINSTON-SALEM, NC) - Bill Forester, an alert linebacker, saved the Green Bay Packers' neck Saturday night as the big boys from Wisconsin defeated the Washington Redskins, 20-17, for their fifth straight pre-season victory. Forester grabbed a lobbed goal line pass by Rudy Bukich, Washington's new quarterback, in the last two minutes of play and robbed the Redskins of what looked like a certain victory. The Redskins, coming from behind, had already scored one touchdown in the final period and they took advantage of a successful onside kick to move down near the Packers' goal again. Norb Hecker sent the last kickoff spinning softly off his foot and Ed Khayat fell on the ball on Green Bay's 40 yard line. The 15,000 shirt-sleeved fans, sitting in on this Piedmont Bowl charity game, sensed a dramatic finish and Bukich gave them something more to shout about by racing to the 29-yard line when he was almost trapped on a pass patter. Don Bosseler shot through the Green Bay middle 20 yards to the 9 and the Redskins had a first down with goal to go. It was here that Forester earned a month's salary by being "Johnny on the Spot" when Bukich tried a first down lofted pass to Jim Podoley in the corner of the end zone. Forester grabbed it and dashed straight up the sideline. As he approached midfield, Forester lateraled to John Petitbon, who went to the Redskins' 44 before he was downed. That was the ball game and the Packers remained the only unbeaten team in pre-season play. Until the Redskins came to life in the fourth period, the Packers had things their way in fine style. They quickly capitalized on two fumbles in the first period. The Redskins bobbled their first running play and Fred Cone kicked a 16-yard field goal. A few minutes later the Redskins bobbled their second running play and Cone kicked a 37-yarder for a 6-0 lead. Freddy Wyant got the Redskins moving after the next kickoff but had to settle for a field goal by Sam Baker from the 38. A fumble by Ron Quillian of the Packers gave the Redskins an opening early in the second period and they soon took their only lead of the night. Tommy Braatz recovered Quillian's mistake on Green Bay's 23 and Podoley made the clutch run on the way to the Redskins' touchdown. Podoley fumbled on the 15, recovered, reversed himself and ran wildly to the 8 for the first down. Ed Sutton took it the rest of the way in two carries. Bill Howton, perhaps the finest pass receiver in the business, made the Redskins look like schoolboys on a 65-yard touchdown play. He caught the throw by Bart Starr near the sideline, held up momentarily as three Redskin defenders faced him, then cut diagonally across the field and left those Redskins standing there like wooden Indians. He was all alone as he went into the end zone. In less time that it takes to tell about the play, the Packers had another touchdowns and a 20-10 halftime lead. That man Forester got his big fists on another wayward Washington pass, this one by Wyant, and ran it from the Redskins 32 to the 10 yard line. Starr made it look mighty easy as he passed to Green Bay's other superb receiver, Gary Knafelc, in the end zone. There was no immediate promise of better things when a punt by Dick Deschaine of the Packers landed on its nose on the Redskin 1-yard line. For the next 9 minutes and 40 seconds, the Redskins held the ball in a strange sequence of events. Once Bobby Dillon of the Packers intercepted a wobbly Wyant pass and ran through all of the Redskins 61 yards for what appeared to be a touchdown. But the Packers were detected holding on the play, the Redskins got a first down on their own 38. Bukich went in at quarterback and mixed up ground plays and passes for a touchdown.
GREEN BAY  -  6 14  0  0 - 20
WASHINGTON -  3  7  7  0 - 17
GB – Cone, 16-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
GB – Cone, 37-yard field goal GREEN BAY 6-0
WASH – Sam Baker, 38-yard field goal GREEN BAY 6-3
WASH – Ed Sutton, 4-yard run (Baker kick) WASHINGTON 10-6
GB – Howton, 65-yard pass from Starr (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 13-10
GB – Knafelc, 12-yard pass from Starr (Cone kick) GREEN BAY 20-10
WASH – Don Boessler, 1-yard run (Baker kick) GREEN BAY 20-17
SEPTEMBER 19 (Green Bay) - The Packers Thursday traded defensive end John Martinkovic to the Giants for an undisclosed draft choice in 1958. A seven year
veteran in pro ball, Martinkovic won his spurs with the
Packers as a rushing the passer specialist. He was
obtained in 1951 from the Redskins. Martinkovic played
with the West team in the 1954 and 1955 Pro Bowl
games. The 6-3, 245 pound gridder played college ball
at Xavier. The 30-year old veteran has been an
automobile salesman in Green Bay during the off-
season where he owns his own home. When reached
for comment, Martinkovic said "the most disgusting
thing about it is being away from my family. My wife and
I talked it over, however, and decided I have nothing to
lose in reporting," added John. "After the season I plan
to come back to my off-season job here." Martinkovic
said he would join the Giants Sunday when they play
the Lions at Detroit. But he won't be added to the squad
until they drop a player.
SEPTEMBER 20 (Pittsburgh Press) - The strategy of
the Detroit Lions during the years they were winning
championships provides the first solid clue to the
Steelers' frantic, last-minute search for a quarterback. It
appears that Coach Buddy Parker is looking for a 
combination runner-passer, a drastic departure from the
type of quarterback the Steelers have used in the past.
Joe Bach and Walt Kiesling, Parker's predecessors,
emphasized passing; running was incidental. Parker 
has changed the pattern to the extent that his
quarterback must do both. In the last week, the former
Detroit coach has acquired rookie Jack Kemp from the
Lions and sophomore Earl Morrall from the San
Francisco Forty-Niners, both of whom have one things
in common. Each is big enough and strong enough to develop into a heavy-duty ball carrier. Morrall is 6-1, 195 pounds; the six-foot Kemp weighs 200. The acquisition of this pair leaves the future of veteran Ted Marchibroda and rookie Len Dawson up in the air. Neither is regarded as a powerhouse runner. When in a position to do so, Parker made good use of his quarterback as a runner. Bobby Layne, for example, was a key in Detroit's ground game. In 1952-53, before he was stricken with an arm injury, the sturdily-built Texan carried the ball 181 times, second only to Hunchy Hoernschmeyer, the Lions' bread-and-butter back who carried 207 times over the same span. Of NFL coaches, Parker is the only one who uses the option play as an integral part of his offense.
SEPTEMBER 20 (Milwaukee Sentinel) - It's no secret the physical condition of Howie Ferguson poses the biggest problem in the Packer camp these days. The veteran fullback developed a chronic knee ailment last season. He was given a clean bill of health by a physician, who insisted no surgery was necessary during the off-season. But after a five-game pre-season test, it is quite noticeable Fergy is having trouble again. There's little doubt a sound Ferguson gives the Packers their best ground punch. In 1955, he was practically unstoppable, picking up 859 yards for a 4.5 average which was second in the league only to the Colts' Alan Ameche. But his block busting style of hitting tacklers began to take its toll last season as those knees acted up. Ferguson was less than half as effective, picking up 367 yards. Coach Liz Blackbourn was forced to send his old pro, Fred Cone, as a replacement and "Old Pineapple" came through in great style. Blackbourn now is giving bonus choice Paul Hornung a crack at the post. If Ferguson's ailment gets worse, what then? Blackbourn shudders at the thought. But if worst comes to worst help will have to be found. While Fergy will be watched carefully against the Steelers at Minneapolis Saturday night, Blackbourn will bench another ace runner. Al Carmichael, the speedy Californian, was injured in the Giants game and it is expected end Max McGee will get a shot at his position.
SEPTEMBER 21 (Minneapolis) - A revitalized Green Bay
Packers eleven will seeks its sixth straight preseason
victory tonight when it tangles with the Pittsburgh
Steelers in Minneapolis' new and polished Metropolitan
Stadium. In five previous starts, Coach Liz Blackbourn's
team, which practically was rebuilt during the off-season,
has whipped all Eastern Division opposition but the 
Steelers and the Cleveland Browns. In their skein of wins,
they whipped the Chicago Cardinals twice. The Steelers,
on the other hand, will attempt to close the exhibition
tour with a .500 record. They go into the contest with two
wins and three losses. Father Tom Meagher, whose
Catholic charities will benefit from the game, predicted a
near capacity crowd of 20,000 fans will be on hand to witness the contest. Both teams took a final workout at the stadium yesterday afternoon. Earl Morrall, the missing quarterback and the most important part of the big deal with San Francisco, arrived Friday morning and took part. He probably will not see action until the Steelers' opener against the Washington Redskins in Forbes Field next Sunday. Blackbourn announced he has moved his bonus choice, Paul Hornung, the Notre Dame flash, from quarterback. He said he hopes to alternate him between half and fullback. This will place the signal-call burden upon Bart Starr from Alabama and Babe Parilli, the Rochester boy who spent time with the Cleveland Browns last fall. There was a social not in the Steeler camp. Linebacker John Reger proudly announced while passing out cigars, that his wife presented him a boy. The Regers also have a young daughter.
​SEPTEMBER 15 (Milwaukee Sentinel) - If ever two guys get a kick out of playing pro football, it's the Packers' Fred Cone and Dick Deschaine. Cone's rise to fame is the ability to boot field goals with monotonous perfection. Deschaine is one of those real finds blessed with a magic punting toe. While Cone has proven to be a life saver on offense, Deschaine has been a most dependable soul to get the Bays out of the hole. Two specialists, indeed! But Liz Blackbourn is one of those task masters who shudders at the thought of having a specialist ride the bench. With a 35-minute limit, Blackbourn wants 35 fulltime operators. Cone relegated himself to the sidelines in 1955 when Howie Ferguson took over as fullback and placed second in the league as a runner with 859 yards. Freddie was content to kick 30 conversions without a miss and 16 field goals, an NFL season record. "Old Pineapple" was lured out of retirement last season because Blackbourn could not come up with a place kicker. He continued to split the uprights when called upon and then took his place on the bench. An injury to Ferguson midway through the season was a blessing in disguise to Cone. He took over his old fullback spot and showed surprising spunk, which reached a climax Thanksgiving Day against the Lions. Cone came back this year more determined than ever to be the Packers' No. 1 fullback. The club's oldest player (31) has picked up where he left off last season, as indicated by his preseason play. Then, too, he has already topped his 1956 field goal output by kicking seven in four exhibitions. He's on the beam again. Deschaine, addicted to booting spirals out of the sandlots in Menominee, Mich., is as natural a punter as they come. He kicks 'em tremendously far at a dazzling height - made to order for his team to crush the receiver. After Deschaine walked into camp and convinced Blackbourn that he had something. He made a name for himself by finishing second among the league punters in 1955 with a 43.2 average on 56 kicks. Blackbourn has tried to groom Deschaine into a substitute end. It convinced him that Dick can do one thing good - punt. With the return of Max McGee from service, Blackbourn finds himself with a good end and a good punter. McGee did all the punting for the Packers in 1954 and caught nine touchdown passes. If Maxie returns to his 1954 form, Deschaine in all probability will be put on the trading block. Like Cone, Deschaine is a great kicker. But unlike Cone, Deschaine is ONLY a kicker.
SEPTEMBER 15 (Green Bay) - "I'll have the stadium completed by September 29...if I don't get too much rain...and if the Building Trades Unions give me permission to work on Saturday and Sundays." That's the latest prediction by George M. Hougard, general contractor for the new City Stadium. Hougard said the 32,150 seat structure is nearly finished now, but "a lot of small things have to be done." He cited completion of the windscreen which runs along the top of the stands. He mentioned painting of seats, row and aisle numbers as well as painting of the new press box. Hougard said he requested permission from the union to use men on Saturdays and Sundays "about a week ago, but they haven't given me a reply yet." While Hougard hopes to have all work completed, and the area "cleaned up" by a week before the September 29 dedication, he wants permission to work on weekends "for insurance", as he puts it. Originally Hougard planned to have the million dollar project completed by September 1, but this summer he was plagued by the lengthy carpenters strike and two one-day work stoppages by plumbers. The diminutive contractor points with particular pride to the ultra-modern press box. The three-tiered headquarters for sportswriters, radio and TV broadcasters is 11-feet wide, 64-feet wide and 35-feet high. The bottom tier will be for newspaper writers and wire service. The second will provide facilities for radio and television play-by-play announcers, while the third will be for television cameras and other photographers. Hougard calls it a "real marvel" and explains with obvious pride that the press box is one of the "very few of its kind in the country." The Packer ticket office has announced that approximately 24,000 season tickets have been sold...a record. The previous season high was about 17,500. This happy situation has produced an assured sellout for the dedication game, September 29, between the Bears and Packers. Ticket director Earl Falck says there are about only 5,000 tickets, all in the $4.75 range, available for the Detroit Lion game. And, about 7,000 are left for the third home game of the season against the world champion Giants. The Packer executive committee had investigated a plan to accommodate more customers for the dedication game by putting up temporary stands at the north end of the stadium. However a representative of a Milwaukee firm stated that it would not be practical.
SEPTEMBER 16 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers trimmed four rookies and a veteran from their roster Monday in preparation of the NFL season which opens September 29. Waivers were asked on halfback Credell Green of Washington, tackles George Belotti of Southern California and John Macerelli of St. Vincent and guards Pat Hinton of Louisiana Tech and Dalton Truax of Tulane. Macerelli was one of six players obtained in a trade with Cleveland. The others were rookies. Truax was Green Bay's third round draft choice last winter. Green Bay still has 42 men on the roster. The league limit at this point is 38, but the Packers can carry four men just out of the service until they get a "fair trial." The former servicemen are ends Max McGee, Carlton Massey and Jim Temp and center Bill Priatko. By the time of the league opener against the Chicago Bears here September 29, the Packers must be down to 35 men. The returned servicemen will not count in the 35 until they play a league game. The Packers are the league's only undefeated team in exhibition play. They won their fifth straight Saturday night, beating the Washington Redskins, 20-17, at Winston-Salem, NC. Coach Lisle Blackbourn did not get too enthusiastic over this victory, which was Green Bay's fourth by three points. The Packers have won all of their games to be sure, but never with any breathing space. "I think the defense did the job again," Blackbourn said. "I think we could have passed more against them, but we wanted to get our running attack going and it didn't. Bart Starr did a good job throwing. Our main trouble on offense was an inability to get clutch first downs, which traces back to our running difficulties." Blackbourn said that Bobby Dillon's 65-yard runback of an interception, which was called back because the Packers were detected roughing the passer, was a "brilliant exhibition." The coach praised rookie John Symank's work in the secondary. Linebacker Tom Bettis and tackle Dave Hanner did not play on defense because of injuries, but should be ready for the final exhibition against Pittsburgh at Minneapolis Saturday night.
SEPTEMBER 16 (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) - Three veterans from last season and a trio of castoffs from other clubs were dropped by the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday as Coach Buddy Parker continued his shakeup of the local pro gird club. The releases came following a disappointing 37-10 loss to the Chicago Bears in Forbes Field on Saturday night in the second annual Shrine charity exhibition for the benefit of crippled children's hospitals. "Old Steelers" cut adrift were quarterback Jack Scarbath from the University of  Maryland, halfback Henry Ford from Pitt and slotback Jack O'Brien from the University of Florida. Newcomers who went on the waiver list included halfback Ted Wegert, who never played college ball and was recently released by the Philadelphia Eagles, tackle Tom Gulan from Mississippi State and the Cleveland Browns, and guard George Kennard from Kansas and the New York Giants. The roster is now down to the maximum of 38 permitted by NFL rules at this time, plus two aspirants exempted due to military service, halfback Sid Watson and end Jim Freeman.
SEPTEMBER 17 (Green Bay) - A record advance sale of 24,000 season tickets was announced by the Packers Monday for their three NFL games in the new Green Bay Packer stadium. The September 29 dedication against the Chicago Bears is sold out. For the October 6 game against the Detroit Lions, 5,000 tickets are available and for the November 3 game against the New York Giants, 7,000 are still available. The previous high advance sale was 17,500. Papers of incorporation for the new stadium were filed Monday in Madison.
SEPTEMBER 17 (Minneapolis) - The rebuilding of the Steelers continues here in Minneapolis which Coach Buddy Parker sends his squad through drills for Saturday night's game with unbeaten Green Bay. In another busy day yesterday, Parker added a pair of Chicago Bears - halfback Harland Carl of Wisconsin and linebacker Aubrey Rozzell of Delta State - to the roster. Earlier in the day he has acquired quarterback Earl Morrall and guard Mike Sandusky from the San Francisco Forty-Niners in exchange for linebacker Mary Matuszak and a pair of first round choices. Morrall, who is slated for first string duty with the Steelers, is not expected to arrive before tomorrow. The 6-1, 195-pound sophomore in the pro ranks is motoring here with his wife and infant child. A ruling from Commissioner Bert Bell made it possible for the Steelers to acquire an additional player, even though it brought their roster above the league limit of 38 players. Bell decided that since fullback Dale Atkeson has not reported to camp, he will not be charged against the Steelers' player limit. One player will have to be cut from the squad before Morrall joins the team. Meanwhile, Parker have his squad a day off from the heavy work yesterday but devoted morning and afternoon sessions to squad meetings.
SEPTEMBER 17 (Minneapolis) - Pro football players have a right to change their minds and that's exactly what happened to Dale Atkeson, veteran fullback. He arrived here today in the training quarters of the Pittsburgh Steelers after a long trip from his home in Lomita, Cal. One of the few NFL players with no college experience, Dale spent three seasons with the Washington Redskins. Recently they traded him to the Steelers for tackle Don Owens. The 6-2, 212-pound linebucker refused to report, and went home instead. "I don't want to play in that fog in Pittsburgh," he was quoted as complaining. News of the Renaissance in the Steel City finally must have seeped through. Anyway, after a few persuasive long distance telephone calls from Coach Buddy Parker, Atkeson decided to don the Gold and Black after all. To make room for the ex-Redskin the Steelers today dropped Brad Myers, a veteran who was obtained recently, along with defensive end Jim Freeman, from the Los Angeles Rams for a draft choice next winter. After several hectic days of personnel shifts the entire cast is now assembled here with the exception of quarterback Earl Morrall. The former Michigan State star, who was traded to Rooney U. by the San Francisco Forty-Niners, is motoring eastward and should reach here tomorrow. Coach Parker started practice today for Saturday night's final exhibition game against the Green Bay Packers in Municipal Stadium. The unbeaten Wisconsin eleven is leading the Grapefruit League and hopes to add the Parkermen to the list of victims.
SEPTEMBER 18 (Pittsburgh Press) - Coach Buddy Parker's search for perfection continued today as he purchased, in a straight cash deal, another offensive guard - John Nisby, a 20-year old, 235-pound Negro, from the Green Bay Packers. Nisby will join the Steelers today, joining fullback Dale Atkeson who checked in yesterday after first refusing to report to the Steelers because Pittsburgh was "too smoggy, too dirty." The Steelers are working in Minneapolis this week. They meet the Green Bay Packers in the preseason finale there Saturday night. Atkeson, former Washington star who was traded to the Steelers last Wednesday for rookie Don Owens, 260-pound tackle from Mississippi Southern, arrived in time for yesterday's workout. To make room for him, Coach Buddy Parker dropped Brad Myers, a halfback he had acquired in a conditional trade with the Los Angeles Rams three weeks ago. Since Myers failed to make the team, the deal for a future draft choice has been cancelled. Meanwhile, Parker is running into unexpected opposition in his search for still another offensive guard. After he claimed 235-pound Dalton Truax of Tulane from the Green Bay Packers yesterday, the New York Giants stepped in to halt the deal. The Giants offered to purchase Truax from the Packers. The Steelers made a counter-offer, but Parker fears that it will not be acceptable to the Packers who, as a last resort, may recall waivers on the suddenly-popular lineman. The same thing happened with halfback Val Joe Walker, waived by the Detroit Lions Monday. Parker claimed Walker, too, but the San Francisco Forty-Niners arrived first with a cash deal and captured the former Southern Methodist star.
SEPTEMBER 18 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers Wednesday sold tackle John Nisby, former College of the Pacific, to the Pittsburgh Steelers in a cash deal and traded tackle Dalton Truax to the New York Giants for a 1958 NFL draft choice. The Packers did not disclose the amount of cash involved in the Nisby deal. Truax has been placed on waivers, but the Packers recalled the waivers before making the deal with the Giants.
SEPTEMBER 18 (Green Bay) - Howie Ferguson, the Green Bay Packers' first string fullback, was back in action Wednesday after having his ailing knees checked by the team doctor. Coach Liz Blackbourn, when asked if Fergy's knee troubles might shelve the hard running back, said: "Ferguson scrimmaged today. Does that sound like he's on the shelf?" However, Blackbourn confirmed that rookie Paul Hornung has been working out at fullback, and may be used there as well as at halfback. Earlier, the Packers sold tackle John Nisby of the College of the Pacific to the Steelers for an undisclosed amount of cash.
SEPTEMBER 19 (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) - Coach Buddy Parker, who spent his first three weeks trading off draft choices, has now started getting them back. Parker gained one yesterday when he sent Bob Gaona, a veteran tackle, to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange of a draft choice. Number of the selection in the 1958 lottery was not disclosed. The 245-pound Gaona, a graduate of Wake Forest and resident of Ambridge, has been with the Steelers for three years. He is the seventh veteran dropped from the squad since Parker took command of the team. Preceding him out of Pittsburgh were halfback Johnny Lattner, who quit due to a knee injury; backs Lynn Chadnois, Jack O'Brien, Henry Ford and Jack Scarbath and linebacker Marv Matuszak. Matuszak was traded to the San Francisco Forty-Niners. The others were released outright. Gaona's trade to the Eagles made room for 235-pound Jack Nisby, a two-way lineman purchased yesterday from the Green Bay Packers. Nisby, an outstanding tackle at the College of the Pacific last year, was the Packers' sixth draft choice. The shakeup in backs has left the Steelers with only three veterans - fullback Franny Rogel, quarterback Ted Marchibroda and halfback Sid Watson. Five players must be released following Saturday night's game against the Packers at Minneapolis.
SEPTEMBER 19 (Minneapolis) - For the first time in almost three weeks, Coach Buddy Parker failed to make a player trade today, but admitted he hasn't given up trying. He sent his 39 players - quarterback Earl
Morrall still hasn't checked into camp from San Francisco - through a long afternoon workout on a soggy Lake Nakomis gridiron. It was real autumnal weather. In the past 24 hours a cold front came roaring over the Plain states from Montana and sent the temperatures tumbling 40 degrees to the low forties. Originally, Parker scheduled a morning workout for all the backs and ends. But he was forced to cancel this anticipated passing drill when a chilly rain began to fall. It stopped raining during the afternoon session, but a sharp wind kept the players on the move. The head coach admitted that he must now concentrate on his offensive unit. He has only ten days left prior to the opening of the championship season against the Washington Redskins in Pittsburgh. At the moment, a few of the players who will start against the Redskins haven't had a chance to meet one another, let alone learn the offense. So it seems certain that all of this week and most of the next will be spent executing what plays he plans to use against Joe Kuharich's crew. A witness at today's practice was John Blood, one of the most celebrated Rooneymen of the past 25 years. John now is living in Green Bay and working on his imaginative treatise, "Spending Yourself Rich". If this idea works, Blood undoubtedly will be the next President of the United States.
Green Bay Packers (5-0) 20, Washington Redskins 17
EXHIBITION - Saturday September 14th 1957 (at Winston-Salem, NC)